CCW 2000: Eliminator versus Genocide

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CCW 2000: Eliminator versus Genocide Empty CCW 2000: Eliminator versus Genocide

Post  Stan Daniels on Fri Jan 21, 2011 9:59 am


(finally, the full reel of the CCW match between Eliminator (maxie masked) and Genocide. I can't believe that shithead actually lost.)

{Max} - I was pooping a few nights ago, and looking through the archives... and found a Great Moment in Genocide History... January 27, 2000...

:::And so begins the reel:::

Geno, now you know i'm more than I'm cracked up to be.

:::::"Welcome to The Jungle" by Alice Cooper blasts over the CCW PA as pyros blast off around the Slammer entrance. The crowd exploads into cheers as The Legend, The Man of 1000 Holds, Eliminator walks to the ring, highlighted by dozens of golden spotlights. He rolls into the ring, laughing, and beckons for a mic. He gets it...:::::

{Eli} - Ok, Genocide, i grew tired of it, and here it is. I'm done singing it... I'm bringin it, as promised. Have you answered your burning questions yet? Am i the real deal? Can you handle me even if I'm not? Well, lap-dog, walk your sorry dense *** out here and find out why they call ME Legend...

:::::Genocide's music booms over the PA as he runs towards the ring... The two immediately start to duke it out as the bell sounds! They lock up and Genocide immediately gets an advantage, heaves Eliminator up and throws him from the ring. Eliminator gets up, dusts himself off, and starts to laugh!:::::

{Body} - Look at that! Geno flies through the ropes at Eliminator... He dodges it!! He nails Geno with a knee to the throat! Genocide's helpless out there, rolling on the ramp gagging!

{King} - Eliminator picks up the steel stairs!! Hey, this wasn't booked as some hardcore matc-- Oh my GOD!! Geno just kicked the stairs into Eliminator's face!! Geno with lightning speed to the top rope.... Don't do it man!!! Oh the humanity!! He just flew 10 feet onto those stairs, with Eliminator under them!!

{Body} - Well, hardcore it will be, the ref's allowing it! Geno picks up the stairs and starts to beat Eliminator with them... once... twice... thrice... The crowd goes nuts!! What's he doing now? Now he's talking trash with some guy with a sign that says "High Court Sucks"!

{King} - Big mistake Geno!! Here comes Eliminator with the timekeeper's bell! Turn around-- Too late! Eliminator just put Geno on the level with that bell! ha HA!

{Body} - After this quick punishment, it looks like both men are going to be taking a br-- scratch that, Eliminator's back in the ring, and yelling at the ref to start a count out! And Genocide's in the ring, waitin--<p>

{King} - For him to turn around! Short clothesline and then a knee lift! Eliminator is feeling the pain right now... how could he make such a rookie error?!<p>

{Body} - Don't matter too much, Eliminator just torqued Geno's knee, and now both men are on the mat, struggling to get to their feet. both men circle, sizing the other up.

{King} - Geno strikes first, throwing a left, caught by Eliminator then slammed into a chicken wing!! What power, he's practically picking Geno up off the mat with that!

{Body} - I'd hate to be in his place right about now. he's skittering around on his tip toes. The ref asks for a submission... and Genocide grabs the ref!! Geno just used the ref for leverage to get to the ropes!! Eliminator lets go of the hold then starts to choke him out on the top rope!

{King} - Ref won't allow that, and the hold is broken... but Eliminator isn't through yet, and he kicks Genocide out of the ring!

{Body} - And Eliminator setting up on the turnbuckle for a legdrop.... took WAAAY too long! Geno rolls to the side and Eliminator lands flat on his backside!

{King} - Hey! Geno just hauled Eliminator to his feet by his ear! He slaps him in the face... Looks like Geno's got Eliminator set up for a jackknife powerbomb! Ha HA! Eliminator's in for it now!

{Body} - No! Eliminator crosses his legs and starts punching Genocide in the nose! He rides Geno all the way to the ground! So much for a devastating move...

{King} - Why is Eliminator crawling back into the ring?! Finish him off, you dolt!

{Body} - Now he and Geno are screaming at each other... Eliminator flips him off!

{King} - Genocide doesn't look like he appreciated that... he's signalling for something, but i didn't see it... But it's obvious Eliminator did!

{Body} - I didn't think a guy could turn that color.

{King} - I sure wanna know what he did! That must have been one hell of an insult! The ref's count out is approaching 7 now... don't tell me Geno's gonna lose on something cheap like a count-out! That's not like him!

{Body} - uh oh, Geno's coming this way...

{King} - uh hi.. hey! What're ya-- Akh!!

{Body} - Hey! you can't do that! OH ****! Eliminator just springboarded off the top rope and tackled Genocide! it's a fistwar right next to me! And damn, King's under that! Well... at least i don't have to hear his annoying screeching commentary any more... yeah!! Hit him again!! Both men up now and slugging it out, heading up the ramp. Hey King, you ok?

{King} - Mommy, i don't want to go to school...

{Body} - Right. And there they go, still going swipe for swipe. The ref has no idea WHAT to do! Here comes Sapper down the ramp? He seems to be coming an--

{Sapper} - And he's gonna fill in for King... Right you are.

{King} - Daddy?

{Sapper} - No, but i think i hear your mommy calling... now, get a camera on those two! Ah.. there they are, heading down the hallway to the back lot. Genocide throws Eliminator into the concrete wall by his face!

{Body} - Eliminator peels his face from the wall... what a mess! He reminds me of a side of beef!

{Sapper} - Uh, it may be an improvement... but damn, do you always have to think with your stomach? Geno's in control again, putting the bloodied Eliminator into a headlock.

{Body} - This could be the end of it right here, Sapper. Eliminator's never looked worse!

{Sapper} - Shut up you! Dammit, come on! Wake the hell up and kick his ***!

{Body} - Looks like Eliminator's getting a second wind... trying to break the hold...

{Sapper} - Yeah! Come on, old fogey!

{Body} - Eliminator hoists Genocide off his feet and rocks him with an Atomic Drop! But in turn, he was devastated with some wierd kind of choke, neckbreaker or something...

{Sapper} - Both guys are down, man that move had to hurt!

{Body} - Sure didn't look good to me.

{King} - But mommy, i don't want to take a sponge bath!

{Sapper} - Uh... right.... ok, Eliminator is still flat out on the concrete floor. Genocide's getting up slowly, and seems to be looking for some kind of weapon.

{Body} - the ref is really letting this one go, eh? This match went from a normal grudgematch to impromptu hardcore almost immediately!

{Sapper} - Ain't it great? Geno's got himself a chair! Eliminator's just barely on his feet, and Geno whacks him in the back with the chair!

{Body} - And with Eliminator's back condition, that can't be good. Eliminator's staggering away, blindly searching for an escape or a weapon.

{Sapper} - Geno's winding up for another shot!! Wait! Eliminator's turning around!

{Body} - Eliminator with a kick to the groin! Genocide drops the chair, doubles over and Eliminator throws HIM headlong into the cinderblock wall! That'll leave a mark!

{Sapper} - yeah, and the janitors just cleaned up the blood from the last hardcore fight... anyway, Eliminator just jumped atop Genocide's chest and is choking him with both hands! I've never seen that shade of purple before, have you Body?

{King} - Looks like mommy's car seats...

{Body} - Shut up you twit, go buy a candy bar or something. Genocide looks like he's about to go out, but he battles back with an earringer! Eliminator jumps up, holding his head, and now it's Geno's turn to deliver a low blow! Eliminator doubles over and now Geno takes him down with a DDT!

{Sapper} - Ouch, that's gotta hurt. Geno tries to lock in a camel clutch, but Eliminator slides out of it like a snake and puts him in a kind of figure four with his arms! What the hell is up with that?!

{Body} - dunno, but it looks pretty painful! But not too strong-- Geno kicks out, sending Eliminator into the cameraman! DAMN!!! The picture's gone! Get another camera down there!!

{Sapper} - I love this! These guys are fanatics, beating the total shinola out of each other! Now they're outside in the parking lot, and neither have taken a breather! Last word we had, Genocide had just choke-slammed Eliminator onto someone's limousine from a catwalk 15 feet up!!

:::::The camera cuts in to see a limo with the roof caved in... A bloody hand arises from the dent and Eliminator crawls out, bleeding everywhere. Genocide grabs a rope from the catwalk and swings down with a kind of drop-kick! Eliminator ducks it and clotheslines Genocide onto the damaged limo:::::

{Body} - He jumps out and tries to grab a pipe that leans against the garage wall... Geno is too fast, he runs over and drop-kicks Eliminator into a concrete plyon... Eliminator looks like he's been through a meat grinder! And here comes Geno for another swipe!

{Sapper} - Eliminator rakes his eyes! He grabs the pipe and goes to swing and suddenly hits the ground in convulsions! Is that Akeem over there with a cattle prod?!

{Body} - yeah, it is!! But there's TheBat! Where'd he come from?! he hammers Akeem with a baseball bat and that fight heads elsewhere. Eliminator is dizzy and Geno's grabbing a 2X4...

{Sapper} - Don't do it Geno! Wow! Eliminator's knee gives out at the last moment, and Geno misses! He dives foreward and spears Geno to the pavement. YEAH! Way to do it!

{Body} - Eliminator picks up a storm-drain grating and kicks Genocide over to the opening! What's he gonna do?

{King} - I need to go potty.

{Sapper} - Will someone get him an EMT? Damnit! Hey! That's ingenious! Eliminator just whacked Geno in the head with that grating, and now he's got his head pinned in the hole by the 45+ lb grating! Geno's helpless, his head pinned back by that storm drain grating! Damn, I gotta remember that one!

{Body} - Eliminator stands over Geno, and puts a foot on his rib cage... the ref starts to count, but Geno's struggling stops it at the 1 count. Eliminator drops a knee and puts a solid cover over Geno... yeah, too easy... 1...2...3! That's game! Eliminator wins!

{Sapper} - Hey! What's he doing?! Eliminator looks like he's going t-- oh my God... oh my God, That's crazy!! Looks like he's g--

{Body} - TOO LATE!! Eliminator just dropped a splash onto the grating from the hood of Cronk's car!! Geno's head was pinned under that grating, and his neck was on the edge of that hole!!! Geno's not moving!!

{Sapper} - Serves the b@$t@rd right! Wait... now he's approaching the camera...

{Eli} - Vismajor... this is what I'm gonna do to every one of your HiC's until you get your sorry *** out here and face me PERSONALLY, mano-a-mano. I probably just ended the career of one of your lap dogs, as I promised after my little match with Sarge/Akeem. Unlike you, I deliver on my words. if you value any more of them, you'd best get rid of your yellow streak that's keeping you ducking and running from me.... Or is it that you are really a coward, and not to mention a big blow hard who relies on his lap-dogs to do his bidding? Just remember, you only have so many of them...

{Body} - This is far from over, i can tell... that and his famed paycheck's gonna get chopped to pay for that! An ambulance is on the way, we can only hope for the best now...

{sapper} - No way, the best just happend! I gotta go get that man a beer

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