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BAR ROOM BRAWL 2007: Omega versus Aurora Empty BAR ROOM BRAWL 2007: Omega versus Aurora

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I hadn't really thought of what my initial reaction would be when I gazed up at the reconstructed arena but only one word could adequately describe it.


It was like nothing I had ever seen before, far past, the dregs of Calgary where, despite our insane influx of talent and effort, we couldn't get the maple leaf flagged country any respect. Well, in this grandest of stages, I'd represent everything the CWA embodied. I'd leave it all in that coliseum, in victory or defeat. I had never performed on such a high level before. Of course, the T3 and USOB were Wrassle[dot]Net wide events that featured the top talents across the world, but those were about as irrelevant to me as a consolation prize. Thanks but I didn't need a toaster. Just the mere fact that there were only 8 entrants alone said something about the magnitude of this event. Hell, the last person to win the Bar Room Brawl went on to win the One World Championship.

Doubt anyone can forget Carnage's name any time in the near future.

You cement your legacy in stone and in legend by winning the BRB. Its not just another notch on your belt. It propels you. And for being so early in my young career, it would DEFINE me. I had already been dubbed "The Prodigy" by some of Wrassle[dot]Net's elite. The knowledge I received early on was beyond essential to my current growth and state. I suppose to some it all up.

This was the real deal.......

And I was ready..........

Well..almost ready......

I certainly had gotten the luck of the draw when I pulled Aurora as my opponent. Not only was she a female, she certainly was top billing back in Japan. Everything that had transpired over the last month had me reeling mentally and physically. After accidentally striking Canadian Wrassling Alliance's own female backstage interviewer, Terri, I couldn't catch a break when it came to the opposite sex. The Canadian faithful had called for my head after that every chance they got. And it didn't help that I accidentally hit a couple of other girls shortly there after. Furthermore, Hannibal's t-shirts were selling like hotcakes on The "Neuter Omega" and "Bury a Blood Brother's" slogans had caught on quick and before you knew it, I was the star (or target) of the hot new line of clothing. Go figure.

Eat your heart out Juan Shan. The cherry on top of all that, was my ex girlfriend decided to pop back up from the depths of hell.

Jazelle Torres.

The name rang along the ranks as Satan with me. She was insane. Psychotic. Evil. Vengeful. Full of hatred. Sick.

And the sex had been great too.

But now, it seemed, the only thing that would get her another orgasm, was my tragic death, which with her around, was certainly impending. I had grown paranoid and insecure. She had become everywhere and everything and nearly cost me a chance to even get here, nearly burying me alive at CWA's most recent PPV, World Conquest, where I was nearly buried alive thanks to her.

And you thought Haley was a bitch.

So because of all that mess, I had vowed and pledged to not hit females. Hey, I had morals. and anything to keep anyone voting for Hilary Clinton off my ass. The hate email was ridiculous and well..I cared.

I was tired of being painted as the killer. I was by far, the victim in all this and I was unjustly being crucified to the masses. I couldn't endure all the ridicule and bashing I was taking for much longer. So not only did Aurora have the physical edge, being that I was worn out from the T3 and USOB still and the fact that I had promised to not hit girls, she also owned the mental side because I was emotionally spent through all this, and I knew the worst was still well on its way. Talk about being chased by doom with death peeking over your shoulder and failure tapping you on the shoulder.

Hey wait, someone is tapping me on my shoulder.

I turned and there stood a hooded man, druid like in attire and foreboding in voice as he spoke to me.

Hooded Man: If what you seek is redemption then you have come to the right place. Here you can reconcile with the Lord, your God and be promised eternal peace. You must look into your soul and discover what it is you truly are. You are a disciple of truth. The carrier of crosses. Don't allow for the cross to carry you. Cure what ails you and in turn you shall be set free.

Creepy much?

PART II: The Hall of Fame Mentor

OMEGA V.S AURORA: PART II: The Hall of Fame Mentor

Omega: Listen man, I'm not too into this religious mumbo jumbo. I'm here for a tournament.
Hooded Man: Your sins shall be absolved, Marcus. Just look within yourself and you will be forgiven.

Omega: How the hell do you know my name?

Hooded Man: You defeated a prophet who spoke wise words. Perched upon Mt. Zion you shall see an angel with wings made of steel and a halo made of gold. That angel will guide you through the Valley of Darkness and lead you to your salvation.

A prophet? He had to mean Eleazer, who I had defeated to become the Canadian Champion. His words still echoed through my head from time to time.

"I don't respect men who sell their souls for gold.."
He had been referring to the Blood Brother reign, in which he had begun our stranglehold of the fed and then proceeded to claim every title the CWA had to offer shortly thereafter. In our Canadian Championship Match, he ending up severely hurting his knee, and later that night, when the opposing stables of Pure Talent and the Blood Brothers waged war on each other, he further aggravated his injury by leaping off a steel cage, which would force him to be sidelined indefinitely and be forced out of action there since. I stared at the Hooded Man, as I narrowed my eyes and demanded some answers.
Omega: Who the hell are you?

Hooded Man: No one of importance. Just trying to shed some light on your blackened heart. Nothing but a mere, positive influence. Regardless of what path you chose to take, remember that the angel I speak of shall lead you to your salvation...If you so desire it.

He began to back away slowly but I wasn't having that. I took a step forward to grab him and as soon as I touched his cloak, I was bombarded with vast and various images, that were all too blurry to make out clearly. My eyes rolled to the back of my head before I was suddenly thrust back into reality. I began to breathe heavily, trying to regain myself. I had been forced to one knee somehow and when I looked up the hooded man was gone. All that remained was his cloak that I now had gripped tightly in my clenched fist. I was angry and confused.

Who the hell was that?

And why did he speak of angels and crosses?

Later on in the day, inside the historic Rome Coliseum, I sat in a private section reserved for combatants and began taping my hands. It was somewhat like a prematch ritual and I surely wasn't about to jinx anything this night. I certainly couldn't afford that. Those words the Hooded Man had spoke to me outside, they continued to haunt me. Questions and thoughts easily began circulating my mind and obviously began to cloud my judgment. I was unsure about almost everything at this point and had no idea what to expect, especially since I still hadn't been informed what type of match it would be. Whatever it was, it seemed that only a reconstructed arena from ancient times that housed and showcased many a slaughter could only play host to. That wasn't nearly reassuring in the least. I sighed before suddenly my cell phone went off. I had only kept it near just in case anyone offered any last second advice that I could use. Apparently, my prayers had been answered. I picked up the phone, glad to hear a familiar voice.

Lars: How's Rome looking , Omega?

Omega: Weirder than Canada. How are you and the gang doing back over there?

Lars: Our usual jovial selves. Viggy is still married to Paris Hilton. Alister is pissed about that whole tampon thing with Anya though.

Omega: Yea. That was such a bad imitation of Haley. And her boobs aren't even half the size either.

Lars chuckled a bit on the other side.

Lars: Good to see you've maintained a good sense of humor man. I worry about how all this spotlight stuff affects you. I know I couldn't tell by your performance as of late but I'm sure it's overwhelming.

Omega: Amen to that.

Lars: Listen. Don't worry about any of it. You've already surpassed expectations by coming so far in such a short time. Just go out there and do what you always do. I know you'll leave your blood, sweat and tears out there when it's all over. You never let me down.

I took in a deep breath. You see, I had flourished under the tutelage of Lars and the Blood Brothers. Even before my inception in, Ov Terror and I were part of them. I even beat out Brad Rhodes for a roster spot. Considering what good 'ol Brad went on to accomplish and I say it was a pretty big deal - at least to me. However, I knew my mentor had been disappointed after we failed at capturing a T3 and/or the USOB. Every time I stared into the grizzled, war torn face of his, I couldn't help but feel I was letting him down somehow. I was determined to make it all right now. I had a resurgence of determination now. Pride began to seep in. My veins would flow with sheer adrenaline as soon as I got out there. It was utter rejuvenation. I was now prepared for battle. I finally answered Lars......

Omega: I'm dedicating this to you, friend.

Lars: You don't have to do that. Do it for yourself.

Omega: I'm doing it for the Blood Brothers.

Lars: Then makes us proud.

Omega: BLOOD IN..


I hung up the phone just as two men in gladiator attire stepped into the room. They nodded to me, indicating that it was now time. I finished taping up my fist and handed my phone to one of the men as they escorted me out to the battlefield. Now I was certain I'd be prepared for whatever lied within.

How could I be more wrong?


OMEGA V.S AURORA: PART III: Match of the Gods

The 50,000 spectators rose to their feet in unison as the two guards ushered me out to the middle of the arena. I had never witnessed such a sight. I marveled at the scene and took it all in as Philly Fats and Burnt would do their commentary from a newly added skybox. As I awaited Aurora's entrance the two chimed in a bit with their opinions.
Burnt: Here's "The Prodigy", Omega. We've been seeing plenty of him, haven't we?

Philly Fats: Yea. I'm actually getting tired of him. He already failed at the T3 and USOB. It won't be too hard to predict the outcome of this.

Burnt: But the Bar Room Brawl is a completely different event. There is nothing quite like it in the wrassle world today and all these competitors have fought through tons of adversity to be here. Dr. Kiebler has done an amazing job of orchestrating this and I can only think what the stipulations will be in a match taking place in Rome's Historic Coliseum!

Philly Fats: Kiebler is a loon but I'm all for it. Whatever brings in ratings. I expect to see nothing short of destruction and oblivion here. Maybe even the end of the world?

Burnt: That's a bit of a stretch, isn't it?

Philly Fats: You're right. Hilary Clinton will bring that upon us if she gets elected.

Burnt: Folks, please. Send all your hate email and anthrax doused letters to That's Now as we await Aurora's arrival. Any keys you think will help Omega win this?

Philly Fats: Yea. Don't suck. Besides that I can't offer an opinion when I have NO CLUE what to expect as far as match rules.

Burnt: True. Well it seems Aurora is coming out now.

Philly Fats: Thank God. Some cleavage.

Burnt: And already the "Neuter Omega" chants have begun to ring out.

Philly Fats: Popular guy, isn't he?

Boy, he didn't know the half of it. I stared at Aurora as the guards now began to leave the battlefield and securely lock us inside. She didn't look too concerned, despite everyone being unaware of what to expect. Perhaps she had heard that I wasn't hitting any girls now so there was no way I could fight her,or so she assumed. Suddenly Kiebler's voice was heard over the speakers, making him sound more like a giant than the man of short stature he truly was. His voice bellowed and echoed, nearly making my ears ring as he spoke.

Dr. Kiebler: Ladies and gentlemen! This is what you have all been waiting for. The Bar Room Brawl!

Immense cheers rang out as they were ready to see some bloodshed.

Dr. Kiebler: I assure you that you haven't seen anything quite like this and only a great establishment such as wrassle could bring you such entertainment! Without further adeiu..I bring to you.......

........THE MATCH OF THE GODS!!!!!
Upon those words, dozens of weapons began to surface from the ground and throughout the battlefield. I could already tell these weren't normal weapons.

Dr. Kiebler: YES! The coliseum wasn't the only thing I have managed to reconstruct. No. I have taken the liberty of seeking out and making available weapons and items that the Roman Gods themselves have used! There is everything from Vulcan's Hammer to Neptune's Trident. From Mercury's shoes to Diana's Bow and Arrows. Use these weapons wisely, as they will either be your salvation or spell your doom. Let the battle.....commence!


PART IV: Weapon of Choice

OMEGA V.S AURORA: PART IV: Weapon of Choice

Burnt: We all knew Kiebler was out of his mind but..did he really find all these godly weapons and items?
Philly Fats: The guy created the Holiday Hunt. I think he knows a thing or two about FINDING rare artifacts.

Burnt: Well, in any case, this has just become a bit deeper. I sure wouldn't want to be Aurora or Omega right now.

Aurora and I stared at each other in utter disbelief. I couldn't believe it, but there was no way out of this now. Aurora quickly moved first, going straight for the Bow and Arrow. Fittingly, I guessed being that she and Aaron Wolf were to be married on Valentine's Day and Cupid used a bow and arrow--but oh, yeah-- back to destruction and doom.

Burnt: Aurora has went straight for Diana's bow and arrow. Maybe she took some archery classes?

Philly Fats: Doubt it. Those breasts have to get in the way somehow.

My eyes widened as Aurora showed little hesitance in going for the weapon of her choice. I glanced around at the array of weapons that lay around me. I had no clue what half of them even did. Almost instinctively I reached for and grabbed a shield. And just as Aurora took aim and pulled back on the arrow and let loose, I pulled the shield up and in front of me. The arrow soared at me and I peeked up from behind the large shield to see the single arrow split out into many more and all slam into the shield at once, pushing me back several feet, the dirt from the floor not sturdy enough to keep me still, but I remained balanced and on my feet, though the impact had certainly caught me by surprise.

Burnt: Whoa! Did you see that??

Philly Fats: I'm sitting right next to you, moron. Of course I saw that.

Burnt: That golden shield saved Omega from looking like Swiss cheese.

Philly Fats: Mmmmmm. Swiss cheese.

As Fats drooled over the prospect of holy cheese, I had taken noticed that the shield was, in fact, golden. The Hooded Man's words, echoed in my head just as Eleazer The Prophet's once had.

" with a halo made of gold.."
Definitely couldn't be a coincidence. I peeked out from behind the golden shield once more to see Aurora getting another arrow ready. I only had another split second before she'd fire another one my way, so I leaped over to the closest thing I saw Mercury's Shoes. I quickly put them on my feet and laced them up, just as Aurora took aim with another arrow.
Philly Fats: Is Omega stupid? He left the protection of that shield to try on shoes?

Burnt: Those aren't just any shoes. Those are Mercury's Shoes. It was said that it gave the messenger of the gods super speed.

Philly Fats: Oh..right.

Aurora fired the arrow at me and I watched before it sprouted into dozens once more, but I easily evaded them all, as I took off at light speed. Everything became a blur but I soon found out that if I focused on one exact location, I could be there in a heartbeat. So that's what I did as I eyed Neptune's Trident and made my way towards it. Everyone gasped in unison at the sight. I reached the God of the Seas' mighty Trident and pulled it out of the wall and lifted it over my head..unsure how to even work the darn thing.

Burnt: Omega's got the Trident! Omega's got the Trident!

Philly Fats: Whoa. That was fast. But..what the hell does it- ...Uh oh.

We were all about to find out. A monstrous tsunami made it's way toward the coliseum. Aurora and I looked up and noticed the tall, looming shadow. In the next instant, the entire arena, and everyone inside it was drenched, if they still managed to remain in there seats that is. Aurora and I got swallowed up by the gigantic wave and it took me a few moments to regain myself before I could go to move again. When I did, I wasn't moving at my accelerated speed. The wave had knocked the Shoes right off my feet and I had no clue where they had gone. Crap. Before I could find a new godly toy, I felt a sudden jolt surge through my body as I got shocked, the initial shock coming from my ass. I winced and jumped up before looking around. It wasn't long before my eyes caught a glimpse of Aurora. She had Jupiter's gloves on, enabling her to throw lightning bolts at her apparent targets.

Oh joy.

PART V: God of War


Burnt: Aurora has Jupiter's Gloves in a shocking turn of events!
Philly Fats: Wow..That was lame.

Burnt: Bite me.

Philly Fats: Mmmmmmm. Biting. Food.

I would be screwed if I didn't find something quick. I went to grab the shield again but Aurora's aim was dead on and she threw a lightning bolt at my hand. I winced and my body went stiff for a moment as the shock traveled throughout my body before subsiding. Aurora looked determined to end the madness now.

Aurora: That was for the damn tidal wave..The next one is going to knock you out of this thing.

She clenched her gloved fist as she seemed to be charging up. I had to think fast. Grabbing Vulcan's Hammer I tried to think of something to do with it that would deter or stop me from getting shocked. The crowd watched in anticipation.

Burnt: Aurora looking to put Omega away. Undoubtedly, she's charging up for something huge.

Philly Fats: And all Omega has is a lousy hammer? He's finished.

It would seem so. However, I once again thought to the hooded man's words.

" ..with wings of steel.."
I held Vulcan's Hammer and suddenly knew what I had to do. I quickly began to slam the Hammer into the ground and it began creating a steel wall on either side of me. The crowd looked perplexed and so were the announcers.
Burnt: What..I have no idea what Omega is doing.

Philly Fats: For a "Prodigy" Omega is sure dumb. Doesn't metal, attract lightning.

Burnt: That's what I thought.

Philly Fats: Ok...right..Moron...

The crowd was still watching closely and not just because the water had given them a better look at Aurora's cleavage either. I waited a moment and as soon as Aurora lifted her hands out and shot bolts of lightning at me, I leaped back, the steel walls caught the lightning and stopped it from hitting me. Aurora stared in disbelief as I dropped Vulcan's Hammer and went for Mars' Sword. I knew at least, that Mars was the God of War in Roman mythology. The only one I liked actually.

Philly Fats: Omega has a sword! I thought he didn't hit girls! He's a liar!

Burnt: Well technically, he doesn't have to use it on Aurora. That Sword summons Mars' army.

Philly Fats: Oh..

Burnt: So he's just tell them to attack her.

Philly Fats: I knew that.

The undead soldiers emerged up from the very depths of hell and onto the battlefield. Aurora's jaw dropped seeing the army of Mars behind me. I pointed the Sword at her and the soldiers obeyed my command, charging at Aurora and grabbing her before being engulfed by hell once more. Aurora was gone..and I'd shudder to think where.

There was a sudden thunderclap and the acrid smell of brimstone. The whole arena was engulfed in thick dark smoke.

Burnt: What's going on? I can't see.

Philly Fats: Somebody get me a ham! There's no sense wasting this smoke!

The smoke was accompanied by terrible heat. I shield my face from it. I heard a prolonged scream escape Aurora's throat. And then it was silent. The smoke began to clear. I rubbed my watering eyes and searched the grounds for Aurora, but she was no where to be seen.


Philly Fats: Yeah..

The crowd then suddenly erupted. They apparently enjoyed whatever the hell that was. Dr. Kiebler's voice echoed out once more.

Dr. Kiebler: Your winner.."The Prodigy" Omega!!!!

I was relieved that it was over..though it had took a ghastly end that no one seemed to be bothered much by. I shrugged and the gates opened up, allowing me to leave. I was cheered for the first time in awhile as I left and went back to retrieve my phone. In the hallway, Russell Crowe stood there nodding.

Crowe: Great work out there. Couldn't have done it better myself..

Omega: Yea you could have. You friggin died in your movie, man.

Crowe: Oh right.

Omega:..Hey! Were you the hooded guy outside the arena earlier?

Crowe: No way. I just got here a little while ago. But good show, mate. Hope to be seeing more of you soon.

He walked off and down the hallway as I stood there confused.

Russell Crowe was really Australian?

Anyway, I met up with the guard and he handed me back my phone. I took it, immediately noticing I had 666 new voicemails..all from Jazelle.


And here I thought I was saved.


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