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DETAILS: This match welcomes back the NWA chain-link cage, but with yet another twist. EACH turnbuckle has a one-time-use button attached – all three turnbuckles on all four corners. The FIRST TIME ONLY each button is pressed, five thousand volts of electricity shoot through the cage. Escape the cage to win - but have fun trying to climb out before your opponent can press a button.

And if the match wasn’t already exciting enough, both of the contestants for this match have put a little something extra on the line. Storm’s Superstar Championship versus Control of The Network for one month. That’s right, if Haley wins, she not only advances, she becomes Superstar Champion. But if Storm wins, he advances AND becomes the leader of The Network for one month.

RP RULES: All King of the Cage tournament matches are seventy-two hours with a three posts per day hard cap. In addition, there is a two hour continuation rule, meaning that one wrestler may not post back-to-back flashes until at least two hours has passed from the posting time of the first flash.

RP JUDGES: Krusher/Mr. Francis I. Cartier- Tiebreaker Living Deadgirl

July 5 2009

12:41 PM

"So you stood up and can now be counted amoung the faithful. Emissary and I are proud to have you." Storm said smiling as he held his cellphone to his ear.

"Then you were pleased with my work?" The voice on the other end asked.

"We were more then pleased. I know this will be hard for you but this is what Karma has asked of you and you have answered. You've earned your place amoung the righteous."

"And I take that place with all the honor that comes with it." The voice said with a hint of anticaption. "We will change the world."

"Yes we will my young friend. Are you ready to take the next step?"

"I...I am."

"I detect hesitation in your voice. Are you worried about the repercussions of your next action?" Storm asked in a soothing tone.

"I will stay the course, stay true to our beliefs."


"You know what will happen. You know the cost." The voice said

"I do" Storm said calmy. "And although it will cause me pain, Krama demands it, and thus I'm willing to pay the cost. Are you my young friend?"

"Yes....Yes I am." The voice replied with no reservation.

"Good. Then be ready. You'll know when your time comes."

"I'll be ready."

Storm flips the cellphone closed with a smile.


1:54 PM

In the back of a limo parked next to the Fox News Arena Loading Dock. Storm stares across the back of the limo looking at the person seated before him in the shadows. He picks up the silver haliburton next to him on the seat and holds it out. A gloved hand comes out of the shadow and takes it.

"Members of the IKI have made sure the Arena is clear. You know exactly where to put this. You remember the spot?"

"Of course I do" said the voice in the shadow. "I'll take care of it, Don't worry."

"Are you sure this is what you want to do? You understand the implications if it comes to light that you helped me?"

"I know exactly what I'm doing. Trust me, I could care less if she finds out. I may even brag about it after you defeat her." The voice said with a sadistic confidence.

"Good, Then take your leave and do it."

Once the person is on thier way, Storm orders the limo to take off.


4:17 PM

Emissary sits in a leather recliner with his feet up, crutches leaning on the nearby wall, His cellphone plastered to his ear.

"Nathan, It's Emissary....I need a report."

"It's been handled sir. The package is in our possesion. We're returning home."

"Excellent Nathan. What we do on this night will be remembered for eternity. Tonight we take the first large step in our battle to make a better world."

"I couldn't agree more sir. Thank you for trusting me with this assignment."

"Nathan, You are our most trusted and loyal follower. Storm and I trust you with our lives. No need to thank us. Just make sure you get the package here on time."

"It will be done Sir."

Emissary hangs up the phone as Storm walks into the Karmic Legacy suite.

Emissary grinned. "Nathan has the package."

"Then we're all set. Everything is ready." Storm said with a bit of a grin. "Tonight we make history."


9:30 PM

Inside the Fox News Arena


Storm sits alone in the back of the locker room, head tilted back, eyes closed. His mind is clear, focused on one thing and one thing only. Haley. Although not part of the 7 sinners that he and Emissary baited, Haley was not without her own sin. She was point of fact a combination of quite of few of the seven deadly sins. Haley was Greed. A woman of wealth and power, Each day of her life was struggle to gain more and more. Nothing would ever be enough for her insatiable appetite.. Haley was Lust, Known for years to use her good looks and female charms to get what she wanted. She was Pride, Always quick to speak to any that would listen about her greatness, Her vanity towards her own self imagine. She was envy, Coveting the things she didn't have or possess.

It was one of the reasons Jason had chose her as his first round opponent. The other was her connection to Eve who's sin of sloth was perhaps the greatest sin of all those with a target on them. All of these sins, The connection to Eve, combined with her nature ability made her a formadible foe. Haley was never one to be taken lightly. Not all her success could be attributed to her sins. Storm knew well to remember that tonight.

This meeting between the two would not come without a hefty price. Genocide, the husband of Haley and the long time trusted friend of Storm would be caught in the middle. On one side bound to the love he held for his wife. On the other side bound by loyalty to his freind of more then 10 years. Jason held no illusions that when this night was over, His friendship with Genocide would likely come to an abrupt and savage end. Although it weighed on him greatly, Sometimes you must make sacrifices to achieve your goals.

If the price for Karma was Genocide, Storm was willing to pay it. The truth was Storm, Like Emissary believed in thier cause so much, So sure were they that this was what must be done to save the world from itself, They'd be willing to do anything and give up anyone to be succesful.

Storm finally sat up and opened his eyes to find Nathan sitting across from him. The large man looked on the co-leader of Karmic Legacy and bowed his head slightly. He then reached forward and placed his hand on Storm's shoulder.

"Look not for pity, no. I am the heartless man." Storm said with the utmost conviction.

"You are" Nathan replied. "It's almost time sir, Can I get you anything?"

"No, thank you Nathan, I'd just like to be alone for a little while longer."

"Yes Sir. We'll be waiting for you when you're ready."

Nathan rose and walked back up towards the front of the suite. Jason sat back again and closed his eyes once more. He would take the next few minutes to think about Geno. He would reflect on all the good times they shared, All the success, All the failure, and all the laughs they had, for after tonight it would likely be no more.


THE Megasuite, where else? Haley had just gotten a call on her cell phone. A call from someone which gave her important information. Information which up until her attack the other day wouldnt have been detected. The answer she received was both shocking and suprising. But she knew it had to be true. Her contact wasnt going to fail her. She began pacing the room. Not nervous, but annoyed. Annoyed because this was another problem in her personal life.

She looked over at her husband, Genocide. Their relationship was one for movies. Engaged on a whim, engaged for all the wrong reasons. Geno and Haley never planned on getting married at that moment. Haley, saying yes not only to ensure Geno would resume his Executive Captain role in the Network but also because of the size of the diamond he showed her. And Geno asking because he wanted to see just how far Haley would go to obtain his services. But that seems like years ago at this point as the Power Couple have fallen in love and despite some small bumps in the road have been rock solid as a couple.

Haley waited in the corner of the room now. Waiting next to the fax machine.

Genocide: You're making me nervouse, babe.

Haley: Just wait there, Jason. Because you're not going to like this ONE bit.

Genocide: How does this involve me? I have my own match to worry later this week. Hey, you don't think they'll let me win via countout in a cage match, do you?

Haley sighed and smiled. Geno was half serious but his joke took her mind off the night for just one second. Then, the fax came through. It was an image.

Genocide: Don't people usually use camera phones or emails these days?

Haley: My contact couldnt.

Genocide: Why don't I even know about your contact?

Haley: Because you're too close to the enemy.

Genocide: Haley, I told you a million times. Storm and I are friends and I can easily separate that from my relationship with you. I hardly evene hang out with him and...

Haley handed the picture to Geno while he was in mid-sentence. His eyes scanned it and his face turned from curiousity to one of anger.

Genocide: What the.....

Haley: Yeah, so now YOU tell me. Wouldn't a so-called friend of yours ask you before allowing this?

Genocide: It has to be some sort of mistake.

Haley: It's not.

Genocide: But...how? Why?

Haley: Because he's a lost soul. And I'm sure Storm and Emissary told him things he wanted to hear.

Genocide: I'll kill him.

Haley: I'll do it for you.

Haley went into her office and sat down. She was expecting one more phone call. So much was going on this past week. Isabel was still missing as the Baboon carried her off. Haley had hoped she got away and was just on a usual binge, banging random men for drugs. But there was one other person who hadnt reached out to her in days. Someone she grew fond of and who changed for the better.

On cue, her phone rang....she looked at the caller ID and smiled

Haley: Johnny?

Johnny XS: Hey cuz *sniffle*

Haley: Where have you been? We need you more than ever.

Johnny XS: I've been around. Alyssa flew to Spain so I've been doing my own thing in the last few days.

Haley: Well, send her my best. Where are you?

Johnny XS: Right here in town. Look I got your messages and my answer is...yes! But give me time. Storm won't let me into his world easily. I've known the man for nine years almost. He's as careful as he is manipulative.

Haley: I know...but you need to reach out to him today sometime.

Johnny XS: In one hour. Relax, it's me, Johnny. *sniffle*

Haley: Ok thanks. And Geno says hi.

Johnny XS: *sniffle* Tell him the same.

Haley: And get that cold checked out, will ya?

XS chuckles and hangs up on Haley. Haley leans back, hoping her cousin can do what he says. He's really changed and has proven it. And in the last six months, he's been a man of honor and more importantly, a man of his word.

Random Penthouse suite, not far from the arena.


Johnny XS: I said stop hogging all the shit

Isabel: Oh quiet, you. You owe me.

Johnny XS: Owe you what? This better not be about when you were 16 and my friend de-virginized you.

Isabel: One more line, or I call Haley and tell her EVERYTHING

Johnny XS: *sigh* God, I hate you.


Storm was now in front of his IKI members. All were quiet, knowing Storm would soon be addressing them. Their numbers have grown markedly in the past few weeks. From just a handful to now almost a hundred. New recruits coming in daily. It was something Storm and Emissary were proud of. Their words were not falling upon deaf ears and while the rest of the wrestling world hated them for what they stood for, they knew their work was not a waste of time. Others believed. And that's what Nathan had expressed to them. Make them believe.

Storm looked across the room and was ready to speak. He was thrilled that the IKI had purchased blocks of tickets, giving them practically the entire front section of the arena. He smiled and was set to begin, when....

The door bursted open and IKI member Paul shouted.

Paul: One of our buses caught on fire.

Storm: *chuckles* Paul, Paul. It's ok. Material posessions can be replaced.

Paul: No, you don't understand. There were twenty six of us on it. I...was the only to survive. I crawled out after the bus was sideswiped and tipped over. The fire spread fast and....

Storm: Be calm, Paul. How did this happen?

Paul: A limo came right at us...it was all so fast. I can't believe it. They're all....dead.

Storm: Do you remember anything about the limo? Paul, this is very important.

Paul: One thing. The liscense plate read something like "Notwork"

Storm: *shakes head* Well, sit down, Paul. Well get through this.

The other IKI members were now talking amongst themselves. Wondering how their brothers died? Who hit them? And if they suffered? Storm needed to calm them all down before questioning Paul. He cleared his throat and began..

Storm: My brothers. What happened to our friends, our brothers, was a travesty. But I assure you, they are now in a better place. We will not let this obvious homocide go without retribution. I know who did this. I know from what Paul has said, that it was Haley and the Network. Haley fears us. She fears me. And more importantly, she fears what we stand for. When we succeed, wrestlers like her will no longer be around. They will either evolve, or become extinct.

Now, Paul here, is a sign. A sign that miracles happen to those who believe in the cause.

Later tonight, I will go into that cage. And I will NOT let the deaths of our brothers be for naught. Tonight, I...no, WE shall overcome this. And WE shall prove that Karma will succeed.

The IKI members applaud Storm's words before he walks off stage with Paul. He puts his arms around the young man and whispers in his ear.

Storm: Are you ok, son?

Paul: Never better.


July 5th, 2009


With his arm still around Paul's shoulder, Storm led the young man into a side room. Emissary hobbled in on his crutches followed closely by Nathan who shut the door behind him. Storm escorted the young man over to the table in the center of the room and pulled a chair out for him. Paul took as seat as Storm patted him on the shoulder.

"You are a very lucky young man Paul. Are you sure you're ok?" Storm asked with what sounded like genuine concern.

"I'm just rattled, The whole thing was horrible Sir....Just horrible."

"I'm sure it was. Now please don't misunderstand me when I ask you this but I have to ask. How is it you managed to escape but the rest of our brothers didn't?"

"I don't know. I really don't...."

Nathan spoke up with a hint of anger in his voice "He was driving the bus Sir, That's how he managed to get away."

"Is that so?" Jason said faking soft wonder. "I guess it's easy to save oneself when you're right near the door huh?"

"Well yes.....But I tried, I really tried to save the others. It was just over so fast." Paul said now visably shaken.

Storm walked up behind Paul and placed a hand on his shoulder. "It's even easier to save yourself when you're the one who set them up isn't it Paul"

"What?! I....I would never....I mean I had nothing to do with it Sir! I....I......"

Emissary cut him off with Venom in his voice. "Cut the bullshit son, We know about you and what you've been up to."

Storm nodded and before Paul knew what hit him, Nathan had ripped Paul out of the chair and pinned him to the wall. Jason walked over next to Nathan and looked dead in Paul's eyes.

"Did you really think we wouldn't find out? Do you think I earned a name from my peers like "Manipulative Bastard" because I'm stupid? I know who you've been working for son."

"But sir.....I...." Nathan shoved his forearm into the kids throat cutting off most of his air. "I....*gasp*.....I....*wheeze*..."

Emissary stood up and walked over next to Nathan on one crutch. "We know you work for Haley and The Network. We know you've been feeding Her information. Did you think we wouldn't find out?"

"You got one chance to come clean son or Nathan here is going to beat you near to death, Then when you can barely breathe, He's going to feed you to the rest of the IKI waiting in the room next door. This is your chance, I wouldn't piss it away."


Nathan dropped Paul on the floor and took a step back. The young man rubbed his throat and then looked up at the three men standing over him.

"How....how did you......find out?"

Storm chuckled and then knelt down in front of Paul. "Do you think we let anyone just wonder in off the street and join the IKI? Nathan here use to be a Detective with the NYPD. He does all of our extensive background checks. He checks everything including bank accounts and cellphone records. You think you've been sending Haley vital information but the truth is, We've been handling you for quite some time."


July 5th, 2009

12:39 PM

Storm sits in the main Office of Kramic Legacy staring at his cellphone. Outside the arena in the KL Limo, Emissary waits in the back. He too stares at his cellphone. Both men wait for a signal from Nathan. Then as the clock rolls over to 12:41 PM. The text message arrives on both phones.

"He's right outside the door. You're a go. N"

In the limo, Emissary calls Storm and speaks with a nasal twang in his voice.

Storm: "So you stood up and can now be counted amoung the faithful. Emissary and I are proud to have you."

Emissary: "Then you were pleased with my work?"

Storm: "We were more then pleased. I know this will be hard for you but this is what Karma has asked of you and you have answered. You've earned your place amoung the righteous."

Emissary: "And I take that place with all the honor that comes with it. We will change the world."

Outside, Paul listens to the conversation taking notes so he can report to Haley. When the call is completed. Paul quickly ducks away from the room. He heads back into the bathroom making sure the coast is clear. He pulls out his phone to call Haley but Nathan walks in and spots him. Paul quickly jams the phone back into his pocket.

"There you are. I was looking for you."

"Well you found me, What can I do for you Nathan?"

"I need you to take some of the new recruits over to the Boys and Girls Club. I want you to hand out some of these tickets for the kids. We want them to have a front row seat so that these young minds can see what the IKI and Karmic Legacy are all about."

"I'll take care of it right away. I just need to use the bathroom first."

"Thanks Paul, Here are the keys to the bus."

Nathan tosses Paul the keys and then exits the bathroom. Paul waits for a few seconds and then pulls his cellphone out. He dials Haley's number.

"So Paul, what have you got?"

"I overheard Storm talking to someone on the phone and I'm positive whoever it is, They'll make an appearance during your match tonight."

"Who is it?"

"I'm not sure yet, I'll do some digging and get back to you as soon as I can. Nathan is sending me out to take a bus load of these Kool Aid drinking freaks to the Boys and Girls Club to give out free tickets. I shouldn't be gone more then an hour."

"A busload of IKI recruits huh? That gives me an idea. The Boys And Girls Club is on 5th street so here is what I want you to do. Take those idiots over there, Let them give thier tickets away. When you're done. I want you to take the bus to the corner of 20th street and Elm. It's nothing but a bunch of factories over there."

"Right, 20th and Elm, Got it. What are you going to do to them?"

"Nothing you need worry about, Let's just say sorrow is going to be the order of the day in the Karmic Legacy suite."

"You...You're going to kill them?"

"Are you out of your mind? You think I want my sweet ass in prison for life? Don't be a dolt Paul. Just do what I say and get to work on finding out who this suprise person is. I need to know like 5 minutes ago."

"You got it boss."

Outside the bathroom door, Nathan slips away quietly to find Storm and Emissary.


5:50 PM

"Now why don't you be a good boy Paul and tell us what really happened to our men."

"I told you....they...they died in the....."

"Cut the bullshit already!" Emissary said with anger in his voice. "Nathan was right outside the door when you spoke with Haley. Now tell us what she did to them or I let Nathan rip your eyes out!"

"She had a bunch of Network Security take them off the bus. She has them held up somewhere in an abandon factory over on 20th and Elm. Once they got them all off the bus they crashed a limo into it and set the whole thing on fire! I swear that's the truth!" Paul confessed keeping a twitchy eye on Nathan

"So then, Our men are unharmed?"

"As far as I know."

"That's very good news for you Paul. You may just make it home alive tonight after all." Storm said with a smirk.

"What....what are you going to do with me now?"

"What I do best Paul, I'm going to use you to manipulate Haley. You're going to fax her this."

Storm holds up a photo so Paul can see it.

"You want me to send Haley a photo of James Miller? But why? I thought Genocide was your friend! If I send this Genocide is going to hate you for it."

"Genocide is going to hate me when this night is over regardless. So I might as well use you and this to make Haley think this is going to happen."

Nathan yanks Paul up off the floor and takes him over to the fax machine. Storm hands him the picture. All eyes are on Paul as he punches in Haley's fax number and sends the photo off.


5:59 PM

Haley's Office.

Haley handed the picture to Geno while he was in mid-sentence. His eyes scanned it and his face turned from curiousity to one of anger.

Genocide: What the.....

Haley: Yeah, so now YOU tell me. Wouldn't a so-called friend of yours ask you before allowing this?

Genocide: It has to be some sort of mistake.

Haley: It's not.

Genocide: But...how? Why?

Haley: Because he's a lost soul. And I'm sure Storm and Emissary told him things he wanted to hear.

Genocide: I'll kill him.

Haley: I'll do it for you.

Genocide: This has to be a mistake. Storm wouldn't recruit my own son into Karmic Legacy.

Haley: I hate to break it to you baby but that's exactly what he did. Paul is one of my must trusted contacts. His information has been spot on. It kills me to be the one to show you this but believe it. Your son is now with Karmic Legacy and he's going to show the world that tonight during my match with Storm. You have to be ready to deal with this.

Genocide: Believe me.....I'll deal with this and Storm just fine.


6:05 PM

Karmic Legacy Office.

"What do you want me to do with this piece of shit sir?" Nathan asked calmly.

"Take him outside and feed him to the rest of the troops." Storm said with yet another smirk.

"NO!! YOU SAID IF I HELPED YOU I COULD GO FREE!" Paul screamed in a near Panic.

"Damn it....I did say that didn't I? *Sigh* Fine.....Nathan, Search him, then take him to one of the back rooms and lock him up. He might provide useful later. Just make sure you and a few of the troops are with him. I don't want to risk him having any more contact with Haley tonight if we can avoid it."

Storm tosses Nathan Paul's cellphone and then watches along with Emissary as Nathan drags him out of the room.

"So....You think this is going to work?" Emissary asked.

"Maybe....Maybe not. Haley is alot of things but stupid isn't one of them. We'll see how it plays out."


9:35 PM

Karmic Legacy Suite.


Storm looks himself over in the miror. He checks his taped fists again and then looks in the full length mirror. Time was growing short and soon the battle would begin. He lets out a sigh and takes one final moment to think of the good times he's shared with his friend of 10 years. Then he crushes those memories. With all the things he's fed Haley, all the things he would do to her tonight, When the sun rose tommorrow, Jason would have a new mortal enemy for life.

Because Karma demands it.



Haley had her cell phone flipped open and kept pressing redial. Straight to voicemail. Again...same outcome.

Genocide: I don't think he's going to answer.

Haley: He better.

She was trying to reach Paul and was afraid that something might of happened to him. It's been a few hours since he checked in and Haley thought the worst. But moments later, her cell phone rang and she looked at the screen.

Haley: Thank god.


Paul: Hey Haley, sorry I couldnt answer before. We had a meeting.

Haley: And what was it about?

Paul: Just James and....

Nathan: *glares at Paul*

Paul: and the usual crap. Nothing new to report really.

Haley: Ok Paul. You did well. Report back when you can.

Paul: *looks at Nathan*

Nathan: *whispers* Tell her ok

Paul: No problem. I'll see you soon. *click* So you're letting me free?

Nathan: No, but it will buy us enough time for Haley to THINK you're coming back to her.

Paul: *gulp*


Karmic Legacy suite. The security team opens the door for a guest. The guest looks around the room, looking at all of the IKI members. He shook his head, and stood there, waiting.

Storm: Ok, this is either a joke or...

Johnny XS: It's no joke, man. I'm here to wish you luck tonight.

Storm: What happened to the NEW Johnny XS? Mister preacher, mister too good to be true.

Johnny XS: Well, yeah. I guess you can say I kinda fell off the wagon since the wedding. Been dabbling in the white stuff again.

Storm: Well Johnny, I'm not paying for your habit. So why are you here?

Johnny XS: Look, we go back a long ways. And while Im still friends with Geno too, Haley is still the raging cunt she has always been.

Storm: Ok, we agree there.

Johnny XS: And...she wanted me to come to you. Proclaim that I want to join up with you...all that bullshit.

Storm: She can't be that foolish.

Johnny XS: She's grasping at straws. Trust me. *sniffles* You have her reeling with the whole new member thing. She has people gathering up into any which way possible.

Storm: Thanks Johnny, but we already have all of this covered.

Johnny XS: No, I don't think you do, man. Paul's not the only one. You better round up the IKI. Because Paul is of your least concerns.

Storm: Excuse me?

Johnny XS: Look, I'm not bullshitting you.

Storm: And what if you are? What if Haley put you up to this?

Johnny XS: Why the fuck would I listen?

Storm: Because blood is thicker than water.

Johnny XS: My family's blood is tainted, Jason. There's a lot of shit you guys don't know about. And things between my parents, Haley's mom, the siblings...it's all fucked. Has been since before we started in the business. Look, Haley failing...it's weird...but it brings joy to my soul. I can't explain it. But it does. Last year when I worked with her....god that was painful. But I did it only to benefit myself and Geno.

Storm: Ok Johnny. Ok.

Storm and XS get up, and Storm begins walking XS out with his hand on his shoulder.

Storm: Just let me know if you get any more "info"

Johnny XS: Sure.

He opens the door and XS turns to him.

Storm: One more thing.

Johnny XS: What's up?

Storm: Tell Haley I said she'll have to do better than that. Pffft, infultrated my ass. Nice try Johnny. Enjoy riding her coattails. You disappointed me, old friend.


XS stood outside, dumbfounded. Storm didnt believe him. He turned and walked off as the IKI security guards stood outside the door.

Back at the Megasuite, time was ticking. Haley's cell phone was ringing off the hook. Meanwhile, in the other room, Genocide was laying into his son.

Genocide: THIS is what you do to me, son?

James: What are you talking about?

Genocide: You don't like that I married Haley. You don't like how I took the World Title from you. And you don't like how you'll be in my shadow. So now you figure Storm and Emo can take you places you've never been. You think Karmic Legacy cares about you?

James: Huh? I havent gotten a call from them. Just because your half a whore wife is paranoid, you think that....


James held his cheek after his father instinctively slapped him across the face. This wasnt a slap because of words or because of how he hated Haley. That was pure father-son slappage.

Genocide: Listen to me and listen good. I'm your father. And what Storm and Emissary have going...that's not for you. Trust me. They're playing mind games with the followers. Attracting weak-minded people to join their bullshit cause. And now YOU are not only making ME look bad by joining, but you're putting YOUR future in jeopardy.

James: One..don't EVER slap me like I'm ten again. Two, I'm not lying to you. I could care less about their beliefs and all that Karmic crap they ramble about.

Genocide: I wasnt born yesterday, son. But listen up and listen good. When Karmic Legacy is all said and done...and it will be done, James. They ALL fall eventually. Storm can't keep something going without getting bored for more than a year, tops. So then what? You get kicked to the curb, nobody to stand by you. You think I can sit by and let that happen?

James: Nothing is happening. I'm not joining them and that's it.

James stands up and is about to leave.

Genocide: You better do the right thing Jimmy. Right by me, right by our family and right for YOU.

James: Whatever.

Haley was listening to the convo from the door, pressing her ear against it. She quickly moved back and allowed her husband and son-n-law to exit the room. She saw the frustration in Geno's face and the lack of concern in James' face.

Genocide: Everything is going to be fine, babe.

Haley: And how is that?

Genocide: I talked some sense into my son, here.

Haley: Sure sure.

James: You're both insane. And at this point, I hope Storm stomps you. Good BYE

Haley was about to lunge at James but realized it wouldnt do either her or Geno any good. She turned to her husband for some comforting words.

Genocide: He's denying everything.

Haley: But what do you think?

Genocide: Gutt feeling? He's telling the truth. But there's a small piece of me which thinks he's brainwashed.

Haley: Ok, I'll have someone follow him then. Thanks babe.

The Power couple share a hug and kiss but the cute moment is cut short by Haley's phone ringing once again.

Haley: Johnny, it's...

Johnny XS: I know who it is. I have caller I.D.

Haley: Eww, no need to be snotty. Look, did you go to Storm?

Johnny XS: Nope, not yet.

Haley: And why not?

Johnny XS: Busy. Look I'll go soon and let you know. *click*

Haley: That sonofabitch. Being short with ME.


Somewhere on the other side of the arena, about an hour before the card is set to begin.

Kieran Crowe: I don't understand why.

Accolade: Why? Cause dat bitch has disrespected me fo da last time.

Kieran Crowe: So we'll get her another time, another place.

Accolade: Fuck dat shit man. Racist dogs. A racist baboon? You know how far mah people had to fight to stop bein called monkeys and shit? DAT right there is full blown DIS-RESPECT!

Kieran Crowe: I'm not disagreeing that she's not a racist bitch. But this...this could very well kill her.

Accolade: And?

Kieran Crowe: And that's like...illegal, dude.

Accolade: Look man. I need'jyo help on dis shit. I can't do it alone.

Kieran Crowe: I...

Accolade: Aftah all I did fo you?

Ouch, the guilt card. Crowe knew that Accolade got his ass kicked quite a few times for Crowe. And it was now time to return the favor.

Accolade: Well?

Kieran Crowe: Ok ok ok. What do you need me to do?

Accolade: Get to the ring and put deez on each side of da cage.

Kieran Crowe: What are they?

Accolade: Dayum, nigga. I will tell yo white ass afta. Just put on a disguise to get down there, ok? I gotta get up to da control room. Meet me back here at ten sharp.


Moments before the card was to begin, Haley was standing quietly in front of the mirror. A hundred thoughts went through her mind at this point. Her sister, her cousin, her husband, his son. Not to mention Paul. She hoped things went smoothly tonight but it was wrestling.

Things never go as smoothly as one would think. Deep down she knew she was in for the fight of all fights. A match which put someone's beliefs against someone who not only seeked revenge but wanted to prove a point.

Eve: Babes, wanted to wish you good luck tonight.

Haley: Thanks Eve. Storm is finally going to get what he deserves.

Eve: Just be safe out there.

Haley: I always am.

And with that, Haley walked away from Eve. Soon enough, she'd have traveled to hell and back inside an electrofied cage.



Eve watches as Haley walks away. Haley, the last person Eve has left now that Chance has walked away. Sure, Chance has told Eve to trust her, that things would work out, and Eve has been trying to do just that.

But it's proven a lot harder than she'd thought it would be. While she'd been standing there with Chance right in front of her smiling, it had been easy enough to agree to whatever Chance had said. But alone in that bedroom, wanting nothing more than her best friend to be there with her, it happened. For the first time since the day she and Chance had met, Eve needed her SBFF... and her SBFF wasn't there.

That's when the realization hit her that someone MUST have either convinced her or forced her to make this decision. Chance would NEVER leave on her own. And so, when Johnny had approached to ask if he could help, Eve had talked him into teaching her some of his more ... extreme techniques.

And when she found out who had got to Chance, that fucker would pay.

But what if whoever it was wasn't just after Chance? What if there was some kind of plot to destroy The HOT Girls? What if Haley was the next target?

Eve's eyes narrow as the thought strikes her.

Haley might just be in trouble.

But what whoever is targeting her doesn't realize is that Eve is going to be there waiting, and when that person shows their face to strike, they aren't going to get an OMG or a little pepper spray.

Somebody's getting themselves a brand new second asshole - Eve's gonna rip it herself.

Walking out into the kitchen, Eve starts searching for a bottle she can use. Johnny had taught her how to make a shank out of a bottle, and she's going to be ready.

Several wine bottles recline in the rack on the kitchen counter and Eve picks the oldest, dustiest looking one. If it's been sitting there long enough to collect dust, somebody prolly decided it wasn't worth drinking and just left it there to rot. It had been sitting there so long, prolly nobody even remembered buying it.


Eve grabs the bottle and slams it against the counter. And then slams it again. And then again.

Eve: Grrr! Johnny must have some kind of trick or something... rawr!

Eve looks up, a little bit shocked at the growl. She'd thought all the after-effects of her last run-in with Psycho Mantis had worn off, but apparently at least one of them had popped back up. Oh well, not like her saying rawr was really all that annoying.

She slams the bottle against the counter again, and Geno, hearing the commotion - and the rawr - and being a little inquisitive walks in.

Eve: Hi, Geno Bear. Rawr!

Geno: Rawr? Umm... look Eve. You're a beautiful girl, and if I wasn't married, well, yeah, it would really get me going to hear you say rawr. But I am married, and you're kinda sorta seeing my buddy Alan, so I think we should probably keep our relationship on the good buddy level, okay?

Eve: *blank stare* Huh? I just said Hi. Rawr.

Geno: Ohhh... so that wasn't ... ooookay. So, what are you doing?

Eve: Making a shank so I can protect Haley from whoever is trying to destroy The HOT Girls. Rawr.

Geno: Someone's trying to destroy The HOT Girls? Rawr? Dammit! Now I'm doing it.

Eve: *nods* They already got to Chance - talked her into quitting. What if Haley's next? I will NOT let it happen, Geno Bear. I'm gonna find out who got to Chance, and I'm gonna gut them, and then I'm gonna feed them their guts with my bare hands.

Geno: Well, I'm glad it wasn't me. You know, bottles break easier if you empty them first.

Eve: *big smile* THANKS! I KNEW there had to be some kind of trick Johnny Bear forgot to tell me. Rawr.

Geno: You're welcome, sweetheart. Now... wait! WHAT have- awwwww...

Geno watches in shock as Eve pops the cork on the bottle of wine and pours the dark liquid into the sink.

Geno: That was my last bottle of Chateau Margaux. Five hundred bucks down the drain.

Eve: This bottle cost five hundred dollars? And you just let it sit there and get all dusty? Rawr?

Geno: Yeah, that bottle was fourteen years old. Just ready to drink.

Eve: Fourteen YEARS? Ewwwww... hadn't it rotted by now? That's just Guh-ROSS Geno Bear. Rawr.

Geno: It's ... actually it does sound kinda gross when you put it that way. But it's good, trust me. Next time I open a bottle you can try it. Now, since you already poured the wine out, see how that shank making goes now.

Eve slams the bottle down on the counter once more, and this time was rewarded with a satisfying shattering sound. Her smile broadens until she's beaming from ear to ear, and she rushes Geno, wrapping her arms around him - careful not to shank him with her new weapon.

Eve: Thank you, Geno Bear! You're the best EVER! I love you, and I promise that I'm not gonna let anything bad happen to Hales. Rawr!

Geno: You just be careful, Eve. I know you've had a hard month, and Chance leaving must have been the whipped cream on your shit sundae, but don't let thing blind you, okay?

Eve: Don't worry about me, Geno Bear. If you have to worry, worry about whoever is going after the HOT Girls, because that fucker is going to DIE.

Geno: Ummm... woah. I've never seen this side of you before. And what happened to the rawr?

Eve: *shrugs* I don't know. Rawr.

Geno: Just remember, kiddo, Haley and I are always here for you. Okay?

Eve: I know, Geno Bear. Thanks. You and Hales have just been awesome and I love you both. But I have to kill whoever is trying to break The HOT Girls apart, and then I have to get Chance back.

Geno: Baby girl, Chance isn't gone. She just needs some time to think. And there went the rawr again. Weird.

Eve nods, giving Geno one last hug and a peck on the cheek before heading out to start her search for whoever was trying to break up the HOT Girls - and to watch Haley's back.

It was time. Chance was ready to start the plan the pieces were in place for the plan to start. All she needed to do was start it. Walking out of the bedroom she made her way alone the hall way, and pulled a book out of a bookcase. The Book said on the cover “So you want to be a super villain” the bookcase slid to the side as Chance walked into it.

The lights came on as it slid back into place. She walked down a flight of starts and entered a “control center which was manned by Emma and five other non description people all wearing shirts that said “SBI” The acronym for the Storm Blows up Initiative

Chance: Number one status report?

Emma:Well Storm has mad no move yet Max is “delivering the package”, and everything is going as we want!

Chance:*blank stare* I thought he was going to rig the ring steps to blow up? Where did the package come from?

Emma: Chance, the explosives ARE the package. I was using code...

Chance: That is smart!

Emma: Thank you. Now, Max is putting the final touches on his part of the plan, and then we'll be in GO mode.

Chance: Excellent! Now where is my white cat? And my cool chair and table? I want to sit there and stroke it, and look at the monitors....

Emma: We couldn't get the cat....

Chance:WHAT How can I be a true villain without that. I have a super awesome flat screen, but NO cat!

Emma: Calm down, Chance. I will personally make sure there's a cat here in time for the party.

Chance: Good make it So Number one!

Emma: *sigh* Aye aye, umm.. Ma'am.

Chance: Wait there is a party? Would that not like ruin the “hidden lair?”

Emma: When I said party, I meant the explosion. Not an actual party.

Chance: Ohhh right code your like ROCKING this whole right hand of EVIL thing babes. Everyone lets give Emma a hand as she is like the BEST number one EVER! Yay Emma!

Emma: Chance, focus please.

Chance:On what?

Emma: The plan. Focus on the plan.

Chance: Oh yeah the plan! Everyone gather around the table it's time to go over “The plan”

Emma: Do we really need six people to press a button on a remote?

Chance: No, but I want to use the table!

Emma: *sigh* Okay, fine.

Chance takes her seat at the head of the table, and looks at her goons and then Emma. Emma looks back and then whispers in her ear which button will bring up the three D map. The lights in the room drop as a rather impressive 3D map shows up...

Chance: OMG this RAWKS!

Emma: It is pretty impressive, isn't it?

Chance: Yeah it is so when do we watch Storm blow up? I can't wait!

Emma: Well, you have to wait until he's in position, babes. Then you just press the button. Remember?

Chance: Oh yeah!

Chance is about to press the button when she sees a hand shoot up. She stops and then nods at him as she takes a sip off her drink through her “crazy straw:

Goon 1: Ummm why are we blowing up Storm?

Chance: Good question...Emma?

Emma: This is the first step in our retribution for what Storm did to Eve.

Chance: Yeah! I agree..

Goon 2: I thought you and Eve split? What do we care about that anymore?

Chance: He has a point...

Goon 2: Thank you!

Chance hits a button and the floor opens under goon 2 as his chair dumps him out, and then the floor seals it's self.

Chance:Any other questions?

Emma: I think that pretty much takes care of everything.

Chance: Awesome! So how do I blow up Storm again?

Emma: Focus, please? Just wait until he gets in position and press this button right here

Chance: The RED one?

Emma: No, the green one with the little pink hearts. Do you SEE another button besides the red one?

Chance: Yeah what does the red one do?

Emma: *mutters to self* Happy thoughts Emma, happy thoughts*ahem* The red one is the one you press when you're ready for Storm to blow up.

Chance: Good thinking Number one! Now start the model!

Chance watches with glee as “model “Storm prances to the ring and then climbs the steps and then there is a boom and he falls backwards as the stairs fly into the air and then they land on his chest...

Chance: That RAWKS!

Emma: It does. Are you sure you want to do this?

Chance: YES Now get me a cat and make sure Bond is not on us!

Emma: I'm pretty sure Bond isn't coming.

Chance: Okay then!

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The whole federation is abuzz with the current King of the Cage matches, this is except Holly. Holly has no interest in them as she believes she was screwed out of a fair chance. Holly still has a match veto that she can use and she is saving it to try and get a spot in a tourney like this. The PB though in all there wisdom outlawed Match Veto's for the last card which screwed Holly out of the shot.

Holly has since lost sight of Mandy and having nothing else to do she decides to ruin this prticular match with a Polarity match. Holly doesn't care if Haley is getting ready for one of the biggest matches in her career or not. Holly has a chance to move to the number one contender spot for the X-Factor title.

John: Here we are for another round one match for the King of the Cage. This time it is Jason Storm vs Haley........... Hold on a minute?

Hank: Is that Holly?

John: It is and she has bought a referee. Is Holly expecting the Bloodsports champion out here or what.

Hank: I have no idea but she is getting into the cage. Jerry is following her and she has a microphone.

John: This shall be interesting.

Holly stands in the middle of the ring in the middle of the cage looking up at the ramp way. Holly has got everyone confused why she has bought a referee down here for this match.

Holly: I bet you were all wondering what is with Benito and why he is down with me.

John: It crossed my mind.

Hank: Mine as well.

Holly: The recent rankings were released and I am the number two contender to the X-Factor title.

John: Haley must be number one then.

Hank: Unless Holly just wanted to ruin the match.

John: Maybe. I don't have the rankings sheet yet.

Holly: Haley is the number one contender. YOU HAVE TEN SECONDS HALEY.

Benito rings the bell and this Polarity match begins.



Benito is slowly counting Haley out and the crowd are BOOing Holly when LDG appears on top of the ramp?

Holly: Here we go.

LDG: What are you doing?

Holly: As you can see I am in the middle of a rankings challenge. I am waiting for Haley and this has nothing to do with you.

Holly thinks about it for a moment.

Holly: Haley is apart of the HOT girls and I know you protect them and push them to title shots faster then other people.

LDG: This rankings challenge is invalid as you cannot have a Polarity rankings match during a card. Leave the ring Benito.

Benito stops the count at nine and quickly leave the ring. LDG is about to leave when Holly shouts out to her.

Holly: Protecting the HOT girls again I see.

LDG: This match is invalid as it is in the middle of the card.

Holly: A card are we? Where is my match.

LDG: It is a special card and you did not make the cut for the King of the Cage.

LDG turns to leave again and leaves Holly in the ring all alone.

Holly: There goes your Powerbase member protecting the HOT girls again. The HOT girls would be NOTHING without LDG behind the scenes pulling the strings.

Holly unhappy leaves the ring but stays at ringside. Storm has just gotten his cheer section for the match and ANY help he made need.


Haley sits in the megasuite watching the happenings in the ring.

Haley: I could've beaten her and still beaten Storm later.

LDG: I know but we put way to much work into this to be ruined by a simple rankings challenge.


Again, inside the Megasuite. Tensions are rising as Haley is moments away from getting to the ring. Eve was now gone and Genocide was left to himself. She looked in the mirror, finishing up her makeup when she turned to her husband for approval.

Haley: Well?

Genocide: Honestly?

Haley: Of course.

Genocide: I wish you'd of consulted me before offering up the Network to Storm. And for what? His Superstar title? It's not even the X-factor championship.

Haley: It's the point behind it.

Genocide: I think for one time in your life, you're letting personal vendettas getting in the way of good business.

Haley: Well, even I am allowed to slip up once in a while.

Genocide: Look, it's not that I don't think you can beat him. It's just an uneccessary distraction.

Haley: I call it motivation.

Genocide: Whatever you call it, it's still stupid.

Haley: Geno, you saw what he did to Eve. You heard how he shit on her verbally. I love that poor girl, dearly. She's like my little sister and when someone does that to my sister, I....

Genocide: What about Isabel?

Haley: She's my sister by blood. And that's a whole other story.

Genocide: I'm not standing behind your decision. And as Executive Captain....

They're interupted by a crew member opening the door.

Tech: Haley? It's time.

Haley: Bye babe. Wish me luck..

Geno smiled at her but he also wasnt going to stand by and let her possibly hand over the Network to Jason Storm. Geno already took steps to prevent that from happening. Of course, he didnt let Haley know. And hoped she would reconsider before the match. However, Haley's pride would NEVER allow that to happen. It would be a sign of weakness. A sign she was worried. And more importantly, a sign she wasn't as confident as she normally was.


Ringside, it was almost time for the Haley vs Storm matchup and the crew was setting up the cage. The walls of the cage were slowly being put in place as electricians were running the neccessary wires through the metal bars to ensure the proper amount of voltage would be sent through. But one man, well, he didnt belong. However, the hat and fake moustache allowed him to remain unkown. He calmly placed a small object on each side of the cage. It was clearly not C-4 or any other type of explosives but was something just as useful. Crowe was about to walk away from the cage when he was ordered by the head worker to check under the ring for his plyers.

Crowe: Nothing here, sir. *under breath* What is this?

[i]He pulls out a silver haliburton case from under the ring and opens it.

Crowe: Holy shit. Someone's going to die tonight, huh?

Worker: Got em?

Crowe: No, umm, nothing here.

Crowe looks at the timer on it and closes the case. He had other plans for it and more importantly, another victim. He scurried up the rampway and moments later he met up with Accolade.

Accolade: You did it?

Crowe: Yup, and look what I got?

Accolade: A Silver case?

Crowe: *flips it open* THIS

Accolade: Dayum! Motha-fuckin-explosive shit.

Crowe: Yup..found it ringside.

Accolade: Wait, you found it ringside and took it? Bitch! Why not keep it there so Haley goes KA-BOOM!

Crowe: I wanted to use it on Genocide.

Accolade: Fuck dat bitch. Tonight's about Haley.

Crowe: Nope, this one is for Geno.

Accolade: You best gimme dat case fool.


Two Karmic Legacy security guards were laid out. Now a bat was banging against the door. Finally, the door opened and Nathan answered.

Nathan: Yes? We're very busy here.

James Miller: Get Storm out here, RIGHT NOW!

Nathan: He's....

The youngster shoves the door open and holds the bat up to Nathan.

James Miller: I want him out here NOW. That phone call you guys asked me to do? Earlier today? Well now my father thinks I'm joining you.

Nathan: That he does. As does Haley.

James Miller: I want Storm to admit that I am NOT a part of Karmic Legacy. And never will be.

Nathan: Sure, he's right in there.

James turns to the door which Nathan pointed to and took a step. But Nathan got the jump on him and choked him out slowly. The bat fell to the floor and James was unconscious.

Nathan: Gerald, Timothy, get me the kit in the other room. Oh, and a IKI T-shirt too. James here is going to be our newest member tonight. Whether he likes it or not.


Emma: Chance? We have a small problem.

Chance: What is it? Can't you see I'm spinning in this totally EVIL chair.

Emma: Well if you consider the package being moved a problem, then yes.

Chance: Wha-wha-WHATTTTTTTTT?

Emma: A worker found it and carried it off.

Chance: Dammit! *pounds fist* So why are we still here? C'mon!!!


Backstage, Haley had arrived and watched Holly's attempt at a rankings challenge. Holly was walking back when she spotted Haley, chuckling at her expense.

Holly: Still scared? LDG can't protect you forever.

Haley: Scared? No. I'm just amuzed that you're such a little attention seeking cunt.

Holly lunged at Haley and connected with a haymaker. The Blonde Bombshell stumbled backwards and Holly was coming for more. Another punch caused Haley to hunch over as her ribs were in pain. But the next punch Holly threw was anticipated. Haley blocked it and kicked Holly in her baron womb. The scream she let out was quite loud and the techs and workers in the area all covered their ears in horror.

But before Haley could finish Holly off...

Eve: RAWR!

Eve came out of nowhere and clubbed Holly with a chair.

Haley: Eve?

Eve: Don't worry Haley babes. Whoever is doing this, I'm going to figure it out. And Holly MUST have something to do with it.

Haley: Do with what?

Eve: Dismantling the Hot Girls. Holly has to be a henchman.

Haley: I think she's just an idiot, Eve. That's all.

Eve: Fear not. I'm going to die before I let this happen.

She grabs Holly by the hair, caveman style and drags her off. Haley can't help but smile at not only Eve's attitude, but Holly's misfortune.

Tech: In one minute, Haley.

Haley: Ok, I'm pretty much ready.

Haley heard footsteps...then a voice.

"No you're not"

She turned only to be smothered by a rag. And inside that rag was chlorofirm. Seconds later, Haley was in la-la land. Over her stood....Alan Scott. Alan quickly pulled Haley into a dark corner of the backstage area and looked over at the one witness.

Alan: Forgive me. But like I said..nobody gets their hands on Storm before me. And YOU! *points* NOT a word.

Tech: Yes sir.

Alan put on a blonde wig and a long pink robe. He put the hood on and hoped for the best.

Alan: HIT the music. I have a bitch to slaughter.

Miss World hit the PA and Alan/Haley walked down the rampway. Everyone in the arena was cheering, minuis the IKI fans in the front sections.

Paragon: Haley's so focused she has a hood on to avoid anything else getting to her.

Hank: Don't tell Geno I said this...but I think she gained a little weight. Maybe the stress of having the Network possibly slipping away. *shrugs*

Paragon: All I can say is it's about time this one was starting.

Alan/Haley stood inside the cage now. Keeping his/her head down so nobody could notice. The robe was long enough so the boots were covered. And all he wanted was a few minutes with Storm. And then....he'd be satisfied.

Meanwhile, Genocide just got some disturbing news from the man who was following James.

Genocide: He went WHERE? That little bastard!!!


9:45 PM

Karmic Legacy Suite.

Nathan stood over James Miller as Timothy and Gerald stood nearby. Storm walked into the main room and over next to Nathan. He bent down and looked at James for a moment before gently slapping the side of his face.

"Get up kid."

James sat up with a grin on his face and then looked up at Storm.

"Did it work?"

"That depends. Were you followed?"

"I was."

"Then consider it a success. Good job my young friend."

Storm held his hand out and helped the young man to his feet. He gave Geno's son a big hug and After he returned the hug let the youngster go. James turned to Nathan and gave him a high five before returning his gaze to Jason.

"I better go get ready. We got a big night."

"Actually James.....Take it easy, We've had a slight change in plans."

"Slight change in plans? What does that mean? I thought tonight was going to be my big night."

"Maybe it will.....maybe it won't. We're going to see how things play out. I want you to stay back here tonight and if we need you, Nathan will let you know."

"But...." James started to say.

"No but's James. I know this has to be a little bit of a let down but you did your job wonderfully. I couldn't be more proud. Who knows, You may still be called upon so be ready."

"I'll be there the second you need me."

Storm gave Nathan a slight nod and the put his arm around James leading him towards the back room. He had a few things to say to James and James only.

"How are you feeling?" Storm inquired.

"Great, I'm excited to be part of this Jason. You know that."

"No, I meant about your father. He did what I said he would didn't he?"

"Yeah. He even slapped me across the face."

"Understand James that your father loves you and he always will. He just doesn't understand what we're trying to do here. He doesn't see us for the saviors that we will be. Soon you may find yourself standing face to face with him fighting for our cause. Will you be able to do that?"

"I will Sir. You can count on me. What Karma asks of me, I'll do."

"Good James....Welcome to the family."

Storm embraced the young man like a father would his own son.


9:50 PM

Inside the Fed X Arena by the entrance way.

"Like someone had better find my bomb or I'm going to kill all of you!" Chance spouted

"Ok, But how the hell are we going to find some random ring worker? There are only like 40 random people back here now!" Emma exclaimed.

"I don't care how you do it just do it.....and someone bring me a fucking cat already!"

One of her 5 random goons suddenly runs up to Chance with a smile. It quickly fades when Chance stares a hole through his forehead.

"Excuse me Evil Chance but I think I have a lead on the case!"

"Well speak up already dolt!"

"Someone said they saw a guy who looked like a one eyed Mario take off down that hallway with the case!"

"AH HA!! RUDE TOOK IT!" Chance shouted.

"Uhmmm....Maybe it was Kieran." Emma said.

"Hmmmmmmmm....You could be right, Rude isn't the only one rockin an eyepatch."

"So what do we do?" Emma asked.

"Well DUH! We go down that hallway and try to find it!"


9:55 PM

Karmic Legacy Suite.

Storm stands with James, Nathan, and Emissary near the door. Nathan has the Superstar Championship belt on his shoulder While Storm goes over last minute details.

"The package is ready and still secure?"

"Yes Sir." replied Nathan

"And the case? it's where we need it to be?"

"Count on it partner. I spoke to our friend who assures me it will be there." Said Emissary.

"Good, And you James. You understand what your role is. You stay back here unless Nathan says otherwise?"

"I will....and if you need me, I'll be there in a flash."

"Good. Once more into the breach dear friends. Tonight we start changing the world."

Storm held his hand out in the center of the group. Nathan, Emissary, and James all put there hands in.

"What Karma Demands."

The other three answer in unison and break the circle. Nathan hands Storm the belt who takes it and places it on his shoulder as Emissary and James drift back into the office to watch the match on the Monitor. With both of them safely out of earshot, Storm leans into Nathan.

"Don't let James leave unless I give you the signal. Genocide will hate me enough as it is when this night is over. No need to rub it in his face if we don't have to."

"Don't worry sir. He'll stay put."

"Good....because I don't want to use him tonight at all...so let's try to keep it that way."

"Consider it done. Good luck sir. we believe in you."

"And I in you Nathan."

A handshake is exchanged and then Storm is off to the entrace way.


10:00 PM

The Tech Table.

Kieran creeps out of the shadows and looks around trying to find Accolade. A few minutes ago he was being chased by Chance, Emma, and Chance's crazy goons. He didn't have a clue why they were after him and listening to Chance bark orders while demanding a cat made him what to avoid her at all costs. As Kieran slowly walked out of the shadows, A hand on his shoulder almost made him lose bowel control.


"Yo Homie...Slow you roll. It just be me dawg!"

"Damn it Accolade....I almost pissed myself!"

"Well maybe a brutha wouldn't have to be sneakin up on ya if ya didn't ditch a brutha!"

"I had to, Chance and her goons were chasing me."

"Why that ho be chasin ya dawg?"

"Gee...cause I shoved a pound a coke up Eve's nose maybe?"

"Well ya...dere be dat."

"Ya think?"


"Although she might be after this case. She was screaming about it while ordering one of her goons to bring her a cat."

"So hold up dawg. If dis case be hers, Who the fuck she be tryin to blow up?"

"Well My first guess would be Storm."

"So what we gonna be doin wif dis case den?"

"Keeping it away from her for as long as we can. Although I'd still kinda like to use it on Geno."

"Forget that Fool dawg. You know whats we gotta be doin"

Then suddenly from behind they hear the shrill voice scream.....


"Aw shit man. Da jig be up homie, we gotta bolt yo!"

"You don't have to tell me twice."

With that said, Accolade and Kieran take off down a side hall but not before Kieran almost trips. He doesn't stop to see what tripped him but if he did he would have saw Haley's leg. Chance and her goons give chase and likewise miss the leg of Haley.


10:03 PM

The hallway corner 30 yards from the tech table.

Storm walks around the corner just in time to see a couple of large men running down another side hallway. One of the people looked like Emma and the piercing voice shouting for a "Fucking cat" sounded alot like Chance. Storm stopped for a minute and then shook his head.

"Don't even think about it. Just go." he said to himself.

After putting what he heard and witnessed out of his mind, He walked up to the tech table and waited as the tech loaded his video package. He glanced over at the monitor and saw that Haley was in the ring already. He was about to glance away when he took another good look at the leader of the Network. He studied the monitor hard noting that Haley's frame seemed to be quite a big bigger then normal. He also began to wonder how Haley had suddenly gotten taller. So intent was his focus on the monitor, He only needed to look down to see Haley's leg sticking out near the table. That was when the voice of the tech interupted his focus.

"It's ready sir. You're up."

"Roll it then."

The tech hit play.

Out in the arena, The lights dimmed down as a red hue covered the stage. Then the X tron came to life.
In the back, Storm had forgotten all about the monitor and the fact that Haley suddenly looked like she was on roids. His mind was now focused on the task at hand. His thoughts trained on what he must do, what he had to do on this night. His friendship with Genocide would be over. He pushed all thought of his friend out of his mind for the final time.

At ringside, John and Hank watched the monitor.

"If you think he's crazy or just plain evil, you cannot deny the legacy this man has written for himself over the years. This video montage we're watching now shows us that Jason Storm is perhaps one of the greatest to ever step in a ring."

"I couldn't agree more Hank. One time a fan favorite beloved by all, Then a villain who showed the world how valuable manipulation can be. You can't deny the man his history."

"Nor can you deny his ablity to take a beating and keep right on coming. Just look at some of these past clips Hank. The man finds away to pull victory from the jaws of defeat more then any normal man could."

As the montage winds down. Storm's own voice announces his arrival as it speaks in sync with the words rolling across the screen.

"IN THIS RING..........YOU...........CAN'T.............TOUCH ME!"

The crowd comes unglued even before Storm steps out on the ramp. "Taking You Down" By Egypt Central plays but it might as well be muted because the fans are all but drowning the song right out. The second Storm steps through the curtain, a hailstorm of trash and profanity greet his arrival. He stops at the top of the stage with his arms held wide as if he's soaking in the hate of what he would call "The confused masses who have yet to understand what Karmic Legacy and the IKI will do for the world". As the crowd continues to give him all they got, Storm takes the Superstar championship off his shoulder and carries it like a towel showing it no respect.

"My God Hank, I believe if they could ge thier hands on him they'd rip the champion apart."

Not paying one bit of attention to the fans, Storm makes his way to the ring. When he gets to ringside he tossed the belt like a discarded wrapper over to Benito and then climbs the steps. Once inside the cage. Benito closes the door and then locks it with a huge padlock. His job for the moment is complete. He won't be called upon again till a winner is proclaimed.

In the ring. Storm turns his attention away from Haley as he bows to the 100 or so loyal fans wearing IKI shirts in the front row. With that out of the way, He turns to face Haley as Benito calls for the bell. As he looks at her it suddenly becomes apparent to him that this huge person in the ring can't be Haley......But before he can react.....He's clotheslined damn near out of his boots.



What happened next was nothing short of an all out Assault. Alan dropped down on Storm's chest and began to pepper him with vicious rights and lefts. It was all the champ could do to ward off some of the blows.


10:07 PM

The Tech Table.

Haley sits up and her head spins. She tries to shake it off but it'll be a few moments before she can get up. As her vision clears she looks up and see's the monitor.

Her jaw drops open.

"Son of a bitch!! Alan Scott!"


Chance Emma and the BSI are chasing the package. Little do they know that Storm is entering. As Chance starts to fall behind in the chase she stops to lean into the wall to catch her breath...

Chance: Number 1 why am I running? The *lighting crash* EVIL leader never runs!

Emma: It was the excitement. You just got caught up in the moment.

Chance: I blame you!

Emma: I'm shocked, really.

Chance: Now carry me back to the *finger thingy* Control room *finger thingy*

Emma: Piggy back?

Chance: Yes!

Emma: *mutters* How do I get myself into this shit?

Chance: Did I tell you to mutter? No i said carry me!

Emma: Right. Climb on, Massa.

Chance: You mean I have to work no matter what? Where is my teleporter? Or *finger thingy* Jet-pack *finger thingy* Where is the Exit plan!

Emma: Chance, why don't we just walk back? We can set up in the old HOT Girls Locker room.

Chance: NO we have a LAIIR! *stamps foot*

Emma: Fine. You want to go all the way back to the LAIR while Crowe and Accolade have "The Package"? That's brilliant.

Chance: Thanks! I knew you'd be with me number one!

Emma: *face palm* God I miss Eve.

Chance: The package matters not as the BUTTON is still in play!

Emma: Well, if you press the BUTTON now, the package is going to explode on Crowe and.. Accolade. You might have just accidentally found an acorn, Blind Squirrel.

Chance: There are no accidents just what is woven in the loom of life! On, I meant. IN makes NO sense!

Emma: ………………..

Chance: So we send the BSI to make sure that the package is where we think it is and I press the button!

Emma: That might work.

Chance: And when we get back i want you to go on Craig's list and hire a Henchman. Like Odd Job or something. I need one!

Emma: Can we discuss that one? A henchman is maybe just a bit.. out there.

Chance: If I don't have a henchman when you try your bloody coop I'll be defenseless DUH chapter 17! Besides i will not get invited to the mixer without it!

Emma: My bloody coop? I don't even WANT to be in charge! Chance, don't you think this is getting maybe just a teensy little bit ... I don't know… INSANE?

Chance: That is what the book says you'll say. I have my Eye on you... Very clever Miss Frost, very clever indeed!

Emma: Not clever enough, or I'd be at home in my nice, warm bathrobe curled up with a good book instead of playing your sidekick in some crazy stunt.

Chance: Crazy you say? Crazy...WOULD a crazy person do THIS! * Throws her head back cackling evilly*

Emma: Ummmm.. yeah. Totally.

Chance: Fine you’re right, happy? Want a cookie?

Emma: No. I want you to snap out of this. I want to go home and drink hot cocoa in front of the fire and read the last four chapters of my book.

Chance: Too bad we aren't done yet Storm has to pay and there is High explosives unaccounted for! Your Number One now we need to get to the lair.

Emma: *sigh* Yes Sir, Ma'am. Let's go.

Chance: You just lack seeing the full scope of the plan, but when you do it will be AWESOME! I'm talking Suicide kings and Seven type ending. When it all comes together and Storm is blown up you will be amazed! So mock me now! I feel like you don't trust the plan! I'm getting this "vibe"

Emma: I can hardly wait. Really.

Emma: To be honest, Chance, I worry about you. This? Isn't normal.

Chance: What is “Normal” Emma. Is anything “normal”? Me I like “caper movies like “The Sting” You have no idea what is coming til it does!

Chance: I feel great I can't wait for the big reveal!

Emma: The big reveal? What big reveal?

Chance: What nothing TO the lair!

Emma: *sigh* okay. Let's go.

And so they do...Will Chance get to the button in time? Will someone get blown up? What will happen when she sees she missed “the window” What is “The Big Reveal,” And what effect will it have on Fed X. Be here next time when Chance says...”I think the button is broken I don't here a boom!”

"This is totally out of control as Benito fumbles with that key trying to get back in the cage!!"

"I knew Alan wanted Storm in the worst way John but I didn't think he'd resort to going drag to get a shot at him!"

"We learn something new everyday around here Hank and so to is Storm. You don't piss off Alan Scott!"

Benito finally got the key in the lock. With a quick twist he removed the padlock and jumped back into the ring. He made a beeline for Scott who was just pummeling Storm into Jello with lefts and rights. As fast as he could, He tried to get ahold of Alan and pull him off. All he got was shoved away for his troubles.

"Benito may need some help out here as Alan just looks like a man possessed Hank."

"He better hope for help because if Haley comes out here now woe be to Storm."

"Speaking of which, Where the hell IS Haley anyway?"

As Alan continued his assault, Haley was being helped up off the ground by the tech guy. She shook her head again still feeling the effects of the chloroform. She glanced up again at the monitor.

"Oh no Alan.....he's mine."

Back inside the cage, Benito finally hooks an arm around Alan and pulls with all his might. Alan is to strong to be pulled off Storm but with Benito hanging on his back, Alan tries to stand up to gain leverage and get this pesky referee off him.

"Benito has Alan up and OOOOOOOHHHH......A kick to the Jewels by Storm and down goes Alan along with Benito!"

"Unless you have metal nuts, That's a winner every time!"

With Alan down holding his package, Storm rolls over on his stomach and crawls to the far corner. Reaching his objective, The Real Deal rolls back over and uses the ropes by the corner for support. He looks at Alan thinking about what he's going to do to him for this attack when the eruption of the crowd draws everyone's attention to the ramp.

"Here comes Haley!!"

"And she has Network security with her!"

"That she does and you have to wonder why? Was this all just some ploy for her and Alan to rid Fed X of Storm? If those Network security goons are here to help Alan then we might be at a funeral this time tommorrow."

In the cage, Benito gets up off Alan and brushes himself off. When he sees Haley coming with Network security he quickly makes his way to the cage door.

"Benito is out of the cage and standing in the way of Haley and her goons but can this man alone stop what they have planned?"

Benito stands in the center of the aisle. Haley walks right up to him as Network security walks past him towards the cage door. The two exchange words as the Network goons enter the cage. Storm sees the men filing through the door and can feel his heart almost stop. If they get together with Alan, Karmic Legacy might die right here and now.

Then mostly to the shock of Storm, The Network goons pick up Alan and start to drag him towards the door. He's starting to come around after the blow to the package but there isn't much he can do right now. They get him through the cage door where Haley is waiting.

"I know how badly you want to take him out Alan but this is my night. You're night will come. Take him to the back boys and make sure he's ok."

The Network guys nod and begin to assist Alan up the ramp. Haley turns towards the cage to see Storm leaning on the ropes still trying to recover from the beating he took. With a big smile on her face, Haley takes a step towards the ring but Benito cuts her off.

"I'm not sure what's going on here. Alan has been removed and the match can progress now but Benito isn't letting Haley into the cage yet."

"I could be wrong John but I believe I heard Benito tell Haley that he was going to allow Storm a minute or two to get himself together. I think that's a very fair thing to do."

"Of course you do. I forgot you like these Kool Aid drinkers."

"For shame John. Don't you think that's fair? I mean you are the good guy right?"



FoxNews Arena Loading Dock.

While Storm was gettting his much needed rest period, Kieran Crowe and Accolade were standing outside on the dock happy in the fact that they ditched Chance and her goons. Although in truth, Chance didn't feel like chasing anyone anymore because let's face it, Evil Villains don't chase people.

"I think we finally gave them the slip."

"Fo sure dawg. Now whats we gonna do wit dis bomb?"

"Well we can't take it back in there. If Chance gets this back she might try to use it again."

"Fo sure, fo sure."

"The question is...what DO we do with it."

Kieran walks down the steps with the case followed by his trusty partner Accolade. He looks around for perhaps a safe place to put the bomb when Accolade grabs him by the shoulder and pulls him to the side.

"What the..."

"Watch were you be walkin yo. You bout stepped on dat roadkill."

Kieran looks down to see a flattened animal of some sort.

"What the hell is that? Is that a racoon?"

"Well fuck if I knows. Dat shit be stinkin. I knows that."

And then the proveribal light bulb goes off in Kieran's head.

"I got an idea. Chance wants a damn cat. we'll give her one."

"But yo, How you knows dat be a cat homie?"

"Does it matter? It's furry. Hold out your hands."

Accolade holds his hands out as Kieran places the case on the ground. He carefully pulls the explosive device out of the case and places it in Accolade's waiting hands. Then with his index finger and thumb, he grabs the dead animals tail and peels it off the pavement. He quickly places it in the case and slams the lid shut.

"There you go Chance. Now you'll have a cat."

"Yo...Bomb homie, Wat we gonna do wif it?"

Kieran looks around for a second before spying his new intended target.

"Isn't that Liv's car over there?"

"Fo shizzle."

"Follow me."

Accolade follows Kieran across the parking area and right up to Liv's ride. He takes the bomb from his partner and then places it on the ground. With a gentle nudge from his foot. He shoves the bomb under Liv's car.

"Now let's go give Chance her cat and then we have to get back to ringside. We have business to attend to."

"Fo real yo."



Inside the cage.

Storm finally gets to his feet as he sees Benito motion for Haley to get inside this violent structure. Not taking her eyes off Storm, Haley climbs in the ring. Benito shuts the door behind her and puts the padlock back on the door.

"When this night is over Jason, You'll pay in full for what you did to Eve and that belt of yours will belong to me."

"I think not my dear. Karma has already decided your fate and when I take control of your precious Network, They'll do great things for Karmic Legacy and the IKI."

"In your dreams."

"Indeed. Shall we?"

"And here we go Hank! Storm and Haley lock up in the center of the ring! Haley fighting for control but Storm has the size and weight advantage. The champ shoves Haley back but the challenger comes right back at him. Storm hooks her by the arm and sends her flying half way across the ring with an arm drag takedown!"

"Haley is a nimble little lynx and hops right back to her feet. BOOORING."

"Jesus Hank, the match just started. I'm sure you'll see all the blood you want before it's over."

"Well I wish they'd hurry up already. I hate all this posturing."

Storm gives Haley a smrik which she returns in kind. She comes back at Jason to lock up but at the last second, She hooks his arm attempting a hiptoss. Jason blocks it then tries one of his own but Haley's smaller size and weight is likewise an advantage for her. As Storm tries to toss her, Haley flips through it and catches Storm right across the throat with a knife edge chop staggering the champ back towards the cage wall. Storm's weight is enough to push the ropes give back enough so that his shoulders connect with the chain link cage. That's when Haley makes her move.

"Haley DIVES for the corner and nails the button on the bottom turnbuckle by the door!" John Exclaims.

The crowd braces as the electrical surge echos through the arena. At the very last second, Storm dives away from the cage before he gets zapped by the voltage. He rolls up to face Haley but the buxom beauty is already back up and charges at Storm.

"Haley nails Storm right in the jaw with a dropkick sending the champ down hard in the center of the ring!"

"Now THAT is a little more like it Johnny boy."



In Chance's not so secret lair.

"So....are you going to push the damn button or what?" Emma asked with frustration in her voice.

"I'll push the red button when I'm ready! YOU! *does the finger thing again* Yes you. Why are you just sitting there? I need a cat damn it!"

"Can you PLEASE stop whining about a cat and just PUSH THE FUCKING BUTTON!!" Emma shouts.

"Look here Number 1. You shout at me like that again and I'll feed you to the batch of nuclear Cockroaches I have in the pit behind your chair."

"Nuclear Cockroaches?"

"I know. It just RAWKS doesn't it?"

"The Button?" Emma says once again exasperated.

"Fine fine....I'll push the damn button."



"I believe the bomb worked."

"Excuse me, Evil Chance ma'am."

"What is it Goon #2?"

"You should come see this. Someone left something at our door."

"But how? This is my secret lair." Chance says with soft wonder.

"Actually it's our locker room" Emma replies.

"Hush Number 1."

Chance walks over and looks out the door. She spies no one so then she looks to the floor to see the package. She points at it and Goon #2 picks it up. She leads him back to the table and motions for him to set it down.

"Number 1!"

"Yes Chance?"

"If this is our package? What did we blow up?"

Out back by the loading dock, Liv's car is a smoldering wreck.

Emma looks at the case with a shrug. "I don't know, But that looks like a note on the case."

"Hmmmm...Interesting. Let's see...it says "Happy Birthday, Here is the cat you wanted." Like OMG! Today is my birthday and you guys got me a cat!"

"Today is not your birthday Chance." Emma says with a quick face palm.

"Happy birthday to me *opens the case* Happy birthday to.....Oh...Oh my god.....Mr Winkles!! MY GOD YOU STINK! BAD KITTY!"

"Oh my God....That's not a cat....I think it might have been a racoon....Once."

"Whatever do you mean?"

"It's roadkill Chance!"


"I have a feeling you can thank Crowe and Accolade."

"Then we must find them!"


10:17 PM

Vending concourse.

Accolade and Kieran buy some popcorn and soda before heading down the the aisle toward the seats they purchased. As they get half way there a loud boom echos from outside. They both smile and give each other a high five before taking thier seats. They look up into the ring just as Haley dives for the lower turnbuckle in the corner..

"So, You got the trigger?"

"No need to worry bout dat brutha, I gots it right here."

"Good. Time to have a little fun then."


10:19 PM

Inside the cage.

"Haley is in control right now taking it to the champ who I don't think has fully recovered from the assault by Alan or the dropkick to the mouth."

"Give him time Johnny Boy. This is Storm we're talking about. He's come back from much worse."

Haley has Storm by the hair and brings him vertical. With a knee to the gut she doubles him over and then wastes no time hooking her arm around his neck. With one swing she drops the champ with a neckbreaker.

"And down goes the champ again. Haley is back up and standing over Storm now. She reaches to pull him back up and Not so fast!! Storm with a handful of her tights pulls forward and sends her head first into the side of the chain link wall!"

The top of Haley's head hit one of the support poles. It didn't bust her open but it knocked her loopy as hell. She laid there on the bottom rope with her hands touching the cage. Now the question was, Could Storm get to a corner and set off a button to give her a jolt? Would Haley come back around and get away from the wall before that happened?

Or would some other intangible come in to play?

Watching the match unfold from ringside, Crowe couldn't help but feel like he had some kind of purpose again. It was a lot better than the spiral of escalation and retaliation he'd found himself spiraling into again. His attack on Eve was a perfect example. It was way too far, even for 'Weed Man.' He'd gotten lost in the frustration. Lost sight of the reason he came back. Thanks in part to Genocide. He'd found his way again. People like Haley still needed to pay, especially for the ape she got for Accolade. And Genocide whether Storm could see it or not.

Speaking of Haley. There she was lying right against the cell, and right there in Accolade's hands was the means of causing her pain.

Accolade: Fry ya racist beatch. This is fo da ape and those mutts.

Kieran: Ohhhh, that looks fun. Can I have a turn?

Accolade: You get all the fun KC. This ones mine.

Crowe couldn't argue with that. Especially considering how much humiliation the guy had taken. Besides, seeing Haley's convulsing body flying from the cage was almost as satisfying. Of course, they wanted a closer look.

John: Somethings not right with the cage. Haley seems to have taken a shock, and Storm was nowhere near the button.

Hank: I think it's just a minor malfunction. I'm sure our tech guys will be on top of it.

John: Wait. There's Accolade and Crowe. I bet they have something to with it. And whatever it is in Accolade's hand.

Hank: I think you're just jumping to conclusions. Just because they're there, you have to point the finger at them.

John: Well, they don't have any business out here.

Storm knew what was going on, and started to take advantage, grabbing the stunned Haley and tossing her into the cage. Accolade gleefully sent another shock racing through Haley. The crowd let out a roar of disapproval. Under the Influence responded by taking off their jackets to reveal IKI shirts.

John: You have to be kidding. There is no way Crowe would have agreed to work with Emissary and Storm.

Hank: The movement transcends feuds. It calls out to those who truly see what's wrong with the industry.

John: I think I'm going to gag.

Storm got ready to send Haley into the cage for another shock, but the sound of cheers from the crowd distracted him. Running down the ramp was Eve. Chance may have abandoned the HOT girls, but Eve hadn't and she wasn't about to watch as Accolade and Crowe of all people started to fry Haley. She ran down, intent on using the lessons she'd learned as Cadet Shock and Awe.

John: Eve's running down toward Above the Influence, and the cowards are retreating to the IKI crowd.

Hank: It's for her own protection, obviously. If it wasn't for the crowd of IKI fans holding Crowe and Accolade back, who knows what they'd do to her.

John: It looks like Eve is the one being held back. Above the Influence are just in the middle, taunting her with that device.

Genocide had just gotten news of his son barging into the Karmic Legacy suite and being jumped. He got to his feet, grabbed a Network bat, equipped with Hot Girls pepper spray and went on his merry way. IF his son was telling the truth, he needed his father’s help.

He arrived at the suite and held the bat up towards the two security guards.

Genocide: So which one of you want some?

IKI Goon 1: Geno, we’ve been expecting you.

Genocide: Yeah?

IKI Goon 2: Nathan would like a word with you.

They open the door allowing Geno to enter. For good measure, Geno bashes one of the goons in the knee to send a tiny message. He scanned the room. Luckily all of the IKI fans were ringside. Then from the other room, Emissary and Nathan emerged. Geno put the bat on his shoulders, ready to strike at any moment.

Genocide: I won’t be long guys. Just hand over my son.

Emissary: We can’t do that. James came here with a problem. And we are solving it for him in the other room. He’s on chapter two of our informative DVD. I think he’ll be cured of all the evils you passed on to him upon his birth.

Nathan: Consider this a form of a baptism. We’re cleansing him. And as his father, you should be proud.

Genocide: Proud that he’s being forced to join up with your cult. Proud that he’ll be hanging with a group of virgins who like to give each other erotic shirtless massages.

Emissary: Errr, that was ummm….

Genocide: Fag!

Emissary: Keep spitting venom, Geno. The fact remains your son will be with us before you know it.

Genocide: Not if I can help it.

From behind, Geno hears footsteps. He’s about to turn and strike but he hears the voice.

Voice: Sorry it has to be this way…pops!

Geno spins to see James standing before him. IKI shirt and all. James grins at his father, taking his attention away long enough so that Nathan can take out Geno’s leg with a chop block. James then jumps on his father’s back as Emissary kneels down and connects with a brass knuckles shot to his head. With his father now out cold, James rises to shake hands with Nathan and Emissary.

Nathan: Excellent work, James.

Emissary: You are proving your worth to the movement very quickly. Storm will be proud when he hears of this.


Inside the ring, Haley was still feeling the effects of the multiple shocks. For once, Accolade and Crowe were totally getting over on Haley and now they had the IKI fans keeping them safe. Accolade turned to Eve and dropped his drawers, showing her a big….black….moon.

Eve: Like…EWWWW! Its chocolate buns!!!

Accolade: Yeah, I’ll give yo hot white ass some chocolate magic stick too, but you probably wouldn’t know what to do wit DIS! *grabs crotch*

Kieran Crowe: Dude, let’s focus. Haley’s got a lot more punishment coming.

Accolade: Ok, gimme dat. It’s my turn.

Kieran Crowe: No, I got one more…

Accolade: No fool! My idea, my turn!

They dynamic bumbling duo begin pulling at the device as Eve considers a new course of action. She heads up the aisle and into the corridor once more while inside the ring, Storm had a handful of Haley and had now sent her head first into two of the four sides of the cage. At this point, her forehead was opened and blood began trickling down her cheek. The Network leader didn’t know which way was which at this point.

Paragon: I have to say, whatever is going on here is allowing Storm to capitalize greatly. Haley’s barely standing now as Storm is leaning her against the side of the cage.

Hank: If he does what I think he’s going to do, he may send Haley right through the cage. Although I don’t know if her boobs will fit. Or can Silicone squeeze through areas that small?

Paragon: You’re asking me?

Storm backed up and was just about to bounce off the ropes for momentum when Accolade accidentally hit the button on the device.

Paragon: HOLY CRAP! Storm just got jolted with some high voltage somehow! It HAS to be Accolade and Crowe, Hank. Why else would they be down here? Why else would they be fighting over some device?

Hank: Oh, so now you’re mister jumping to conclusions, huh?

Paragon: Good lord, you’re thick. And Storm is really feeling the effects of that electric shock. Maybe Haley can take advantage of the mishap.

Hank: I don’t know. She was shocked quite a few times.

Accolade: Bitch, you fucked shit up.

Kieran Crowe: ME? You need to stop hogging that crap.

The IKI fans around them now knew exactly what they were doing. And the fact that they accidentally electrocuted Storm didn’t sit well with them. They all stood up and glared at the duo.

Accolade: Yo, why they all staring at us like dat?

Kieran Crowe: I don’t know.

Accolade stood up to calm everyone down. He even gave the old I'm innocent black man look. You know? The look they give when they're apprehended by the cops.

Accolade: Relax mofos. We here to help yo friend in there.

Kieran Crowe: We just want Haley’s ass. Not Storm’s.

One IKI fan yanked the device from Accolade and passed it over to another. Soon it was about ten seats away from Accolade and Crowe.

Accolade: Oh no you didn’t.

Kieran Crowe: Dammit, now what?

Accolade: Now deez fools get to meet my friend. My….big….black….

Kieran Crowe: CROWBAR!

Accolade pulled his crowbar out from behind his back and smacked one of the IKI fans in the head. A full fledged brawl broke out between the IKI fans and Above the Influence as the announcers turned their attention from the match to the excitement ringside.

Paragon: Seconds ago those two were helping out Storm and the IKI, so we thought. And now we have Accolade and Crowe trying to fend off dozens of their faithful.

Hank: Must be a disagreement of some sort. Maybe they’re in the wrong seats.

Haley was mustering up enough strength to make a move while Storm was incapacitated momentarily. She flipped her hair out of her face and glared at the Manipulative Bastard. He stumbled toward her and Haley ducked down, getting Storm onto her shoulders. She quickly lunged into the air and hit a brainbuster in the middle of the ring. The fans popped like Alan will one day pop Eve’s cherry and now Haley had some sort of momentum going for her. She knew it was far from over though and slowly pulled Storm up to his feet.

A right hand kept him reeling. Then a kick to the shin got him to squeal like a pig. She then grabbed a hold of him and whipped him into the ropes.

Paragon: Storm coming full speed at Haley…leapfrog by Haley. OHHH! She connected with a stiff kick to the ribs. She’s got a hand full of hair….But Storm blocks her attempt to send him into the cage. Now it’s Storm with an uppercut. And another! He’s pointing to the cage….

Hank: Wait, he’s pressing the button. Uh oh!!

Paragon: And he shoves Haley into the side of the cage, back first.

But Haley wasn’t going down that easily. As her back hit the cage, she reached out and grabbed Storm’s wrist.

Haley: N-o-o-t s-o F-a-a-s-s-s-st!

Hank: Holy christ mother of Jesus himself!

Paragon: Haley just caused the current to flow through her and into Storm’s body.

They both collapsed in the ring, the smell of burnt flesh eminent through the arena. The fans loved it though as two of the stars in the business were lying on the apron, hardly moving as they were recovering from electricity being shot through their bodies.


Meanwhile, Eve was coming through the halls, driving a golf cart. And attached to the golf cart was a long metal beam.

Eve: Coming though babes…look out! Hot Wheels for a Hot Girl on her way to save the day.

Luckily for Eve, Accolade and Crowe were chased up the aisle and back into the corridor themselves. They were able to retrieve the device though, so mission accomplished in that regard. But they needed to move quick as the IKI fans were quite displeased and wanted that device back.

Accolade: Which way?

Kieran Crowe: We can split up.

Accolade: Ok, I’ll take the device and meet you…

Kieran Crowe: No, I’ll take it and we’ll meet….

Accolade: C’mon son. Let’s not fight. Let’s…LOOK OUT!

They didn’t see Eve coming and she speared Crowe with the beam, knocking him to the side. She quickly hit the breaks while turning the golf cart, causing a loud screech in the halls.

Accolade: Aww shit, I know how dis is gonna end. PEACE KID!

Accolade darted through the fans as Eve hit the gas and followed suit.

Eve: You think you can kill the Hot Girls? RAWR! RAWR! Wow, I said that so Hot. Chance and Hales would be like so proud.

Meanwhile, Alan was escorted back up to the Megasuite by Network security. He hoped Genocide would understand his actions and wanted to apologize to his adopted godfather. But getting his hands on Storm, albeit for a few minutes made it worth it. To him at least. The door opened and Alan looked around.

Alan Scott: Grampa Geno!!!! Hello?????????

It was empty. Not a soul there. It was a rare sight as the megasuite usually had at least one person inside of it. And then Alan got suspicious.

Alan Scott: Grampa Geno ALWAYS takes his cell phone with him. He likes to stay in touch with his SBFF at ALL times.

He began looking for clues to where his SBFF could of went. He picked up Geno’s cell phone and pressed redial for the last call received.

Alan: Who is this?


Alan: And how do you know seven eigths of the greatest tag team EVER?


Alan: Oh, you’re a Network spy. Ok, where’s Genocide?


Alan: He went there? For what?


Alan: Well thanks for the info. I’ll send you a SBFF shot glass for being a good sport.

Alan now knew where Geno went. And being backup for him was something Alan would be proud to be. He darted out of the suite and ran towards Karmic Legacy’s suite. He had hoped a brawl was going down and he could knock someone’s head off. And what better way to say you’re sorry to your best friend than to have his back in a fight.

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In the halls, Accolade was running fast. We’re talking Jamaican 100 yard dash fast, but Eve had her foot on the gas. However, Accolade stopped short as he saw some people coming his way. It was Chance, standing on a handtruck, being pulled by two of her goons. Chance was whipping them to go faster as Emma was running on the side.

Chance: THERE! It’s the black one.

Accolade: Aww shit.

Chance: MUSH! MUSH!

Emma: This isn’t Alaska and they’re not dogs.

Chance: SILENCE! Don’t question my knowledge of dog sledding. And these two ARE dogs. Get that savage!

Accolade looked behind him and Eve was coming. Then figured there was only one way out of it. So he waited…and waited….until the two hot girls got within yards of each other. He then made a break for it, running through the opening into the aisle. Chance and Eve saw the move and both put the breaks on. Chance yanked at the leashes of her goons while Eve turned and hit the breaks. The goons ended up running into the side of the golf cart, causing Chance to fly over it and land on Eve.

Eve: Babes?

Chance: Ugh, my head.

Eve: BABES! You came back to me.

Chance: Eve? What the heck?

Eve: I knew you loved me and couldn’t stay away. *hugs Chance*

Chance: Aww babes…wait! I’m evil. Release me now!

Eve: But…*pouts*

Chance: I must find the dark one.

Eve: I’m looking for him too.

Chance: Then bring him to me.

Eve: But I…

Chance: You Eve, YOU can be my new henchman.

Emma: *slaps forehead*

Eve: But I don’t know how to hench. And I’m not a man.

Chance: Just bring Accolade to me. Mwahahahahaha!

Eve: Why are you laughing like that?

Chance: Do not question your leader. NOW GO!

Eve gives Chance a blank stare, not knowing what to make of it all. Emma then leans into Chance and whispers.

Emma: Umm fearless one?

Chance: What is it?

Emma: You might have to dumb it down for her a bit.


Accolade made his way down the aisle and found somewhere he could fit in. A group of loud obnoxious minorities had won tickets from the local Hip Hop radio station. And we all know them blacks and Hispanics love their wrestling. Accolade sat down and pulled out the device. Round two of the games were about to begin.

Paragon: Storm is up first and he is digging his boot into the chin of Haley. The Network leader is helpless now and there’s no way anyone can save her. She’s at the mercy of the Superstar champion.

Hank: Can you feel it John? The Network leadership slipping away from her minute by minute?

Paragon: I’ve seen her in worse situations, Hank. And she somehow pulls out a win. I won’t count her out yet.

Hank: Well, too bad for you. You’re as blind as they come, then.

Paragon: Sure. Sheep! Now it’s Storm yanking her up once more. He’s got her up….gut-wrench suplex! I have a feeling Storm isn’t going to even attempt to climb the cage until he knows for sure that Haley is out of commission.

Hank: Well he has plenty more buttons left to press and if he gets to them, there’s no possible way Haley’s body will function properly after that much electricity runs through her small frame. Even her boobs can’t take that much.

Paragon: Storm measuring her up now…here he comes with an elbow…but Haley moves!! Storm’s back up….another elbow but she rolls out of the way again. Storm’s intent on inflicting more damage and he has a hold of her ankle

But Haley used the momentum and pulled Storm towards her and then shoved with all her might. The Karmic Legacy leader fell backwards and back pedaled into the cage.

Accolade: Dis is for your fans being assholes!!


Hank: What the hell?

Paragon: Storm just got a back full of voltage there.

Hank: That’s not supposed to happen. We need some techs out here to see what the problem is.

Paragon: Oh, NOW that Storm was the victim, it’s no good?

Hank: Well, I’m just NOW seeing the light.

Paragon: Sure, Hank. Sure.

Accolade: Yeah, Boy-eee.


The door to the Karmic Legacy suite was kicked open. Nathan turned and saw Alan Scott standing there. He had a look of a murderer in his eyes. A look of someone looking for their loved one.

Alan: Ok, you have three seconds

Nathan: Excuse me?

Alan: Three seconds until I theow you a beating of Legend……wait for it.

Nathan: *sigh* I’m waiting

Alan: DAIRY proportions upon you all. Where is my SBFF?

Nathan: Your what?

Alan: Genocide. I know he came here.

Nathan: Oh, him. He took his son and left.

Alan: Is that so…

Nathan: It is.

Alan: *cracks knuckles* Well then, it’s your lucky day.

Nathan: Wheeww.

Alan: I’ll only kick the living shit out of you for two minutes instead of ten.

Nathan: *gulp*

Alan: Any friend of Storm’s is a douchebag to me.


10:28 PM

Various locations around the arena.

Accolade had found himself a seat where he could hide away from those in pursuit of him. For the hell of it, and because he was Accolade, He decided to give Storm a jolt.

Somewhere in the backstage area, Kieran Crowe got to his feet after getting hit by Eve and her golf cart. He dusted himself off and looked around. With no Eve, Chance, or rabid IKI members in sight, He made his way back out into the arena. He was almost positive he knew where to find Accolade.

In another area backstage, Eve was busy giving Chance the "What the fuck is wrong with you eyeball" while Emma suggested that Chance "dumb it down" for her IQ challenged former partner.

Back in the Karmic Legacy suite, Alan Scott was busy confronting Nathan and Emissary.

Finally, In the ring, Storm lurched forward and fell on his face after taking the unwanted jolt from the side of the cage that Accolade so warmly provided.

Alot to keep up with no?


10:30 PM

Karmic Legacy Suite.

"I’ll only kick the living shit out of you for two minutes instead of ten." Alan said with an evil grin. "Beause any friend of Storm’s is a douchebag to me."

Nathan made an audible "Gulp" sound.

"Oh what's wrong big man? You're not so bad when your drones aren't here to back you up?"

"Oh no, that's not it at all Alan. I just wanted to give you the satisfaction of hearing something you might consider pleasent before you go night night."

"Please, You aren't even in my league. I'm going to......."

Emissary smiled and pointed to a place behind Alan and it only took a millisecond for Alan to know someone had the drop on him. He turned round swinging the bat but James ducked it and then caught him right in the bottom of the jaw with the brass knuckles he'd used just minutes ago on his own father. The only word that escaped Alan's mouth before the lights went out was......"YOU!"

"Jesus he's about annoying. I bet he talks to himself just to hear his own voice." Said James as he stood over Alan.

"I'd concur" replied Nathan as he walked over to James and patted him on the shoulder. "You've done yourself and Karmic Legacy proud tonight."

"Thank you Nathan."

"So guys, we need to do something with these two before they wake up." Emissary piped in.

"Indeed. I believe I have an idea. A place that will get them out of our hair for at least a little while." James said with a grin of his own.



Accolade's seat.

Kieran had made his way back out to the section he thought it most likely to find Accolade. Sure enough he was right where he was suppose to be. As he made his way towards his partner he saw Storm take a jolt and then quickly looked over to see Accolade taking his finger off the trigger with a smile. He walked up behind his partner and snatched the remote out of his hand while slapping him with his free hand in the back of the head.


"Wat da fuck?"

"What the hell are you doing you idiot? We're with Karmic Legacy now! Why the hell are you shocking Storm!?"

"Cause his bitch ass fans be hatin on us dat's why!"

"Maybe they attacked us because they didn't know we're part of KL now. I mean it's not like they put out fan bulletins on this kinda thing. At least I don't think they do."

"Yea yea ok, Dat could be true. I still had fun sendin that jolt up his ass."

"You can't do that shit anymore. This is our shot at redemption and you can't screw it up with fun and games."

"Ok ok, Damn man, ease off a brutha. I be quittin with the games den."

"Good. Now move over and let's do what we're suppose to be doing."


10:30 PM

Inside the Cage.

While Kieran and Accolade got back on the same page, Storm was being yanked up by his hair again. Haley, still feeling the lingering effects of her own shock treatment rushed forward still holding Storm's hair and rammed him face first into one of the support poles of the cage. The champ wobbled on his feet but Haley didn't release her fist full of hair.

"And now the leader of the Network rams the champion's face into that metal post two more times for good measure."

"Yes! We have Blood! Now they're both bleeding. This is more like it!"

Haley released her grip on Storm's hair. He took two steps back and then face planted on the mat. His bell had been rung but he was not about to stay down. The champ pushed himself up off the mat with his hands just enough so that the challenger could come right on in with a stiff kick to the left side of Storm's ribs.

"The champ rolls over gasping for air. You have to give Haley credit. She's like a rabid wolverine once she turns the tables. She's not letting up on Storm one bit as he gasps for air."

Haley reached down again and pulled Storm up by his hair. The Real Deal fired off a shot into her gut but there wasn't alot behind it. Haley staggered back a step but came right back with a well placed elbow to Storm's temple. He rocked back but didn't fall because the challenger whipped him forward towards the side of the cage.

"What a collision! Storm just got a mouth full of chain link fence!"

"The champ is down and Haley is making a break for the side of the cage."

"She's taking her chance to escape!" John shouted.

"Already?? BOOO!! We want more blood!!

"Haley takes one step, Then another....and another. She's getting close to the top of that cage!"

On the mat, Storm pulled his head up and looked around the ring. He saw Haley on the side of the cage with her hand reaching for the top. He rolled over on his stomach and began to crawl towards a corner.

"It's a race" John shouted once more. "Haley is almost to the top as Storm crawls for that turnbuckle just a foot in front of him!"

"Haley has both hands on the top of the cage. All she has to do is pull herself over! Come on Storm!! Hit that button!!

"Yes Hank, I agree, Storm should hit that button."

"What?" Hank said with suprise.

John agreed with Hank for one reason and one reason only, he was the only one who remembered that the button Storm was reaching for had been the first one Haley pushed. Thus it was no suprise to John when Storm pushed the button and nothing happened.

"What a second! What the hell? He pressed the button and nothing happened!!"

"Gee Hank, Maybe it's karma paying him back for all those random charges that kept hitting the cage huh?" John said smuggly.

Then a jolt did hit the cage out of nowhere. Had Storm heard what John said he might have replied. "See John, Karma took care of her when I couldn't." Out in the crowd, Kieran grins as he lets the trigger on the remote go. In the ring, When the shock ends, Haley falls from her perch. Her legs hit the ropes and she gets propelled head over heels at an akward angle coming down very hard on her left shoulder.

Now it was Hank's turn to be smug as he said "Yep, That karma sure can be a BITCH can't it."


10:33 PM

Karmic Legacy Suite.

While Storm was getting his face slammed in to the cage by Haley, James and Nathan returned to the suite. As they walked in Emissary had worry written all over his face.

"We have a problem Gentlemen."

"What is it sir?" Asked Nathan.

"Word came back while you guys were gone that our fans at ringside attacked Kieran and Accolade. They must think it's some kinda game they're playing."

"I see sir, I'll make sure that doesn't happen again sir. Excuse me for one moment."

Nathan stepped into one of the back rooms. Confident that Nathan would take care of this, Emissary turned back to James.

"So, what did you guys do with Alan and your father?"

"Let's just say it could be awhile before they get involved again." James said with pride.

"Don't be too sure, Almost every plan we've had tonight has backfired. Haley is almost in step with us so don't be suprised if they show up again."

"Well considering where we put them. I doubt that'll be an issue."



FoxNews Arena Roof.

At the same time James was filling in Emissary, Alan sat up rubbing his jaw. He looked over to see Geno sitting there with his chin in his hands.

"What the hell?"

"My son jumped me....and I'm guessing you got jumped as well."

'Where the hell are we?"

"The roof."

"Well we need to get the hell off the roof."

"No dice. The trap door must be bolted from the inside."

"Well let's call one of your Network people."

"They took your phone and I left mine behind."

"You put your hands in my pants?"

"Your pockets dude...Jeez."


10:34 PM

Karmic Legacy Suite.

Nathan walks out of the back room As Emissary has a chuckle over where Alan and Geno had been "put away" for safe keeping. Nathan walks over to Emissary and taps him on the shoulder.

"Problem with the fans solved sir."

"What did you do?"

"I sent out a text message from the website. Ever loyal IKI fan who's signed up for the site will get the text. Any second now, They should all be up to speed and hopefully we won't have to worry about more attacks."

"Very nice."


10:35 PM

Inside the arena.

As Haley lay clutching her shoulder and while Storm lay on the mat regain his composure, John and Hank got to witness something truely odd.

"Just listen to these Kool Aid drinking fans of Karmic Legacy cheering Storm on. It makes me sick to think these people actually buy the crap Storm and Emissary spew."

"Uhmmm John. What are they doing?"

The group of IKI fans suddenly stopped cheering. Then in unison, 100 loyal IKI fans pulled out 100 cellphones and got the exact same text message.

Karmic Legacy & The IKI would like to offically welcome Kieran Crowe and Accolade into the fold. They'll be great additions to the family. N.

"Someone should call Guiness. That has to be like a text message record or something." Hank said with a laugh.

"What the hell is going on....and where the hell are they all going?"

Up in the stands, Accolade and Crowe watched the ring but both noticed the IKI fans making a beeline up the aisle right towards them.....As if worrying about Chance and Eve wasn't enough.

"Oh boy, here they come again. Maybe we should try to explain we're part of the family."

"Shit on dat idea. They wanna be killin us."

"We're part of the family now partner. Let's just try."

"Fine!" Accolade said with a huff.

Both men stood up and made thier way into the aisle just in time to be greeted by the first few IKI fans.

"Look...we got off on the wrong foot. You guys may not know this but we're part of....whoa Whoa WHOA!"

Before Kieran could finish what he was saying, The IKI fans had both men up in the air surfing them down the aisle.


"I don't think they want to lynch us Accolade!"



Before Accolade could cry out again, He and Kieran found themselves in two seats in the front row. Several hands clapped them on the back followed by alot of sorry's. Kieran leaned over to the smiling fan next to him.

"So you guys don't want to kill us?"

"Oh no, we're sorry about that sir. We just got the offical text that you're part of the Legacy. We love you guys!."

Keiran turned to Accolade and said "See Accolade, I told you...nothing to worry about."

"I knew dat dawg, I was just playin."


At the announce table....

"Well this is just bizarre. One minute they want to kill Above the Influence and now they're best friends."

"Karma works in strange ways John. Strange ways."

Back in the ring, Storm had gotten back to his feet. He saw Haley clutching her shoulder and pulled her up off the mat. She tried to fight back but a knee to the stomach took care of that. With Haley doubled over, Storm lifted Haley high into the air and then dropped her down hard with a shoulder breaker.

"Well now that things seem to have settled a bit, maybe we can actually see more action now. Storm just took advantage of that bad shoulder of Haley and he's got something else in mind as he pulls her back up."

Storm smirked at Haley as she held that bad shoulder. He whipped her as hard as he could into the side of the cage returning the favor of having his face busted open earlier. As she hit the cage bad shoulder first, Kieran decided not to pull the trigger. After all, There would be plenty of time to use it later. As Haley fell flat on her back she clutched at her shoulder once more.

Storm stood over her and smiled like the cat getting ready to eat the canary.



Backstage, Chance was being pushed on a handtruck back towards her "evil lair" by Eve and Emma. But they were soon stopped by an angered Living Deadgirl.

Emma: Uh oh.

Eve: Why does she look mad?

Chance: Just follow my lead.

LDG: Ok Chance. I've heard from various people that you are somehow linked to my car being blown up.

Chance: Me? Har-har-har. An evil mind like mine has BETTER things to blow up.

Eve: RAWR! Better things to blow up. Like what babes?

Chance: Shhh, you're a henchman. That means you do the fighting, not the talking.

Eve: But you like told me to follow your lead.

Chance: I did but shhhh!

Eve: Geez.

LDG: If I find out you're involved, I will NOT be happy.

Chance: You never are. And for the record it wasn't me. Try Kieran Crowe and Accolade. Those two have been trying to blow anyone and anything up all night.

LDG: Really now? And how do you know this?

Chance: I'm an evil mastermind. I know ALL *cackles*

Emma: *whispers* She's gone nuts.


Eve: Yeah, me too. Oh, I mean....*mean stare*

LDG: I'm going to check the tapes now, so you better not be lying.

LDG walks by the trio and Eve lets out a deep sigh.

Eve: That was close, babes.

Chance: Eve, I am not a babes right now. I am Chance. The most evil being known to man.

Eve: *blank stare* I know you're Chance, babes.

Chance: *sigh* Eve, we must part ways now. You're totally bringing down the evilness of the situation at hand.

Eve: I am? But I'm a henchman. *RAWR*

Chance: BE GONE! If you want to be useful, bring me the head of a baby. Yes, a baby! And not a black baby. A white baby. So the local media will realize how evil I can be.

Emma: Are you insane?

Chance: No, number one. I'm.....*dramatic pause* Evillllllllllllllllllllllllllllll. *cackles*

Emma: Jesus christ.

Eve: Ok, a baby. I got it babes. Err, I mean...RAWR!!!

Eve skips away as Chance and Emma return to the lair. Could button pushing be in their future? What about a big reveal? Perhaps Chance is revealing the truth behind the Air France disaster? She might just be behind it.


The Manipulative Bastard took a deep breath before reaching down to yank Haley up. Storm saw she was in pain. He saw her body was taking a ton of abuse already. And now, was the time for him to unvail something. He shoved Haley into corner and held his forearm under her neck.

Storm: You think I don't know, do you?

Haley: *cough* Huh?

Storm: Trying to keep secrets from me. Trying to act like nothing NEW has happened to you.

Haley: Excuse me?

Storm: Take the fall now and I'll forget I even know.

Haley: Eat shit!!

She tried to struggle but Storm dug in deeper with the forearm. Haley tried lifting a knee but Storm had it telegraphed, blocking it with his. Then, a right hand connected with Haley's jaw, staggering her and causing numbness in her face and neck. Storm then grabbed her, twisted her around and set up what looked like a reverse DDT. But instead of executing that move, he dropped to a knee and Held Haley there, patting her stomach.

Paragon: What is Storm doing? It's like he's "making nice" with Haley.

Hank: Who knows? Maybe he's doing it to annoy Genocide. Or maybe that's just how he get's down!

Paragon: Can we get a better angle please? I need to see and hear what's going on.

A cameraman gets in better position and raises his boom microphone.

Storm choked Haley some more before continuing.

Storm: I could end it right here but I'll give you a chance. Stay down. Karma demands it. You lose the battle, I win the war...but you and Genocide get a future.

Haley: Argh! I'll...kill..you...

Storm: Maybe one day you will. But right now, this unborn child of yours...he doesnt deserve to be brought up by a mother like you. A combination of all the sins of man.

Paragon: Did I hear that right?

Hank: Did Storm just say......

Paragon: Haley's pregnant?

Hank: Wow, Genocide must be proud.

Paragon: If he even knows. I don't think he'd allow Haley to wrestle in a match like this if he knew. And against someone like Storm no-less.


One day ago, Haley had the Network doctor come check her out. She had missed her period, not something common for her. Her period was something she took pride in.

Doctor Bernstein: Well, I have good news and great news.

Haley: Spit it out, Doc.

Doctor Bernstein: The good news is you're pregnant. I'd say about three to four weeks.

Haley: I...I can't be. I use a diaphram.

Doctor Bernstein: That's the great news. You have a hell of a lawsuit on your hands.

Haley: Gee, thanks.

Doctor Bernstein: You should be happy, Haley. You and Geno will make great parents.

Haley: Don't tell a soul, ok?

Doctor Bernstein: I won't. Or you can sue me.

Haley: You silly jews. Always thinking money and lawyers.

Haley walked out of the trainers room which she was just examined in with Doctor Bernstein following suit. Little did they know that Nathan was in the closet, listening to the entire thing.


Storm: Well?

Haley: You wouldnt....

Storm: No?

Haley: No, you're evil but no monster.


Paragon: NOOO! Storm just threw a forearm at Haley's stomach.

Hank: We can call Storm's fist the Karmic Abortion from now on.


Storm: Was that you wanting another?


Paragon: Jesus H Christ, someone stop that monster!!!!

Hank: How is this his fault? Haley is wrestling, knowing she is pregnant.

Haley was in pain and now was actually crying. Something Storm and 99 percent of the business had never seen recently. Storm held his arm up once more, waiting for Haley's eyes to open up.

Storm: Now I will ask you once more. And only once. Are you willing to risk your child for a silly little tournament match and the Network. Not even you are that selfish.

Haley: I.....loathe you beyond your wildest imagination.

Storm: Tell Geno I said I'm sorry.



Storm threw five of his hardest forearm shots in recent history. The fans, the announcers, they all saw Haley almost go into convulsions as Storm finally dropped her onto the apron. He stood up slowly and for good measure, kicked Haley in the stomach. Feeling bad was not an option. The child would be in for a sinful life. Storm was not only saving the world, but the child as well.

He dusted off his hands and pointed up to the cage. It was time for his exit.

Paragon: Folks, I've seen some evil things. I've seen some unwarranted beatdowns, some vicious beatings, people set on fire, Johnny Rude and Ed come to mind when it comes to the definition of evil. But what Jason Storm just did.....

Hank: Haley was asking for it. What pregnant lady steps into the ring with a legend?

Paragon: I don't think Haley figured anyone knew, thus keeping her baby at least somewhat safe.

Hank: Bull-freakin-shit. She dug her own grave. She should of known that Storm would somehow find out. He always does.


Alan: Seventy six bottles of beer on the wall, seventy six bottles of beer. Take one down, my SBFF passes it around....

Genocide: ..........

Alan: C'mon Geno.

Genocide: *sigh* Seventy five bottles of beer on the wall.

Alan: So then our commercial will end with us doing the whole "Drink responsibly" thing we do....How legendairy will that be?

Genocide: Extremely. Sorry man, I'm just not in the mood. My own son fucked me over. My wife could be getting murdered by now. And.....hold up. What the hell is that?

Alan: Is it common for White Baboons to be running around the city?

Genocide: No, but that's...the Baboon that Haley sent after Accolade. C'mere boy....

Alan: Are you insane? He'll rip our arms off and make us fist each other.

Genocide: Nah, we're white. He only hates black creatures.

The Baboon who escaped a few days prior somehow climbed back onto the roof of the arena. This baboon was intelligent, unlike the darker baboons of Africa. He approached the SBFF's and Geno patted him on the head.

Genocide: Look, I was turned into Sergei Federov a few years back by Jesus. I've seen wrasslers turn from nice to mean because of a stupid soft drink. So if you think THIS is crazy....

Alan: Nah, I totally understand. I mean, there's a retarded rat who thinks he can wrestle for crying out loud.

Geno guided the baboon to the trap door and pointed to it. And the baboon grabbed a hold of it, using his baboon strength (which is exactly 230 times stronger than retard strength) to pull the trap door off.

Genocide: YES! Good boy.

Alan: So who do we kill first? Storm? Your son?

Genocide: I'm getting my son back. Whether he likes it or not.

Alan: SBFF's....unite!

Genocide: Uhh, sure man.

Alan: Way to ruin a moment.


Storm saw that Haley was hardly moving except for holding her stomach and hysterically crying. So he took his time. He wanted to bask in all his glory. He slowly climbed the turnbuckles, turning around at each step to make sure Haley was still down. Then he reached for the top of the cage. He pulled himself up as the IKI fans roared. They didnt RAWR, because only Hot Girls RAWRed.

Accolade: Aww shit, our boy's gonna do it.

Kieran Crowe: God it feels good to be on the "right" side for a change.

Accolade: Yo, you notice something?

Kieran Crowe: What's that?

Accolade: I'm da only brotha in the IKI. Shit, I'm the Jackie Robinson of the IKI!

Kieran Crowe: Who?

Accolade: Nigga pa-lease. I'm a fuckin pioneer for the black man.

Kieran Crowe: Uh, sure dude.

As Storm now had one foot up on the top of the cage, Haley jumped to her feet and grabbed Storm's leg. But she didnt pull at it at all. Not yet.

Paragon: Haley's up...it's almost like nothing just happened.

Hank: It's because she's an evil bitch who doesnt care about her unborn child.

Paragon: What did she just pull out from her boot? Is that a pen?

It was..in a way. It was a pen filled with a paralyzing agent which would cause whatever body part that was pricked with it to become imobile for a short period of time. She jabbed Storm's leg with it and tossed the pen. Storm kicked Haley off of him but seconds later, he couldnt get his leg over the cage.

Storm: What the hell?

Haley climbed back up the cage and sat across from Storm. The two of them began exchanging rights and lefts before Storm finally connected with a straight left to Haley's nose, causing her to sway all the way back.

Storm: You really are a selfish twat.

Haley: No douche, I'm not pregnant. But it's something I knew you'd use against me if you had the chance.

Paragon: Haley just lunged at Storm....OH.............MY..........


Hank: GOD!

They both fell back into the ring, Haley landing on Storm's body but the impact was still intense for both of them. She rolled off of him and onto her back. How much more could her body take of this? But one thing was for certain. She had at least a few more minutes of Storm's leg being paralyzed. So he wasnt leaving anytime soon.

Paragon: Folks, please for the love of god, don't EVER try this at home.

Meanwhile the IKI fans, including Accolade and Crowe were on their feet, trying to get a better view of the ring when Fed-X security came.

Security: YOU TWO!

Accolade: Me?

Crowe: Me?

Security: Come with us.

Accolade: Aww fuck no, I know where dis shit is going.

Security: Living Deadgirl would like to see you.

Crowe: RUN!



10:39 PM

Around various parts of the arena.

"We've done out bit for King and Country partner." Kieran said, his face beaming with pride.

"Fo Shizzle." Accolade replied with a nod.

"And thus we hate to anger you but we must exit stage left."

Both men nod and then tear ass through the sea of IKI fans who part for thier new found heroes. Security is over the railing in a flash but as quickly as the contingent of IKI fans parted, The closed up ranks even quicker. This would likely be the last time anyone saw this dyamnic duo. They had done thier part even with so maybe hurdles to get around. Anything else at this point would just be more of a distraction.

Elsewhere, Alan and Genocide had managed to get down from the roof with an assist from an unlikely primate. Determined to get Geno's son back from the clutches of the Karmic Legecy. They were heading back across the arena towards the KL Suite.

As for Chance and her "EVIL" Intentions, After confronting Liv, Chance had ordered her goons back to the secret lair. She still had plans but nothing that couldn't be handled from home base.


10:40 PM

Inside the cage

Haley was taking a much needed breather across the ring trying to work some feeling back into her shoulder as Storm finally sat back up. His eyes were a window to the anger building inside him. She had duped him. Nothing more, nothing less. She had fed the whole pregnancy story to Nathan and Storm had bought it hook, line, and sinker. It wasn't very often than anyone got over on Storm. The fact that Haley had made him look foolish only added fuel to his already burning fire. With his left leg useless for God knew how long his options would be limited......But this wouldn't be the first time Jason had to fight without the use of an appendage.

"Storm pulls himself back up and he really seems to be favoring his left leg."

"Whatever Haley stabbed him with apparently did the job she wanted." Hank replied

"I also feel I should point out that the left leg is Storm's plant leg. If he can't plant that left foot, we won't be seeing any lightning strikes soon."

"He may have a gimp leg now but Haley might have just woke the proverbial "Sleeping Giant" because Storm looks pissed."

With Storm now vertical, Haley rose to her own feet. She leaned on the ropes with a smile knowing that in his current condition, he wasn't going to rush across the ring at her. Knowing he had limitations for another few minutes, She walked across the ring and drew close enough that The Real Deal lunged at her. The minute he did she sidestepped him watching as he tettered and tried not to fall. With an almost evil laugh, Haley took Storm down to the mat with the simplest move.

"I never thought I'd see the day Hank that s simple shove to the back would take Storm off his feet."

"That left leg is completely useless. What did you expect would happen?"

With the champion down on his face trying to get up, Haley walked around his prone body and then waited. As soon as Storm put his head up, Haley kicked him flush against the side of the face. The champ rolled over on his back with stars exploding in his head. With great effort he flipped himself back over on his stomach and crawled for the ropes. Haley followed behind him kicking his left leg like a child might kick around a broken toy.

"She's toying with him Hank. She clearly has this won if she just climbs over the cage but she's toying with him."

"And that could come back to haunt her."

"Storm has reached the ropes. He's doing everything he can to pull himself back up as Haley stalks behind him rotating that shoulder to get more feeling back in it."

With a grunt, Storm got to his good knee and then used the ropes to pull himself up. He was down but not out, Now more determined then ever to get back up. He managed a smirk knowing that Karma was still on his side. As he reached for the top rope his hand went a bit to far and he latched onto the cage wall. When he did, Haley reached out and hit the top turnbuckle button on the corner facing the IKI fans.

Storm bit his own lip drawing blood as he rode the lightning. When the jolt ended it threw him back into the center of the ring.....small wisps of smoke rising from his head.

"My Lord what a jolt. That sent the champ sailing half way across the ring."

"And Haley's not done with him yet! She's going right back after him."

"Haley reaching down now and with a handful of Storm's hair she tries to pull him back to his feet. What has she got in mind here?"

"As long as his left leg is wasted she can pretty much do whatever she wants John."

"I think she's taunting him!"

Haley got him up and had to allow Storm to lean on her just to keep him upright.

"They say Karma's a real bitch, But she never met a bitch like me Storm. Your reign as Superstar Champion is over.....and so is your time in the King Of The Cage. Tell your precious Karma to kiss my ass!"

"Fuck....Fuck you....Sinner!"


The crowd exploded as Haley got up and actually took the time to take a bow. Storm was out on his face blood running from the cut he got earlier, His lip, and now his nose. Everyone was in a frenzy as they felt victory was in Haley's grasp. The only boos came from the IKI fans in the front row.

"That's it John, I hate to say it but that...is...IT. Haley is going to walk out the victor and it seems Karma may have finally turned it's back on Storm."

"It looks that way Hank as Haley makes her way to the side of the cage wall."

Smug in the fact that she was only seconds from victory. Haley took the cage wall slowly looking over her shoulder to see if Storm was moving or not. As she got to the top of the cage, She decided to play the crowd and why not. Beating Storm in his kind of enviorment was worth gloating about.

However, While she wallowed in what she thought was victory, Storm began to move. Inching his way towards the corner, He could do nothing but hope his mistress Karma would not rob him again as it did last time for thier was no Kieran and Accolade to save him.

"Storm is on the move but the question is can he make it!"

"I don't think so John. Haley has one leg over the edge!!"

Storm looked up as Haley swung her leg up to the top of the cage. In that moment he focused everything he had on making his body move. Her fate like all the others had been written.....and there was no way Storm was about to fail his mistress. As Haley pulled herself up, Storm found enough inside to leap forward and the tip of his finger hit the button on the bottom turnbuckle.

When the jolt hit, Haley was straddling the top bar......and her screams echoed in Jason's head like pure ecstasy. When the jolt subsided, Haley almost fell out of the cage but at the last second she leaned back towards the inside and slid off the top of the cage hitting the mat with an awful thunk.

"I told you John! I told you...NEVER count this man out till it's actually over!"

Storm sat up and looked at his left leg. It was finally starting to move. With help from the ropes Storm once again lifted himself up. He quickly looked around the outside of the ring till he found what he was looking for. One of the 4 camera's covering the match. With an evil little laugh, he made Scissor motion with his fingers.


10:48 PM

Karmic Legacy Suite.

Nathan, James, And Emissary watched the monitor closely. When they saw the signal, Nathan pulled out his cellphone.

"It's time."

"Consider it done" the voice on the other end replied.

As Nathan hung up the phone Kieran and Accolade burst into the room.

"Glad you could make it gentlemen. Have a seat, The real show's about to start." Emissary said grinning.

Elsewhere in the arena, Geno and Alan were still headed for the Karmic Legacy Suite. When they arrived, They'd get one hell of a suprise. Nathan, Kieran Crowe, Accolade, James Miller, Emissary, and 4 of Nathan's men waiting inside as they watched the match.

Inside the Legacy Suite, Kieran and Accolade sat down just in time to see a silver haliburton fall into the ring from above.

"What that?" Asked Kieran.

"Haley's bitter end sir." Nathan said calmly.


10:50 PM

Inside the Cage

Less then 30 seconds after Storm made the clipping motion with his fingers, A silver haliburton dropped from the rafters and hit the center of the ring. It bounced and then landed next to Storm.

"What the heck is that and where did it come from?"

"It came from up there in the rafters but I don't see anyone up there."

"Whatever it is, Storm is opening it up and OH JESUS......This isn't looking good for Haley!"

Storm opened the haliburton and a smile spread over his face. He removed the objects inside. A small roll of barbed wire, a large sack, and something that he quickly shoved down his pants for later use. He placed the sack on the mat then stood up. As he walked over to Haley he began to wrap the barbed wire around his right hand. When he reached his foe, he bent down over her and whispered to her softly.

"I know how vain you are about your looks Haley. I do hope Geno has several pictures of the way you look now because when I'm done.....Plastic surgery won't help you."

With that said, Storm flipped Haley over on her back. She tried to block his advance but was still too groggy from the jolt at the top of the cage. Storm straddled her and then pulled back that right fist.

"This my dear is the price Karma demands you pay."

With that said, Storm began to unload right after right into Haley's face.



Storm fired his right hand like a piston again, and again, and again. The Barbed wire ripped at the soft flesh of the Buxom beauty's face. Haley's screams and tears from earlier might have been fake but this time....there was no fake about it.

"Ok This is too much....This is just to damn much!"

"Storm doesn't think so. Look at what he's doing now!! He's raking that barbed wire wrapped fist of his over Haley's face and neck! This is a fucking bloodbath!!"

Storm took greet glee in his work as he tore into Haley's face . When he finally grew tired he sat up and looked down at the crying thing before him.

"I should take your eyes out......But Krama wants you to look upon your once pretty face as a reminder that your sins brought you to this."

Haley tried to say something through the tears and the pain but Storm hit her two more times across the face before getting up off her chest.

"I knew the guy could be brutal but this.....this is just....I could have never imagined him being like this. At this point she may be beyond stitches and bandages."

"Why John? Don't you understand? Do you get it now how fanatical Storm is in his beliefs? He and Emissary have been telling all of you for weeks yet all of you think it's some game. I guess now you know different huh?"

With the barbed wire still wrapped around his fist, Storm walked to the sack laying on the mat. He picked it up and walked back over to his foe as she lay on the mat holding her face. He pulled both her hands away and when she tried to put them back he stomped her in the stomach. With her hands now holding her stomach, Storm lifted her head and then slid the sack over it. He pulled the draw string on it tight but not to tight....he didn't want to kill her. When he had it snug enough, He pulled Haley to her feet and leaned her on the ropes.

Backing up about 4 steps, Storm looked at her with the sack or her head and the planted his now fully functional left foot.


Haley tettered and then fell on her face. Her hands shot up like rockets to her head as she tried to pull the sack free. Storm smirked, then walked over to assist her. He undid the draw string and pulled the sack free. As he stood up....hundreds of black thumbtacks spilled out on the mat. Using his foot, he shoved her over on her back exposing her face to the world.

In some parts of the arena, parents covered thier children's eyes.


"Her face looks just like my momma's pin cushion!"

Ravaged. That was the only word that applied to Haley. Storm could now easily exit the cage....But instead he had a seat. This wasn't over by a long shot....because Karma wanted more.

And Storm was willing to obey his beloved master.



Voice: Haley love, why can't you just continue with the modelling? You've made a nice amount of money doing that.

Haley: Mom, please. I've always liked wrestling and Mike said he'd take care of me.

Mrs Summers: Well what if he can't? Then what? You'll become a cripple? You'll be like the rest of those wrestlers on TV? Found dead in your apartment with an overdose or a heart attack?

Haley: I don't understand why you can't be supportive.

Mrs Summers: Haley, we Summers ladies have a high standard to live up to. We've been pin up girls for generations and you should continue it. Wrestling will only harm you. What if your face gets damaged? Then what will you do? No modelling, no boyfriend or husband, no nothing. Just a messed up face and a body of an old woman.

Haley: Oh, mom. Such a worry-wart you are. I love you. I'll be fine. My face will be fine. It's wrestling, not War.

Boy was she wrong nine years ago. There she lied in the ring. Unconscious to the world. Blood trickling out of little holes and cuts all over her face and neck. Storm did a number on Haley. It was something she'd be forced to remember for a long time. Some scars would heal, but some wouldnt. He waited patiently for her to rise up. Because the look in her eyes when she'd wake up would be priceless. Storm knelt next to her and gently slapped her bloody face.

Storm: Wake up pretty girl. Karma says you have more to come.

Paragon: This is beyond adding insult to injury. This is just pathetic on Storm's part.

Hank: That's how he rolls. And the IKI fans love it. So who can blame him? This is Storm we're talking about, not a priest.

Paragon: Hold up, now what's he calling for? He's motioning to a few IKI fans in the front row there. He's asking for their bottles of water.

About four bottles get thrown over the cage and into the ring. Storm picks one up and splashes Haley's face with it, hoping to wake the Bloody Blonde up. The first bottle did nothing, so Storm grabbed another. This one he fully poured over her face. Seconds later, her eyes slowly began to open. She looked up and into her view stepped Storm.

Storm: Did you dream about me, princess?


Alan: On the count of three.

Genocide: Three and go? Or we go on three?

Alan: Does it matter?

Genocide: No, but let's get this right.

Carrying Network bats, they finally agree on the number. Geno takes a practice swing and Alan stretches out his neck. Geno then turns to the white baboon

Genocide: You got this too? On THREE

Monkey Luther King: *scatches self*

Alan: One.....

Genocide: Twoooo.....THREE

They kick down the door and charge in. But they see a problem. Surrounded by Above the Influence, 4 IKI members, Nathan, James and Emo, they begin to size up the situation.

Genocide: Shit.

Emissary: You're so predictable.

Alan: No fair fight, huh?

Accolade: Ha. Maybe a few of us should put down our weapons and.....awww fuck no. Hells fuckin no. Dat thing is back?

Everyone's attention turns to the Baboon stepping through the doorway. Crowe immediately steps away from Accolade but then Accolade steps behind James.

James: Don't hide behind me, man.

Accolade: Fuck dat. Dis thing is mad crazy. He....

Monkey Luther King: *snarls* *growls*

Accolade: *does cross thing* Sorry guys, gotta go

The Baboon lunges at Accolade who runs into the other room. The Baboon knocks young James Miller over to get through to Accolade and the door suddenly shuts. That's when Geno and Alan club down the other 2 IKI members with no problem. Goons always are the first to go but Alan is then taken down with a wooden chair shot by Emissary.

The fight continues as screams are heard from the other room as Accolade is being completely mauled by the Baboon. Crowe wants to help his friend but he fears for his own life. The fight was with Geno right now and they had the numbers.

Paragon: I can't believe Haley is getting to her feet.

Hank: But for how long? she can barely stand. Look! She has no idea where she is.

Paragon: Storm keeps moving, making sure he's behind her. He's totally playing with her now.

Hank: Can you blame him? I'd do the same thing. Look at what she did to him? Getting his hopes up that he committed an abortion. You can't do that to a guy.

Paragon: I think he's setting her up for another Lightning strike. Yes, he is....I can't look.

Hank: Incoming!!!!

Everyone's attention turned to above the cage where someone was dropping down via a cable.

Hank: Oh no, not again.

Paragon: It's...HOLLY! What is she doing?

Holly reached the ring and pointed at Haley.

Holly: Now you can't run. Nobody can protect you. Rankings match, right NOW

Hank: Is she serious?

Paragon: *shakes head in disbelief*

Storm glares at Holly and her stupidity. Even Haley looks up at her, wondering how idiotic she is.

Storm: What is going on in that head of yours?

Holly: I want her...NOW

Storm smiled and gave her the ol "go ahead" motion. Holly smiled back and obliged. But once she took a step past Storm, he sent her head first into the cage side. She bounced off of it only to be sent into the oppositve side of the cage. This time, Storm pressed one of the buttons in the corner and threw her into the side yet again. Holly was now "toast" and was doing her best Michael J Fox impression. As she was about to fall in the middle of the ring, the cable began to retract and up she went. Storm waved good bye to her, happy to have wrecked the retard's world up for the moment. He then turned his attention right back to Haley.

Paragon: LOW BLOW! Haley just caught Storm from behind.

Hank: God, I hate when chicks do that.

Paragon: Uh oh, Haley's picking up the barbed wire that Storm put down when Holly dropped down.

Hank: This can only get worse. Storm, you should of gotten out of there when you had the chance.

Paragon: Haley wrapping the barbed wire around her hand, she's sizing Storm up....NO! Storm just rolled out of the way. He's much more fresh than Haley now as she's lost a ton of blood already. Storm up to his feet, he spins Haley around....

Storm threw a haymaker, but Haley just dropped down. She then threw a mighty uppercut to his groin once more, and the barbed wire had no problem cutting through his tights and jock strap.

Hank: *cringes*

Paragon: A barbed wire low blow by Haley and now Storm is lying on his back, holding the Emerson Jewels.

Hank: I don't feel well. In fact, can someone get me some ginger ale? PLEASE?

Paragon: Haley is looking up at the cage and...she throws the barbed wire up and over the cage. But the damage is done.

Haley wanted to go on with her attack on Storm but she fell backwards from exhaustion. The blood was still trickling out of her pours and she didnt have much more left in the tank. But if she wanted to survive, she had to get up so she grabbed the ropes and did something not normal. She went to the far corner and hit one of the buttons.

Paragon: But Storm isnt even on the cage.....WHAT??????????

Hank: Haley's electrocuting herself!!!!

It was a 2 second jolt through her body but it actually got her adrenaline going again. Suddenly she had a drop more energy and it was well needed. She walked up behind Storm who was now on his knees and kicked him in the back. The thud was defeaning but the effect wasnt there. So Haley climbed up the side of the cage and leaped off, hitting a missile drop kick to the Superstar Champion's face. Storm fell backwards right onto a few of the tacks.

Haley really wanted to ascend the side of the cage now, but she knew if she tried, she'd be leaving herself open for another attack. So for now, she thought of another plan.

In the Karmic Legacy suite, All the goons were out, Nathan was nursing a head wound, which left Emo, Crowe, Alan, Geno, and James. Geno then looked at the monitor to see Haley's bloody face and Storm on his back.

Alan: You go, grampa. I can handle these faggots.

Genocide: Nah, we'll do this quick and swift. Then you get your wish. Get in there and do your thing.

Alan's eyes light up and the SBFF's begin swinging the bats at their remaining foes.

Meanwhile, Johnny XS and Isabel were watching all the events unfold.

Isabel: Now would be a good time, you know.

Johnny XS: Relax. I'm doing this MY way. Your sister is going to have her world turned upside down.

Haley reached down to pull Storm up but the bastard was just playing possum. He poked her in the eyes and then threw an elbow sending her backwards. He pulled himself up and ran at Haley, clotheslining her down to the apron once more. He was done playing games. Now he'd finish her in the next few minutes. And Karma would be served.



James: Give it up dad, Sooner or later your child has to spread his wings and fly on his own!

Geno: Not when it means flying into the Kool Aid drinkers nest!

James: Get it through your thick ass skull "DAD". This is my choice, not yours.

Alan: Maybe you should show your dad some respect!

James: And maybe you should shut the fuck up and mind your own goddamn business!

This was suppose to be his day. The day he stepped out of daddy's shadow and made a name on his own but oh no, Genocide just couldn't get it through his head that James didn't need him anymore. He didn't get it that his son had made his own choice.

There was no brainwashing, This wasn't a case of someone making him do something he didn't want to do. Karmic Legacy had shown him the light and it didn't matter to James how his daddy or his SBFF felt. He was now his own man.

With Alan and Geno both giving James the third degree, Kieran slipped in behind Alan and used one of Emissary's crutches breaking it across the back of his head. When Geno turned to see Alan falling over on his face, James reached out and yanked the bat from his father's hand.

James: Sorry dad, You made me do this.

Genocide didn't have the chance to react as James hit him on the shoulder with the bat. The Hall of Famer flew sideways and landed at Nathan's feet. James walked forwad and looked down on his father.

Over by Alan, Accolade picked up the other bat off the floor. With all the members of the Legacy standing over them, James knelt down next to his father and gave him a warning.

James: This is your one and only chance to leave with your brain inside your skull.

Geno: James, Please, Don't do this.

James: I'm my own man now and I'll do what I want. You should get out of here now while I'm still willing to give you the chance to leave on your own.

Geno: I'm not leaving without you!

James: Well shucks Pa, I'm actually happy you said that.

The members of Karmic Legacy fell on Team SBFF.

No, they didn't beat both men into greasy puddles. They just grabbed them and tossed them both out into the hallway. Alan hit the floor hard jarring him awake as Geno slid past him and hit the far wall. James looked at his father, smile at him, and then flipped him off before slamming the door shut.

Alan: what? what happened?

Geno: My idiot son became a man today.

To be continued
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Storm leaned on the ropes holding his crotch with one hand. It's not everyday you bleed from your testicles. He glanced down at Haley who was still down on the mat. Taking a second to pull a few thumbtacks out of his arm, Storm reached down and pulled Haley up off the mat.

"Once again Storm has the chance to end this and he goes after Haley instead. What more could he possibly do to her? He's already ripped her face to LOW BLOW! Another Low Blow by Haley!"

"So much for Storm having any more children. His balls are going to be the size of watermelons before this one it over John."

"The champ falls to his knees and if that's not bad enough he just fell face first into a pile of those thumbtacks!"

Storm cursed under what little breath he had as the rock sunk deep into his stomach. Perhaps the only distraction from his aching nuts was the pain of a few thumbtacks stuck in his forehead and the end of his nose. Haley got up and then fell back to her knees. Rather then try to get back up, She crawled towards Storm.

"It's all about heart and desire Hank. It's the only thing pushing these two on."

"It's not just that in Storm's case. He's a believer John. I honestly think he's going to have to be near death for Haley to pull this out."

Haley reached out and placed her hand on Storm's back. With her free hand she scooped up a pile of thumbtacks, then crawled forward another foot driving tacks into both her knees. She pushed forward through the stinging pricks and grabbed Storm's hair. She pulled him up off the mat intent on feeding him a face full of tacks.

Only problem was, Storm was about to do the same thing. When he felt the pressure of her hand on his back, Storm scooped up his own handful of tacks. When Haley got him up, they both jammed thier handful of tacks into each others faces.

"Just when you think this can't get more brutal, Haley shoves a handful of tacks into the side of Storm's face and Storm returns the favor!"

"I could be wrong John but I think my pants just got sticky."

"You are a pig Hank....a PIG!"

"I take offense to that John. I'm just like any other red blooded American male. I love violence!"

"Jesus.....would you look at this? Haley's once pretty face is mess of ripped flesh and blood. Now she has an entire cheek full of tacks!"

"I could be wrong John but is that thumbtack in Storm's eye?"

Hank was close, to close. Storm reached up and pulled the tack that had came within a centimeter of piercing his eye. He plucked it out and fell backwards driving a few more tacks into his back. Nearby, Haley flopped on her back clutching the side of her face trying to pull the little stinging tacks from her cheek. As she began to pull the tacks from her face, Storm sat back up. He didn't even bother to pull the tacks from his face as he got to a knee and then somehow managed to get to his feet. He wobbled his way over to Haley and then yanked her up by the hair. He shoved her hard in the back towards the ropes. As she bounced back her caught her with two fistsfuls of her hair. With great effort he drove her forward hard into the side of the cage wall.

"As if he hasn't done enough damage to Haley's pretty face, Storm is now raking her face back and forth across that chain link cage wall!"

"He's grinding her face into mush John!"

Back and forth he went with Haley's face doing everything he could to maim her.

"This is the price you pay Haley for the sins you've commited!"

With one hand still grinding her face into the chain link fence, Storm reached over and hit the button on the middle turnbuckle.

"The sadistic bastard is electrocuting himself as he keeps Haley's face jammed against the steel!"

"Now I know my pants are sticky. I think I just had an orgas....."


When the jolt was over, Storm let go of Haley's hair and she fell to the mat. Storm almost went down with her but he grabbed the rope with his free hand to hold himself up. Still holding the rope, he glanced over at Haley. When he saw her bloody face he smiled, The thumbtacks still stuck in his face making the smile look that much more sinister. Letting go of the ropes, He staggered over to Haley and reached down pulling her up once again by her hair. He looked towards the cheering IKI fans who were perhaps the only people in the arena going crazy right now and gave them a thumbs up. His confidence was at an all time high. As he twisted Haley around to face him, His smug arrogance caught up with him.

"What possible punishment can the Real Deal have in mind for Haley now? He's got her right where he wants her.....Check that! Haley with a knee to the gut doubles Storm over! She backs up to the ropes and a HUGE SCISSOR KICK TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD DRIVES THE CHAMPION FACE FIRST INTO THE TACK FILLED CANVAS!!"

It took all Haley had to retain her balance and not fall. On spent legs she fell back into the rope and watched As Storm tried to push himself up off the mat. She tossed her hair out of her face. There wasn't a blonde strand of hair left, It was matted with her own blood. The leader of the Network wiped the blood from he eyes and focused everything she had left. Storm had his second and third wind. Now it was Haley's turn. She hunched down like a predator waitng to pounce on it's prey.

"This could be it Hank, This could be it, We could see the Orgasm right here."

"I already saw one John."

"Argh...Sicko. I meant Haley idiot. She's just waiting ready for Storm to get back up."

"Well we'll see how right you are in a second. Storm is getting back to his feet."

Doing his own impersonation of a pinball, Storm wobbled to one side then the other. The Real Deal almost fell but then stepped in the wrong direction....Right into the bottom of Haley's boot.


The Challenger fell after delivering the kick and thankful, the part of the canvas she fell on was somewhat thumbtack free. She crawled to the ropes and pulled herself up. Taking a second, She looked back at Storm who was motionless. Then she turned back towards the cage wall and slowly started making her way up. She'd had enough. It was time to get the victory and then get medical attention for her busted and maimed face.

"Once again Haley is in the driver's seat with the win just a few feet away and this time she's not going to play games or showboat."

"She's not going very fast John but that's not a suprise. She's taken one of the worst beatings I've ever seen her take."

"And Storm isn't moving at all so no need to rush and risk a slip or a fall."

What looked like a few feet to John and Hank seemed like a mile to Haley. She took each step carefully knowing that the wrong move would send her crashing to the mat. Inch by inch she moved till her hand reached the top of the cage. She reached out and grabbed it but her hand slipped ever so slightly. She took a breath and then reached for it again. This time she found purchase. On the mat below her, Jason pulled his head off the mat. Blood, sticky and warm ran down his face into the pool on the mat. With thumbtacks still sticking out of his face, He looked in the direction of one of the camera's and mouthed the word "Now".


11:06 PM

Karmic Legacy Suite.

Having tossed Team SBFF out into the hallway, the members of Karmic Legacy sat around the table watching the match upfold. As Haley got closer to the top, Kieran expressed concern.

"Shouldn't we do something? He's going to lose."

"Patience Kieran....wait for it." Nathan said watching the screen.

When Haley's hand reached the top, Storm raised his head. Nathan watched until he saw Storm mouth the word "Now". Reaching for his cellphone, He flipped it open and hit speed dial.

"It's time. Do it."

"It'll be done." said the voice on the other end of the line.

Nathan hung the phone up and then looked at Kieran.



11:06 PM

FoxNews Arena Skybox

"Who the hell keeps calling you Isabel?" Johnny asked sounding annoyed.

"My investment banker. Are we going to do this or what?" She asked as Johnny turned his attention back to the ring.

"I told you....We'll handle it. Besides, this isn't over, I know Storm like the back of my hand. He has something planned. I just know it.

"You have no idea" Isabel said with a smile as she jammed the taser into Johnny's back.

Johnny XS slumped over and fell out of his chair as Isabel stood up giggling.

"Sorry XS, I'm sure whatever you had planned was going to be good but I'm tired of waiting and quite frankly, I think this will hurt her so much more."


1:54 PM

In the back of a limo parked next to the Fox News Arena Loading Dock. Storm stares across the back of the limo looking at the person seated before him in the shadows. He picks up the silver haliburton next to him on the seat and holds it out. A gloved hand comes out of the shadow and takes it.

"Members of the IKI have made sure the Arena is clear. You know exactly where to put this. You remember the spot?"

"Of course I do" said the voice in the shadow. "I'll take care of it, Don't worry."

"Are you sure this is what you want to do? You understand the implications if it comes to light that you helped me?"

"I know exactly what I'm doing. Trust me, I could care less if she finds out. I may even brag about it after you defeat her." The voice said with a sadistic confidence.

"Good, Then take your leave and do it."

Isabel leaned foward and climbed out of the limo. She looked back at Storm.

"It'll be hung in the rafters where you want it. When I get the text message, I'll hit the remote button and it should fall in the center of the ring."

"Good, You're doing great things today Isabel."

She turned away from Storm but he called to her one last time. She turned back around with a smile.

"I may have Nathan call you. If you don't care about the implications of your actions, Perhaps the information you gave me earlier might be of use, That is if you want to tell Haley and the world."

"Do you even have to ask?"

"Good. Thank you Isabel."

"No Jason....Thank you."



FoxNews Arena Skybox

Isabel hums a happy tune as she steps outside the skybox to the waiting camera. As Haley gets her second hand on the top of the cage. The Tron comes on. Haley pulls herself up and straddles the cage. She's about to swing her other leg over when she hears the voice of her sister.

"Haaaaaaaley....Oh Haaaaaley. It's me big sister, Isabel....over here sis.....Look over here."

Haley looked up at the tron to see Isabel smiling at her. Behind Haley, Storm started to move. With Haley watching the tron her back was to him giving Storm his chance to make a move.

Meanwhile, Back on the tron.

"That's good sis. You can see me. I'm so sorry to interupt your match. I know how important this is to you but I just had to stop in and say hello. Ok well not really. I just thought you might like to know that you can chalk up that mangled and hideous face of yours to little old me. You see sis, I'm sick of you. I'm sick and tired of you bossing me around, I'm tired of hearing everyone say "Oh look how pretty your big sister is". I'm sick to death of you getting all the best things in life. In point of fact...I'M FUCKING SICK OF YOU!"

Haley watched on as Storm continued to make his move. He had reached the ropes and was pulling himself upright as Isabel continued to explain her role in tonights affairs.

"The truth is Haley I want to see you fail, I want to see that pretty face of yours a twisted scarred mess, So when Jason Storm came to me and asked me for my assistance I just had to say yes. I was the one who put that haliburton in the rafters. You know...the one with the barbed wire and tacks that have chewed up your pretty face? I did that for him so I could watch him destroy you. Then something occured to me. If I was going to do that for him, What would he do in return for me? Then It hit me. He'd give me air time so I could drop another bombshell on you. So I could kick the shit out of you when you were down."

With Haley still watching her sister, Storm started to climb the side of the cage. Another foot or two and Haley would be in his grasp.

"Now I know everyone has to be asking themselves, How else could I possibly betray you. I already slept with your husband. I helped your enemy scar your face for life. What else could Isabel possibly do. Well, Try this on for size sis......GENO FUCKED ME THE NIGHT BEFORE YOUR WEDDING!"

The crowd gasped as did John. Hank on the other hand was eating this up.

"God, I love dirty laundry!"

"Hank Damn it....This isn't funny."


Backstage, Near a monitor not to far from the Karmic Legacy Suite.

Genocide's mouth drops wide open. Alan looks at the monitor and then at Geno.

"Tell me you didn't."

"I didn't!"




Inside the arena

"Now Geno is going to lie to you...he's going to tell you he didn't do it....But I got proof sis....I have something that will prove beyond doubt that Geno and I had sex before your wedding......A little DNA evidence if you will but we can get to that later. Right now. You better worry about Storm....who's right beside you. TTFN Sis."

Everyone had been so transfixed on the tron that no one had noticed Storm make his way up next to Haley. So stunned by this shocking news from her sister that Haley never even looked to see if Storm was there. Before she knew what was going on, Storm latched on to her and suplexed her off the top of the cage into the waiting thumbtacks below.


"Dear Lord, Thank you, This has been the greatest match I ever witnessed."

"Will you stop it! Jesus Hank. Haley just found out her sister slept with Geno before their wedding and she claims to have DNA proof of it. If that wasn't bad enough her face may be ruined and we can only hope both of them are alive after that fall. So STOP BEING SUCH AN ASSHOLE!"

"Ok....Jeez John...Settle down."

On the mat, Niether the champ nor the challenger moved.


Bottles poppin, champagne flowin, it was celebration time in the Karmic Legacy suite. Not only had James Miller joined them, causing extreme problems with his father, but now Isabel had been revealed as the secret. She arrived at the door and was greeted by Nathan who grabbed her by the hand and let her in. She was handed a glass of champagne and the group toasted.

Nathan: To Karma!

The others: TO KARMA!

They continued to watch on the monitor but Isabel was immediately drawn to Kieran Crowe. The man who was previously was using to get back at Haley. She was fucking and sucking his brains out for almost two weeks until the Baboon kidnapped her almost seven days ago. This was their reunion.

Kieran Crowe: I have to say, BRAVO

Isabel: I did it for you.

Kieran Crowe: I did. All of this. Screwing over Haley, joining IKI. You never judged me. You're not like all the other men who I would sleep with.

Kieran Crowe: Heh, hear that Accolade?

Now while in James Miller's post, Accolade was around, he really wasnt. He was previously maulled by the Baboon in the other room. Problem is they all forgot about him.

Until now.

Kieran Crowe: OH SHIT! ACCOLADE!

Crowe kicked in the door to the other room and there lied Accolade. Scratch marks, bite marks, bruises. He was out cold and in bad shape. The window was busted as the Baboon obviously jumped out of it when he was done with Accolade.

Kieran Crowe: I'm sorry dude.

Isabel: Meh, just saves the country a jail cell if you ask me.

Kieran Crowe: Well I didnt ask you. And your racism is getting a tad annoying. You sound like your sister, you know that?

Isabel: Don't tell me how to speak. Your friend here tried raping me and wanted to shove his big...black...

Kieran Crowe: That doesnt mean you have to be a thoughtless bitch.

The others walked into the wrecked room to see what had happened.

Nathan: I'll get some EMT's up here ASAP.

James Miller: Damn, how could we forget about the Baboon?

Isabel: HELLO! Crowe said don't talk about Accolade disrespectfully.

Kieran Crowe: *slaps forehead*

Crowe pulls Isabel into the main room and then into the bathroom. It was time for a little talk.


Alan and Geno were heading away from the Karmic Legacy suite now, when they ran into the most unlikely of people.

Genocide: XS?

Johnny XS: Where is that bitch?

Alan: Which one?

Johnny XS: Isabel, that twat tazed me before I was going to.....umm do something.

Genocide: She's in with the IKI faggots.

Johnny XS: That little lying bitch.

Alan: Amongst other things.

Johnny XS: Fuck this. I'll see you guys later. I have people to kill

XS walked right by them as the SBFF's shrugged to each other. XS wasnt the "Good" XS anymore, that they knew. But they just didnt know where he exactly stood with things at the moment.

Johnny XS: *looks at watch* Fine, Storm didnt want to listen to my warning earlier..that's his perogative. Too bad for them. But now to let that twat taze me?

Johnny heads down towards the backstage area, looking for something.

Alan Scott: SBFF plan six C?

Genocide: Which one is that?

Alan Scott: The one where we fuck Storm out of a win?

Geno smiles at Alan and they head backstage

The superplex shook the ring. And both Haley and Storm were seeing Stars. They were probable minutes away from death. Their blood loss, the beatings they've endured, all would send a normal person to their grave. But these two were extraordinary beings. Their bodies have been through the tests of battles for almost a decade. And it was pure guts and determination which allowed them to keep on functioning. Storm slowly rolled onto his stomach and pushed himself up. His hands pressing the thumbtacks on the ring, but at this point, the pricks were painless. He looked over at Haley and could only tell that she was breathing. But inside her mind, she was torn. Not sure if Geno cheated on her, not sure if Isabel was spinning her usual lies. They'd be dealt with soon. IF Haley survived the match.

Haley's breathing meant this match wasnt quite over yet. Storm let out a deep sigh and began thinking of one more way to hopefully put her out of her misery.

Paragon: I can't believe that Storm is back up. I hope Fed-X's drug policy is a good one, because some will question if our performers arent on banned substances.

Hank: This isnt Wrassle, Jon. We're HGH-free.

Paragon: What...is Storm...he's removing Haley's tank top. What the heck is the point of this?

Hank: A peep show for the masses. YES!

Paragon: Now he's dumping thumbtacks into the shirt and he's pulling Haley's head up with his free hand.

Hank: Not again!!!

Paragon: Has this man, no soul? Storm is grinding those thumbtacks into Haley's face. As if she hasnt lost enough blood already.

Hank: The apron looks like the floor of a planned parenthood abortion surgical room.

Storm emptied the tank top of the tacks and then proceeded to pull Haley up with it as he wrapped it around her neck. He pulled back and then whipped her into the side the cage. Not quite satisfied yet, he did it again, into the opposite corner. Haley hit it hard and was about to fall when Storm grabed her by the throat. He held her, face to face, and moved her hair to the side.

Storm: I've all but destroyed you. Your sister is mine. Your marriage is much like you, flawed. And now I've beaten you within an inch of your sinful life. I think I've done my part in the cleansing.

Haley: *weezing* Karma *coughs blood* can lick my *opens eyes* TWAT!

Storm: So be it.

Storm pulled Haley under his arm and signalled for a DDT onto the tacks. But Haley had another ideas. She kicked Storm in the shin, causing him to release her and she used her momentum to come upwards with a throat thrust. Storm's windpipe was temporarily cut off as now it was he who was weezing. Haley wiped the blood from her face, getting her a better look at it all and charged at the man who was trying to utterly destroy her. The spear connected, but Haley kept it moving, all the way into the cage. Storm's back hit hard and Haley pulled away as he stumbled towars her.

Paragon: Haley's got a hold of Storm...she's getting a running start....TORNADO DDT!!!

Hank: Right onto those tacks...again!

Paragon: I hope our medical coverage is as good as they say.

Hank: If it's not, we may never see these two again.

Paragon: Haley's pulling herself back up again and now she's looking down at Storm with such hatred. With such distain. And this all began with Storm's treatment of Eve.

Hank: Eve better give Haley a BIG hug when this is over, because she's laid it all out in Eve's honor.

Paragon: Storm being pulled up by his hair...Haley now trying for what looks like a piledriver.

Hank: Storm blocked it!

Paragon: Punch to the ribs by Storm...and another. And one more for good measure. Haley now reeling back...but she's coming in for more....LIGHTNING STRIKE!!!

Hank: He kicked her so hard she flew back into the cage.

Paragon: And Storm instinctively diving for the button....

He hit the button just in time and once again, Haley felt some high voltage run through her body. This one lasted longer than the others as she didnt have the energy to even fight it or lean foward. You could smell the burnt hair at ringside as many of the fans were holding their noses. Haley finally fell foward and hit the apron face first.

Storm: Remember, it was Karma which ended you.

Paragon: Storm is pointing up, he's going to make his grand exit now.

Right now, the IKI fans were in a frenzy. This would be HUGE for the movement. The exposure, the showing of determination by one of its leaders. A win would send the movement into the forefront of EVERYONE'S minds. In the suite, Nathan and the others were all watching intently. Smiles on their faces began to grow while in the other room, Accolade was being worked on by EMT's. It was a night to remember and now as Storm began pulling himself closer to an epic victory, their hearts began to race.

Paragon: Haley still hasnt moved and Storm is almost to the top of the cage.

Hank: There's no way she can catch him. Unless Storm slips off and falls, this one is over.

Paragon: Storm has his hands on the top of the cage. He's about to do the impossible.

But then, the fans in the arena, minus the IKI faithful popped. It was the SBFF's running down to the ring with chairs in hand.

Paragon: Alan Scott and Genocide are here! And they're scaling the outside of the cage.

Hank: And impressively, using only one hand.

That was because they had no plan on dropping the chairs. The fresh bodies of Alan and Geno were almost up as Storm sat on the top. He looked down on them, knowing he either had to jump through them or go back down willingly. Storm threw a weak kick at Alan but he had nothing behind it. Ninety percent of his energy was gone. Geno was now up sitting behind Storm while Alan perched himself in front of Storm.

Alan Scott: Any last words?

Storm: *grins* Do what you must.

Paragon: CONCHAIRTO!!!! Storm's head just got sandwiched in between those two chairs.

Storm just sat there, not able to fall as the impact was in both directions. His eyes were rolled into the back of his head as Geno and Alan threw down their chairs. Geno then inched closer to Storm and grabbed him by the back of his neck.

Genocide: You wanted a war with me? Well you got one.

Paragon: GENOCIDE Just shoved Storm back into the ring and Storm hit back first. That has to be what? Ten to twelve feet of airtime?

Hank: Whatever it was, it didnt sit kindly with section 102. Look Paragon. Those IKI fans are trying to get by security.

Geno and Alan climb down and walk by the IKI faithful. Security was overpowered and one of the fans was able to smack Geno in the side of the face.

Alan: Oh no he didnt.

Genocide: He did

Alan: Nobody hits grampa Geno like THAT

Alan tried to get by but was only able to pull that IKI Fan over the guardrail. He and Geno stomped him down quickly before being shoved out of the area and up the rampway by more of Fed-X's security guards.

Meanwhile, in the cage, Haley finally was coming through. She had no idea what had just happened but she turned to see Storm lying only a foot from her. That in itself gave her some inspiration.

Paragon: Haley's up on her knees now, Hank. But does she even have any clue that her husband and his SBFF just saved her from a loss?

Hank: I dont know but once she finds out she's either going to love Geno even more or want to rip his head apart. She's a proud wrestler.

Paragon: Haley standing over Storm....OHH! She just stomped his groin once more for good measure. Adding insult to injury and probably making sure Storm will NEVER reproduce.

Haley then grabbed a hold of the cage wall and attempted to pull herself up. Her grip was weak and her consciousness wasnt a hundred percent either. To be honest, Haley only had instincts to go by now as she tried again.

Paragon: Wait a second! Who just jumped over the guardrail?

Hank: He knocked out Benito!! That's Johnny XS!!!!

Haley didnt see her cousin ripping the cage door key from the now knocked out referee. She kept trying to pull herself up but the energy just wasnt there. And little did she know that Storm was now on his knees, trying to get himself back into the match. XS finally opened the cage door and ducked through the ropes.

Paragon: But who is XS going after?

Hank: I'm not sure....Storm's back up but XS just shoves him to the side. He's got Haley by her hair.....

Johnny XS: Sorry cuz, but we're back to old times.

Paragon: DIRECTOR'S CUT!!! Haley is out cold AGAIN!!!!!

Hank: And look at Storm, he's grinning from ear to ear as Johnny just spit on his own flesh and blood.

Paragon: I guess we know where XS stands in this war.

Johnny patted Storm on the back to encourage him but then he pulled him by the hair close to him.

Johnny XS: Don't say I didnt warn you earlier. This dumb bitch infultrated you more than you know.

Storm: *cough* Sure sure.

XS then grabbed Storm from the side and executed his "Final Take" onto the remaining tacks.

Johnny XS: Nothing personal, pal! But that's for that bullshit Corporate America faggotry you pulled a few years back. *Points to the sky, giving a shout out to Acid Ed*

XS climbed through the ropes and exited up the rampway as now both Haley and Storm were on their backs.


Inside the Karmic Legacy suite, their grins turned to frowns as Alan and Geno ruined the grand moment.

Emissary: That no good, son of a....

Isabel: What's that beeping?

Kieran Crowe: What beeping?

Nathan: It sounds like its coming from the monitor.

IKI Goon: We just had it fixed yesterday.

Kieran Crowe: Yeah, I hear it *presses ear against monitor*

Isabel: Monitors don't beep you idiots. It's.....

Emissary: Oh shit...

They all run to the door just as an explosion rocks the entire suite. Isabel and Nathan dive out but the others werent as lucky, being hit with various pieces of wood, metal, and plastic. As the dust began to settle, Nathan looked back into the suite, seing that it was practically all but destroyed. He then looked down at Crowe, James, and the others. They were all hurt, but breathing.

Isabel: OH MY GOD!

Nathan: What is it? Are you ok?

Isabel: I think my stache was ontop of the monitor.




Karmic Legacy Suite.

EMT's checked out those unlucky enough to not get out of the suite before the TV blew up. Nathan and Isabel watch as a few random arena personal put out the small fires with extinguishers. They stood by watching as Emissary was helped out by two EMT's. Behind them, Kieran rested on the shoulder of another EMT. James was barely able to walk out on his own and Accolade was carried out by two more EMT's. Nathan turned to Isabel.

"Haley's mole did this."

"Haley's mole?"

"Paul, He's locked up in one of the back rooms right now probably thankful we locked him up back there."

"What are you going to do with him now?"

"Send him back to Haley and the Network in pieces. We'll worry about him later. We need to help our brothers."

Nathan walked over to Emissary first to check on the co-leader of Karmic Legacy. Emissary gave him a nod. He had a few cuts and scraps along with a minor burn here and there but for the most part he was fine. As Nathan turned his attention to Kieran, James limped over next to him bleeding from the leg.

"You need to let one of these guys check that leg."

"I'll be fine" James said full of fire. "We need to strike back now!"

"Patience James.....A time and place will present itself. Right now we take care of our family, then we make sure Jason is ok. This was meant as a distraction...nothing more."

"Then I'll go watch Storm's back."

"No, You'll stay here along with the rest of us. Have faith James. The endgame hasn't been played yet."

James nodded understanding what had to be done. He accepted it then turned to check on Accolade.


11:17 PM

Inside The Cage.

"First it was Kieran and Accolade, Then Eve, Then Chance, Then Isabel, Then Team SBFF, and now Johnny XS. Is there ANYONE back there that isn't going to jump into this match in one form or another?"

"You forgot to mention Holly Hank."

"Holly is the "Forrest Gump" of Fed X....she doesn't count."

"While I won't agree with your last statement this much is for sure. This has been the hottest King Of The Cage match tonight....worthy of it's Main Event Status."

"It's also the Main event because unlike the rest of the Fed X champions, Storm was the only one to have to balls to put his on the line. Something you haven't mentioned once."

"I can't deny it. I haven't brought it up but it is true, Regardless of how much I dislike Storm and Karmic Legacy's methods, He did put his belt on the line and I do suppose some form of Kudos are in order."

"That's more like it John."

"But kudos aside and your gloating along with it. This looks like nothing short of a mass murder crime scene in that ring."

"And I LOVE IT!"

"I'm sure you do. Thanks to Team SBFF and Johnny XS, Storm and Haley are both down in pools of blood."

It had been a good two minutes since either Haley or Storm moved. Had Benito not been put in La-La Land to dream about burritos and singing chimichangas, he might have counted them both out. Haley was the first to start moving again. She sat up and looked around the ring. First her sister betrayed her and now Johnny. Her body might have said no more but her anger became fuel and she found away to pull herself upright. Holding the top rope, She began to shake. Flashes of Isabel's confession and Johnny's attack fresh in her head.

"As amazing as this may sound, Haley is up and appears to be extermely upset."

"How you still have a job John is sometimes a thought that keeps me up at night. In response to your last statement I say "WELL DUH!" First Isabel says she and Geno bumped uglies the night before the wedding, something she claims to have proof of, and then Johnny dumps her like yesterday's laundry on the mat. You'd be pissed off too!"

Haley began to shuffle forward slowly holding the top rope for support. She was muttering to herself as she went.

"She's lying.....she has to be lying. Geno would never do that to me.....But he slept with her before......maybe she's telling the truth....she says she had proof."

As Haley continued to talk to herself, Storm sat up. His head was spinning and the pain he felt was to the point of numbness. He rolled over and pushed himself to his hands and knees cursing Johnny.

"And you wonder why I'd turn you away.....fucker."

Storm crawled over to the ropes and leaned against them. He looked over his shoulder to see Haley had turned around and was still shuffling her way around holding the ropes. She continued to mutter to herself.

"How could he do this to me? Did he do it? Isabel would say anythiny to hurt me....right? RIGHT!?"

The last word out of her mouth was no mutter but a scream. Storm pulled himself vertical once again with the aid of the ropes and looked over at Haley. Now it wasn't just her body that was battered, Now it wasn't just her face that was maimed, Now she was damaged mentally as well. The Real Deal looked around the ring for something to use against Haley in her current condition. Then he noticed something.

Johnny XS, his former friend and stablemate had left him a little present. He didn't close the cage door when he left which meant Storm could find all new manner of toys to play with.

"Thank you Johnny." He said softly to himself.

"Storm is up and on the move again while across the ring Haley seems to be going mental."

"You see John, Karma continues to shine down like a beacon for Storm giving him yet another chance to put Haley away."

"Or it could be all his dirty underhanded mindgames Hank."


As Haley turned the other way still muttering to herself, Storm walked up behind her and with a handful of hair, bashed her broken face into the side of the cage. He didn't let her go though and half dragged half walked her to the cage door. With one good shove Storm sent her flying through the door down to the floor.

"Well shut my mouth and call me a cornbread. XS left the door open!" Hank said with a little smirk of his own.

"And Storm wastes little time taking this outside the ring which can't bode well for Haley."

The champ followed his challenger out to the floor and then yanked her to her feet by the neck. He was going to use EVERYTHING now to beat her near to death. That is till Haley saw his face. Before Storm could react, Haley jammed both of her hands into Jason's throat. The Real Deal staggered back one step and then fell to his knees holding his throat. He looked up wide eyed at Haley who for a minute looked as if she might be possessed by The Damnataion of Men Himself......Inferno.


Haley turned around and grabbed the nearest object she could find which happened to be the timekeeper's bell. She brought it down at an angle and nailed Storm in the jaw knocking him to the floor.



June 20, 2009

10:46 AM

[Eyes open.]

Geno: Ungggggh... what the fuck...

[Genocide quickly reshuts his eyes to block out the bright light shining in through the window. The light only intensified the pounding headache and spinning room deal he had going on. He shields his eyes and reopens them, looking around an unfamiliar room.]

Geno: Where am I?

[It appeared to be a normal hotel room... but he didn't remember renting one. What did he remember? He remembered competing at the T3's with Haley, and then a flight to Chicago to pick up the wedding parties. Since the unexpected T3 trip through some kinks into their plans, they decided to take separate jets to Hawaii, to give themselves time for bachelor/bachelorette parties.]

Geno: Oh man... what happened?

[Geno clutches at his pounding head, hoping that will stop the room from spinning. He doesn't remember much... but he knows it was one hell of a party. As images from the celebration pop into his head, Geno smiles, closes his eyes, and leans back into his pillow.]

Geno: What a bachelor party...


July 9th, 2009

11:25 PM

FoxNews Arena backstage

"We really showed that fucking idiot didn't we Alan?"

"Yeah we did and it felt good.....But you still didn't answer my question."

"What question?"

"Did you sleep with Isabel the night before the wedding?"


"Come on man it's me. I know you. You don't really remember do you?"


"Then you may have some real issues do deal with Grandpa."

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11:26 PM

Outside the cage on the floor.

Haley had all but gone berserk all over Storm. So angry and upset was she that half of her attempts to hit Storm missed or bounced off his legs and arms. As much as it hurt, It wasn't his head which gave Storm enough time to recover to kick her away. He tried to get up but Haley came back at him. He rolled to the right just avoiding another shot and then used the outside of the cage to pull himself up quickly.

"Haley is trying to take Storm's head off with that ringbell!"

"The Champ isn't going to be easy to hit as he gets back to his feet and he just BARELY avoids that last swing!"

Haley dove at him again intent on caving in his skull. IF Geno had slept with Isabel she was sure it had something to do with Storm setting it up somehow. After all, The man had sex with his brother Maverick's wife back in NGPW. You can't get more shady and manipulative then that. She tried to whack him again but Storm grabbed the bell and yanked it free sending it flying to the ground. Not to be stopped, Haley came at him again and Storm ducked under her. She hit the railing, reached into the crowd, and plucked a chair from the front row. She turned and raised it above her head like a warrior about to strike a deathblow. Storm cringed awaiting the impact but it never came. Why?

Because Haley had picked the wrong section to pluck a chair from.

"Say goodbye to Storm's skull because Haley is going to cave it.....Oh come on!! Some fan just grabbed the chair away from Haley!"

"That isn't any fan John. That's an IKI Fan right there!"

"Can we get Security out here again to handle these idiots?"

One second the chair was there, Then it was gone. Haley turned to see what stupid fan would have the nerve to get involved. When she did, She saw a sea of IKI shirts in front of her. At the very same moment, Storm walked up behind Haley and heaved her head first into Karmic Legacy's fanatical fan base. The second she hit the floor they were on her like stink on shit.


As Storm watched, Security charged down the ramp. They tried as hard as they could to push the fans back but the IKI fans fought back. Not really well because they were fans...Not trained fighters. Needless to say it didn't take them long to rescue Haley and pull her back over the railing. With the talent now safe from the rabid IKI fans, Security started arresting the few IKI fans they actually saw assault Haley. Over by the ring, Storm was taking a much neede breather. Haley pushed herself up off the mat and felt a prick on her hand. She looked down and saw the roll of barbed wire she had chucked out of the cage some time ago. She looked at Storm and got up holding the barbed wire in her hands.

"Well Haley is safe now thanks to Fed X security and some of those rowdy fans will be spending the night in jail."

"A sacrifice I'm sure they'll be happy to make."

"Haley is making her way back towards Storm now and The Champ leaps forward trying to clothesline her! Haley ducks and gives him a swift kick to the back of his left knee!"

"Whoa! What the hell is she doing now!?"

"Barbed wire! She has that barbed wire Storm beat her to a pulp with! She wraps it around Storm's neck and she's choking the life out of him with it!!"

"Well this isn't exactly what Karma had planned."

"Screw Karma Hank, Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!"



Backstage, Johnny XS was happy with what he had done. But he had more in store for the people. Isabel was originally going to be left out of everything but since she turned on XS, he had to make her look like the little liar she was. Now XS had TWO DVD's in his hand as he approached his destination. He opened the door as various techs were working the cameras and video of the match.

Johnny sat beside one of them and placed the DVDs on the table.

Johnny XS: You're going to play this...but not until I say.

Tech: During a match? But...

Johnny XS: Do it, or I'll fuck your daughter.

Tech: Yes sir.

Yep, old XS was almost fully back. Now all he had to do was indeed sleep with an underaged girl.


Outside the ring, Haley was taking out all of her frustrations on Storm. Now not only was she intent on beating him and defending the Network from becoming his for a month, but she was going to dismantle Karmic Legacy. Whatever was left of it, that was.

Paragon: Storm's face is turning blue...well under the crimson mask of blood, at least. Haley might kill him right here and right now.

Hank: I'm pretty certain a death would be cause for a disqualification, wouldnt it? At least one done on purpose.

Paragon: You think she cares? She's got that "look" in her eyes. Storm better hope one of those crazy IKI fans can jump over and save his ass.

Haley waited until there was no life in Storm's body before letting him go. He fell to the floor, lifeless. The barbed wired bat causing more lascerations on his neck and chin area. She tossed the bat aside and stumbled over to the announcers' table.

Hank: HEY! That's mine!

She dumped a pitcher of water over her head, trying to clear up some of the blood which covered her hair and face. Then she took a towel which Hank usually used to wipe his sweaty forehead and finished the job.

Hank: You're welcome! Pfft.

Paragon: Wow, look at those cuts on her face, Hank. You couldnt see it without all of the blood but now....wow.

Hank: Geno hopefully has an out clause in the prenup. Because this is going to take time to heal.

Paragon: Haley's picking Storm up and she's bringing him over here. This can't possibly be good.

Hank: Come on Haley. Not here. He's covered in blood. Who knows what kind of STD's Storm has from touching you and banging random wrassle groupies.

Paragon: She can't hear you Hank. She's got tunnel vision right now.

John was right. Haley began climbing the side of the cage now with one thing in mind. Sending Storm right to Hell. As she got near the top, making sure she didnt lose her grip, she was stopped in her tracks. The X-tron came to life with some interesting video footage.

Paragon: Now what?

Hank: Hey, look...that's Geno and he's getting a lapdance from some stripper.

Paragon: It's gotta be his bachelor party.

Hank: Ha, he's totally passed out after that one. CLASSIC!

Paragon: But why exactly is this being played? Who cares....hold up...Is that Isabel?

Indeed it was. She was at the bachelor party that very night, disguised as a stripper. She had just finished slipping some coke up XS's nose in the other room before stepping into the empty room. Empty except for Geno passed out. She looked around and then unzipped his pants. If not for the Goat in the corner, she might of raped him there. As she reached down into his pants, you could see Isabel's face light up.

Paragon: What's she pulling out and placing in that baggie?

Hank: Dude, she's not well.

Paragon: Hold up....

And there it was. Proof that Isabel had set Geno up by removing some leftover "Cumsies" which Geno did due to the greatest lapdance of all time. She wiped her hand off, closed the baggie and left the room. Then the goat slowly approached Geno's crotch. The fans were anxious to see what the Goat would do but the feed stopped.

Paragon: There's Haley's answer. But look..there's more.

Haley kept watching intently. She was relieved that the truth about Geno and Isabel was obvious. That rager in her was leaving her body and mind. The video continued but this one was obviously much older. It was a young Haley, probably in her mid-teens. She was lying on her back in a bed, obviously drunk off of her face. Then into the picture entered a young stache-less Johnny XS.

Hank: Ok, that can't possibly be.

Paragon: XS....and Haley? But they're like cousins.

The audio was turned up from the control room.

JXS: Don't worry. We're not even related. My mom says you're just like family but not actually.

Haley: *giggles*

JXS: But don't tell anyone. I can't let my college buddies find out I'm fucking a teenager.

Haley passes out and XS' back is the only thing the video can pick up. Then, the feed cuts off.

Paragon: Well, umm. Folks, we certainly do not condone incest.

Hank: Even in the south.

Paragon: But it looks like Johnny XS had sexual relations with his cousin.

Hank: She's not too happy up there, John-boy. Look at that face again. Now she's looking down here.

Her face again changed. The tape which she had hoped was just fiction. A moment in her life she wished never happened. But at sixteen, Haley was foolish. Going to college parties, drinking, drugs, hooking up with older guys. And now her scumbag cousin was letting the entire world know that one night, she was so drunk, so ridiculously shit-faced, that she fooled around with someone who at that time was just a good family friend. She found out the next day that XS was full of shit.

She glared at Storm. All she saw was a filthy moustache on his face. She saw Johnny down there. Haley leaped but at this point, Storm was just playing possum. He moved and Haley crashed into the table, sending it into a hundred or so pieces.

Hank: I hate when that happens.

Back at the Megasuite, Alan and Geno were watching.[/HR]

Alan Scott: You have Johnny XS' sloppy seconds, Gramps?

Genocide: But I didnt bang Isabel. WOO-HOO!

Alan Scott: Dude, she fucked her own cousin.

Genocide: Damn, Isabel reached into my pants for semen? What a loon.

Alan Scott: Isnt that like, creepy?

Geno was obviously trying to block it out as the thought disgusted him. Was this the dark secret XS kept telling Geno about for over a month?


Paragon: Stop is up folks and he's tossing the pieces of the table to the side to get at Haley. Stomp to the head by the Superstar champion!

Hank: Here ya go, Champ.

Paragon: What are you doing?

Hank: Figured he wanted a leftover piece of the table leg.


Storm smacked Haley in the back with the leg and tossed it away. He then began dragging her across the floor, towards the cage door. He shoved her halfway in before slamming the door on her midsection. Again, he did it, ensuring the wind would be taken from Haley's lungs. He finally pushed her all the way through but not before he stepped back out only to bring a chair back inside the cage with him.

Paragon: Well thank god they're back inside the cage.

Hank: Remind me to send XS a bill for my shoes. They're ruined!!

Paragon: Storm setting up that chair now. He's picking Haley up...OHHH! he just dropped her, neck first on the steel chair. Haley is clutching her neck, gasping for air.

Hank: That's the least of her problems. Storm is picking up the chair and I have a feeling I know what's next.

Storm held the chair upside down and jammed it onto Haley's throat. Using his weight, he kept it pressed on there, choking the life out of Haley.

Storm: Doesnt feel that great, does it, bitch?

Haley began to slowly lose consciousness before Storm decided her lungs had enough. He cocked the chair back and smacked her in the face for good measure. The sound it made, brought joy to Storm's face as the punishment he was dealing out was worthy of a book. This was HIS to win. The type of match favored HIM! And Karma, his talent, and his thirst for violence, had him feeling that victory was imminent.


Nathan opened the door to the back room, ready to inflict some damage on Paul, the Network spy. But there was one problem.

Nathan: Where the hell is he?

He looked up and saw one of the cieling tiles removed.

Nathan: That sneaky bastard. But how'd he get untied?

Up over another room in the arena, Paul was being guided by another Network plant. XS wasnt joking when he told Storm that the IKI was infultrated. In fact, Haley had several spies within their ranks, although 2 of them were recently kicked out for suspicious behavior.

Paul: I appreciate the help, man.

Kendall: you're lucky that bomb went off when it did. I was about to give up on getting you out of there.

Nathan ran back to where Isabel, Crowe, and Emissary were. James was still being treated.

Emissary: Where's the little spy?

Nathan: Gone. Someone must've freed him because he was tied up really well.

Kieran Crowe: Who, though?

Isabel: *shakes head* You guys can't be THAT thick headed. Every group is vulnerable. My sister has any resource at her fingertips. Look within and you'll realize you need to tighten up the group.

Nathan: Who asked you?

Emissary: She has a point. I want a midnight meeting with ALL IKI members accounted for.


Meanwhile, in Chance's evil lair. She had just finished spinning in her chair for the hundreth time.

Chance: WHOA! Dizzy!!!

Emma: Umm, Chance? Can we go now? You've been spinning for twenty minutes now. Eve's gone, you have a dead racoon instead of a cat. Let's just call it a night babe, ok?

Chance: *sigh* Fine. Even a evil genius like me needs a nap. I just want to push this button before we go.

Emma: I thought you pushed the button earlier?

Chance: I did. But EVERY Evil genius has a backup button. I had someone set something even MORE "evil" up for me. So EVIL that puppies will cry. SO EVIL that Lucifer himself will come up here to pat me on the back. But I was never told what the button will do. *evil pout*

Emma: Hopefully it'll work.

Chance: It better work. I paid seven bucks and one of Haley's bras for installation.

Chance pressed the button but nothing noticable happened on the screen. She and Emma were about to get up when Emma found a piece of paper on the floor.

Emma: I think this explains it.

Chance: What does it say?

Emma: Says.."Button will enable constant electric flow through entire cage"

Chance: YESSS! This is SO EVIL! The cage is now fully electrified!!!

Emma: But how will they get out then? They have to climb over the cage.

Chance: Not my problem. We're staying right here, number one. I have to watch this.


Storm tossed the chair to the side and lifted Haley up and over his head. He was going to cause just a little more damage before he was going to win. At this point, he had to. He ran towards the cage wall, trying to crash Haley's head into the cage but Haley held her hands up.

That's when the voltage shot through her body and into Storm's. Both of them immediately fell to the apron, convulsing from this new round of shock.

Paragon: How is that possible?

Hank: I thought Accolade and Crowe were done with that.

A ring tech who was nearby walked up to the ring and put his finger on it. He felt the jolt and pulled his finger away. This wasnt supposed to be happening.

Paragon: We have an issue with the cage folks. I don't think ANYONE is getting out just yet.

Hank: Maybe its a good time for Storm and Haley to take a nap. God knows, I can use one.

Storm looked up at the cage, cursing it for being unreliable. He then looked at Haley and wanted to do nothing more than send her right back into the cage again. But maybe he could use her.

A human ladder would be one way to escape the now fully electrocuted cage.


"I'll make sure everyone attends the meeting sir."

"Good Nathan.... Now we have another problem." Emissary spoke as he turned his attention to Isabel.


"Our little Isabel Nathan."

"Me?" Exclaimed Isabel with eyes wide. "What did I do?"

'Well from what I just saw on that monitor over there you didn't do a damn thing."

Of course Isabel was clueless. She'd been helping Kieran while Emissary watched the feed on the monitor. So as she stared at Emissary with "Hello, Clueless" all over her face she was indeed clueless.

"I have no idea what that's suppose to mean."

"Don't you?" Emissary said as he narrowed his eyes at the young lady. "Johnny just played a video from the party that showed YOU reaching into Geno's pants to get a.....a....."Sample"....Of his....you know."

"No....I don't know."

"His sperm!"

"Ok first....eew. Secondly, why on EARTH would I do something so nasty? Third, We're talking about Johnny XS here you know. The man has altered and edited more video to fit his needs then George Lucas!, Finally, Don't you think spies in the IKI is a little bit more IMPORTANT at this very moment in time?"

"We'll deal with the spies. Trust me. As for the other thing well....I guess you're saying you didn't just take a sample? You did say you had DNA evidence."

"Well unless I fucked myself and got pregnant....I'd say I got a shitload of evidence RIGHT HERE!" Isabel yells while pointing to her stomach.

"I think she has you on that one sir." Nathan said with a straight face.

"So you think Johnny edited the video?"

"Well I'd obviously have to see it but yeah...Duh!"

"Ok, we'll get a copy and see....But I have to ask.....Maybe you took his you know...."Sample" and.....uhmmm...You..."

"If you say I jammed it in myself I'm going to slap you."

"Fair enough....although just being pregnant isn't enough. How do we know for certain you didn't......and well.....It could be someone elses."

"I know it's his, I have other evidence to prove he slept with me, and Don't even think about it being Kieran's. He uses Condoms!"

Kieran looked over Red faced. "I do, Trojan Magnums to be exact....But please leave me out of this."


Back inside the cage.

For once in his career, Storm had about all he could take. With the cage set to "continuous stun" and the door not being an offical exit, He was ready to just choke the life out of Haley and call it a day. They had beaten the hell out of each other for an hour now and with all the things that had happened tonight, everyone had to be reeling. Still, His beliefs pushed him farther then perhaps the rest of him was unwilling to go. Then he noticed something.

Yes, He had brought Haley back inside the cage and yes he had shut the door, But Benito was just now sitting up which meant....

"The door is still unlocked....No one put the padlock back on it."

The champ looked over at Haley to see her just starting to move and decided to take the chance. He staggered towards the door and with his foot, Kicked the latch up. Thank God wrestling boots had thick rubber soles. With another slight push he shoved the door open and then carefully exited the cage.

"Ok, If that was an offical way to win Storm would be the victory but it's not....so why he he back out here?"

"Well my powers of observation say....for that John." Hank said as he pointed in Storm's direction

"Just when you think this couldn't get any more....what is it these kids say nowadays? "Off the hook?" I think it is.....Storm has to go and pull a ladder out from under the ring."

"I think that's smart, Obviously he can't climb the cage or even touch it for that matter. Now he can just climb the ladder and jump out."

"Jump out? From 16 feet above the ring he's just going to jump out and break his neck?"

"Of course not....That's what those tables are for."


While John had been yapping on about the ladder. Storm had pulled out two tables and set them up side by side thus creating a landing zone. Sure, it'd hurt like hell but it was better then just leaping to straight concrete covered by a 1 inch thick foam mat. With his work outside the ring complete, Storm took the ladder and made his way to the door. It took him more then a few times to wedge it just right without getting small jolts when it hit the sides of the door. Finally able to slip the thing in, He shoved it forward and the end stayed on the turnbuckle.

As Storm climbed the steps, Benito had finally got up. He didn't know or care how the door got open. He was just happy he didn't have to run Storm back inside. As he got ready to touch the door to close it a ring worker informed him of the current problem. As Storm got back on the apron, Benito kicked the door closed. It didn't latch but it was close enough.

Now Storm could set the ladder up, Leap into the tables outside and Bingo! Victory.

Except for one minor little problem.

"Storm is back inside but all his setup work gave Haley the chance to get her head together. She has the end of that ladder and Storm doesn't see it."

"Yep, One order of fried Champion coming up!"

As Storm turned around, Haley shoved the ladder forward knocking Storm back first into the cage. She let go of the ladder as it dropped back into the ring and Storm went down faster then a date on prom night. With him laying in a smoking heap, Haley looked around and saw what he had intended.

Bending down, She pulled the ladder off the mat and set it up near the cage wall.


In Chance's Evil Lair.

"Is there a way to turn it off? We don't want Haley to get hurt do we?" Emma asked her EVIL boss.

"Meh! I'm EVIL....what do I care. Deep fried or Kamakazie through a table from 16 feet above. I just want someone to get hurt so that my EVIL plan is a success!"

"Riiiight." Said Emma.

"I'm so Evil.....Everyone...EVIL LAUGH NOW!"




Haley set the ladder up close to the side of the cage. As she finished, she noticed Benito re-locking the cage door. Better later than never. Storm was still down but it would take time to not only climb the ladder but to also stand on top of it to get a good leap. Haley needed to keep him down somehow.

She stood on the second platform of the ladder and turned around. Then, she leaped and hit a frog splash onto the stomach and chest of the fallen champion. The impact hurt her as well. But to be honest, at this point every breath she took was painful. Over thirty minutes of one of the most grueling matches of her career and probably Storm's.

Hank: If history has taught us anything, it's going to take more than a frog splash to keep Storm down.

Paragon: And vice versa. Haley's back up and she's trying to get Storm to his feet as well. What could she possibly pull from her bag of tricks that would keep Storm down?

Hank: Here's our answer.

Haley grabbed a hold of him and whipped him into the ropes. Storm flew into the cage and instantly felt the jolt. He stumbled foward right into the grasp of Haley who quickly hit a reverse neckbreaker.

But more needed to be done.


XS was looking for young Isabel. The same little bitch who tazered him not too long ago. He wasnt satisfied with just blowing up her spot. He wanted physical revenge now. And so he carried the same tazer she used on him earlier.

And low and behold, he finally stumbled upon Nathan, Emissary and Isabel.

Johnny XS: Well well well. If it isnt the Karmic Cunts.

Isabel: Nice editing, Johnny.

Nathan: This isnt of your concern Johnny. You've done enough. You're lucky we don't take care of you right now after what you did to Storm.

Johnny XS: Oh you're right. I'll just got. But here's a better idea *gives them the middle finger* Now, all I want is the whore and I'm out of your business.

Emissary: She IS our business. She's IKI now.

Johnny XS: Whoopty-fucking-doo.

Nathan: Besides, you wouldnt hit a woman who's carrying your friend's baby.

Johnny XS: Excuse me?

Emissary: She's pregnant.

On cue, Kieran walked back onto the scene just in time to hear what was happening.He was bandaged up from the wounds suffered from the explosion but he'd live.

Kieran: Issy? You're pregnant?

Isabel: Yup.

Kieran: It's mine, right? Although, I'm not quite sure what I think of that.

Emissary: She says it's Geno's.

Kieran: GENO'S? I'll kill him....

Isabel: It has to be his...

Kieran: I'll kill YOU!

Kieran lunged for her but XS stuck out the tazer and sent him a little present. Crowe jumped backwards and leaned against the wall as XS turned his attention to Isabel.

Johnny XS: You wanna tell them or should I?

Nathan: Tell us what?

Emissary: Spill it, Isabel.

Isabel: Don't listen to him. He's a weasel.

Johnny XS: Issy and I have been "partying" the past few days. And well, once or twice about two weeks ago too. Right after the wedding.

Kieran: So what?

Johnny XS: One thing lead to the other and.....

Emo and Crowe glared towards Isabel who looked nervous and ashamed.

Isabel: What? I wanted coke and Johnny had. Geez.

Nathan: Soooo..

Johnny XS: I raw dogged this skank. Not just once either. That kid could be mine too.

Isabel: Or maybe it's not.

Kieran: Is there ANYONE who hasnt fucked her? Jesus Christ.

Nathan and Emo look at each other and raise their hands.

Kieran: That was a rhetorical question guys.

Isabel: It can't be yours Johnny. I don't feel the urge to molest any young boys.

Nathan: So XS, does incest run in your family or something?

Emissary: The real question is, how far along are you?

Isabel: I didnt get that far yet. I only took one of those home pregnancy tests.


Paragon: Storm is still out and Haley has begun climbing the ladder. This could be the end and what an end it will be. Haley might have to jump onto these tables and...

Hank: The cameraman!!

Paragon: Oh no, our cameraman just accidentally knocked over the table as he was backing away to get a better shot of the action. NOW WHAT?

Hank: Now how badly does she want to win? Because I don't think she's all too thrilled with jumping twenty feet onto nothing but the padded floor.

Paragon: Can't disagree with you there...but more importantly, Storm is stirring, Hank. He's got his hands on the bottom of the ladder now and he's trying to pull himself up. Haley's almost at the top but now she's realizing there is no table down there to break her fall.

Haley paused near the top. She was royally screwed. She wasnt one for high spots and needed to make one of two decisions. Jump over the cage or try to jump onto it and accept the fact that she'll be shot full of electricity and fall to her demise. Either way, she wins the match and loses a few years off of her life.

Storm now was caught up with her and the two began throwing lefts and rights, trying to gain the advantage. Storm wound up and connected with a haymaker, causing Haley to almost lose her grip on the ladder.

Paragon: Haley was almost back to square one but she's still in it. Now Haley with a left. Storm counters with a right.

Hank: I don't know if its pure guts or stupidity which is keeping these two up.

But then, before either of them could make a move, something happened.

The power in the arena went out.

Paragon: Folks, we lost power but I assure you, we are not going anywhere.

Hank: How does that happen NOW? Did we not pay our electric bill?

Both Haley AND Storm saw the opportunity and jumped onto the cage. There was still a drop of light as the backup generator was still offering the emergency lighting, but nothing else.

Hank: I think we're going to have a race to the bottom.


Alan: She's sooo going to thank you for that one.

Genocide: She better. I can't marry a woman and then bury her in the same year.

Alan: Even though she banged her cousin?

Genocide: Boy, it sure got dark in here.

Geno walks away from Alan and heads up the stairs back to the main level of the arena. Alan soon follows him, hoping his grampa wasnt losing his hearing in his old age.

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