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DETAILS: Think Hulk Hogan. That's right, the WWE's famous blue cage is back, and WE have it. The cage is made of iron rebar painted blue and attached directly to the ringposts. To win, you have to incapacitate your opponent long enough to escape the cage.

RP RULES: ]: All King of the Cage tournament matches are seventy-two hours with a three posts per day hard cap. In addition, there is a two hour continuation rule, meaning that one wrestler may not post back-to-back flashes until at least two hours has passed from the posting time of the first flash.

RP JUDGES: Living Deadgirl/Cedrick Caesar - Tiebreaker Krusher

The first lot of King of the Cage matches had already given Crowe plenty of distractions. Accolade had taken a vicious beating thanks to an ape, and Isabel was pregnant. Possibly to Genocide, or her cousin, or maybe even him. That was a spine shuddering thought. Things like child support is the stuff nightmares are made of. Damn cokewhore was proving to be quite the trial. It would be so easy to toss her to the side, but she was fun as well. The thought of taking her for a trip to Japan had a lot of appeal. Wrestler's offspring in the womb have a poor survival rate in the Land of the Rising Sun.

All stuff that had to be set aside for now. Now he had to focus on Demonica Vile. It was a big opportunity for him. The tournament could help him rise above the legacy "Weed Man" had tainted him with. But he'd been in bad form recently and he needed to turn it around. It's been a long time since he'd won a match. How he qualified was still a mystery to him. There was a lot to worry about in regards to this encounter. Apart from her association to Rude, there was the undeniable fact that cages weren't his friend.

Accolade: If yo be studying tapes, shouldn't you be studying ones of dat Dem beatch.

Kieran: Let's see. Waaaah! Bane died. I'm upset and angry and gunna stamp my feet. Waaaaah! My husband cheated on me. I'm angry. Waaaaaah! My daughter died. I'm all sad. Seriously, I'd rather spare myself the headache. Besides, this match is awesome.

Accolade: Hulk Hogan and Rick Rude? Why ain't there a brutha on da screen?

Kieran: See that? Killer moment. They landed at the same time. I marked out so hard when I first saw this as a kid. Go Hulkster!

Okay, so maybe he wasn't putting the focus on Demonica that he should be. He was in the IKI locker room watching old cage matches. This particular one was a favourite of his. Although the one with Big Boss Man wasn't bad either.

Emissary: You know, Hulk Hogan couldn't wrestle his way out of a paper bag.

Kieran: Blasphemy!

Emissary: And he was such a hypocrite. I can't believe we replaced the tv that blew up just to watch this crap.

Kieran: Don't make me hurt you. Aren't you meant to be on holiday anyway?

Emissary: From competing. Not from my duties as leader of the IKI. You know, I'm really glad we could set our differences aside. Together we can......

Accolade: Is dat tha start of a rant, dawg? Cause like, I'm tryin' to watch dis.

Kieran: Like someone who can't see Hogan for the gifted athlete he is has an opinion that matters.

Emissary: You joined IKI, remember?

Storm: Are you guys going to snipe at each other all the time, cause it's already getting old.

Emissary: He's just in a bad mood about Isabel. I would be as well if the chick I was fucking was fucking genocide and her cousin as well. Where is she anyway?

Kieran: Where do you think? Scoring more coke. Hope she hurries up, cause I'm hanging out for it.

Accolade: Ha! I knew it. I'm gunna sick dat Doc Drew on you.

Kieran: I wasn't talking about the coke...... I was talking about uh... tapping her. Yeah, totally. Coke was the last thing on my mind.

Accolade: Yo expect me to believe dat after she fucked Geno. I'm not dat stupid, cuz.

Storm: I hope you're not taking this match lightly, Kieran.

Kieran: Of course not. I had this whole thing planned out where I switched the body of her kid with the first one of hers that died. It's going to be killer.

Storm: *sigh* Didn't we speak a bit stunts like that after the whole Eve thing?

Kieran: And I'm really sorry about that. Although it did get a few headlines. Hmmmmmm. lines.....Where is that bitch?

Accolade: Can't believe I let a cokehead talk me inta not smoking.

Kieran: I'm not a cokehead. It's not like I was the one that killed them. I was only joking. A little.

Storm: About the lines or the stunt.

Accolade: Ha! How duz it feel to have someone killing yo fun?

Kieran: It sucks. How does it feel to go toe to toe with an ape? Now, shhhhh. I'm trying to watch. This is the best bit.

That was when Isabel arrived. Kieran got a hug off her and what he thought was a discreet hand off (Out of the gutters people. Drug term, not a sex term.

Kieran: Thanks for scoring. My guy got busted.

Accolade: I can't believe yo still talkin to dat bitch, KC.

Isabel: Shut up, you monkey.

Accolade: I swear, if I hear jez one mo racist jab, Ima really gunna slam you with my big.... black.....

While Accolade was distracted by Isabel, Kieran used the chance to take a not too discreet trip to to the bathroom, but Jason put a hand on his chest.

Storm: Not yet.

Kieran: Excuse me? I'll do whatever I want.

Storm: After the match, get as high as you like, but the IKI doesn't need a Warrior clone out there embarrassing it.

Kieran: I'm not trying to get high. I just wanna to take a dump.

Storm: Then you won't be needing this.

Before Crowe could react, the coke was out of his pocket. Grumbling, he took a trip to the can.

Emissary: Finally. I can shut that damn awful video off.


Meanwhile, Demonica was going through the documents Az had given her, trying to work out how best to use the information. There was a lot that could be used against him, but there was enough information in there to make her realise that he might not be the pushover he was hoping when she'd selected him in the draft. The recent burial service of her daughter was also playing on her mind, making it hard to focus.

Az: Don't worry. We've got this. He won't have a clue until it's too late. As long as you're not relying on Frank.

Demonica: I didn't plan on it. You know, this Kieran guy doesn't seem to have too many friends.

Az: He can be abrasive to be around. This new IKI hook up could throw a few surprises our way, though. I wouldn't worry too much. He's done nothing since ditching the name Weed Man. He hasn't won a match in weeks. It should be a pushover.

Az was doing his best to keep Demonica's spirits high. With recent events, that was easier said than done.

Demonica: You don't have to try so hard. I'm fine. Besides, I'm sure I'll have all the help I need. My husband really doesn't like Crowe. And Frank might actually come through.

Az: It might be better if he didn't.

That might seem silly to say about a cage match, but one only needs to look at the matches that have already happened to realise how helpful it is to have friends. Sighing, Vile put the dossier away. It was almost time to get ready for the match. But she had one stop to make first.


Frank: "Uhm.... I'll take... a... Blueberry banana smuh-oothie. Aha! The witless wonder turns around after making his order to find the Night Bringer hovering over him. Decked from neck to heel in skin tight vinyl, he close cropped black hair draped over one eye. Despite the recent tragedies in her life she wore a smile. Delicate and vicious all at once. "I didn't know you like smoothies!"

Demonica: "I don't... But I did tell you to meet me here."

Frank: "Right, right, I remember. Anyhoo, Wassup?"

Demonica: "It's about my match for the King of the Cage."

Frank: "Oh yes, I remember Kelly Raven."

Demonica: "Kieran Crowe."

Frank: "Hwatever. I had Billy draw up a game plan, he's really good at stoofs like that."

Demonica: "Not to be the bearer of bad news Frank, but Billy's dead."

The lady behind the counter hands Frank his smoothie and the odd duo of Frank and Dem take a seat in the ultra trendy frozen fruit drink shop.

Frank: "Thee Billy is dead, Billy Jr. however is meh new manager. Aha!"

Billy the third: "Actually it's Billy the third." The younger Mays walks up in tan pants and a blue button up. The sleeves are rolled up halfway and most of the shirt is covered by a multipurpose grips vest. He wore glasses, and lacked the distinctive beard of his father but the resemblance was still striking. "Considering your manager is probably not up to the task right now I've taken the liberty of making some arrangements for you as well... I hope you don't mind."

Demonica: "As long as you didn't fuck shit up for me, then I won't complain."

Billy the third: "On the contrary Ms. Vile, I believe you'll be quite satisfied."

Demonica: "And what about my plans for Frank?"

Frank: "Fran-freakin-tastic. I'll be there will bells on...Well not literally...Unless you want me too... Cuz then I will. I like bells."

Demonica: "No bells Frank, just be where I told you when I told and I won't have to gut you like a goddamn pig."

Frank: "And that is a very good thing, I'm kinda attached to my entrails... Get it... Kinda attached! To my entrails! Aha! There my guts!" *Slurp*

Demonica: "Yeah we get it... " She turns her attention to Billy the third who is still hovering just behind Frank's shoulder. "You sure he can do this."

Billy the third: "I'm not a hundred percent, but you called him..."

Demonica: "Yeah, don't remind me."

The Night Bringer stands up and offers her hand to Billy the third. He shakes it and they share a nod before she heads off to ready herself for her round one match.


Meanwhile the Son of Sin stands backstage, arms folded across his chest, with a stoic look plastered on his face. Hardened by years of battle both in the ring and out Az wasn't ready to call this a walk. He was actually concerned the Kieran would pull something out of his ass and actually be a challenge. He lets out a sigh as he watches the festivities. The fans squeal with delight as the cage is lowered to the ring and is fastened to the posts. As the last tech tightens the last bolt his stone like expression turns to a smile.

Az: "Good job son."

Tech: "Yeah, well it better be. This is gonna cost me my job if they find out."

Az: "Yeah, and as long as you keep your filthy fuckin' mouth shut they won't."

Getting a little gusto behind his words the tech presses the issue.

Tech: "Well then I guess you'd better raise the offer because I've been known to have loose lips." *Wink*

The Son of Sin surges forward, grabbing the tech by the collar he hoists him up and slams him against the wall. Now squirming the tiny little man kicks his feet as he struggles to free himself. From behind the mask the big man lets out a chuckle.

Az: "You're not really in a position to bargain, now are you?"

Nervously the tech replies.

Tech: "No, I guess not."

Az pulls back and slams the techs back against the wall one more time. Quickly forcing the air from his lungs the tech gives up the struggle.

Az: "Damn right. I paid you to rig explosives and you did. There's no bonus in your future, just a boom for you and boom for the entire fucking fed. You said you were sick and goddamn tired of getting pushed around, well nothing pushes back like a big fuckin' explosion."

Tech: "You're sick...You know that?"

Az: "Eh, I've been accused of worse."

Az loosens his grip and the tech falls to the ground. Without a word he scrambles to his feet and darts off, already second guessing his choices.

Az: "Well my work here is done, now just gotta sit back and watch the fire works."


Kieran puts the straw to glass and inhales a line of the fine columbian blend before him. Like a surge of powdered energy it rushes his brain triggering an endorphin rush of epic proportions. The tingly numb in his nose soon engulfs his entire face as his heart flutters with rapid palpitations as he slumps against the counter before slide slowly to the tile. Storm had taken his big bag but Kieran wasn't an amateur, his days as Weed Man had taught him a thing or two about the drug game...Namely to keep your supply in a couple bags...For just the sort of situation.

Kieran: "That's the shit, right there. Yeah!"

*Knock* *Knock*

Kieran: "Can't a man drop a deuce in peace?"

Accolade: "Not when da man is tryin' to put da coke up 'is nose. Quit sniffin' and get out here, ya gotta match."

Kieran: "I know! I'm just taking a shit, I'll be out in a few minutes!"

Storm: "You've got five, and I swear to christ if you're on one..."

Kieran: "Give it a rest..." He wipes the powder from his nose and swings the door open. "I was just taking a dump...Wanna smell?"

Storm: "I'll pass."

Kieran: "I thought you might." He smiles to himself while secretly trying to "stay cool" "But I'm not gonna blow this."

Accolade: "Blow it? Ain't dat sum shit right der. Yo man, you missed a spot." He rolls his eyes while Kieran brushes away a little remaining rock from his nostrils.

Kieran: "I don't know why everyone is giving me the evil eye, I've got this."

Storm: "Antics aside Kieran, this isn't going to be easy."

Kieran: "When she see's Bane in Charlat's coffin she'll be too upset to fight. I've got this."

Accolade: "Or dat bitch'll be so upset she'll rip ya apart. I wouldn' mess wit a mamma who lost her baby... Bad ju ju."

Kieran: "Bad ju ju eh? Well, I think I'll take my chances."

He snatches his stash from Storms hand before wrapping his arm around Isabel's shoulder and hitting the door. Slut-hood aside Isabel seemed to be his mane

Storm: "Should we follow?"

Accolade: "Da ways dat I sees it, we dun hava choice."

Emisary: "Whatever you do, do it quietly. With Snorty McCokeCoke gone I can f inally watch what I want." He flips the channel and leans back in the chair with a smile on his face. This was just the beginning of what was sure to be an interesting match up.


Az: "Glad you finally decided to join us.

Demonica: "Save it for a day when I don't have to bury my daughter in twenty four hours and I'm not in a cage match tournament alright?" She says as she brushes the hair away from her face. A little flustered but otherwise looking good, considering the circumstances. She lets out a slight sigh as she cracks her neck and knuckles.

Az: "So, you ready?"

Demonica: "As I'll ever be."

"I'm So Sick" by Flyleaf hits the p.a. and the booming voice of the Son of Sin echoes across the arena.

Az: "At five foot nine and a hundred and twenty pounds, the Queen of Mean, the violent vixen, The Night Bringer... The one. The only. DEMONICA VILE!

She shoves past the curtain to a chorus of boos and cheers. Eating up each reaction like it was feeding her will. Proudly she marches down the diamond plate with her scythe slung over her shoulder.

Paragon: "Reigning Bar Room Brawl Champion Demonica Vile is currently making her way down to the ring."

Proctor: "Yeah, fourth seed in the competition but first seed in my book. Violent and sexy, like Rebecca Romijn...But you know...Really violent."

Paragon: "Not following, but I'm moving on anyway. Ms. Vile has made her way down to the ring and they're ushering her into the cage now."

Proctor: "And she has a mic, choice words for Kieran I'm guessing."

Standing in the middle of the canvas, the blue re-bar prison she smiles as a hush comes over the crowd.

Demonica: "Well folks, I guess it's safe to assume this match will be as uneventful as anything Kieran has ever done. It'll be another highlight of embarrassing moments for... Weed Man. That's right... Weed Man. You can call a bag of shit anything you want Kieran, but it's still just a bag of shit." She smiles and the crowd goes nuts. Only half of whom even care what she's saying, they cheer because they think that's what they're supposed to... Either way she continues to feed off of the energy. "Finally tonight I get to do something someone should've done a long fucking time ago. Tonight Kieran Crowe I fully intend on ending your chance of winning the King of the Cage as well as your career."

Paragon: "Are they seriously going to let her keep her scythe in there?"

Proctor: "I hope so, otherwise this could be a bit of a bore. Demonica always seems to excel when she doesn't have to play by the rules."

Paragon: "When does she ever follow the rules?"

Proctor: "Touche."


Frank: "Right, so she cut the red wire not the blue wire right Billy Jr?"

Billy the third: "What wires Frank? You're supposed to be coloring the puppy... And it's Billy the third."

Back in Demonica's locker room Franklin D. Hooligan is busy coloring away with his trusty box of crayola while he jams to the soothing sounds of Foreigner on his brand new ipod. Looking up from the ground Where Frank lay on his belly he smiles at his manager.

Frank: "Oh yeah, I'm not diffusing a bomb I'm coloring. Thanks for clearing that up for me... Buuuuuuut this does look a lot like a diagram for a bomb and not so much like a puppy...Aha!"

Billy the third: "Let me see that."

He grabs the paper out from under Frank who looks up like he's about to cry.

Billy the third: "Dangit Frank, this is the diagram for a bomb! Where did you get this?"

Frank: "From the folder labeled Az's stuff stay out. I accidentally colored outside the lines and couldn't find my coloring book... Don't be mad."

Billy the third: "This can't be good."

Frank: "It may not be Van Gogh but at least I didn't paint it with my fingers. Aha!"

Billy the third:*Sigh* "Frank, do you know what this means?"

Frank: "Art school is not in my future?"

Billy the third: "No Frank, I think Azareth is going to try and blow up the arena!"

Frank: "Oh great, yet another convoluted bomb plot to muck things up."

Billy the third: "Well if Kieran would show we could focus on the match and not the side antics.*Looks directly at you, yes you.*

Frank: "Yeah, Kieran!" *Looks directly at you also*


Back at the ring Demonica is getting a little impatient. She's ready to roll up her sleeves and get down to business so to speak... Little does she know that Kieran is stumbling his way here through a cocaine induced stupor.

Proctor: "What a snooze fest already. We've been here for twenty minutes and still nothing from the tool formerly known as weed man."

Paragon: "Way to be impartial Hank."

Proctor: "Impartial my ass, I'm all about a good match and so far this is uneventful... Less than uneventful."

Paragon: "I'm sure there's a legitimate reason Kieran hasn't showed yet."

Proctor: "Doing a drug deal in the parking lot isn't a legitimate reason my do good friend."

Paragon: "Are you ever going to let his past die?"

Proctor: "Not while I have my suspicions. The guy is as dirty as they come."

Paragon: "I thought you liked the bad guys?"

Proctor: "Oh I do, but that guy is still scum."

Would Kieran show tonight or was there more of a delay in store? We shall see...


As Crowe walked through the arena, letting the incredible buzz from the coke take him, the rest of the IKI glared at him, knowing something was wrong, and knowing exactly what it is. The fact he seemed to be going in circles eventually wore on them.

Accolade: I swear. Yo gettin' an intervention. Then Ima gunna light me a huge fuckin' joint, and find a tag partner dat don't ride da white horse.

Storm: He does kind of have a point. Demonica's been waiting in the ring for about twenty minutes.

Emissary: Yeah, the arenas that way, in case you killed the braincells that had that information.

Kieran: You dudes need to stress less. I like, totally have this. I just have to do one thing before I get out there.

Accolade: I swear if it has anythin' ta do wit bodyswapping.....

Kieran: Chill. I was joking about that. Really. But there is like, totally a side stunt that has to happen.

Storm: Of course there is.

Kieran: This is a cool one. I swear. It can't fail.

Emissary: Uh, your FedX career has kind of been fail after fail. In case you hadn't noticed. How is this any different?

Kieran: It's foolproof.

Emissary: Does that take into account the kind of fool we're dealing with?

Kieran: Bite me. I just have to find Dems locker room.

Storm: You mean this one you've walked past four times already.

Kieran: Uh, yeah. This is the one.

At this point, Emissary and Storm must be questioning their judgment about the inclusion of Above the Influence among the IKI ranks. Crowe realised how late he was running and decided to leave the heavy work to his stablemates.

Kieran: Now there's this dude in there called Frank Hooligan.....

Emissary: I should have known. Here he has a huge cage match, and he's focused on Hank's brother. Just like you to lose focus.

Kieran: There's a reason. I swear. She hangs around Dem a lot, and he has this watch. It's like, killer. I used to hang with Doc B, and the Stone Cold Stoner made it. It lets you teleport from place to place in the blink of an eye. Know, I don't want that kind of stunt used against me. Far better for that kind of power to be in the hands of the IKI.

At that point, the rest of the group looked at him as though he was on drugs, which he is. But that's besides the point.

Accolade: Yo can't be fo real. A watch. Dat teleports. Those drugs be killing yo mind, KC.

Kieran: I swear. It exists, and he has it. Now, I have a match I'm late for, so you guys can fetch it for me.

Storm: I can't believe your wasting our time with this.

Kieran: Dude, they are from UCE. That makes it not so far fetched. Anyway, I'm late. Get that thing for me.

Crowe rushed off to make his entrance, leaving the rest of the group standing there shaking their heads. It seemed as though Crowe had cracked again, but on the offchance he was right, they got ready to burst in on Frank.


In the arena, the fans were starting to get restless along with Demonica. Crowe had kept them waiting for close to half an hour. It wasn't so good for the fans at home either, with Hank and John running out of ways to stall for time. Just when it seemed that the match was going to be called in Demonica's favour by forfeit, the sound of "Step Up" by Drowning Pool blasted throughout the arena, announcing the arrival of Kieran Crowe.

Hank: Finally, Weed Man is here, and it's about damn time.

John: He's going to punch you out for calling him Weed Man one day.

Hank: He did a lot more as Weedy than he has Crowe. The sooner he reverts back to Weed Man, the better.

John: That's not going to happen and you know it.

Crowe got near the ring, mic in hand. He looked up at the structure before him and tried to put the countless cage failures out of his mind. Caged structures had really hurt him over time. Taking his eye from the cage, he focused on Vile.

Kieran: You fucking insolent bitch! Just who do you think you are? You're going to try and end my career? Are you out of your mind? Has losing your second kid forced you to snap? Despite all the pain I've taken, the bits and pieces of my flesh I've left all over the world, you think you're so special that you of all people could end my career?

You go on thinking I've done nothing. Be an ignorant slut. My real fans in the Land of the Rising Sun would know that for the falsehood it truly is. You're clearly just looking for some standard throw away line, and you thought that one fit. Do yourself a favour. Keep that mouth shut. I actually thought you were pretty smart til that cockhole of yours opened.

I did nothing? Do you remember Bane? Of course you do. Now, when Aaron Wolf killed him, you were the uneventful one. You're the one that did fuck all. I had to stand up and make sure he became the hated person he did. I had to continually run that hack out of Japan. Where were you? Why wasn't the fed buzzing about the heated feud between Demonica and Wolf?

Eventually, you might have gotten your hands on him. The fact is your a failure. You failed Bane. You failed Charlat, and you're damn sure going to fail tonight.

Crowe dropped the mic and started to enter the cell. She had a tight grip on that scythe and an intent look Crowe didn't like so much. He that weapon might come into play. All he could do was hope the couple he had hidden on him evened the odds a bit.

John: Some harsh words from Crowe there, and you have to question the wisdom of them. Demonica isn't usually in the best of moods to begin with.

Hank: I think he was just trying to rattle her focus. A vet like Demonica probably won't fall for that so easily.

The ref started making noises about removing the scythe from Vile, but she refused to give it up. Crowe told the ref to let her have it. The ref looked at him like he was nuts before exiting the cage, closing the door behind him.

John: And this match up is underway. Demonica quickly puts Crowe on the defensive, swinging that schtye at him.

Hank: He only just managed to get out of the way of that swing. He's normally pretty quick, but it looks like he's flying really hard tonight.

The coke might not slow him down that much. It felt like the opposite, but it did affect his decision making. He dodged a shot, and zigged when he should have zagged, laving him open for a nasty kick for Demonica. She raised the scythe above her head, ready to slash him up when a bright flash of light appeared in the ring.

Demonica: What the hell are you doing in here, Frank?

Frank: There were these three uh... big guys huge-type one. Aha! And the took out Billy mays the third. They wanted my watch travel thingy I stole from my nephew. Aha!

Demonica: Get the hell out of here, you moron!


Meanwhile, three IKI members were looking dumbfounded at the corner that had just contained a cornered Frank Hooligan seconds before. Billy May had already felt the wrath of the IKI. He wasn't moving anytime soon.

Storm: I wonder if we're all on drugs and just don't know it. Maybe that Isabels been spiking us.

Accolade: Bitch ass cokewhore wouldn't waste da shit like dat, yo.

Emissary: This could make things hard for Crowe. I wonder where he went.

Storm: Look at the screen. I think the odds must moved out of Crowe's favour.

If they knew just how witless the witless wonder was, they probably wouldn't worry quite so much. They were just about to leave when something caught Accolade's eye. It looked like a child had drawn all over it, but it still didn't bode well for the evening.

Accolade: Homies, remember when the IKI locker room exploded during Storms match up fo diss shit.

Emissary: Yeah. What about it?

Accolade handed him the plans. Storm sighed in frustration. Was there going to be some kind of explosion every time an IKI member was involved in the King of the Cage tournament?

Storm: You see how much people are frightened of Karma? This is beyond a joke. Does any of this crap let us know where bomb is, or just that there is one?


Inside the cage, Demonica had been taken by surprise by the sudden appearance of Frank. Trying to get away from the people intent on stealing his teleporting watch made by Doctor Baby, he really didn't think his choice of destination through too well. Bill Mays was the one with the game plan after all, and the IKI had made short work of him.

John: I think my eyes may be playing tricks on me. Did that guy just appear out of nowhere?

Hank: People appear out of nowhere all the time.

John: This isn't the usual kind of 'out of nowhere.' One minute there was empty space, the next, the UCE's Frank Hooligan is standing there.

Hank: When we invite UCE competitors to compete in a FedX ring, you have to expect things to get a little strange.

Having only just dodged a couple of swings from Vile's brutal weapon, Kieran was quick to make use of the opportunity Frank presented him with. He shoved Frank in the back, sending the witless wonder into Demonica. Knowing Frank had a useful item, and not wanting him to disappear before he could use it, Kieran Pulled out his glass spiked knucks and leveled Frank in the back of the skull. His former foe's brother hit the deck hard and the newest addition to the IKI looked at the scythe with a twisted grin on his face. Crowe grabbed a hold of the fallen weapon and tried to give Vile a taste of her own medicine.

John: Ow. That knucks shot was brutal. Crowe was able to use Frank to disarm Demonica, and he was quick to grab the weapon for his own use.

Hank: Knucks don't seem nearly so bad next to a scythe. What did you expect expect? Him to just stand there and wait to get slashed. Crowe's swinging at Vile's legs. Ooooh. She rolled to the side just in time.

Crowe snarled in frustration as the scythe got embedded in the ring. While he was struggling to free the weapon, Demonica dropped him with a lariat. Before Crowe's drug induced mind could figure out what was happening, Vile crashed into him with a low dropkick, sandwiching him into the steel cage.

John: Did you see the impact in that? I think Crowe could be done right here. The Night Bringer isn't the kind of person you want to give the upper hand to.

Hank: It doesn't look too good right now, but we've seen Crowe come back from worse. Although the cage was usually the bane of Weed Man's career.


Meanwhile, the IKI were looking for clues about where the bomb was. It's not that they were heroes in anything other than their own minds, but the use of explosives against the IKI was something that had to be put a stop to.

Emissary: We're wasting our time. It's not like there's going to be a map that says "Bomb is here."

Accolade: There is dis folder, dawgs.... Az's stuff. Stuff Out.

Storm: It looks like that's the best lead we have.

Storm exited the room where a bunch of IKI goons were waiting in the hallway, keeping Emissary and Storm safe from those not worthy to touch or address them.

Storm: Get as many loyal IKI guys as you can find and comb the arena. I need to know where Azareth Hell is. He's probably hiding, but someone is bound to have seen him.

They scurried off to do his bidding like good lackeys. Leaving the room a mess, along with Billy May the Thirds face, they made their way back to the IKI suite.

Accolade: Shouldn't we be out there helping my dawg, yo?

Emissary: The best thing we can do for him is try to find Az. He might have fried his brain, but it might be better if we can stop him from literally burning.

Storm: I'm pretty sure he'll be fine, but one of us should be close by. Just in case.

Accolade took the hint and made his way toward ringside, taking the more discreet route through the crowd.


Meanwhile, Demonica was using the upper hand she'd gotten to great effect. After slamming him face first into the steel, she went about grinding his face against the structure like a cheese grater. The older style cage made it slightly less effective, but it still hurt like hell.

John: This doesn't look too good for the One Eyed Wonder from Down Under. Demonica has been owning him for the last few minutes.

Hank: Sort of like Crowe seems to own Accolade?

John: You aren't as funny as you think you you are. Crowe drops to the mat, and Demonica is trying to free that scythe stuck in the ring.

It took a bit of twisting, but after a bit of a struggle, she freed her preferred weapon. It took a fraction too long though, and when she turned to swing her weapon, Crowe was right there.

John: Now that was cheap. He just jammed a thumb right in her eye.

Hank: If I was in a cage with a crazy bitch holding a weapon like that, I don't think anything you'd do to defend yourself would be called cheap.

John: Crowe gets hold of the staggered Vile and whips her across the ring. Oooohh Crowe with the backbody drop sent Vile flying into the steel. The tide has turned in this match.

Hank: He just has to keep up the attack and make sure Demonica doesn't get the advantage. Of course, since that's the smart thing to do, he's not doing that. What's he doing with Frank?

John: The feud between Hank Hooligan and Weed Man was legendary. Maybe seeing his old foes brother, he can't help himself. It looks like he's trying to do something to his wrist.

Hank: Whatever he's doing, he better hurry. Demonica isn't going to be down for that long.

This wasn't the case, of course. Crowe just came to the realisation that it was only a matter of time before he got slashed, and he really wanted to avoid that. On Frank's wrist was the key to avoiding that. No long slow climb. No painful falls from the top of the cage. Just the push of a button, and he'd be on the other side of the cage. He couldn't resist that kind of shortcut.


Demonica scrambles to her feet just as Kieran snatches Frank by the wrist. Holding up the downed witless wonder he smiles a toothy grin. Spinning the dial on the watch Crowe glares at the Night Bringer.

Paragon: "The look on his face says it all."

Proctor: "Yeah, it says this match is about to get good.

He clicks the button and in a ball of white light Kieran pops away just as Demonica lunges for him. Hitting the canvas where him and Frank just where she climbs to her knees in time for Crowe to pop behind her and level her with a devastating forearm to the back of the head.

Paragon: "Unconventional yes, but Kieran seem's to be using this watch to his benefit."

Proctor: "Yeah, taking the cheap way out... I love it."

As the flutter from the cocaine slowly fades so does Kieran's energy. Drained but now at a clear advantage he spins he pulls the watch from Frank's limp wrist and spins the dial again.

Paragon: "Demonica is getting back to her feet."

Proctor: "But Crowe won't let her take this one. Threatening to end someones career is probably good motivation."

As the Night Bringer stammers forward Kieran pops again, this time appearing to her side. With a fist to her temple she drops to her knees. Swinging wildly towards her attacker she's caught off guard again as he continues to "port" around her. Using the sudden surge of luck to make quick work of the reigning BRB champ.

Kieran: "End MY career?!" *Thwack!* "Not fuckin' likely."

He whips around and lifts his leg. In a single decisive blow he slams Dem back to the mat. Bouncing slightly as she hits Dem lets out a slight whimper while Crowe heads for the cage wall.

Paragon: "He's climbing the re-bar! This could be the end!"

Proctor: "I don't think he's set on finishing this just yet."

And why would he? He has the watch, as mysterious and unusual as it was he has the upper hand. His plan to quickly teleport to the other side of the blue bar prison and claim victory was overshadowed for his desire to make Dem eat...crow... Sorry, I couldn't resist.


Standing just behind the curtain Accolade, Emissary, and Storm are putting together a plan to diffuse the bomb and save the arena from blowing up in yet another bombing plot.

Accolade: "Ah Hell na, fuck diss shit. I ain't tryin' to blow up son."

Storm: "Just relax, you're not gonna blow up. We have the schematics all we have to do is disarm the bomb."

Accolade: "Easy for you ta say man, you ain't da one cuttin' wires."

Emissary: "You're right, we're the ones trying to figure which wires aren't gonna turn you into meaty chunks of black man."

Storm: "Meaty chunks of black man? Oddly enough, I think I've seen that movie."

Emissary: "I'm not even gonna ask."

Accolade: "I don't ker, hell na I ain't cut meh her shit son!"

Emissary: "Was that even english?"

Storm: "Barely... Look man, if you don't wanna do it. Don't. But if the whole damn places goes sky high it's all on you man."

Accolade: "Fuck dat! I din't set no bomb!"

Emissary: "Yeah, but you didn't diffuse it either."

Accolade lets out a sigh as he reserves himself to his fate. Adjusting his ear monitor he checks to make sure it's working. With a crudely sketched copy of the bomb schematics and few basic tools he heads down the ramp towards the cage.

Storm: "So...Odds of this actually working?"

Emissary: "Fifty fifty this is gonna end in disaster."

Suddenly the walkie-talkie comes to life with a crackle.

Accolade: "Man, I heard dat!"

Storm: "Ok, next time make sure we turn off the radios before talking about the chance he'll end up in pieces."

Accolade: "I heard dat too!"


Back in the ring Demonica is taking a brutal beating at the hands of Kieran Crowe. Thus far he's managed to steal the watch from Frank and use it to take control. Dangling off the side of the re-bar cage he looks back at Dem who's decided it's time to reclaim her scythe.

Paragon: "If Kieran we're smart he'd just go for the win. Demonica is clearly too busy to even pay attention to him right now!"

Proctor: "Seriously, he could hobble over the top and call his King of the Cage round one over... But I don't think he will."

Paragon: "I have to agree with you there Hank, the look in his eyes says it's far from over."

Pushing off with his legs the patch wearing wonder formerly known as Weed Man arches his back and flips. At the same time Demonica frees her blade from the canvas but it's too little too late.

Paragon: "And he lands a crazy moonsault on the Night Bringer!"

Which is true.

Proctor: "Yes, but it looks like he's injured himself. And from the way he's holdin' it I'd say it's his knee."

Which is also true. When Kieran leveled Dem with the moonsault off the cage he clipped her knee first and instantly it began to swell. Rolling on the ground in pain he couldn't care less at this particular moment about either the Night Bringer or the Witless wonder who were incapacitated on the canvas.

Struggling to find her strength Dem wrestles with the idea of giving up. Sweat builds on her brow as he pulse begins to quicken... Why? Why was she doing all of this, putting herself through so much physical torment when her mind was already languishing from the loss of her only daughter... And then it her. Charlat. She would've wanted this. She above all else was a fan of her mother, it was there shared love for this business that brought them closer together.

Charlat had but a taste of what this world was all about but Demonica could help fulfill her shattered dreams. She had to fight, she had to press on despite what seemed like now overwhelming odds. Letting out a huff she pushes herself up from the mat.

Paragon: "Demonica is the first to try to stand."

Proctor: "But Kieran isn't too far behind. Bum knee or not he won't let this slip through his fingers now... Or at least I hope not cause that would be sad. Very sad."

Using the post to pull herself to her feet she shakes off the daze filling her head. Her pulse is quick and her skin clammy, almost cold to the touch. Teetering like a weeble on the verge of it's wobble the Night Bringer grabs her scythe by the hilt.

Demonica: "It's time to end this Kieran... It's time for me to show you why I am the goddamn Bar room Brawl champion and you...you're still just Weed Man."

She lifts the blade high above her head. Her seductive lips curling into a sly smile while her crystal blue eyes glimmer in the artificial lighting of the arena.

Paragon: "I can't watch..."

She brings the blade down hard and Kieran cringes as metal meets metal in a shower of sparks... The watch... is no more.

Frank: "Nooooooooooooooooooo!"


From the shadows Azareth smiles as he places his finger on the button of his remote detonator.

Az: "This is what you get for trusting me Dem baby..."*Click* "and they all fall down."



Accolade had made his way down to ringside, and was looking around the cage for some kind of explosive device, although the thought of leaving these people to get blown up while he saved his own skin had a ton of appeal to it. Emissary and Storm weren't helping matters on that front.

Accolade: I swear, if you two be talkin' dat shit, yo can do diss.

Storm: Don't worry. We've got this all figured out.

Emissary: Yeah, we're white, so we can read.

Accolade: Why everbody gotta be racist, yo?

Accolade continued his search, and finally hit paydirt. It certainly looked like the diagram. What sense he could make of it anyway.

Storm: Have you found it yet? We probably don't have too much time left.

Accolade: Yeah, dawg. Git off me back. Why duz they always send da brutha inta die?

Emissary: You're not gunna die. We've got this all figured out. You just have to cut the green wire.

Accolade: Fuck!

Storm: What's wrong?

Accolade: I gots red, purple, blue, brown, yellow, black, but no green, dawgs.

Emissary and Storm check the diagram again and try to make sense of it.

Emissary: It should be there. Are you sure you know what colour green is?

Accolade: Of course I know my fuckin' colours! Duz yo want ta come down and do dis?

Storm: No, we're right. You're doing a bang up job. Damn, which one is it if there's no green?

Accolade: Uh, guys. Ima thinkin we bin had, yo.

Emissary: What are you talking about?

Accolade: It ain't connected ta shit, cuz. I think dis is a decoy.

Looks like the Son of Sin wasn't too confident of his plans getting out. While Accolade was dealing with the fake, the real danger was only moments from making an explosive impact.

Meanwhile in the ring, Frank looks in horror at the shattered remains of his timepiece. Going back in time to steal it again probably wouldn't be so easy a task. Crowe was a little frustrated his plan, like so many others, had fallen to pieces, but he could see the bright side. At least it couldn't be used against him. The scythe still in Vile's hands was a different story. The rush from the coke was starting to wear off as well, leaving the inevitable 'come down' effect.

John: It looks like that device has been taken out of play, and just as well. This is meant to be about wrestling. Not using some weird superpowers to get the upper hand.

Hank: Didn't you used to be a superhero?

John: That was different. Vile taking another swing, and she draws blood! Crowe's in deep trouble now.

Luckily it was only a glancing blow, or it might have severed his leg. It still left a nasty slash in the same leg that had taken the damage from his high risk assault from the top of the cage. Demonica raised the scythe again and for the first time this match, Crowe thought that Vile might be right. This could be the match that ends his career. From his spot on the mat, he kept pushing himself back, trying to put some space between himself and the crazed woman in front of him.

Kieran: Alright, dudette. I give in. This isn't worth it.

Demonica: Oh no. You don't get out of it that easily.

All of a sudden, an almighty roar ripped through the arena as the explosives went off above the ring. The crowd went into hysterics as pieces of the lighting rig and scaffolding fell down with a deafening crash, most of the pieces falling into the cage.

John: Oh my God! I don't believe this. Bits of the arena are falling down around our ears!

Hank: Argh! It's a terrorist atta.... Shit!

Normally, Hank's professional enough not to swear on air, but when a huge chunk of metal lands on the table you're sitting at, lapses in professionalism like that can be forgiven. A lot of the crowd started to rush out in a panic and the Urban Superstar was knocked out as a huge globe collided with the top of his skull. Storm and Emissary, pretty sure they weren't going to blow up at this point went down to check on their stablemates.

The real real victims of The Son of Sins betrayal didn't fare too well either. An already bleeding Crowe was pinned under some scaffolding, and the pieces that had crashed into Vile had clearly done her no favours with blood pouring from half a dozen small wounds. She tried to clear her head and wrap her head around the fact that Hell had betrayed her. It took awhile for her to recover from the shock and the damage she'd taken from falling debris.

Demonica: Why Az, why? Why today of all the fucking days?

Kieran: Come to FedX, they said..... There's less gimmick matches, they said..... You won't be the victim of terrorism, they said.....Fucking bullshit! Next I lose my other freakin' eye.

Demonica: Don't give me any ideas, Weed Man.

Kieran: And stop calling me WEED MAN!

Crowe tried to free himself in vain from the scaffolding pinning him to the mat, but he doesn't get far with it. Vile could have easily just climbed out to victory at that point, but she's been on the receiving end of a lot of pain today. She really wanted to dish some out. Ignoring the fallen form of Frank, she staggered over to her scythe got hold of the weapon.

John: What we are seeing is complete chaos. There's debris all over the place. We need to get some EMT's out here! Frank's got a pool of blood building up next to him, Vile's had several chinks of metal slam into her, and there's no telling what damage has been done to Crowe's legs.

Hank: It wouldn't be so bad if the crowd wasn't running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

John: Someone needs to put a stop to this. Vile has the scythe, and Crowe's pinned down with no place to go. I don't think I can watch this.

Crowe really thought he was done for, but a rattling in the rebar got his attention. Storm had gotten hold of Accolade's big.... black.... Crowe Bar, and slid it into the cokehead. Metal met metal as Crowe lifted up the weapon in a desperate defensive stroke.

Kieran: Uh, guys. I'd really like to not be in here right now!

Storm: We're working on it.

Kieran: Work faster!

Demonica: They won't be any help to you. You're just delaying the inevitable.

She took another swing, and Crowe managed to deflect it again. He quickly struck back, bringing the hook of the bar down into Vile's foot. She howled in pain as the hook stabbed into her foot. While she tried to bring the pain in her foot under control, Kieran worked at freeing himself.


Smoked and dust billowed up in giant clouds of suffocating fog. Thick with the smell of burning material the arena was far less damaged than it had originally appeared. A flaw in the bomb design sent the majority of the blast (Which was located in the rafters) down. Lighting rigs and scaffolding rained down across the competitors leaving both of them in a very difficult position.

Blood seeped from wounds that dotted her body, tears in her vinyl "cat suit" seeped with crimson flow as she stumbled backwards from Kieran. The cage was still mostly in tact, only one side was distorted giving it an almost U shaped bend. Supporting the piece of scaffold that pinned Kieran down Demonica was struck with an idea.

Paragon: "Relax everyone, just try to calm down. Ushers will be by shortly to escort you to safety."

Proctor: "Someone needs to escort Kieran to safety. Whoever set the bomb, and my money is on Demonica, knew the kind of chaos this crap would cause."

Demonica: "Well well well, caught like a rat in a trap Crowe." She says as she licks her lips. If it wasn't for her disgusting nature of trying to cause harm to pretty much everyone Kieran may have found it attractive. From near the cage wall Dem grabs the scaffolding that's holding Crowe down. "Tell me Kieran, how does it feel to know now that this was your last match?"

He grimaces with pain as Dem grabs the scaffolding and gives it a tug. Half hanging she pulls the weight of the twisted and contorted metal down, bending the canvas and cutting off the oxygen Kieran so desperately needs. He lets out a whimper as Dem lets go.

Demonica: "Awwwe, did that hurt?"

Frank: "A little, but I'm alright. Aha!"

Dem's head whips around and her eyes go wide as she spots the witless wonder no worse for the wear. Smiling and giving Billy Mays' typical thumbs up he gives the Night Bringer a wink.

Demonica: "Not now Frank...I'm kind of busy."

Frank: "Then why did you ask if I was hurt?" Confused, he lifts one eye brow while stroking his chin hair.

Demonica: "I didn't you goddamn retard, it was rhetorical question."

Frank: "A hwat?"

Demonica: "A rhetorical..."*Sigh*Nevermind... Frank, just go sit in the damn corner while I finish him off."

Still confused Frank replies.

Frank: "Finish who off?"

Demonica: "Kieran Crowe! You know the guy, trapped right... She turns her head to where Kieran just was, unfortunately he was gone. "there..."

Taking a jab from the crowbar to the ribs Dem stumbles forward, catching herself on Frank's zipper jacket. Another hard swing comes down across her shoulder blade and she tumbles to a knee.

Crowe was stumbling, weak, and desperately needing a bump, but right now he was winning.

Kieran: "I should've expected as much from the UCE trash... Can't fight straight, you have to blow the whole damn thing sky high just to get the upper hand." He clips her across the back of the skull. Not enough to knock her unconscious but enough to take her to all fours. "Well not tonight Demonica, tonight it's the king of the cage and your little bomb scare isn't going to hide the facts."

He rears back and kicks her in the rib while holding himself up with his bum leg. The Night Bringer huffs as she drops to the mat.

Paragon: "The veil of dust and debris is starting to lift."

Proctor: "And to the shock of the remaining fans he's actually got Demonica on the run... You madam, have failed in your terrorist attack."

Paragon: "Crowe's lifting the crowbar high above his head... The death blow is moments away folks."

He brings it down quickly and much to his surprise Dem isn't as lame as she had pretended. Spinning around on her belly she slips his wobbly already legs out from under him sending him stumbling backwards before landing on a section of scaffold.

Frank: "Come on Dem, lets get the heck out of here! This place is Cuh-razy!" Frank drops to mat, scrambling to collect the pieces of the destroyed watch. "There's no hope, none at all." He sobs to himself a bit as heads towards the u-shaped bend in the re-bar. "I wanna go back to the UCE where things are normal!"*Shifty eyes*

Both Dem and Kieran would be hard pressed to dominate from here on in. Both are injured and losing blood, both are preoccupied mentally. Kieran in his desire for more "Colombian White Gold" and Dem with her aching heart from the recent death of her child. Both, had thus far put up a good fight. Each showing their strengths while trying to exploit the others weakness.

Weary from the blood loss Dem staggers forward, her eyes glowing an eerie blue as she lifts her scythe. Resting the hilt on her shoulder she stumbles over to Crowe and for the first time recognizes the extent of his injuries.

Demonica: "Awe, Crowe...You seem to have a boo boo." She cackles as she kicks his dangling foot. Impaled from behind a peace of twisted re-bar was lodged a few inches deep in the back of his thigh. It wasn't life threatening, it wasn't career ending, but if Dem had her way it would be soon.

Paragon: "Suddenly folks, things look very bleak for Kieran Crowe."

Proctor: "I'm not gonna argue there John, I just can't imagine how this is going to get better."

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Elsewhere Emissary and Storm are contemplating there next step. If there was one legitimate bomb there very well may be others and they didn't want what happened a few minutes ago to happen ten fold.

Emissary: "Where's meaty black chunks?"

Storm: "Under my mattress. I can't believe you wanna watch porn at a time like this!"

Emissary: "I meant Accolade." He rolls his eyes.

Storm: "Oh, right... I havn't seem him since the boom."

Emissary: "Me either, typical ni...."

Storm: "Whoa, that one may be a little too far Em."

Emissary: "Nincompoop?"

Storm: "I thought you were gonna say ni..."

The black man emerges from shadows, covered in dust but pretty much uninjured.

Accolade: "Ah shit man, diss is fucked up! I'm out fer like two and yer already droppin' da n-bomb! Racist shit is whack dawg!"

Az: "Trying to stop the inevitable from happening is...whack." The Son of Sin cracks his knuckles as he steps up from behind. "You didn't think you'd get away with it did you?"

Emissary: "We were kinda hoping."

Storm elbows Em in the ribs and he shuts up for the moment.

Az: "Tonight is just not your night."


The trio look up at the Son of Sin who holds a menacing pose. Sure, it was three on one, but demonspawn is something it's always best to avoid. Storm still feeling the effects of his cage match with Haley definitely didn't want to tangle with a demon. Neither did Accolade, who was carrying a killer migraine from falling debris. As for Emissary, he wasn't stupid. When Storm and Accolade took off, he was hot on their heels.

Emissary: Here I was thinking .... I was on .... a holiday.

Storm: Less talking..... More running.

Azareth: Do you impudent mortals think you can escape from me?!

He certainly seemed to be gaining on them. Big men like Az really have no right to move with such frightening speed. Luckily for the group, the IKI were hard at work being the good lackeys they are. Storm was definitely relieved to run into a group of IKI goons including Nathan, one of the higher ranking members of the Instant Karma Initiative.

Accolade: I neva bin so happy ta be surrounded by a bunch of white folks, yo dig. There's a big scary demon kind of mofo running us down, dawgs.

Storm: He;'s not Inferno but he shouldn't be taken lightly.

Nathan: There's enough of us to deal with this trash. You guys just get yourselves to safety.

Accolade: What about Kieran, cuz?

Emissary: What about him?

Accolade: We should be keepin an eye on him, yo. He's fam.

Storm: Are you really that keen on getting blown up?

Considering how shabbily Crowe had treated him, Accolade wasn't going to argue that point too much. Especially with a Hell right behind them. Although the chance of more explosives was pretty slim. Much more likely they'd have all blown at once. They took themselves off to safety, ignoring the sounds of Azareth brawling with the loyal IKI goons behind them.


In the ring, Crowe was coming to the realisation of just how much trouble he was in. His leg had taken an awful lot of punishment, and that was before the re-bar got twisted into it. He needed his speed more than anything else, and that was being drained out of him thanks to a combination of blood loss and coming down from the coke. Vile was in a bad way as well, but she didn't have a gaping target as obvious as Crowe's.

John: Demonica stated straight off this was going to be the last match of Crowe's career, and she might just be right. She's stomping on that hole in his leg, and Kieran seems unable to defend himself.

Hank: It would be a shame to see Weed Man's career end thanks to a botched terrorist attack.

John: Looking at a bunch of the empty rows, it doesn't seem such a failure. There were a damn lot of people terrified.

Crowe was in a pretty bad way. Demonica was able to place his leg against the side of the cage, and slam her knee into it, sending shockwaves of pain racing up Kieran's leg as it was crunched against the steel. Seeing a nice piece of fallen metal, she grabbed a hold of it and got ready to keep up the attack, a sadistic grin on her face.

Hank: Damn, she's vicious. She's used the cage to do further damage to the leg and now she's got that jagged piece of metal.

John: I'm shocked she didn't go for her scythe again, but things look bleak for Crowe regardless.

Crowe screamed out in pain as the metal was driven into his leg, tearing at the already wounded flesh. Vile dipped her fingers in the blood, having a taste of it and getting a thrill out of the pain her opponent was suffering. It somehow eased her own pain at having lost her daughter. She grabbed Crowe by the hair, pulling his head up to taunt him.

Demonica: Did you think that you could best me?! You're not even Weed Man. At least he might have challenged me.

Kieran: Bite me, bitch!


Demonica looked down, but she already knew what had happened. Kieran grinned as he headbutted Demonica, and rolled out of her reach. Demonica fought with frustration with her ankle that had just been handcuffed to the cell. Well, ankle-cuffed if you want to be technical about it.

John: Crowe's pulled out all the stops here. It looked all but over, but now Demonica is cuffed to the cage.

Hank: I've said it before. Don't count him out until you hear that bell.

Demonica: Get back here you fucking coward! This isn't over! Frank! Get me out of this!

Frank: I'd be uh, happy to. Aha! Just tell me how to go about that. Aha!

Crowe started to make the climb, but it was taking forever. One of his legs was almost useless, so he had to use mainly his arms. It was slow going, but he was confident that he had the time. Demonica wasn't going anywhere. As he slowly made his way up the cell, Vile started to get desperate.

Demonica: Get my scythe and cut through the links! Hurry up!

Frank: Aha! You, uh, want me to swing that.... right where you're standing. Really?

Demonica: Just do it!

Even Vile couldn't look as Frank grabbed the weapon. Giving the witless wonder free reign to swing so close to her was asking for something disastrous to happen, but she was running low on options.


Slowly but steadily Kieran begins to claw his way up the cage wall. Fighting for every inch he closes his eyes, breathes deep, and presses on. The blood flow from his leg was starting to slow due to clotting, but he was already past light headed. Aside from needing to climb out of the cage he also was in severe need of medical attention.

Paragon: "After all this, after every brutal twist and turn, this match has come to what looks like it's climax."

Proctor: "Yeah, even with a whole in his leg Weed Man's gonna hobble over the top."

In the ring Demonica closes her eyes as Frank wobbles around trying to take aim.

Frank: "I'm nervous."

Demonica: "You're nervous?! It's my fuckin' ankle!" She glances over her shoulder and up and spies Kieran nearing the top. She figured moving his wounded leg over the cage would slow him down but not much. "Just aim and swing god dammit, I'm running out of time!"

Frank sticks his tongue out, closes his eyes, and swings with all his might. In an amazing stroke of luck the feeble minded man's aim was nearly perfect. The point of the blade hits a link in the short chain and it sheers it like a hot knife through butter. In the blink of an eye she rolls and darts off. Two long steps and she takes to the air, using the wrecked scaffolding and cage as a series of platforms she moves with precision and determination. Like a raging bull the Night Bringer lunges, twisting at the waist she winds herself up like a spring.

Paragon: "Oh my god!..."

As she nears Kieran she unwinds, converting every ounce of kinetic energy into a bone crushing punch. Being the vet that he is Kieran is able to twist mostly out of the way by releasing one of his hands. He swings to the right as Dem comes at him and she manages only a clip to his abdomen. Despite the glancing blow both fall quickly to the mat and begin an all out brawl.

Paragon: "Where was she hiding that?!" We havn't seen moves like that from the Night Bringer all night!"

Proctor: "In all fairness an explosion probably tends to effect her game. I mean hell, I'm not even in the ring and I'm still a little shaken up... Even if she did set it herself."

Paragon: "I'm guessing this isn't what Krusher, or anyone in the PowerBase had in mind for this match..."

Krusher: "No, in fact it's not."

Everyone who's left in the arena, the competitors included turn their attention to the ramp. Dem's head snaps to side and her eyes go wide. Standing at the top of the ramp was Krusher, his hair perfectly gelled into place and his suit crisp and well defined. He looked like his clothes were made specifically for him, and they probably were.

Paragon: "Ladies and Gentlemen what a surprise, Krusher is out here to personally comment on this match... While it's happening!"

Proctor: "Yeah, but who's that tubby kid in the blue shirt?"

Krusher: "The tubby kid is Billy Mays the third and he is the reason I came out here tonight... Or one of them anyway."

Proctor: "Come again?"

Krusher: "When a bomb goes off and the lighting rigs are dropping from the sky onto the cage that I took great care in making sure we could get, Someone has to answer for it. Naturally we went looking and that's when we found Billy here."

Billy the third: "Hi."

Krusher: "My new friend Billy filled me in one exactly what's been happening on the other side of the camera... I'm not happy."

By now Dem and Kieran both have managed to get to their feet. Brushing the dirt off of themselves they listened fairly intently at the words Krusher was saying.

Krusher: ""First let me say this. Azareth Hell, I want you gone. NOW! Consider yourself eighty sixed, and I'd probably avoid anyone with a badge if I were you. How dare you? How dare you bring that terrorist like antics to Fed X? Take that crap back to Coney Island."

Paragon: "Wow, an all out ban for the Son of Sin."

Proctor: "So the truth comes out, Azareth Hell was responsible for the bombing... Or at least that's what was implied no?"

Paragon: "Yeah."

Krusher: "Now... onto you two." He turns his attention towards Dem and Kieran. "I should call this match right now and disqualify the both you. Your blatant disregard for the rules that we set out for this match and this tournament is nothing short of disgusting... But I've had a few moments to think it over on my way out here and I have to say Billy speaks very highly of you Ms. Vile... Considering you come to this tournament as the reigning Bar Room Brawl champion I've decided to go lenient on you."

Demonica's pulse quicken, she may have been about to regain control but she couldn't take another twist. Another turn would surely put her million mile a minute mind over the edge.

Krusher: "We're rebuilding the cage, and you two are gonna do this right!"

Proctor: "I wonder what he means by that?"

Krusher: "Unorthodox situations call for unorthodox resolutions. I'm hereby pausing this match for one hour."

Paragon: "Did he say pause? the match?"

Proctor: "Yes, I do believe he did..."

Krusher: "Leave your stable mates, friends, weapons, and stupid gimmicky bullshit back in the locker room!" He says with enough force that it was clear he's wasn't joking. "Once the technician's are done repairing as much of this mangled mess as they can we're gonna restart and you two are going to embrace the spirit of this match or I'll make you!

Frank: *Gulp* "That sounds painful."

I'm sure it is Frank, I'm sure it is.

Krusher: "Clear out!"

For a moment no one responds, everyone stays perfectly still a little perplexed and taken aback by this bizarre turn of events.

Krusher: "Now!"

The ref rushes to unlock the door as Kieran and Dem are both assisted out. The delay may be out of the ordinary but there is no denying the fact that the short respite sounded nice in theory. As the two competitors temporarily part ways they glare at each other with murderous intent.

Demonica: "I don't need an explosion or a blade to finish what I started Weed Man!"

Kieran: "Suck a fat one goth whore, this was over for you the moment you picked me."

Demonica: "We'll see about that in an hour, troll."

Kieran: "Yeah, we will."

He needed a doctor but that would have to be his second stop. Right now the craving was intensifying as the adrenaline was dying down. He need a bump to his nostril, and he needed it badly.

It's only an hour but when your muscles relax after straining they tighten, and when your mind is focused that intensely it takes but a few moments of down time to cause you to crash... Rest would be nice, but it would have it's consequences as well.

TBC By?...


Crowe couldn't believe that he was on the end of some of Krusher's rant. Why should he be the one on notice? He didn't bring a huge scythe into the ring. He didn't set up the explosives, and he didn't bring along a trademark UCE nutjob to mess things up either. He staggered to the nearest bathroom, intent on getting a fix. Pulling out his stash almost made him cry. The bag had burst during the match and he'd bled all over it.

Kieran: *sigh* I'm really not this bad, am I? Can I possibly be this desperate?

Sadly, he was. His self loathing quickly passed as the coke started to rush through him again. A few minutes later and he was with one of FedX's professional medical staff.

Doctor: You're a mess. I'm going to need more than an hour to patch you up.

Kieran: Just stitch me up and stop the bleeding. I have to get back out there.

Doctor: You're joking, right?

Kieran: I wish I was. Don't worry. I'll be taking this 'decision' up with Krusher myself. This is clearly meant to be a slap on the wrist for joining the IKI.

Doctor: I try not to get involved with that. Now hold still. This is going to sting. I'd dose you up with painkillers first, but it would be irresponsible if you still have to compete.

Kieran: Dude, I know you did that crap for Storm. I don't need your drugs. I have plenty of my own, thanks all the same.

The doctor got to work, and Kieran did his best not to cry out. Getting stitches without a local anesthetic isn't a pleasant experience. Meanwhile, Demonica was getting some treatment of her own. Not in the same place of course. In fact, the UCE had sent it's own medical personal, distrusting the 'objectivity' of FedX staff.

Demonica: I'm going to finish tearing that fucking stoner's head off!

Billy: I don't think he's a stoner anymore. Says so right in the file Az got for you.

Demonica: Don't mention him to me right now. Once I've finished with Weed Man, I'm going to fucking tear Az's throat out!

Frank: Is all that tearing really necessay? Aha!

Billy: Don't start giving me attitude. If it wasn't for me, you might have been disqualified.

Demonica: Disqualified in a cage match? Since when did a cage match have fucking rules?

Doctor: I need you to stay still so I can dress the wound.

Vile bit back a retort and let the doctor get back to his job. She glanced at the clock, counting down the minutes until she could get her hands on Kieran and finish him off.


In the arena, the debris had been cleared up, and another match set up on the fly to keep the fans entertained while they waited for the cage match to restart. One side of the cage was still distorted, but it was a pretty good repair job on short notice.

John: Welcome back to Storm Warning ladies and gentleman. We're just about to restart the Kieran Crowe and Demonica Vile match up, and let me just say, it's already been an extremely violent affair.

Hank: Which is no surprise considering the competitors involved. What is a surprise is Krusher coming out and decided that cage matches have rules all of a sudden.

John: Explosives were involved. That guys beyond rules into breaking the law. I hope someone catches that Azareth Hell.

For the second time that evening, "Step Up" by Drowning Pool blasted throughout the arena. The crowd let out a huge roar as Crowe limped his way onto the stage. He's normally not a fan favourite, but the fans could respect someone stepping up after already being brutalised. He slowly made his way down the ramp, hoping his leg wouldn't give out on him.

Hank: This is totally unfair. Crowe all but had this match won, but Krusher's ruling could rob the former Premier Pothead right here.

John: He definitely doesn't look like he'll be flying high in part two of this match up.

Crowe limped back into the cage, mic in hand. He really wasn't happy about this ruling, and he really wanted to address it.

Kieran: Do you people see what I've been saying for months? It's not enough that I've already all but finished Vile. Just when I'm on the verge of victory, out he comes to give Demonica an hour to take a break before taking another useless attempt at beating me. And somehow, he tries to make me out to be the bad guy. Has he been watching the match? Has he been paying attention to the rank UCE antics involved? I've been the victim, and he tries to paint me as the villain.

Of course, it didn't quite happen that way, but revisionist history rules. Totally.

Kieran: You know what, it doesn't matter. I'll rise above this. You think this little wound bothers me? I lost a freakin' eye and still won a match. Without her weapon or UCE type stunts, Vile is nothing. I'm going to the next round of the King of the Cage, and the combined might of the Powerbase and the UCE isn't going to stop me.

John: I think he might be overplaying things there a little bit. Krusher did have a go at Demonica as well.

Hank: Yeah, but what did Crowe do other than defend himself from a psycho bitch trying to chop his leg off?

Crowe threw down the mic, and the referee went about checking Crowe for weapons, as per Krusher's orders. The ref took both sets of glass tipped knucks off him, and Crowe grinned sheepishly.

Kieran: Can't blame a guy for trying, can you? Oi! You don't need to put your hands there, dude.

The referee signaled Crowe was clear, and the wrestler grinned as he waited for his opponent. The ref had found the weapons he was meant to, but Crowe still had one trick up his sleeve. A throwback to his brief time as the "All Seeing Eye." He'd taken to not using it, but Vile trying to end his career had hit a nerve, and he planned to make her pay for it.


Meanwhile, Demonica was making her way to the gorilla position, Frank and Billy Mays the third flanking her on either side. She was eager to get back out there. Crowe had almost embarrassed her with that stunt with the handcuffs, and she wanted to finish the job she'd started.

Demonica: I can't wait to finish this. That fuckwit has no idea what's coming to him.

Just then, they rounded a corner. Too late, they noticed the menacing form of Az. Before Demonica could react, the Son of Sin had wrapped his hands around Vile's throat. What? You thought he's leave the building just because Krusher told him to? Puh-leeze.

Az: I'm not done with you yet. You may have gotten lucky during the explosion, but you won't be so lucky this time.

Demonica: *choking* ......Why?

Frank: Let her go, or I'll, uh, I'll....Aha! Well, I don't know what I'll do, but I know you won't like it. Aha!


Frank: "Uhm, Not to interrupt this little angry reunion thing yall are doing right but I think that pirate guy is waiting in the cage thingy so we should probably...uhm... hurry this up a little? Maybe? Eh? Aha!"

The Son of Sin turns his head towards the witless wonder and with just the simple look Frank backs down.

Frank: "Alright, you win. I'll hush." He backs away slowly trying not to make any sudden movements. He'd heard the Son of Sin had disassociated with his demonic past but when a giant man wears a freaky mask and is covered in scars ya tend to get a little scared no matter what you've heard. "I'm just gonna... uhm... go over there. Aha!"

Az: "Good, you do that." He turns his attention back to Dem who's still struggling to free herself. While she squirms and kicks Frank takes a few steps back before completely turning and running as fast as he can away from the skirmish."Now, where were we?"

Demonica: "We were..." She struggles to catch a breath. "right about to..." Reaching with her right hand into her boot she pulls out her buck knife. Not ever being one to follow the rules she was glad she decided to shirk them once again today. Kicking wildly she flails her arms as much as she can using it as a distraction to stab the knife into the Son of Sin's forearm."kiss and make up."

He releases his grip and clutches the wound as the Night Bringer falls to the cold concrete. Scooting away backwards on her butt she gets what she deems a safe distance away before quickly getting back to her feet.

Demonica: "If you really wanna do this Az, I'll see you after the match... It's time we settle the score once and for all."

Az: "Yeah, I think it is." He tosses her knife to the ground still holding his arm. The blood was dripping from the inch long wound but he stood there stoically as Dem skipped before turning it into a full on run.

Kieran had been waiting nearly ten minutes since the hour pause had ended and the crowd that had mostly returned to their seats were clamoring for action.

Paragon: "The unusual circumstances of this king of the cage round one showdown have boggled the minds of those involved and stretched the level of what can and will be done to maintain the spirit of the sport...." Read the former superhero from the official statement released about the pause. Already the unorthodox action was garnering much attention around the interwebz. Nerdy forty year old bloggers had pushed it into one of the hot topics of the day and the viewership was still climbing even as they waited. If there wasn't any heat going into this match up, there certainly was a level of expectation at this point. An excitement for the possibilities.

Proctor: "And there ya have it. I guess a bombing and a scythe during an old skool blue steel cage match was just too much authortai."

Paragon: "authoritai?"

Proctor: "Yeah, it was my lame attempt at a Cartman impression."

Paragon: "Cartman? Really? Is Southpark even relevant any more?"

Proctor: "No, I guess not."

Hastily the lights drop and "I'm so Sick" by Flyleaf screams from the speakers once again. Wasting no time Dem shoves the curtain out of her way and begins her march down the ramp. Fists clenched and her delicious lips curled into an evil smile. A spotlight follows her assent as she climbs the steps and is allowed back into the ring. No mic, now words for Kieran Crowe... She has nothing to say only promises to keep. She promised to end his KotC run and she was determined to make goddamn sure she did.

Proctor: "Finally we can get back to Weed Mans inevitable victory. I was this close to takin' a nap."

Paragon: "For the second time tonight folks this King of the Cage match gets under way."

Kieran: "For a minute there I thought you were gonna be smart about this and just walk away." He smiles as he cracks his neck to either side. "But I guess you just don't know when to quit."

Demonica: "Something like that."

The bell rings and Dem lunges, moving much quicker than Crowe expected she opens up the restart with a knee to the gut. Rolling to the side she grabs his wrist and whips him into the deformed cage wall.

Paragon: "Striking quickly the Night Bringer is trying to assert her dominance early on... er... or... uh, late in the match?..."

Proctor: "Weedy's got that bum leg, that's probably slowing him up a bit."

Hanging on to the cage with his back pressed against it he can feel his heart beat in his thigh. It was rapid and excessive but the dirty crimson cocaine he'd indulged in was still pumping through him. Planting his good foot he launches towards Demonica and throws a punch which she easily ducks under. Spinning on her heel she lifts one leg and swings it high catching Kieran in the chest and sending him falling backwards onto the canvas.

Paragon: "True to form Dem comes out strong, giving us a taste of her wrestling prowess."

Proctor: "I'm still pullin' for Weed Man, but I gotta say there is something a little sexy about a girl that can kill ya, and probably would..." He blows a kiss in Dem's direction and mouths the words "Call me"

In the ring Dem is trying to keep the momentum going in her direction. Grabbing Crowe by the hair she begins to tug him towards a ring post.

Demonica: "Turn out the lights, the party's over."

Kieran: "Not yet it's not!"

He rolls hard like a crocodile tearing flesh in a natural geographic special. Sacrificing a lock of his hair to free himself. Scrambling backwards as best he can he grabs the steel and pulls himself up but Dem is quite literally breathing down his neck. He flails wildly as he spins around to face her, clipping her in the check with the left he follows it with a right to the gut and she staggers back.

Proctor: "Go Weedy go!"

He throws another series of punches, each one finding purchase on a defending Demonica. Blow after blow he nails her until she's forced back into the steel. Cornered by Kieran she pulls her arms in for protection while waiting for her chance. Fueled by illicit drugs Crowe was on a roll and turning things back in his favor quickly.

Kieran: "Like I said!" *Thwack!* "You should've never came back!"



He watched the whole thing from the back. So many times he wanted to intervene. Everytime he thought she was in danger he wanted to spring into action. Hell, everytime he laid a hand on her Rude wanted to bash his brains in just a little bit more. So what stopped him? Rude was never one to ignore an impulse.

Even if, say, someone else had done said impulse a few days earlier, Rude would still do it. (RIP Sean Skye.) Demonica was his better half, and the woman of his dark dreams. The only thing he wanted was for her to succeed.

Okay, so that was a BIT misleading. He wanted her to succeed, certainly. That said, he didn't want her to succeed TOO MUCH. As in, so well that she would rise to be a serious contender in his own bid for KoTC glory. Oh, no. He couldn't have that.

They had faced off once before, the two of them. And it had been quite the affair. It was a cage/death match of epic proportions. Rude lost the match when Demonica wrapped his body in barbwire and a ring post. He was trapped as the metal bit and sliced deep into his skin. It was absolute hell.

Of course, that was built up to. They had been engaging in a bloody feud before then. Mainly because Acid Ed's death had caused Rude to become a face. This, in turn, repulsed Demonica and she reacted...poorly. And by poorly, we mean to say she kidnapped his adopted children and nearly slaughtered them both.

They fought on the roof of the UCE, where she nearly killed him.

And here they were, months later, a quasi-happily married couple. At least, as happy as a married couple as fucked up as the two of them were could be. So he was mulling over just what he should do about this entire situation. It was quite the pickle that needed peeling.

On one hand, he could stay in the back and leave her to her own devices. He could let whatever happened happen and leave that at that.

Of course, this meant that he'd be leaving the woman of his dreams to the wolves. Something about that didn't sit quite well with him.

And then he could intervene in some way. Which would mean that COULD piss Demonica off. She HATED when people butted into her business. Especially when that person was her husband. She knew his view of women all too well.

She also knew that Rude wouldn't let her forget, either. He'd bring it up in idle conversation. Which would only serve to piss her off and they'd fight, she'd cut him off for awhile, so on and so forth.

One wonders how such a fiercely independent creature as Demonica Vile could love and want to spend the rest of her days with someone who was the very antithesis of what she was in Johnny Rude. Then again, they worked. In a very strange and sometimes sick way, but they worked.

Just then, Frank Hooligan came into his locker room.

Rude: Gah!! Wh-what the HELL do you want?

Frank: I was buh-anned!

Rude: You should have been ah-borted!

Frank: That's cruh-oole.

Rude: I'm Rude, what do you expect.

Frank: So are you gonna huh-elp Demonica?

Rude: The ring ban isn't that big of a deal. Especially if I'm just a "fan" in the front row or whatever.

Frank: Ahh see! I wonder where Billy the Third is?

Rude: Dead?

Frank slaps Rude violently.

Frank: Don't say such things! Ah-ha!

Johnny shook his head. He sighed and rubbed his cheek. Rude then left the locker room. He was wearing mostly plain clothes, so blending in with the crowd until the right time should not have been a problem.


Paragon: "Kieran is showing why he earned his spot in this tournament right now! He's got the bar room brawl champion curled up in the corner unable to keep his flurry of swings at bay."

Proctor: "I don't wanna rub it in...But I so called it."

After a successful set of punches Kieran hesitates for just a moment to take a breath and Dem seizes the moment. Ducking out of the way Kieran slams his fist into the re-bar and immediately lets out a howl. On all fours the Night Bringer crawls away before getting to her feet and bolting for the bent side of the cage. Hitting it with enough force to shake the entire structure she begins a feverish climb for the top and for the victory.

With quite possibly a broken hand and a definitely less than a hundred percent leg Crowe hobbles after Dem. The pain was fierce, but the determination was fiercer. With a limp in his step he reaches Dem and grabs a hold of her leg. Halfway up, her head snaps towards Kieran and she shoots him a soul killing glare. Unswayed he tightens his grip and drops full weight onto her leg.

Paragon: "Dem's struggling to hold on but Kieran is determined to keep her from claiming the win."

Proctor: "Can you blame the guy? He got screwed out of the win earlier, he's not gonna let it go like that."

Dem kicks as hard as she can but Crowe's weight is just too much. At first her fingers begin to slip and she fights for a better hold. After several tense seconds she slides off of the cage and plummets down on top of Kieran.

Paragon: "Both are on the mat and scrapping like junkyard dogs!"

Proctor: "Tooth and nail... You gotta admire the spirit."

Dem throws a right and hits Kieran in the jaw, his head pops back like a pez dispenser as the Night Bringer separates herself from the scramble. Both Crowe and Vile rush to opposite sides of the ring to collect themselves before returning to the fight. A few seconds of precious breath and they approach the center of the ring. Eyeballing each other they circle before locking up in a power struggle. Under normal circumstance Dem wouldn't even attempt it, Crowe was obviously the physically stronger of the pair but with his injuries it was a fairly even match up.

Gritting her teeth Dem fights for control, vowing silently in her head to press on for her daughter. She had to persevere, she had to come out on top. She made a promise to her ailing Charlat and now with her death she was fully intent on keeping it. With a deep breath she heaves over to the side wrestling control from Kieran. Whipping him around she flings him off into the corner but his grasp remains firm and their collective momentum sends them both tumbling into the corner.

Paragon: "Kieran hits the post first and Demonica presses him like an olive for the oil."

With a chop across his neck Crowe chokes a bit as he grabs his throat, the Night Bringer continues with a head butt and and Kieran slides to the canvas. A knee to the jaw and he slumps over like a life sized rag doll.

Proctor: "If I were Weed Man I'd cry foul! What kind of cage match has rules? Rules that can be broken to the point where they'd reset everything? It's crap, unadulterated crap!"

Paragon: "Opinions aside Hank, Krusher made the call and we have to respect it. Apparently it wasn't with following the spirit of this competition. This is about the best of the best, not the best of the bombs."

Proctor: "Whatever."

Demonica grabs Kieran by his hair and with a few tugs positions his nearly lifeless body face down on the mat. Grabbing his skull she forces him to bite down on the cool steel as she begins to climbs right above him.

Paragon: "Please don't tell me... Please no... This is just too much."

Proctor: "Oh no..."

Paragon: "Ladies and gentlemen I hope I'm mistaken but it looks like Demonica is setting up for her devastating finisher... The Vile Smile!"

Halfway up the cage and the Night Bringer takes a peek down at Kieran who is a mumbling a bit but is still position where she left him.

Demonica: "See Weed Man I said I would end your career, and here I am about to do just that." She cackles devilishly as she hops off the wall heels first.

Both commentators holds their breath and close their eyes as she comes barreling down onto the wrestler formerly known as Weed Man. At the last possible moment he pulls his head off the bar and rolls out of way. Hitting with force the spring of the ring cause Dem to hobble a bit and fall over. Instantly her ankle swells, sprained and excruciating she lets out a wail as Kieran begins a desperate crawl across the canvas.

Paragon: "Dem and Kieran are heading to opposite sides of the ring, the games are over and now it's a mad dash to victory!"

Both competitors grab the bar of their respective sides and begin to pull themselves up. Each suffering an ailment to the leg meant his was mostly a battle of will and upper body strength. As they reach the top they fight to go over the edge so close that it was difficult for even the ref to tell who was about to take it. As the both straddle the cage they share a glance before teetering over the side.

In the front row Rude watches on, rooting for his lovely wife the entire time but even he was beginning to get nervous.

Frank: "Watcha doin?"

Rude: "I'm watching my wife beat Kieran Crowe. What are you doing?"

Rude: "Watching you watch your wife beat Kieran Crowe..." *Chomp*"And eating a hot duh-awg. Aha!"

Suddenly an off the wall idea strikes his rudeness, like a big diabolical light bulb flashing above his head.

Rude: "Let me have your wiener, NOW!"

Frank chokes a bit on the bite he's chewing before replying.

Frank: "Excuse me!?"

Johnny grabs the mixed meat sausage and in one fluid motion chucks it up at Kieran.

Frank: "Hey! That cost me seven bucks!"

The hotdog slaps across Kieran's face with a wet mustard filled squish. It wasn't painful but it was enough to send the ailing coke fiend tipping back towards the inside. Using every ounce of strength he has fighting to stay upright Dem begins her climb down the outside. Camera flashes fill the arena as time seemingly goes in slow motion. This is it... This is the cusp. This feels like the end... But with as many twists as turns as this match has had thus far it was safe to say that anything, and I mean anything could happen.

TBC By?...


Crowe was damn pleased to avoid the Vile Smile. A similar move at the hands of Genocide had already made him a toothless wonder. That soon turned to despair though as he took a tumble inside the ring thanks to a hot dog slamming into his face. On the outside, Demonica was on her way down the cage. It was almost going to be impossible to stop her from this point.

John: This one looks over. In the end it looks like an errant Hot dog from one of the fans could be the difference in this match-up.

Hank: Weed Man has been screwed here tonight. Everything and everyone seems to be against winning this match. It looks like the losing streak continues.

John: Demonica's half way down the opposite side, and Crowe is out of options.

That wasn't quite true. He had one desperate move left. One that the old style re-bar cage made possible. As Vile took another step down, Kieran grabbed her foot and pulled it in through on of the gaps. Demonica lost her footing and fell back, but her leg kept her suspended against the cage. Using all of his strength, Kieran grabbed her other flailing foot through the bars and pulled it inside.

Hank: Don't count Weedy out yet! He's using this cage to his advantage. Demonica is looked into a Tree of Woe on the side of the steel.

John: That was a great desperation move by Crowe. Demonica is struggling to free herself, but Crowe's gotten her legs twisted in there pretty good.

While Demonica struggled to free her legs, Crowe made the slow climb up the cage. His leg made it seem like it took forever, but the frustrated grunts coming from Vile comforted him. She was caught in the twisted metal, and gravity was doing a decent job of holding her in place. The crowd were on their feet as Crowe neared the top of the cage.

Hank: It's almost over! I told you all, didn't I? Come on, Weedy! Send that UCE trash back crying back to Coney Island.

John: He's up at the top. Unless Vile can get free really quick, this one's over. Hold on. There's a fan leaping over the barrier.

Hank: That's not a fan. It's the Antichrist Superstar!

Johnny might not have wanted Vile to see him help her, that's why he tried the discreet route. That had failed though, and he was left with little choice but to get more directly involved. Or watch as Kieran beat his wife. Rude had little respect for the wrestler formerly known as Weed Man, and he really didn't want to see his losing streak ended on his wife. Besides, an authority figure putting out a decree that something shouldn't be done is almost an invitation for Rude to do just that.

John: Rude's making his way up the cage, and it looks like he's going to meet Crowe at the top.

Hank: Weedy hasn't been using his trademark speed for most of this match. If he wasn't half crippled, or if Krusher wasn't biased against the IKI, this match would be over.

John: Rude's at the top of the cage, and he's trying to shove Kieran back in the cage with all his might. Kieran's holding on with all of his might. He knows a fall inside means this match is over.

Hank: And Dem has one leg free. She's still hung up in a bad way though. When she calls me later, I'll make her feel better.

Crowe wasn't that surprised to see Rude. He was Vile's wife husband, after all. It was still an annoyance he could have done without. At the top of the cage, blows started flying back and forth between Rude and Crowe. Rude was definitely the fresher man, but Kieran was determined not to take a spill. Not again. It hurts. A lot.

Rude: Just give in you pathetic slore! You can't win!

Kieran: Not to you, fuckwit.

Kieran could feel his grip on the cage weaken as the fresher Rude got the upper hand. He was running out of strength, and seeing the progress Vile was making, time as well. Where was Krusher to restart the match after this interruption, huh? He felt himself starting to teeter off to the side, and desperately stamped his foot into the side of the cage. His booted blade that he intended to use on Demonica for trying to end his career flew out, and he jammed it right into Rude's shin.

John: Kieran looked like he was about to fall, but he's managed to get Rude to pause the assault. I think Johnny just got stabbed with his booted blade. Krusher had weapons banned, didn't he?

Hank: He also put out a ban on people getting involved. Ooh, look at those headbutts. Weedy was always a hard headed person, and Rude's literally feeling that.

The blade in Rude's shin had given Kieran the time he needed. After a stunning headbutt, he grabbed hold of Rude, and begin shoving him off the top. Rude started to fall, but he wasn't falling alone.

John: Oh my God! This match is over! Johnny Rude and Kieran Crowe just took an awful landing from the top of the cage.

Hank: I was sure Weedy was going to pull it off, but just as Crowe pushed him, he latched onto Crowe, pulling him down with him.

John: Vile's still trapped against the re-bar, but after a fall like that, she has all the time in the world to free herself and claim victory.

Hank: Great. That means at least another round of UCE like terrorist attacks. Next week, I demand we commentate from behind some blast proof screens.

Not much was getting through Crowe's coke riddled head. One thing was clear though. Rude had just cost him the match. He didn't even look to check Demonica's progress. He focused on Rude, using the hatred for him to fuel his recovery. He may not be able to stop Dem, but as soon as he recovered, he was going to make sure Rude paid for it before he got out of the cage. That blade on the end of his good leg was going to get a lot of use if he had a choice in the matter.Unfortunately for him, Rude had a pretty easy night, so the choice probably wouldn't be his.


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