ETP v GIL: Superstar Championship Match

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ETP v GIL: Superstar Championship Match Empty ETP v GIL: Superstar Championship Match

Post  Stan Daniels on Fri Jan 21, 2011 9:45 am


No idea when this was from, but it's pretty cool..


Eleazer was pacing back and forth in his locker trying to piece the puzzle together. It began with a random call from Rhiannon... his old love who still clung to that place deep in his heart. Being in Denver, the place where they met he sensed that something like this would happen. Surprisingly enough he didn't have a vision of this. A knock at his door brought Chasey Lain into view. He had had enough issues with women tonight, and the ex-porn star would only dig the nail deeper.

Chasey:Eleazer, can I get a quick comment from you. We heard that Gilgamesh was in the hospital and you set up some thugs to take him out! Is this true?

He answered her question by throwing a chair at the doorway. It narrowly missed her and he could hear her mumbling some choice words for him. He was puzzled as to why Rhiannon would pull such a stunt on him. Eleazer opened the door to the locker room and walked the hallways. The roar of the crowd echoed through the nearly empty hallways. Eleazer passed the women's locker room... and the door was wide open. Something made him do a double-take and for a very good reason.

Rhiannon looked up from the mirror and smirked at the Prophet. She was as beautiful as he remembered her. Part of him wanted to grab her and kiss her until the cows came home... the other part wanted to strangle her and toss her out a window.

Eleazer:What the f*** are you doing here?

Rhiannon:Seth, please... I have to explain.

Explain nothing. What the hell were doing out there? Who were those guys? I've so many questions...

One of the most feared men in FedX nearly broke down in tears. This man who survived broken bones, rings of fire, barbed wire, bloodbaths... it all meant nothing. The power that this woman held upon him was stronger then any opponent in the ring. Eleazer's head dropped to his chest and her soft hand lifted it up.

Rhiannon:</font> Please... We've alot to talk about...

Throwing an arm around her ex-lover the two entered the locker room... and shut the door.


What a finish to that match, Terror Trip and the Chicks as they're called now. While the crew prepares the ring for our next match, now would be a good time to talk about this match don't you think Vig?

Vigilante: It certainly is John. The Prophet vs. The Hero. No, this isn't some Dungeons and Dragons video game, this is a Superstar title match between two of the most electrifying talents!

Paragon: It certainly is Vig, and supposedly this match is going to be alot more interesting then we thought. These two men are not only tag team partners, but very well could be the only two good guys in the Fed!

Vigilante: I wouldn't call the Prophet a "good guy". I mean he did turn on Notch a few weeks back, and frankly if I were Gilgamesh I wouldn't trust that guy as far as he could throw him.

Paragon: Keeping that in mind, let's go to Chasey with an important update on this matchup, Chasey?

The cameras cut to Chasey Lain who was with the Hero. Gilgamesh had a fresh bandage on his head courtesy of the hospital. He clearly was a bit agitated.

Chasey:Gilgamesh we just learned that you were in hospital courtesy of a beating by some unknown assailants. Care to explain?

Gilgamesh: Eleazer and I went to enjoy the outside. There was a girl and then I was attacked.


Gilgamesh: I don't want to get into details right now. This match is going to be a tough one. Eleazer is a formidable opponent and with it being Iron Man rules, you all can expect a great match. Thanks.

The Hero walked off and Chasey Lain looked at the camera with a puzzled look.

Paragon: Well it looks like there's more to what happened then we know huh Vig.

Vigilante: It certainly does. Hell, anytime you involve a woman you're bound to.... hey what's going on?!?!

The arena went black and the FedX video screen crackled to life.


<p>The Prophet burst through the curtain and the crowd went bonkers to his new theme song. He ran full speed down the ramp and slid in the ring. Giving the four-post salute he draped his Superstar title in the middle of the ring.

Wow! A new entrance for Eleazer and he looks focused.

Vigilante: I guess this will be one helluva match. Strap yourselves in kiddies!

<p>Eleazer stood in the corner and peered at the curtain... Waiting for his friend to emerge...

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