Storm Warning 1-18-11 Results

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Storm Warning 1-18-11 Results Empty Storm Warning 1-18-11 Results

Post  Eve Riley on Mon Jan 24, 2011 3:15 pm

Live, on January 18th, from The FedX Coliseum in Toronto, Ontario The Powerbase Presents…

Storm Warning 1-18-11 Results Storm_warning-1


[size=250]MAIN EVENT[/size]

Storm Warning 1-18-11 Results Tag-Titles-2


Storm Warning 1-18-11 Results SBFF_225_champs v. Storm Warning 1-18-11 Results Triple_S_express_banner

DETAILS: Aaron Action has been missing since the betrayal of Stan Daniels, but the Triple S Express are the #1 contenders to the World Tag Team Championships. With Marlowe on the road, looking for his wrestler, word had to be texted to him; find Aaron and get him to that match, or Valentine will have to fight the match with the only other Triple S Express member listed in the team's file; STAN DANIELS!

RP RULES: Standard rules. 6 post cap.
RP JUDGE: Living Deadgirl

SIM RULES: 2x standard v each.
INT RULES: Standard INT Rules

WINNER: This was a great match, and a good start to what could be the rebirth to the tag tanks in Fed X. I would go into detail about all that happened, but I think it deserves to be read. Alan Scott really seems to be relishing his roll of a “Good Guy” and it shows. Val was great in his roll as underdog face, and everyone else was spot on with their work. The Sim told the tale, but I think this is the beginning of some good tag matches to come with SBFF getting the rematch, and “The HOT Girls” waiting...

Winners Triple S Express




Storm Warning 1-18-11 Results TV-Title_Bgrd


Storm Warning 1-18-11 Results Eve_riley_225 v. Storm Warning 1-18-11 Results ReverendFuture-1

DETAILS: Running beneath the city of Toronto, and tying it all together, is an underground shopping center that touched Union Station, The Air Canada Center, Yorkdale Shopping Center, The Eaton Center and a hundred other buildings. With the blizzard that's been hammering Toronto in recent days, the Powerbase didn't want to send their wrestlers to fight in the streets......until Grayson remembered that there was one street that NEVER got any snow! Underground and wrapped in a community of shoppers, diners and tourists, Eve Riley will square off against her father's legendary tag team partner!

RP RULES: Standard rules. 7 post cap.
RP JUDGE: Genocide

SIM RULES: 4x standard
INT RULES: Standard INT Rules

WINNER: Really interesting give and take from Eve and Rev here, but the real story of this match is the arrival of a newcomer in the form of The Outlaw, who seems to have a score to settle with Rev.

The actual match never got started, and it turned into a police investigation after Rev was attacked. I wasn't in love with the cops getting involved in what was supposed to be a street fight, but it was interesting none the less. A sim lead and an extra post from Eve gives her the win.




[size=150]NO HOLDS BARRED![/size]

Storm Warning 1-18-11 Results Stan_daniels_225 v. Storm Warning 1-18-11 Results Death_dealer225

DETAILS: Two men think they're in line for a rematch with the reigning Superstar Champion, but only one of them is going to make it in! The winner of this match will receive a 3rd Man In contract that they can exercise in any title defense that the Superstar Champion has before the end of March. No rules will be allowed to get in the way of this one!

RP RULES: Standard rules. 7 post cap.
RP JUDGE: Grayson Genocide
INT RULES: No INT allowed

WINNER: I gotta say, I was impressed with Death Dealer. Unable to get anything up on day 1, it would have been easy to quit. He didn't, and managed to get up 6 quality posts. Still, losing a bonus point and a day of posting is too much to overcome against a writer like Stan Daniels, giving the GOOD Guys a silver lining to their crap cloud that was Storm Warning. Superstar Stan Daniels will move on to attempt to live up to his nickname against the Superstar Champ, Valentine.




[size=150]TORNADO CHICK FIGHT![/size]

Storm Warning 1-18-11 Results Hot-Girls-6a v. Storm Warning 1-18-11 Results Bad-Medicine-1

DETAILS: These four women make up the #2 and #2 ranked tag teams in a newly rejuvenating tag team division, and one of them is going to put themselves into position for a title shot after this week. This match will be fought under Tornado rules.

RP RULES: Standard rules. 7 post cap.
RP JUDGE: Von Braun

SIM RULES: 2x any versus each.
INT RULES: Standard INT rules

WINNER: In what started as a decent match, Kitty and Mandy fade away. And then don't sim. The Hot Girls are the number 1 tag contenders. WINNERS: HOT GIRLS



Storm Warning 1-18-11 Results X-Factor-1

[size=150]CASH OR STRAP MATCH![/size]

Storm Warning 1-18-11 Results Alan_scott_champ_225 v. Storm Warning 1-18-11 Results Johnny_XS_300-1

DETAILS: Despite reports that the IRS have scheduled him for an audit on the same day as the card, Alan Scott insisted that he give Johnny XS a title shot on Storm Warning. Strange. In any event, Alan has put $25,000 of his own money on a pole. There are two ways to end this match; get the money, or pin your opponent. The winner will either leave with the belt, or the cash.

*If the match ends by pinfall, the money is returned to the person who put it on the line.

RP RULES: Standard rules. 7 post cap.
RP JUDGE: Tiffany

SIM RULES: 4x standard.
INT RULES: Standard INT rules

WINNER: in a match so EPIC it couldn't be held by one match container, JOHNNY XS proves that when backed into a corner he can still deliver. Only a couple of questions remain: Is this the beginning of The Streak 2: Electric Boogaloo? And will he take the cash or the title?



[size=250]CARD OPENER[/size]

[size=150]TAG TEAM MATCH[/size]

Storm Warning 1-18-11 Results JoePower-1Storm Warning 1-18-11 Results Johnny_B_Rude_GOODE225 v. Storm Warning 1-18-11 Results Kieran_crowe_300-2-1Storm Warning 1-18-11 Results JasonStorm-1

DETAILS: We're opening this card in STYLE, putting four of the very best into a ring. This match might have more backstory than any match in the company's history, and not all of of it is bad. Some of it is downright EVIL. But every man in the ring has shown at one point or another that they can be good or evil. The question is......what will they be tonight?

Will Kieran kill Goode?

Will Joe embrace Storm?

Will Storm stab Rude?

Will Crowe believe Joe?

RP RULES: Standard rules. 7 post cap.
RP JUDGE: Genocide

SIM RULES: 2x standard versus each.
INT RULES: Standard INT rules

WINNER: With Rude/Goode a no-show (check the morgues) this match never got off the ground. Add to that the fact that Kieran didn't sim (probably because he got high and forgot) and I guess the match is thrown out. However, I have recieved a request from someone wishing to end the segment.

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