The Trial of Johnny B. Rude Part 1

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The Trial of Johnny B. Rude Part 1 Empty The Trial of Johnny B. Rude Part 1

Post  Stan Daniels on Fri Jan 21, 2011 10:30 am

Participants: Holly, Holland, Johnny Rude(Samantha Summers, defense), Karissa Rain, Maverick, Storm, Nighthawk, Reverend Future, Eve Riley, Kitty, Chance, Kristina Davidson(Prosecution), Living Deadgirl, Emissary, Joe Power

He stood inside of his cell. Today was a day like no other. So special was this day that the warden actually allowed a mirror into the cell of his ward. Johnny stared at his reflection in the full length mirror. His face had been shaven. His hair had been cut short and combed, topped off with styling gel. His scarred and tattoo'd form was covered in a suit and tie. Johnny's one ice blue eye stared at himself with contempt. Even the eye patch he wore, against his own wishes, was finely polished. His lawyer, Samantha, insisted that the patch would give the jurors a better impression than the raw scar tissue underneath.

He hated what he saw. It wasn't him. And it wasn't simply a manner of clothing, either. It was a matter of him having to pretend. Having to act as though he wasn't every bit the savage most people knew him to be. This...package, his lawyer had created, it was a lie. Johnny was many things, and he was even known to mislead people, but he never lied. Not blatantly. Appearance aside, another emotion crept its way into the psyche of The Rudeness. That emotion was fear. Prison, despite what he may have acted, was absolute Hell for him. Being locked in solitary alone threatened to drown him in his own insanity.

He was hated here, and for good reason. If all went south, and he was forced back here, more attempts on his life would be made. It would only be a matter of time before someone succeeded. It simply was what it was. Today he would go before a jury of his peers and be judged for all of his wrong doing. It seemed fitting, in a way. His entire career, his life even, had been spent acting in direct opposition of every societal norm known to man. And now his fate would be left in the hands of the very society he so loathed. He didn't like his odds. He had heard some of the names the prosecution would be using: Brett and Jason Emerson, Kate Moran, Ov Terror. He was fucked, and he knew it.

Samantha: You look good, Johnny.

Rude: I'm glad you approve. So, can we get this over with?

Samantha: Not like this, we can't. You look guilty.

Rude: I am guilty.

Samantha: Maybe, but that's not for you to decide. That's up to a jury. You look like you want to kill something.

Rude: Well, I'm not trying. I swear, my face is relaxed.

Samantha: ...That's not comforting.

Rude: I bet.

Samantha: Well, let's try not to focus on that. Now, you are not to speak to the jury. Nor are you to speak to any of the witnesses brought to the stand.

Rude: What if they're lying douchebags?

Samantha: Let me handle it. I'll take care of them in the cross.

Rude: You seem confident. Kristina doesn't worry you?

Samantha: Let's just say I have a few aces up my sleeves. So, are you ready?

Rude: As much as I'll ever be. What about Holland?

Samantha: Mr. Payne is seeing someone at the moment. Even if that weren't the case, he couldn't come with you.

Rude: If I'm freed...what happens to him?

It was a good question. Holland, at a loss as to what to do with himself, attacked the warden. The fact that he was still alive was a miracle in and of itself. If Rude was freed, what would become of him? Who would save Holland? Rude would be remiss in his duties as both friend and partner if he didn't ask.

Samantha: I'll work on his case next, I promise. Now, shall we?

Rude: *sigh* Yeah...let's get this farce over with...

He was handcuffed by the guards. They escorted him all the way to the vehicle which waited outside for him. As he approached the car, he stopped. He turned and looked at the building behind him. It was encased by an electrified fence, and was a vision of foreboding for any and all who gazed upon it. And, should things go sour, it would be his home for all time. It would be his home, his life, and, most likely, his grave. Rude turned back to the car and entered it. Samantha followed and soon the car sped off. In the back of his mind...he felt like someone was watching.

Holly thinks that Johnny Rude shouldn't go to jail and plans on doing something about it. Holly is most assuredly pissed off right now and most of the anger goes towards LivDeadGirl. Holly knows that getting to LivDeadGirl is going to be too tough to do as she always hangs around Chance and Eve, the NOT HOT girls.

Holly does know who she can take her anger out on and that is Kristina Davidson to try and make sure that she does NOT make the court on time.

Holly looks good in the mirror that she has in her locker room. Holly not wanting to show anyone else her outfit takes it off and stands there in a pair of short shorts and a low cut top. Holly doesn't want to get all gussyed up since she won't be entering the actual court room, unless she has to.

Holly knowing she hasn't got much time quixkly puts the outfit into a plastic bag then runs out of the arena and jogs all the way to the courthouse.

At the courthouse a few minutes later Holly looks for a public phone box and finds one a minute or two later. Holly dials Kristinas number and waits for her to answer.

Kristina: Hello?

Holly: You listen to me good. If Johnny is found guilty, consider your life terminated.

Kristina: Who is this?

Holly: It doesn't matter who I am. Your life will be terminated if Johnny is found guilty.

Kristina: You realize you are threat..................

Holly is already pissed off by LivDeadGirl and is in no mood to hear whatever Kristina has to say.

Holly: I don't give a f*** who you f***ing are. IF JOHNNY IS FOUND GUILTY, YOUR LIFE WILL BE TERMINATED.

Holly slams the phone down as hard as she possibly can.

Why the change in Holly?

Holly has realized that for all the being nice to people she has done, for all the helpful things she has tried to do, she has gotten ZERO friends.

Layne doesn't even know she visits.

Alan Scott turned on her when Holly tried to show him how much of a heel he really is.

Chrissie Davies left without saying anything.

Matthew, just after the Inferno incident, is gone.

Zero friends.......... Nothing to lose............. Lets see if being a complete bitch might earn her some respect.

Holly does have the upper hand for one in one department. When Kristina tries to figure out who could have sent the threat.......... NO ONE will think it was Holly or so Holly thinks. Holly knows that she Kristina will susupect a woman as it was a womans voice.

Another thought crosses Hollys mind. Kristina may not suspect anyone from the roster. Kristina may suspect someone else as Holly didn't say anything about actually working with him.

Only time will tell.

Now for part two........... Gaining entrance without being spotted.

Sitting in his cell he heard the rumors that Johnny’s trail was today. At some point Holland felt bad for the man for wanting him as a character witness. Holland was in no way shape or form in the right state of mind to give a good collaborated account of Rude’s accord. The room would watch the Undying Breed with baited eyes suggesting that he was lying the whole time to get his partner off for crimes that he knew that he committed. Did Holland know the truth of the matter? Sure to a certain extent. Was Holland going to lie to the jury and the panel to get Rude off. No. He was going to answer the questions with an air of truth and the elaborate spin of words that only he could muster. Well if he got pass the whole not wanting to speak to anyone phase.

While Holland was lost deep in his thoughts, the door clicked open. Those dead gray eyes of the Undying Breed’s turned up to watched the heavily gated door swing open to see the Warden and town armed guards walk in.

There were in riot gear, armed to the tooth with defensive measures if Holland were to get out of hand. Holland eyes turned towards Scott’s and gave him a smile. A smile at the bruises that still marred his face from the attack prior in the month. He could still feel the man’s blood on his hands and he brutally assaulted him because he wouldn’t follow a simple suggestion. Put Holland behind bars because he was a danger to the world around him. But they listened like most people ran storyline, half-assed and not really caring what happened in the end, as long as it suited their goals.

“Surprised you would step out of that heavily guards office of yours with out Rude down here to save your ass Fat man.” Holland said watching the guards shift their weapons before his eyes turned towards the warden.

His fat pudgy face was already to the point of being beet red, but when Holland made that comment it seemed to get that much redder. The Hardcore Prince didn’t think it could get any more of the hue, but the fat man proved that wrong. The man however moved across the cell in a speed that Holland wouldn’t have accounted for from a man of his size. His big meaty hand came around the face of the Undying Breed sending his tired and worn body to the ground with a thud. Scott might have expected Holland to stay down, but not matter the state his body his he would force himself up. His body shook as muscles strained to pick himself up off the ground. He wouldn’t give the fat bastard the satisfaction of staying down.

“Big man when armed guards are around. Bet any other time there’s to much sand in the pussy to act like that.” Holland said tracing his fingers across his lip and nose to check for blood.

He felt his back slam against the wall as the warden’s fingers wrapped into the fabric of his worn shirt. Holland gray eyes never faltered once. He could give a fuck less if this man thought he had power over him, because he had nothing but rage and anger that Holland wouldn’t conform to his power.

“You just better be fucking glad that Rude was here for so long. You would have been dead that first day if he wasn’t protecting your ass. Now that you’re all alone I’m going to promise you that your remaining few days here are going to be a living hell that you couldn’t even imagine in your sickest dreams.” he said spitting in his face as he spoke to the Undying Breed.

“Not Rude.” Holland said plainly, letting him know that he wasn’t Johnny. “Will crush your wind pipe and listen to you drown in your own blood. Doesn’t matter if the rest of life is spent rotting in this rat infested hell hole before they juice me. Nothing to lose, your death to gain.”

“You son of a b-”

Holland hands swept upwards as he hooked a leg behind Scott’s porky legs sending him to the ground with a thunderous thud. Good effect for being cemented. Holland thumbs pressed into Scott’s throat as he applied the pressure, he wasn’t one to lie.

The Undying Breed fingers were digging into his flesh, he could feel Scott’s heart race as he started to panic. The air in his throat tried to force it’s way between Holland’s digits, but the Undying Breed watched to hear the last amount of energy wasted trying to get the air that there was no passage for. He could feel the life draining from his body but it was all a disappointment when he felt his body slam against the wall once more and the cold metal of the gun barrel press against his neck. He smiled as his body adjusted to look at the fat man on the floor.

“Not Rude at all.” he said laughing softly.

The laughter stopped abruptly as a figure come through the door, the color in Holland’s face drained as he looked at the man. He couldn’t believe what he saw, the figure of his old man standing there looking at him with an air of embarrassment on his face, as if Holland just broke his heart. If the old man had a heart it was stone, covered in gold, and had a picture of himself on it.

“What the hell is going on here.” his voice was demanding and over powered the room. It was always like that when he was in the building. Everyone seemed to cower towards him, well everyone but Holland at least.

Scott pushed himself up off the ground, his hands around his throat as he tried to get air into his lungs. He got up and started to make his way towards the pinned down Holland. “You fucking bitch.”

A heavy right came around his face as he pulled back to do some more damage. Holland’s eyes closed waiting for the shot but it never came. His eyes slit open to see the Warden pulled back to strike but Max Payne had his hand caught leaning into his ear. Holland could barely hear what was being side, but it shock him a little at what he caught.

“You hit my son again, I’ll stand idly by as he finishes the job.” he said pushing him away. “Come on boy.” Max addressed his son.

“Wait just one fucking minute. That’s twice your bastard of a child has tried to kill me. He only reason he’s still breathing from the first time is because he’s your son.” he said. So the line about Rude saving his ass was a lie. Again his father was pulling strings. “But I’ll be damned if he gets away with it a second time. I have a prison to run and this won’t fly.”

“Of course it will.” Max said as he pushed the guards of his son and prodded Holland towards the door. “I send you in here to retrieve him, not to get his goat. You got exactly what you asked for.”

“Bullshit.” Scott yelled.

“Bullshit is you still having your job after getting your ass handed to you by Holland here. You should have known not to let your guard down, and just imagine if it was a prisoner here. You would have been dead and their would have been a riot. Holland wasn’t trying to kill you, or you’d be dead.” Max said walking out of the room heading towards his car. “Come on boy, we’re going home. You continue to disappoint me.”

“Not going.” Holland said.

“You’re not going?” he questioned as he stopped to look over his shoulder. “I really don’t think you have much choice in the matter. You’re coming home with me or it’s back in the cell with you.’

“Don’t care. Not going to leave a friend to rot. Rude needs me at his side, and I won’t let him do it alone.” Holland said turning his eyes towards his father.

He knew that if Holland had to, he would put him down right there. Max smirked and shook his head.

“As long as you know, this puts you in my debt. And it doesn’t benefit you to be in my dept for long boy. Do what you need to do, but remember that you owe me.” he said with a smirk on his face.

Holland knew that he didn’t want to owe him, nor did he have a fact in the matter. If Max Payne did something for you, it wasn’t out of the kindness of his heart. Holland nodded as he moved down the hall to get out, to make sure that he made it in time to be there for Johnny.

Twenty seven.

That's how many stitches Eve would have had in her forehead if they didn't use the liquid kind now. The match with Storm had been every bit as brutal as he'd promised her it would be, and the last-minute interloping of Emissary into the match had helped not at all.

Two days removed from the match Eve still didn't remember how it ended. She knew how it ended because she'd seen the footage of the match - and to be honest, the savagery she'd seen pour out of herself frightened her a bit. She'd never really been so out of control in a match before, and it was scary.

Chance had told her that it was a product of being knocked half silly and didn't mean anything, and Eve hoped she was right.

But it was still scary.

Standing in front of the mirror, trying to apply enough makeup to cover the remains of the match, Eve sighs. Her legs still ache from the beating they'd taken, although they are responding to the medicine the doctor had given her. The swelling is nearly gone and the strength in them is back to around eighty-five percent and improving rapidly.

Except for the multiple gashes around her head she'll be good as new in a day or two.

Chance walks into the bathroom to check on her and Eve turns to let her know she's ready to go. Today is the big day - the trial of Johnny Rude promises to be one of the biggest media circuses in years.

Emma knocking on their door, face drained of all color brings the girls instantly to attention.

Emma: There are two policemen at the door to see you.

Chance: OMG! Da MAN! HIDE US!

Eve: *blank stare* What did we do?

Chance: I guess they finally made it illegal to be THIS HOT.

Eve: Hold me, babes! I can't go to the Big House!

Emma: *sigh* Why don't we just go downstairs and see what they want.

Eve and Chance looked at each other then back at Emma. Then back to each other. "The MAN" had come. They couldn't go to jail they are too young and HOT...

Chance: Why don't you go ess ehat they want and we'll get ready for vistors...

Emma: Your planning some overy elaborte excape plan that is doomed to fail.

Chance: NO!

Emma rolled her eyes as she left and "The Star of the Show" rolled out of bed and to her feet...

Chance: You start stripping the bed and making a rope from the sheets I'll pack!

Eve: *blank stare* Make a rope from the sheets

Chance: I'll do it you pack for us then...we need to be quick as they already have Emma I'll miss her, but better her then US!

Eve: *blank stare* Better her than us? What should I pack? I mean, I know we HAVE to have our little black dresses - you just can't live without a little black dress.

Chance: Pack everything we need to start a new life. A we are not comming back. We will be "Hot Girls on the run" No home. Heping where we can always on the move as the opressive man dogs our steps!

Eve: Ooooooooooohhh .. an adventure! So, it's gonna be just me and you on the run from the man? We're gonna be like HOT fugitives? OMG! I'm sooo excited!

Chance grabs sheets and then starts to tie them end to end as Eve tosses theings in two bags and rthen closes them and zips them shut. Chance ties one end of the "rope" to the bars of the balcony and then goes back in to the room and grabs the bags...

Chance: Ready?

Eve: Oh yeah, babes! This is awesome! Desperate days on the run from Da Man, nights alone together in whatever steamy hiding place we can find! We are going to have soooooo much FUN!

Chance tosses the bags over the side then starts climbing down the makeshift rope. Eve folows her once it is safe. They pick up the bags and start to walk when they see Emma with two officers at the exit...

Officer: Miss Chambers...Miss Riley...

Chance:*whispers* They want out mothers and Emma sold us out!

Eve: *whisper* That bitch! I thought she was our friend, babes!

Kristina presses the kill switch on line one after making sure that the recording was audible, then presses another button to get an open line. The deputy manning the courthouse security center answers on the second ring.

Deputy: Security. Deputy Sanders speaking.

Kristina: Danny! Lock this place down now!

Deputy: I'm on it, Krissy. What's up?

Kristina: I just received a telephone threat. Nobody gets in or out without clearance.

Deputy: Consider it done, Krissy. You okay?

Kristina: I'm fine, Danny. Thanks. And I need to get some uniforms out to pick up all the female members of the Federation X roster for questioning.

Deputy: You think it was one of Rude's sick girlfriends?

Kristina: Well, that was the threat. Johnathan walks or I die. It might not be a member of the roster, but that's the only solid lead I have right now. I'm fairly sure it was a young female, and there are a few on the Federation X roster. If I get lucky, it's one of them. If not, then at least we've eliminated a whole list of suspects.

Deputy: It's possible that it was one of those prison groupies. It might not have been a wrestler at all.

Kristina: True, and I'd already thought of that. But I have to start somewhere. And there are a lot fewer female wrestlers in Chicago than there are female Johnathan Wilson fans.

Deputy: True enough. Uniforms are dispatched, Krissy. We'll have them all rounded up pretty soon.

Kristina: Thanks, Danny. I owe you lunch.

Kristina makes one more call, to get a couple of uniforms posted outside her door. Not that she's worried about someone actually following through on a threat, but there are protocols that have to be followed.

And the trial is set to start in two hours.


The limo ride to the Cook County courthouse takes longer than Reverend Future had anticipated. Perhaps it is the traffic... or perhaps the Good Reverend is dreading his testimony more then he is admitting to himself. Rev had done a fine job of avoiding the attempts at contact from both Samantha and Kristina Davidson regarding the case of Johnny Rude. They had been unsuccessful in reaching him... but two days ago the summons arrived anyway. He was being required to testify and he still wasn't sure who had summoned him. The limo pulls up in front of the courthouse and Reverend Future steps out.

To say the outside of the Courthouse was a zoo would be an understatement. County officials had roped off an area for reporters in an attempt to ease the madness but it had only lasted a few moments. At once, Rev was surrounded by reporters hurling questions at him.

"What are you going to say on the stand?"

"Who summoned you, Reverend Future?"

"Is Johnny Rude guilty?"

"Are you going to tell the court to turn the other cheek?"

"Where is Nighthawk?"

"Is the Deathwish personna coming back?"

Reverend Future shook his head at the last one. Was this ever going to die? He remained quiet and slowly made his way through the disappointed crowd and entered the building. A security officer recognized him and pointed toward the courtroom entrance. Rev opened the door and stepped back. The room was already full of current and former wrestlers, as well as well wishers of Johnny's and those who looked like they were only there to see him fry. Rev spotted a seat in the back and made his way towards it.

It was going to be a long day

Much like Reverend Future, Maverick Aka Brett Emerson (spelled with ONE M...for those of you playing the home game)...Sat in the back of the limo as it rounded the corner now just blocks from the courthouse. He was one of the first to receive a summons for the trial and he gladly accepted it. Now with the trial just under an hour from starting, Brett knew of all the people called to testify against Rude....the spotlihgt would be focused like a lazer beam on him.

They'd no doubt expect Brett to speak in angry tones, Perhaps even jump out og the box and attack Rude right in court. He had even heard that some people in Fed X had formed pools as to how he would react if Rude was found Guilty or Innocent. He almost wished he could have found out who was running the pool because he already knew what his reaction would be regardless of the outcome......a hostage....a his own motions no more.

The limo pulled up to the roped off area as Rev's limo took off. Brett waited for the driver to open his door. He stepped out straightening his Black Armani Jacket.....and then placed the black Stenson on his head sliding his sunglasses on to cut back the glare of the 100's of flashbulbs assaulting him. Knowing that Brett would likely follow Rev's example and just head inside, They shouted questions anyway regardless if he was going to answer them or not.

They got a ratehr big suprise when Brett stopped in the middle of the walk and held his hands up to quiet the media. Once they had settled a bit he spoke softly....but enough to be heard.

Maverick: I have a minute so if you want to ask so in an orderly fashion please...I can't answer everyone when you're all shouting.

Random Reporter: You're arch nemesis Johnny Rude is on trial, He could be facing lengthy Prison time. Do you think Justice will finally be served.

Maverick: Our Judicial system is what it is. He'll either be found quilty or innocent by a jury of his peers. I'll accept whatever verdict they had down.

Random Reporter: Brett! How does it feel knowing that you and your brother Jason hold perhaps the most damning testimony of all? That you both have in fact been labeled as the star witnesses for the prosecution?

Maverick: It means nothing. I have been called to testify like many others, I've turned over everything they requested, I'll answer thier questions. Simple as that.

Random Reporter: Do you hope he gets life if found guilty?

Maverick: He'll get whatever the judge hands down to him if he's found guilty.

Random Reporter: It's almost a given that the defense will challenge your charge that Rude raped your wife Kitty Hawke. He claims it was consenual......You claim he forced her. Can you and will you address the issue if it's brought up.

Behind the sunglasses, A tick of the eye....but the press couldn't see it...and his calm demeanor remained in tact at least to the press.

Maverick: He can claim whatever he wants...the fact is he threatened her, told her if she didn't comply...He'd hurt me more or worse......that doesn't sound like two consenting adults to me....but to answer your question...If asked, I'll answer. Now if you'll excuse me...

Random Reporter: One last question Mr. Emerson. The trial is going to start shortly and no one has seen your brother Jason. Do you know where he is?

Maverick: As a matter of fact I don't. I haven't seen Jason since the end of the Pay Per view when he walked into the back....but he's a grown man....He doesn't need me to guide him here. Thank you.

More questions got shouted out but Brett walked off and up the steps. A few minutes later he entered the courtroom. The idle chatter died as all eyes in the room followed him as he took a seat.

The suit was laid out on the bed.....the summons laying on the bed next to it. A calm breeze blew back the curtians by the open window ruffling the summons on the bed. In the living room....the keys to Jason's car sat on the desk near the door.

The only sound was the TV which was tuned to the court coverage. A half empty rocks glass of Jack Daniels sat on the coffee table.

The place was neat and in order....nothing out of place.

And Jason Storm....was nowhere to be found.

He had simply got up and left the place he called "Home" while in Fed X.

He hadn't even locked the door behind him.

Where was he going on perhaps the most important Day in the Life of the Emerson Family?

Only Jason Knew that.

Another day another problem. The females are in police custosdy, Rude's trial was starting to today. Maverick was giving an interview to whoever stuck a mic in his face. I was waiting for Grayson watching the coverage. You had to wonder how Mav would react if a reporter asked how he got way with pulling a gun on Rude?

Did I want him to pay? Yes, but I wanted him to pay at the right time. Like on PPV. With an arena full of fans, and 59.99 for PPV. Not to mention DVD sales. If Johnny was going to suffer why not make a little money out of it?

Wicked was off to get the girls out, and then talk to Johnny. Things with Miss Davidson have went well, but the fact is it was all in the air. So now we wait. Grayson walked in as I looked at him...

LDG: What does Maverick do here? I'm just wondering what perpose him stiring up the shitstorm that is falling all over us...

Grayson: I guess your not happy?

LDG: It's not that I am not happy, but when your trying to plan a PR recovery from this nightmare. It helps when I'm not being blindsided.

Grayson: I understand, but you know Maverick is not going to be controled..

LDG: Well, we are losing sponsers, but I have some people coming in a few days to see our plan to make this into something better. I was thinking that we need something big. Something that makes us look good. More then just throwing money at it...

Grayson: It's no shock we are losing sponsers in this climite. I do some ideas, but I need time to flesh them out...

LDG: Well feel free to stay here and pound it out. I'm going to work on something with "sick kids" to help our profile...

Grayson: You think that is best?

LDG: A few pictures and whatnot...can't hurt..Maybe talk to Hawk about helpping with it...

Emma sighs when she hears The Hot Girls "whispering" about her while she looks at the two officers. They look at each other with small grins on their faces as they get a private Hot Girls show.

Chance: *whisper* I can't believe Emma sold us out to The Man babes. That is so NOT HOT!

Eve: *whisper* You can't blame her too much babes. Staring at hard time in the pokey isn't easy for anyone. And you know Emma doesn't have and US to keep her on the right path like we do.

Chance: True. We forgive you for ratting us out to The Man, Emma.

Eve: Yeah. And we're like sorry that we went over our hair gel quota for the month or whatever. It won't ever happen again, we promise.

Emma: *sigh* You didn't go over your hair gel quota, Eve. Someone phoned in a death threat to the assistant DA in charge of Rude's trial.

Chance: Well it wasn't us! We've been framed! We'll fight this all the way to the Supreme Court!

Eve: *blank stare* What's a DA?

Deputy: I'm sure Miss Davidson will explain everything when you all get there Miss Riley.

Emma: May we follow you instead of going in the squad car?

Deputy: Oh, yes ma'am. Nobody is under arrest - not yet anyway. The District Attorney's office takes these threats seriously though. We'll figure out who made that threat and whoever it is will get a little vacation.

Eve: *blank stare* Vacation? You mean you guys don't like that DA thingie? Whoever kills it gets a free vacation?

Chance: At Club Fed they mean. Whoever did it is going to the Big House, the Pokey, The Lock Up prolly to be some big girl's bitch.

Eve: Ohhhhhhhhhhhh ... then I'm glad it wasn't us babes. It wasn't us right?

Emma: No it wasn't you. We'll be in the big pink Hummer there, gentlemen. Do you want us to lead or follow?

Deputy: You can follow that's fine. Oh and can I get an autograph for my little girl? She just loves The Hot Girls.

Eve giggles as she and Chance go back inside the bar to get a Hot Girls 2.0 t-shirt and 8x10 and they both sign them and bring them back to the officer. Then they climb into the Hot Pink Hummer Limo and take off toward the courthouse.

The Hot Pink Hummer Limo makes its way down the streets of Chicago towards the Cook County Courthouse following along behind the Sheriff's deputies who had come by to round them up.

Eve sits in the back of the limo thinking over the things that had been said thinking about what kind of person would call and threaten the District Attorney.

WIth a loud sigh and a shake of her head she leans back and places her head on Chance's shoulder. Still a bit out of it from the war she'd had with Storm and worried that they haven't heard from him since the match, Eve decides to just rest for a few minutes.

Chance: You okay, babes?

Eve: Just tired ... and a little bit worried.

Chance: Worried about what?

Eve: About your uncle Jason.

Chance: Don't. He's a big boy, and he can take care of himself.

Eve: Yeah, but -

Chance: No buts, babes. You had been clubbed in the head, you don't even remember what happened. You're not at fault here.

Eve: Yeah, but -

Chance: Shhhh ... just let it rest, babes. You won. You didn't do anything wrong.

Eve: Yeah, but -

Chance: Eve. Seriously. You have to stop taking things so hard, babes. In this business, things happen. You do your best and brush yourself off and go on to the next thing.

Eve: *sigh* Mkay, babes. It's never going to end, though, is it?

Chance: Prolly not. You're an embarrassment to the men around here. You're a freak of nature and they can't stand it.

Eve: Well, it still sucks.

Chance: You miss New York?

Eve: No. Yes. I don't know, maybe sometimes. Maybe Japan. I hear Mr. Caesar is finally getting things back in shape there.

Chance: But Stalker Phil is there, babes.

Eve: So, we stay here and just always get treated like second class citizens?

Chance: Maybe not. We just keep doing what we do, and see if the respect comes.

Eve: Mkay. I'll do it ... for you.

Chance: *smiles* Here's the courthouse, babes. You ready?

Eve: I guess so. Let's go get this over with so we can get good seats for the trial.

Chance sighedas they arrived at the courthouse. She sae Eve's point, but did not want to bail on Fed X. Still she knew that sometimes you have to do something. The fact was they had let things slip as of laate...

Chance: Whatever ya wanna do I'm there...

Eve: I know you are babes. You're always right where I need you to be.

Chance: I don't think the face thing is working, but I could be wrong. Maybe we just aren't wanted here.

Eve: Sometimes it does seem that way, babes. I don't think it's the face thing though. I like doing things the right way, Chance, but it does get old when nobody respects you regardless what you do.

Chance: Yeah, but I miss HGSAT, and the stuff like that a "good" version just wouldn't have the sizzle, Only thing I worry is about "He who won't be nammed" Like I said whatever ya want...

Eve: Babes, you should have said so sooner. I feel so selfish .. and don't worry about anyone else. I only care about you. If you're not happy we can talk about it, babes. I'm sooo sorry, Chance.

Chance: It's not that I just miss how over we were a few months back that's all...

Eve: Back in New York?

Chance: Yeah, but I hear Clive went off the deep end...

Eve: I heard the same thing, babes. He was starting to go right before I left. I hear Cedrick's got Tokyo back on the upswing though.

Chance: No matter what we do there are issuses. It's really what you want to deal with...I guess

The car gets very quiet as they arrive at the courthouse and are escorted inside...

The car pulled up to the courthouse. Gazing outside of the window, Rude could see the thongs of press looking for the next big story. They were sharks. They swarmed to even the faintest trace of blood in the water. If Chicago was an ocean, than the courthouse where his trial would take place was freshly chumed water. Johnny was no stranger to dealing with the press. As a matter of fact, there was quite a bit of footage floating about of The Antichrist Superstar assaulting some of the more nosier papparrazzi. No doubt, the prosecution may use that. That, and god knows what else.

Probably one of the more disturbing aspects of all this was what he was thinking at the moment. Or rather, what he was having a hard time thinking about. In his mind, Johnny recalled many of his exploits. The only problem was that for whatever reason, he seemed unable to remember it all. Try as he may, it all seemed like too much. Faces blurred into one another, screams mixed and meshed into a cacaphony of pain and suffering. Just how many people had there been? He couldn't honestly say, and it was frightening.

Rude turned his head away from the window and looked at his lawyer. Beside her was another woman. He couldn't make out her face. That would only be temporary. The woman moved into the light and Rude's jaw dropped as he saw his half-sister, Eva Wilson, a.k.a Wicked. His eye went from her to Samantha, who said nothing. This must have been the PB's doing, but why?

Rude: What are you doing here?

Wicked: We need to talk.

Rude: I've only been in the business what...three years? And now you wanna chat? Hmph.

Wicked: Sarah is pulling some strings to try and help you out.

Rude: Pffft, what the fuck ever. I never asked for her help.

Wicked: Did it ever occur to you that she isn't doing it for YOU?

Rude: No, not really. Generally speaking, I believe the world revolves around me.

Wicked: Smart ass.

Rude: Guilty as charged.

Wicked: She's doing it for a lot of reasons, but....I think she's doing it for me, too.

Rude: For you? Y'know, I really was wondering what the deal was. I mean, once upon a time she was married to Angel Hunter. I heard they divorced. You two always seem to be in a pack, so-

Wicked: It's....complicated.

She sighed. Johnny could see the weariness in her jade colored eyes. If you were to stand the two side by side one another, the differences between them would be remarkable. Eva Wilson had a dark complexion, and natural jet black hair to match. Her body was muscular from a strict training regimine, but somehow she managed to retain her spanish curves. She spoke with an accent, once thick, now lightly peppered within her speech after years of practice. Johnny, on the other hand, was pale as snow. His one remaining eye was icy blue and usually devoid of emotion. His hair, when clean, was a natural blonde which shone in sunlight. And his voice was gruff due to a lifetime of cancer sticks, but, strangely, other than that, no other real emotion could be drawn from it.

Rude: ....I'm sorry, Eva.

Wicked: For what, Johnny? As far as I'm concerned, you didn't do anything wrong.

Rude: No, I mean...I'm sorry it took so long. I should have found out sooner.

Wicked: You did all you could.....and, for what it's worth, I'm grateful. You saved my life, you know.

Rude: I know...I just feel like I failed you somehow. I hear you're still wanted in Japan.

Wicked: ....Yeah, yeah I am. Sarah had to leave the country because of me. Look, John, I spent my entire career wrestling with the demons of my past. I've fought him, fought with the memories of that night, and so many others, for what seems like an eternity. And in all of the therapy, medication, treatments, violence, and madness...I always had a place for that boy who saved me in my heart. Deep down, John, you have good in you. You do, even if you don't believe it. If you were every bit as evil as you claim....well, I would be dead right now, wouldn't I?

He didn't say anything. How could he? He was doing all he could not to cry from what she had said. He remembered every detail of the night in question as if it were yesterday. Through all of the agony of his existance, he never forgot. It, and so many other memories, haunted him like pieces of his own shadow. Pieces that, it seemed, he would never escape. Samantha looked at the both of them.

Samantha: I hate to interrupt but, it's time.

Wicked: All right. So, are you ready?

Johnny: As much as I'll ever be.

It was then that Wicked did something unexpected. She grabbed Rude by his head, and, placed a kiss on his lips. Samantha watched, puzzled by seeing a half brother and sister touch lips in such a way. Wicked pulled away, rubbing the side of his cheek. She whispered something to him in spanish. The door to the car opened and the three of them entered the court house, ignoring all questions.

After all, everything would come out in due time.

Holly waits as security guards take up there post around the various doors of the court. Holly was waiting for this to happen and Holly does suspect something else as well but this she isn't so sure about. Holly walks up to the guard to find out whether this is the main entrance to the court or not.

Her bag has been hidden in a safe place.

Holly: Is this the main entrance to the court?

Guard: For the main entrance you go around to the front. This is the back entrance.

Holly: Oh my god, I am so sorry. I thought this was the main entrance.

Guard: Your Holly, aren't you?

Holly: I am, why is that?

Guard: I can't tell you why but all the females of Federation X are being rounded up for questioning.

Holly: I will be happy to answer any questions that are asked of me.

The guard unlocks the back entrance and in walks Holly with the guard behind her.

Guard: Sit down there for a moment and I will go and fetch the deputy.

Holly smiles as the guard walks off. Holly is now inside the building but will first clear her name by answering any questions that the deputy may have.

Holly wonders that if ALL the women of Federation X are being questioned that if LivDeadGirl will be questioned as well. Holly hopes she will be.

The bailiff directs the three of them into an ante-chamber where he asks them is they will kindly wait until the judge calls for the defense team to enter the room. They’re doing everything they can to prevent the proceedings from becoming a complete media circus and part of that process is keeping Johnny away from the cameras. Nobody wants him to have any more publicity than he already is generating. Still, Samantha knows that something isn’t exactly right. Even in a high security trial like this one, it isn’t normal to sequester the defense right before the trial begins. The procedure is completely out of the norm.

“Why exactly are you putting us in here?” she asks as she turns to the bailiff.

“My orders ma’am,” is all he offers for an explanation and then gestures for them to please step into the room. As they do, he closes the door behind them, which only bothers Samantha more, and she stares at him as she walks forward, jarring herself to a stop when eh bumps into the back of Wicked. She turns and looks around Johnny’s sister and sees a well groomed and large man with features startlingly familiar to Johnny’s sitting in the room.

Finally she understands.

“Hello John,” Hunter says in a calm voice that only just barely covers the hint of anger in his throat. “Have a seat. Your trial can wait a minute.”

“Listen Hunter,” Samantha snaps, making the leap that this is what NightHawk looks like without his cowl on, “I don’t know who you think you are but….”

“Just sit down,” Johnny says in a flat voice, almost dead of emotion. His blood is running cold at the sight of the older brother who let his life become the morbid chasm of despair that it is. “Arguing won’t help you right now.”

Hunter nods approvingly at his little brother, content that Johnny understands the gravity of the situation. He positions himself protectively between Hunter and Eva, making sure that in order to get to his sister Hunter has to go through him. It’s a subtle thing, but he still knows that Hunter will catch it and file it in that vault of a memory that he has. Rude doesn’t care. The rules are different with Eva. In her eyes, Johnny is the hero…..not the villain.

When every is in a seat, Hunter smiles. Something about the look on his face seems disingenuous and even Samantha feels uncomfortable with the look that Hunter is giving her. She wonders to herself if the rumors about the man could possibly be true, given the aura he radiates. Nobody who can scare you at the core of your being can be the good guy. Right?

“So your day is finally here Johnny,” Hunter says without wasting a lot of time. “I made some arrangement to get a couple of minutes with you before the trial though.”

“How?” Samantha still doesn’t understand the man’s connections, or the reach of the organization he represents.

“Don’t worry about how,” Johnny says, doing an admirable job of keeping his voice almost as flat as Hunters. “Let’s just hear what he has to say and they we can get on with this. What is it Hunter? What do you want?”

For a long minute the air hangs empty with a heavy silence that is deafening. Hunter rolls the question around in his head, wondering if there is any answer, other than the obvious one that he shoud consider giving. At the end of the long, tense minute though, he simply spreads his hands and says what Johnny already knows.

“What do I want? John, what I want doesn’t even enter into the equation. If I had been given what I wanted, I would have known who you were a long, long time ago and saved you from ruining your life. You would have a nice job, with a beautiful wife and you would be living out your days in peace. But that isn’t how the world works, and I don’t have the luxury of dreaming in Technicolor. You’ve made yourself into a terrible example of everything that is wrong with humanity.” Hunter says calmly. “You’ve committed great sin John, and whether you are judged by the laws of men or the laws of the Almighty…….I can assure you, there WILL be justice.”

The calm, patronizing way in which Hunter promises the outcome digs its way in under Johnny’s skin and burrows into his flesh. All he really wants in that one moment is to wrap his fingers around a cold, hard piece of steel and use it to smash his brother’s head in. The next comment though makes things even worse for Johnny.

“I warned you once John,” Hunter reminds his younger brother, “there is a price for everything you do. You didn’t believe me. You smiled and you laughed and you played your little games because you think you understand what warfare is.” Hunter sits forward in his chair, and the look in his eyes is something that Johnny will never again forget, “You are an amateur at war Jonathon Wilson, and you should have listened when your older brother told you to stay away from the Faithchild. This is YOUR fault John.”

Johnny frowned. He didn’t like where the conversation was going.

“What the fuck are you….” He’s cut off when the door behind them opens without warning and two men dressed in black pinstripe suits, wearing federal badges walk into the room. Both men have on sunglasses, making them even harder to tell apart, and without any warning they each take a position on opposite sides of Eva Wilson.

“Miss Wilson?” one of the men says, “my name is Agent Smith. This is Agent Jones. Department of Justice. Would you kindly come with us?”

Eva’s eyes grow wide, and Johnny looks like somebody just shot him through the chest with a bazooka. He starts to stand up, but one of the agents places a hand on his shoulder and firmly holds him down in his seat, while the other agent repeats the request.

“Miss Wilson….” he starts again.

“I heard you!” Eva snaps. “What is this about?”

“What is it about ma’am?” Agent Smith repeats in a curious tone. “Ma’am are you aware of the United States extradition treaty with the foreign nation of Japan?”

Rude feels like a rock is settling in the pit of his stomach, and he turns his hate filled eyes on his brother, who simply looks back at him with a glare that promises that things can get worse. They can always get worse. That is Johnny’s problem. He thinks he’s the only person in the world who is prepared to ruin lives to get what he wants. He fails to believe that when somebody he classifies as a ‘do gooder’ warns him that there will be repercussions he won’t like, that they can actually make it happen. His brother, clearly, is equally willing to strike at something that will tear away pieces of Johnny’s heart. Rude’s attention snaps back to what is going on, and he reaches for his sister, but she’s already on her feet and he watches with a mortified expression on his face as one of the men leads her out of the room, and the other follows.

“Justice John,” Hunter repeats as he watches the agents walk out of the other side of the room, with Johnny’s sister, the one person who sees him as a good person, “your way……….or mine. But there will be justice.”

Hunter rises to his feet, and moves to walk past Rude and out of the room. For a moment he thinks that Rude will rise up out of the chair and attack him, and he almost welcomes it. Open combat is easier to account for than guerilla tactics are. Rude doesn’t though. Somehow he manages to keep himself in check. Maybe it is the impending presence of the trial, or the fact that he doesn’t have the advantage at the moment. Or maybe he’s still in shock at how his sister was just removed from the field of play. Or maybe…..

…..he’s planning.

Hunter leaves the room, and Samantha just stares at Johnny, waiting for his to say something.


The room Eve, Chance and Emma are ushered into is a normal little glassed in office space inside the security center of the Courthouse. Next to it are several more rooms nearly identical to it.

Glass front with a single glass door a table surrounded by four chairs. In the first is Angelica Grim sitting and talking to a plainclothes detective and a lady with an electronic box. She looks calm and collected probably because she has a legitimate alibi for the time of the telephone call. The girls watch as Angelica speaks into a microphone connected to the box while the detective and the technician watch.

The deputy sees the girls watching and ushers them along. In the next room down, Pandora DeVil sits looking fairly annoyed at having her day interrupted but otherwise not terribly agitated.

The HOT Girls are led into the next room and told to get comfortable. The deputy asks if they would like something to drink but all three decline. Then he explains what's going to happen.

Deputy: In just a few minutes one of our detectives and a technician from the crime lab will come in and ask you a few questions. Your whereabouts this morning and so on. Just answer honestly and you should be fine. Unless you did it of course and then you're screwed so you might as well cooperate. *chuckle* Sorry little police humor there.

Chance: So what was that box thingie Angelica was talking into? Was that some kind of lie detector?

Eve: OMG! They have machines that can tell if you're lying, babes? Boy I hope they don't ask me the wrong question. That could get embarrassing.

Deputy: No ma'am that isn't a lie detector. It's a voice print analyzer. It's routine procedure for us to record all incoming phone calls in the days leading up to a big trial like this. One of those Homeland Security deals. You never know when some terror cell is going to decide that they want to monkey with things.

Emma: So you have the call recorded and you are going to voice print everyone to find out who did it? Is that legal?

Deputy: Well you can refuse to speak but that would be pretty incriminating wouldn't it? We can hold anyone suspicious for forty eight hours before we charge them. That would give us plenty of time to dig around and find more evidence. I mean they record all of those matches and interviews and whatnot you all do in that arena. We could just go to your company website and buy some dvd's for voice print analysis if we needed to.

Chance: You guys are pretty serious about catching whoever did this it sounds like. I'm glad it wasn't me.

Eve: I hope it wasn't me.

Deputy: You hope?

Emma: Once you get to know her a little better you will understand. Trust me.

The intercom in Kristina's office barks, letting her know that the last female member of the roster has just been located and is on her way up to the security center.


That's one less headache she has to worry about today. Now if one of them actually did it so she can stop expending resources on bullshit this day would just turn itself around.

A knocking at her door breaks the silence and she moves to answer it.

Standing before her is Sarah Kincaid-Chambers - a bit of a shock just minutes before the trial is supposed to start.

LDG: Did you know?

Krissy: Did I know what?

LDG: Did you know that those fucks from the Justice Department were coming to extradite Wicked to Japan?

Krissy: Justice is here? They have Eva? DAMN!

LDG: Is there anything you can do?

Krissy: Against the Feds? Seriously doubtful. I'll check into it, Sarah, but don't get your hopes up. If they want her, they outrank me. But I will do everything in my power. But for now, we need to get into the courtroom.

LDG: First, I need to know why all my female roster members are in questioning rooms.

Krissy: Because someone, young and female, threatened my life if Johnny Rude is found guilty.

LDG: And that has to do with my wrestlers how exactly?

Krissy: It might not have anything to do with them. But if I can clear them all in one morning then at least we'll know. To be honest, I doubt that it's one of them, but I really hope that it is. If it's one of yours, I figure you can cap it without me having to pursue it by legal channels.

LDG: Well, if it's one of ours I PROMISE they'll end up regretting it.

Krissy: Sounds like a plan. So are we ready to get this thing started?

LDG: Have you thought about my offer?

Krissy: I have. We'll talk more after the trial.

LDG: That's fair. I'll be looking forward to it.

Krissy: As will I.

Kristina holds the door open for Liv then follows her out into the hallway, briefcase in hand. The two uniforms stationed at her door take up flanking positions and escort the ladies to the Courtroom where Liv finds her seat with the rest of the Powerbase while Krissy takes her place at the Prosecution table.

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One person sits inside the courtroom surrounded by the sea of Humanity that has show up for the high profile trial of Johnny Rude. There is nothing to distinguish this person from any other person inside the courthouse. The person much like the rest of those in attendance merely sits quietly waiting for the trial to begin. The only difference between this person and the rest of the people in the courtroom is the small Listening device buried deep inside thier ear canal. The person stares straight ahead all the while listening to the following conversation through the device.

???: Do you understand what I'm asking of you?

???: I do. You do know he could more then likely be found Guilty?

???: I doubt that.

???: But the man has done so much, No one in thier right mind would find the guy innocent.

???: And if this was a normal trial that would be the case and we wouldn't be having this conversation....But this isn't just some run of the mill trial. There are forces at work behind the scenes.....Forces that work for the Powerbase who are trying to arrange things so that he gets off. They see Rude as a fucking cash cow because of all this publicity.....and rather then see justice served, they want to cash in.

???: Are you sure? I mean what we're talking about.....are you positive?

???: You know I am....besides...does it really make a Difference? He's hurt you.....done things to you as well as the rest of us.

???: He has.....You don't have to remind me....I have a clear memory of all the things he's done. I still have nightmares about it from time to time.

???: Then you'll do it?

???: Is he going to approve of this?

???: Don't worry about him.

???: And what about the Shepherd?

???: What about him?

???: ..................

???: Final time then.....will you do it?

???: .............Yes.

???: Good.

Back in the courtroom, the person with the listening device in thier ear smiled on the inside........But thier face remained blank...blending in perfectly with the rest of those in attendance.

Bulbs flashed into life as the car door opened from the back of the taxi cab. It would be been better if he had brought his own vehicle but it wasn’t just parked outside the prison. There were murmurs pressing against the lips of most of the media there, seeing the Undying Breed walk up was something most wouldn’t have expected. But if they knew anything about Johnny Rude, they would have seen that Holland and her were kindred spirits, and Holland would have to be dead to have not shown up.

“Holland?” a man with a mic in his hand said as he cut off the Resistance of Man. “Do you believe your partner has a chance to get out of this verdict?”

Holland pushed him to the side with a single hand as he continued to make his way up the steps of the courthouse. This wasn’t about him, even if he made it about him it wouldn’t mattered. Johnny was the planet with the bigger gravitational pull in their solar system. At the moment, Holland felt more like Pluto than an actual planet. But those feelings aside, the matters with his wife leaving out of the blue, he needed to focus

“There are rumors that you claimed you’d try to kill yourself if Rude is found guilty? Is there any truth to the claims or is this another one of your lame attempts to get attention.” another reporter said trying to get his goat.

Holland continued on.

“Is there any truth to the fact that you two are lovers?” a women said with her camera crew behind her. Anything for a scoop.

The Hardcore Prince shook his head and left the question floating in the air. It was bad enough that the world thought he was dead at one point in time, thanks to Alex Cypher. He wasn’t even going to feed into something so stupid as that. Then there was a question that almost stopped him in his tracks. It was the same thing that he was thinking in the back of his head.

“If Johnny is convicted what will happen with you?” a young reporter asked from the back of crowd. “He seems to be your backbone, and without him you seem to crumble to pieces and lash out. So what would you do if the verdict comes back guilty?”

He wanted to stop and answer it, but he couldn’t. He couldn’t let people know what would happen if the people behind the jury box came back with a landslide vote of guilty. He was going to react, and he didn’t want the rest of the world to know what was going through his head. He shrugged off the very personal question like the others and continued towards the courthouse.

Moving through the door the questions ceased as he signed in. They needed a list of people who where there just in case someone took their frustrations out on Rude. He took his seat near the front, right next to the bench where Johnny would be seated. It was reserve for family, and Rude was pretty much the only person that he accepted as kin. Sitting there his eyes looked around the room. It was going to be a trail that would determine the fate of one man. It would also determine how another man would react, a man with out anything to lose.

The door to the Jury room opens and the twelve people who will decide the fate of Johnathan Bartholomew Wilson walk in and take their seats. This is followed immediately by the door to the Judge's chambers opening and the Honorable William Bryant enters the courtroom.

Bailiff: Hear ye, Hear ye, all rise for The Honorable Judge William Bryant. This court is now in session. The State of Illinois v Johnny Bartholomew Wilson.

Judge: Be seated. Prosecution?

Krissy: Kristina Davidson for the people, Your Honor.

Judge: Defense?

Samantha: Samantha Summers for the defense, Your Honor.

Judge: Miss Davidson, are you ready for your opening remarks?

Krissy: I am, Your Honor, thank you. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, today you are going to be witness to an incredible amount of violence, mayhem and, yes, insanity. You are going to be asked to view some of the most vile, disgusting images you're likely to ever see. The man you see before you, Johnathan Bartholomew Wilson, is the perpetrator of these acts. Of that there can be no doubt.

In fact, Mr. Wilson doesn't dispute that he did any of the things he stands accused of. The assaults, the attempted murders, the arson, child pornography, all of it. Mr. Wilson is, in fact, guilty of all of these heinous crimes. You will watch, for example, Mr. Wilson willfully and knowingly douse a co-worker with lighter fluid and set her on fire.

You will witness cruelty that most people believe to be beyond human capacity for cruelty. You will sit in your seat today, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, and you will ask yourself one question.

You will ask yourself, "How in the world can one human being do THAT to another human being?"

Miss Summers and her string of expert witnesses will try to answer that question with the assertion that Mr. Wilson doesn't have the ability to understand the difference between right and wrong. They will try to tell you that Mr. Wilson's admittedly unfortunate past has left him bereft of conscience, without the ability to assign morality to his or anyone else's actions.

They will tell you that he just can't help it. That Johnathan Bartholomew Wilson can only act in whatever manner his mind tells him is necessary for self-preservation.

Do NOT let them.

The people intend to prove to you beyond a reasonable doubt that Johnathan Wilson not only knows that his actions were wrong, but he also enjoyed them. Not only does he understand morality, but he revels in his own immorality.

Johnathan Bartholomew Wilson is not amoral, ladies and gentlemen of the jury.

Johnny Wilson is evil.

And we will prove that to you beyond a reasonable doubt.

Thank you.

Without a backward glance, Krissy walks away from the railing where she has been standing looking into the faces of the jurors, and returns to her seat at the prosecution table.

Living Deadgirl makes the barest eye contact with Krissy, a concerned look on her face, but Krissy betrays no emotion as she turns and sits to wait for Samantha's opening

Johnny was furious. It took all the effort he could muster to hide it. Hunter's latest stunt to get over on his younger brother was successful. At least, in part. For you see, while Hunter did succeed in showing his sibling just what level he's willing to go, he also strengthened his resolve. Rude would take his time now. He would wait. And he would do everything in his power to tear Hunter Wilson apart. If Hunter thought his prank with Faith was the worst The Rudeness could do, he was sadly mistaken. At the moment, he had to push NightHawk to the back of his mind.

Kristina Davidson had opened up with a hell of an arguement. One that seemed pretty full-proof. Johnny's single eye looked at his lawyer. Samantha didn't seem affected at all by it. She simply watched the other woman, paused, jotted down notes, and continued. When Kristina was finished, Samantha rose from her seat and walked toward the jury. Rude watched and marked the irony that his fate rested in the hands of a woman.

Samantha: Evil. That is what the prosecution believes my client to be. Evil. But the question I have to ask, is, what constitutes evil? And who are we to judge such a thing? Ms. Davidson would lead you all by your emotions, ladies and gentlemen. She wishes to appeal to your better natures, to manipulate your kind hearts into hating my client. She wants you all to believe that my client is the next John Wayne Gacey or Jeffery Dahmer.

No, it is true, my client has been filmed committing a myriad of horrid atrocities. That, sadly, is not what we're here to question. What we are here to question is the intent behind such acts. For you see, as we all known, Johnathan is a wrestler. And in wrestling, the over the top, the out landish are common place. One simply has to look through a Monday Night Raw session and they'll find plenty of amoral, horrid acts being committed.

Randy Orton attacking Vince McMahon and his family.
Sandman being crucified in a match against The Raven.
People faking deaths.
And yes, setting one another on fire.

Wrestling is a business of sensationalism. My client, Johnathan Bartholomue Wilson, is a victim of said sensationalism. Brought into the business as a, "heel," he was pushed by his superiors to be as cruel as possible. And in today's wrestling climate, where "good guys," are in such short supply, the competition is thick. We will prove that the further Johnathan was pushed into his "Rude" persona, the more deteriorated his grip with reality became.

Until all that was left was the persona, the man being rend asunder. Couple this with traumatizing incident after another in his child hood, and the outcome can be understood.

My client, Johnathan Bartholomue Wilson, may very well be a monster. We can't argue that.

However, the prosecution would have you believe that Johnathan chose to be a monster.

That, for some reason yet to be explained, he WANTED to be hated, shunned, stalked, and persecuted.

This is wrong. Do not let Ms. Davidson manipulate your emotions in such a way.

Instead, I only ask that you employ your logic.

And in doing so, you will see one glaring truth:

Johnny Wilson was not a monster by choice.

He was made into one, plain and simple.

That is all.

Davidson looks at Samantha, who simply walks away and returns to her seat. Rude looks at her and nods, impressed so far. The jury and the rest of the court folk clamour and murmur amongst themselves. A slam from the gavel brings them to silence. Finally, the judge speaks

Judge: Would the prosecution call the first witness?

Who would it be?

Really, it could be anyone....

Anyone at all....

Davidson: The prosecution calls Karissa Montgomery to the stand.

In the real world, She was known as Karissa Montgomery but in the world of Pro Wrestling, She was known as "The Evil Angel" Karissa Rain. All eyes shift to the back of the courtroom as the double doors opened. Karissa stepped in wearing a long black dress & high heels. On her left, Holding her arm and assisting her down the aisle was young male nurse. Unable to still see clearly, she needed assistance to reach the witness stand. Once she was seated, the young man with her took a seat off to the side as she was sworn in under oath. This complete, Krissy approached her.

Krissy: For the record, State your name and occupation.

Karissa: Karissa Montgomery, I'm a pro wrestler who goes by the name Karissa Rain.

Krissy: Do you now or have you worked in a wrestling company with the defendant Johnny Rude as he is called in the business?

Karissa: I worked with him in NGPW in Japan and now in Federation X.

Krissy: During your time in NGPW did you ever have dealings with him?

Karissa: We had one match if I recall, Other then that nothing.

Krissy: And in Fed X?

Karissa: I had a few dealings with him.

Krissy: What kinds of dealings?

Karissa: I slept with him, recorded it, and used it to further a fued between myself and Eve Riley.

Krissy: And what did he do in return when he found out what you had done?

Karissa: He threw some kind of liquid on me and then set it on fire.

Krissy: And was this another "over the top" scheme used for TV like say in the WWE?

Karissa: Considering I haven't been able to wrestle since, I'd have to say no.

Krissy: And why are you unable to wrestle Miss Montgomery?

Karissa: By setting my head on fire, My retina's were flashburned. I may recover my eyesight one day but for now I can see blurs and shapes...nothing more.

Krissy: Do you have any other problems due to the defendant setting you on fire?

Karissa: It's easier to just show you.

Karissa removed the black wig she was forced to wear. When she took it off, a few people gasped, some looked away. Most of her hair on the left side was burned off, Scars from second degree burns could be seen along the side of her head.

Krissy: By the amount of damage, Clearly not a "skit" for TV ratings. No further Questions your honor.

Judge: Would the defense like to cross examine?

The HOT Girls watch as the lab technician compares their voice prints with the one from the DA's audio taped phone call and even Eve can look at the little waves on the screen and tell they don't match.

She breathes a little sigh of relief when the tech confirms the results, much to the detective's amusement.

He's a big HOT Girls mark, and he's loving the fact that Eve is "playing" the simple, confused innocent here just like she does on television. To be honest, he'd been afraid that The HOT Girls would be the stuck-up, self-centered brats they used to portray and he'd been so relieved when they were pleasant, quick with smiles, happy to sign autographs and just generally nice even though their morning had been so severely interrupted.

Detective: Well, ladies, it looks like you three are in the clear. Your voices are not a match for the perp.

Chance: Well that's a relief.

Eve: Yeah, I'm glad we didn't do it, babes. I don't think I could live in The Pokey.

Emma: Would it be possible for us to hear the recording? We might be able to help with the identification.

Detective: Absolutely. Here ya go.

The tech nods and presses the play button on the recording and lets it run for a few seconds.

Just long enough for Eve to gasp.

Detective: Miss Riley, did you recognize the voice?

Eve: Ummm ... wasn't that -

Emma: No, it wasn't, Eve.

Detective: Wait, Miss Frost, I think she recognized the speaker.

Emma: She didn't. She was about to say that it sounded like her Aunt Mabel, but that joke is really getting old, Eve.

Eve: *blank stare* It is? Funny, I don't remember the punch line now.

Emma: That's just as well, sweetie, because nobody ever laughed at it anyway. Are we free to go now? I think the trial already started.

Detective: Of course, my apologies. I know you are expected to testify for the scu- err defendant.

Chance: Thanks. And be sure to check at the will-call window the next time we're wrestling in town.

The girls wave to the detective and the tech as they made their way out of the security area and into the nearest ladies room to change clothes. Once the three are safely in the restroom, Emma locks the door for privacy.

Chance: Okay, Emma, would you care to tell me why you didn't let Eve identify Holly's voice?

Eve: Yeah! I don't even HAVE and Aunt Mabel, Emms. Lying to The Man is a serious party foul, babes.

Emma: I did that because I think Liv would like to have the advance notice. If she can deal with this internally and convince that Davidson chick to not press the case, that will be for the best.

Chance: I guess so. But I hope you know what you're doing.

Eve: I bet she does, babes. Emma is like, Jeopardy smart.

Emma: Just hurry and get into those dresses so we can get to the courtroom on time

Samantha: Yes, the defense would like to cross examine.

She spoke from behind the table. Her voice betraying nothing of what was going on inside her head. Johnny had to hide the chuckle in a cough when he saw his handiwork. To him, Karissa Rain had never looked more beautiful. This was her moment. All eyes were on her. The bleeding hearts of the jury were reaching out to her. This was, quite possibly, one of the most important moments in her career. It certainly was one of the most impactful. And when one looks at it that way, being set on fire by Johnny Rude was one of the best things to have ever happened to her.

The judge and jury watched as she opened her briefcase. She took out two items. One was a thick stack of papers stapled together at the corner. The papers were in a clear plastic bag. She also took out a sealed envelop. On the envelope was a date. The lawyer set those items aside and walked toward Miss Rain. She flashed a small smile and spoke.

Samantha: First of all, allow me to express how sorry I am for your...condition.

Karissa: Don't apologize to me...not when you're defending HIM.

Samantha: And by him, you're referring to my client?

Karissa: Of course! Who else?

Samantha: I see...hmm. Miss Rain, would you say that professional wrestling is a dangerous sport?

Karissa: Well, yes, I would.

Samantha: In your time as a wrestler, surely, you've seen countless of your fellow co-workers hospitalized, have you not?

Karissa: *sighs* Yes, I have. But-

Samantha: As a matter of fact, Miss Eve Riley was hospitalized and suffered from near-career ending head injuries not long ago, was she not?

Karissa: I fail to see-

Samantha: Answer the question, please.

Karissa: Yes, she was.

Samantha: And would you say that anyone who wrestles professionally takes thier safety into their own hands?

Karissa: In the ring, yes. But this didn't happen in the ring!

Samantha: No...I don't suppose it did. Tell me, Miss Karissa, during your stint in Japan, did you, or did you not try to run Chance's head over with a car?

Karissa: That was different! That was-

Samantha: Did you, or didn't you, miss?

Karissa: Yes, but that was just a stunt. It was planned.

Samantha: Ah yes, planned. Your Honor, the defense would like to submit two pieces of evidence.

Judge: And they are....?

She turns around calmly. Even though she seems to be getting the upper hand, she never shows it. Samantha takes both the envelop and the bag and presents it to the judge. She also walks towards the jury and does the same. She then speaks again.

Samantha: What I have in my hands are two documents. The first, in the envelope, is time-stamped. What that means is that this envelope was sealed on the date indicated. The other document is a copy of Johnny Wilson's contract to NGPW.

She pauses, flipping to the last page. On it, the signatures of both Maverick and Johnny Rude are shown. Samantha shows this to the jurors, the judge, and lastly, Karissa.

Samantha: Now miss, would you agree that the signature below is Brett Emerson's?

Karissa: I can't see very well, Miss Summers. So how would I know?

Samantha: Very well. It's alright ma'am. The signature, however, does indeed, belong to Mr. Brett Emerson.

She then shows Karissa, the judge, and the jury the date on the envelope.

Samantha: As you call can see, this envelope was sealed and stamped the date BEFORE Miss Montgomery's attack.

She then opens it. The document is heavy. She shows it to the jury.

Samantha: This is a script for the day Johnny committed his "attack." As we all know, most wrestling stunts, planned stunts, as miss Karissa said, are written in this fashion. Now, Miss Montgomery, an interesting detail I learned is that all..."stunts" are approved by your management.

She turns to the last page. She then points to the bottom of the page. On it, Maverick's signature can be seen for the approving member of The Powerbase.

Samantha: As you all can plainly see, it is Brett Emerson's signature on the bottom. Meaning, he approved the "stunt."

Karissa: ...Brett? No, that can't be!

Kristina: Objection! Objection!

Judge: Sustained. Get to the point, Miss Summers.

Samantha: Very well. You see miss, you were quick to tell the jury that my client attacked you. And, to an extent, he did. But it was only as a stunt. Accidents happen all the time in your profession. This was just another case of such.

Karissa: No! No! Brett wouldn't do that! He wouldn't! It's a forgery!

Samantha: The prosecution may call forth any handwriting experts they wish to the stand, and I garauntee you, my findings will stand. No further questions, your honor

The Hot Girls Stand on with side of the double door with Emma between them. They push the doors open and Chance and Eve walk in the heavy doors hit the wall as all eyes go to Eve and Chance. They are dressed in black with veils

Emma hits play on the boom box she is caring and the sounds of "Angel on my Shoulder" starts to play as they walk down the alise and wave at Karissa and the judge. Then take seats next to LDG

Chance: Ummm is the Judge guy mad or something?

Eve: He looks mad and all... Why would he be? His audience just got bigger and way HOTTER.

Chance: Totally babes...


LDG: You don't yell in open court love...

Chance: We dress for the event. So is Johnny going to get to pass go or what?

Eve: I hope so, babes. That two hundred dollars will come in handy in the Big House.

Chance: *blank stare* What?

Eve: *blank stare* Huh?

The judge banged his gavel as Chance and Eve watch this and then see Karissa leave the stand. The two of them look at each other as they as she passes...

Chance: If I knew a little hammer got rid of Kassy I would of bought one totally!

Eve: Yeah, that's good to know. I knew she used a big one to get rid of Unka Jason.

Chance: Burn? Hot Girl High five?

Eve: You know it babes!

The Hot Girls high five as the DA calls her next witness...

Samantha: Very well. You see miss, you were quick to tell the jury that my client attacked you. And, to an extent, he did. But it was only as a stunt. Accidents happen all the time in your profession. This was just another case of such.

Karissa: No! No! Brett wouldn't do that! He wouldn't! It's a forgery!

Samantha: The prosecution may call forth any handwriting experts they wish to the stand, and I garauntee you, my findings will stand. No further questions, your honor.

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The Trial of Johnny B. Rude Part 1 Empty The Trial of Johnny B. Rude Part 3

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If this was the kind of arguements the Summer chick was going to come up with for Rude then they might as well save the taxpayers money and find him quilty now.

The Defense Attorney sat down smug with that fact that she had just hung out the prosecutions first witness to dry. She was about to get a very "Rude" Awakening.

Judge: Does the Prosecution wish to cross examine?

Krissy: Yes your honor.

Miss Davidson stood up and walked back over to Karissa....a very calm smile on her face.

Krissy: Miss Montgomery, You seem to be pretty adamant that Brett Emerson didn't sign such a "Script" and if said script is actually evidence it must be a forgery. Why is that?

Karissa: Because Brett wasn't with the company during that time. He only recently came back to Fed X within the last 2 weeks. Rude's attack on me happened almost a month and a half ago....and everyone knows Brett had left with Nighthawk the night Storm and Rude fought in the cell. He's been gone for the last 4 months.

Miss Davidson walked over to her table and her assistant handed her a sworn statement along with several other papers all with offical Fed X logo's at the top.

Krissy: It was a well know fact to any wrestler, Powerbase member, or fan of the sport that Maverick Aka Brett Emerson had nothing to do with Fed X during the last 4 months. Perhaps if Miss Summer watched Wrestling she might not have been dupped with false documents.

Miss Summer: Objection.

Judge: Overruled.

Krissy: I'd like the following documents put into evidence. What I have here is a signed and sworn affidavit from Richard Grayson saying that from mid January till the 2nd week in April, Brett Maverick was on a haitus from Federation X and had no dealings or any executive power with the Powerbase at that time. I also have copies of Fed X's finacial records showing him to be on vacation during this time. Finally, I have security logs showing that Mr Emerson was in fact no where near Fed X when this alleged "Script" was signed by him. I submit that this document the Defense has shown is in fact a forged and NOT approved or sactioned by anyone on the Powerbase. I have no further questions your honor.

Judge: You may step down Miss Montgomery, Miss Davidson, Please hand in your evidence to the clerk of the court to be logged in.

Miss Summer's smug look faded quickly, Miss Davidson handed her evidence to the clerk apparently having done her homework for whatever ploy the defense or Rude came up with, and in the 3 row back from the front lines, Brett couldn't help but smile

Hunter Wilson sits calmly in the chair and stares out at the crowded court room with an impassive face bereft of any revealing emotions. Much to the surprise of many of his peers in the room there is a priest’s collar around his neck, and a very sharp black suit only serves to highlight the white in front of his Adam’s apple. He’s been sworn in by the bailiff and now sits awaiting the opening questions of the prosecution.

“Mr. Wilson,” Ms. Davidson begins, “can you please clarify your relationship to the accused as a matter of record to the court?”

This is the big one, and Hunter knows it. She’s going straight to the biological link between the man on trial and the man testifying against him. She won’t bring it up, and the words will never cross her lips, but the entire jury will think it; if his own brother says he’s guilty…..he MUST have done something wrong. Hunter is silently impressed with the woman’s cunning.

“My name is Hunter Wilson,” he begins to answer the question, “and John Wilson is my brother.”

A bit of a ripple goes through the room, and even the jury isn’t able to ignore the startling revelation. When he was called to the stand Hunter’s identity as NightHawk, one of the more famous wrestlers of his generation, was revealed to all of them. Many of the people in the room knew that information, and those who didn’t had no problem assimilating it. The man’s presence was hard to miss, even for a blind person. Despite that, the relevance of what he was going to testify to didn’t seem very apparent at the time, aside from the fact that NightHawk is well known as a man of god, who might well hold damning evidence against Johnny Rude based on acts he has witnessed.

“Now can we assume that since your last name is Wilson as well,” Ms Davidson continues, “that you are in fact an adopted sibling to John Wilson? I think its important that we get the proper context of the relationship.”

“No, it would be wrong to think we are adopted siblings,” Hunter answers. “The fact that John and I share the same last name is, I suspect, little more than a sign of the infinite humor of the almighty. We are, in fact, biological siblings, born of the same mother and father.”

Once more a slight commotion goes through the room, but a stern look from the judge quells it to a certain extent and he gestures with the gavel that is never far from his hand to get Ms. Davidson focused and back on track.

“I’m sorry Mr. Wilson, but are you stating that the both of you were put up for adoption by your biological parents, at vastly different times,” Ms Davidson continues, allowing just the right amount of incredulousness to seep into her voice so as to influence the thoughts of the jury, without seeming that she is playing at cheap theatrics, “and you both ended up in families named Wilson?”

Hunter nods.

“That is correct.” Hunter continues, “It was only in recent years, as I took some time away from the industry to pursue other areas of interest, that I did some research into my biological family tree...”

“Why so late in your life?” Kristina asks, partially interrupting the explanation.

“Because it was a time in my life where my personal biology and history were becoming relevant and necessary to some private matters I was involved in,” Hunter says in a tone that makes it clear he doesn’t want to be on the topic. “It was required. In any event, I came across information that brought to me the knowledge that my biological parents had another son after I was put up for adoption. From there it was a……….delicate matter for me to discover that man’s identity.”

“And what did you do once you had discovered that Johnny B Rude,” Kristina challenges Hunter, “was that brother? That through some strange twists and turns in this world, your biological brother was adopted into a family with the same last name as yours, and that he had ended up in the same profession that had launched you to fame?”

Hunter leans into the mic.

“I watched him,” Hunter says softly. “I watched him very…….VERY…..closely.”

Kristina pauses and lifts her head, waiting just long enough for the jury to see the confusion on her face.

“Watched him?” she seems taken aback. “Why? Your brother…..a man of your own blood……is revealed to you, and you……watched him? I don’t understand.”

“Ms. Davidson,” Hunter says with patience, “a man with my experience learns that rushing into any situation is hazardous and should only be done when all other options are taken away from you. John had spent his entire life without an older brother, and I had spent mine without a younger brother. The world I live in is full of danger. Some obvious, and other.....subtle indeed. There was no need to rush into a situation without understanding who I was dealing with. And it didn’t take me very long to find out…”

Hunter pauses, letting the tone of his voice do much of the speaking for him as he says these last words. Kristina Davidson knows that there is something useful just beneath the surface so she presses on...

Even the cable news stations couldn't keep away from the story, as one such station returned from a commercial to show a dour, dying man in a top quality suit and receding hairline.

"And in the back of the book segment, the world of professional wrestling has always been a salacious one. It feeds off controversy, violence, sexuality, and larger-than-life personalities. No matter the controversy, it's always had its defenders, and at least to some extent they usually have a point. Now, though... Now there is no defending this world.

"Johnny B. Rude, a prominent figure in "Federation X", is on trial right now, up on some serious charges, most of which are so tasteless I won't even repeat them here. They are violent, brutal, sexual, and just downright disgusting.

"Now that in itself should be in no way a damnation of the... I hate to use the word industry... the "spectacle" of professional wrestling. In this case, what -does- are some pretty outlandish claims that the people behind this Federation X are actually trying to pull some strings backstage to alter the outcome of this trial. Nobody is -denying- that this Mr. Rude has done all of the things he's accused of, and yet... these people are trying to make sure he goes free.

"And why? Because the sort of controversy he creates equals ratings. And that, my friends, is absolutely sick."

With a quick change of camera angle, it was revealed that sitting with Mr. Aging Host Man was a not so aging wrestler man.

"Joining me now is a competitor in the afforementioned company. His name is David Wilborn, but he goes by the ringname Emissary. So, Mr. Wilborn, am I wrong in any of my statements about this situation?"

Emissary shook his head. "Absolutely not, Bill. In fact, if anything, I'd say you didn't go far enough in your recrimination of the company and what it is they're really trying to accomplish here."

O'Hosty nodded. "Okay. Such as?"

"Well, I mean... when it comes right down to it, these corrupt megalomaniacs in charge of this company, what they're trying to do is completely throw law, civility, the will of the people, right out the window just to line their pockets with a few extra dollars, you know?"

"Well, sure. I mean, that's the way of anything in the entertainment business. This Rude fella sells tickets because... well, I guess because people just hate him so much."

"That's exactly right, Bill. And they want to see that money keep coming in, regardless what laws have been broken, or who's going to be hurt in the future. Letting a man like Rude run free is going to guarantee that more people get hurt, if not by him than by the people trying to get at him.

"For instance, I'm scheduled to compete against Mr. Rude in the near future. But I mean... The people at Federation X can't guarantee my safety when that happens. I think, given the public backlash from this trial, that if Mr. Rude is set free and allowed to step foot into a ring again, it's going to be a riot situation."

"Well, sure," the host agreed. "It's gonna be nuts. You have these people that pay their money to watch this stuff and, ya know, they're drinkin' beers and who knows what else they've been doin', and now here's this guy that gets to flaunt the law right in their faces. They're going to be mad, and they're going to do something about it."

"Absolutely," Emissary agreed. "If the people of Federation X cared anything for their competitors, they'd support the movement to lock up Johnny Rude, both for his -own- safety, and for the safety of the entire roster, all the staff, and everyone that pays for a ticket. But, I mean, it won't be the Powerbase that's in danger from the backlash of Rude going free. Just those of us in the trenches, you know?"

"Sure. They don't care because it's money for them. All the danger, all the outrage, all of that stuff, it just falls right on the folks. And in this country, nobody is stickin' up for the folks."

"Wait... Your folks?"

"No. -The- folks. You and me! The average people!"

Emissary looked around the studio. "Dude, we both make piles of money..."

"Look, the point is, you're right."

"Oh. Well, in that case... proceed."

"I tell you what I'm gonna do," the host announced. "If this -Rude- guy gets set free, I'm calling for a boycott of Federation X and all its sponsors right here. We're going to take this thing national, and we'll shut that company down if they start getting their hands into dirty stuff like this."

Emissary smiled an epic smile. "You know, it's good to see another man willing to do what's necessary to get some change. Refreshing, ya know?"

"Well, we thank you for being here, Mr. Wilborn. You're obviously a class act in a world of thugs. We'll keep an eye on how things progress, and maybe have you back on."

"Would love it, Bill."

"Alright. And when we come back, we'll answer some of -your- mail," the host said to the camera before they faded back to commercial.

A flicker; The barest recognition of consciousness - This is how it began.

Within moments the dingy, off-white room filled to capacity with nurses and doctors shoving all manner of implements into her face. A light shown into her eyes, and again, the tiniest reaction sent a frenzy throughout the group. Muscles were flexed; Needles pierced skin. The original nurse found herself pulled to the side and questioned intensely: "What did you do," they said, "Don't you know who this girl is?"

The poor woman described the same dull, daily routine. No changes were made, could be made - Her very job depended on following the prescribed routine down to the letter. For weeks the girl laid still as death, eyes glazed over in a chemically-induced catatonic state. Even the slightest alteration in procedure could prove fatal; The nurse even timed herself. "But I was singing," the nurse recalled suddenly, "But that couldn't have...Could it?"

In the background, the patient flexed her fingers and the doctors gasped. A call was made.

Soon, another doctor raced into the room brandishing a vial and knocking over the charts piled carelessly upon a nearby table. He apologized, but was ignored; The senior staff were busy, arguing over the best course of action at the foot of the bed. As they did, her eyes fluttered and her form began to shift. Instantly, the room fell quiet.

"Miss," the eldest doctor said stepping forward, "Can you hear me?"

He reached for her face, gently shoving her right eyelid open with his thumb. Her pupil wandered aimlessly, moving about as her body did the same in her bed. Reaching out, she gripped the metal guard attached to the bed frame and jerked at it violently. Her teeth ground together, and a gasp escaped her lips. Then, her legs thrust out kicking those nearest the bottom edge of the circle backward. One of the physicians toppled to the floor, hands cupped between his legs.

"Miss? Everything is going to be fine," the doctor said with practiced calmness, "Can you hear me? Miss? Peterson, give me a..."

And then, her noticed her eye had stopped moving, and it was staring right at him.

Sometime later, she stretched deeply attempting to further loosen her joints and shake the stiffness from her muscles. Her knuckles ached a little, a pleasant sensation caused by repeatedly bashing her fists against bone; if only her captors lasted longer. At least they made for pretty artwork along the walls and floor. Hospitals are so drab.

Dressed and pleased to find the confining fog lifting bit by bit from her mind, she slowly made her way down the deserted hallway, past the nurse station, and to the lone stairwell leading to freedom. She stared down the spiraling steps, and for a moment, thought she heard the beginning rumblings of resistance to her escape. So, instead she climbed a level higher than her private wing and stepped out through the access door and onto the roof. The sunshine was so, so bright; It had been too long.

"Doctor? Can I help you?" A man dressed in dark colors; a uniform. She thought he must be security. "Excuse me, Doc...Wait! It's Y-URK!"

Turning, she struck quickly catching him in the throat with a right hand, and the guard's shocked, wide-eyed expression sent a shiver up her spine. Before he could react, she stomped just above his right calf sending him reeling forward; The last thing he saw before getting knocked out cold was her knee flying forward towards his face. The impact snapped his head back, and the guard fell limp to the ground. Something about it felt eerily familiar, she mused.

Slowly, she bent down and ran her fingers through his hair. As if on instinct, she cupped one hand below his jaw, the other about the top of his head. Her muscles tightened, prepared for action. She could almost taste it, but then she realized she wasn't alone.

"Hello, Miss Hawke," said the well-dressed female standing some length away, but not enough to avoid a diving attacker. "May I call you Kitty?"

A bitter taste rose up in the back of her throat, and though something inside her protested, she let the guard's head fall without incident. Slowly, she rose. Awake is so much better than asleep.

"Oh, don't let me interrupt," the lady continued, "Phillip has been an exceptional employee, but he knew the risks involved. Your happiness is always our top priority."

Words, useless words. So many people rattled on and on mindlessly, she thought. So much worthless noise. Quiet is better; Sweet silence. It made it easier to hear everything else. Kitty stepped forward, and the odd lady noticed. She didn't run, but she noticed.

"Kitty, I must apologize. We intended to allow you to incubate a little longer, allow the process to fully mature. Instead, as usual, things change; Plans alter. And so, we had to rouse you a little sooner than expected. Don't worry though. Our specialists say you are quite..." she paused as the scalpel dropped down Kitty's sleeve into her palm, "Ready."

It happened so fast. Even having suffered through bed-rest for several weeks, Kitty felt every fiber of her being snap to attention at her whim. It was exhilarating! She was the wind! She flowed like water! She closed the remaining distance in a single step and lashed out with a wild feign to driver her prey into her waiting grip. And then, she moved to strike...But held firm.

Words, such pretty words.

The scalpel fell harmlessly to the ground, and Kitty felt as if someone filled her with warm syrup. It flowed down her arms and legs, around her stomach, and into her fingernails. She felt the breeze on her hair and on her tongue. The sunshine was so bright, so pretty. Somewhere a bird was singing. And she wasn't alone anymore; She had a friend.

"How are you today, Kitty?"

"Um, good," she replied. It was so nice when others asked about your day.

"That's nice," the lady said with a smile, "Now, what's the last thing you remember?"

It was hard. So many images. She hesitated for a second and picked one at random. "Chains. I remember chains."

"Yes," the lady replied with a sad face, "But don't worry. There won't be anymore chains. You're free now."

"But chains are fun sometimes," Kitty added calmly with a sweet smile.

"Yes, I guess so," her friend offered back, "But only those you have the key to."

The lady moved to one side and extended her arm in the direction of a service elevator. The doors open, it waited, flanked on each side by more darkly dressed men. These were taller and broader built than Phillip, Kitty noticed; She couldn't help it.

"This way, Kitty," The lady said motioning her forward, "We have a lot of work to do if we're going to keep on schedule. There'll be time for walks later."

"Okay," Kitty replied, but kept still, a slightly confused look on her face, "But I can't remember your name."

"I'm Lisbeth and I'm your best friend," the lady replied, draping her arm across her shoulders. "Now, let's get you back home. There's strawberries."

Kitty's eyes brightened and she hurried forward into the elevator. One of the guards joined her while his partner moved to Lisbeth's side. He adjusted the holster strapped underneath his coat, checked his earpiece, and awaited instruction. Lisbeth's smile remained, but her eyes grew cold.

"Is the downstairs secure?"

"Yes, M'aam," the guard answered, "The entirety of the premises has been locked down completely and those offering resistance suppressed."


"One, elderly gentleman; heartattack."

She smiled and pulled a cellphone from her inside coat pocket. "Shame. Can we wipe the area?"

"It's near a residential neighborhood, M'aam. It'd be messy and hard to spin."

"I see," she said absently beginning to dial, "Standard cleanup then, allow those not directly involved to live. Use one of the usual excuses and send them home. If any offer a problem, take them in the basement and shoot them in the head."

"Yes, M'aam."

"I want Kitty off the grounds and away in five minutes - Understand? We didn't just invest a small fortune in this girl to have her fall into the wrong hands. Well, not until it's on our terms anyway..."

The guard nodded and stepped aside to allow Lisbeth to pass. Hearing the voicemail message start, she glanced angrily at her cellphone and attempted dialing again. "Damn it."


"It's nothing," she said, but then stopped just short of the elevator. Inside, Kitty stood swaying from side to side and humming happily. "And Sergeant, have Dr. Crane eliminated; He's served his purpose."

He nodded again and joined her in the elevator. When the doors closed, Lisbeth realized Kitty now stood staring at the large diamond on her finger. It was a wonder the stone didn't come loose in the carnage; Now, that was craftsmanship. Kitty looked up with a smile on her face.

"Did you give this to me, Lisbeth?"

"No, Kitty," she said with a soft laugh, "It was a gift from your husband."

"I have a husband?" Kitty quizzed with an awed look in her eyes. "Is he pretty?"

"Yes, and he loves you very much."

Kitty sighed quite contently. "Then, I must be very happy..."

"Yes, Kitty," Lisbeth replied, "Very happy."


Sectioned away from the regular observers and press, the Powerbase enjoyed a close view of the court proceedings. Most sat still and quiet, only the occasional whisper exchanged between them. On the end, a ruggedly handsome man in an expensive dark suit and black stetson kept to himself, his attention currently on Hunter Wilson, Aka Nighthawk, who now sat on the hotseat in the midst of giving his testimony. Brett Emerson, otherwise known as Maverick, simply waited...Waited for his turn and the outcome he knew the bastard deserved.

At the front of the room, Johnathon Wilson, Johnny B. Rude, sat listening as well. After all, his freedom was on the line here. Johnny knew his enemies were in the room, most of them anyway, but he refused to meet their gazes. Unless it suited his current purpose, they weren't worth his time.

The courtroom doors opened silently, and after conferring with a bailiff, a lone figure slipped in behind the sea of media covering the trial. She watched for a moment, but not the tit-for-tat in front of the bench: She kept her gaze focused upon the two most important to her in the room. And then, she quietly crept back out. In the hallway a tall fellow wearing a pen-striped suit and an officer waited for her.

"Okay. I guess I'm ready."

"Are you sure?" The lawyer said, "You can take more time if you like."

"No," she said with a sigh, "I think I'm fresh out."

And with that, the trio retreated to the inner confines of the Court House to await her turn...

Nighthawk was a sight to behold. It was strange though, when one thought on it. He was, after all, a normal man. Shoot him, and he died, no different from anyone else. And yet, he seemed to carry a sort of presence about him which was beyond description. He was larger than life.

Most people would have been intimidated. Summers was not. Rude and Hunter locked eyes for the briefest of moments. Johnny saw a hint of amusement from his older brother. The stunt of getting Wicked snatched up was a nice one on his part. One that Rude fully intended on getting him back with. Summers approached Hawk and began.

Samantha: And what did you discover, Mr. Wilson?

Hunter: I discovered that, as the prosecution said early, my brother was an evil man.

Samantha: Is that so? And what makes you believe this?

Hunter: He is a user. A manipulator. He will hurt anyone who stands between him and what he wants. And, should someone get the better of him, he lashes out in a fury of ultra violence. Such as what we saw with miss Karissa.

Samantha: And that is what you consider an evil man to be?

Hunter: Not in and of itself, no. The diving line between a selfish, atavistic, and dangerous man and one who is purely evil is a fine one, but it is definable. It lies in knowing the difference between right and wrong. Your client, my brother, knew his crimes were in fact, evil, and committed them anyway. He reveled in his immorality.

Samantha: I see. Tell me, Mr. Wilson, how long did you know about your blood ties with my client?

Hunter: Long enough.

Samantha: How long?

Hunter: ...I suppose, I found out about when he began his career in the CWA.

Samantha: And why did you not intervene when you saw the kind of man he was shaping up to be?

Hunter: I am not God. It is not my place to decide other people's fates. He had to choose his own path.

Samantha: Hmmm....Mr. Wilson, how familiar are you with Johnathan's childhood?

Hunter: At the time, only vaguely. Only recently did I learn all of the sordid details.

Samantha: So you know then, that he was raised by current mental patient, John Steele?

Hunter: That is correct.

Samantha: And do you know what kind of conditions my client lived in?

Hunter: It was a strict household, to put it lightly. When my brother wasn't training or studying, he was getting survivalist dogma beaten into his head. As a matter of fact...this man, John Steele....used rape as a motivational tool on my brother. Knowing this now, I wish that I could have discovered sooner, so I may have saved him from such a fate.

Samantha: Do you know if John Steele was a religious man?

Hunter: ...Not that I know of, but I can't be certain.

Samantha: But would you agree that he was raised in a household which held Darwainism to be law?

Hunter: It seems that way, yes.

Samantha: And in Darwainism, do they talk of loving thy neighbor?

Hunter: No, they do not.

Samantha: What about forgiveness? Any of that?

Hunter: No. Still, a man has choices. Wilson could have turned away from that. He could have found God-

Samantha: Would you say that being raped if he wasn't strong enough to resist skewed my client's perceptions?

Hunter: It could have, yes.

Samantha: And after so much time, a victim can accept such a practice as the norm, can't he?

Hunter: I've read reports of such, but-

Samantha: Tell me, Mr. Wilson, in Darwainism, do they talk about loving thy neighbor?

Hunter: No.

Samantha: To they talk about not coveting thy neighbor's things? Deter stealing?

Hunter: No, they don't.

Kristina: Objection! Counsel is badgering the witness.

Judge: Get on with it, Miss Summers.

Samantha: I think I've made my point. No further questions.

Samantha Summers walks back to her seat, confident that she has slammed the door on Hunter Wilson's testimony. Then she hears Kristina's voice cut through the silence.

Krissy: Redirect, Your Honor?

Judge: Proceed, Ms Davidson.

Krissy: Mr. Wilson, you agreed with Ms Summers that the defendant was raised under the teachings of Darwin, is that correct?

Hawk: Yes it is.

Krissy: Mr. Wilson, you're a man of faith. Tell me, have you by any chance observed the extent to which Darwinism has overtaken other idealogies in mainstream America?

Hawk: I have.

Krissy: And would you say that children being raised to believe Darwinism is extremely rare? Is it fair to say that only the fringe elements of our society, the survivalist cults and the serial killers hang onto Darwinism as their worldview?

Hawk: No, that is not fair to say.

Krissy: It isn't? Then tell me, Mr. Wilson, what your experience shows.

Hawk: In my experience, Ms. Davidson, Darwinism has become the norm. Darwinism is taught as fact in the public schools of all fifty states, and I would say it is quickly becoming the majority view in America.

Krissy: So, every child who is going to public school and is being raised a Darwinist is going to start attacking their enemies and setting people's heads on fire?

Samantha: Objection, Your Honor!

Krissy: Your Honor, Ms. Summers is the one who brought Darwin into the discussion.

Judge: Over-ruled. You did start this, Ms. Summers. You may answer the question, Mr. Wilson.

Hawk: No, of course every person who holds to the Darwinian view isn't going to end up like my brother.

Krissy: So it is possible to believe in Darwinism and still be an honest, hard-working, law-abiding citizen?

Hawk: Yes.

Krissy: Unless you're just using Darwin as an excuse to pursue your own evil desires.

Samantha: Objection!

Krissy: Withdrawn. No further questions, Your Honor.

Judge: You may step down, Mr. Wilson. Ms. Davidson, please call your next witness.

Holly has finished with the deputy as she got interviewed about an apparent attempt on someones life. During the whole interview Holly spoke in a deeper voice then what she normally does and now Holly is outside of the courtroom. Holly has one more thing to do before waiting for the verdict.

Get on television.

Holly has since changed her plan about the Scream costume and now that costume will lay dorment until some kid comes along and finds it. Holly now stands outside trying to convince a woman to let her on television.

Holly: I know Johnny Rude and am a member of Federation X.

Reporter: Sure you are. Now run along and play somewhere else in imagination land.

Holly thinks about dropping the reporter with a pure wrestling hold but with all the guards around it will be hard to do and get away with.

Holly: You missed out on a scoop then.

Holly walks up to a a guy reporter.

Holly: My name is Holly and I am a member of Federation X.

The reporter seeing this as an opportunity for a bit of a scoop immediately begins taping an interview.

Reporter: This is Herbert Potts with a Federation X wrestler by the name of Holly. How do you know Johnny Rude?

Holly: By being in the same federation with him but that isn't important. I am here to tell everyone that Johnny Rude should be found innocent.

Reporter: Why?

Holly: Why punish one man when so many other people do roughly the same thing as him.

Reporter: Explain please.

Holly: I read a lot of wrestling news. In the TWF a woman got kidnapped and nearly got burned alive by another wrestler yet no charges get laid against him. There have been many other kidnappings, attempted rapes, people set on fire and only now someone gets there hair singed they cry about it?

Reporter: That actually does make a lot of sense. A lot worse things have happened but he is on trial for other charges as well.

Holly: I know some of them which they are nearly all a joke.

Reporter: Any word for the Johnny Rude fans out there who are sitting here waiting for something to happen?

Holly: No need to worry fans out there. He will get off or God help her.

Reporter: You mean him.

Holly: No.

Holly walks off shot leaving the reporter a bit confuzzled over the last comment. Holly of course was referring the her to Kristina Davidson.

Where does Holly go from here? That is anyones guess.

Judge: Call your next witness Ms Davidson.

Krissy: The Prosecution calls Brett Emerson to the stand.

Murmurs ran through the courtroom as Brett stood up, straightened his jacket, and walked up to the witness stand....unaware that a few rows behind him, His Wife Kitty Hawke now sat. He was sworn in and took his seat.

Krissy: As a matter of record, Please state you name and occupation for the court.

Maverick: Brett Emerson, I go by the name Maverick in the Pro Wrestling Business. I've been a wrestler, A commissioner, The CEO of Wrassle Net, and am currently a member of the Powerbase of Federation X.

Krissy: Thank you, You know the defend Jonathan Wilson aka Johnny Rude?

Maverick: Yes.

Krissy: How long have you know Mr Wilson?

Brett looked at Rude who smiled at him expecting to rattle his cage but Brett remained straight face with no outwards signs of being rattled at all......which made the grin on Rude's face falter.

Maverick: That depends, Do you want to know when I first became aware of Mr Wilson or when he and I actual met?

Krissy: As a commissioner, when did you first become aware of Mr Wilson?

Maverick: I was Commissioner of the CWA aqt the time and Mr Wilson was working for another smaller fed in the Wrassle network. I'd had my eye on him for some time. His in ring skills made him a hot ticket.

Krissy: and at the time were you aware of how Brutal Mr Wilson could be inside and outside the ring?

Maverick: I'd heard things, saw a few, But my main interest was what he could do in the ring.

Krissy: So you offered Mr Wilson a contract to come to Canada and Wrestle for CWA?

Maverick: I did.

Krissy: And is it true that when he arrived you had a meeting with him encouraging his behavior?

Maverick: Yes I did, I was not yet aware fully just how unstable Mr Wilson could be.

Krissy: During his time with you in CWA did you "Give him a push" as they say in your business? Did you not prep him to be one of the bigger names?

Maverick: Based on his skill and the way he was getting over as a heel, yes, I was giving him a push.

Krissy: Tell us a little bit about how that storyline played out.

Maverick: He was set to win the world title. After he won the stroy was suppose to go as me taking a stand against a man who was getting out of control. In the end I was suppose to "Screw him" out of the world title.

Krissy: And you stuck to the story?

Maverick: I did.

Krissy: Please tell the court how did that play out, what was the outcome suppose to be and what did Mr Wilson really do instead.

Maverick: It was suppose to lead to a big fued between myself and Mr Wilson.....But Mr Wilson stopped playing along with the story and took it personally, Like it wasn't a story but me actually screwing him over. He held a grudge but it wasn't long after that till he signed to go elsewhere.

Krissy: When did you work with Mr Wilson again?

Maverick: I signed him to NGPW when I took over the Fed in Japan.

Krissy: and with him holding a grudge, Why would you do such a thing?

Maverick: I assumed he'd be over it by now and know it was nothing more then a story....but that wasn't the case.

Krissy: May I ask you about your wife?

Maverick: By all means.

Krissy: How did you meet Kitty Hawke?

Maverick: She was already working for NGPW when I took over. It wass my second week with the company when I saw her in the ring and I was taken with her right away. Not only was she gifted inside the ring but she was to be quite blunt the most beautiful woman I ever laid eyes on. being as honest as I can be I was drawn to her. I asked her out for dinner shortly there after and our relationship took off. We are soulmates Ms Davidson, Two people meant to be together. It's something we both knew the minute we met.

Krissy: Now tell me about the night you had Kitty Fighting Mr Wilson for the King Of Karma Championship.

Maverick: Kitty was the #1 contender for the King Of Karma Championship, A belt Mr Wilson currently held. So I did what I had done every week, I booked the #1 contender to face the champion. In this case, Kitty Hawke Vs Johnny Rude.

Krissy: And what happened during that match?

Maverick: The defendant decided to let me know he still held a real grudge with me over a story.

Krissy: Can you give details?

Maverick: at any other time I'd say no to protect the dignity of my wife but as this is a trial, Yes I will. Mr Wilson started the match off by putting my wife on her knees and gridning her face into his crotch simulating oral sex.

Krissy: and was this not part of the stage show?

Maverick: You have the video, You tell me?

Ms Davidson walked over to the desk and took a DVD from it's case....she had several of them stacked up by her asssitant.

Krissy: If it pleases the court, I'd like to show the follwoing recording labeled E #211 in the evidence briefing.

Judge: Proceed.

Krissy inserted the DVD in the player on the stand with the TV in the corner. The courtoom lights dimmed as the video of the King of Karma match played. Only a few seconds into the match, Rude could be seen grinding Kitty's face into his crotch...with the look of a man who was truely enjoying himself and not just doing something for ratings. When it was done, Krissy paused the DVD but did not remove it.

Krissy: I'll be refering to that DVD more and a few others throughout Mr Emerson's Testimony.

Judge: That's fine. Proceed please.

Krissy: Mr Emerson, besides that disgusting display, What else did Rude do to Kitty that night?

Maverick: Knowing I was in the back watching the match, he continued to taunt me at every turn. He used her to try and get to me. He'd look directly into the camera every time he hurt her with chairs, his fists, even a staple gun. As you will plainly see with the DVD, there was nothing "Story" related about it. It was personal.

Krissy: Let's watch the rest of the match shall we?

For the next 30 plus minutes, the court and the jury watched the entire match. When it was done, The lights came back up.

Krissy: I believe that video speaks for itself. Now after this first encounter, tell the court what happened next?

Maverick: Rude become obessed with Kitty.

Krissy: How so?

Maverick: Kitty is a very special woman, She has a way about her, an innocence about her. She just had this soft nature that attracted people.....and Mr Wilson being the Sadomasochist, was drawn to her as well. He was after all her favorite kind of Target.

Krissy: and had he shown this Sadomasochist side before you and he were in NGPW?

Maverick: Yes, With his valet Trauma aka Kate Moran.

Krissy: You witnessed him being abusive to Ms Moran?

Maverick: The whole world witnessed it, He was like that with her in public as well as in private.

Krissy: And did you take stand against him doing such things?

Maverick: So to speak, I opposed it as part of our story but it wasn't till further down the road that I realized he was actually abusing her.

Krissy: And when you did?

Maverick: I spoke out to him against it....and I believe that was the catalyst that spilled this out of story and into a grudge for him.

Krissy: Fast forward, So his way of life drew him to Kitty as an innocent woman who needed to be broken?

Maverick: Yes.

Krissy: And was Kitty in fact innocent or had she ever know that way of life before.

Maverick: At the time, I was unaware of some of the things that had happened in her early life. As it turns out she had in fact been part of that lifestyloe through no choice of her own. It was something over time that she accepted as normal after being abused for so long.

Krissy: And when Rude advanced on her?

Maverick: She rebuffed him.

Krissy: Until?

Maverick: I took matters into my own hands.

Krissy: Please continue.

Maverick: I knew what was coming, I knew what he was going to do and I wanted to stop him at all costs. I wanted to......

Then, for the first time since he took the stand, did he finally notice his wife Kitty sitting in the crowd.

Krissy: Mr Emerson?

Maverick: ......................

Krissy: Mr Emerson?

Maverick: I'm sorry.....Excuse me for a moment.

If he had been the Maverick of old, a scene might have unfolded in the courtroom but he was no longer the same man thanks to the shepherd. He took a drink of water, smiled warmly at his wife and then continued.

Maverick: I had to stop him so I booked him to face me in a ring. I was going to beat him till he knew Kitty was off limits....but that didn't happen.

Krissy: What did Happen?

Maverick: I offered myself up to him in exchange for a promise that he wouldn't touch her, That he'd leve his obession at the door.

Krissy: Can you explain in more detail?

Maverick: I dropped to my knees in front of him and told him to do whatever the hell he wanted as long as he left her alone. He agreed.....then he used a staple gun to put his initals into my back.

Krissy: I'd like to show the Jury Evidence marked E #132. The following picture shows my Mr Emerson's back with the scars left by the staple gun.

She handed the photo to the Jury who passed it around. When they had finished, The bailiff took the phot and gave it to the Judge. He looked at it and then motioned Ms Davidson to proceed.

Krissy: What did he do after that Mr Emerson.

Maverick: He beat me with a steel chair till it broken in his hands.

Krissy: One would think it takes quite a bit of blunt force trauma to break a steel chair.

Maverick: It put me in the hospital for weeks. I was lucky to survive.

Krissy: I'd like to present the jury with the next bit of evidence, the Medical report on Mr Emerson filed after that beating marked E#410. I'd also like to play this DVD marked E #004. the match in question which shows the brutality the Defend used to go after Mr Emerson, Video I believe shows the trualy brutal way Mr Wilson attacks those who stand in his way. I believe it clearly shows that this went beyond a staged match.

For the next 40 minutes, everyone watched the DVD of thier match and at times, many people were forced to turn away. Brett sat on the stand with no emotion on his face watching the tape and glancing over to his wife. When the tape was done the Judge spoke.

Judge: We'll take an hour recess for lunch, When we return, Ms Davidson can continue with her questions to Mr Emerson.

Baliff: ALL RISE!

The judge left the court room followed by the jury, The baliff and two sheriff's escorted Rude back to his holding cell...and on the stand, Brett stepped down to go speak with Kitty but she was already gone from the court room.

As the trial had broke for lunch, People began to pile out of the courtroom.....and it didn't ake long for soemthing to draw thier attention as they exited. To the left of the courtroom door, Several flashbulbs were going off as reporters gathered and began to shout questions.

Most of the people leaving the courtroom stopped to see what all the fuss was about.

Random Reporters: Mr Emerson!! Where have you been?

Are you here to support your brother during this trial?

Will Faith be testifying today?

Jason, unlike his brother, had no time for reporters, He pushed past them sliding the sunglasses he wore up to the top of his nose, the brusies on his face still fresh, a fresh bandage covering the stitches on his forehead. He shoved passed several reporters...some of them harder then hs should till he found Maverick in the crowd.

He tried to speak to his brother but the reporters were still behind him. He turned on his heel and looked at the mass of media.

Storm: I'm not answering any of your fucking leave me the fuck alone so I can talk to my brother.

After the outburst, the media began to fade and walk off. When the voices of people around them leveled off at a dull roar, Jason turned back to Brett.

Brett: Nice of you to finally show.

Jason: I had something to take care of. I'm here now.

Brett: Good, Krissy may call you after me.

Jason: So you've already started?

Brett: Yes.

Jason: How's it going?

Brett: I can see and smell the smoke as the wheels turn in Summer's head.

Jason: I'm sure Rude has fed her plenty of sob story and bullshit when it cocems to what he did to you and Kit. I can't wait to see how she spins him having Faith tortured and burned.....or how he planned to blow up Sonny and Sarah.

Brett: I'm sure the bastard will find a way.....speaking of Kitty, Did you see her?

Jason: See her? She's in Hawaii with Sonny and Sarah.

Brett: No Jason....She's here....being escorted by two people I've never seen before. I came out here to find her but she was already gone.

Jason: Any idea why she's here?

Brett: I have a very bad feeling about why she's here because I know for a fact, she's not on Krissy's Witness list.

Jason: There is no way....No way she's here to testify on his behalf is there?

Brett: I pray to God not.....lord knows I've taken more then most men would have by now.....but if she is here and testify's for him.....I don't think I can forgive that.

Jason: Nail in the coffin so to speak?

Brett: Nail in the coffin.

Jason: Any chance she's here because someone is using her?

Brett: That's why I'm trying to find her.....I have to believe there is something or someone behind her showing up here....I wouldn't put it past Rude to have made another threat of some kind to get her here.

Jason: Brett...she loves you....but if she is here on his behalf....I have to believe it's not of her own choice.

Brett: I feel the same way.......So if it turns out she is here on his behalf......we'll have to find out who or what's behind it and hope that there is a who or what.....because if it's her own choice....Well...I'd rather not think of that now.

Jason: Well we could waste an hour trying to find her or wait till she comes back. You want to go grab soemthing to eat?

Brett: I'm not hungry.

Jason: Me either.

Brett: Good, then perhaps we'll sit awhile and wait for her to come back.

Jason: Then I'll sit here with ya brother.

Brett: Thanks.

Jason: No need.

The brothers take a seat outside the courtroom door as the crowd of people has now vanished for lunch.

Brett: Care to tell me what happened to you after that match with Eve.....I haven't seen you in days.

Jason: Soul searching....nothing more....let's not worry about me though...we got bigger fish to fry.

With the recess for lunch over. The courtroom was once again full, Kitty was seated in the same spot with the two people escorting her flanking her on either side. Directly behind Kitty sat Jason Emerson staring a whole into the back of her head....and back on the stand Brett Emerson.

For the next 45 minutes, Maverick testified to everything Rude had ever done to him, Kitty, and anyone else who had ever worked for him. It was clear that Rude's brutality with others could not be matched.

(And the reason we don't go into detail on all the things I could is because I could take up the whole day with all the stuff I could post about.....but since I don't want to monoplize the RP....and because Storm still needs to be called....we'll jump ahead and hope that The Attorney's or Rude himself can clarify anything else they find relevant.)

Krissy: Now to our final few questions Mr Emerson and I saved this delicate line of questions for last. We'll get through this as quickly as possible. You claim that durning your time in NGPW....Shortly after Mr Wilson almost killed you and promised you he would leave Kitty be.....that he in fact raped Kitty.

Maverick: Yes, He did rape her.

Krissy: Please, Although I know it's painful, please give the details to th court and Jury.

Maverick: After what Johnny had done to me in the ring, Kitty was fearful that next time something happened, That Johnny would in fact kill me. It wa during this time that Mr Wilson called Kitty and told her that if she didn't do exactly what she was told by him, that he would hurt me worse or kill me.

Krissy: A death threat?

Maverick: Yes, Kitty didn't want to do it but she knew Mr Wilson would do as he said he would do so after much debate she met with him. He wanted sex in exchange for leaving me alone.

Krissy: And Kitty, Already aware of the broken promise he made you went anyway?

Maverick: She did....because she believed if he got what he wanted he would leave us both be.

Krissy: I'd like to play the following tape, a recording of the actual phone call between the Defendant and Kitty Hawke labeled E #216.

The Judge nodded and Krissy played the tape with the following conversation.

Rude: You're going to met me in the hotel room I told you about...a key will be left for you at the desk. You'r to wear a long coat and nothing more.....and I mean nothing more...nothing under the coat.

Kitty: No.....No I won't.

Rude: If you don't, I'll hurt Maverick much much worse then before....perhaps even kill him.....unless you do what I say.

Kitty: Please....just leave him alone.

Rude: That's up to you. Come to my hotel room...naked under your coat....take the key and meet me in an hour....or I swear to you Maverick is going to feel pain and suffering no one can imagine.

Kitty:........Alright.....I'll come.....Just don't hurt him.

Rude: Do exactly what I say and he'll be fine.

Kitty: I have to get away from Sonny and Rico.

Rude: Do whatever you have have 1 hour....if you don't make it, Brett might not live to see the next sunrise.

The tape ended and Rude was all smiles. Brett sat stone faced on the stand.

Krissy: What happened next Mr Emerson?

Maverick: He forced her to have sex with him after abusing her. After the deed was done, unknown to Kitty, he had recorded the entire thing. He posted it on the internet and played it during one of our internationally televised shows...for the entire world to see.

Krissy: We have a copy of that recording Brett.....If you'd like, You can step out while we play the tape for the Jury.

Maverick: Just play it.

Krissy: Your honor, DVD marked E #001.

Once again, for the next 30 minutes or so, the Jury watched the tape Rude had made of him having Sexs and abusing Kitty. When the tape was done and the lights came back up, several people got up and had to step outside. Rude, who'd been wiating for this moment was all smiles as he glared at Brett. To his credit, Brett stared back at him never flinching.

Krissy: Now I have to ask a very difficult question Brett....and I ask that you answer it as best you can. During the becomes clear that Kitty stopped fighting it and started or so it seemed to enjoy it. Knowing that the defense will point that out do you have any comments you'd like to make?

Maverick: It doesn't change the fact that she was forced to do something she clearly didn't want to do. It also doesn't help that she had old memories of a lifestyle akin to that....which probably played a part in her enjoying it.

Krissy: And what of the fact that she later in a brief stint in Fed X slept with Rude two more times?

Maverick: My wife was not well, She has a history of mental issues and during that time she was very very unstable. She was clearly not in her right man and that can be clarified by the medical files you have.

Krissy: Adding to the evidence I place medical files on Kitty Hawke marked E #002. In these papers you will see expert opinon on the fact that Kitty Hawke had several mental issues including Schziophrenia and a bi Polar condition. Now, One last question Brett. Do you love your wife? Does she love you?

Brett: I love my wife with all my heart and soul....and I believe she loves me in the same fashion.

Krissy: Thank you Mr Emerson, No further questions.

Judge: Does the Defense wish to cross examine?

She knew this would happen. She had prepared for this. Maverick was, quite honestly, one of the biggest pieces of ammo the prosecution had. And, worse yet, what he said was, for the most part, absolutely true. The issue of rape was a bit misleading, or so Rude told her. It was a moot point at the moment. Kitty herself would take care of that, and refute all that Maverick had said regarding her.

She refrained from sighing, though she wanted to. This was a much harder case than she anticipated. Still, she had a few things which she could use. Sadly, it wasn't a lot. Summers rose from her seat and began her role. Before she spoke, she entered a DVD of her own. Maverick watched, ever the figure of calmness in the face of adversity. Once everything was prepared, she spoke.

Samantha: Mr. Emerson, it seems as though you were a victim of a lot of violence, weren't you?

Maverick: I was, yes.

Samantha: But I have to wonder...all those things Johnny did, that obviously made you angry, didn't it?

Maverick: Of course. Who wouldn't be?

Samantha: And, after the incident which you showed the court...what happened then?

Maverick: Johnny, as I said, posted the video anywhere he could. He did his damndest to get my goat, as it were.

Samantha: And did it work?

Maverick: Yes, I was livid.

Samantha: "Livid..." Hmm. Mr. Emerson, I am going to show you some footage. I want you to tell me if it is you in said footage. Can you do that for me?

Maverick: Certainly.

Rude did his best to hide his smile. He knew what was coming next. Maverick did as well, and Rude saw him tense ever so slightly. It was nice. To see him bothered so. If Rude were not cuffed, he'd love to leap over the chair and strangle the man. He hated slander. And that's what the prosecution's case was...slander. One giant smear campeign. The video screen came to life. On it, Maverick was seen. Johnny Rude was there as well. Rude, on the screen, was frozen in terror as Maverick brandished a gun.

Maverick: You touched her....RAPED HER!

Johnny: And just what are you going to do? Heh, shoot me? Real professional, Brett!

Maverick: You think I'm kidding? You don't think I'll do it?

Johnny: No, I don't Maverick. You're bitch-made, and you always will b-

Maverick let off a shot in the air. He pointed the gun at Rude. The ammo was live.

Johnny: ....Christ, Maverick, what the HELL is your problem?

Maverick: MY PROBLEM? You have the BALLS to ask me what my problem is, after you FUCKED HER?

Johnny: Maverick...settle down now...we can discuss-OOFFF!

Rude hit the ground. A heavy pistol whip saw to that. Rude looked up at Maverick, blood dripping from his lips. They began to quiver a little as he looked down the barrel.

Johnny: don't want to do this...please...if you'll be just like me. Yeah! Yeah! Y-you d-don't want that...d-d-do you?

Maverick: *cocking hammer back* At this point Johnny, I don't care. You've taken everything from me...THIS....this is all I have left.

Johnny: Don't do this, please. Look, I'm sorry, okay? I'm sorry. I'll never bother Kitty again. Please Maverick, FUCKING PLEASE, leave me alone...don't kill me. I don't wanna die!

The tape stops. The lights come back on.

Maverick: Yes....that was me.

Samantha: Now, why did you do that?

Maverick: I was beside myself with emotion. Rude had driven me to the point of no return.

Samantha: "Rude drove you?" You he forced you to put a gun on him? Some kind of story arch?

Maverick: No, it was my choice, but-

Samantha: And that wasn't the only thing you did in retaliation, was it?

Maverick: No, it wasn't.

Samantha: I'd like to present another piece of evidence. If my client could stand up, please?

Rude froze. Up until now, he had been watching this all from afar in his head. Like some kind of back seat driver. Now, he was at the center of attention. And for the first time....he didn't like it. He stood up slowly and stepped forward.

Samantha: Could you take off your coat, Mr. Wilson and show us your back?

Rude nodded. Reluctantly, he obliged. It took some effort, but at least he managed to do as instructed. On his back, everyone in the courtroom saw the initials "BE."

Samantha: Do you recognize those scars?

Maverick: Yes...I do. I made them.

Maverick said these words with the faintest trace of shame. As if he couldn't believe he was driven to such lengths.

Samantha: Did Mr. Wilson make you do that?

Maverick: No. I did it of my own free will. I wanted him to feel what he did to me. I wanted him to pay.

Samantha: I see. Well, I just have one more piece of footage for you to view. You can sit down, Mr. Wilson.

Rude obliged gratefully. He fixed his clothes while Samantha turned on the video screen again. This time, it shows Rude on his knees again. Maverick stands over him with a sledge hammer in hand. Johnny's hand, as can be seen, is clearly broken.

Paragon: OH MY GOD! Maverick just CRUSHED Rude's right hand. It has to be shattered!!


Storm got up and rolled away proping himself up in the corner.

Storm: He's all yours brother. Enjoy.

The video continues...

Johnny: WAAAAIT! Maverick...wait...don't do this.

Mav: WHY!?!? Why the fuck not?

Johnny:'re a better person than me...if you keep doing'll kill me...and in doing so, become no better. Is that what you want?

Mav: Heh, you'd say ANYTHING to save your sorry hide! Well, fuck that. You've made your bed with the blood and suffering of everyone you hurt, now lie in it!

The hammer came down. Johnny threw his arms up to defend himself. It did little good, as all his meak defense managed to do was throw off the aim of the shot, causing it to hit Maverick's foe in the shoulder. Rude screamed as he felt it "pop."

The video ends. The lights come on again. Samantha speaks.

Samantha: Was that you in the video, Mr. Emerson?

Maverick: Yes, it was. I had been going through a tough time then, and-

Samantha: Did Johnathan, or did he not try and apologize BOTH times you assaulted him?

Maverick: He did. But I don't see how that matters.

Samantha: It matters, Mr. Emerson, because you had a choice. In both instances, you had a choice to step away and not go through with acts comparable to my client's. You chose to act, and in doing so, eliminated any chance of belief that you were overcome with emotion. You were given a chance to stop, and you continued.

Maverick: And believe me, ma'am, I do regret it. But I can't change what happened, either. If Johnathan had never pushed me as far as he did, it never would have been blown so far out of proportion.

Samantha: So my client has the ability to remove all personal responsibility you have?

Kristina: Objection!

Judge: Sustained. Is that all, Ms. Summers?

Samantha: Yes, that is all. Thank you for your time, Mr.Emerson

Brett stood up to leave the stand but then stopped before stepping down. He turned to the judge.

Maverick: If your honor would allow it, I have a statement I'd like to make before stepping down.

Judge: Normally I'd say no but Considering the nature of this trial I'll allow it. Just be careful what you say Mr Emerson.

Maverick: Thank you. Throughout this 3 year plus ordeal with Mr Wilson, I have never claimed to be a saint. Much like he has caused me harm, I have caused him some in return.....the difference between us is simple. Wherein I go after Rude, Rude has made it his life's work to target me and everyone in my family, Facts that will be presented shortly. As a Husband, a Father, A brother, and an a friend to those I consider family, I did what I felt I had to do driven by the defendant who refuses to leave me and my family be.

What Ms Summers Failed to ask me was how many other times has Mr Wilson apologized to me for what he's done to me and my family?

Samantha: Objection!

Judge: Overruled, I'd like to hear this.

Maverick: Never....the man has never apoligized to me once save those two instantaces in which I he was about to be seriously hurt or worse. Not once has the man meant it. He believes what he does is fine and trust me when I say there are no real apologies inside that man's body. I am no saint...but I did what anyone would do for thier own family....I tried to protect them...I tried to stop the man who was a threat....nothing more.

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The Trial of Johnny B. Rude Part 1 Empty The Trial of Johnny B. Rude Part 4

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Brett nodded to the Judge and then went back to his seat. Ms Davidson turned to the judge.

Krissy: The Prosecution would like to call it's next witness Jason Emerson to the stand.

Jason stood up wearing a black pinstriped Suit. He placed his hand on Kitty's shoulder and then bent down as he moved to go to the witness stand.

Jason whispering: I don't know why you're here Kitty, But I hope it's to do right by the man who loves you.

Jason stepped out into the aisle, amde his way to the stand, took the oath and then had a seat.

Krissy: For the record please state your....

Jason: Jason Emerson also know as Jason Storm in the wrestling business, I'm currently on the roster of Federation X, Let's cut through the chase and get on with this please.

Krissy: Fine, Is it safe to say you've known Mr Wilson as long as your brother?

Jason: Yes, early on he and I were part of the Blood Brothers. He was the main reason I left the Stable. His actions against my brother and his then girlfriend Kitty were not stopped by my stablemates. When they refused to stop him I left.

Krissy: So youa re well aware of what he's done to Brett & Kitty.

Jason: I'm well fucking aware of what he's done lady....It is MY family after all.

Unlike his Brother who was unmoved by her appearance, Seeing Kitty had thrown a kink into Jason something fierce.....he was almost acting like a hostile witness. Krissy came over and smiled at him which was enough to get him to turn it down a notch.

Jason: I'm sorry, Please go ahead.

Krissy: So it's a safe bet to say you and Mr Wilson dislike each other, have fueded before?

Jason: Dislike is to easy a word, How about utter hatred?

Krissy: Besides what he's done to your family, why else do you have this "Utter Hate" for Mr Wilson?

Jason: Because he tortured and burned my wife on National TV not once but twice.

Krissy: he did?

Jason: He had someone do it for him....I stand corrected.

Krissy: At this time I'd like to play two sperate DVD's labeled E #211 & 212. I must warn you though, If you have a weak stomach you may want to leave the room.

Krissy showed both tapes of Rude's henchmen torturing his wife Faith, Needless to say when they were over, alot of people in the room felt sick.

Krissy: So this in turn made you want to hurt him yes?

Jason: Hurt him? No, I won't be happy till he's fucking Dead.

That caused a gasp to run through the courtroom.

Jason: I'm sorry, I don't have the same calm my brother Brett does....I'm under oath, I have to tell the truth and the truth is that son of a bitch right there needs to be put out of his misery....the world would be a better place without him.

Krissy: I can understand feeling slike that and no doubt most everyone can but I'm sure the Defense will bring up your checkered career.....and compare you to him in some of the things you've done.

Jason: I hate to sound like Brett or steal his line but I'm not saint either....and I've done alot of stuff to people....But not thier families.

Krissy: and the charge that you slept with Christa? Brett's wife at the time?

Jason: A moment of weakness when I was pretending to be him....she made several advances thinking I was really Brett....and in one moment I broke down and let things happen...far different then what Rude did to Kitty.....and the biggest factor....I was sorry and remorseful for what I did.

Krissy: One final question, In the cell match, you told Brett he's all yours. Were you going to allow Brett to do whatever he wanted until the Hunter Wilson showed up and stopped him?

Jason: Yes I was....because until you've been Brett and I, Till you've been a family member tortured or beaten for fun by the defendant, you can't possibly understand the amount of suffering he's done to my family.

Krissy: No further questions at this time.
Hunter listens as Jason's testimony continues and marvels at the defense’s decidedly ineffective cross examinations. Thus far she’s not made any effort to address the validity of the actual evidence, and in doing so she has conceded its accuracy in every situation. She’s doing the last thing she should be doing, and she’s turning the trial into a moral judgment of her client. As long as she remains true to this tact, Hunter has no doubt that Johnny will end up where he belongs; trapped behind the cold steel of man’s penal system for a long, long time.

Her attempt to discredit Hunter’s observations of his brother’s horrific actions by suggesting that a strict, even abusive upbringing somehow absolves him of his responsibility for breaking the law was poorly conceived. Hunter had prepared himself for a much more aggressive approach centering around discrediting his observations. She didn’t do that. It stands out in his mind as a gaping error in judgment on her part, or it would if she hadn’t already compounded it by trying to put Brett Emerson on trial. Showing that Brett retaliated and acted with equal violence and malice didn’t make her case any better. If anything it opened up the jury to considering that Johnny was capable of making the world a worse place simply by being allowed to exist within it.

“She better have a much better plan when she calls the defense witnesses,” Frank says as he takes a seat next to Hunter and gestures with his head towards Samantha, who is currently making notes. “Because right now than man is going to jail.”

“I know,” Hunter replies without taking his eyes off of Rude to look at his best friend. “While I’m frustrated by the incompetence of the defense she’s mounted thus far, if it means that Johnny goes to jail then I’m prepared to accept it.”

“Because if he suffers man’s justice,” Reverend Future says, making sure his voice isn’t carrying for anyone else to be listening in, “then you don’t have to step in an deal with the mess he’s made of his life.”

Hunter finally turns and stares at his friend, wondering if that slight tone in Frank’s voice is some kind of challenge to his personal position regarding John. It shouldn’t be, since he’s been on board ever since Hawk explained to him the consequences of continuing to allow John to run free. Neither man likes the idea of having to put Johnny into the ground once and for all, and it seems more than a little bit obvious that it will come to that one day soon if he isn’t made to show remorse and atone for his actions. Until now every action has been that one single step that takes him closer and closer to going over the edge.

“You’re still letting everyone think that you’ve only known about him since he started wrestling,” Frank points out, letting the previous issue die a silent death for the time being.

Hunter nods his head.

“It doesn’t change the outcome of the trial for me to say any more than that,” Hunter answer. “Let them think it was around the time he broke in with CWA. Its irrelevant with regards to the charges he now faces.”

“But it might not be irrelevant to him,” Frank points out. “To him it might change everything.”

Hunter doesn’t answer. What can he say? Frank would be right, if things had turned out the way they were supposed to.

How would he even begin to explain to John that he had compounded the failings of the man’s life by trying to help him all those years ago? Hunter took action when he saw what John had made of his life, and pushed him towards the one thing that had managed to save his own life; wrestling. He had been discreet, exercising a host of skills that he has since turned to better uses. There is no evidence left behind, nor any way of proving it even actually happened, but that was the point. Hunter wanted John in wrestling, where the constant stream of violence, even simulated as it is supposed to be, should have turned his stomach from the real thing. Of course it was also intended to do one other thing.

It would keep John where Hunter could easily watch over him.

Hunter’s heart sinks as he listens to another round of damning testimony. The Emerson family alone is in a position to make sure that Johnny never sees another hour of free daylight in his entire life. Deep down, in places he doesn’t go often, Hunter knows that he failed his brother time and again, even if it was never intentional. He understands on an intellectual level that Johnny is being condemned by his own weakness, and his own evil, but that doesn’t make it any easier to watch. Wrestling didn’t become the outlet for his anger, and a way of working through his problems like Hunter had hoped it would. Instead it became the fuel that kept his rage burning, and drove him to release it in more hateful and violent ways.

Even the plan to watch over him had been flawed. Short of confessing the truth to John earlier, there was little he could do by simply watching from afar. And earlier……John would not have been ready. He was supposed to work through his anger, and let go of the pain through physical competition, much as Hunter had done. Then, and only then, would he be ready to meet Hunter as an equal. Hunter had envisioned a day when they would fight, side by side, as only brothers can. All he was waiting for was for John to be ready.

Hell, he isn’t ready now, but options are limited. Something has to be done. He’s explored every other option over the last few years, and when he couldn’t do it himself he left John under the watchful eye of the most noble and compassionate man in the world. It yielded no better results than when Hunter watched for himself. Try as he might, he can find no other path than the one he now finds himself on. If Josiah Power couldn’t open Jonathan’s wounded heart and draw out the battered child inside, then all hope was lost.

A sharp elbow in the ribs pulls Hunter out of his self-recriminating thoughts, and he turns to look past Frank to where two unknown individuals escort Kitty Emerson into the room once again. Hunter’s eyes begin to study the unknowns. The fact that Kitty is here and not sitting with her husband troubles Hunter.

It troubles him a very great deal. He doesn’t like the unknown.

Judge: Does the defense wish to cross-examine the witness?

Samantha: No, your honor, not at this time.

Judge: Very well then, Mr. Emerson, you may step down.

Jason does so. As he walks away, he looks right at the solo eye of Rude...and he smiles. Johnny is fucked. Everyone knows it to be so. And Kristina's last witness was sure to be the nail in the coffin.

Kristina: The prosecution calls Miss Kate Moran to the stand.

All eyes turn to the entrance of the court room. No one had seen hide nor hair of Trauma since The Establishment was first formed. In that small amount of time, she had managed to leave a bit of an impression. Sadly, other affairs caused her to walk away from the business. She walked down the center isle and towards the stand. Rude and Kate shared a glance at one another. It spoke more volumes than any amount of hatred could.

She placed her hand on the bible. A funny thing for a pagan to do. Still, she played the game all the same. Anything to get her last and final revenge on the man who wronged her in so many ways. Once that was finished, the session began.

Kristina: State your name for the court, please.

Trauma: My name is Kate Michelle Moran.

Kristina: Miss Moran, do you know the defendent?

Trauma: Oh yes...I know him. Every inch...every dirty little bit...I know him.

Kristina: Could you describe your relationship to the defendant?

Trauma: Now that....that would take a novel, honey.

Kristina: If, perhaps, you could summarize?

Trauma: All right. I will. Johnny and I were lovers for the better part of five years or so. But we were more than that. For a time, Johnny was my world. I ached, yearned, breathed, and lived to please him. He was it for me, my supposed one. The man who would whisk me away like in all those funny tales you hear as a girl. What a crock, eh?

Kristina: Can you describe what he was like?

Trauma: first...he was a good man. A little...misguided, I'd say. But he meant well.

Kristina: In what way was he...misguided.

Trauma: He had this...macho complex, I guess Constantly felt like he had to prove that he was strong. Whatever. Any woman will tell you its not the size of a man's bravado that gets her motor running. He said it was because of his father. Just like me to fall for a boy with Daddy Issues.

Kristina: His father...what did he say about him?

Trauma: That he was a real mean motor scooter, that's what. He beat Johnny, raped him, did whatever he could to make my boy..."strong." Typical men.

Kristina: Do you think this played a role in how he viewed others?

Trauma: Probably. Not that I care. I mean....I loved him. I loved him so much that I did...things, for him. And not once did he ever show any kind of gratitude. Besides fucking me, of course, and even then, he only did it 'till he came.

Kristina: What kind of things did you do?

Trauma: Well....*sigh* Once, he took Chance's dildo and made me use it on myself. He then shoved it in Phil Stone's mouth. There were a few times he pimped me out to other wrestlers for favor. Oh, and one of my favorites...when I was kidnapped, by my friend Haley, I know, it sounds strange, but she helped me in the end, he didn't lift a FINGER to save me.

Kristina: That must have been hard on you. But...why Kate? Why did you let him get away with all this?

Trauma: I was insecure, I guess. I...I thought if I did those things, he would love me. And that's all I really wanted from him. His love and affection.

Kristina: And did you ever get it?

Trauma: The fucker is MARRIED to Demonica Vile, what do YOU think?

Gasps all around, as no one knew about this. Rude simply shrugs, and nods It was so. He and Dem had tied the knot shortly before his arrest.

And with each word Kate spoke, Rude's case became more hopeless.

The court room was a buzz with bulk of the hearings thus far. It seemed that the prosecutor had went near and far to find people to slander the name of Johnny Rude. In any light it wasn’t a hard task, but Rude didn’t deserve to be treated like such. He was a man of circumstances and this place had harshly judged him before he even stepped foot in this place. There were murmurs in the back people talking about what just happen, the words and testimony of several people, but the best was still to come. They had to find people that would vouch for Williams’ character and there weren’t many people that liked interacting with him let alone want to talk about how much of a good guy he was. They wouldn’t find one person in this room that could honestly say He didn’t like doing the things he did. But why he liked doing the things he did was another story all together.

“Order!” the judge said booming over the whispers in the room. His gavel slammed against the flat wooden surface in front of him as everyone looked at him and their conversations started to fade into nothingness. “Is the defense ready to call their next witness?”

“Yes your honor.” Samantha said as she got to her feet, her hands folded in front of her . “The defense would like to call Holland Payne to the stand.”

The murmurs started again. It was being whispered that having Holland on the stand was almost having another person against him. The Undying Breed had done things that Johnny couldn’t even fathom all in the name of this business. In some line Holland was worst than Rude when it came to the accused, but Rude was here because people had finally had enough. They saw him at the end of his rope and that his deeds would only go further. If he was locked away behind bars, Holland would pick up the banner and drive home that they wrong person had been put away. But that was for later.

Holland hand was places on the bible, the holy testament of a ‘God’ that hadn’t shown an ounce of his power in the life time of the Undying Breed. If Holland had to promise not to lie to someone that doesn’t exist, then he would.

“Do you promise to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you god?” the match with the book said.

“I do.” Holland said. He didn’t know if it was a promise to the all mighty of nothingness or to himself, but he wasn’t planning on lying on bit in this case. It was his friends life on the line.

Samantha approached the bench, every eye in the courtroom was on her. She had talked to Holland briefly before this whole thing got started, letting him know some of the thing that she would be asking. He was prepared for most everything.

“So, Holland, what is your relationship with the defendant?” she asked lobbing a softball for him to swing at. An easy one to start with.

“He’s a co-worker and my tag partner.” Holland said softly into the mic that was at his lips. “And it’s an honor to say that he’s my friend.”

Whispers spun around. Holland’s dead grays watched emotionally as the people in the court room started to etch the Resistance of Man’s testimony as nothing but fluff to try to keep him out of the pin. Rude didn’t need to use his words to get him out of this spot, he was innocent of the crime of willing to do stuff like had been listed.

“But you two weren’t always friends, were you?” she asked, she tilted her head with a look in her eyes that suggested she knew what she was doing. Holland however wasn’t expecting this to come. Maybe from the other side of the fence but not from Johnny’s lawyer.

“We weren’t always friends.” he replied.

“Oh, so your two were just co-workers that co-existed in the same place then?” she asked, leading the question a little but there wasn’t any objection from the other side.

“No, not in the slightest. I hated that bastards guts.” Holland said keeping the former spite of out his voice.

“Wait you hated him? Why?” she asked again.

“Because he was everything I despised in this world. Everything I tried to gain through the proper means seemed to be handed to him on a silver platter, either because they worshipped him like a god, or feared how he would react if he wasn’t treated with such reverence.” the Undying Breed said, his eyes never left the woman in front of him but he could hear the sounds and pens slamming against the pads while they were writing down every word he said.

“Maybe hate is too strong of a word. You didn’t really hate him that much did you?” she said trying to get the jury back on the side of Holland, but his words that followed made it really hard to do that.

“No I wanted him dead.” he said without an ounce of emotion to rot on his lips. “I broke a chair after repeatedly beating him with it. All the blood that was shed against his and I could paint this state red three times over.”

“But chair attacks are normal in your line of work, aren’t they?” she wanted some humanity in Holland’s statement but she couldn’t get him to stop being so blunt.

“Sure. But not mine. I wanted to crush his throat where he would have to eat through a straw sticking out his neck for the rest of his life. I through him out of the Network Suite into the empty chairs below just for the fact he wouldn’t admit how much of a pompous tool he was.” his gray eyes scanned the room, the look of horror on the face of the people that watched. “I think the effect of a man trying to kill you can really mess with your mind.”

“Okay.” she said, looking at him almost afraid to continue. He wasn’t helping the case. “But you don’t hate him any more.”

“Not in the slightest.” the Resistance of Man said.

“Why would you turn from being a man that wanted to put him into the ground, to being his best friend.” the question was posed.

“I got to see the part of him that the fans never did. When the company forced us to start tagging with each other I started to see that I was all wrong about him. He wasn’t really a pompous asshole…” he said, his eyes starting to glaze over as if he was remembering those days.

“Well what do you mean by that?” Samantha asked, it was starting to get to a point where there might be a saving grace.

“He hated himself more than anything else. He hated the fact that he had to resort to this character to make a living. That he had to drop all his dreams at such a young age to entertain people who doesn’t give a crap about how life is outside those four corners.” Holland said looking her dead in the eyes.

“What do you mean by character?” she asked him.

“A character. A persona that is larger than life.” he said looking at Rude and shaking his head a little. “Do you actually believe we like doing the things we do? That I want another person looking into my eyes while I’m driving a rail tye into his arm.” Holland said, shuttering and the results of the writers after that. The automatic redemption of Jason Storm.

"Not at all." he said, ashamed at the fact of course.

“But why would you do such a thing.” she asked in her own horror.

“Because it was asked of me for ratings.” he replied with a blank look on his face. Shocked that she didn’t know that already.

“Asked of you?” she asked.

“Of course.” he replied with a scrunched up look on his face. “The writers want to keep the fans happy. The over the top action is what they demand and we have to perform or find ourselves with out a job and sitting on the side of the road with out a living to make us.”

“But you don’t have to do what they tell you to, do you?” she posed, opting for a way out.

“Of course we do. We all do, even Johnny has too.” he said pointing towards the bible. “It’s like that book over there, it’s the written law of our ruler. If he don’t follow it’s script and find ourselves outside it’s guidelines by contract we no longer have a job.”

“Is it really worth it to keep a job like that?” Samantha asked.

“Are you kidding? It’s like being a super hero, or villain. The kids watch you and learn, they build off the fact that you are something bigger than them, giving them dreams and hopes. It’s a life envied by most.” he said with almost a grin on his face. It is a dream to some.

“So are you saying that Rude, like many other wrestlers are just doing what they are told.” she asked, trying to get him to clarify.

“So it is written, so it should come to pass.” he said softly , quoting from somewhere. “William is really not what he portrays on tv. There are things that I’ve seen of him that would warp the minds of the people who thought they knew him. He is really a great guy, which is why he is my best friend.”

“Nothing further at this time your honor.” Samantha said as she headed towards Rude’s side.

Holland watched for a moment, his eyes turned towards the fans that sat in the seat, the reporters and fellow co-workers. They wanted to get him for portraying a character when he was paid to live that character day in and day out. No one ever got to know the real Johnny Rude. If they did, he wouldn’t be here right now. Kristina got up to do the cross. He had no idea what she would ask of him, but he wasn’t going to be bullied by her at all. She wanted him to lie, and he wouldn’t do. Not when Johnny’s freedom hung in the balance.

Holly Chica: HE deed dis! Dat... dat... dat monster!

Hola Chico is up on the stand, a drooling, lifeless Dave Diamond at his side in a wheelchair. Both men are decked out in spiffy apparel. Hola Chico wearing a summery-yet-elegant dress, his massive fake titties standing out like a sore thumb, and Dave wearing most of a tuxedo. Only "most of" it, because whoever dressed him couldn't take the time to remove him from his chair. As such, the pants are just yanked up as far as they'll go with him in a seated position.

Hola/Holly Chico/Chica wipes a non-existent tear from his left eye, clutching a handkerchief that is literally sopping wet, and has been since before he/she even approached the stand.

Kristina Davidson: What did the accused do to this man?

Hola Chico stares back at her, befuddled. He points to Dave.

Holly Chica: Dun't... dun't joo see heem?? He's a mess! And eet's all dee Johnny Rude's faults!

Even as a witness to Johnny Rude's terrible nature, and a testimony that SHOULD be to her advantage, Ms. Davidson begins to lose patience.

Kristina Davidson: What.... EXACTLY... did Mr. Rude do to this man?

Hola hadn't really thought that far ahead. From what Ov told him, all he had to do was wheel up a comatose Dave Diamond, shed some tears, and Rude would probably get the death penalty. His mind races for answers.

Holly Chica: Uhh... RAPE!

A precious few in the crowd gasp. The others roll their eyes.

Holly Chica: Dee Johnny Rude RAPED dee Dave Diamond mang! Eet was terreeble! Where dee Dave used to laugh and play... now he no does nutting. Now he just seets, and drools, and sheets hees pants. Such was dee detr... detrim.... such was dee bad tings dat happened to dee Dave's life.

Samantha: Objection! There is video evidence that Federation X wrestler AMP did that to Dave Diamond. And there's also video evidence that The Boot never even retaliated after one of their own was assaulted. But that's for another trial.

Hola stumbles over his next couple of words.

Holly Chica: Well... he es easier to deal wif now....

Hola Chico, growing more and more antsy with every word spoken, leans in to Dave's ear.

Holly Chica: Uno... dos... tres.... BAIL!

Hola Chico bolts off of the stand. Comatose Dave Diamond continues to do nothing, sitting in his wheelchair on the stand. Moments later, Hola scampers back out, and wraps his hands around the handles of the wheelchair. He blushes and nervously laughs as he leans back into the microphone.

Holly Chica: Hehehehe... I forgot he es a vege... vegeta.... a veggie. BECAUSE OF DEE JOHNNY RUDE!

He quickly wheels Dave off stage, and disappears into the crowd.

Johnny turns to Samantha.

Johnny Rude: Does this mean I can get a mistrial now?

sat in the back of the court room trying to stya incongnito until the time was right. Turns out, his case was pretty hopeless, but having spoken in defense of tons of criminals, namely my own fucking blood, being the so-called surprise witness was what I was used to you could say. I sat back listening to everyone pretty much throw Johnny under the bus and oddly enough, I was proudly the only one who didn't want to do the same.

Trauma finished up her side of things, cross examination and all when judge called for any further witnesses. Samantha Summers spoke up...

Samantha Summers: Actually your honor, the defense does have one more witness to call to the stand.

Oh boy... here we go...

Judge: Very well Miss Summers, though this is highly unorthodox.

Samantha Summers: I know your honor and for that I apologize. This witness didn't inform us of her availabilty until early this morning.

Judge: Call your witness Miss Summers.

Samantha Summers: The defense would like to call Pandora DeVil to the stand.

There was the stunned hush or gasp over the gathering in attendance as I got up from the very back of the courtroom and stepped forward. Much to the surprise of everyone, I had put on a fucking power suit, pulled my hair up into a fucking bun, which I hadn't done since momma put in ballet when I was twelve, and even did a conservative make up job. The judge himself had a hard time trying not to undress me with his eyes.

I took the stand and the balif did his thing...

Balif: Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help you God?

Pandora DeVil: I do.

Balif: Thank you.

He walked away and Samantha approached the bench.

Samantha Summers: For the record...

Kristina Davidson: Objection your honor!

Judge: On what grounds Davidson?

Kristina Davidson: She wasn't presented with approved list of witnesses submitted before the trial commenced. This is obsurd!

Judge: By law Miss Davidson, the defense has the right to call a surprise witness whether they are formally approved or not prior to commencement IF that witness is relevant to the cause of the defendant. Miss Summers...

Samantha Summers: Yes your honor?

Judge: Can you provide that this witness is in fact a detrimental key to your case?

Samantha Summers: I can your honor.

Judge: Objection overrulled.

I grinned over at Johnny who breathed a slight sigh of relief as Samantha looked at me with a stern grin of her own.

Samantha Summers: Please state your name for the court...

Pandora DeVil: Pandora DeVil by trade, Pandora Joanne DeVilla by birth.

Samantha Summers: Thank you miss DeVilla...

Pandora DeVil: Please Miss Summers... I prefer DeVil.

Samantha Summers: Very well... Miss DeVil. How do you know my client, Jonathan Wilson?

Pandora DeVil: Simple. We wrestle together for Federation X.

Samantha Summers: But you've known him longer correct?

Pandora DeVil: Yes. He was in UCE when I first made my national debut. I didn't get the pleasure of fighting him during the short time I was there, but I knew his reputation well.

Samantha Summers: Reputation? Can you elaborate on that please?

Pandora DeVil: When I got there, I was a virtual nobody of course. He, Johnny Rude, was a legend. He was known for being one of the most hated men in the business.

Samantha Summers: Yet, you wanted to work with him?

Pandora DeVil: At the time I was a student of the game. I wasn't going to judge until I saw first hand.

Samantha Summers: So, you never physically interacted with him?

Pandora DeVil: Only in passing. He and I never once exchanged blows, no. HE may have insulted me here or there, but it was all scripted. It was in the middle of a supposed battle of the sexes.

Samantha Summers: I see... so fast forwarding to now. You arrived in Chicago to work for FED X and who was the first person to contact you about helping you succeed?

Pandora DeVil: Johnny Rude... oddly enough behind bars.

A shocked gasp from the gathered. I looked around the room and saw Maverick sneer.

Samantha Summers: And you and my client have continued communicating as well?

Pandora DeVil: As much as I can aside from all this crap. His tips have been helpful. He told me to shoot big because I'm worth it. My last match proved it... I took on Max Entropy and almost kicked his sorry ass.

Samantha Summers: So is there anyone in this courtroom that have given you a hard time other than my client since your arrival?

I looked around the room and my eyes hit the jackpot...

Pandora DeVil: Those two... the two bimbos swinging off of Maverick's nuts!

Kristina Davidson: OBJECTION!!!

Judge: Sustained. Miss DeVil, may I remind you that slander is not allowed in my court.

Pandora DeVil: I just answered her question. Sorry.

Samantha Summers: You mean The Hot Girls, correct?

Pandora DeVil: If you want to call that hot, yeah.

Samantha Summers: Anyone else?

Pandora DeVil: No... the other is probably at home sucking on a bottle or something with that loser boyfriend of hers. As for Johnny though, he's been the only one to help me get started legit. I don't see what everyone's getting all bitchy about. It's a business. Deal with it. Hell... my last match, I was thrown through fucking glass and beaten with a damn baseball bat. Do you see me bitching? Fuck no!

Samantha Summers: So in your opinion, my clients actions are justifiable?

Pandora DeVil: Sure. If it's good for ratings, go with it right?

Samantha Summers: So his actions are in fact influenced by the business you both are a part of correct?

Pandora DeVil: I'd say so, yeah. Think about it in terms of Hollywood. Seriously... would Justin Timberlake stick his dick in a box if it wouldn't boost ratings? I mean... I've seen worse shit on reality TV shows okay. Who was it... that bitch New York spit in some chicks face and then went on the reunion show to bust a cap in the girls ass. It's a lot of pressure.

Samantha Summers: Valid points Miss DeVil. Thank you.... No further questions your honor.

Judge: Miss Davidson, your witness.

Kristina Davidson: Very well.

She got up after looking at Maverick again. He pulled a tape out and handed it to her....

Kristina Davidson: Miss DeVilla....

Pandora DeVil: It's DeVil! Get it right or so help me...

I knew what game she was about to play and I wasn't having that shit...

Kristina Davidson: My apologies... Miss DeVil. Since your arrival to FED X, you and Mr. Wilson have seen a lot of each other at the jail correct?

Pandora DeVil: If you're trying to say I'm hitting that...

Kristina Davidson: Are you?

Pandora DeVil: Fuck no! He's nice, but not my type.

Kristina Davidson: But for a student mentor relationship, you two would talk an aweful lot about picnics, right?

Samantha Summers: OBJECTION!!!

Kristina Davidson: What types of picnics were you discussing?


Judge: On what grounds Miss Summers?

Samantha Summers: Confidentiality your honor. Private conversations between my client and my witnesses were agreed to remain confidential and not be used in the court of law.

Judge: Sustained. Miss Davidson, unless you have something else...

Kristina Davidson: Of course your honor.

She hadn't seen that coming, but whether she was able to use it or not, I had my game plan cocked and ready to unload...

Kristina Davidson: Miss DeVil... it's been established that you and Mr. Wilson's relationship has grown stronger since your arrival to the company. Why associate with a man behind bars?

Pandora DeVil: *sniffles* I grew up in a very rough neighborhood in Orange County. My father stays in the slammer babe. Perhaps... I see a little of him in Johnny. Maybe that's why I chose him. My dad was never there when I needed him to be... even behind bars. Johnny... well... he was at least trying to be.

Kristina Davidson: Oh please. I've seen better acting on a chiuaua!

Judge: *bangs gavel* Order!

Pandora DeVil: *tears* How could you be so cruel?!

Kristina Davidson: Admit it DeVil... you were seeing Johnny Rude because he threatened your life! He wanted you to be his instrument of destruction while he was stuck in the slammer!

Pandora DeVil: LIES!!! *tears* He gave me a car and money to help me get started! Does a person have to threaten another human being for that kind of generosity to be taken seriously?

I broke out into full sobbing.


Judge: Sustained. Miss Davidson, unless you've got a point...

I pulled myself together and dotted my eyes with a tissue provided by the balif...

Kristina Davidson: This little tramp is lieing under oath!


Kristina Davidson: Then why is it on record that you agreed to go after Jason Emerson's wife on order from Johnny Wilson!

Pandora DeVil: You can't prove that!!

Maverick shifted in his seat, as did Johnny. I looked her dead in the eye, silently daring here to play ball. It was about to get ugly in the court and I don't even think Judge Judy would have been able to stop it...

Kristina looks at Pandora, itching for a fight and realizes that she's not going to get the truth from her and she doesn't have enough evidence to prove perjury. This case is going so well right now that any prolongation of Ms. DeVil's time on the stand would only serve to chip away at her case.

She smiles sweetly at Pandora and then walks back to her table. Dropping the folder back inside her briefcase, Krissy turns back toward Pandora, stopping for an instant to smile innocently at Johnathan Wilson before facing the witness.

Krissy: Ms. DeVil, would you repeat the last thing you just said for the court?

Pandora: I have no fucking idea what you're talking about.

Krissy: Then let me refresh your memory. I asked why you agreed to go after Jason Emerson's wife Faith at the request of the defendant. Now, would you like to repeat your response, or should I have the Court Reporter read it from her steno?

Pandora: I … I said that you couldn't prove that.

Krissy: Yes ma'am, thank you. That is exactly what you said. I find it very interesting that you didn't say, "I did no such thing," or "I have had no contact with Faith Emerson," or anything remotely resembling a denial of the claim. Only that I couldn't prove it.

Pandora: Yes, but I -

Krissy: Thank you, Ms. DeVil. That will be all. I have no further use for this witness, Your Honor.

Pandora: WAIT! I didn't -

Krissy: I said no further questions, Ms. DeVil. That means you don't get to talk any more.

Pandora: You BITCH!

Judge: Ms. DeVil, need I remind you that you are in a court of law and that you are speaking to an officer of that court? A little respect for the District Attorney's office would be in order, unless you'd like me to find you in contempt.

Pandora: But, that bitch is putting words in my mouth! I should -

Judge: One more outburst, Ms. DeVil and you'll be spending the night in my little hotel out back, the one with bars on the windows. Don't try my patience again, or I WILL find you in contempt of this court.

Pandora fumes silently for a second as Kristina returns to her table and sits, pulling out a fresh legal pad for notes on the next Defense witness. The list Samantha had submitted was long, and only two of the names had yet been called, including DeVil, who wasn't officially on the list.

Finally she stands and stalks out of the witness stand, staring a hole into Kristina, who looks up at her and smiles her brightest smile, giving her a little wink as she passes.

Pandora stops, but then she sees the sheriff's deputies who are ringing the courtroom acting as extra security for the high profile proceedings start towards her and continues down the aisle and out of the room growling as she goes.

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Eve watched in wide-eyed wonder at the proceedings of the court. She'd been pretty well insulated from this type thing through most of her life and truly had little idea what happened in court other than the occasional television drama.

Pandora DeVil stalks out of the courtroom and you can almost see the steam coming out of her ears. Eve is about to turn and watch her when Emma pats her on the leg.

Emma: *whispers* That's you, sweetie. Johnny's lawyer just called you to the stand.

Eve: *whispers* So I get to go up there and sit in that big chair and talk about how my daddy used to abuse me and cry and carry on for a while too?

Emma: *whispers* No, Eve, just go and answer the questions. Both of those ladies are going to ask you questions, and you just answer as honestly as you can.

Eve: *whispers* I can do that. Noooooooo problemo.

Emma: *whispers* God help Johnny.

Eve smiles as she rises to her feet and walks to the witness stand, stopping when the bailiff asks her to place her hand on the Bible and swear to tell the truth. Surprisingly enough, that goes fairly smoothly and soon Eve is sitting in the witness stand, smiling and waving at Johnny, who smiles and waves back.

Samantha notices the strange looks from several members of the jury and knows that if she can play this well, she can score Rude some points. Eve Riley is a hero to the vast majority of Chicago - at least the part of Chicago that watches Federation X wrestling shows. Over the last few months she's proven to be as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside, and the city has embraced her as one of their own.

Samantha pats Rude on the arm and stands, making her way across the front of the courtroom to stand in front of Eve, greeting her with a smile.

Samantha: Could you state your name for the court, please.

Eve: Evelyn Hope Riley, but everybody just calls me Eve. You can too!

Samantha: Thank you, Eve. What is your relationship with the defendant, Johnathan Wilson?

Eve: Johnny Bear is my BFF.

Samantha: I'm sorry, Eve. He's your what?

Eve: My BFF. Best Friend Forever.

Samantha: Really? I thought Chance Chambers would hold that title.

Eve: Chance is my SBFF! That's Super Best Friend Forever. We're an US.

Samantha: I'm sure you are, Eve. But let's concentrate on Johnny if we could, okay?

Eve: If you say so. *furrows brow in concentration* How's this?

Samantha: *sigh* That's just fine, Eve. Now, while you're concentrating, I want to ask you some questions, and you just tell the truth. How long have you known the defendant.

Eve: Seven months, I think. One sec … *counts on fingers* October, November, December, January, February, March, April … yep. That was seven, right?

Samantha: And of those seven months, you and Johnny have been friends for how many of them?

Eve: Umm … at least six, I guess. We danced together at Dead Star's birthday party. That's really when we met. We'd only just fought one time before then.

Samantha: And in all of that time, has Johnathan ever treated you cruelly?

Eve: Oh, no! Johnny Bear is awesome! He's soooo sweet to me.

Samantha: Do you believe that Johnathan is evil?

Eve: *concentrates* I don't think so. I mean, sure he hits people with trash cans and sledge hammers and stuff, but he's not evil. I mean, that stuff happens all the time around here. I got hit in the head with a sledge hammer Tuesday night myself, I think. I don't really remember to be honest.

Samantha: No, I imagine you don't remember too much of that. So, Eve, why do you think Johnathan does those things?

Eve: Oh, I know this one! Me and Johnny Bear talked about this while we were dancing that night. Y'see, Mr. Judge, sir, in wrestling, there's good guys, and bad guys, just like in the movies, only it's live. Unless you're watching like the encore presentation or you bought the dvd from Then it's even more like the movies, cuz it's not live. And see, Johnny Bear, he's one of the bad guys, only he isn't really a bad guy, he just plays a bad guy on tv. He explained all that to me when I first got to UCE - that's the federation in New York where I met Johnny Bear when I first started. And I was really new and didn't know much of anything except how to smile and walk to the ring and do a few plain old moves. I hadda learn the hard way, on account of I became a wrestler kinda by mistake when I thought I was in New York for a weekend shopping trip only I went to the wrong hotel and they thought I was the new wrestler only I wasn't but I always wanted to be one so I was training to be a wrestler but I really wasn't good enough to be in UCE yet but then there was this goof so I was in UCE ready or not and -

Samantha: I'm sorry, Eve, but we really don't have time for that. If you could just tell us what Johnny told you that night while you two were dancing.

Eve: Oh yeah, right. Sowwy. Well, we were dancing and I didn't really know many people and Johnny Bear walks up and asks me to dance. Well of course I was a little bit unsure about that because Johnny had just started his Beat a Bitch tour where he was going to drive all the girls out of New York. Well, not all the girls, you understand, just the ones who wanted to wrestle. It'd be a pretty hard job running all the girls out of New York. There's like millions of them. Anyway, Johnny promises that he doesn't want to hurt me, he only wants to talk. And so we dance, and he told me how Johnny Rude is just his persona while the cameras are rolling and when they're not rolling then he's just plain old Johnny Wilson. And so we danced and we talked, and then when we got back to New York we went out to lunch together.

Samantha: So, you two dated?

Eve: Oh no. In fact, Johnny Bear is just about the only guy in UCE who didn't ever try to ask me on a date, or kiss me or things like that. Everyone else was just trying to get in my pants, *whispers* even some of the girls!

Samantha: Well, you are a very attractive young lady, Eve. But Johnny never asked for anything like that?

Eve: No ma'am. Johnny never asked for anything. We just would go to lunch and talk or go for walks, things like that. Just to get away from the constant pressure, ya know? Me and Johnny Bear were each other's pressure release. When we were alone we could just be ourselves and laugh and talk and one time we even played Parcheesi.

Samantha: Thank you, Eve. No further questions, your honor.

Judge: Very well. Cross examine, Ms. Davidson?

Krissy: Thank you, Your Honor. Miss Riley, you say that Johnny was never cruel to you, is that correct?

Eve: Yes ma'am. He wasn't. Or is that no ma'am? Anyway, Johnny Bear has never been mean to me.

Krissy: I see. Could you tell the court about the time Johnny Bear took you to Rellik's Asylum?

Eve: Oh, sure! Me and Rylan Bear were wrestling Johnny Bear and Adam Draven - he's this kinda weird goth dude who married my friend Angrel, anywho, Johnny Bear comes to me and he tells me that Rellik has his girlfriend Demonica locked up in the Asylum and he needs me to go with him to rescue her. So, Rylan Bear decides to go with us and the three of us go there and it's like really spooky and stuff and we get there and Rellik does have someone tied up to a table for real but it turns out that's not why Johnny Bear needed me to go after all. Rellik had promised him that he'd give him the match he wanted on the next card if Johnny Bear would bring me to the Asylum cuz Rellik wanted me to play one of his games, only his games were usually weird and you had to walk barefoot on broken glass and try to beat up this gigantic crazy man and then pick the right door before the room filled up with poison gas and stuff.

Krissy: And Johnny was going to leave you there with this monster Rellik in exchange for a better match?

Eve: Ummm… yeah, pretty much. But when we got out of there I told him that he could act all crazy and do things like that if he wanted to but that he really should remember who his friends are and just tell me the truth from now on.

Krissy: And you didn't find it cruel that he would just throw a friend into such a dangerous, hostile environment, just so he could have the title shot he wanted?

Eve: Well, if you put it that way, I guess it wasn't the nicest thing he ever did, but every friendship has its little bumps in the road.

Krissy: Actually, Eve, most friendships don't have bumps that big. Now, could you tell us about the way you found Johnny's bedroom decorated the last time you saw it before he was arrested?

Eve: Oh, that. Do I have to? It was … kinda embarrassing.

Krissy: I know it was, sweetie, but if you could, please try to tell us.

Eve: Well, he had pictures and posters and newspaper clippings of me on the walls, and one of my dvd's playing on his television, things like that.

Krissy: Anything else?

Eve: Ummm … *sigh* He had some of my clothes lying around, and a doll dressed up like me.

Krissy: Can you describe the clothes and the doll? Was it like a Barbie doll wearing one of your t-shirts?

Eve: *sigh* No … it was a big inflatable doll wearing my underwear.

Krissy: And that didn't strike you as odd?

Eve: Well, it kinda did at first, but, well, we've talked about it since then and it's really just Johnny Bear's way of saying he loves me. To be honest, Ma'am with all the terrible things that have happened to me, knowing that Johnny loves me, well, there's worse things that could have happened.

Krissy stares openly at Eve, wondering inwardly what could have happened to someone to make that kind of attention seem like a good thing, but finally she decides that pressing Eve farther might put her in a bad light with the jury. Eve's testimony had helped Johnny a little maybe, hurt him a little maybe, but she knew she'd get nowhere with the jury by harassing one of Chicago's favorite people.

Krissy: The people have no further questions for this witness, Your Honor. Thank you, Eve, for being so honest.

Eve: So, did I do good? Am I done yet, or am I supposed to get all mad and threaten to like rip your ovaries out too like Pandora and Holly did?

Krissy: Pandora and … Holly? Ummm .. no, Eve, you don't have to threaten me before you go and sit down. You can just leave that part out. In fact, I'd appreciate it.

Eve: Oh. Mkay, then. Bye bye. Bye, Johnny Bear! *blows kiss*

The judge, and several members of the jury just shake their heads as Eve makes her way back to where Liv, Chance and Emma sit waiting for her. When she gets to her seat, Chance stands and the two give each other a Hot Girl High Five and a Hot Girl Hug before Liv and Emma grab them and pull them down into their seats

He was screwed. So very, very screwed. There was no denying it. His heart sank into the very pit of his stomach. He wished, deep in his black soul, he wished that William Rothgate wasn't on death's door. Had he been on the case, this wouldn't have even SEEN trial. Sadly, a bad heart and an even worse lifestyle made that impossible. Rude rubbed his face and wished he could strangle Pandora.

The kid was cute. She had a body to die for. And she meant well enough. But her testimony was, quite simply, one of the dumbest things he had ever heard. He hoped in the very pit of himself that Samantha had more than that to bring to the table. If not, then he would spend the rest of his days behind bars.

The testimony of Holland helped. How Hola/Holly Chico/Chica got in the courtroom was a mystery. Samantha certainly didn't summon the little moron. Whatever. There really wasn't much that could hurt what was already a dead case. Rude looked at his lawyer and spoke in a very low whisper. She did the same.

Rude: What the HELL are you doing?

Samantha: ...What do you mean?

Rude: You know DAMN WELL what I mean.

Samantha: Pandora? Well, that was a mistake, but---

Rude: 'But'? 'But'? But nothing, woman. This is my LIFE you're playing with.

Samantha: I understand. I have a few things lined up. Just leave it to me.

Rude: Yeah, 'cause you're doing a bang up job so far, whore.

Samantha: Asshole.

Judge: Is something the matter.

Samantha: Oh, erm, nothing your honor.

Judge: Then call your next witness.

Samantha: Very well. The defense would like to call Josiah Power to the stand.

Rude: *whispers* Positive've GOT to be kidding me....christ...

All eyes turn to the court entrance.

The doors swing open right on queue as Joe Power is called to the stand and everyone in the court turns to stare in awe at the very last person that anyone expected to be called as a witness for the defense. Instead what they see is a tall, bald man in a t-shirt that says ‘Wet Yourself Accordingly.’ Ov frowns at the way everyone is looking at him and takes another bite out of the doughnut in his hand before he turns and walks into the back row to take his seat. While this is going on Josiah Power rises calmly to his feet in the fourth row and flattens the wrinkles in his tailored suit with his palms as he steps around Eve Riley and Chance and makes his way towards the front of the court room.

Joe is escorted to the stand by the bailiff, who waits for Joe to take up his position behind the stand, and then holds up a bible for Joe to put his hand on. Joe flashes one of those award winning smiles that he’s so famous for, and produces a bible of his own from the inside pocket of his jacket.

“Brought my own,” Joe says with a sheepish grin. “I don’t leave home without it.”

Rude’s head sinks a little further as he listens to the exchange and sees the endearing reaction it earns Joe not just from the crowd, but from the jury and the judge as well. The guy is like a walking charm factory, winning people over to him without ever even trying. Johnny shakes his head, because he knows that all Joe has to do is explain what Johnny did to him, and nobody is ever going to let him breathe free air again.

Joe is sworn in by the bailiff who takes a moment when they finish to shake Joe’s hand, having been a big admirer of the Prince of Positivity for many years now. Joe is gracious in the shake, but quickly takes his seat and focuses on the lovely Ms. Summers as she adjusts her lapel and then smiles at Joe. Joe takes that as a sign to smile back, and then makes brief but quick eye contact with almost everyone in the room. No reason that even the most troubling of situations cannot be greeted civilly and in the spirit of fellowship.

“Mr. Power, we’ve introduced a host of wrestlers and co-workers of Mr. Wilson over the course of this trial,” Mr. Summers begins, “and for the most part we have heard two standard arguments. The first is that the business creates and endorses the situations for which Mr. Wilson now stands trial. The second is that there are boundaries built into the industry, and Mr. Wilson actively pursues activities which exist beyond those boundaries out of what some people would refer to as an intent to do evil. Can you tell me what you think of either of those positions?”

“Objection!” Ms. Davidson is on her feet in a heartbeat. “Relevance your honor. Mr. Power is a wrestler, and an acknowledged author on several subjects, but I fail to see what his speculation is worth in regards to….”

“ Your honor Mr Power is,” Ms. Summers interrupts her colleague to make her point, “an accredited psychologist, specializing in recovery from personal failure. He carries degrees from three universities, and has twice been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, winning it once.”

“Ms. Davidson, you’re overruled.” The judge says, and then turns his head to Josiah. “Mr. Power could you please clarify your actual accreditation with the court?”

Josiah nods his head pleasantly.

“Certainly your honor,” he agrees, “but before I do can I just ask that we cease shouting and interrupting each other? A hostile tone and environment isn’t conducive to our efforts to help Mr. Wilson come to terms with his actions and find a way to grow past it as a person.”

Joe comment strikes a note with both Samantha Summers, who interrupted Kristina Davidson, and with Kristina who’s objection was voiced in a loud tone as is common in court room theatrics. Both women feel properly chastised despite the fact that Joe didn’t single them out.

“As for my accreditation,” Josiah continues, “I hold two doctorates in psychology, one from Brown and one from Cambridge. I also hold a Masters degree in philosophy from Sir Wilfred Laurier, and yes I did win the Nobel Peace Prize for my work with the gangs in Tijuana in 2006. Further to that I am an ordained minister.”

“Thank you Mr. Power,” the judge says. “You may continue Miss Summers.”

Samantha Summers stands up from the table where Johnny’s head is hanging a little bit lower now and steps into the open space between her table and the witness stand. She lets the thoughts of Joe’s accomplishments hang in the air just a little bit longer than necessary, before she begins to speak again. It helps cement his status with the jury for them to think on his qualifications just a little bit longer.

“Mr. Power,” she starts once again, “how long have you known Johnny Wilson?”

Joe looks at Johnny and smiles.

“I made Mr. Wilson’s acquaintance a couple of years ago in Calgary,” Joe answers, “while we were both working for C.W.A. as professional wrestlers.”

“I see,” Samantha continues, “and since that time have you had much opportunity to observe Mr. Wilson’s pattern of behavior, or to interact with him?”

“I have. Without walking you through the entirety of our interactions over those years,” Joe responds, “I think that it is accurate to say that I was constantly in contact with Mr. Wilson. On many occasions I was the foil to be played against him by promoters seeking somebody who could counterbalance Johnny’s obviously villainous presence to the fans. On other occasions I was simply a co-worker in a superior position to watch as Johnny struggled with his demons, almost always losing that battle.”

“So you would say that you have a unique perspective on the personality that is my client?” Ms. Summers asked.

Josiah nodded his head.

“Yes,” he agrees, “that is exactly what I would say.”

Ms. Summers pauses long enough to look at Johnny, and then looks back at Joe.

“Mr. Power, did my client break your back?” she asks.

Johnny almost throws up on the spot as he feels his life actually slipping away from him. This is no metaphor; Johnny can actually feel the remaining years of his life being plucked from his soul and carried away by thieves he is powerless to stop. He actually turns a strange shade of mocha as he sits in his seat, trying hard not to decorate the table with his lunch.

“Yes ma’am,” Joe confirms, sending an echo of murmurs through the room and eliciting a clap of jubilation from Brett Emerson, who believes that Rude’s fate is sealed. “In pursuit of the World Heavyweight Championship…..the first of his career, he injured me and put me out of wrestling. At the time many people believed that it would be permanent.”

“Did you?” she challenges.

“No ma’am,” Joe answers with a smile that melts every heart in the room. “The only person who can stop me from doing what I love is the good lord almighty.”

Samantha smiles at that, and she joins many people in the room as they chuckle at Joe’s lighthearted reply.

“But he did put you out of wrestilng for a time,” she reiterates, “with a very serious injury. In fact, after watching the footage of his attack on you, I’m surprised you weren’t called as a witness for the prosecution. Johnny was obviously trying to hurt you.”

“Objection. Speculation.” This time Ms. Davidson simply voices her concerns.

“Sustained,” the judge answers the objection. “Stick to the facts Ms. Summers.”

Samantha Summers nods her head and agrees to do exactly that.

“Let me rephrase that Mr. Power,” she suggests. “Did the prosecutor speak to you about this trial, and rule you out as a potential witness?”

Joe nods his head.

“She did,” he states.

“And were you told why your testimony wasn’t required?” Samantha asks him.

“Yes ma’am,” Joe responds. “I had not testimony that was of interest to the state because it was my expect opinion that John Wilson acted within the scope of his job description in seeking to defeat me for the World Heavyweight Championship.”

A murmur once again goes through the room as everyone hears Joe confirm that he did not consider Johnny’s violent attack on him during that match to be anything above or beyond the scope of a wrestler’s job. Brett and Jason look frustrated by this statement.

“I have only two more questions for you, Mr. Power,” Ms Summers states. “The first regards your father, Edward O’Herlihy. Mr. O’Herlihy died during a wrestling match in Toronto in late 2008. At the time of his death there was only one witness; Johnny Wilson.”

“That is correct,” Joe replies. “Was that a question?”

“No Mr. Power,” Samantha answers him. “Did you forgive Mr. Wilson for what happened with your father that night?”

Joe frowns for the first time since he took the stand.

“Ms. Summers,” Joe says firmly, “I’m not sure what information you were given, but Johnny Wilson did not have anything to do with the death of my father. They fought for my father’s coveted Bloodsport Championship and my father won the match. The match was over when a sharpshooter put a bullet through my father’s chest. Mr. Wilson had nothing to do with that incident, and in fact may have been as emotionally scarred by that event as anyone else was.”

Samantha raised an eyebrow.

“Why would you say that Joe?” she asks, using his first name for the first time and personalizing the line of question for the jury, even if they didn’t understand that.

“Because shortly after that terrible event,” Joe explains, “Johnny sought me out and literally broke down in my arms. I held his battered and broken frame as his spirit shattered to reflect the damage done to his body, and I listened to him weep and ask forgiveness for the wrongs he had done in his life.”

“Interesting,” Ms. Summers says with a serious tone in her voice. “Why do you think that was? Why would a dangerous, violent and often crazed maniac like Johnny B Rude……the scum of the earth as we have heard in testimony from today… out a man who is everything that he is not, and open himself up emotionally like that?”

Everyone in the room knows that Kristina wants to object, but Joe’s credentials allow him to answer that question. She knows in that moment that everything has been expertly played to lead up to this testimony. All of the earlier ones allowed the violence to be reduced to fact, and turned the issue to the man’s emotional state for a reason; because Joe Power believes in the salvation of a man’s soul.

“A number of reasons,” Joe answers with confidence. “First of all, Johnny’s upbringing and early childhood forced him to believe that the only way in which to be a man was to dominate other people. In finding an example of a man that was everything he was not, Johnny saw hope for himself. He saw what he truly, deep down inside wanted to make himself into, and for the first time allowed himself to believe that it was possible. Secondly, in Johnny’s world he has no friends. He can’t. A friend is your equal, and his dominant/submissive upbringing educated him that a real man does not have an equal. Therefore a real man does not have friends. Johnny Wilson grew up without friends, and despite what people may believe…..he doesn’t have any friends even now.”

“None?” Ms. Summers sounds stunned by that. “None at all? How does a man survive like that?”

“He doesn’t,” Joe answers. “Although I should clarify. Deep down inside, in the places that he deceives himself into believing don’t exist, Johnny Wilson believes that he has one person in the world that he can count on as a friend.”

“Who?” Samantha asks, but it could easily be any person in the room, because everyone is curious about this.

“Me,” Joe says with a disarming smile that takes away everyone’s objection but Johnny’s.

“BULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLshit!” Johnny snaps as he starts to stand up.

The judge’s gavel resounds off of the pad in front of him and he points it at Johnny with quick, sharp movements.

“Mr. Wilson you WILL sit down!” the judge orders. “ And you WILL be silent!”

Johnny stares at Joe with fire in his eyes, but he bites his tongue and slowly sinks back to his chair. His lawyer continues.

“Joe,” she says with a backhanded gesture at Johnny, “that is not a man who thinks of you as a friend.”

Joe smiles, and there is a sadness in his smile.

“Yes,” he counters her, “it is. But it is also a man who simply cannot allow his conscious mind to believe that to be true, because in a way that neither you nor I will ever truly understand… admit that is to undermine every sense of self-worth and value that he has. To admit it is to be emotionally broken and invalidated as a man. Johnny made himself too strong to do that. Which is why I have only ever seen the real boy that still hasn’t let go of the pain of his terrible childhood a few times. And each time I have seen that truth, Johnny has been a broken, shattered man, destroyed by some terrible emotional burden. Only then do we ever get any sense of who the real Johnny Wilson is.”

Joe’s testimony held the court room in rapt silence. The man’s insights into Johnny were both staggering and terrifying.

“Before I ask that one last question,” Samantha pushes on, “can we back up a moment. You stated that a man doesn’t survive when he isolates himself from the world and has no friends.”

“I did,” Joe confirms.

“Can you please elaborate on that point?” she asks.

“Certainly,” Joe agrees. “Because he is allowed no friends, Johnny is always alone. He disguises that fact by surrounding himself with submissives who emulate the process of friendship and give off the impression of just enough normalcy for Johnny to be accepted amongst his peers. However this only acts as more torture to his already isolated and damaged soul because in creating pseudo friendships he is actually reminding himself over and over again that he cannot and does not have friends.”

“What would long term isolation of this nature do to a person?” Ms. Summers inquires.

“Ms. Summers,” Joe suddenly has on his most serious clinical voice, “studies of long term companionship deprivation reveal in terrifying detail the complete dissociation of other people as peers and the onset of a psychotic break with society.”

Samantha grins awkwardly.

“Mr. Power I’m going to pretend I understood that, and ask you one final question,” she states. “Is Mr. Wilson socially responsible for the acts that he has committed?”

The entire room holds its breath for that brief moment before Joe answers, each straining to be the first to hear the word that will come out of Joe’s mouth. They don’t have to wait long.

“No ma’am,” Joe offers as his answer, shaking his head as he does. “I do not believe that he is. It would be my expert opinion, that Mr. Wison’s behavior patterns and inability to actually bond with and relate to his peers on a social level simply confirms the diagnosis that I provided to Richard Grayson in October of 2008.”

“Which was?” she asks.

“Johnny B Rude cannot be held accountable for his actions, nor can he be expected to act with the confines of normal social values,” Joe explains, “due to a clear dissociative break from the common human condition. I’m surprised it isn’t obvious based on everything that people have listened to so far today, but in laymen’s terms Ms. Summers……your client isn’t sane.”

As the room erupts at that statement, Joe turns and looks directly at Johnny. Many of the people in the room don’t hear him say it, but Johnny does.

“I’m sorry Johnny,” Joe whispers, “but you need help.”

There's always a victim. Always.

Kitty sat still, her features frozen, and listened intently to the damning testimony of each person set forth by the District Attorney's office, especially that of her husband, Brett Emerson. With every opinion, recollection, and description, her companions searched her face for signs of distress, but her emotions remained in check. She smiled at them, tapped the taller fellow's hand, and returned her eyes to the front. Even the few times Brett's gaze met her own, she remained calm, giving no signs of recognition; Not even a smile.

"Amazing," the tall attorney to her left noted on his Palm Pilot, "And at such an early stage." With a tap he sent the message off through the virtual airspace, the blip encoded, encrypted, and secure in a manner some governments have yet to discover. His doubts where gone; Lisbeth was a genius.

The prosecution rolled on. Kristina Davidson continued asking all the right questions; Everyone continued providing all the correct answers. Johnny B. Rude was a violent psychopath hellbent on destroying anything or anyone held dear by decent people worldwide. Look at the carnage and decimated lives left in the wake of his chaos; Look at the scars. The Antichrist Superstar - truth in advertising.

And still, as the parade before the jury continued, as controversial footage aired and further sensational surprises sent shock and gasps through the crowd, Kitty remained unmoved. Her posture never changed; Her expression never altered. Once, she felt a hand upon her shoulder and smelled the familiar intoxicating scent of Jason Storm's cologne, but still her focus stayed fixed upon the bench. Not even the damning of her character and integrity by her own husband elicited a reaction.

"Success," her companion accessed onto his tiny screen, "Absolute perfection."

When the judge ordered recess, Regan, the taller, more well-dressed of her party, led Kitty out of the courtroom and down a hallway. The group disappeared through a maze of doors and into a sub-chamber of the many offices splayed throughout the building. Once inside, Francis, the lesser of their group, quickly shut the door behind them. Kitty calmly took a seat by the window; She wanted to see the clouds.

"You absolutely sure you want to do this?" Francis said, his voice barely a mumbled hum from underneath his obscenely thick mustache. "You know she could pop, right? Right then and there for all the world to see."

"It will be fine," Regan replied coolly opening his briefcase upon the table.

"Fine until she rips someone's throat out," his partner said more than a tad worried, "If this goes south, I'm not running cleanup."

"At least it isn't a federal building," Regan offered with a grin. His briefcase open on the table, he began checking Kitty's vitals and seemed pleased. "Trust me; She'll be fine."

Kitty heard their chatter, but wasn't listening. Arguments never solved anything, and real friends don't argue; It was a waste of time. Besides, it was such a pretty day out. She wanted to go for a walk, or to the zoo. She loved the tigers.


The taller man touched her shoulder while he spoke. She glanced up at him and smiled. Regan took care of her; Lisbeth said so. Lisbeth knew best.

"Hello, Regan," she said, "Is it time to go yet?"

"No, Kitty. You still have a job to do, remember?"

She tried to recall, but her mind drew a blank. Kitty shook her head and waited patiently.

"Don't worry, you will." Then, Regan held out his cellphone, motioning for Kitty to take it. "It's Lisbeth. She wanted to say hello."

And smiling, Kitty took the phone. When she handed it back to Regan, the smile was gone.


The courtroom and Prosecution still reeled from the testimony of Josiah Power. More than once the judge slammed his gavel down upon his desk, screaming warnings at the top of his lungs, and a few reporters were escorted from the room. Amidst the chaos, a messenger slipped down to the front and passed a piece of paper into the hand of Samantha Summer's legal aid. Immediately, she handed it over to her boss.

"I SAID ORDER!" The judge yelled with enough force to send his voice echoing off the walls of the courtroom. "The next person who feels it necessary to disrupt this court will find themselves incarcerated! Do I make myself clear? Yes, Miss Summers?"

From the moment she read over the hastily scribbled message passed off from her legal aid, Samantha's mind raced into overdrive. Quickly, she rummaged through the files messily gathered in a box to her side, and with delight, discovered she had decided to bring it after all. Not in a million years had she thought examining this witness possible. Brett Emerson was a powerful man, after all, and he had went to great lengths to protect this source - Or so she heard.

"Miss Summers?" The judge asked impatiently, "Are you also intent on wasting the court's time?"

"I apologize, your honor." She said, pausing to make sure everything was in order, "But it appears another last-minute witness has made themselves available."

Infuriated, Kristina Davidson sprang to her feet, but the judge stopped her words with the wave of his hand. He knew the objection sat on the tip of her tongue.

"Miss Summers, it may behoove you to prepare a little better the next time you appear in my courtroom."

"Again, I apologize, your honor," she offered with a nod, "But given the sensational nature of this case, and the chaotic lifestyle of most of our witnesses, some were more easily contacted than others. However, the Prosecution was informed of our intent to call this witness to the stand."

Samantha exchanged looks with D.A. Davidson and noted the concern in her eyes. Kristina knew; How could she not? If each person thought about it for a moment, it only made sense. Many might be considered pivotal to ensuring the innocence of Johnathon Wilson, but one held a special place of interest in the hierarchy.

"Very well, Miss Summers," The judge relented, "Call your witness."

"Your honor, the court calls Katherine Marie Emerson-Hawke to the stand."

A hush wouldn't accurately describe the silence that fell over the courtroom; People make more noise at funerals. The Emerson brothers exchanged a look. Even Johnny turned to see, slightly surprised at his lawyer's play. And when the large double doors opened, the shock didn't lessen.

Kitty strode down the aisle with confidence, nearly a swagger to her gait. Her body language spoke strength; It practically screamed it. Brett gasped. Had he ever seen her carry herself this way? Passing, she threw him a glance, cocked an eyebrow. Jason whispered a question in his ear, but he didn't hear a word his brother said.

Taking her place on the stand, Kitty went through the formalities and took the oath; Sliding her hand off the bible, she appeared to roll her eyes. Once seated, she adjusted her blouse and skirt and flipped her newly shortened and lightened locks back. The mannerisms were different, Johnny noted; What game was she playing?

"Could you please state your name for the court?"

"I suppose; Though you did it yourself a second ago," Kitty said with a sigh, "Katherine Marie, Emerson-Hawke by marriage, and on the circuit I refer to myself as Kitty Hawke. I am a wrestler, or at least I am when not cooped up somewhere."

"Mrs. Emerson," The judge said a little irritated, "These are serious proceedings and I expect you to answer the questions in a like manner."

"I'm sorry, your honor," Kitty apologized, "And Mrs. Hawke is just fine."

"Emerson?" Samantha noted, "Are you related by Brett and Jason Emerson?"

"Yes. Brett is my husband; Jason my brother-in-law, as is Sonny Crockett, who is married to my sister, Sara. Despite all the glitz and glamor, it's still a carny business at heart, I guess - We're all related to each other somehow."

The crowd stirred. Somewhere in the back someone chuckled. After an evil eye from the judge, silence fell once upon them once again.

"And how long have you known the defendant?"

Kitty mused a moment. "A few years; I'm not sure the exact number. Time flies, you know."

"When you're having fun?"

"Objection, your honor!" Kristina called out, rising in her seat as she did so.

"Withdrawn," Samantha said with the hint of a smile, "Mrs. Hawke, what is the nature of your relationship with the defendant?"

D.A. Davidson was on her feet before Kitty could speak. "Objection! Your honor, this is absurd. Mrs. Hawke's history of mental illness has already been established. We don't even know if she's fit to be here."

"Are you calling me crazy?" Kitty said, leaning forward with her hand covering the microphone. "In that outfit?"

"Your honor, the prosecution brought Mrs. Hawke into this during earlier testimony of her husband. The medical records offered forth by the prosecution, which I may add has nothing whatsoever to do with my client, are outdated and invalid..."


"...If if pleases the court, I can provide medical documentation from Mrs. Hawke's own personal physicians stating she is as healthy as a horse and as sane as you or I." Samantha stepped forward into the center of the room and continued before Kristina could interrupt. "The earlier offering by the Prosecution as it pertains to Mrs. Hawke was simply an attempt to cast doubt upon the honor of her character. While, as stated previous, she is vital to their case, I feel Mrs. Hawke deserves the chance to speak up for herself and give her own account of the past events involving Mr. Wilson."

The judge paused, his eyes focusing on each lady in turn before speaking. "I'll allow it. You may continue."

"Your honor!"

"The Defense may continue, Mrs. Davidson."

Kristina returned to her seat with an annoyed look on her face. Samantha cleared her throat, turned back to Kitty, and repeated her previous question.

"He's the pain in my ass," Kitty replied coolly, "Sometimes literally."

"Could you elaborate?"

"Our relationship is," Kitty paused for dramatic effect, rolling her tongue in her mouth as she did so, "...Complicated."

"Miss Hawke, isn't it true, at one time, you and Mr. Wilson were lovers?"

More hushed rumbling from the audience, mostly from the media section. Kitty considered her answer, and looking away from Samantha, found Brett in the crowd. His face was a mask to the casual observer, but she saw it - The anger. She winked; She couldn't help it.

"Yeah," she replied finally causing the judge to resort to pounding his gavel to silence the uproar. "Among other things."

"And this was of your own accord? Your own personal choice?"

Her eyes remained locked with that of her husband. "Yes. Me and Johnny had a connection, one which we explored on more than one occasion. Right or wrong, it was my choice."

"And did Mr. Wilson, at any time, ever rape you?"

Kristina wanted to shout for an objection, but on what grounds? Powerless, she grimaced and flipped through files in her briefcase. Kitty and Brett continued locked in each other's gaze; She thought she saw his lips move. What did he say? She knew, but something else drove the words from her mouth. The truth, freedom, all that.

"No." Another eruption and more media were forced to the hallway. Kitty's stare remained unbroken; Brett dropped his gaze to the floor. She continued, "Whatever it is or was, and it may be several different things - It was never that; Johnny never raped me. Call me stupid, or a whore, or whatever you want, but there comes a time when you have to accept responsibility for your actions. Joe Power said something like that to me once. Seems my shrinks read his books."

"Thank you, Mrs. Hawke," Samantha said returning to her seat, "No further questions, your honor."

"Does the Prosecution care to cross-examine, Mrs. Davidson?" The judge asked.

Kristina glared at the various papers in front of her and sighed. He said, she said. While Kitty's brief testimony did little to disprove Johnny's violent ways, the ballad of poor Kitty was one of the more popular parts of her case. The media ate it up. Now, who could they believe? The entire thing reeked of a jealousy and revenge. She hoped the footage aired earlier would help, but now the sex video took on an entirely different light.

"Just one, your honor," Kristina said, pulling a straw from the back of the pile, "Mrs. Hawke, do you consider the defendant a monster?"

"That depends," Kitty replied calmly.

"Depends on what exactly?"

"On who you're comparing him to? Our business is one of danger and chaos, blood and broken bodies. I've seen people tortured, set on fire, and even shot. Once a child was even killed under the cover of a company banner."

Kitty stared down at her fingernails, and then recalled something and found Regan and Francis in the back of the crowd. Regan smiled and nodded.

"You ask me if he's a monster, Miss Davidson," Kitty said looking her directly in the eye, "But in this business, we're all monsters. How can I think less of him without damning us all?"

Quiet, again. Kristina held in a sigh, held her eyes locked on Kitty's. Finally, the judge coughed and she turned back to the Prosecutor's table.

"No further questions..."

And with that, Kitty was dismissed and ushered out of the courtroom through a door off to the side. She didn't look back Brett, Jason, or even Rude. She didn't need to, and besides, she had somewhere to be.

"You did fabulous, Kitty." Regan said as they followed her through a hallway out the back of the courthouse and into a waiting car. "Lisbeth will be so pleased. Here: She wants to talk to you."

Maybe she would be happy; At least that would be something. Or would it?

The clouds are so pretty today...

Fear. It wasn't something he let himself feel very often. Fear. Only when times seemed their bleakest did this accursed emotion make a home within the self-proclaimed Antichrist Superstar. He sat inside a small antechamber with his lawyer. They were waiting for the jury's decision. As was everyone else. The words from both Joe and Kitty were still fresh in his mind. They were very different takes on the matter, but both valid. Was Joseph right? Did somewhere, deep in the very core of him...did he see Joe as a friend?

No. Of course not. How could he? Josiah Power was everything that Rude despised. More than Nighthawk, only because that hatred was still quite new. In time, Rude was certain that it would bud into full-blown disgust and loathing. The fact was that Joe and Rude had more history. A HELL of a lot more. They had crossed paths so many times, challenged one another constantly. And yet, there had only been roughly three matches where Joe and Rude crossed paths. Two were in CWA. One was a three way dance between Positive Joe and Marlowe for a shot at the CWA World. The next was Joe vs. Rude for the CWA World itself.

And then there was Kitty. A woman who was both an object of obsession and macabre lover, and an object of hate, all rolled into one. When Johnny thought back to all that had transpired between he and Maverick....the more he wondered about how his actual feelings toward Kitty were. For the longest time, she was simply a means to an end. A person with which Rude could use to hurt Brett, who deserved every bit of pain and suffering he had ever endured. The sex aside, what was she to him? Why did she so willingly come to his defense? Was it a matter of hurting Brett? Or did she actually care for him? If she did...why?

His mind was busy, alright. It had to be. He had to do something to distract himself from the dull time while waiting for a verdict. Sure, he considered talking to Samantha. But why? She had done SUCH a piss poor job of defending him that, had they been under different circumstances, he may as well have tossed her out of a window. Maybe he'd get a chance, one day? Now THERE was a comforting thought. It was short lived, as all pleasant thoughts are. Because the fear crept in again. And with it came uncertainty. His future was, quite literally, up in the air. He hated it.

What would he do if he was found guilty? Kill himself? Abandon Holland to the whims of an institution whose operator despises him? Or spend every waking hour in fear until one day someone slit his throat during lunch? Or while he was taking a shower? No, that wasn't a life at all. The silence was soon broken. The door swung open and the Baliff stood in the doorway.

Baliff: The jury have reached a verdict.

Rude: Oh, wow. That only took what...six hours?

Samantha: Hey, be thankful. I've heard of it going on for days.

Baliff: Your presence is needed.

And so, they were ushered inside. Everyone in the courtroom stood as the jury entered the courtroom. Johnny tried to get some kind of bead off of them. Sadly, they were fairly unreadable, save for the general nerves and jitters. Nothing useful. Dissappointed, he took his seat after everyone else. A member of the jury rose and read from a paper.

Juror Foreman: After careful deliberation...we, the people have decided that in the case of The State of Illinois vs. Johnathan B. Wilson...we are undecided.

Kristina: What?!

The people in the court began to chatter. Rude was sure that Maverick, Storm, and god knows who else would be LIVID when they heard the news. Good for them, the motherfuckers. May they rot in Hell.

Judge: In light of this, I've no other option than to declare this a mistrial. Unless Ms. Davidson came come up with more evidence, I declare this case finished and Mr. Wilson freed to go.

Kristina didn't speak. Her mind was already working on what that evidence might be. This clearly wasn't over....or so it seemed. Whether or not it would be, only time would tell.

A feeling of elation overcame The Antichrist Superstar. He had beat the system. He laughed out loud in joy and actually grabbed a hold of his attourney. He shoved his tongue into her mouth and grabbed a handful of her rear. There would be a sexual harrassment suit in the future, but he didn't care. Rude pulled away and when he did, he was slapped.

Rude: God, Samantha, you're an ugly bitch but I WOULD TOTALLY put it on you for all you've done.

Samantha: Save it, bastard!

Rude: ...I deserved that.

The handcuffs were taken off of him. His wrists stung, but it was good. The pain was a sharp reminder that, after a month and half of the most physical and emotional roller coaster he had ever been on...he was a free man. And it was all thanks to one juror. One juror who his associates managed to talk to. A little money and a promise of a college education for his kids was all it took. Of course, there was no telling the guy would go for it. He was decent enough, resisted for quite some time. Rude supposed, in the end, that all worked out for the best.

He stepped out of the court room, escorted by his lawyer and a few guards. Moonlight shone into the court house as the doors swung open. Rude walked out and was immediately greeted by a throng of people. Normally, this would annoy him. Not this time. Now, he was happy to see them. To see anything that reminded him of one small fact: He was free.

Press member: Johnathan Wilson, may I get a word?

Rude: It's Johnny FUCKING Rude, understand?

Press Member 2: Mr. Rude, do you have a comment about the result of your trial?

Rude: As a matter of fact....I do.

Press Member 2: And what would that be?

Rude paused and smiled. The world laid open to him. A land of possibilities. He saw now, more clearly than ever, just what freedom meant. He was in the land of opportunity. The greatest land of them all.


The End....for now.

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