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DETAILS: How long has this match been in the making? Tonight, Genocide is fighting not only for the right to advance in the King of the Cage Tournament, he’s also trying to keep his “incredible” undefeated streak alive. Hank Hooligan is after a little bit of LONG awaited revenge. The cage for this match is made of plywood and chicken wire and completely encompasses the ring and about 10 feet of space on each side of the ring. The roof of the cage is going to be ten feet above the mat, giving you enough clearance for ~most~ moves, although a high vertical suplex in the ring might be a bit of a scrape - meaning that the ONLY WAY in or out of the cage is through the single door.. This match will be a Come As You Are match. To win this match, you must knock your opponent out for a ten count.

RP RULES: ]: All King of the Cage tournament matches are seventy-two hours with a three posts per day hard cap. In addition, there is a two hour continuation rule, meaning that one wrestler may not post back-to-back flashes until at least two hours has passed from the posting time of the first flash.

RP JUDGES: Living Deadgirl/Cedrick Caesar - Tiebreaker Krusher


Federation X's play-by-play man/former real life superhero, John Paragon waits inside an elevator as it climbs to his floor. He smiles to himself, thinking about the fact that he didn't really need it. But alas, his days of superheroing appeared to be behind him... calling wrestling matches was just as fulfilling, right?]

Paragon: *sigh*

[John tries to shutout thoughts of showdowns with supervillians and saving the world as he steps off the elevator. Though it may not be as flashy and "life or death" as his old gig, he still had a job to do... just what that job entailed at the moment, he wasn't quite sure. Paragon takes one last look at his notecards before stopping at his destination... The MegaSuite.]

Paragon: *knock* *knock*

[John knew that if the Powerbase personally assigned him to this interview, it had to be important. Interviews with the play-by-play man are usually only reserved for special moments in general... and besides, it wasn't really the kind of work he liked. Seeing the stuff he did on a weekly basis, it was hard for him to stay seated and do his job... direct interaction with confrontational wrestlers would only make that harder. Fortunately, his subject is in no mood for a confrontation with him.]

Geno: Thanks John... glad you could make it.

[After a handshake at the door, Genocide steps aside and invites Paragon and the camera crew in with a wave of his arm. Geno clamps a small mic to his collar and offers John a seat in one of the two identical high backed leather chairs, facing eachother about eight feet apart. Paragon takes a calculating look at Genocide as he takes a last second application of powder. John had always been good at reading people, it came in handy at his old job. He could tell Genocide was nervous... and not just big match nervous. Whatever he had to say... it had to be big.]

* * * * * * * * * *

[Later that day, the card is already in full swing... and that's unusual, because that usually doesn't happen until after Holly's match is over... but when you start the night out with Johnny Rude vs Hairy, it was obviously a different kind of night. But Alan Scott doesn't care about the bloody brawl in the bamboo... he's not thinking about his own match-up with a Hall of Famer... he's not even thinking about killing Jason Storm. As Alan Scott jogs down the same hallway taken by John Paragon earlier, all he can think about is a disturbing rumor that he'd been hearing all day. He had to get it from the source. He had to talk to his SBFF.]


[Alan slams the door to the MegaSuite and heads towards the Green Room... a good guess for whenever Geno's whereabouts are unkown, but not today. Alan pokes his head through the beaded curtains and quickly pulls it back out.]

Alan: GEEEEE...

Haley: He's not here.

[Alan barely aknowledges Haley and reaches into his pocket to grab his cellphone.]

Haley: He won't answer... he hasn't all day.

[Alan ignores Haley's advice, listening to the rings until it goes to voicemail.]

Alan: Geno... give me a call...

[Alan presses end and tucks the phone back into his pocket.]

Haley: So he didn't answer for me, but you thought he would for you?

Alan: I'm his SBFF...

Haley: I'm his WIFE!

Alan: Yeah... but I've been his SBFF longer than you've been his wife.

[Haley rolls her eyes and stomps out to the living room. Alan follows.]

Alan: So... you've heard?

Haley: Yeah... I've heard the rumors...

Alan: And Paragon has been hyping some huge interview he had with Geno...

[You can tell Alan is upset because he doesn't even call him grampa.]

Alan: Did you hear anything about some interview?

Haley: No... nothing.

Alan: I don't believe it. No way would he make a decision like that without at least talking to me.

Haley: Or me... maybe he's still upset about me putting The Network on the line without talking to him...

Alan: So you think it's true?

Haley: I don't know... he's been acting a little...

[The man himself cuts off the conversation as he strides through the front door. Haley and Alan shoot eachother a look as Geno ignores their presence and heads for a back room.]

Haley: JASON!

Alan: GENO!

[Geno's wife and SBFF leap from their seats and follow him. Only after a tug on the arm from Haley does he stop and turn, coldly replying.]

Geno: What?

Haley: What do you mean, "what?" I've been trying to call you all day, where the fuck have you been?

Geno: I don't know... around.

Haley: What the hell does that mean? What have you been doing all day?

Geno: Nothing... just... thinking. Getting ready for the big match.

[Alan wanted to jump in... to give his SBFF a "Say it ain't so, Geno"... he knew better to jump in the middle of his adopted grandparents domestic squabble... and besides, he didn't need to. He got his answer from Geno's odd demeanour and faraway look in his eyes. It was true.]

Haley: And what is all this stuff about you...

[Geno cuts the question off.]

Geno: Look... just watch the interview... but I don't have time for this right now... I don't have time to be a husband, I don't have time to be an SBFF... don't have time for the bullshit with Storm, don't have time to watch out for Eve, don't have time to worry about your love life...

Haley: What the fuck DO you have time for then.

Geno: I have time for Hank Hooligan...

[Geno turns and heads back towards his private dressing room.]

Geno: I'm sorry to be a dick... but this is the biggest match of my career.

[In a career that spans three US Presidencies, that's quite a statment indeed. Geno heads inside and shuts the door without looking back to Haley and Alan. They look at eachother and know that the rumors must be true. After the way he acted... they have to be.]

* * * * * * * * * *

[Hank Hooligan's day now... well, that was going a little differently than the Paragon of Puroresu had planned... (Hank Hooligan's day planner 1 PM: Wake up. 1:30: Breakfast. 1:45: Jagermeister... 2:00: Jagermeister... you get the idea. Then, somewhere around 8 PM, he planned to kick Genocide's ass.) Plans change... a lead pipe to the skull will do that.]

Hank: Oi... my fuckin' 'ead...

[The first thing Hank noticed upon waking was the headache. When he instinctively went to rub the sore spot, the next thing he noticed was his arms restrained. Hank's eyes shoot open in a panic. What the hell was going on? Where was he? He wasn't sure, but he did know he was tied to a chair.]

Ron: Hey look... sleeping beauty is up.

[Hank turns his head towards the voice and glares as he recognizes the face.]

Hank: You?!

[Ron was the guy buying everyone drinks last night at the bar... but what Hank didn't realize is that Ron was also second in command in Genocide's semi-well trained Genocide Personal Security squad... well, former second in command... he's actually not really even working for Geno anymore at the moment. It's kind of a long story, you probably don't... what? You do? OK then... well, Genocide had a semi competent, bumbling crew of security guards, each with rhyming names and limited character development... then Kieran Crowe beat them all up... hmmm, not that long of a story, now that I look at it. Anyway, it appears as if this "mission" is not under Genocide's command.]

Ron: Yeah me, dipshit. What ya gonna do about it? *pats leadpipe menacingly*

Jon: Quiet, Number One... I'm watching this.

Ron: Yes, Captain.

Jon: This is the one where they find out about Lore.

Ron: ...

Jon: You know, Data's brother?

Ron: ...

Jon: You know Data, right?

Ron: Sir, I told you, I never really watched the show.

[Hank Hooligan tries to shake the cobwebs loose and figure out what was going on as GPS Captain Jon dismisses leadpipe wielding Ron with a wave of the hand. See, that's two down. Jon likes Star Trek: The Next Generation, and Ron is a leadpipe enthusiast. Anyway, Hank starts to realize he's sitting at a table, surrounded by men in green and dark green polo shirts. His eyes scan the room, locking on Jack and Brad as they gaze lovingly into eachother's eyes. Hank quickly moves on as the two appear on the verge of a kiss. There's three and four, Jack and Brad, gay lovers. Hank spots poorly developed character number five next, looking as Chad watches the male on male make out session with a look of approval.]

Chad: That is so fucking hot.

Hank: Jesus, eight guys on his security squad and three of them are gay?

Tad: Quiet... *burp*... you.

[Hank looks to his left as Tad quickly throws down a guzzle from a flask. Tad is a drunk, there's number six. Hank knew that if he was going to get himself out of this situation, he'd have to observe everyone and figure out their half-ass gimmicks... errrr, weaknesses. He settles his eyes on the shadiest looking member of GPS, who pounces on the remote as Captain Jon headed for the can during a commercial break. He flips the channel to a baseball game and intently watches.]

Mac: Come on, get his ass out of there!

[Hank didn't know a whole lot about baseball, but he could tell when a man had money riding on a game. He also knew that it was the middle of the season and that baseball wasn't really a big betting sport. If he had money on the Mets in a game in July, this guy had a problem.]

Mac: Un-fucking-believable...

[Mac flips the channel back to Star Trek disgustedly as two more Dodgers cross the plate. Mac had a hunch that Manny coming back might disturb the chemistry for a few games. His hunch was bad, as most of his tend to be.]

Mac: I don't even see why we're going through with this. We're not even getting paid. As soon as Crowe took us out, he cut us off and hired a new security squad.

Chad: Yeah, but he'll see what we're doing for him tonight and he'll hire us back in a FLASH!

Jack: I don't know, I'm with Mac. It seems risky, and it probably won't even work.

Brad: Jack! I am ashamed at you! You're just agreeing with Mac because your names rhyme!

Jack: Well, Brad, do you think it's any coincidence that you're siding with "Chad"? Huh? If you wanted Chad, you could've had him, but you chose me.

Jon: ENOUGH! I, for one, still believe in the Prime Directive... protect Genocide at all times. If you don't, you're free to leave right now.

[Everyone remains seated.]

Jon: Good... now, back to the show. Just a few more hours, and we're done. Genocide gets one more countout win over Hank Hooligan, and we get back on the payroll.

[Hank takes a look at Lon, the quiet looking guy in the corner. He was always more worried about the quiet ones than the loud mouths. They were always more dangerous. Lon stands from his chair and glares at Hank Hooligan.]

Lon: You eyeballin' me?

[Lon then trips over his feet, and falls headfirst into the table, knocking himself unconscious.]

Jon: Damnit, not again. That's the fourth time today. We can't spare the smelling salts right now, let him sleep it off.

[Well, the quiet ones were usually more dangerous. And that's right. Lon's gimmick is that he's easily knocked unconscious. Hank looks around the table at the motley crew... rogue idiots, if you will. His eyes then lock on Ron, who stares back with a sinister smile on his face, patting the leadpipe into his open palm. This is the guy he'd have to worry about, the only one on task. Eventhough the guy was watching less out of competence and more because he'd love to give Hank another whack with his leadpipe, it didn't really matter. He was still watching. His only hope was that Aibon is looking for him... and that she was smart enough to not come alone.]

Hank: Oh no...

[Hank spots his wife waving at him from a window before giving him a thumbs up. She didn't appear to have any backup with her. Aibon against eight able bodied men? That prospect scared him.]

Hank: She's gonna get killed.

Jon: No doy... everyone knows Lt. Yar dies in episode #23...

[Hank shakes his head in distress as Aibon heads for the door... but that's because he's never dealt with this level of incompetence before... and he's ordered food from a Taco Bell drive-thru before, so he knows a fair bit about incompetence.]


Hank's mind begin to work as fast as it could, you know, under the circumstances...hangover + being cracked upside the skull = brain no worky too good...but still he knew that even with her Retch Kick, an alone Aibon is going to need as much help as she can get...

Hank: So...yer big plan ta get back inta Geno's good graces is ta let 'im 'ave yet anothah sham win ovah me, eh? Bloody brilliant.

Ron: Are you trying to give me a reason to crack you with my pipe again?

Ron absently caresses his lead pipe in a manner that is, shall we say...intimate? Even the yaoi pair gives it a semi-disgusted sideways glance before going right back to playing tonsil-hockey

Hank: Nah, nah...just figgered that iffin' I'm gonna be stuck 'ere 'til tha count-out, I might as well pass tha time, know whot I mean?

Jon: SHUT UP! Lore is about to swerve the hell out of the crew...

Things should be alroight as long as she don't just up and knock on the friggin' door...


Hank: Awww...bollocks.


Now, John, you've been really going on and on about this interview with Genocide...just when are we going to see the damned thing?

Not to worry, Hank. Trust me, you have never seen Genocide this way. The interview, in full, is well worth the wait.

We've just seen Phil Stone and Action Aaron, and we're about to gear up for the Last Person Standing Brawl...so just when are you going to shut up about it and roll the damn footage?

I think we can roll some of that interview...RIGHT NOW!

As both announcers look into the camera, the scene fades from the broadcast position to John Paragon and Genocide seated across from each other...

Genocide, it's not often that you request me to do an interview with you like this...no doubt there has to be something big on your mind.

Geno: You're right, John...I do have something really big on my mind. Actually, these are things that have been floating around in this head of mine for a couple of years now. About the streak, the relationship both on and off screen between myself and Hank Hooligan, about the whole ball of wax. And finally, I think I'm ready to clear the air and spill the beans on the WHOLE thing...

The camera moves in to a close-up on Genocide's face...and unlike the usual arrogant and confident look that one is used to seeing, instead Geno's facial expression is one of introspection and contemplation...

...and promptly fades back out.

Oh, what a cocktease! You've got to be kidding!

Not to worry, we will be seeing the interview in it's entirety before the match between Genocide and Hank Hooligan gets underway, but right now, we have to take care of some sponsorship messages....


Brad: Who would be coming here? Did someone order take-out?

Tad: I didn't order dick *hic*

Chad: If only I could just order some of that!

Jon: It's obviously an away team sent to rescue him! Ron, get that pipe ready, we might have to bash some Cardassians!

Ron: And I know who I'm going to crack first!

And there was no doubt whatsoever that the first person to get brained would be Hank. And to think, the guy was so friendly at the bar...that kind of acting deserves an award.

Jon, with a jerk of his head, signals for Mac to answer the door. Mac doesn't seem too keen on that idea, but does as he's told. Mac is probably thinking that his bookie found him. Hell, for all we know, that's what Jon is thinking too, which is why Mac was chosen. Not that it matters, since as Mac opens the door, he's greeted by a short Asian girl with bags full of Chinese food in her hands....everyone in the room takes a second look, because while she does look somewhat like Hank's wife, Aibon, it's not her, because when the girl at the door smiles, she has perfect teeth.

Yuu ohdah Moo-shoo? Have ohdah of moo-shoo and poo-poo platter foh dis adduress...

Jack: Did someone say poo-poo platter? I'll have some of that, HEY!

The entire room does another double take at the sudden "flame on" of Jack's homosexuality...well almost the entire room. Hank inwardly groans.

'er back up is friggin' Tsuji-chan? Man, me situation is not gettin' bettah 'ere...

Jon: Nobody ordered Chinese food...you have the wrong address, now go away!

Tsuji: But is awwready paid foh. Heah, yuu take, I go now! Bye-bye! *(^_~)*

Mac: Did you just wink at me?

Tsuji: A~no...yes! Yuu ahh cute...so sari. I go now...here take food, bye-bye!

Tsuji shoves the food into Mac's hands and then bolts. Leery at first about the suspiscous delivery, the smells of the food soon fill the room and win them over.

Hank: Oi, one o' you tossahs wanna undo one o' me 'ands so I can eat some o' that?

In the window, Aibon is shaking her head and making the "No, no don't" motions...luckily nobody saw it because they were all too busy watching Ron smack Hank upside the head with the leadpipe....


Still being held captive in the large toolshed acting as GPS HQ, Hank Hooligan slowly regains consciousness after a second leadpipe shot to the skull.]

Jack: Uuunnggggghhhh...

[Hank slowly opens his eyes, and quickly notices he's face to face with a moaning gay GPS member. In a slight panic, Hank scoots back to get some distance between himself and Jack, praying he wasn't in the middle of a gay orgy. His concerns ease slightly as he realizes Jack is moaning in pain, and not the throws of ecstacy. Hank tries to shift his weight to get a view of the rest of the room, which proved difficult, being he was still tied down to a chair.]

Chad: Ohhhhhhhhh...

[With his limited view of the room, Hank spots four GPS members on the floor, clutching their midsections in agony. He can only assume the other four are in a similar condition behind him. No way was Aibon able to give ALL of them Retch Kick... even if she was able to teach it to Tsuji, that'd still be two J-Pop stars vs eight well trained, able bodied idiots.]

Hank: Aibon?

Aibon: [He's awake... you find a knife yet?]

Tsuji: [No... just this.]

[Tsuji holds up the traditional Klingon bat'leth sword that Jon had displayed dangerously waving it around.]

Aibon: [Um... I guess that'll work.]

Hank: [Be careful with that thing.]

[Aibon ignores Hank's request and quickly uses the awkward blade to cut Hank's ropes, freeing him from the chair. Hank clutches at his head in pain as he stands.]

Hank: [Are you guys OK?]

Aibon: [Yes dear... the food did most of the job.]

[That explained the stomach cramps. Hank nods and gives his wife a wink.]

Hank: [Poisoning the food, eh? That was...]

Aibon: [Poison?]

[Aibon shrugs, having used no poison... she just went to the dirtiest looking Chinese food joint in the neighborhood.]

Hank: [Oh well... hey, what happened to him?]

[Hank gestures over towards Ron, his face covered in blue paint, his pants covered in his own vomit.]

Aibon: [He didn't eat... allergic to MSG.]

Hank: [Well I hope you left some blue capsules for me.]

Aibon: [Of course.]

Hank: [We should get going before these idiots wake up... I'm not late for the match yet, but they've really cut into my drinking time.]

[The two women nod and head for the door, but Hank stops over top of GPS drunk, Tad and reaches into his pocket. He pulls out the flask and takes a sniff of it's contents. He shrugs before taking a big gulp and dropping the flask next to Tad.]

Hank: [OK... now I'm ready.]

JaMarcus: I don't think so... FREEZE motherfuckers...

[All three do as they're ordered as a new GPS member menacingly waves a handun at them... and you know he knows how to use it, as he's a black guy.]

Hank: You've gotta be shittin' me.

Jamarcus: Shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down... YOU TOO!

[Hank jumps in the way as the dispensable minority member points his gun at Aibon, who had moved to grab the Klingon sword.]

Hank: Just relax, man... everything is cool.

[Hank takes a quick look at his watch and shakes his head. He didn't have time for this.]

* * * * * * * * * *

[During a break at the broadcast table, Hank the Tank tries to get a little preview of Geno's big interview.]

Proctner: So John... just between you and me... what's on this interview?

Paragon: You'll find out when everyone else does...

Proctner:Just tell me this... are the rumors true?

Paragon: What rumors?

Proctner:Oh, come on, don't play coy with me. Is Genocide... is Geno really going to retire?

Paragon:Just watch the interview... it should only be a few more minutes.

* * * * * * * * * *

[Meanwhile, back at Fox News Arena, Genocide sits in his private dressing room, unaware of Hank Hooligan's predicament with his former employees. He finishes wrapping his right wrist in tape, testing the tape job with a few punches into his left palm before taking a nervous breath. When he told his wife and SBFF that this was the biggest match of his career, he wasn't lying. Genocide vs Hank Hooligan... FINALLY... the entire world would have their eyes on this match. After all the trash talk, all the count-outs... after he hijacked one of the most respected names in the business and made it a gimmick for himself... after ALL of that... if he were to lose? It's something he couldn't bring himself to think about... especially considering the bombshell he dropped during his yet-to-be-aired interview.]

Geno: Come as you are...

[Geno stands and takes a look at himself in the mirror. He wears red, white, and blue wrestling tights with matching boots, along with knee pads, a single pad on his right elbow, and the afforementioned wrist tape. Hank could wear heavy jeans, steel-toed boots, nice thick leather belt, but not Genocide. This was come as you are, and Genocide was coming as a wrestler.]

Geno: Almost time... almost time...

[Geno takes a seat back on the bench and tries to mentally review his gameplan. Geno had watched hours and hours of Hank Hooligan matches... a lot of submission holds... and a lot of guys dropped on their heads. Geno didn't plan on being one of those guys, but he knew the chances of stepping into a cage with Hank Hooligan and not coming out with a sore neck were remote. Hank may not be in the best of shape tonight, but he was sure to be motivated. Genocide had made it his personal mission to drag his name through the mud. Geno knew that tonight, it'd be time for his body to cash the checks his mouth wrote... he also knew though, he was capable of taking whatever Hank was going to dish out at him. He had to. Losing was not an option. He didn't know how the match was going to turn out... but he did know one thing.]

Geno: No count-out win tonight.

[Of course, Genocide didn't know about Hank's kidnapping... didn't know that another count-out win was a distinct possibility at the moment. If he did... he'd be a lot less nervous... but he'd also be disappointed. This was a match-up he wanted... he asked for. Not because he thought Hank would be an easy mark... but because when you've been in this business as long as Genocide had, very few matches are really big... few cause the familiar nervous butterflies in the stomach... not many get the adrenaline flowing.]

[Tonight was one of those matches. And if the match wasn't already big enough... well, when the interview is aired, you'll all see exactly how big this match is... exactly how much was on the line.]


Put that one in the record books! What a thrilling end to that Welcome/Welcome Back match between the newcomer, Mandy and the returning Battlestone!

Yeah, yeah, yeah...but come on, are we going to NOW see that interview?

Well, I think as the ring crew sets things up for the next cage match, we can go to another clip...

A CLIP?!? Are you for real? Stop with the teases already and show the whole damn thing! I swear, you're acting like that hack, Mike Tenay.

Roll the clip!

Fade back in to the same shot as earlier...except that now John is leaning forward in his best "Barbra Walters gets the celeb to open up" pose...

Genocide, there have been rumors floating around in the back about how you've been acting recently. Are they true?

Geno: Rumors? I wouldn't know about any of those because my mind has been preoccupied...

But it's that preoccupation that's been the kindleing for the fire behind the rumors. I will ask you, straight up, are you planning on retireing after this tournament?

Geno: Well, John, I guess that is the million dollar question now, isn't it?

Geno pauses and takes a deep breath. Again, the camera moves in tight on the face of Genocide...the man bites his lower lip in thought and his eyes get a far off look in them. After a moment, Geno comes back to the here-and-now and looks right into John's eyes...

Geno: That's not really a easy question to answer now, is it?

Geno takes another breath and looks as though he is about to finish that thought when the shot fades to black, and fades back to the announce position...

Sometimes, I really hate you...C'mon, man...HOW DID HE ANSWER THE QUESTION?

Well, let's just say that he dropped a bombshell that is going to rock our industry as we know it, but not to worry, all will be revealed soon enough!


Jamarcus: Now you are going to sit yo cracker ass down and then chinky hoes of yours are going to sit their asses down and we're all just going to watch Genocide get his count-out victory or I'm going to put caps in all your asses!

Aibon: [Hankyu...what are we going to do about this?]

Tsuji: [I say we take him!]


Hank: Then this is gonna be one quiet and borein' arse time since they don't speak tha English too well...

Jamarcus: And neither do you, motherfucker! Now sit down and shut up!

Hank moves off to the side, keeping himself between the gun and Aibon. The girl is starting to shake, but it's not the shakes of nerves...She's about to have a nicotine fit. Which would make things even worse tha they are now.

Hank: Oi, do ya care iffin' tha wife 'ere 'as a smoke? 'er nerves are shot from bein' at gunpoint and all...

Jamarcus: Whatever man, just as long as you all just sit and behave, I won't have to bust a cap i- Are those Newports?

Indeed they are. One thing that both Asians and Blacks have in common is their love of the menthol cigarettes.

Hank: Yeah...nasty bloody things.

Not that Hank is anti-nicotine...just anti-nasty menthols

Jamarcus: Gimme one of those, bitch!

Hank [He wants one, so how about you give him one

Aibon has a rare moment of complete understanding...must be the high-stress situation. She holds the pack out with a trembling hand and as Jamarcus reaches for it, she 'accidentally' drops it.

Aibon: So sari...

Jamarcus: Is Jamarcus gonna have to choke a bitch? Now pick them u-


Jamarcus: *VOMITS*

Hank: [RUN!!!!]

Grabbing both Aibon and Tsuji by the wrist, Hank bolts for the door dragging both of the JPop Tarts behind him.


That would be D-rockus...the wigga. Hat cocked off to the side, he does his best G-money, holding his jock pose while trying to block the door.


So much for that guy...Hank's running thrust kick caught him square in the sternum and the skinny white kid crumples in a heap after flying backwards. And then the sounds of gunshots and ricochets follow the trio as soon as they get out the door and make the turn.

Hank: [So, which way to the Arena?]

When Aibon and Tsuji both shrug, Hank knew that this was going to be one of those nights...


Paragon: Welcome back to Storm Warning, the action has been hot and heavy...

Proctner: Like Aaron Action after an hour on the treadmill.

Paragon: Oh, come on!

Proctner: Yeah, you're right. Aaron could only go at about a five minute clip before exhaustion takes over... and any longer than that, you'd have to start worrying about the treadmill's structural integrity.

Paragon: You done?

Proctner: And plus, the grease that comes off him could get down into the gears and mess it all up.

Paragon: If I show you some more of the interview, will you be quiet?

Proctner: It oughta shut me up for a little bit, anyway.

Paragon: I'll take it...

[The picture, once again, shifts to the interview set up in the back. As Genocide contemplates and leans back into the leather, John Paragon repeats the question.]

Paragon: Geno... are you planning on retiring?

Geno: ... well, John... that's a complicated question... if you don't mind, I'd like to talk a little bit about the match-up tonight first, if you don't mind.

[Paragon nods a smirks as he shuffles some of his notecards around. If he only knew how annoyed Hank would be a few hours later at Geno's stalling, he'd smile even bigger.]

Paragon: Alright, that's fine. Genocide vs Hank Hooligan... that's a match that people have been waiting on for a long time... most, including me, had given up hope of seeing it.

Geno: Me too, John. It's a match I didn't think would ever happen.

Paragon: Most everyone is familiar with the string of count-out victories you claim over Hank... but I'd like to go back a little farther, to explore how it all started.

Geno: Alright, that's a good place to start... I was out of the business for almost four years, and it was time to go home... back to NGPW.

Paragon: Right, back to NGPW... the federation you called home for years... and the place where Hank Hooligan had made his reputation in this business.

Geno: Yeah, John... Hank Hooligan was NGPW. The "Ace" if you will... and it was a spot he deserved... a spot he earned... but it was also the spot I wanted. I was going to be the man. I was going to be the Main Eventer... I wanted to be the "Ace". So, a feud with Hank Hooligan was inevitable.

Paragon: But it didn't really turn out that way, did it?

Geno: No... no it didn't. You see, I've always considered myself an entertainter... a showman. I hate having a match just to have it. It's all about the HEAT... of which Hank Hooligan and I had none.

Paragon: So?

Geno: So, I did what I do best... I made heat. Took some cheat shots, broke a little kayfabe... I did whatever I could do to get Hank Hooligan to challenge me to a match.

Paragon: And then what?

Geno: I ducked him.

[Geno smiles.]

Paragon: You ducked him?

Geno: Exactly... I still wanted the match with him... but it was a match that deserved build-up, and that's what I was going to do. Genocide vs Hank Hooligan was a match that everyone wanted to see... I wanted to make it a match that everyone NEEDED to see. And ya know what, Hank played along, too. Had the crowd quacking at me... even filled up my locker room with live ducks... I'm sure chickens and pussy cats were coming next.

Paragon: So... what happened?

Geno: Nothing happened. Hank Hooligan let his contract expire and left the company.

Paragon: And so you took it upon yourself to goad him back into the business?

Geno: I guess you could say that... Hank made one mistake before he left... he signed an open contract to face me ANYwhere... ANYtime. So once he was gone, I decided to take him up on that offer.

Paragon: And so, the count-out wins started.

Geno: That's right... some would call it petty... childish even. Me, I thought it was fun, and a great way to keep the heat up, so I ran with it.

Paragon: Some would say you not only ran with it, you ran it into the ground.

Geno: Yeah... that was kind of the point of it all, John. At first, it's funny... then it gets old... then, you go on a World Tour with it, and it gets hilarious... that's just how it goes. I carried on a contender for feud of the year, all by myself... Not that it's the first time, I have feuded with Chevalier a few times. I wanted to keep it going, because I knew it'd just make the match that much better when Hank finally did show back up. It was going to be epic...

Paragon: So... what happened?

Geno: Well... Hank Hooligan did eventually show up to surprise me... to answer the challenge and stop his name and reputation from being dragged through the mud.

Paragon: So, once again... what happened? Why didn't the pay off match go down?

[Geno leans forward, pensively resting his chin on his arm, trying to come up with the right answer... why didn't the match go down like it was supposed to? He's not sure he even had an answer for that.]

Geno: Well, when Hank returned... he wasn't the "Ace" anymore... he was just a man... still a very talented, determined man, but he wasn't the same man that had left the company months before. He didn't have the drive, the heart, the passion for the business anymore... Hank Hooligan had lost the one thing that defined him as a wrestler... the one thing that made him NGPW's Ace. The one thing that endeared him in the hearts of his adopted countrymen... Hank Hooligan had lost his fighting spirit. I suspect he'd admit that himself...

And besides, I figured out that I didn't need to beat Hank to take his spot, because I already had it. I was already NGPW's undisputed "Ace"... and besides, Hank was more interested in getting the King of Karma back, instead of taking his spot back from me... two months later and a KoK loss to Battlestone and he was gone. So why did the match not happen? I guess because neither of us really wanted it to.

Paragon: But now, you have a chance to rewrite history, to some effect. You can finally have the ending that this feud deserves.

Geno: That's right... when I found out there was a good chance of me facing Hank in the first round... well, I was pretty excited... now, I get to prove what I never got the chance to before... that I am better than Hank Hooligan.

[John Paragon nods, tucks his note cards away, and clasps his fingers on his lap. It was time to stop beating around the bush.]

Paragon: Honestly, rarely have I been more excited for a match-up than I am to see you step inside of a cage against Hank Hooligan... but I have to admit, Geno... this is pretty standard fare. Shelly Simmons could review your history with Hank Hooligan as well as I can... better, probably.

[She was around for most of it.]

Paragon: The question I have now is, why am I here? You're supposed to have some big announcement. Geno, I have to ask you... are the rumors true? Are you planning on retiring after the King of the Cage tournament.

[Genocide gives a small nod and blows a nervous breath through puffed out cheeks as he stares reflectively at his shoes.]

Geno: Am I planning on retiring?

[Geno blows out another exaggerated breath, this time through his nose, the air blowing directly into the microphone on his lapel.]

Geno: Am I planning on retiring? No, John. I do not plan to retire after this tournament... but ya know... I've never been big on plans.

Paragon: Fine, let me restate the question then. Are you GOING to retire after this tournament?

Geno: You know... it's a distinct possibility...

[The feed suddenly cuts off, replaced by John and Hank at the broadcast table.]

Paragon: Stay tuned for the conclusion of this very special interview.

Proctner: You've gotta be shitting me! JUST SHOW THE DAMN THING!

* * * * * * * * * *

[Hank Hooligan and his Japanese pop co-horts jog down an unnamed Chicago street after their narrow escape from the rogue GPS crew.]

Hank: [What do you mean you don't know where the arena is?

Aibon: [We've never been to...] She-ka-go... [before. Besides, you don't know where we are either, Hankyu.]

Hank: [I was unconscious when I got here... and will you two hurry up, those idiots could wake up at any second.]

Aibon:[If we go any faster, my cigarette will go out.]

Tsuji: [Besides... we don't even know where we're going anyway. Where are we supposed to hurry to?]

Hank: [Away from the idiots trying to kidnap us... and we're bound to see a cab or something sooner or later. Hopefully in time to get to the match. I don't even know if he had anything to do with it, but I'm holding] Geno [responsible for it anyway.]

* * * * * * * * * *

[Back in the GPS toolshed, the only two non-food poisoned GPS members, Ron and Jamarcus survey the damage. Ron heads over to captain Jon and leans beside him.]

Ron: Sir... sir...

[Jon, still having deep stomach cramps, struggles to open his eyes and answer.]

Jon: Number... One... status report.

Ron: All of the men are down, except for me and... this guy.

[The disdain in his voice is obvious as he gestures to Jamarcus.]

Ron: And the prisoner has escaped.

Jon: You must... find him... if... the admiral hears... of our failure, he'll never re-hire us.

Ron: Sir, I can't do it alone.

Jamarcus: Alone, I'm right heah, mu-fucka? I got 'dis, DAWG!

Ron: No... I'm not taking one of... you... on a mission like this.

Jamarcus: One of "you"... what da fuck's dat suppozta mean?

Ron: You... your kind are dumb, lazy, irresponsible. You can't be relied on to do anything.

Jamarcus: Oh HELLS NO!

Jon: Number One... take him with... you. You'll need... him.

Ron: But sir! You know how much I hate working with... rookies...

Jon: Go... find Hank Hoo... ligan. That's an... order.

[Ron glares at Jamarcus as both men head for the door. Ron points his ever present leadpipe at his expendable minority partner.]

Ron: If you fuck up, I'll pipe your ass myself.

Jamarcus: Don't worry, nigga, I got DIS SHIT!

Ron: Look, there they are!

[Ron points down the street at Hank, Aibon, and Tsuji stepping into a yellow taxi cab.]

Ron: We need some transportation... if we only had the shuttle craft...

[That's what Jon ordered the crew to refer to the official green and dark green Hummer as. The shuttle craft. He's a dork.]


[Ron turns to find Jamarcus ordering a white woman out of her minivan at gun point. The frightened citizen does as she's ordered and frantically steps out of the vehicle.]


[The frightened mother opens the sliding door and escapes with her young daughter. Ron looks on, impressed. Maybe this kid had a future after all. Too bad he'd probably end up dying tragically before the end of the match... that's usually the case for GPS expendable minority recruits.]

Jamarcus: I'm drivin', honkey...

[Meanwhile, ahead in the taxi, Hank, being the closest thing to an English speaking passenger, speaks to the driver.]


[Too bad for Hank, the Pakistani driver spoke about as much English as Aibon did.]

Driver: Foxnewrena?

Hank: FOX... NEWS... ARENA... Wrestling? Kick, punch, slam?

Driver: Ahhhhh... I got you, chief...

[The exchange is cut off as a blue mini van slams into the side of the taxi, almost knocking it off of the road. Tsuji and Aibon scream as the taxi driver puts the breaks on and covers his head in fear.]

Hank: You 'ave gotta be kiddin' me... DRIVE!


Proctner: Alright, John... next up is Genocide vs Hank Hooligan... can we FINALLY see the end of this interview?

Paragon: Well, I guess it's now or never... the end of Genocide's shocking interview.

Proctner: This better be worth it, John... like, foundation shaking, earth shattering shit.

[The X-Tron lights up, once again to the pre-recorded interview set up in the MegaSuite.]

Paragon: Fine, let me restate the question then. Are you GOING to retire after this tournament?

Geno: You know... it's a distinct possibility...

Paragon: A possibility? So you haven't made your decision yet?

[In a break with sit-down interview protocol, without warning, Genocide stands. The camera man scrambles to keep him in frame as the 24-Time World Champ heads away from the chairs, and returns a moment later with a championship belt, staring down at it as he retakes his seat.]

Geno: Sorry, John. I've been chasing this for a long time, I don't like to have it away from me for too long... like, if it gets out of sight, I can't prove I really won it.

Paragon: Ahhh... the USOB... congrats.

[Geno smirks at the underwhelmed enthusiasm from Paragon.]

Geno: I'm not an idiot... I know this belt doesn't mean much here... hell, it doesn't even mean that much in Wrassle anymore... but it damn sure means something to me.

[Geno takes another long, contemplative look down at the championship belt on his lap.]

Geno: Maybe a little too much. I've been going after this since championship... this moment for twelve years now. This championship... these unified championships, actually... for so long, they represented failure for me. Despite all of the main events, all of the World Championships... even two Hall of Fame inductions... the fact that I had never held this belt followed me around everywhere I went.

Now... a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. After the years and years of choke jobs and near misses, fighting, scratching, and ultimately failing... to finally, after all this time... at my age, to finally hoist this Championship over my head... month after month after month of watching men, women, and whatevers that couldn't hold my jock bring this home... dozens and dozens of undeserving champions who had no idea what they were holding... with one win, all of it was gone. I proved, at my age, I was as good as I EVER was. Better, even. Do you know how that felt?

Paragon: I can't say as I do.

Geno: It was utterly unfulfilling, John. A disappointment. I already knew I was better than 99% of the monthly champs, I knew that I was at the very TOP of my game. The only thing different between now, and before I won the USOB, is that a hole has been filled in my resume... a statistical anomoly corrected. For far to long, I let this championship define me.

I won't let that happen again, John.

Paragon: So what are you saying?

Geno: I'm saying I'm not going to let the same thing happen with the King of the Cage. Winning... or not winning this tournament will not define my career.

[Paragon tries to stiffle a yawn. He wasn't prepared to let Geno talk in circles much longer. Much more beating around the bush and most of this was probably going to end up on the editing room floor... although I'm sure all that's digital and stuff now, so it'd probably be more like a recycle bin.]

Paragon: OK... but what does that mean... exactly?

Geno: Well, winning this title really got me to thinking, John... I don't want to be one of those washed up guys sticking around to make a paycheck. The type of guy that everyone respects for what they've done, but nobody fears for what they'll do next. I don't want to be that guy... I don't want to be Willy Mays with the Mets... Jordan with the Wizards... Joe Montana with the Chiefs.

Paragon: But, you spoke earlier about your retirement being a possibility, now you sound as if it's a foregone conclusion...

Geno: It is a foregone conclusion, I will retire from the ring, and I will do it before I turn into a pathetic shadow of myself that nobody takes seriously anymore.

Paragon: So you WON'T be retiring?

[John was really trying to pin Geno down here... it may have been a special three hour edition of Storm Warning, but most've that was reserved for the epic matches sure to come. He had to get an answer.]

Geno: Well... I'm not exactly sure when I'll be retiring, John. It could be in a week... it could be in a month... it could be five years from now... in fact... when I step in to that cage tonight with Hank Hooligan, that could be the LAST time I'll ever set foot in a ring.

[John Paragon squints his left eye at Genocide inquisitively and nods. He was getting somewhere near an answer, but it wasn't close enough.]

Paragon: What do you mean?

[Genocide nods... he knew it was time to stop stalling. Most would attribute the teases to dramatic effect... the truth was, Geno was having second thoughts. He knew with once he said what he had to say, it wasn't something he couldn't take back. But it was too late now. He'd come to far, struggled with the decision for too long to change his mind.]

Geno: I mean, John... if I don't win the King of the Cage tournament... it's over. I will immediately retire from active competition.

[John Paragon does a nice job of hiding his surprise at the brazen... he wasn't even sure how to classify it... bargain? Guarantee? Self-ultimatum? The live crowd shows less restraint, the SBFF ans gasping in fear. Paragon hesitates for a few seconds as he finds an appropriate follow up.]

Paragon: This is quite the statement... I can't help but wonder about the motivation, though. You stated you didn't want not winning the King of the Cage to define your career... isn't that exactly what you're doing by putting your career on the line in it? Not only would losing the King of the Cage define your career, it would END it.

[Geno pauses and wrinkles his forehead. He hadn't really thought of it that way.]

Geno: Well... I guess I better not lose, then.

[The camera zooms in on the determined face of Genocide as the picture fades to black.]

Proctner: No way! Genocide can't retire! I just got my membership kit from the Team SBFFan Club! Complete with "Drink us in, but remember to drink responsibly" t-shirt and authentic Fibia Awareness ribbon... although... if he retired, they could become like collectors items and go up in value...

Paragon: I'm sure that Genocide had the value of your memorabilia on his mind when he made this monumental decision... but the fact is, the next match could be Genocide's last in a Federation X... or ANY ring.

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With the bombshell of Genocide's possible impending retirement finally dropped, the fans give eachother questioning looks... could it really be true? With the ranks of Geno Junkies and SBFFans swelling by the day... with Genocide never being more popular with the fans than he is at this moment... could be really be walking away? Not if they have anything to say about it.]

Paragon: Is this really the last time we'll be seeing Genocide compete? We're about to find out... but first, we take you backstage to Shelly Simmons, alongside the man himself, Genocide.

[The fans in attendance cheer as Genocide and Shelly appear on the X-Tron. If they could cheer Genocide on enough, they might be able to help ensure Genocide's continued employment... at least for one more week. Getting her cue, Shelly nods in aknowledgement.]

Shelly: Thanks John... Shelly Simmons here with the X-Ecutioner Champion... on the verge of what could be his very last match...

Geno: Ya know what, Shelly, I don't think we need to go in to that anymore. It is what it is... besides, I fully intend to be around here for a long time.

Shelly: Well... it was quite the wager you made there... putting your very career on the line.

Geno: It was a pretty big wager, Shell... but ya know what? I like my odds... I'm one of the greatest athletes to ever set foot in a ring... a Hall of Fame wrestler...

[Genocide pats the USOB Title belt resting snugly around his waist.]

Geno: And I've NEVER been better than I am right now. I am confident that I will advance tonight, and I'm confident that at the end of the month, I will be the King of the Cage.

Shelly: Tonight, you face off against a man you're no stranger to... you travelled the globe, collecting count out wins against him... I'm speaking, of course, about the Paragon of Puroresu, Hank Hooligan.

Geno: Yeah, Shelly... should be a great match.

Shelly: Many are surprised to see this match happening... we knew a first round match-up between you two was a possibility, but most assumed you'd pick someone else.

[Geno raises his eyebrows inquisitively.]

Geno: Is that so? Why's that, Shell?

Shelly: Well...

[As Shelly searches for a diplomatic answer, Genocide speaks again.]

Geno: Why, because I'm afraid of him?

Shelly: Well, you have seemed a little leery about facing off with him in the past.

Geno: When was this? When I was calling him out week after week for months at a time? You were around then, Shelly... did I seem like a man that was sweating Hank Hooligan?

Shelly: Some would say you seemed to be much more interested in challenging Hank Hooligan when he wasn't around to answer it. In fact, I seem to remember a night when Hank Hooligan did show up one night in NGPW... you didn't exactly seem... eager for him to step inside that steel cage with you.

Geno: I wasn't afraid of him... startled, a little surprised? Yes... but, if you remember, Hank did show up... and I was the one who stepped out of that steel cage, the World Title still around my waist. Don't forget that, Shelly.

Shelly: Fair enough... what do you think Hank Hooligan's feelings are coming in to this match.

Geno: Well, I'd assume he'd want to finally shut me up... but Hank didn't seem all that interested when he returned to NGPW.... and I haven't gotten anymore bogus count out wins against him since then, so I'm really not sure what Hank's mindset is. But I do know a few things... at the end of the night, Hank Hooligan is going to get a mouthful of Geno... and I'm going to get the chance to prove what what I've always known... I'm a better wrestler than Hank Hooligan.

Shelly: You will be competing in a steel cage tonight... maybe you are a better wrestler than Hank Hooligan, but aren't you more expecting a bloody brawl to break out?

Geno: You know, I don't really agree. People always think of cage matches as some bloody, hardcore environment, but not me. In many ways, a cage match is the ultimate stage for a technical wrestling match.

Shelly: Explain.

Geno: It's simple, Shelly. Inside of a cage, you don't really have access to weapons... you can't really rely on outside interference. You can't bash someone's face into the ring steps or put them through the broadcast table. People like to point the the cage itself as a huge weapon... and granted, getting thrown into a cage is no picnic... but, then again, it's not much worse than getting thrown over the ropes and out onto the floor. To me, a cage match means two men stepping inside, and the better man wins.

Shelly: So you're planning to out-wrestling Hank Hooligan tonight?

[Shelly's forehead wrinkles, questioning Geno's strategy.]

Geno: Ya know, everyone knows the book on Hank Hooligan... you avoid the in ring action for as long as possible. Distract him from the match, engage him in wacky hijinks, send him on a zany adventure... but I'm not going to do that.


Geno: I'm going to get Hank in there... and I'm going to knock his ass out. I will escape the cage, and I will win the match. Maybe the first 226 "wins" didn't mean shit, but 227 will, because tonight... I prove I'm better. Once and for all.

[Geno gives a wink to the camera and heads off screen as the view switches to a wide angle of the arena, before another switch to the entrance/X-Tron view, just in time for a message to appear.]

{ Genocide is coming }

[The lights drop and "Santeria" by Sublime starts to play. The fans leap to their feet to shout their approval. They were going to do their best to give Genocide the support he needed to stave off elimination and retirement... and if it wasn't to be, and this was his last match... they were going to give him the send off he deserved.]

Paragon: Indeed, Genocide is coming... but is it for the last time?

[A burst of pyro brings the lights back up, and gives enough of a distraction for the X-Tron to change.]

{ Genocide is HERE }

[And indeed, he was... standing at the top of the ramp wearing red, white, and blue stars and stripes trunks, matching boots, two of his six championship belts, and, of course, the ever present fibia brace on his left leg. He stares into the crowd, for what he knows could be the last time and spreads his arms. He takes an extra slow 360 turn... Geno always loved the ring entrance routine. The music, the video, the roar of the crowd, the rush of adrenaline. If this was going to be his last experience with it, he was going to savor it.]

Proctner: I still can't believe it... this could be the end of Genocide.

[Geno takes his time waltzing down to the ring, doing something he'd never taken the time to do before... slapping hands with the crowd. He takes one last look into the masses before heading up the ringsteps and through the ropes. He takes a short stroll around the ring, bobbing his head to the music and examining the chickenwire and plywood surrounding the ring. He did have a few last words before the match, however, and pulls a mic from his tights.]

Geno: Thank you... thank you. I know there's been a lot of talk about my possible retirement here... but I don't have time to worry about that... what I do have time to worry about is Hank Hooligan... a man that, from the second I walked back in to NGPW, just plain did not like me. He couldn't stand me. He hated me.

And why did Hank Hooligan hate me? Hank Hooligan hated me, and still does hate me for one reason. Is it because he knew I was better than he was? Was it because he knew I was going to take his spot as the top dog of NGPW? Was it because I'm way better looking and actually know how to speak English?

No... Hank Hooligan hates me because I'm an American. Hank hates my tights... he hates Mr. Rushmore and the Statue of Liberty. He hates bald eagles. He hates YOUR grandma... he hates baseball and apple pie. Hank Hooligan hates me... he hates this country... and he hates ALL of you.

[Geno smirks as the boos reign down from the patriotic attendees. Genocide was coming into this match as the emotional crowd favorite... after the pro-US propaganda by Geno, his support would be overwhelming.]

Crowd: USA! USA! USA!


One would think that someone who comes from a country where daily terror attacks are the norm would know better than to stop when there's a vehicle-based atttack, but NoooOOOoooOOOoooOOoooo....not this guy. No, this jerkoff slams on the brakes when the minivan sideswiped the cab.

Which gave Jamarcus enough time to get out of the van and start to bring the gun to bear...

Hank: Tsuji-chan! Pyon attack, GO!

Sure, only Battlestone is going to get the reference, but it is how and why she was able to fit through the hole in the glass to press down on the cabbie's thigh and thus setting the cab back into motion.


That was Jamarcus getting run over...in case you couldn't figure it out.

"Got to get out, chief, get information for report now, yes"

Hank: [Tsuji-chan, don't let go of his leg, keep him going fast!]

Tsuji: [No problem!]

You can take that any way you want it...the girl did get knocked up with Ultraman Mebuis' baby.

Hank: Lookie 'ere, 'abib...I need ta get ta FOX! NEWS! ARENA! Loike now, ok? Big tip iffin' ya go fast, undahstand?

"Big tip" was all he needed to hear...suddenly the guy not only knew exactly where he was going, he also knew all the shortcuts....



The chanting finally dies down a bit and the crowd starts to get restless....nothing worse in the industry than dead air, and things were getting damn close to it. Genocide, being the consumate professional that he is, recognizes this and calls once again for the stick...

Geno: And once again, I feel a case of deja vu. What's the matter, Hank? I know you're around here somewhere...you know what, forget it....I'm so dissappointed. I really had wished that I would never say these words ever again, but here it goes:



This just doesn't make sense...

No, John...it makes perfect sense. Hank hates America, hates Genocide, and hates the idea of losing properly so much that he would rather not show up!


Meanwhile, in the back of the Fox News Arena, a cab's brakes come to a skreetching halt...the X-Tron cuts from showing Geno counting along (you know for the poor fools who can't afford good seats) to the scene as Hank flings the door open.

Hank: 'ere, keep tha change, bloke...

"Thank you VERY much!"

Tsuji does her best to get out of the front seat from that position without it looking even worse than it does and Aibon piles out in a cloud of smoke...Hank is about to start running for the building when Aibon grabs onto his shoulder.

Aibon: [WAIT! Here....]

And from out of her handbag comes...you guessed it...a bottle of Jagermeister.

What, you think the man's going to make with the fighting completely sober? You really should know better by now...

Hank: [Oh how I love you most the time...] MISSSTERRR HUNNNNTTERRRRR!!!

The vertical trip with the bottle gets a tiny pop...mostly just a nostalgia pop...being from Wrassle and then the propaganda by Geno before hand means only the super marks are going to remember all the awesomeness that usually followed after a vertical trip.

Hank hands the bottle back and with a kiss for luck from Aibon, he starts running...


This is just another slap in the face to all these great Federation X fans and workers...to show up this late and then to dare to drink like that in front of everyone...does this guy have ZERO respect for this company that INVITED him to be here?

Well, the count has stopped now and Genocide has gone from looking confident back to how he was earlier....he knows that now it's put up or shut up time, with his career on the line. Hank Hooligan, on the other hand, has absolutely nothing to lose with a sizable ax to grind....

As HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR's "Ichirin no Hana" plays through the arena, Hank is met by something he hadn't heard since that brief sint in UCE during Fed Wards...


Like Cena in the Hammerstien Ballroom kind of booing....like Hogan's nWo swerve booing...booing louder than the snoring during a long-winded Phil Stone promo.

But Hank lets all that roll right off his back...tonight, it's not about the greatness of Strong Style or trying to spread the ways of puroresu on a worldwide stage. No, tonight is all about one thing:

Knocking Geno the Fuck Out.

He pauses outside the cage door for just a moment...

Hank: LUCY! I'M 'OME....AND YOU GOT SOME 'SPLAININ' TA DO!!! Now open tha friggin' door and ring tha bloody bell...


As Hank Hooligan heads up the ring steps and into the cage, the boos slowly but surely change to cheers... not cheers of approval for one man or the other, but cheers at the prospect and FINALLY seeing Genocide and Hank Hooligan face off. If you weren't interested in this match, you weren't a wrestling fan.]

Paragon: Wrestling fans around the world have waited a long time to see this match... and the wait is over.

[Geno and Hank slowly approach each other for the gratuitous mid-ring staredown, which, of course, sends the already excited crowd into a fever pitch.]

Proctner: I just can't believe this might be the last time Genocide ever steps foot in a ring... can you imagine the embarrassment if Genocide's career is ended by Hank Hooligan of all people?

Paragon: I'm obviously no IKI supporter, but if that were to happen, it'd be hard to not give Karma a little credit.

[Each man continues to stare into the other's eyes, and although it resembles nothing more exciting than an old fashioned starting contest, the fans continued to eat it up... and when the noise eventually started to die down, a simple look of aknowledgement is all it takes to get them back up.]

Paragon: You can feel the intensity in this building... all we need here is a bell, and we'll be underway...

Proctner: Say... I don't see a referee out there...

Paragon: You're right partner...

[Geno holds up his finger in a "just a sec" motion and breaks the epic staredown in the middle of the ring and backs up a few steps before raising the mic up to his lips.]

Hank: Are we gonna do this, er whot?

Geno: We're gonna do it, Hank, relax... I just want to make sure that after I beat you, there will be no excuses... now, I may be a Wrassle Hall of Famer and the Greatest NGPW Champion of all Time... but in this tournament, I am representing Fed X... you, Hank, are obviously representing the Wrassle network. The fact that every match is taking place in a Fed X ring, under Fed X rules, officiated by Fed X officials... this could lead to some inpropriety... or at least the appearance of it...

So, just to make sure there won't be any excuses from you, or anyone else in Wrassle, I have taken it upon myself to make sure a fully trained Wrassle-employed referee will be out here to officiate this match.

Proctner: Boy, what a class guy...

Geno: So... ladies and gentlemen, please give a warm Fed X welcome to NGPW referee... NAKA!

[Onto the stage steps semi-honest NGPW referee Naka in his usual black and white stripes. Not only is the man known to be quite shady, but he was also on Genocide's payroll for months. Genocide claimed 225 count out wins over Hank Hooligan, and in every one of them, Naka was there to make it official... well, as official as sham count out wins get, anyway. To see Genocide incorporating an underhanded tactic like this wasn't a huge surprise, he'd made a career out of pulling stunts like that, and they'd usually get him booed out of the building. After putting his career on the line, and then turning the pro-American crowd against Hank Hooligan, Geno could do no wrong tonight, and the fans applaud the inclusion as Naka steps into the ring.]

Paragon: Oh come on!

Proctner: What? Seems like a really stand up move, to me.

Paragon: Naka is one of the shadiest characters in this business, at least as far as referees go... and a known Genocide associate, to boot.

Proctner: Known associate? I don't KNOW that Naka is associating with Genocide, what does that even mean?

Paragon: You know darn well that Naka was right alongside Genocide every step of the way during his "Count-out World Tour".

Proctner: I don't know if that's true.

Paragon: He sold t-shirts that said "Naka... START THE COUNT!" on the front.

Proctner: Ohhh, big deal. I have a shirt that says "Property of Chicago Bears" on the front, that doesn't mean they really own my t-shirt.

[Hank allows himself a small glare at Naka before turning back towards his opponent.]

Geno: And sorry, one more thing... the Genocide vs Hank Hooligan Tally, please...

[As if on cue, the Genocide vs Hank Hooligan tally appears on the X-Tron with a cash register chime sound effect.]

{ Genocide-226 Hank Hooligan-0 }

[Hank rolls his eyes and shakes his head, showing remarkable patience as he waits for the bell. Naka tosses the mic out the open door, locks it up, and signals to the timekeeper, ending Hank's wait. The Paragon of Puroresu charges and Geno ducks out of the way of the lock up attempt, circling to the middle of the ring.]

Paragon: Hank Hooligan trying to start this one off with a collar and elbow, but Geno wanting no part of it.

[Hank turns and gives Geno a sneer, questioning his manhood in a comment thankfully not picked up by the mics. Geno glares back and waves for Hank to "bring it", which he gladly obliges.]

Paragon: Now into a lock-up... and no! A stinging left jab from Genocide!

[The crowd cheers as Genocide draws first blood (not literal blood) and lands the first punch. Geno only antagonizes the crowd by giving them his best Muhammad Ali impression, shuffling around with his arms raised in victory. Hank smirks from his corner of the ring as Genocide stops the theatrics and drops into a wrestling stance. Hank charges in with another tie-up, but Genocide again stops him with a left jab, only he follows up with a right to the body and a left uppercut, staggering Hank into the ropes and drawing another pop from the crowd.]

Paragon: Wow, crisp three punch combo, and it seems as Genocide seems more interested into turning this into a boxing match.

[Now in a full on boxing stance, Geno smiles as he hops around the ring, throwing random punches at the air every few moment. Hank returns the smile, raises his own fists, and advances on The Sadistic Stoner. If Geno wanted to box, that was fine with him. Hank was no stranger to fisticuffs.]

Proctner: And it looks like Hank Hooligan is going to respond in kind.

Paragon: Did I ever tell you about the time I went to a steel cage match and a boxing match broke out?

[Geno bobs and weaves as Hank slowly moves in to range, keeping his hands up for a guard. Hank steps in and starts to fire a jab off of his own, but a swift left roundhouse kick to the inside of his left knee stops him in his tracks... the right round house to the midsection that follows almost takes the breath out of Hooligan, staggering the Englishman back into the ropes. Geno throws a few more punches at the air and finishes the taunt with a head level roundhouse and raising his arms for the crowd.]

Paragon: Make that KICKboxing then...

[Hank resists the urge to clutch at his ribs and glares as Geno taunts to the crowd... a small smile crosses his lips as Geno turns his back for just a moment. It was all he needed.]

Paragon: Genocide continuing to showboat for the crowd... and look out... Hank Hooligan charging in, taking Genocide down with a double-leg... and now firing in right hands to the head! Geno covering up here, but a lot of those shots are getting through.

[As Hank gets the upper hand, the crowd instantly switches, firing a chorus of boos and venom down on Hank Hooligan.]

Proctner: Listen to the crowd! They are fired up for this one!


Hank Hooligan, with a full mount and raining punches down on Genocide expected the boos. After all, Geno's a Fed X'er and Hank's only here to kick his ass, to end things once and for all by knocking genocide out for a full ten count.

One that probably won't come now, thanks to Naka being there...but then again, the guy does have LOTS of practice counting to ten.

Hank, so focused on trying to punch Geno's skull through the mat, let his weight get too far forward. A careless and costly mistake. One he wouldn't have made if he wasn't so rusty...but it was one that instantly turned the boos into cheers and Genocide made with a switch and started dropping bombs onto Hank's head.

From boxing to kickboxing and now it looks like we're getting a taste of some MMA action here as both men engage in some ground-and-pound.

And at every turn, it has been Genocide who's had the upperhand. From the moment this match was even announced, it was Genocide's for the winning. Plain and simple, Hank Hooligan is going to lose this match because Genocide is the better wrestler, the better fighter and even the better man!

Being covered up, Hank was able to avoid some of the damage but he could feel his left eye starting to swell up a bit from a shot that snuck through cleanly. Squirming, Hank was able to get his hips into a good position, now it was just a matter of waiting until Geno's arms got tired and he left a shot hanging...

Hank's grabbed onto Genocide's arm and popped his leg out...CROSS ARMBAR!!!

But Hank is only showing just how stupid he is...ytou can't win this match by submission...

Yeah, but you can't knock someone out with a dislocated elbow, either.

Hank cranks back on the arm and Genocide manages to get a foot on the bottom rope. Quickly, Naka calls for the break and starts issueing the five count.

A very fast five count, it might be noted...

See how impartial that wrassle referee is being? At first I was skeptical, but after seeing how he just jumped in there and made the right call with calling for the break, I think we might actually get a fair and balanced *wink* bit of officiating in this match.

Are you serious? There aren't supposed to be any rope breaks in a cage match, Proctner! This is just a case of Naka doing whatever it takes to protect the man who's put cash in his pocket, Genocide!

How DARE you impune the integrity of the great Genocide during what might be his last match ever!

I give up....

Hank broke the jujigatame the second that Naka had reached four...he knew it was a crock, but the Paragon of Puroresu wasn't going to risk getting DQed. 226 sham count-outs was one thing, but to be DQed on a super minor triviality? Wasn't going to let that happen.


Genocide finally cleared away from the ropes and came towards the center, right arm to his side defensively...

Hank, moving for position, always trending towards the right side of Genocide and that arm that is now no doubt weakened by that jujitsu armbar....Genocide continueing to snap out that left jab to keep Hank at bay. Out comes the jab again and Hank ducks under it and shoots in, grabs the waistlock...BIG TIME GERMAN SUPLEX!!

And again, the chanting for Genocide stops and the booing picks up just as loudly....and this time, as Hank calls for Naka to start counting Genocide down after dumping him on the back of his skull, not only booing and hate is raining down from the fans. nope, they've now taken to throwing beer bottles and other assorted items. A couple of times, it was kind of like that scene from that movie "Roadhouse" where the band was playing and the chickenwire stopped the glass from thrown beer bottles from hitting the band. Yeah, it was like that.

And Naka has determined that Genocide is up after only a count of three!

Yes, but it was the slowest three count I have ever seen.

OK, am I the only one thinking that this is getting wierd? It's like we've swapped roles...

Yes, except I actually know the names of these moves while you barely know the difference between a wristlock and a wristwatch.

It's pro wrestling, do I really NEED to know that?

I see your point.

And whereas earlier, Genocide was all showboating and grandstanding while he had the upperhand, Hank Hooligan is pure focus...and patiently waiting for Naka to move before charging at Genocide again. Naka will be hard pressed to make the counts so slow when he takes Genocide's head off....


Genocide clutches the back of his neck in pain, victim of a German Suplex, the nazi-est suplex of all. He shakes off the pain, knowing it wouldn't be the first time he was going to be dropped on his head tonight. Using the ropes and the chickenwire mesh, Geno pulls himself up, breaking Naka's count at a long three. With three long strides, Hank Hooligan closes the distance and leaps, lifting a knee into the back of Geno's head.]

Paragon: OH! Hank Hooligan throwing his weight onto Genocide and sandwiching his skull into the cage!

[Geno stumbles back, his right eye closed and holding his jaw. The boos intensify as Hank grabs Geno's head and runs him across the ring.]

Paragon: And face first back into the steel!

Proctner: Is that stuff really steel?

Paragon: Probably not... face first into the metal of undetermined composition... and it looks like Hank might be looking to finish this!

[The bottles continue to bounce off the chickenwire as Hank snatches Geno's head and left arm in a side capture. But as Hank starts to lift Geno off his feet, an elbow to the temple stops the momentum, and a second allows Genocide to escape, drawing more cheers from the crowd.]

Proctner: Nice escape from Geno there, that was too close... and following up with a big right hand.

Geno: FUCK...

[Geno winces in pain and tries to shake some life back into his damaged right arm.]

Paragon: Still feeling the effects of that armbar... allowing Hank Hooligan to answer back with a big right hand of his own.


[Geno feints with his right, which leaves an opening for the stiff left hook he lands to Hank Hooligan's cheek.]


[Knowing how much hurt Geno's right arm had to be, Hank anticipates another left and blocks, countering quickly with his own left, a forearm to the jaw.]


Paragon: Back and forth action here, both men trying to gain some momentum... and that'll stop anybodies as Geno gets a thumb up into the eye.


Proctner: Are they cheering for a thumb to the eye?

Paragon: I believe so... it's definitely a little different atmosphere in here tonight... Genocide sending Hooligan for the ride...

[But with just one arm, Hank easily counters, whipping Geno instead. Hank readies for a Penalty Kick, but Geno hooks the top rope and stops the momentum.]

Paragon: Countered, and countered again... Hank Hooligan charging... WOW!

[The crowd pops to a new level as Genocide bends down at the last moment, back body dropping Hank into the cage. He crashes into the wire mesh and falls down between it and the ropes, landing on the back of his head. Geno quickly follows up, sprinting to the opposite side ropes, rebounding, and catching Hank with a dropkick to the face, sending the back of his head into a piece of plywood.]

Proctner: Oh man, and now a nasty dropkick right to the mush!

[As Geno pushes up to his feet, Hank clutches at his head and kicks his feet in pain against the ring apron. Naka steps in and starts the count.]

Paragon: Oh, come on! Look at this count, it's ridiculous.

Proctner: Looks alright to me, John.

[Genocide watches Naka count, already up to five. As Naka hits seven, Geno sighs and shakes his head.]

Geno: Goddamnit...

[Of all the times for his newly found conscience to strike... when his very career was on the line... it would be so easy to let Naka count Hank out and grab a cheap win... claims of his 226 match winning streak shows he'd obviously not above taking cheaper wins. But not tonight.]

Paragon: OK, now I really don't get it... Genocide goes to all the trouble of getting a crooked referee... but now he's stopping the count himself? He had this match won!

[Genocide pulls Naka's hand down, stopping the count before nine. Naka shrugged. He was getting paid the same whether he called a fair match or a crooked one.]

Proctner: Yeah... I don't get it either, John. Geno used to be smarter than this.

Paragon: Or maybe he just decided he didn't want to win the match like that.

Proctner: Are you kidding me? The Genocide I remember would take any win he could... now he's above taking a short cut... with his very careery on the line. Maybe he's gone soft.

Paragon: It has nothing to do with growing soft... it's about respect for the sport and your opponent.

Proctner: Oh, please... don't start on that garbage again.

Paragon: We show each other respect, and I think the broadcasts are better for it.

Proctner: Well first of all, the only reason I show you any respect is because I don't want you to use those super hero powers to kick my ass... and besides, it's easy for us to show respect, we're not fighting eachother...

Paragon: Look out here...

[Paragon saw it coming, as did most of the crowd, who loved Geno even more after the uncharacteristic act of sportsmanship. They saw Geno move in to a crouch and wheel around to stay directly behind Hank.]

Paragon: He's lining him up for a Geno Kick...

Proctner: If he hits this full on, it doesn't matter how fast or slow you count, it's over.

[Hank uses the top rope to pull himself vertical and turned towards the waiting Genocide... was Hank about to get a mouth full of Geno? Stay tuned!]


While Hank may be rusty, this is in no way his first dance. He can hear the crowd going apeshit crazy as he pulls himself up...and in this building, that can't mean anything good for ol' Hankyu-kun.

Hank's to his feet now...he's turning...

GENO KICK!! Hank Hooligan just got himself a mouth full of Geno! *singing badly* Turn out the lights...the party's over!!

Hold on a second...Hank didn't go down...he's staggered, maybe out onhis feet, but he's still standing!

It was reflex more than anything that saved Hank Hooligan. He saw Genocide and put his hands up. The Geno Kick connected with his blocking right forearm and why Hank is staggering now is because Geno's kick basically made Hank punch himself in the temple!

Then Geno must've not gotten all of it square to Hank's face....that's the only thing I can think of.

Yeah, we kinda went over that already...but with Hank's legs seemingly made of Jello, Geno lined up to make sure that this one was going to do the job...

Genocide looking to put the exclaimation mark on Hank's face steps back...looks like he's going for another Geno Kick....HE MISSED?!?

No, it's more like Hank finally realized that he got kicked and fell down just before the second kick could connect.

Hank the Tank is actually spot on with his analysis this time...as Geno fired out the second Geno kick, Hank fell face first in a manner not unlike a patented Ric Flair faceflop sell.

Needless to say, the roof has been blown off the joint.

Geno: Make this count more proper, Naka...no excuses.

Even Naka does a double take at this command by his benefactor. With a slight shrug, Naka begins the count and the fans count right along with him...


A more proper count by Genocide's pet referee this time around, but even Genocide isn't so sure that Hank is going to stay down...he's darn near hovering over the situation, just waiting for Hank to show any sign of life!


Not going to happen...not going to happen! It's just that Hank Hooligan is so stupid, it took his body some time to realize that it just got knocked out!


Wait...Hank just turned over! His eyes are open and he's starting to get up!

Just as Hank gets over to his side and starts to push himself up, Geno's right there, dropping stomps onto the side and back of Hank's head...

Sure, but see how Genocide isn't giving him an inch? All Hank is doing is delaying the inevitable. Doesn't he know that Genocide's already won this match? Damn that is one stupid limey!

Repeating that mantra isn't going to make it any more true, my erstwhile collegue. Note how Hank Hooligan is onto his hands and knees despite the stomps that Genocide is dishing out.

Yeah, but you should also note how Genocide is letting Hank expend his own energy in getting up to his knees....and look how Genocide has just grabbed onto Hank's head...this thing is over. Stick a fork in it, it's done!

It's true that Genocide has now applied a front face lock....Geno heaves, maybe looking for a vertical suplex or a brainbuster....HANK'S FEET CAUGHT ON THE ROOF OF THE CAGE! By a sheer stroke of luck, Hank has managed to block the attempted offense by The Sadistic Stoner!

Hank, operating basically on auto-pilot, poppped his hips the moment his feet touched back down on the ground, putting Genocide over his shoulder...Geno's face lined up square with Hank's ass.

So, of course, Hank just sat out.

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! *more stuff starts flying*

That move should be illegal! It's totally unsafe! Call for the bell, Disqualify Hank Hooligan!!

I don't think that there are any banned or illegal moves in a match like this, but I will say that I never expected to see a Pyramid Driver in this match...

But now, both men were down and out...the only sign of life from either of them is Hank shaking out that right arm while Genocide kicks his feet in agony while clutching the top of his head....


Well, it looks now like Hank is having some troubles with his right arm. Could it be now that we've got both men basically fighting one handed?

If that's the case, then Genocide clearly has the advantage. Hank's been having a hard time keeping up with a one-armed Geno so far, but now that they're on even ground, there's no way that limey hack can hang with the greatness of Genocide!

Hank rolls over and begins to get back up to his feet...looking across the ring, he can see that Geno's still dealing with the effects of the Pyramid Driver, but he's not about to trust Naka to make an honest count in his favor. That and there's too much energy in those pain-filled kicking of the legs...Hank still knows the signs and knows that Geno still has a bunch left in the gastank.

And now Hank starts stomping on Genocide...

Needless to say at this point just how much the volume of booing increases as Hank drops those stomps on the prone Genocide.

...three, four, five heavy stomps and now Hank Hooligan goes to the ropes...


I think I just saw Geno's liver jiggle with the force of that kick to the body! No wonder Genocide's rolled out of the ring, that hurt me just to hear it!!

Momentarily, Genocide is away from the punishment...taking advantage of the near ten feet of space between the ring and the cage. Even if the cage roof wasn't so low, everyone knows that in Hank's entire career he's done all of 3 high/dive spots. Nope, Hank and climbing up stuff and flying around the ring just don't mix.

Hank now, climbing out of the ring to follow up on his earlier offense. Grabs Genocide by the hair and gets him up to his feet...looking to send him into the cage...


Genocide blocked it!!! And now he's dragging Hank's face across the mesh of the chickenwire!!!

The fans on that side of the ring all begin taking pictures with their cellphones and later tonight, photobucket is going to be swarmed with pictures of the tearing of Hank's flesh and the intial squirting of blood from Hank's forehead at the hands of their home team hero, Genocide.

Damn, that last statement just doesn't even feel right...but in this case, it's the truth.

So now that really makes Hank a "bloody limey" don't it?

OK, that was just terrible.

Yeah, but I couldn't resist...

Now it's Genocide's turn to stalk Hank on the outside...the Paragon of Puroresu is heading for the apron, but Genocide grabs him with a double chickenwing....TIGER SUPLEX ONTO THE FLOOR!!!!

See? Hank isn't the only guy around who knows a bunch of ways to dump foes on their skulls!

Genocide gets back up and motions for Naka to start the count while he rests and takes some deep breaths...or at least as deep of breaths as he can after the running punt to his chest. Somewhere deep down inside of himself, Genocide realizes that Hank has approached this with a definate plan...first the arm, then the head, and now he's picked on his air.

Hank is somehow slowly picking him apart in a systematic manner.


Somehow, someway, Hank is getting back up to his feet! And is he smiling?

The blood loss and the head trauma must be making him loopy...he has no idea just how much trouble he's in!

Hank's made it up to his feet and the count has stopped. Genocide with a running start....BIG TIME CLOTHESLINE!!! And Hank is back down!


He had figured that it was worth it...the trade between the pain in his arm versus what would happen to Hank when he went back down to the floor....


Geno: No. Fucking. Way.

What the hell? Hank just popped back up after that big running clothesline? What a crock!

No, Proctner, that's not it at all....during the interview he had said that Hank had lost his fighting spirit....what we've just seen is that Hank has that Fighting Spirit now!



Hank nearly decapitated Genocide with that Penalty Kick but like it always is when someone uses the puroresu Toukon (or "Fighting Spirit") they may be able to sluff off the last shot they took in order to dish a big one back, but they empty the tank in order to give that big shot to their foe.

Bleeding....worn-out....almost totally drained...Hank collapsed after the running thrust kick connected. So now, we have both Genocide and Hank Hooligan laid out cold on the floor of the Fox News Arena...




And listen to this capacity crowd get behind Genocide...trying to will him back to his feet to finish off this intruder...in order to make sure that this is NOT his last match ever...it's enough to send a chill down your spine listening to this response!

And you know what, Hank? I have to totally agree with you on this one. It's so loud that I can hardly hear myself think!



And Genocide begins to stir while a pool of his own blood begins to form under the head of Hank Hooligan....


Slowly but surely, both Genocide and Hank Hooligan begin to get to their feet...but as evident by the huge crowd pop, Geno is the one to regain his vertical base first.

Neither man is looking too good right now...

Are we watching the same match, John? Because by my scorecard, Genocide has been completely dominant except for a couple of rare instances of offence by Hank Hooligan.

...however, right now Genocide is the only man up and in the ring. Hank is using the ring apron to help him up, but he doesn't see Geno getting up a head of steam...BASEBALL SLIDE DROPKICK!

HA! HA! HA! Did you see Hank fly backwards and crash into the mesh of the cage? Oh man, that was priceless!

Indeed, Hank had bowed out the chickenwire with the impact of his body against it. Doesn't help that Geno's dropkick connected with Hank's forehead and now the blood is really starting to flow...

...and no, I won't be using that tired old "crimson mask" reference.

But Genocide isn't satisfied with allowing Naka to start making the count...he can see that Hank isn't out, so he is going to take matters into his own hands. He's got Hank by the back of the head, shoots him off...



That has got to be it! Hank's head bounced off the steel ring post loud enough that for a second I thought we were getting some kind of time limit draw bell!


Things aren't looking too good for Hank right now....he's a battered and bloody mess and seems to be out like a light on the outside. And the fans are counting along with the referee, but I think they'd like it to be a faster count.

Of course they would! Nobody wants to see Genocide retire and nobody gives two steaming shits about this Hank Hooligan guy!


And Hank starts to get up...

Hank's stirring, but he better get a move on if he wants to beat the count.

I just can't believe it. What's it going to take to finally put Hank out for the count for good so we can send him packing back to Japan to live his boring life outside of the public eye?


HE'S UP! What a show of instestinal fortitude! The man believes in himself and believes in this fight so much he just refuses to stay down!

And even Genocide seems to not be able to believe it....I mean, that can be the only reason I can think of for him to let Hank drag himself back into the ring. Oh wait...it looks like it's so he can line up another Geno Kick, and I don't think that this time Hank's going to get a lucky fluke block in to save himself!

I think you might be right there...Hank's in the ring now....here comes the Geno Kick....HE DUCKED IT!


WHAT A CHEATER! Hank just blinded Genocide by spraying that green crap into his face!

Indeed, that was not very sportsmanlike. Up until now, I had been behind Hank because I know of his reputation as a huge fan favorite over in the Orient, but I cannot sign off on that action.

And if the fans in the Fox News Arena didn't absolutely hate Hank before, they sure as hell do now! But the booing and the stuff crashing into the mesh of the cage, dripping down from the roof of it...none of that even registers in his mind as Hank fires off a kick to the gut and grabs Genocide...

Looks like Hank is going for a scoopslam....wait no, that was a NORTHERN LIGHTS BOMB! And once again, Hank displays that near-legendary knowledge of a million ways to drop someone on their skull!

Pffffft. Not impressed...anyone can do anything to anyone after blinding them with a faceful of that green goop. And he sprayed that out of his mouth! That has to be some kind of health code violation, or at the very least, not very hygenic....

After hitting that Northern Lights Bomb, Hank gets back up to a knee before giving that right arm another shake as he looks over to Naka.

Hank: [Naka...make the count honest and I'll match what he's paying you AND upgrade your ticket to first-class back home...]

Wait...what did he just say to that wrassle referee? I knew it! There's some colusion going on...it's the devistating double agent swerve and Genocide brought that double agent with him!

I think you might be getting a little too conspiracy theory over there, Hank....besides, it seems to me that he's applying a count just as consistant for Hank as he did for Genocide after genocide stopped that first count earlier.

My point exactly! He's not supposed to count itthe same for both of them, just for Genocide!



And the moment that Genocide's arm moves, the crowd goes crazy yet again....how they haven't yelled themselves hoarse by now is beyond me.........

Hank: Awwww, bollocks...can't make it easy fer me, can ya?

Nope...of course not!


Genocide rolls out to the floor, gasping for breath and breaking the ten count. Geno was surprised... not only at the amount of fight in Hank Hooligan, but also to be on the floor in the first place. Someone apparently didn't skim the match description close enough.]

Proctner: I still can't believe that this could be Genocide's last match... well, I don't believe THIS match could be Geno's last match, he obviously owns Hank Hooligan.

Paragon: Doesn't look that way at the moment... and it looks like Hank isn't going to allow Geno a moments rest here, leaping off the ring apron with a double axe handle...

Proctner: OH! Geno sidesteps and sends Hank crashing into the cage!

[Geno rolls into the ring and prompts the crowd to their feet with a pump of his arm. He sprints towards the opposite side ropes to gain momentum, but he undestimated Hank's condition. When he bounces back, he's surprised to find Hank in the ring and advancing on him quickly.]

Paragon: Genocide was setting up for a dive here, but Hank Hooligan cuts him off with a big running forearm shot.

[Geno bounces up, but Hooligan is already on him, attempting an Irish whip. Geno reverses, however, sending Hank into the corner.]

Paragon: Reversal... Genocide charges... and back bodydropped over the ropes...

Proctner: He lands on the ring apron though! And catching Hank with an elbow to the side of his face.

[Genocide grabs Hank Hooligan's head and leaps backwards off the top rope.]

Paragon: Oh! Throat first across that top rope!

[As Hank reaches for his throat, Genocide quickly yanks on his ankle and pulls him out under the bottom rope.]

Paragon: And now they're back out to the floor here... and Geno whipping Hank's back into the cage...

[Hank smashes into the chickenwire and grabs at his spine, stumbling back towards the ring, and his waiting opponent. Genocide squats and wraps his arms around Hank's midsection. He lifts Hank off of his feet and fires his hips, sending Hank up and over, crashing upside down into the outside of the ropes.]

Paragon: Oh my god! Huge belly to belly suplex, and Hank Hooligan is in a world of hurt now!

Proctner: Man, did you see the way his neck and shoulder bounced off the ring apron? It has gotta be over.

[That's what Genocide thought as well, as he stumbles back into the corner of the cage and leans. This was it. He ran his mouth, put his career on the line... but he made it through this week... next week and a possible match up with Kieran Crowe, that was a completely different story. A match with the BRB champ would be no walk in the park, either... but then, a funny thing happened as Genocide started looking ahead to round 2.]

Paragon: Wow! Unbelievable! Hank Hooligan is back up at a count of eight!

[Geno's head drops back and he scares up towards the sky, wondering what he'd have to do to finish Hank off. He'd have to figure something out... if he wanted to keep wrestling, that is. That's when Genocide noticed something else that was unnerving... some of the fans were starting to get behind Hank Hooligan.]

Paragon: This crowd has been booing him all night, but now they offer Hank up a little applause, offering some encouragement.

Proctner: Traitors! Someone call Homeland Security!

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