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DETAILS: The first ever One World Champion versus the current One World Champion. And we’re putting them in a cage, but not just any cage. The cage for this match is made of blue rebar, but this time the top has been added. To win, you have to unlock the door and walk out. The catch? The key is hidden inside one of the turnbuckles. The second catch? The other eleven turnbuckles contain a small explosive charge, wired to go BOOM only when someone attempts to take the padding off to look for the key. The charge isnt' strong enough to kill you, but losing a finger isn't out of the question.

RP RULES: ]: All King of the Cage tournament matches are seventy-two hours with a three posts per day hard cap. In addition, there is a two hour continuation rule, meaning that one wrestler may not post back-to-back flashes until at least two hours has passed from the posting time of the first flash.

RP JUDGES: Living Deadgirl/Cedrick Caesar - Tiebreaker Krusher

The Destructive End lockeroom. That is where Carnage sits thinking over some things. It had been a rough first month back to be sure. He had won the beginning of the month rumble, but came up on the losing end of things the remainder of the month. Match after match he had fought with what he thought was heart. Yet somehow his opponent pulled it out of their ass. This was more than enough for Carnage to consider going back into retirement. Maybe it was past due. Maybe Emo had been right all along and it was tarnishing his legacy. Then the King of the Cage came along. It was something Carnage new was coming all month long, yet he figured he wouldn't make it in. He had done hardly anything to deserve a slot. So why would he make it in? Ahhhh but he indeed did make it in. When the list of opponents came out, his name was among them. Somewhere, somehow, someone thought he was deserving, and Carnage took it as a sign. Maybe this is what he needed. Another chance to make history. To show all the naysayers out there that he still could go with the best of them. He had thought he had done it all. That is untill now. Now he had a new goal to reach. A new win to be had. This would indeed be a new first. But at what cost? His first round opponent was none other than the current OWC Matt McDervish. This was not a man to be taken lightly. He had proven his worth in the wrestling world ten times over, yet this was the first time Carnage and Matt had ever faced off. In some people's minds, this was a dream match. The first One against the last One. A match that could easily main event anywhere, and yet the fans were getting it in the first round. Lucky fucks.

Omega: Carnage, Carnage.....have I got some news for you.

Omega burst in through Destructive End's lockeroom door, and Carnage nearly jumped out of his skin.

Carnage: Jesus, don't ever do that to me again. You do realize I am fighting here soon, and a sneak attack from somebody has been known to happen from time to time.

Omega: Sorry Carn, but listen. I came across this guy earlier today. He has been trying to get ahold of you for weeks. Just as he was about to give up, as luck would have it he stumbles into me.

Carnage: That's a great story really, but I hardly have the time to jerk off a fan right now. Big match man....hellllloooo. Besides, you hardly have time for that shit either. Cian isn't someone you need to be taking lightly.

Omega: Fuck Cian, what I am about to tell you will strengthen our profiles. This guy is a film maker. Now he maynot be the most polished or successful, but all he needs is a breakout film to get the ball rolling. So he had this idea. Come to one of the more prominent wrestling federations in the world, and tell an inspirational story about one of their wrestlers. Well guess what?

Carnage: Oh no.

Omega: Yep, you guessed it. IT"S YOU!

Carnage slaps his forehead. Omega didn't seem to care much about the King of the Cage. He was more concerned with Rude more than anything. And now that he had this on the brain, his match would more than likely be a wash against Cian.

Carnage: You know what, I have an inspirational story to tell you. I don't need his cause I got one all my own. Wanna hear it?

Omega: Sure.

Carnage: FUCK OFF!

?????: That's ok, we can use that kind of language. It is gonna be R rated. I want this film gritty and realistic.

A strange man poked his head into their lockeroom. He was a thin man, about 5'7, and kinda pale. He looked like the kind of guy you would warn your children about. He walks the rest of the way into the room and introduces himself.

Jolly Roger: Jolly Roger is the name, and film making is my game. Put it there fella.

Carnage watches as this moron extends his hand for a handshake. Carnage just shakes his head not accepting.

Jolly Roger: I understand, this all came out of left field. I know how surprises can be in the wrestling business. But you gotta understand like I made your partner here understand. This is a golden opportunity. People love these feel good projects. When I did some research on some wrestlers and came a cross your name, I found it fascinating. A man quickly approaching his golden years in life. Looking to make one last impact on the profession he loves so dearly. What I wanna do is chronical everything from this day on in your quest to become the first ever King of the Cage. I want every backstage story, every bit of blood, sweat, and tears. I want the people see what makes you tick, and what drives you to do these things.

Carnage: in case you weren't aware, there was a film like that awhile back called "Beyond The Mat." It's a good movie, you should see it. In fact, why don't you go rent it right now and leave me the hell alone. And what the fuck kind of name is Jolly Roger? You directing a porno or documentary?

Omega: Carnage, can't you just listen to the man for a second?

Jolly Roger: No no Marcus, it's alright. This wasn't something he expected and I didn't really expect him to let me do this. I mean forget the fact that I won't be in his way. Forget the fact that I will only have one cameraman. Forget the fact that he will have even more exposure once he wins this thing. He will once again be undisputed King of this business, and with my help he'll have more fans than ever before. If that doesn't appeal to him, then I don't know what will.

Omega: Yeah...poor poor Carnage. I'll have a six foot hole dug for you out back and you can just climb in and cover yourself with dirt after the match. It's cool.

Carnage looked at Jolly, then at Omega. Both men had their heads down. Then out of nowhere, Jolly's cameraman pokes his head in just so he can lower it for Carnage to see.

Carnage: Oh jesus mother fucking christ, fine. Do whatever the hell you want, just stay the hell out of my way.

Jolly: Awesome, you won't regret it I swear. Big Johnson, get in here and get rolling.

The cameraman raises his head and smiles again. He comes in, and is the complete opposite of Jolly. 6'5, 300 pounds, and one burly son of a bitch. Oh and he is black. The black man behind the camera. Isn't that always the way....sheesh.

Jolly: This is Big Johnson, and I can assume why we call him that.

Carnage: I am not assuming anything. Ever think of becoming a wrestler Johnson?

Big Johnson: Nope.

Carnage: Riveting. Now if everyone will excuse me, I have a match to finish preparing for.

Jolly Roger: Sure sure, just do your regular prematch routine. You won't even know I'm here.

Big Johnson starts up his camera as Carnage sits back down and closes his eyes. he had to reflect more on things to come. The camera comes in with a closeup of Carnage's face as Jolly walks over and leans down next to him. Omega watches the proceedings.

Jolly: JOLLY ROGER HERE! The man sitting next to me is Ryan Williamson, or you may better know him as Carnage. At 43 years young, tonight he tries to mount a massive comeback. Tonight will be the first step in a long line of steps, and he hopes he won't take a step to far and fall.

Carnage opens his eyes and just looks at the film maker with a WTF look on his face.

Carnage: Omega, is this guy serious?

Omega: I am already anxious to see this unfold. This man has a gift Carnage. You'll see.

Carnage: Great, I'm sure this will convince Matt I'm not a joke. Somebody just shoot me now.



His body hadn’t been through the ringer in some time now, it was soar and hard to move after the fact of Carnage and Omega interaction with him the other day. It was hard to be a man, hard to live up to hype of always having to be on top and victorious. The Undying Breed however didn’t really have much else to live for now a days. Violence and rage was something of a legend that the Resistance of Man build an image off of. He had been known around Fed X and Wrassle as a person that cared about nothing. Titles, fame, fortune, nothing seemed to appeal to the Undying Breed and that’s what made him such a danger. When a man cared about nothing but the lust the built in his heart, the violence that he rained down on other people then there was no connection to a living world and that made him worst that a serial killer.

Johnny Rude and him were kin when it came to violence, the way the took to their opponents without remorse and regret for anything they did. Well on paper at least. Johnny faded into the background and actually felt bad for some of the he did, Holland however never really showed that much humanity. There was no connecting to a world that never cared about you. Johnny had love, he had feelings and attachment to people that build him into a person. If he died, people would mourn his death. If Holland died, Johnny Rude might been the only person that gave a shit. It was a flaw that most people saw in the Undying Breed, which made most people steer clear of him. If a person had no weakness, had nothing they cared about to attack to break down, would you really want to step into a war with him? Would a person want to put their career and perhaps their life on the line against a person who didn’t mind killing himself in the ring if that meant hurting you that much more before he was done?

His gray eyes told a story, of lost, of being nowhere yet everywhere at the same time. In cold calculation he might have been the most dangerous man on the planet. Everything he did might have seemed random, or just spur of the moment, but he was one of the most prolific thinkers in this business. He was master of chess, always a dozen moves ahead expecting human nature to take it’s course, and a person to be out for their own well being. It was easy when you think about it. When a person was looking out to come a head, or protect the ones they love, you know exactly the move they’ll make every time. It was starting to bore Holland on how well he could read people sometimes, they were so predictable.

Take Matt McDervish for one. The man thought himself to be a funny person on paper, and in the light of some people’s eyes he was. But when he found it in his heart to dick around with the Undying Breed, Holland knew exactly what strings to pull to get him to do what he wanted. Matt and his partner were playing a game of tag, Holland wanted an actual match and yet he wasn’t getting what he wanted, and at times Holland was a dangerous man when he wasn’t getting that. So what to do. Fixate on human nature and press the stimulant to get the reaction you want. IE, you want a serious reaction from a father of a few month old little girl, what do you do? Holland turned a steel chair on her and a toddler seat, and what do you think happened? McDervish learned two lesson that day. One, don’t bring a child to ringside, and two Holland would do anything in his vindictive little mind to get what he wanted. Long story short, McDervish got serious, and Holland got what he wanted.

And he was about to get what he wanted again.

“Sin of Man” by Rarecord started to bleed through the PA system as the lights flicker to nothingness. A small looming smoke builds at the entrance as a white backlight starts to pick up. Holland enters from the back, his silhouette starts to form, building slowly to become bigger and bigger until he steps out on the stage looking from side to side at the fans who at times loath his very existence.

“I guess you shouldn’t be too surprised to see Holland coming down to the ring right now. He seem to have beef with Carnage since he come back, but I don’t know what stemmed that reaction.” John said as Holland moved from the smoke towards the ring.

The way that he held his body suggested that hadn’t recovered fully from the attack just yet, but he wasn’t giving off to much of that. Just his eyes seemed only to hold a flicker of pain for a mere moment before he washed it into the back of his mind. He wouldn’t show weakness, not something he was about.

“Well what do you think it is?! Holland doesn’t like the fact that he’s one of the most talented people in this sport and he’s been over looked when someone like Carnage who’s living off old glories just comes waltzing into his home taking all the spot light.” Hank said looking at his partner.

“I never took Holland to be the jealous type. I think he just wants to prove that he’s a better man that Carnage, or Omega for that matter.” John stated, and he might have a point, but Holland was never really one that wanted to prove much of anything other than how much blood a human body could leak before it no longer functioned.

“Well he doesn’t really have to go far to prove that one. He and Rude did that the other night, Holland just wants a one on one encounter, maybe he didn’t feel that Carnage gave his all.” he said shrugging his shoulders.

“The Undying Breed was trying to break his hip. I think it’s an insult for our younger talent to do something like that to a man that’s been around for so long.” he said with a bout of disgust on his face.

“I think it’s actually funny.” Hank said with a smirk on his face as the Undying Breed sat next to him putting on a head set.

It seemed he was going to be there for the match, he wanted to see Carnage in action, the man looked like he wanted to make it far in this tournament, and Holland was going to do everything in his power to watch him shrivel and die before that happens.

To Be Continued


So anyways, it had been a long couple weeks for Matt, to be sure. He'd particpated in three matches due to the week of Wrasslepalooza. He had come off a strong victory at the Pick em Classic and was looking forward to spending a week or to prepare for the much vaunted King of the Cage. Cian, Hardcore K, Dan, Beano and himself had planned to rent a cabin in the woods, do a little fishing and blow off some steam. Who knows? Maybe do a little Rocky Style training while they were at it. Then, tragedy struck.

Hardcore K, national treasure... Hero to children.... Bane to the evil.... Sexual object of Demonica Vile...


Matt was still trying to cope with it as he sits in his "lush, lavish and luxurious" Wrassle suite at the FEDX arena. In reality, Matt was sitting in a broom closet. To set the record straight, Matt HAD been afforded a rather expensively furnished locker room in the arena. But, he'd eschewed such finery for a slightly more Spartan changing area. Plus, after the assault that Adam Draven, Genki and Johnny Rude had bestowed upon him just last night, Matt wasn't taking any chances by making his location known.

Johnny would love nothing more than to knock McDervish out of his tournament before he'd even had a chance to step in the ring. Better if he remained out of sight. Unseen. Until just moments before the match.

And so, ladies and gentlemen, that is how it came to pass that the badly bruised, contused and physically abused son of a recently departed bare knuckle boxer found himself sweating it out in an unventilated, unlit custodial closet while the action raged on in the arena. Finally, after an indeterminable amount of time, a midi version of Green Day/U2's "The Saints are Coming" begins to blare from his phone.

Matt flips the clam shell model open and stares down at the iridescent back lit screen, reading the words;

New Message From: Cian

View Now or View Later.

Matt chooses to "view now", and reads once more.

"bro youre up. knock it out of the park"

And Matt stands up. He opens the door to his sanctuary. And steps out of the darkness and into the light. And he begins his long march to perdition. Carnage was fighting tonight to prove that he was still relevant. A noble enough cause. But wholly unnecessary. Williamson had been a hero of Matt's when he was still breaking into the biz. Matt had been in multiple leagues with the big man, but had never had the opportunity to lock up with him. Some would argue that Matt had chosen Carnage for the sole reason that the opportunity had finally manifested itself, and had been just too good to pass up.

And they'd be wrong.

You see, when you lose your father, have your daughter kidnapped, find out that your mother is a whore, find out that you're the descendant of St Patrick and a demoness, almost lose your soul, have a conversation with your maker, nearly die as a result of a few douchebags turning their backs as violently as they can on the company that made them....

And see one of your best friends die...

When all that happens, you can do one of two things; You can shut down, or you can just keep moving forward. Throw yourself into your work. And that's what the path that Matt had chosen. He'd take on the biggest, the most dangerous... The ones that the others were afraid of. He'd put up a strong front, for his daughter and for the people that supported him. For the fans.

Because at the end of the day, if he stopped for a second... A single solitary second. It would all just fucking crush him. So, he'd be the hero. He'd ride in on a white horse and save the day. He'd stand up to people like Johnny Rude and Adam Draven. He'd have violent matches with people like Carnage. Matches where he'd be trapped like an animal in a cage. A match where he'd most likely leave maimed and bloodied, with possible fingers or toes missing.

And he's do it all with a smile on his face.

Just like the one that he forces to his lips the second he sees Shelly Simmons standing near the entrance to the ringside area. She surveys the battered and soon to be splattered former UCE Champion. She sees his grimy white wrestling boots, specked with the blood of former battles. She glances at the torn knee pads and the frayed and filthy black wrestling tights. At the bruises and lacerations that crisscross his hirsute and chubby body. And she looks into the eyes of the man who tonight would risk life and limb for the chance to advance in the tourney. She looks into the confidant and earnest eyes of the man who'd just strolled up, One World Championship slung over his shoulder...

And she has to ask;

[Shelly] Matt, you look like sh-

Matt gently interrupts.

[Matt] I've seen better days. When you work as hard as I do, you're bound to get dinged up from time to time. I just got off the plane a few hours ago. Just got on it a few hours after a match that I had in... Uh, another company. Haven't showered. Haven't really had that much time to sleep. But, I'm here. And tomorrow, I'm back there. So, you know... I'll more than likely have a few more dings by then. It comes with the business.

[Shelly] That's quite an exhausting schedule.

Matt smiles and nods at the famed backstage interviewer.

[Matt] These are exhausting times. Tonight, I get to face off against a man who I've long considered to be one of the very best that this business has to offer. In the company that I usually work for, he's won every accolade that you can. He was the first ever One World Champion... Me? I'm just the most recent ONE. In a way, this is kind of a dream match... And not just for the fans.

Matt turns to the camera smiling warmly.

[Matt] Carnage... I didn't pick you because I thought that you'd be a pushover. I chose you because in my debut match here in FEDX... I want to go big... Or go home. Tonight, these fans are going to witness two of the very best in this industry wage war behind a locked door. And come tomorrow, no one's going to be talking about how washed up Carnage is... They're not going to be talking about how Matt McDervish chose the easy way to round two... Because, let's face it, Ryan... I've never done ANYTHING the easy way...

Matt's warm smile fades into a look of intense resolve.

[Matt] They're going to be talking about the night that Matt and Carnage gave everything that they had in the opening round of the King of the Cage. They're going to be talking about this night for a very, very long time.

And like that, Matt just walks off screen. Shelly wraps up the interview, plugging the match, but Matt doesn't hear. He barely hears his entrance music, "The Greatest Man that Ever Lived" by Weezer. He walks through the curtain, focusing on moves, counters and possible scenarios. He picks through his brain for every weakness that Carnage has ever shown in a match. He begins formulating his plan as he simultaneously slaps kids hands.

But, his planning... His focus... His resolution goes out the window the second he sees him.

Within seconds, he finds himself at the commentator station, with his hands wrapped firmly around Holland's throat.

TBC by........???


Violent begets violence and rage boils a man’s soul to the very core, and that’s what you’re getting now. With the everything building up in the man’s life he, Matt found a serious roll in this life that would son break down the very fibers of what he was known for. The dependency of class and prestige is all well and good but when coupled with everything the McDervish was going through meant that there was little left in the realm of sanity in the end game. So what do you think would happen when you see a man that you believe to be out of your life, a man that took a personal vendetta against you to get something so simple as serious out come to a lack luster match? You’re seeing it right now.

Matt calm collective plan had been thrown out the window when he saw the Resistance of Man sitting behind a cushy table waiting to see Carnage step out of the back. You might not think that’s what Holland was planning, but you’d be a fool if you didn’t. Why wouldn’t he want to get under the skin of McDervish, he was Rude’s best friend, he was a man that enjoyed the intricate entanglements of messing with a person’s head to the point of drawing him to do what he doesn’t want to do. Why do you think Holland chose this match, because of Carnage, he was only a bonus when it came to the grand scheme of things, but McDervish was one of those people that needed to be put in their place long before they took the reigns of their ego to new heights. Right now it might not seem it, but riding the propaganda of a One World Championship to claim fame was just lame.

But that wasn’t nor there, at the present point in time Holland had fingers wrapped around his throat, a head trauma from the night before and a brain searching for answers to have to solve such problems. It was any fix when it came down to it. His own hands had found themselves searching the table top of the man next to him, like the majority of American’s you’d be hard pressed to find anyone with out a hot cup of coffee to keep a man going in any juncture. So Hank Proctner found his involved unaware when Holland hands wrapped around his cup throwing the hot liquid in the face and the enraged McDervish.

Screams caked the air in subtle delight as the Undying Breed’s fingers laced into his throat trying to rub away the feeling before his gray eyes turned upwards. There was a sweet hint of vindication bleeding from those knowing orbs. His hand pushed into the table as he pushed himself up and crossed the line.

“I don’t really know the history between these two people, but from what you can see it doesn’t really seem to be a pleasant one.” John said as Holland planted foot into the midsection of his attacker pushing him against the rebar, his hand pushing into his neck as Matt tried to recover his sight.

“Well all I know is that someone needs to get down here and separate these two before the match starts. I don’t really see the Powerbase allowing Holland to ruin something like this just to get some air time.” Hank said.

He did have a point, Holland always liked to be the center of attention when it came to proving who was the best at something. He might not be the prideful person that others might be, but he was in fact one of the most talented members of the roaster, and not because he said so, but because the whispers of awe and reverence to what he was willing to do to entertain the fans and himself. Yet again that was another story.

Holland fingers pressed tightly into his neck, white scream it’s evidence as the pressure built up. Holland gray eyes looked at Matt who was pulling at fingers trying to get loose. The Undying Breed leaned in closely, he wanted Matt to hear what he had to say.

“I really don’t see what you have to prove here. One meeting and you find yourself this enthralled with me that you would attack me on sight.” the said talking through gritted teeth. “It’s not like I stole her, and took her away from you. In fact I’m sure that DHS should have done that a long long time ago. You’re unfit to be a father, unfit to be allow to bring Anabelle into this world that I inhabit. How fucking pathetic are you, you worthless piece of sh-”

The words that were imparting from the wise mind of the Undying Breed were cut short with Matt found it in his heart to kick Holland in the balls. Sure, it was a pussy move, but it’s always effective. It was followed shortly by Holland’s face slamming with velocity into the blue rebar that made the bars of the cage. He slumped back in a random rage as Matt grabbed him by his hair and pushed him forcefully towards the entrance of the cage. The Resistance of Man wasn’t in the position to fight back, he found himself being slammed into steps before getting rolled into the ring. The feeling in his stomach of wanting to puke out his guts was the only thing that brought his mind to what was going on. But Matt had it in his mind to keep Holland at bay.

A kick to the jaw brought him sprawling against the mat, his arms shifted under him as he tried to get up but the One World Champion kept on the Undying Breed. Holland body shifted from the impact of a secondary kick that brought star to his sight. There was a ringing in ears as he could feel his body being lifted off the mat and thrown into the corner. Punches in raged groves started in on the Undying Breed slamming his head this way and that as the fans started to get behind the Wrassle[dot]Net super star. He took his leave to the middle of the ring before he came back with a full head of steam. Poor emotions always get in the way.

Holland pushed off with force, the sharp point of his elbow found itself right into the throat of his assailant, catching the offense to drop to nil. Holland slammed his face into the top turn buckle before he grabbed him by the neck pushing him into the cage to where the small of his back was pressed into the buckle.

“Always have to play the vindicator don’t you. Do you know the odds here, how much you have on the line tonight. 11 of 12, 11 of 12 sounds like perfect odds to me.” Holland said screaming at him.

Reaching behind the small of his back the Undying Breed started to pull on the laces of the turn buckle. He had hate brooding in his head, and he wanted Matt to know that he would do anything in this world to make him pay for thinking that it was already to pick up on feelings that should be buried already. He was like a woman, never letting go of anything. The laces were undo, the Resistance of Man smirked, if it exploded he would get caught in it too, Pulling up on the turnbuckle the world seemed to stop to a spin, would McDervish regret his folly, or would luck be a lady tonight?

To Be Continued


Jolly: What is the measure of a man? Could it even be measured? Is there a measuring stick long enough for that sort of measurement? If you ask me the answer to that would be.....no.


Jolly: Yes the internal struggle was great.

Jolly Roger and his handy dandy sidekick cameraman Big Johnson had done nothing but bother Carnage from the moment they entered Destructive End's lockeroom. Following him from one place to another, Jolly made idiotic comment after idiotic comment. To say the guy was a bit green in the film making department was an understatement. Carnage made his way out fo the bathroom just staring at Jolly once again. It was gonna be a long night. It had been an hour since the documentary had started, and it was now about that time.

Knock Knock Knock

Stagehand: Five minutes Carnage till match time.

Carnage could hear his voice through the door, and he took a long deep breath. He could feel his muscles start to tense up. He started to stand up, and could feel a slight twinge coming from his hip area. Holland had really done a number on him not to long ago, but that was repayed ten times over with a nice conchairto. It had been music to his ears. As Carnage stood up, he heard Matt's voice. He looked over at the nearby monitor and saw Matt being interviewed by Shelly. It was the tail end of the interview.

Matt: Carnage... I didn't pick you because I thought that you'd be a pushover. I chose you because in my debut match here in FEDX... I want to go big... Or go home. Tonight, these fans are going to witness two of the very best in this industry wage war behind a locked door. And come tomorrow, no one's going to be talking about how washed up Carnage is... They're not going to be talking about how Matt McDervish chose the easy way to round two... Because, let's face it, Ryan... I've never done ANYTHING the easy way...

Carnage: Go big or go home huh? Well you got the go home part right if I have anything to say about it.

Jolly: Carnage now stares at his future. A future filled with uncertainty. Was he staring at his demise? Or maybe it was his salvation. Cause tonight would go a long way in proving the critics wrong.

Carnage: SHUT THE HELL UP! I am trying to hear this.

Matt: They're going to be talking about the night that Matt and Carnage gave everything that they had in the opening round of the King of the Cage. They're going to be talking about this night for a very, very long time.

Carnage watched as Matt left the interview area and Shelly wrapped it up. Soon she would be coming to get words from Carnage. Omega nonchalantly walked over and stood next to Carnage. He gave off this cheesy ass smile as he stared directly into Big Johnson's camera.

Omega: Are you ready for this partner. The world is now watching. You can do this.

Carnage: Oh knock it the fuck off. You act like you have never been in front of a camera before.

Omega: It's a major motion picture Carn. You understand this could lead to bigger and better things. Look at the Rock. Do you honestly believe he would risk his health in the ring again now that he is a bonafide movie star? Nobody lasts forever in this business. You should know that better than anyone. You gotta think about the future sometimes.

Carnage: This is my future. It is my past, and also my present as well. I am a wrestler and make no mistake I will never pretend to be anything else. Hear me.....not one fucking thing else. Get your fucking head back into the game man.

Carnage shoved past Omega and left the lockeroom.

Jolly: Oh that's Oscar moment right there. I mean that was really real shit. Did you capture the pain on his face Johnson? Please say that was closeup material.

Big Johnson: Yep.

Jolly: Excellent. Come on, he is on the move and we have to cover everything.

The two men made a hasty retreat from Destructive End's lockeroom as Omega just stood there thinking. Thinking about his future. Thinking about Rude. Thinking about his father. Thinking about the match with Cian. Everything seemed oh so confusing right now for the young impressionable man.

Jolly: Like a bull released from the pen heading for the matador inside the ring, Carnage steps become fast and furious. He knows what he has to do. But first another ritual must be satisfied. The ritual interview with the never ending nag of Federation X, as some would call her.

Shelly: Who you calling nag? Who are you and why are you following Carnage with that big ole hunk of blackness over there with the camera?

Carnage stopped dead in his tracks when Shelly and her cameraman confronted Jolly and his.

Carnage: Shelly, this is Jolly Roger and he is making a movie documenting my quest to become the first ever King of the Cage. Trust me it was not my idea, but somehow I got roped into it.

Shelly: Oh well can I still get my interview in?

Jolly: Just act like we aren't even here. Do your job as usual woman.

Big Johnson: Yeah.

Shelly: Oh so he does speak afterall. Mmmmmmmm you packin there big boy?

Big Johnson: Hibbity Bibbity Bitch.

Shelly: Mmmmm black man talk.

Carnage: God damnit Shelly, will you stop mind fucking the big black man behind the camera and just get on with it. I got work to do.

Shelly: Yes of course...AHEMMMMM. Shelly Simmons with you once again fans and this time I am with Matt Mcdervish's pick for the first round of the King of the Cage, Carnage. Now Carnage, were you surprised he picked you for the first round? Some might of thought Cian would nab ya seeing as how you beat him in the first OWC. Or maybe even Phil Stone since you two have a in ring history together spanning from the Chevalier NGPW days.

Jolly: Carnage listens intently formulating an answer.

(Rolling his eyes)Carnage: Well Shelly, you are right. Matt was the last person I expected to pick me, but I am the kind of guy who rolls with the punches. I know he has said numerous times that he respects me, but I have a hard time believing it. I know what I used to be, and I know what I am right now. I know most everyone thinks I am tarnishing my great name, and that is fine. Cause I know I still have some gas left in the old engine and.........

Shelly: Hold on.....I am receiving word from ringside that some sort of disturbance is going on. Wait....Holland is at ringside and he and Matt are now going at it.

Carnage: Oh you have got to be fucking kidding me. Damnit.

Carnage pushes past Jolly. There was no way in hell that Carnage was gonna let Holland ruin this match. He needed this match, and he needed it on his own.


Paragon: This is not good folks. If that turnbuckle goes off, then this will be the match that never was. Somebody needs to get Holland out of here and right now.

As if on cue, Carnage comes charging out from the back. He rushes down the ramp, flanked by a shitload of security. As the pad was coming off inside the ring, Holland stopped as he saw Carnage and security enter the ring. Holland backed off with his arms up in the air. Carnage payed no mind to Holland and went right for Matt. He leaned down next to him to see if he was alright, while security grabbed Holland and escorted him out of the cell.

Paragon: Man, that was a close one folks. We seem to be restoring order though. Not the usual entrances for this type of match, but now both men are down here and inside the cell.

Hank: What? Who are those two coming down the ramp? I have never seen them before.

Paragon: I don't know Hank.

Holland was being led away from ringside and up the ramp by security as Jolly Roger and his camerman Big Johnson head down to ringside. Carnage looks out through the bars of the cage and hopes security will stop them thinking they are whack jobs, but no such luck. They must of gotten permission ahead of time for this little endeavor.

Carnage: Shit.



So anyways, it would appear that Carnage had shown up just in time. Holland, merciless, malicious bastard that he was, had thought once again to usurp an event that honestly had nothing to do with him. But, that WAS how Holland managed to convince himself that he was relevant, wasn't it? By sticking his nose in places that it didn't belong? Being led away by security, and possibly due for a meeting with Krusher K, Holland stares back down the ramp at the chaos that he'd caused...

And smiles.

Back in the ring, Carnage was helping Matt to his feet in the ultimate sign of class and respect. The moment is not lost on would be indy film-maker, Jolly Roger.

[Jolly Roger] And here we see, the respect shown between two such battle hardened gladiators. Two time tested warriors, set on their course like the Gods at Ragnorak... One final glorious showdown, but one of dignity and-

Carnage helps Matt to his feet, only to pull him in close, absolutely leveling him with a vicious lariat. As McDervish spirals to the mat, Jolly Roger is forced to change his tune.

[Jolly Roger] That is to say that, uh.... Carnage, sensing that this may be his last chance at mega-stardom is willing to do anything to win this epic encounter!!! Johnson, we can edit that first part in post, right?

[Johnson] Sheeeeeet... I can do anything in post, muthafucka.

[Jolly Roger] Fantastic... This whole scene had Festival buzz written all over it.

From the commentator desk, a shout rings out.

[Proctner] Down in front!!!!

And the poor man's Darren Aronofsky turns with venom in his eyes and loudly shushes the FEDX color commentator who'd dared to try and break his concentration. Didn't that pleibian know that he was making... Movie Magic??? Well, when he won a Sundance Award, he'd have to make sure that he publicly mentioned how rude Hank Proctner was in his acceptance speech.

[Paragon] Just let it go, Hank... We DO have monitors at our stations. Monitors that clearly show us that Carnage is delivering one hell of a beating to the Wrassle Superstar, Matt McDervish.

True to the play by play man's word, Carnage IS living up to his name in that very ring. As Jerry "Coke Bottle" Wilson feels his way along the cage looking for the door that he's supposed to lock, Carnage continues to club away at the already injured Matt McDervish. A kick to the ribs causes Matt to flip over in anguish. The fans for the most part don't know who to cheer for. Matt, was the shiny new babyface... A guy who, to the best of their knowledge had always done his part to stand for what was right and respectable in this industry.

But, Carnage? He was the fucking man.

And he looked to be on the comeback trail. His hot new tag team with Omega. His recent hard fought battles. His entry into this tournament. All signs pointed to a return to the Carnage of old. A dominant and unrelenting force that could not, would not be stopped.

[Carnage] Get up, motherfucker!!!

And the only Grand Slam champion in all of Wrassle drags Matt to his feet intent on knocking his head off with another thunderous lariat. This time, exhausted at he is, Matt manages to duck under the blow and immediately, like a pitbull drops to his knees and picks the ankle of the larger man. The amateur wrestling maneuver causes Carnage to lose his balance and immediately, the Irish-American superstar is able to topple the big man over.

[Paragon] And Matt, FINALLY getting in a bit of offense in these opening moments. Let's see if he can follow up.

As Carnage pulls himself back to his feet, Matt is waiting for him with a dropkick. Unfortunately for Matt, Carnage HAS done his homework on the lucha-riffic Systemite and deftly swats the kick aside. The sure-fire Wrassle Hall of Famer shoots in to deliver more punishment to his smaller opponent, but Matt rolls nimbly out of his way. Carnage goes to grab Matt again and once again Matt lucha rolls halfway across the ring, and just out of his reach, his training with Super Macho and Bizcocho saving his life and frustrating Carnage all in one fell swoop. Witin seconds, the audience is cracking up to the sight of Carnage chasing the rolling ball of fun known as Matt McDervish around the ring. It's frustrating, annoying and forcing Carnage off of his game.

Within a few more moments of this tomfoolery, Carnage finally stops chasing Matt, resting on the ropes and holding his sides in near asphyxiation. Matt, may not look it, but the kid had amazing cardio. I mean, you'd almost have to if you wrestled nearly every day for a living. Carnage, just recently returned, may be a little more lax when it came to his morning calisthenics. Finally, managing to catch the sight of the big man taking a powder through his evasive spin cycle, Matt springs to his feet.

And rushes Carnage with a full head of steam.

[Proctner] THAT can't be good for Carnage...

And with a deftness and skill that you'd never imagine a hairy little doughball like Matt to possess, McDervish grabs A single arm of Carnage, drops to his knee and utilizes an armbar/snapmare type maneuver to flip the FEDX superstar over himself and onto the mat.

[Paragon] Matt, taking Carnage over with that Latigo.

[Proctner] Le Tigre??? What?? Zoolander??

[Paragon] Latigo, it's Spanish for "Whip"... Pretty much a lucha version of the Irish Whip. He must have picked that up in his rumored tours of Mexico... I've heard talk that Matt was really the man behind the luchador, Masko De Chones... Underwear Mask.

Matt's just about to follow up on Carnage when he hears a sound that fills him with dread. A sound that criminals and political prisoners alike have heard over the years....

Jerry Wilson has finally found the door.

And locked it.

TBC by....???


Jolly: The bull has been put down for the time being. Now the tomb of destruction is locked. No way out, only old school steel surrounds them. Only one way to escape. A key hidden among all others. Turnbuckles rigged to explode. Death, destruction, winning equals losing. You getting all this Johnson? This is gold right here. Hey, let's go over to the announce table. I wanna get some shots of Hank and John doing their thing.

Matt was distracted by the licking of the cage. It was enough of a distraction that Carnage was able to take advantage. He grabbed ahold of Matt's pants, and pulled backwards. This sent Matt sailing into the corner turnbuckle. With every hard hit the turnbuckles took, the fans let out a gasp not knowing if the turnbuckles could be sent off by the impacts. Carnage got back to his feet and grabbed Matt by the back of the head. He started slamming Matt's head into the top turnbuckle, and once again people in the crowd got a little squeamish.

Paragon: Carnage slamming Matt into that turnbuckle, and he is doing it over and over and over again.

Hank: That can't be healthy. 11 of those turnbuckles have explosives in them. There is no telling what could possibly set them off.

Paragon: I don't think Carnage cares at this point. Ummmm Hank, I think we have company.

Big Johnson had his camera pointed right at the two broadcast partners. Jolly walked over and took a seat right next to Hank smiling the whole time.

Hank: What are you doing exactly? Who are you guys?

Jolly: The name is Jolly Roger and I am putting together a documentary on Carnage and his huge comeback. By the time this tourney is over and Carnage is proclaimed King of the Cage, I will be swimming in big time offers. Carnage is my meal ticket gentlemen. Play nice Hank and you might be a star.

Hank: I already am a star damnit. Tell him Paragon.

Paragon: Well you are well known among the wrestling circles, but a star?

Hank: Shut up.

Jolly: The banter between these two could be witty and deadly serious all at the same time. They take their jobs seriously, and it comes through in their announcing.

Matt had his bell rung successfully. No boom yet though. Matt staggered backwards, but didn't go down. He stood there trying to clear the cobwebs out as Carnage came at him full speed. Matt was able to move to the side though and drop toe hold him very quickly. He then turned it into an ankle lock with the blink of an eye. He was quick for a pudgy bastard. Matt was gonna take that ankle out from under him. It would definitly slow the legend down, and give Matt time to plan out which turnbuckle to go for. With no ref inside the ring, Carnage was at Matt's mercy unless he could get out of the hold somehow. Carnage started crawling over to one of the corners. Matt had a hard time keeping him still, but had the ankle lock applied tight. Carnage got closer and closer untill finally he was able to grab ahold of the bottom turnbuckle. The pain in his ankle was getting to be too much. He had to make a move and soon. Carnage used the turnbuckles as leverage. He started to pull himself up one turnbuckle at a time. When he was on the second turnbuckle, Carnage used his strength to yank his foot back. Matt lost his grip and went sailing into the corner again. This time though he didn't hit the buckle, but instead flew over it and his head met the hard steel.

Paragon: Matt hits the steel cage, and now he's down. Both men slumped in the corner. Carnage trying to get the blood flowing to his ankle again.

Hank: About damn time someone hit that cage. What's the use of being in there if you aren't gonna use it?

Jolly: You could tell both men liked their work, but Hank in particular enjoyed the torment and bloodshed that went along with it. One would seem he had a sense of danger in him. Or maybe he had some psychopath hidden deep down within just waiting to come out.

Hank: What is wrong with you?

Paragon: You know he may just have a point.

Hank: You just wait till he turns on you buddy, see how you feel then.

Big Johnson: They sell fried chicken here? Workin this here camera always makes me hungry. Wait....watermelon would hit the spot.

Hank: That guy is the typical stereotypical black man isn't he?

Jolly: The real Macoy.

Paragon: Carnage is going for the turnbuckle pad. He has that bottom pad almost off. Wait, he is reaching over and positioning Matt's head in front of it. he is gonna use Matt as sort of a shield if it goes off. This can't be allowed to happen.

Hank: Ya knew this was a possibility as did everyone else. Deal with it.

Jolly: Get a closeup of this Johnson. If a body part goes flying off, you damn well better get it.

Carnage closed his eyes and took in a deep breath. It was now time to test the waters. Like a bandade, Carnage grabbed ahold of the padding, and yanked for everything he was worth. The next thing he knew he was llying on his back looking up at the lights. The fans were in an uproar, and Carnage could only assume he grabbed the wrong buckle. Carnage could smell the smoke in the air. He moved his head to the side and saw Matt holding onto the side of his head. Blood was all down the right side of his face. From what Carnage could gather, Matt still had all his extremities.

Jolly: OH MY LORD, THE HUMANITY OF IT ALL! What these men won't do in that very ring is unbelievable.

Paragon: Matt took the brunt of that explosion, but Carnage got some of it to. I don't think either one of these men could take 10 more of these blasts.

Hank: I could watch this stuff all night long. That was awesome.

Paragon: Don't you worry about either of these men? They could end their careers right here tonight.

Jolly: Paragon was selfless. He was a true inspiration. He saw the better part of man, and cared deeply. A former superhero turned commentator, yet still with a heart of gold.

Paragon: I don't know what you are complaining about Hank? This guy seems pretty spot on to me.

Hank: Oh shut up.

Johnson: RIBS.....Bootylicious ribs, now that is what this negro wants.



So anyways, Johnson wasn't too far off. The smell of burning flesh DID indeed bring to mind the memory of backyard barbeques, and the sight of both men leaping away from the explosion did summon memories of Fouth of July bliss. Or maybe Johnson was just a walking stereotype. It's not really anything that Matt has time to think aboput right now. Blinking through the smoke and choking on what he can only assume is gunpowder, Matt's in a bad way. His face, which had been pummeled the night before by three members of The Network was now a mask of gore and grime. Carnage, for his own part, had partially singed his shoulders.

If this match was set for one fall, Carnage could easily fall on his man right now, make the cover and leave the victor. But, there was only one way to win this bout. Find the key, Escape the cage. That explosion was deadly and malicious, it didn't care who it had hurt. Matt, coughing a fit and trying to find his bearings, rolls to the other side of the ring, leaving a bloody stain on the canvas. The roll is not one of the athletic and comic lucha rolls that he'd used to evade Carnage only moments ago. Matt looked like he'd just survived a car wreck. The explosive blast could have killed the single father.

And the worse part was, it was only one of eleven. One down, potentially ten to go.

[Jolly Roger] Matt McDervish, heavy favorite in this tournament, has just witnessed full well just WHY they call Mr Williamson... Carnage. Oooo, that's good. You ARE getting this, right Johnson?

[Johnson] Sho' nuff, bossman. After this, you want me to shine yo' shoes, too? I sho' do loves to shine me some shoes!

Hank Proctner just stares blankly at the duo.

[Proctner] Wow. That's... Wow.

Back in the ring, Matt McDervish had little time to recover. Carnage was once again immediately on top of him, hammering him down to the mat with thunderous forearms and fists. He grabs a handful of Matt's prized beard and once again begins making his way to the turnbuckle that had just exploded. Process of elimination. He's use his technique on the other two turnbuckle pad in this corner.

Then onto the next corner. And the next. And then finally, if need be, the one after that. And if all that was left of Matt McDervish at that point was a smoldering and smoking husk, well, that's just too damn bad. He hoped that Matt had kissed his daughter goodbye when he'd left for Chicago. Because there was a good chance that he wasn't coming back.

[Paragon] And this is getting hard to watch, Matt McDervish is barely moving. First the scuffle with Holland and now this sadistic assault by Carnage. We could be witnessing the destruction of one of the most beloved superstars to ever lace up a pair of boots right before our eyes.

[Proctner] Oh, boo-hoo! Matt knew exactly what he was getting into when he picked Carnage!! He wanted to "go big or go home", don't complain to me that Matt may be going home in a pine box!!

But, Matt was determined not to let that sort of thing happen. With a tremendous burst of reserved energy, Matt springs into action. In a move born of self preservation, the Main Event Madman delivers a stinging knife edge chop... To Carnage's throat. His beard released, Matt is able to purchase a few precious feet of distance from his violent and grizzled opponent. Carnage coughs wretchedly, his normally red face, now a bright shade of fuchsia.

[Jolly Roger] Matt McDervish, born of the streets... Raised in the gutter is no stranger to these down and dirty street fight type situation! What you may consider to be a cheap shot, Matt McDervish would consider a heroic blow!

And Paragon can only shake his head at the erroneous statement.

[Paragon] Uh, you may want to do a little fact checking, there. Matt's from the "mean streets" of Connecticut. And from what I've seen throughout his recent career, he's not usually one to take a cheap shot. He's actually one of the more honorable competitors. BUT, having your face nearly blown off in front of a worldwide audience is the kind of thing that can change a man, I suppose.

Once again, Jolly is forced to remind his cameraman to:

[Jolly Roger] Edit it is post!!!

[Johnson] You got it, boss!!! Mmmmmm HMmmmmmmmmmmm....

And then, almost to himself, the hulking negro mutters.

[Johnson] Sho' are a lot of fine looking honky bitches up in this mothafucka... Mmmmhmmmmm... Gonna' get me a mayonaise momma TONIGHT!!!

And even though Matt is currently throwing lefts, rights, haymakers, roundhouse kicks, crosses and whatever he can at Carnage, all eyes are on Jolly Roger's head of cinematography. After a few moments, Johnson notices the glares.

[Johnson] What???

And then they all look elsewhere. This was clearly one of those crazy negroes that your Grandma was always shouting about. No need to make him angry. He might steal your shoes. Or your black cherry. Back in the ring, Carnage quickly shuts down Matt's comeback with a well placed knee to the midsection. As Matt gasps for air, Carnage grips Matt around the prodigious waist, heaves and tosses him backwards with a stiff release Saito Suplex.

Matt lands on his head with a thud.

[Paragon] And it looks like Matt's comeback has proven to be a short lived one. Once again, Carnage is FULLY in control. Wait... What's this?

And Carnage has had enough. Matt had a lot of heart, all right. He'd give him that. But, he didn't want to be here all night. He'd planned a little advantage for himself, and if it meant finishing Matt early, drawing the ire of the fans, but advancing to round two with minimal injuries, he'd do it. From out of his boot, Carnage pulls a long loop of fishing wire. After a few more sadistic stomps to the skull of the prone and spasming Connecticut born superstar, Carnage makes his way to a formerly unused turnbuckle. With deceptively nimble fingers, Carnage unloosens all three turnbuckle pads.

[Paragon] What IS the big man doing???

[Jolly Roger] Just like Napolean Bonaparte of old, Carnage, the savvy ring veteran has undoubtedly concoted some master plan to secure a win in the early stages of the opening round!!!

From out of his other boot, Carnage removes three safety pins and attached them gingerly to each and every single canvas turnbuckle cover. It's now apparent to all what his plan is. By looping the wire through the pins, Carnage has made himself a quick release trigger. It's evident to all in attendence what his plan is. Even Matt McDervish, who'd finally come to just in time to build up enough steam to leap high into the air at his adversary. Both of his knees collide into the back of Carnage, causing the man to fly into the turnbuckles. His wild flailing, which would normally appear comical has disasterous results tonight.

Tick.... Tick... Boom!!!

The explosion rocks the ringside area. There's once more the smell of burnt flesh, gunpowder, the wail of women, the crises of children. Matt has once again tasted the blast. But, in his mouth, he tastes something else. Something warm and metallic. And instantly, he knows that it's not his own blood, or even the blood of his foe. He spits into his hand and feels the small object, through the smoke, he can't see it...

But even through his cuts and lacerations, blisters and boils he can feel it.

The key.

Before the smoke can clear, the ten year veteran places it securely in his tights and rolls to the center of the ring. He can only hope that in the confusion, no one realizes that there were only two explosions, and not three.

TBC by.......????



Paragon: You can say that again Johnson, that was quite a blast as three turnbuckles went off at once. Both men down, but Carnage is out completely.

Big Johnson: MMMMMMMM, crunch crunch, munch munch. Whaaaaaa?

Hank, Jolly, and Paragon look over and see Johnson wasn't even watching the match at this point. He had actually come across some pickled pigsfeet.

Jolly: JOHNSON! You better have caught that explosion.

Big Johnson: Yesum, I sure did sir. Listen, when we gonna get to good stuff sir?

Paragon: What are you talking about? You are seeing a grade A matchup right now. If you are chronicaling Carnage's big comeback, then this was definitly the match to start with.

Jolly: Nevermind him gentlemen. It's hard to find good help these days. Not as many cottonfields as there used to be.

Paragon: Oh we are so getting protested after the show.

Carnage's mind was racing. It had to be cause nothing else was at this point. He was on his back and starting to come too. He raised his hand very slowly and started to count his fingers. Once he saw they were all there on one hand, he raised his other and repeated the process. Once again he counted five. He was hoping he didn't have double vision and was seeing multiples of the same finger. That would totally suck ass. He wasn't sure how many blasts had gone off. He knew more than one, cause it was a much higher force than before. Carnage started to turn over, but felt an intense pain in his lower hip area.

Carnage: Oh shit.

Paragon: Carnage having trouble standing back up. He seems to be coherent, but it looks at though he may have reinjured that hip that Holland worked on days ago.

Hank wasn't saying much. He was going over some things in his head which prompted Paragon to elbow him in the shoulder to get his attention.

Hank: Huuuuh, oh yeah right John.

Paragon: What do you mean alright John? Did you even hear what I just said?

Hank: Yeah I heard ya, you want some onion dip, but now is not the time. We have a match going on.

Paragon: What is your deal now Hank?

Hank: Well, I was just sitting here replaying that explosion in my mind, and if I counted correctly, only two of those turnbuckles went boom.

Paragon: We all saw what happened, and with everything in a cloud of smoke, how can you even be sure all three didn't go off?

Hank: Cause I have rainman capabilities Paragon. I was great at math in school cause I could actually see the numbers formulate right in front of me. I listened John. I heard those explosions, and when I did the number 2 came to me. I am telling you, one of those turnbuckles didn't go off.

Paragon: Well if you are right, then that means that the key is now in play. The question is though, where did it go?

Jolly: "Pigsfeet, Natures Candy." Hey that isn't a bad idea for my next documentary.

Paragon: Are you even taking this seriously anymore?

Back inside the ring, Carnage had to crawl his way over to the ropes. He reached each one using them to get himself back to a standing position. As he put pressure on his hip, the pain shot through him like a cannon, and he collasped again. Don't think that any of this was lost on Matt though. He was able to see the internal struggle Carnage was going through. Matt started to get up as well, but unlike Carnage he had a newfound sense of confidence. He was the one with the key safely tucked away. All he had to do was make sure Carnage was down and out, then he could free himself and move on to the next round. He might even be able to do it without having to lay in a hospital bed all week. Matt was up, and he saw his target. Carnage was halfway back up again, but was down as he felt Matt chopblock him. He was hit right in that hurt hip. Carnage lay on the mat in intense pain holding onto his leg. The fans rose to their feet stomping and clapping. But more importantly, stomping and clapping for Carnage. This was Fed X and not Wrassle. Matt had his fans sure, but he was a guest here. Carnage was their federation legend.

Paragon: And listen to this ruckus. I can barely hear myself think.

Hank: WHAT!!!!

Jolly: Johnson, another closeup please. GET OFF THAT WHITE BITCH! Ahemmmmm. One would think this was the Superbowl or the World Series. If there was one thing you could say about the people that watch this sport, it was that they were passionate. Wait a tick, if you look into the front row you will see none other than Carnage's wife and his adopted child from the Zulu tribe in South Africa.

Paragon: His what and what?

Jolly Roger pays no attention to Paragon, and leaves the broadcast position for a moment. He walks over just behind Paragon to a younger woman, probably early thirties. With long blonde hair and a low cut dress, she smiles as he approaches. Next to her is a small child, around 4 or 5 years old. The boy is dressed like any young boy would be, but he has on some brightly colored beads from his homeland.

Jolly: Mrs. Williamson, how are you feeling right at this very moment seeing your dear husband inside that ring being blown to bits?

Woman: I....I.....I just can't express in words how I am feeling right now. Our little boy is watching his father going through hell and back. I don't know how much more we can take.

As she says this she brushes her hair back a little trying to fix it, and gives off a cheesy grin. Big Johnson starts to drool from behind the camera.

Big Johnson: I be willin to comfort her Mr. Roger sir.


Jolly: NOT NOW JOHNSON! Son, how are you holding up out here?

Boy: Click Click Click Click.

Paragon: Oh come on, that isn't his wife or child.

Hank: I have to admit, I am starting to warm up to this guy.

Jolly: Paragon, do you mind? Johnson, we gotta another edit in post to make. Johnson?

Big Johnson: So lets me axe ya somethin bitch. Ever wonder what a 747 goin into a two car garage looks like?

Inside the ring, Matt had firm control of things. He had drug Carnage back into the center of the ring, and applied a figure four leglock. This seemed like it might be Carnage's swan song win or lose. Hip replacement surgery would take him out of the tourney no matter what. As Carnage is about to pass out from the pain, the crowd gets itself in an uproar. Matt can't help to wonder what all the booing is about. He lets the hold go and stands up, only to see Holland making his way back down to ringside. That ever present cocky smile still lingering. Now Matt had a decision to make. try for the cage door and unviel he does have the key, risking interception from Carnage just so he could get a piece of Holland, or stay and finish the job, then go after the son of a bitch. Decisions, decisions.


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So anyways, Matt had thought that he had the match well in hand. He'd managed to have the key almost literally fall into his lap. He'd found a way to exploit a weakness in his much larger opponent. Hell, he'd practically incapacitated the guy. But, once again, his past had managed to catch up with him. The man who'd assaulted his then two year old daughter, abducted her and tried to usurp his position as father by sacking up with his whore of an ex had made his return to the match that he had no business being a part of. With ire in his Irish eyes (Which, incidentally weren't smiling), Matt makes his way over to the door to the cage.

[Matt] What the fuck are you doing here??

Holland smiles, a sadistic Cheshire Cat grin which only really appears when he's dicking someone over or acting like a general cunt.

[Holland] What, you didn't miss me, hero? I thought you were all about God and Jesus now... No turn the other cheek? No forgive and forget?

Matt hisses and places both hands on the cage, gripping the rebar and shaking it.

[Matt] I don't have time for your usual shit, you little fag!! I've got a match to win!!

And as quick as a cat, Holland leaps up the stares and snakes his serpentine arm through the cage, gripping the back of Matt's head and forcing his face to crash into the cage. Soon the blue bars of the prison cell are stained with the viscous fluid that pours from various angry looking, possibly infected wounds.

[Paragon] What is he doing out here??? Security JUST removed him!!!

[Proctner] Well, the fact that he was overlooked in this tournament CAN'T be sitting too well with Holland! How are you going to hold one of the most violent and deadly series of matches and not think to include THAT man! It's a travesty!

Jolly Roger, watching the action just nods. This was good. A figure from both Matt and Carnage's past inserting himself into the match once again. A combustible element in an already volatile bout. And he'd have it all on film. He turns once again to remind his moorish manservant to pan around and to his surprise....

[Jolly Roger] Where the fuck did he go????

Back at the guardrail, forgotten and abandoned, sit both the camera and the small child who'd accompanied Carnage's "wife" to the match. The blond bombshell and the ginormous negro had decided to call it an early night and had left the arena for a little bom-chicka-bow-bow. The child, having seen the whole thing just shrugs. Roger runs over, his hands flailing in the air and his face a mask of frustration and rage.

[Jolly Roger] Of all the unprofessional- I just- That filthy Ni- I'm just-!!!

Sputtering and unable to complete a sentence, the indy film maker begins pacing back and forth at ringside, wringing his hair and gnashing his teeth. Suddenly he kicks the guardrail in fury, cussing loudly, oblivious to the small children at ringside, some of whom were there do to the various charities that FEDX supported.


And the boy interjects.

[Boy] Siw...?

The boy has one of those incredibly cute speech impediments. Isn't that "adorable" and not in any way, shape or form cliched or hackneyed? The young man hops the guardrail and places a reassuring hand on the shoulder of the frazzled director, who is clearly having some manner of a nervous breakdown.

[Boy] Siw... Maybe I can fiwm youw movie fow you...

And the director looks at the child and then off in the distance with hope in his eyes.

[Jolly Roger] Yeah... YEAH!!! Just think about it... Carnage's triumpant return match... Filmed by his precocious and apple-cheeked only son. My GOD!!! That's good!!! That's INDEPENDENT SPIRIT AWARDS good!!!

[Boy] About that... I'm not weawwy his so-

But Jolly Roger either doesn't hear or doesn't care. In truth, it's probably a little of both. The spindly director hoists the camera up and places it upon the shoulder of the five year old boy. The camera, a high end deal weighing in at nearly 80 pounds, almost causes the child to capsize under its massiveness.

[Jolly Roger] Steady... Steady...

Jolly Roger looks around the crowd and sees not five chairs over, an elderly woman with a cane. With his usual air of pomposity and self assured entitlement, the director struts over to the octogenarian and snatches her cane away.

[Gramma Moses] He stole my cane!!! Vandal!!! Thief!!! SCANDAL!!!!

The director turns to the elderly old bitty, probably someone's grandmother, with a look of calm in his eyes.

[Jolly Roger] Madame, I'm only borrowing your cane in order to help that poor child film his father, the man known as Carnage finally step back into the national spotlight... Perhaps you could find it in your heart to allow this. After all, "Le lingue de Cinema es Universale". Surely, even a withered old husk like yourself can understand that...

[Gramma Moses] Filming Carnage, eh? That sack of crap hasn't done anything in the last three years, let alone the last three minutes!!! In fact, the only thing worth filming in the ring right now is wide load, Matt McDervish and that little shit, Holland!!!

[Jolly Roger] Huh??

And he finally does look back to the ring. Carnage, is still on the mat, rubbing his leg, trying to get the feeling back into it. Holland is still on the steps holding Matt in place between the bars with his one hand. His other hand is reaching into his own pocket for something to keep Matt trapped there a little more permanantly. With a flourish, Holland removes a zip tie....

...And wraps it around Matt's neck, tethering him to the bars of the cage door.

[Paragon] My God... Holland, devious miscreant that he is, has finally found a way to keep Matt out of the match... You'd think that this would bode well for Carnage, but remember... Now he has to inspect all the other turnbuckles... Alone.

[Proctner] OR... Or he could just ask Matt for the key. I'm TELLING you, I only heard two explosions. I'm Rainman-

[Paragon] Now, Hank-

[Proctner] RAINMAN!!!

[Paragon] Ok, ok... You're "rainman", sheesh...

Holland smiles at his former rival as he tries his best to loosen the binding that threatens to cut into his skin and cut off all of his oxygen. As Matt struggles, Holland cant's help but noticed how pathetic it all is. THIS was the hero of Wrassle? This pudgy, hairy bastard? Scuffed up boots and old, fraying trunks... That's when Holland notices it. Through the frayed and ripped trunks, a shape... A flash of metal. Matt's his face flush with the bars, can barely see what Holland is staring at. But, he has his own theories...

[Matt] Ewwwww, I knew it.

Holland just grins. Evil people were always doing that kind of thing around Matt. And why not? The guy's as entertaining as a Tijuana Donkey Show. Holland snakes his hand down and reaches into Matt's tights. The crowd gasps a collective shudder, but none are really all that surprised.

They ARE all surprised, however, when Holland removes the key and holds it up for all to see.

Well, they're all surprised, save for one commentator.

[Proctner] Say it!!!

[Paragon] Ughhhh.... "You were right."

[Proctner] SWISH!!!!

Holland, holds the key up to Matt's face and shakes his head.

[Holland] Lies, Matt? Deception? Trickery? Honestly... I'm just shocked at how low you will sink.

And at that, Holland places the key into the lock and turns it. Matt tries his best to hold onto something as the son of MadMax swings the door wide open, dragging Matt out of the cage and essentially lynching him in the process. The fans gasp as Matt frantically tries to keep himself from going the way of David Carradine, his heavy frame now all supported by his neck. Matt clearly can't take all that much more of this. His feet dangle a few precious feet off the ground...

The ground, which is now slick with his dripping blood. Holland makes his way into the cage, removing the key from the lock and placing it into his own pocket, then immediately jumps onto Carnage. Over and over, his fists rain down on the only Wrassle Grand Slam Winner, painting his hands arterial red in the process

[Paragon] I think I'm going to be sick...

Jolly Roger for his part rushes over to the child and hands him the cane that he'd pilfered just moments ago. And the small child finds his balance by using the cane as essentially a third leg.

[Jolly Roger] Alright, Tripod... Keep rolling. This is GOLD!!!

TBC by.......????


Hank: Ya know, if Matt ends up getting himself loose and falls to the floor, then he wins the match. Holland may have just handed it to the man. He may of just screwed over Fed X.

Paragon: Carnage is being pummeled to death, Matt could very well die from choking, and all you are worried about is Fed X being screwed out of a tourney win?

Hank: I have fed pride Paragon. Something you used to have as well. I am so disappointed in you right now.

Jolly: I gots lots of candy for you if you can keep that camera up for just a little while longer. That a boy.

Paragon can't help but shake his head at both his broadcast partner, and the shadey asshole using a little child as labor. Meanwhile, Earl Cronkner has finally made an appearance from backstage. He quickly makes his way down the ramp followed by the paramedics. Inside the ring, Carnage is doing his best to cover up as much as possible. Most of the shots were getting through though. He had one chance and one chance only. With one of his hands, he reached into his trunks. In them were a pair of brass knuckles he socked away just in case. He loaded up his fist and with everything he had he nailed Holland right between the eyes. Not once though but twice just for good measure. Holland flew backwards and hit the mat. Blood started to flow from his nose as he lay there out of it. Carnage turned his head and saw Matt hanging, but was now being help out by the officials and paramedics. If Matt got taken down, he would lose this match. And as luck would have it, just as he was thinking this the paramedics were able to get Matt unhung. They all were very steady with the chunky monkey. Making sure they didn't jar him suddenly. The stretcher was all setup as they loaded him onto it.

Paragon: These fans are irate as they realize that this is the end of the match, and it looks like Matt has pulled it out thanks in no small part to Holland.

Hank: Wait Paragon. Did you hear any bell? I sure didn't. Matt was taken down, and he IS out of the cage. But he never touched the floor, and that my friend is the only way you can win the match. He was taken directly from the cage door to the stretcher.

Paragon: Are you kidding me? This match needs to be over right now. Wait, what is Carnage doing? It looks like he is leaving through the cage door. This is it, he will be the winner if he steps on the floor.

Carnage could hear the fans as he slowly had gotten up and made his way out of the door. Holland was still out of it on the canvas, and all Carnage had to do was go down the steps and touch the floor. The pain he was feeling was indescribable at the moment. But it was a situation he had been in many a time in the past, so he was able to fight through it. Just as he was halfway down the stairs though, Carnage did something nobody expected. He turned and shut the cage door. He then took something out of his trunks yet again.

Hank: WHAT THE??? Is that? Is that the key? How in the hell did he get it?

Indeed it was the key. While Carnage was on his back, he was able to pick the pockets of Mr. Holland. What he was able to find was the most valuable asset of the match. The key to freedom. He turned and used the key to lock the cage door, making sure Holland wouldn't be much of a factor for awhile. Once that was done, he reached down towards the stretcher and grabbed Matt by his hair. Matt wasn't securely on the stretcher yet, so he was movable. Matt rolls over and can feel himself being pulled upwards. Instead of fighting it and risking hair being pulled out by the roots, Matt got himself up to his knees. The officials and paramedics were trying to avert disaster, but Carnage was hearing none of it. Carnage yanked Matt the rest of the way off, and onto the stairs with him. Then the man that cause complete and utter destruction inside the ring pointed up to the heavens while holding a handful of Matt's hair.

Paragon: NOOOOOO! These men are bloodied and battered like I have never seen before, and now Carnage is going to take Matt to the top of the cage?

Hank: I wouldn't worry about it. Carnage could barely stand earlier, let alone make the climb to the top of the cage.

And as usual, Hank was wrong again. Much to the delight of the fans, yet to the horror of everyone else. Carnage started his climb, making sure Matt was with him every step of the way.

Carnage: Come on Matt, one step at a time my boy. Wouldn't want ya falling off and hitting the floor signaling a premature end to the match now would we?

Matt: Uhhhhh so what is.......where we.....

Carnage: Shhhhh, save your strength sweetheart.

It was a very slow process, and Jolly Roger was getting every juicy moment of it.

Jolly: The pagentry, the drama, the destruction. This is what it is all about folks. Two gladiators at their peek performance vying for a chance at history. Nobody could ask for anything more.

Little Boy: I could Mac. I need a damn beer.

The little Zulu childs voice suddenly became very gravelly and deep. Jolly looked down and tried to hush him up.

Jolly: I told you earlier, follow my lead and when this is all said and done you could drink till your heart explodes with the money you would be making.

Little Boy/Man: These fucking beads are chaffing my neck. I look like I belong in a rainbow parade. Plus I was supposed to be banging that bitch tonight, and now she is gone with that overgrown monkey.

Paragon couldn't help but take notice of the deepened voice and different mannerisms of the young lad at ringside. He turns towards Jolly.

Paragon: You made a little person out to be a young boy? Just to get yourself some awards?

Jolly: Yes, I mean no. I mean....oh nevermind, this can all be fixed once the shooting is done. I can still slap together a sentimental, emotional piece. And the best part, if Carnage loses, I can redirect the entire thing to revolve around Matt instead. Current One World Champ striving to prove it wasn't a fluke. It's a win win for me.

Paragon: Guys like you i took off the street back in the day. You disgust me.

Jolly: I am a film maker, what did you expect? It's all smoke and mirrors in this industry. I can turn shit into roses with just a few buttons.

Little Boy/Man: The cat's outa the bag mac, can I leave now?

Jolly: NO! just keep that camera pointed tripod.

The fans were on the edge of their seats as Carnage and Matt finally reached the top of the cage. Slowly they threw their legs up and over and then they just layed there. Both exhausted, both taken to their limits. Matt turns his head towards Carnage.

Matt: Now what?

Carnage: I don't know, I hadn't thought that far ahead. Just give me a half hour or so to rest, then we can fight again I guess.

Matt: You should of just took the win man.

Carnage: Oh now you tell me.

Matt: Hey, can I have the key?

Carnage: For what? We are already out of the cage.

Matt: Just for a keepsake. I wanna walk away with something for the pain I'm in.

Carnage: I'll tell you what.......FUCK NO!

Matt: Meanie.

Hank: Ha.....I really like that Jolly Roger fellow. Hiring a midget to play a kid. Genius.

Little Boy/Man: I am not a midget, I am a little person damnit.

Hank: Little person, midget....who cares. You're fucking small, deal with it.



So anyways, we all knew how this one would go. You can't have a cage with a roof and expect wrestlers not to climb on top of it. Guys in the biz, they're essentially big kids. They dress up in tights like superheroes and wage epic battled for pride, glory and for some, fun. You'd be better off hanging a "No Playing" sign at the local Chuckie Cheese. One wrestler that wasn't having any fun, and probably wasn't hugged enough as a child, is Holland, who stares up at both competitors in the ring. It's not unusual for Holland to find himself flat on his back during a match, staring up at the lights, but this is the first time that he's seen wrestlers fighting over thirty feet above him.

[Hollan] Fucking bastards...

He pushes himself to his feet, using his elbows and hands to prop him up, and instinctively goes to the door. But, to the malicious miscreant's horror, it won't budge. Several feet above him, Matt and Carnage precarious jockey for position, having just finished pulling themselves to their feet.

[Paragon] And things just got a bit more dangerous in this match, Hank... Rather than having to deal with the explosives in the turnbuckles, Carnage has made sure that the threat of falling one's death is also a factor.

[Proctner] Well, why don't you fly up there and save 'em, buddy?

John Paragon looks down at his desk sullenly.

[Paragon] That's not my life anymore, Hank...

On top of the cage, Matt does his best to balance on the thin bars and to make his way over to Carnage. Normally, Matt's unusually agile and nimble for such a little chubbo, but with the blood loss and the beating that he's taken, he's having a little trouble maintaining his balance. Plus, being a few inches away from an exploding turnbuckle has got to mess with one's equilibrium.

[Matt] Whoa....

And he falls, face first onto the cage. As he looks down, he sees Holland scrambling around the ring, looking for a way out. It's rather comical, he's got to admit. The son of Madmax is pacing back and forth like the caged animal that he is, searching in vain for an exit. Matt has to laugh. He calls down to the man who'd menaced him in the NGPW.

[Matt] What's the matter, Holland??? I mean... You WANTED to be in that ring tonight, right?? Well, congratulations!!! You're the ONLY one in there right now!!!

Holland glares up at the suddenly cocky mess of gore that stares down at him. He'd love nothing more than to peel the flesh from his face, throw his precious daughter into a busy freeway and laugh as he raped his mother, but right now, he was stuck. He had to think. If he couldn't get through the door, maybe there was another way out. Then he sees it. The boxcutter that the paramedics had used to cut Matt out of the zipwire. It was sitting there right on the apron. Matt never gets to see what FEDX's resident sociopath wants with it, however, because his opponent for the evening has finally decided to make his move.


With a mighty bellow, Carnage soars across the cage roof, bringing his full body weight down upon Matt with a vicious splash. Matt feels every bar jam into him with amazing force as Carnage sandwiches Matt between both his heavily muscled body and the unforgiving cage. Immediately Matt hurls up the slice of deep dish 'za that he'd had for lunch. And you can only guess where it lands.


He stares up at Matt with pure hatred in his eyes, as half of the audience dry heaves and the other half explodes into cruel derisive laughter. Now, more than ever, Holland wanted to get his hands on the man who'd bested him back in the NGPW. With grim resolve, Holland presses the blade into the canvas of the ring and begins to cut. Back on top of the cage, Carnage is rubbing his sore elbows and knees, the only parts of his body that had connected with the cage during that thunderous splash. He leaps into the air once more, this time driving his back into Matt's body with a horrific looking back senton.


[Proctner] THAT didn't sound good...

[Paragon] Well, that cage roof wasn't really meant to be climbed on... Sure, we have stronger roofs, but with the match rules, I guess they used one of the weaker ones. They must have figured that no one would be going up there....

[Proctner] I've learned to expect the unexpected here in FEDX...

John Paragon raises his eyebrows in surprise.

[Paragon] That was surprisingly insightful, Hank.

[Proctner] Eh, don't get TOO excited, I'm just reading off a list of blurbs that the Powerbase gave me. Apparently, we need some more sound bites to put on our DVD menus.

[Jolly Roger] And Holland, ever the master of mindgames, manipulation and deciet has now turned his boundless rage towards the ring. Who knows what insults that the innocuous squared circle had visited upon the dark villain to deserve such treatment!?

[Proctner] And now he's destroying FEDX property??? First he tries to screw FEDX out of a victory in the opening round of the King of the Cage... And now this!! I never thought that I'd say this, John... But, Holland? He's a nogoodnick!

[Paragon] I just want to know what the hell he's doing!! With Holland, it CAN'T be something good!!

Meanwhile, at ringside, the little person that had been disguised as a small child disguised as the son of Carnage begins to vent his frustrations. He'd had no idea that this match was going to go on this long. Most matches go for about fifteen minutes, this match felt like it had been going on for almost two days.

[Tripod] Man, this shit is boring as fuck!!!

And like Mr Peabody to Sherman, Roger quiets the man child.

[Jolly Roger] Quiet, you. As I said, you'll have all the booze and all the cooze that your little lips can handle... AFTER we get this all on film! I'm NOT going back to filming and directing infomercials!!!

[Tripod] Yeah, especially since your last boss just died!!!

Jolly Roger, oblivious to the fact that Holland has already made his way through the canvas and is slicing furiously through the mat, turns to his assistant with tears in his eyes.

[Jolly Roger] You said that you'd never mention that!!

Were they talking about the late, great Billy Mays? Who knows? Why don't YOU go ask them. I can't solve all your problems for you, and I've got a story to tell. After finally slicing through mat, Holland pulls it back and concentrates on removing the planks of wood that make up the surface of the ring. Yes, it's a revealing anatomy lesson on how to construct and more importantly deconstruct a ring. Holland, being a second generation wrestler, has been familiar with wrestling ring since he could walk. With all of his strength, Holland slides one board out of position, almost knocking a fan out in the process, as it juts past the other side of the caged ring.

[Paragon] Unbelievable!!! Holland's actually taking apart the ring from the inside!!! And Matt and Carnage, who've just returned to their feet are none the wiser!!!

Several feet above, Matt has finally recovered from his fit of regurgitation and has managed to rally back to his feet once more. Carnage, trying his best not to put any weight on his bad leg hobbles over. Both men notice the creaking and the bowing of the top of the cage with every step.

[Matt] You know, maybe in retrospect, this wasn't the best idea in the world...

Carnage gazes at his opponent with a sardonic expression plastered across his filthy face.

[Carnage] Yeah, ya fuckin' think? I told you, I was improvising!!

[Matt] Well, who died and made you Drew Fucking Carrey???

[Carnage] Ha ha. Speaking of "Whose Line is it Anyway"... This Clothesline? It's for you!!!

And true to his word, the lariat is indeed meant for Matt. The force of the blow sends Matt spiraling through the air and to the cage roof. The creaking becomes louder and the bowing at the corners of the cage all the more obvious. Matt, holding his neck and face rolls to his back and looks his opponent in the eyes.

[Carnage] Maybe we should-?

And he motions downwards. Matt eagerly nods.

[Matt] Well, on the brightside, if we DID crash through, it would probably KILL Holland!

The two begin to laugh cordially, until they hear a voice that they hoped that they wouldn't have to for the rest of the match.

[Holland] You fucks are-

Matt looks over to Holland, who somehow has made his way out of the cage and onto its roof.


He waves his hand, almost in slow motion, trying to warn him to stop. But, it's too late. Holland leaps through the air onto them. And for everyone in the arena, time stands still. The moment is lost forever in a violent explosion of light and darkness. Of sound and fury. There's a loud crack as the three plummet, perhaps to their deaths... There are the sounds of explosions, gunpowder and smoke fill the air.

And everyone remembers from that day on....

The night that Holland dragged Carnage and Matt to hell.

TBC by.........???


Hank: We need a replay, for the love of god please let their be a damn replay.

Paragon: Why would you want to see something like that again? You're sick.

Hank: My lust for violence knows no bounds.

On the right side of tv screens across the nation, a replay is shown. It starts from the moment Holland appears on top of the cage. From that point on is shows Matt trying to warn Holland off, but to no avail. Holland makes the attack, and all three plummet through the top of the cage. The replay then starts to show in slow motion. It shows the three men fall then hit the mat. What happens next will probably never happen again in the history of man, woman, or child. When they hit, each man bouces and bounce into a different corner of the ring. Unfortunatly, none of them bounced into the corner that was already out of explosives. Matt hit the corner where there were two explosives, Carnage and Holland hit the three explosive corners. The impact was more than enough to set off the charges, and now all were down for the count. The replay shows a few more times at different angles, before finally finishing and returning viewers back to match action.

Hank: Well one good thing from all of this. If they survived, then we won't have to worry about any more explosive corners.

Paragon: You have no heart at all.

Hank: Sure I do, I just don't wear it on my sleeve like all the morons out there. You know if they had built that roof with the same stuff they made the rest of that cage with, this wouldn't of happened. Rebar doesn't bend all that easily.

Paragon: They weren't supposed to be out of the cage in the first place unless they escaped. Folks if you are just joining us, we have a real mess on our hands. Matt and Carnage have been putting on a clinic thus far, but Holland saw fit to make his presence known as well. Long story short, all three men have been blown to bits.

Hank: Don't forget that Carnage has the key, so paramedics and officials are having to climb under the ring and go through the open hole Holland made to escape the cage.

Everyone were scrambling to help these men. Who knew the extensive damage that had been done. Nobody was gonna get up right away from this. A few Earl and Jerry made their way into the ring first. Earl reached into Carnage's trunks and took out the key. He then made his way over and unlocked the cage so the paramedics could make their way inside. Once inside, they split up to help each man. Matt had blast wounds on his back and neck. Not to mention the wound on his head from earlier. Holland was bleeding down his right arm pretty heavily. He'd be luck if he could even move it at this point. Carnage's face was just a mask of blood. Between that and his hair covering his face, nobody would recognize him if they didn't already know who he was.

Paragon: This is a real shame Hank. What was supposed to be a simple first round cage match, has turned into a bloodbath.

Jolly: Oh my god, can I please use that? That's great. Ahemmmmm. What was supposed to be a simple first round cage match, has turned into a bloodbath. The comeback of a lifetime now becomes a fight for survival.

Hank: Riveting, I am on the edge of my seat already, and the movie isn't even released yet. Will I be on the credits?

Jolly: For sure Hank. I can't possibly cut you out of the movie. You have that IT factor.

Hank: You hear that paragon, I have IT.

Paragon: Add a sh at the beginning and I might believe him.


Paragon: Here comes Grayson folks. He looks none to pleased with the outcome of this one.

Grayson comes out and walks down to the ring. He looks on as paramedics load all three men on stretchers. Holland is the first one taken out of the ring. Grayson walks over to Earl.

Grayson: I want him the hell out of here right now. Take your ass with him and make sure he is taken out of the building. Get him in an ambulance and to the nearest hospital, or dump him in a sewer for all I care. Just get him out of the building.

Earl nods his head and follows the paramedics carrying Holland up the ramp and through the curtain. Grayson proceeds to tell Jerry something, and Jerry just nods his head.

Paragon: What is going on? Why is Jerry stopping the paramedics from taking Matt and Carnage? No way grayson would allow for this slaughter to continue.

Grayson walks over to the timekeepers table and grabs a mic.

Grayson: Ladies and gentlemen. As you all know, here in Fed X, we take pride in the notion that we always bring you top notch entertainment. The creation of King of the Cage is no different. Now what we have right now is very unfortunate, yet it is all apart of the show. Unfortunatly we had some very unwelcome company out here, but hopefully we have taken care of that now. So it is my executive decision to let this match continue on. Jerry, lock the cage door once more.

The crowd was on their feet. Just when you think nothing else could happen, more was indeed going to happen. Paragon was a little less than enthused, while all Jolly was seeing was dollar signs.

Paragon: I don't tend to disagree with Grayson often, but I can't agree with this decision at all.

Hank: Oh come on John, you know you are always saying bad things about Grayson and the way he runs things.

Paragon: No actually that is you.

Hank: Oh yeah....nevermind.

Tripod: I have to take a leak.

Jolly: I don't give a damn if you piss your pants. You are not leaving this spot till we have a clear cut winner.

Silence ensues. Minutes go by untill Jolly speaks up.

Jolly: Did you hear me?

Tripod: Yeah, I fuckin heard ya.

Jolly: What's that smell?

Tripod: hey don't bitch. You said you didn't care.

Jolly: Oh I think I am going to be sick.

Hank: Something stinks. Paragon what did you do?

Back in the ring, everyone cleared out leaving Matt and Carnage all alone once again. The door was locked shut, and the bell restarted the match. With no explosives left, it was now gonna come down to shear will power and wrestling experience.



So anyways, Matt is out. Carnage is out. Holland is hopefully out of the damn building. Outside the ring, and more importantly, outside the cage, the crowd begins to roar in approval like a Coliseum of rabid Roman fan as their emperor deems that the gladiators must fight to the death. They begin stomping their feet once again willing these two warriors to rise and do battle. But they can no more will these brave fighters to their feet than the fighters themselves. Matt and Carnage had simply gave too much.

But, still the fans wanted more.

How much is too much? What had each man sacrificed so far? Carnage, trying his best to reinvent himself as a relevant force here in the FEDX risked looking like a flop, a joke in the first round of the tournament. If he couldn't get past this fat little 5"8' midget, how would it look? He'd lose all credibility. Matt McDervish, the hirsute cherubic star of the UCE had a bit more to lose. He had a daughter at home to support, he had friends to defend from the likes of The Network. If he lost now... Hell, if he DIED in the ring...

Who would care for his friends and family? Both men had their reasons. Both men had the need to win this match. Even as they lay there, they both felt their blood boiling. Carnage, champion in every place he's ever been, proud warrior and living icon grits his teeth and screams silently to himself.

[Carnage] Come on, old man... Get up!!! Just get the fuck up!!! GET.... THE.... FUCK....UP!!!!!!!!!!

Matt, on the other side of the ring manages to flop a limp arm to his face. Intermediately, it becomes plastered in his own crimson ichor. He feels the way the blood saturates his beard, how it makes his face feel like a sticky thick mess. More blood pools around his head from several open wounds. He was practically swimming in it.

He closes his eyes and remembers a happier time. He and young Annabelle had been sitting on the coach at home. It was Christmas morning, he'd bought her her own little pink DVD player so that she could watch movies in her room. He'd set it up in the living room and watched a Pixar movie called "Finding Nemo". Bella had loved it, chanting along with a a blue Regal Tang named Dory.

[Anabelle] Jus' keep 'wimmin!!

Jus' keep 'wimmin!!

Jus' keep 'wimmin!!

[Matt] Just keep swimming.

Just keep swimming.

If he was going to swim in his blood, Matt was gonna' do fucking laps. Turning to his stomach, Matt pounds both fists to the mat and forces his upper body up.

[Matt] Ughhh.... Just keep... Errrrgggghhh.... swimming.

Over and over he repeats the mantra, like some sort of eerie voodoo chant. His knees come up next. With his last ounce of strength, Matt extends a leg and gives a mighty heave, forcing himself to his feet. His head swims, he starts to stagger and grabs the ropes for support. And he's not surprised to see Carnage doing the same on the other side of the ring. Their eyes locked for an eternity, the two men... Who look like they've just been a car crash... And feel their lips curl back in a smile.

The smiling soon gives way to laughter. I asked "how much was too much". Now we know. Too much is never enough. They'd give and give until they absolutely couldn't. As long as they breathed, this was what they were meant to do. In their minds, they were everything that they had always dreamed of. Carnage WAS the war torn hero with no peer, past, present or future. Matt McDervish WAS the heroic champion, defender of the weak and smiter of the wicked. All the doubt, the self loathing, the mistakes of the past. They all disappear. Tonight, they weren't men. They were Gods. And Gods never... Ever... Die.

I don't know about you. But, if I felt immortal, I'd laugh too.

From outside the cage, Jolly Roger stares intently, scathing his head in confusion.

[Jolly Roger] Are they... Are they laughing???

[Tripod] Sure looks that way, boss... Oh, and by the way, call me 3P from now on!!

He turns to look at his minuscule, Lilliputian camera man and notices that he'd been blinged out in all sorts of chains and garish jewelery. His pants are down below his buttcrack and he's wearing an oversized white t-shirt.

[3P] Yeaaaaah, dat's right, muthafucka!!! You looking at Chicago's newest underground rap sensation... 3P, YO!!!

[Jolly Roger] What??? You can't rap... Wait, can you? When did you become a rapper?

[3P} Like, three, COUNT EM'!!! THREE minutes ago, foo'. I went out to take a leak during the commercial break and-

The director raises a questioning eyebrow.

[Jolly Roger] Even after I expressly told you not to???


Jolly Roger (who bears a striking resemblance to Steve Coogan, who'd played director Damien Cockburn in Tropic Thunder) raises his hands defensively and says in the whitest voice possible.

[Jolly Roger] "A'ight"... "Dawg".... "We cool"....

[3P] I went out and smoke't a blunt, yo. And this cat came outta' nowheres and asked me to spit for him... So I busted out some of my dopest freestyle shit... And guess what? The muthafucka' loved it... He gave me all this dope ass gear!!! He said that he gon' put me in videos, SON!!! Videos!!! I'm out of here, you cabbagehead, vanillaface muthafucka!!!

And he drops his camera, starts to leave but not before raising his fist and taking a swing at Roger. The whiny little director flinches like a little bitch, causing 3P to burst out into mean spirited bullish laughter. He flips off every he can before walking off with his "new director", a kindly Hispanic man named... Marco De Foley. Who wants nothing more than to have this little man "spit for him on camera." Roger, fearing the death of his gripping documentary, quickly hoists the camera up. He'd already gone through two cameramen this evening. He was done relying on others. It was time for him to take matters into his own hands. Literally. As he walks around the ring, filming the two battered brawlers laughing, he nearly stumbles over and outstretched board. The ring!!! Of course!!! Jolly Roger scurries around the side of the cage, just as he sees some security going under the ring. Before he can dive under, he's stopped by Jerry Wilson.

[Jerry] Uhhhh... where do you think you're going?

[Jolly Roger] Out of my way, you idiot!!! I've got to get in there!!

[Jerry] Sure, sure... You want to get in the ring with two guys who're about to start tearing each other apart? Trapped in there behind bars? As funny as that would be to watch, buddy...? I gotta say... No.

[Jolly Roger] Ah, nuts to you, foureyes!!

And like a high school bully, the douche director knocks the legally blind referee's glasses to the ground and scuttles under the ring, past the security. The two men look at the director suspiciously.

[Jolly Roger] Close it up once I'm inside!!! DO IT!!!

The two college kids who'd decided to work for WhoFlungPoo for the summer just shrug. They begin closing the ring back up by sliding the boards back into place. Sure, the guy would probably get killed in there, but fuck it, they don't work by the hour.... Ok, maybe they did, but fuck it. They exit from under the ring and go to the back to smoke some more dope. Good thing that FEDX doesn't drug test. "*Bong hit*"

[Jolly Roger] Jesus Christ....

Once he's in the cage, he's taken aback. The blood, the grime, the debris. It was more than gritty. It was an indie film maker's wet dream. He turns to Carnage, filming every drop of sweat, every blood soaked fiber of hair. He captures Matt for all eternity, sweat running down his lacerated flesh. Up close, it was all so magnificent. So dramatic. So-

[Jolly Roger] Uh-OH!!!

And the two wrestlers both turn and clock Jolly Roger in the face at the same time. The pompous director goes down in a heap, his camera landing on the mat, still rolling. facing up in an awkward angle, it probably won't capture the match in it's entirety. But, it does manage to capture on last moment it time. The moment when two living Gods walk across the ring, stand face to face.... And shake hands.

TBC by........????


It was a show of unity and defiance all at the same time. Carnage and Matt shook hands cause they were now brothers in arms.

Paragon: I think we can now safely say that Jolly is out of the picture. Some of the officials coming into the ring to clear him out.

Hank: Man why did they have to go and ruin everything? I was just starting to like him too.

Paragon: Well then it's a good thing they got rid of him when they did then. When you start liking someone, then you know they are trouble.

Hank: Oh har dee har har.

Carnage and Matt watched as once again the door to the cage was shut. Both men stared at one another, not saying a word. They didn't have to, the fans were saying all that needed to be said.


Both men felt the electric in the air, and it was what they needed to give that little bit extra and finish this match. Carnage started out with a right fist that connected with Matt's temple. Matt shot back with a right of his own. Back and forth both men went, till Carnage grabbed Matt's wrist and tried whipping him into the ropes. Matt reversed it and Carnage hit off the ropes instead. Carnage grabbed the ropes though before he could slingshot right back into to Matt. Matt had put his head down to try for a backdrop not noticing Carnage stopping himself. Carnage looked over at the camera Jolly had so graciously left. He grabbed it and before Matt knew it, he had been clobbered over the head with it. Pieces of it flew all across the ring.

Paragon: You just had to know that camera would come into play when it was left in there. Matt is down and Carnage can see the light. He is ready to leave the ring and win this match.

Hank: Good, at least Fed X will take this one. I may not like Carnage much these days, but he is a damn sight better than that pudgy bastard McDervish. McDervish, what the hell kind of name is that anyway? Yes, I would like a hamburger hold the McDervish. Give me a break.

Carnage hobbled his old ass over to the cage door. He went to open it when he realized something. He didn't have the damn key anymore. In fact, it was Jerry Wilson on the outside of the cage that had the key.

Carnage: You idiot, you didn't leave the key in the ring. We are supposed to use it to get ourselves out of the cage. Hand it to me through the bars.

Jerry nodded, and reached into his pockets. Going from one to the other, he couldn't seem to find it. Carnage just lowered his head and shook it.

Carnage: You have got to be kidding me. Never fucking mind. I'll go out through the floor.

Carnage had had enough of this match. He had been through hell and back, and it was time to end it. Carnage made his way over to where Holland made his escape earlier. Just as he was about to take his leave, a familiar tune started up, and Carnage frozen cursing under his breath.

The fans went into a booing frenzy except for a small click near the front row. All with IKI shirts on.

Paragon: Oh my god, can you believe this? Just when you think you have seen everything in this match.

Hank: It's Emissary. He hasn't been seen since Carnage put him on the shelf at last months PPV. I would like to note Carnage also lost that match.

Paragon: Yeah well Emo was the one put out of action, so if you call that a win to each their own.

Emissary came out from the back on crutches. His leg still pretty messed up from the grueling battle he had with Carnage. He was flanked by about 10 IKI members making sure he stayed safe while being vulnerable. His cocky little smile visible for all to see, his music stopped as did he on top of the ramp. One of the IKI members handed Emo a mic, and he began to impart his words of wisdom.

Emo: Well, well, well. Here we are, the first round of the King of the Cage tourney. And what do we see in the ring? An old man who should of hung it up a long time ago, and a tub of lard who got lucky in that other federation winning one of their top prizes. So this is what passes off as talent when the greatest talent of all had to cancel his ticket into this little shindig? Such a damn shame they had to scrape the bottom of the barrel like this.

Forgeting the fact that he was about to win the match, Carnage walked over to the side of the cage and just started staring daggers at Emissary.

Emo: Get that stink eye off me old man. You may think you won putting me on the shelf, but believe me I will heal and when I do I plan on finishing what I started.

Emo lowered the mic and let the fans get all their venom out. One of the IKI members whispered something in Emo's ear.

Emo: That's a good idea. Ya know Carnage, I don't know why I should wait to get my revenge. I think I should probably just take it right now.


Emo: I am sorry, I didn't hear ya? What was that? Ahhh nevermind. I am sure it was just dribble and drool anyway. Gentlemen, if you will?

A few of the IKI goons break off from Emo. One has a sack with him. They head on down to the ring, pushing the ring officials along the way. They go to the ring, and then head underneath it. Thinking that they are more than likely coming in for an attack, Carnage stands at the ready position. He wasn't about to let some second rate jobber fans who thought they were bodyguards get the better of him. Carnage waited and waited, but nobody came through the hole. Instead, there was some pounding being heard from underneath the ring, and the sudden hole that Holland made earlier was now being fixed. The only way out was now becoming obsolete.

Carnage: Son of a bitch. Emo I'll fucking kill you.

Emo: I thought that I would take the liberties of getting that fixed for you. I wouldn't want someone to accidently hurt themselves. Oh man what on earth is poking me?

Emo moves around a little bit trying to figure out what is poking at his side. He reaches one of his hands down into his pocket, and pulls out a shiny metal object.

Emo: Oh heavens to betsy, what on earth is this?

Hank: Emo has the key, How on earth did he get it?

Paragon: That miserable, somehow Emo got ahold of that key to the cage.

Emo: You know it's amazing what a well placed member of IKI in the front row can accomplish. Especially one trained in picking pockets. Man how will you ever get out now Carny? I have said it once and I will say it again. YOU ARE ALL WASHED UP OLD MAN!

As if on cue, gallons and gallons and gallons of water fall from the rafters covering the entire cage and both competitors inside of it. Carnage slipped on the mat and fell on his bad hip. Matt was jarred awake by the cold blast of water. With the job done under the ring, the IKI members some out with satisfied looks on their faces.

Emo: Oops, I guess I accidently woke someone up. Better get back to work Carnage. You still got a long way to go.

The crowd hissed and booed as Emo hobbled his way to the back once more, but not before flipping Carnage the bird.

Paragon: Now what are we gonna do? There is now no key to escape, and the only other escape route was just sealed up again.

Hank: HAAAAA I like it. If Matt stays in there to much longer, he may start eating Carnage in desperation. It's gotta be at least an hour since he ate last. Fat bastard.



So anyway, being jarred awake by the threat of downing to death is Not Matt's ideal wakeup call. As he pitches and coughs the fluid out of his lungs, Carnage stands resolute with a grim expression on his face. Holland, Emissary... They'd both gone out of their way to try and ruin the evening for the two men. Two men that he'd thought that would be out of the wau for a while had chosen this, of all nights to wreak their terrible revenge. As Matt pulls himself up, he stares at Jerry Wilson, who's clearly pacing back and forth.

[Matt] Yo, Coke Bottles!!!

The beleaguered ref looks all around for the owner of the voice. Matt sighs and pinches the bridge of his nose. With his head down in disgust, he waves his hand back in forth, hoping the movement will be detected by the myopic official.

[Matt] Over here, Wilson.

Finally Jerry Wilson sees Matt and smiles brightly, finally unraveling the mystery of who'd called his name, before having his face contort once again into the mask of disappointment. "He looks pissed", thinks Matt. "That can't be good."

[Matt] Oh, God.... What's wrong, Jerry?

Jerry Wilson, his glasses still cracked from when Jolly Roger had knocked them off, looks up at Matt with the most pathetic pair of eyes that he's ever seen, their sadness magnified by the comically thick lenses.

[Jerry] Emissary took the key.... There's no way out...

Matt stares at Wilson incredulously for a moment and sarcastically asks;

[Matt] Really?

[Jerry] Yes.

Matt opens his eyes in frustrated surprise, as if inquiring how such a dumb statement could be made. Matt, being resourceful and hyper-observant in times of crisis, can only shake his head.

[Matt] REALLY???? "No way out"?

Jerry Wilson just nods once again sadly, and getting a little frustrated. "Look," thinks Wilson, "I feel bad enough already about getting pickpocketed... You don't need to rub it in..." Once again Matt's fingers find their way to the bridge of his nose, trying their best to massage away the headache forming in Matt's skull. He doesn't look at Jerry, as he raises his arm in the air, he doesn't even look to where he is pointing.

[Matt] Would THAT do as an exit?

And Jerry's eyes follow Matt's arm, up, up, up, all the way up... To the massive hole in the ceiling of the cage. The hole that they'd fallen through only minutes ago. The hole that Matt had stared at intently, planning his escape, even as he lay there dreaming of that Christmas morning with his daughter. Now he was ready to put that plan into action.

Perhaps he should have kept it a secret though.

The crowd roars, and everyone in the arena, including some of the simpler fans in attendance understand what his obnoxious gesture to Jerry signifies. (Stupid people at a WRESTLING EVENT??? Well, I NEVER-....")

[Paragon] He's pointing to the top of the cage!!! That's the only way out!!! Both men are going to have to scale hand over hand along that sagging and unstable ceiling.... Climb through that jagged hole in the center... The one that they'd all fallen through... And climb over the top and drop to the floor.... ALL without that thing collapsing on them... This is... This is INSANITY!!!! Grayson's got to call this off!!!

[Carnage] Final countdown, kid...

And Matt turns slowly to see the badly bleeding and world weary veteran stride over to him with purpose in his eyes. Instinctively Matt puts his fists up and jockeys for position. The two circle each other in the ring, their eyes locked in a battle of wills.

[Carnage] You know that there's only really one way out, now... Right kid?

Matt nods his head and shoots in for a rolling ankle pick, Carnage manages to sidestep, tries to shoot in for a rear waistlock when Matt's back it turned, but Matt turns quickly and manages to lock up in a tight collar and elbow with Carnage. The two vie for holds, with Carnage taking an advantage with a quick step under wristlock. He tries to tighten it, but Matt keeps moving in a circle to alleviate the pressure. Suddenly he stops, posts off of his free hand and the crown of his head, flips to his feet, reverses into a wristlock of his own and turns that into a deep arm drag. Carnage goes flying across the ring, but rolls to his feet.

[Paragon] Are we witnessing... WRESTLING... During an exploding cage match???

[Proctner] Man, I can't wait to see the line for refunds after this...

Carnage rushes back into the fray, ducking his head and attempting to back body drop Matt. Wounded though he may be, Matt leaps over his charging opponent and turns quickly, preparing himself for him to rebound off the ropes. As he does, Matt drops down to trip Carnage. The wily veteran grabs the ropes to stop himself, and runs the other direction, to the opposite set of ropes. As Matt pushes himself to his feet, he's met face first with a well timed boot to the chops from his worthy adversary.

The force of the blow knocks him head over feet and sends him crashing neck first to the mat.

[Paragon] Matt may have telegraphed that drop down... Carnage showing AMAZING ring pressense and savvy to stop himself and bounce off the adjacent ropes that would give him the opportunity to land that shot... I guess Carnage is showing us all that his experience and ring generalship is more than a match for Matt's grit and determination...

Carnage goes to advance on Matt, but miraculously the lucha trained superstar rolls backwards and to his feet, purchasing himself a few feet of safety from the Buick like monster he was facing. Rubbing his jaw, Matt smiles. He'd be eating soup for a week after that one. His adrenaline still pumping too high, the true effects of tonight's war wouldn't most likely be felt until the next day. Matt, ignoring the pain, places his hands together and begins clapping. The fans join in showing their love and admiration for these men. Carnage, who'd been a part of The Network and Matt, Systemite through and through both stood across the ring and showed each other respect for one last time.

The look in their eyes both told the story. They'd been through hell and back tonight, earned each other's respect. Now, it was time to end this thing. No more shaking hands. No more clapping for one another. No more wrong and right. Carnage respected Matt enough to kill him and give him his glorious death, if it meant victory for him, and he knew that Matt would rather die than lose. It's a mutual feeling, shared by both men.

[Paragon] And here we go again, folks!!! Matt and Carnage rushing at one another! And look at them go!!!!

[Proctner] Holy shit!!! They're fucking killing one another!!!!

Matt and Carnage had ceased to exist as men. Like animals they rushed one another, beating and kicking. Matt fires into the bridge of Carnage's nose with a headbutt. Not even noticing the blood that poured from his nose, Carnage fires back with a haymaker. And this sort of self destructive behavior goes on for some time.

TBC by.......????


IKI Goon 1: The hole wasn't that big. I figured it to be the size of my thumb.

Emo: I know that is what you said but if you are looking at the monitor like I am , then you could see they are going for it like a rat to cheese. You know my neck is still sore and I can only look up so high. I took your word for it.

IKI Goon 1: Look, I will prove it to you. See.....the size of my thumb.

IKI Goon 1 put his hand to the monitor and covered up the hole in the cage roof with his thumb.

IKI Goon 1: See, what did I tell ya?

Emo slaps his forehead in disgust.

Emo: You idiot, it's tv and a wide angle shot at that. Why oh why am I blessed with such morons.

IKI Goon 1: Just lucky I guess.

Emo: Get out.


Paragon: Both men jockeying for position here. That is a kinda jagged looking hole up there. I wouldn't risk climbing through it.

Hank: Plus it really isn't all that big either. Yeah three men did fall through it, but they were all basicly on top of one another also, so technically it was a tight squeeze. I'm not quite sure how any of them kept all their limbs in tact.

Paragon: Trust me, you aren't the only one.

Carnage was up on the side of the cage. He was flustered and confused. His mind racing in all different kinds of directions. With as many head shots as he had taken, he forgotten all about the hole in the roof of the cage. That and with Emo in his ear, he was pissed. But now he was on it like a black man on a piece of watermelon. Carnage was first to start scaling the side of the cage, but Matt was quick to grab ahold of his pants and pull him off.

Carnage: No, ya see the hole is up there not down here.

Matt: Oh, well carry on then.......SHUT THE HELL UP!

Matt hit with a right cross, then grabbed Carnage by the head and slammed it back into the side of the cage. Carnage was seeing stars again, but through it all he was able to jam a thumb in Matt's eye. Matt staggered back a few paces, and Carnage exploded off of the ropes with a devistating clothesline. The back of Matt's head hit the mat quite hard itself. Now both men had little birdies flying around their heads.

Matt: Hey, I see Tweety.

Carnage: All I see are vultures.

Matt: Well, you are ancient.

Paragon: I don't know what Matt said to Carnage in there, but Carnage just grabbed him forcefully. Now what is he up to?

Hank: Carnage is taking Matt to the top turnbuckle.

Slowly both men made their way up, Carnage leading the charge. He sat Matt on the top turnbuckle, padless by the way. He then stood up and wrapped Matt's arm around his neck for what appeared to be a suplex.

Paragon: A suplex from up there now would definitly end this match I think.

Hank: NOOO! That isn't a suplex he is attempting. I heard he was going to debut his brand new version of the Devistator tonight. I heard it had something to do with the ropes.

Carnage said himself a little prayer. Then with everything he had, he hoisted Matt up in the air. Not an easy feat knowing how pudgy he is. As soon as he got up in what appeared to be a suplex, he was dropped headfirst right into the top of the turnbuckle. Not to mention the added effect it had cause the padding was gone. Both men tumbled back down to the mat.

Hank: OH MY GOD!!!! Carnage's hip gave out on him before he could finish the move.

Paragon: You dolt, that was the move. That was a top rope brainbuster. Matt is dead for sure.

The crowd rose to their feet chanting Carnage's name. Matt's lights were out and all Carnage had to do was scale the cage, get through the opening in the top, and makes his way to the floor.

Carnage: Oh??? That's all? Want me to end world hunger also?

Well, I never said it would be easy.



So anyways, once again, Matt was down, possibly unconscious. The back of his head and neck had jammed into that exposed turnbuckle with a jarring force. Carnage's new variation of the Devistator had lived up to its name. By all rights, he should be in a hospital. But, Matt? He only knows how to do one thing; And that's how to persevere. Amazingly, with his face bright red, the cords of his neck straining heroically, Matt, shaking with adrenaline begins using the ropes to pull himself to his feet. The crowd explodes in a frenzy of emotion and disbelief as hand over hand, Matt drags himself back into the fight.


Carnage 's jaw just drops. He places his hands to the sides of his head and begins screaming in a rage.

[Carnage] WHAT THE FUCK????

[Paragon] And Carnage can't believe it!!! I don't think any of us can!! How is Matt still standing???

[Proctner] I think it's time for Grayson to institute some kind of wellness policy here... That man is CLEARLY on PCP!!!!

But, Matt's not on any drugs... Today. He'd pushed through the pain, the exhaustion. Right now he was running on pure force of will. The Chinese call it Ch'i. The Hindus, Chakra. Wrestling historians in Japan call it "Fighting Spirit". Whatever it is, whenever the chips have been down in matches with Matt McDervish, he's shown that he has tons of it. It's now that Carnage realizes just HOW Matt has been so succesful in his career. The kid was tough as fucking nails. With a bellow, Carnage rushes at Matt once again.

[Carnage] E.... NOUGH!!!!!

With a scream of his own, Matt spins as the charging monster rushes him, extending his arm as he does so, and catching Carnage across the face with a vicious and well placed fist.

[Paragon] "Backfist To The Future" by Matt McDervish!!!!

Carnage staggers back but doesn't fall. There was no way that he'd fall to that little love tap after having dropped Matt head first onto the turnbuckle. Gritting his teeth, Carnage steps forward, ready to return fire. That is until the pain in his hip forces him to drop to one knee.

[Carnage] Fuck!!! Not NOW!!!!!

[Paragon] And Carnage's hip just gave out again!!! How he's managed to soldier through that kind of pain during this entire match, I'll never know!!!

[Proctner] I'm willing to bet that he may be on the angle dust too...

[Paragon] Are you serious???

[Proctner] As a fucking heart attack... Which doesn't look too far off for either of these guys.

His face still red, Matt's grin broadens as he sees his opportunity. Matt begins running in place like a wild man, pumping his fists up and down, trying to rally the crowd. He doesn't have to try very hard. He has them firmly in the palm of his hand. Still, there are others that still believe that Carnage can pull this one out. Matt rushes the big man as the crowd begins to dueling chants.

[Carnage Fans] LET'S GO, CARNAGE!!!

[Matt Fans] LET'S GO, MATT!!!!

[Carnage Fans] LET'S GO, CARNAGE!!!

[Matt Fans] LET'S GO, MATT!!!!

[Carnage Fans] LET'S GO, CARNAGE!!!

[Matt Fans] LET'S GO, MATT!!!!

Matt rushes his opponent, hoping to spring off his outstretched knee and drive both of his knees into his face. Matt had been waiting to unleash his patented double knee shining wizard the whole match. But, at the moment where he springs off, Carnage is finally able to rise to his feet, catching Matt. He holds Matt by the legs, as he teeters in the air. It would be easy to drop him with a flapjack now, but as he goes to do so, he finds that he can't pull Matt to the canvas.

[Paragon] Matt's got ahold of the ceiling!!!

Carnage sees it too. Matt takes the second of distraction to swing his lower leg downwards and to jimmy tap the big man. After he releases the hold, Matt begins pulling himself up. Within seconds, he's out of reach of his foe. Shrugging off the kick to the groin and the shooting pain in his hip, Carnage hobbles over to the side of the cage...

And starts climbing...

And the race to the finish is on.

TBC by.... The victor.
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