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DETAILS: The Superstar Champion has once again offered to put his title on the line in the second round of the King of the Cage, just as he did in the first round against Haley. Once again, however, he is requiring that his opponent, Cian Maccormack, offer something of value in exchange should he lose. Will Cian accept? Does he even WANT the Superstar Championship, knowing that the belt may only be defended in Federation X? I guess we'll find out. Now, which match did these two draw?

The Playground Pickup Match – right in the heart of the area we bought was one of those awesome old-school outdoor basketball courts. You know the kind - completely enclosed by a chain-link fence, bare rims, metal backboards. This match is a friendly game of 21 - with no whistle-blower. That’s right. Outside of the cage will be a score-keeper – that’s it. There are NO fouls in this basketball game. So, if you can knock your opponent out long enough to score 21 points – you’re gold.

RP RULES: All King of the Cage tournament matches are seventy-two hours with a three posts per day hard cap. In addition, there is a two hour continuation rule, meaning that one wrestler may not post back-to-back flashes until at least two hours has passed from the posting time of the first flash.

RP JUDGES: Krusher/Mr. Francis I. Cartier - Tiebreaker Living Deadgirl


One Hour To Match Time.

The Karmic Legacy Suite.

Storm sat at his desk with all his focus on the portable DVD player before him. Next to the player sat a stack of DVD's...all of them of Cian and his past matches. He had been slated to face Cian in round 2. Thier match draw? The pickup basketball game. Even though it was suppose to be a basketball game, Storm was still busy studying film watching ever hold, every move, every hand placement, The balance of his feet, and his eyes. You could tell so much from a person's eyes. Everyone had a tell much like poker. Storm always felt the eyes told the most. In this match up, Cian and Storm might not know each other very well, But The Real Deal was determined not to enter this with blinders on. He would know as much as he could when that bell rang.

He was currently watching Cian set up some ham and egger for his finisher, the Boondocks Driver. As he watched the clip play out in slo-mo, the door behind him opened. Storm didn't turn around, he simply held up his hand letting the person or person's behind him to wait. When he got to the end of the clip he pushed pause and turned around to see Nathan.

"So, Did you find him?"

"Yeah....Exactly where you said he'd be....in the air handler room."

"And did you bring him alone or did he insist on bringing that silly ass entourage with him?" Jason said closing his eyes hoping the answer would be yes.

"He said he wouldn't come without "Tony" and "Chloe". I honestly don't know WHY you need this idiot. We should cleanse him and do the world a favor."

"While I agree, He is the only person I know who spent time with Cian and that information he could provide may be needed."

"Fair enough. Can we cleanse him after you get what you need?" Nathan asked with a bit of excitement.

"He's not a priority but if you feel like breaking a sweat, Knock yourself out."

"Thank you sir. Shall I bring him in?"

"I suppose."

Nathan opens the door and and quickly yanks the person Storm requested into the room. Storm turns to the man, Rolls his eyes wishing he had another option, and then puts on his best fake smile.

"Hello Dave."

"It's Jack Bauer....Not Dave......DAMN IT!"

Storm looked at Dave Diamond and had to restrain himself from punching the mental midget right in the face. Here sat a man who was convinced he was Jack Bauer. A man who employed Donny Osmond and a dead Luchadore named El Fantastico. This person before him not only believed himself to be Jack Bauer but he thought Donny was Tony Almedia and that his dead lucha manager was Chloe O'Brien. In short, the man was a total fruitcake.

Aside from that, he had one thing going for him. He had worked with Cian in UCE closely and was perhaps the only person Storm knew who could provide vital information.......he hoped.

"Fine....."JACK". Listen, I need your assistance."

"Are we going to kill terrorists!?"

"No Jack....I need all the uhmmm....Intel you have on Cian Maccormick."

"Cian? Why do you need to know about him?"

"I have to face him in round 2 of the King Of The Cage Tournament. I need your help. You helped Karmic Legacy before and I need you to do it again."

"Ok sure...what do you need to know?"

"Tell me about Cian."

"Well besides being the SEXIST man alive, He has the tightest ass I've ever seen on a man and his washboard abs....to die for."

Dave suddenly looked over his shoulder and shouted out the door.

"I AM NOT GAY!........DAMN IT!!"

"I'm sorry....what?" Storm asked with a questioning look.

"Oh nothing, Chloe doesn't know when to shut her mouth!"

"Ahh...I forgot....you talk to the dead one...Right."

"He's not dead. He's just a lazy asshole."

Dave looks over his shoulder again and shouts out of the room once more.

"I heard that Bitch!"

"JACK!! FOCUS!!" Storm shouted.

"Right....So Cian...where was I? Oh yes. Have you ever looked into his eyes? One look and you just want to bend over and let him f..."

"To much Information!" Storm said wishing he was anywhere but here now.

"What? Did I say something wrong?" Replied Dave without skipping a beat.

"Look Jack....I need to know important information about Cian. Who he hangs with, What he does outside the ring, Stuff like that."

"Right...Ok I got it. Have you seen the size of his package?"

"Alright....I've had just about enough of this bromance man crushing thing you have for Cian. Now either tell me something valuable or I let Nathan beat the shit out of you."

"Ok....Hmmm...Something about Cian that doesn't include his awesome body.....something about Cian.....Something about...*Snaps fingers*...I got it. I heard his best buddy ever Hardcore K died not to long ago and he's broke up over it."

"Good, Now we're getting to relevent. What else can you tell me?"

"I think someone offed his wife....and I think he has a kid, or maybe it was Hardcore K's kid cause he knocked boots with some chick Cian used to like.....or something...I'm not sure."

"Anything else? Come on Jack....Think."

"I think he tags with that Matt McDoucherton guy. The one who got his ass kicked by Carnage."

"Ok that's a bit of help. He could have back up. Anything else?

"I heard that one time he stopped a bullet with nothing but his abs."

"Jack.....Seriously.....he's not Superman."

"But he should be."

"Christ.....*sigh*....Anything else that doesn't involve some gay fantasty of yours?"

"I told you I'm not gay. Ask all the terrorists I've killed in the last 7 seasons how gay I am? Ask my dead wife, Or my flipped out girlfriend Audrey who got brainwashed by the chinese how gay I am! They'll tell you Jack is all about the pussy!"

"Unless Cian is half naked in front of you?"

"Right......I mean...Yes....errr...NO.....DAMN IT!"

"One last time Jack. Something I can use this time."

"OH OH! I had a dream about him the other night and he was kissing me all over my bod....."

"Ok that'll do. Thanks for coming by Jack. Nathan."


"Get him out of here please."

"With pleasure sir." Nathan said with great relish.

Before Dave could utter another word, Nathan yanked the 141 pound Duke of Delusion out of his chair and tossed him out the door. He followed him out as Kieran, Accolade, and James Miller stepped into the room. Kieran swung the door closed as the sweet screams of Dave getting tossed around drifted through the door. Storm listened for a second with a smile before turning his attention to the men before him.

"So, Did you scout it out?" Storm asked.

"Yeah, I gotta tell you man, You got a perfect set up." Kieran replied with a smile.

Accoalde was the next to speak. "He ain't tellin no lie either. That place is dope for what ya got in mind playa."

"Good. James, Did you get what I asked for?"

"It's amazing what you can get for a few bucks at the county office." James said as he laid out the blueprints of the 5 block area Fed X had purchased for the event.

With the blueprints rolled out, They all hunched over the table as James pulled out a pen.

"This is where the Prison match will take place." James said making a mark on the blueprints. "The automotive factory is here, and the alley brawl will be right around the corner here."

Storm smiled. "Did you guys put everything where it was suppose to go?"

Kieran took the pen from James. "We got everything spread out like you asked. Here....here....here....and here. We also placed the most important thing you asked for here."

Kieran wrote on the blueprints exactly where everything was that Storm asked them to plant. When he was done, He handed the pen to Accolade who started writing in more on another section of the Blueprints.

"Yo, Check it, The production trucks be here. This be the place ya'll suppose to play ball....and this spot right here....this is money baby."

"Excellent work. Thank you all very much for the hard work. Now you know what to do from here?"

"We got it Jason, Don't worry." James replied.

"Good, Then if Karma continus to shine, I'll see you all soon. Now get going...time is growing short."

The three men left quickly. As they walked out, Emissary walked in on his crutches and looked down at the Blueprint.

"Looks like you got this squared away partner." Emissary said with a sly grin.

"But we both know looks can be decieving. As it stands now we're good to go but Cian is the real wildcard here. I know one thing about the man. He's not very predictable and that could cause quite a bit of problems."

"Karma shines on us brother, She shines on you brightest. You'll overcome and the sinner will be punished."

"You can take that to the bank. Did you talk to our friend? Storm asked with a questioning look.

"I did. I make no promises, But I believe we're all on the same page."


"I'll let you be then. Time is moving fast and you need to get ready."

"Indeed. Tonight is going to be another history making night and Cian Maccormick will never be the same again ."

Both men exchange a smile and then leave the room. Moments later Storm stands in front of his locker. As this won't be your typical match, Jason doesn't don the tights but opts for jeans and a sleeveles IKI shirt. He stares at his reflection in the mirror while he tapes his fists. This was his time of focus. His chance to center his mind for the task ahead. Although Cian wasn't a member of Fed X, and while he and Storm had no ill will, Cian was in fact a sinner. His sin of vanity otherwise known as pride was enough to make Jason consider him a viable target

They say "Pride Comes before the fall."

Cian was going to take quite the long fall before this night was over.



30 Minutes To Match Time

Karmic Legacy Suite.

Storm finished lacing up his boots and stood up. He grabbed the black neoprene sleeve and slid it onto his left arm. Pulling it up over his bicep, Jason paused to look at the long scar left from the 32 stitches that had been required to sew it back up after he ripped it open almost 2 months ago in the Superstar Championship match he had with Emissary. In truth, the wound was long since heeled. Jason didn't have to use the sleeve but felt he needed it none the less. It was a reminder to him of things that had happened in his past he should have never recovered from but did, Just like the broken back he suffered at the hands of Inferno. He was never suppose to walk again let alone wrestle and yet here he stood 2 years later.

He patted his "good luck charm" and then stared into the mirror. When he saw the reflection of the cowl in the mirror behind him his heart almost stopped. He jumped forward banging into his locker back first expecting to see the Shepherd Of Men behind him but no one was there. Quickly he looked back in the mirror and saw nothing but his own reflection. He turned back the other way to find he was in fact alone. He closes his eyes and in the dead silence of the locker room he can hear The Shepherd's voice.

“Thus saith the Lord God; Woe unto the foolish prophets, that follow their own spirit, and have seen nothing! From the book of Ezekial, Jason Emerson, the Lord sends you warning; HE and HIS soldiers are against you.”

“HE is greatly displeased with the state of this place that was left in your care Jason Emerson, Be warned….I will set upon you a weapon……a hammer……to batter and to shape…….to break down and to build up……….to remake all that has failed here. Before this month is over Jason Emerson……it will all begin with………..YOU!

Jason opened his eyes again and saw the cowl in the reflection of the mirror once again. This time he didn't jump. He closed his eyes tightly and spoke aloud to himself.

"False.....False....The Shepherd is gone....dead.....and what we do....what Karmic Legacy does is for the Good of the world."

He opened his eyes slowly to see only his reflection in the mirror. With a sigh, He sat down on the bench. Alan was behind this. This was his mind game and Storm would not allow himself to fall for it. Storm had learned many lessons throughout life from The Shepherd. He had learned the word of God with Joe Power. He knew it in his heart...Just KNEW IT in his heart that what Karmic Legacy does, What the IKI does was for the good of the world. That the sinners had to be punished. He was God's weapon. Nighthawk knew that. How could he not approve or even be proud of the man Storm had become?

No, Whoever this was it damn sure wasn't Nighthawk. Jason was convinced of that fact and yet still that little twing of fear remained deep down in the recesses of Storm's mind. Glancing up at the clock, He put the false Nighthawk out of his mind. it was time to head out.


In the 5 Block area purchased by Fed X.

"Jesus....I can't believe people used to live here. I've seen nicer septic tanks then this" Kieran said with disgust.

"Feels kinda homie to me yo." Accolade replied.

"The projects you grew up in couldn't have been this bad." James stated from behind Accolade.

"Well ya, Dat be true, Momma's shitty ass crib was da bomb compared ta dis place."

"Dude....Is that Cockroach over there or a dog?" Kieran said pointing to the corner.

"I think that's a cockroach eating a dead dog." James replied

They stood in just one of the many apartments of this 10 story tenament building. Kieran walked over towards the window of this 5th floor apartment and the floor nearly gave way underneath him. He jumped to one side and then leaned out to look at the window.

"Well...that's the court down there so we're exactly where we need to be. One of us has to go over to that other building."

"Alone?" James asked.

"Someone has to go. You aren't scared are ya James?"

"Your damn right I'm scared. Scared I might fall through the floor into the basement where I break both my legs and die because no one can find me."

"Yo stop trippin dawg, I'll go."

"I don't care who goes as long as someone does" Kieran said losing patience. "We have to have the vantage point of the whole area from here so when we need to move we can move."

"Aight, I be headed over der den."

"Just be careful Accolade." James said.

"It's me homie, I be aight."

As Accolade left, Kieran looked back over to the corner.

"Jesus....that is a cockroach eating a dog."

"Ewww" James Said with a shudder.


Karmic Legacy Suite

Nathan stood by Storm's side as they bid farewell to Emissary who would stay behind to watch the event. With his leg in the condition it was and him having to use crutches, he didn't need to be hobbling around 5 blocks of condemned property. The two co-leaders shook hands and then embraced. Emissary slid something to Storm and whispered in his ear.

"This should come in handy if all else fails. Karma won't be denied her punishment on Cian."

"Thank's partner. We'll see you soon."

Storm turned and left the room with Nathan right behind him. As they head down the hallway Storm can see Shelly Simmons hanging close to the exit door where the Karmic Legacy Limo was waiting. He wanted to avoid an interview but that seemed unlikely now. As they got closer, Shelly stepped a few feet towards Storm. Nathan quickly walked around Storm and blocked Shelly's path.

"I just wanted to do an interview with Storm if that's alright." Shelly said slightly afraid of the large man standing before here.

"It's ok Nathan, You can let her by."

"Sir" Nathan replied as he stepped aside.

"Thanks Storm. So, Can I get a few words with you before you leave?"

"Make it quick Shelly, Time is wasting."

"Thanks....in 5...4...3...2..........Hello Fed X fanatics, I'm Shelly Simmons and with me now is our current record setting Superstar Champion Jason Storm. Tonight begins the second round of the King of The Cage Tournament and you draw Wrassle's own Cian Maccormick. You guys also drew the pickup basketball game. How do you think you'll fair against a man you know little to nothing about in a game of basketball?"

"Basketball is the least of my concerns. if I wanted to play basketball I'd have tried out for the high school team. As for an unknown like Cian? We did spend a little time in the same fed once over in wrassle. We're not friends or even acquaintances, I don't know much about him at all, but I do know the one thing I need to know about Cian Maccormick."

"And what is that exactly?"

"That he's a sinner just like Haley, Just like Chance. Cian is a sinner in pride, in vanity. The one who calls himself "The Shirtless Wonder" is about to have his ticket punched. For far to long this prideful son of a bitch has gone unchecked. Tonight Karma is asked for payment....and she'll get it."

"But I don't understand. This isn't some big wrestling match. It's just a pickup game of basketball. I mean sure, there are no rules and you guys can beat the snot out of each other but how much damage can you do playing ball?"

Storm didn't answer her. He just gave her a look that made the smiling blonde move on to the next question.

"Oook. How about this then. Why put the Superstar Championship on the line and why give a non-Fed X'er a shot at it?"

"How many times must I repeat myself Shelly? The Superstar Championship is a means to and end for me. Like last week against Haley, I used it to gain control of the Network for a month and now that Network works for Karmic Legacy. The only value the Superstar Championship has for me is what I can get people to give up for a chance at it....nothing more."

"You do know this attitude of disrespect to the belt you hold really gets under the skin of alot of people." Shelly said pushing the issue.

"I've said it over and over and over again and if you can't understand by now you never will. This interview is over."

Storm moves past Shelly heading for the exit.

"What about the appearance of Nighthawk and his message to you?"

That was enough to stop him in his tracks. He paused for a moment and then slowly turned back to Shelly.

"That Shelly was not The Shepherd Of Men. It's one of Alan's little ploys to try and get inside my head. Karmic Legacy is fighting the good fight. We're trying to make a better world for you people but you're so blinded by sin and fear you don't see it. Nighthawk would be proud of the efforts of Karmic Legacy and the IKI. I know that for a fact. So Alan, if you're listening, you can take your Psuedo Hawk and shove him up your ass. It won't stop me from extracting the price Karma demands from you."

With that said, Storm exited the building and climbed into the limo with Nathan right behind him. Shelly turned to her camera man and smiled.

"I'm Shelly Simmons. Back to ringside with John and Hank.


At Ringside.

"Thank you Shelly. So Hank, thoughts on Storm's denial that the Nighthawk we saw last week and in that interveiw I did with Alan is in fact someone pretending to be Nighthawk?"

"I'm not touching the subject of Nighthawk with a 10 foot pole." Hank Replied.

"Ok then..."

"But I believe Storm is correct. Nighthawk is dead so that couldn't have been him."

"So much for the 10 foot pole. All things aside, this is set to be a basketball game and whoever scores 21 first wins. How do you think these two wrestlers will do in a basketball game Hank?"

"First off, Cian McDorkmick is alot of things but calling him a wrestler is a stretch."

"He did beat Omega."

"John, even the sun shines on a dog's ass everyone once in awhile."

"Fine. My question still stands. Storm, Cian, basketball. How do you see this going down?"

"Are you serious? We're talking about Jason Storm here. Do you REALLY think this is going to be just a basketball game?"

"Pains me to say it but you have a point."

"If anyone is tuning in to see a basketball game you might as well flip over to ESPN Classics right now. My prediction? You're about to see nothing short of yet another bloodbath of epic proportions."

"We'll be right back after a quick word from our sponsors."



[If there is one thing we can be certain in life, Seth Rogen is a horrible actor and should not be allowed to make any new movies. Seriously, the guy should be banned from portraying Britt Reid in the upcoming film version of The Green Hornet, slated to be released July 9th, 2010. Seth Rogen is worse than Chris Klein. What's the point of this seemingly pointless rant? In life we can never be certain about anything. Not one thing. Okay, there are only a few things, Seth Rogen being a horrible actor is one. Death and taxes are the others.]

[Truth be told, Cian never plans for any match against any opponent. Our beloved hero stated this fact when he had the interview with Shelly. He may not have said never having plan, but he sure alluded to never planning. Cian more or less said one can never be ready for a match. Making plans is a foolish thing to do. Why? The answer is complex, and the details would be mind boggling. Understand Robert Burns' poem, "To a Mouse", as the answer lies there. Thankfully, Robert Burns wrote his magnificent poem using Scottish terms.]

But Mousie, thou art no thy lane,
In proving foresight may be vain:
The best laid schemes o' mice an' men
Gang aft agley,
An' lea'e us nought but grief an' pain,
For promis'd joy!

[Cian sat in his hotel room, he glanced over at the bedside table. Time was drifting away before his very eyes into nothingness. A man alone with his thoughts is never a good thing. Cian sat there, his eyes locked onto the sliding glass door which leads out onto the balcony. The Sun is starting to clock out for the night, it's been a long day for our friend. The Sun will leave us to the starry night; The Sun will leave us alone to the Moon and her blanket of a cool Summer's night. The Shirtless Wonder's body still ached.]

[A few days ago, he bought back his left nipple from the anonymous EBay user, Hero009. Long story short, Cian's left nipple was torn from his body in his match against Omega. The EMT took the nipple, sold it on EBay. Hank Proctner was devastated, he wanted the nipple. Hero009 offered to sell the nipple back to Cian. The legendary chest would be incomplete without the nipple. Cian had no choice but to fork over the pretty penny. The nipple was successfully reattached. Wounds don't heal fast. Any match featuring barbwire just flat out sucks. The body takes time to recover, time which Cian did not have. Cian almost wished he had lost the match against Omega.]

[There is a rapping upon his hotel room door. Cian waits a minute, and finally gets to his feet. His movements were a bit sluggish. The Boston Native has been trying his hardest not to start up his pain killer addiction, and his alcohol dependency. Mainly due to the fact every single wrestler has some kind of drug and alcohol problem. Cian is a bit of a non-conformist who conforms to other beliefs while trying to pass it off as either original or with a different spin. However, it's all the same. We are all the same. Washed up, and rehashed material. Kind of depressing to think about. Cian reaches the door, unlocks it, turns the knob, and sees his B.B.F. (Best Beard Friend) Matt McDervish.]

Matt McDervish: Alright buddy time to shine once again!

[Matt seemed to be in good spirits. Yet, this was all a clever facade. In life we are after all poor players who strut and fret upon the stage. Matt has been through quite a bit in recent months, he won the O.W.C Title, lost his father, his daughter Annabelle was kidnapped twice by Eve and Chance. Last week he lost to Carnage, and unbeknownst to our beloved hero, Tawnee Stone (Matt's ex and Annabelle's mother) and her husband are suing Matt for custody over Annabelle. The sad truth, Matt does not stand a chance. Tawnee has cleaned up, and is the mother. The court system always sides with the mother, Tawnee being married and being clean, the judge will bend Matt over and give him a good time. Matt hasn't told Cian, and tonight he wasn't going to.]

Cian Maccormack: Yeah...I guess so...

[Still Cian knew something is wrong, but he did not know what exactly. Sometimes the right course is not to ask questions. If Matt wanted to say something he would have. Both men have been through a lot. As Cian turns around to grab his signature white tee-shirt from the bed, Matt continues to keep the smile up on his chubby cheeks. He gives Cian a good ole hardy pat on the back, the way only a man with a beard can. Non bearded people could not pull off such a loving, tender, but rough pat on the back.]

Matt McDervish: Geez...Debbie Downer! Cheer up man! You totally rawked Omega last week! Tonight, you get to face Storm in Basketball game! Easy, stuff. Granted this a street ball kind of game. However, compared to last week...you should be more thrilled.

Cian Maccormack: True...but...come on...we both know nothing is ever easy. Especially with Storm.

[Cian pauses, mostly due to the fact he is putting on his shirt. However, he pauses for dramatic purposes. The thought of Jason brings back some of the glory days of the fed they were both in. They were not in HCW together for long, but those were good ole times for Cian. When life was simple, easy, fun, and wonderful. Nothing like these darken times.]

Cian Maccormack: He is not the same man he once was back when I remembered him. Now, this whole IKI stuff...Karma talk...the man is a (censored) looney tune! Those IKI goons were the ones who attacked us at the selection show...after what's his face...

[Cian pauses to think of the name. Finally, like a deer colliding into a minivan in the middle of the night on a rural road, Cian snaps his fingers.]

Matt McDervish: Nathan?

Cian Maccormack: Yeah Nathan...I was about to say his name. After Nathan spoke, they attacked us for no apparent reason. This IKI has some serious followers. Something is going down tonight...I just don't know what exactly.

Matt McDervish: Don't worry my bearded brother from another mother...I got your back!

Cian Maccormack: I know you do Matt...you always do...

[The two embrace in a bromantic bearded hug. The principal behind a bromantic bearded hug is like the bromantic hug. The difference is, this is more manlier, and requires the participants have wicked sweet beards. Both Matt and Cian have wicked sweet beards. Be jealous. Storm is jealous, he is as clean shaven as a 14 year old girl named Mackenzie. What? Anywho, they finish their hug, and a minute longer the hug would have turned homo-erotic.]

Cian Maccormack: Alright Matt...lets head out!

[The Emerald Saints turn around, and The Boston Native is shocked by what he sees. Standing at the door (yes, Cian and Matt forgot to shut it) is none other than The Duke of Delusion himself, Delusional Dave Diamond. How long has it been since they lost seen each other? Too long. Dave was gasping for air, had he been running? Dave also appears to have been through a hellacious situation. The man appeared barely alive, but when his eyes saw his best friend, life was renewed. Dave rushed over to Cian with his arms open, and the two men embrace in a slight homo-erotic hug. Why? Dave rests his head upon Cian's immaculate chest. How fast time flies by, it's been far too long since they've last seen one another.]

Cian Maccormack: Dave...what are you doing here?

[Dave looks upward into Cian's kind eyes with a fawn like gaze. Dave's head is still nestled upon Cian's chest. Dave feels warmth and security. Matt was beginning to feel like the third wheel.]

Dave Diamond: Jack Bauer...

[Cian felt like he should not ask. Instead, he rolled with it.]

Cian Maccormack: Okay...Jack?

Dave Diamond: Yes...my love...err...I mean...Cian...

Cian Maccormack: Your hands are...umm...cupping my ass.

Dave Diamond: Oh...oops...I thought those...were...um...yeah.

Cian Maccormack: Jack?

Dave Diamond: Yes?

Cian Maccormack: You can let go of my butt.

Dave Diamond: Oh...I didn't realize my hands were still pressed onto your succulent...and...juicy...rock hard...amazing booty. so, nice and hard.

Cian Maccormack: Jack?

Dave Diamond: Yes?

Cian Maccormack: The pen in your pocket is digging into...my leg.

[Dave's face is flushed red with embarrassment, slowly Dave begins to step away. Not before cupping one last feel of Cian's tight behind. Your jealous. You wish you could cup a feel. Dave eyes then catch onto Matt, and suddenly Dave feels a bit a jealous of the unknown man in their presences. However, The Duke of Delusion tries to play it off coolly.]

Dave Diamond: Whose this pig lover?

Cian Maccormack: This is Matt McDervish...he's a friend of mine...and my current tag partner. Matt this is an old friend of mine...Dave Diamond...who is now...apparently...going by the alias of Jack Bauer.

Matt McDervish: A pleasure to meet you...

Dave Diamond: Likewise.

[There is ire hidden in Dave's tone. Obviously, Dave is not pleased about competing for Cian's affection, and attention. The two men shake hands though. Dave tightens his grip to make a statement. Of course, Dave is not a strong guy, therefore, his efforts are wasted. His handshake feels more like a handshake. Typically, Dave handshakes are quite dainty. Still, Cian was concerned about Dave's well-being, and wanted to know what happened.]

Cian Maccormack: Dav...err...um...Jack...what happened to you?

[Dave walked past Cian, he walked over to the window, closed the curtains, and began doing a quick sweep of the room. He ripped the phone cord out of the phone. He was checking the area.]

Dave Diamond: Men were asking about you Cian.

Cian Maccormack: Men? Who?

Dave Diamond: They kept pressing me...asking me all sorts of strange questions.

Cian Maccormack: Dave what is this all about?

Dave Diamond: They tortured me...trying to get the answers. Squeezing every single piece of information from me. They did everything they could...to extract the knowledge I hold. Thankfully, they did not resort to sodomy. Not like I was begging to be sodomized by the group of brooding men. Trust me, the last thing I want in this life is to be gangbanged by a group of mysterious men with great force.

Cian Maccormack: Where's El Fantastico?

[Cian was simply trying to get Dave to stop talking about being raped by men. Dave was still searching the room. What was he looking for?]

Dave Diamond: Chloe? They still have her. I had to escape from their clutches. I was not going to let those goons take away my man cherry. No matter how much they threatened to pound me in my behind. I would not say anything. I managed to escape. Leaving behind Chloe and Tony. I did want to leave them behind. However, I had to...for you Cian...all for you. Everything I do...I did it all for you. I would fight for you, I'd lie for you. Walk the wire for you, ya I'd die for you.

Bryan Adams: There's no love, like your love
And no other, could give more love
There's nowhere, unless you're there
All the time, all the way

[Eventually Bryan Adams fades away much like his career. Matt leaned up against his bearded friend, to whisper in a manly way into Cian's ear.]

Matt McDervish: I think your friend a wee bit crazy.

Dave Diamond: I am not crazy!

Cian Maccormack: Dave...I mean...Jack...who was asking about me? What did they want to know?

[Dave snaps around, the man took quite the beating from the IKI.]

Dave Diamond: Storm...Jason Storm! He was asking about you. He wanted intimate details. Don't worry...I did not tell him about your wife Nev, who was murdered seven years ago. Nor did I tell him about your cousin Hardcore K dying trying to save the world last month...and his death has been crippling you emotionally. I especially did not tell him about the time when you were sleeping in your that one night after your match, I sneaked into your locker room, put a wig on you, and spooned you like a gentle lover.

Cian Maccormack: Wait...what?

Dave Diamond: Storm has something planned for you. I don't know what though. Don't worry...Cian...I will be right behind you. Since you have always been right behind me. I am afraid they wired tapped your hotel room. I will advise you not to go to the match tonight, but we can't stay here.

Cian Maccormack: I'm not going to no-show. If Storm has something planned...so be it. I'm not going to run and hide. I don't care how insane Storm is...or has become...I still have no fear of the guy.

Dave Diamond: Very well...but I will go with you...to protect you. To ensure nothing happens to your beautiful chest...your washboard abs...your amazing arms...your sexy beard.

[Uncomfortable silence hangs out in the room for a bit. Both Cian and Matt stare at Dave with blank expressions, blinking their eyes only twice.]

Dave Diamond: What?

Matt McDervish: Anywho, I've been meaning to ask...are you going to take up Storms offer about his Superstar Championship Title?

[A sly, and foxish grin takes form on Cian's lips.]

Cian Maccormack: All will be revealed once I arrive to the court.

[Then the trio make their exit of the hotel room. Cian doesn't seem nervous, at least he does not appear to be nervous. Instead, he seems rather calm and cool. In his mind Storm beating Dave for information was rather soothing. Besides how could Storm use this useless info? Cian just simply did not care. His mind was on scoring 21 points. They exit the hotel, all three get into the Callisto Mobile 5.0 and head to the court. What does Storm have planned? Will Dave turn on Cian? Will Dave and Matt fight for Cian's man love? Has Dave drank the Kool Aide? Will Storm's master plan help or hinder him? Will this match become overwhelming confusing? Will this match be overwhelmed with emotions? Will there be a wardrobe malfunction? Time will only tell.]


John Paragon: Alright Fed X fans we are back. Once again we like to thank our sponsor for the Round 2 of the King of the Cage match between Storm and Cian. As aforementioned earlier, the featured sponsor for this match is non other than Summer's Eve. There is no other brand of feminine hygiene products at your local store shelves which can match the quality or reliability of Summers Eve. Trust me ladies when I say...you cannot live without all the wonderful products which Summers Eve makes.

Hank Proctner: I'm still baffled how they are the featured sponsor for this "match" between Cian and Storm.

John Paragon: These are tough times my friends. Not every company is willing to fork over money for sponsorship spots for wrestling. Nevertheless, neither of the opponents have yet to arrive. Also, we have yet to find out if Cian is going to take up Storms offer for the Superstar Championship Title. Do you think Cian will take Storm up on his offer?

Hank Proctner: Are you kidding? Of course MacMoron is going to take the offer. Cian craves the spotlight to be on him at all times. The man begs for title shots in every single federation he has ever been in. He uses his powers of seduction, and sexiness to get what he wants. The man is so full of greed. Makes me sick. I personally do not agree with Jason's offer. Cian is not a member of Federation X. He has not been for a long time, not since the days of when Faith was around. He was not welcome then...and he is certainly most not welcomed now.

I do not care how good looking he might be. Sure, the man has an incredible beard, one of which only a man could dream of having. Dan Haven's glorious beard is ill in comparisons beard. The Shirtless Dolt might have strong, but gentle arms you want to be wrapped in during a cold Winters eve for warmth and security. However, the man lacks total talent. The man would drag Fed X down to a horrible level. One of which I dare not imagine.

John Paragon: I believe you are being rather harsh. I mean last week you were ranting and raving similar things, and yet Cian still came out the victor of his match.

Hank Proctner: I don't even want to talk about that.

John Paragonr: Still upset about not winning Cian's left nipple eh?

Hank Proctner: No! I'm upset of how much money I am in the whole for betting on Omega! Even if I wanted to bet on Storm, the odds are in his favor. Therefore, I could not win enough to coup my losses from last week.

John Paragonr: Well...I back to what we were talking about. I think you are to harsh on The Shirtless Wonder. The man is the complete opposite of most wrestlers. The man never asks for anything. He stays clear of the spotlight. I mean he has not been seen since he defeated Omega. I do believe he would make a great addition to the Federation X roster. The only thing we don't know is whether or not Cian will accept Storm's generous offer. As aforementioned, Cian has kept a low profile. Suppose, Cian were to take the offer...what do you think he would give up?

[Hank sat there in his chair, clearly Hank is ornery. The man absolutely despises Cian Maccormack. John's question though was lingering in Hank's mind.]


[Ever since the epic story dubbed "The Sadistic Duck Saga" came to a tragic end, Cian has been plagued with sleepless nights. Yet, he is not an insomniac not by a long shot. Every night is the same story, just different day. Puzzled by the meaning of the dreams. Sometimes he is never sure if he is sleeping or dreaming. They are all the same. They end the same. For he is reminded he is alone in the world. No alcohol, no woman can fill the empty void.]

[Cian's eyes flicker open, his body sits up right, his heart is beating like a hammer. He wipes the sweat from his brow, and takes a deep breath. The bottle of Bushmills 21 by his bedside is empty, rather quite annoying. If this was a dream, there would be a bottle full of his favorite whiskey. There is noise coming from his living room. Cian swings his feet from out of the covers and onto the carpeted floor. Cian cautiously makes his way out of his bedroom, and through the hallway.]

[The Shirtless Wonder, in all his shirtless glory peers his head from the hallway corner. He scans the living room. The lights are on, sitting on his couch is none other than his deceased cousin/former Top Notch Stablemate/Tag Partner, Hardcore K. The Canadian Icon is sitting, polishing his Medal of Honour rigorously. Cian cracks a smile, he is happy to see his cousin. He may not say it, but Cian has missed Hardcore K tremendously. Cian approaches his ghostly vistor with glee. This is the fist time Hardcore K has visited Cian.]

Cian Maccormack: I'm glad death has not changed you at all.

Hardcore K: Trust me...you have no idea the hardships Hardcore K has been having up there. Do you realize how difficult it is for an agoraphobic to be in a place where you have absolutely no privacy! Gah! Very inconvenient! People are always coming up asking me questions about my great life up until my most heroic death! Than the women...they keep assaulting me with ubber hot sex constantly. Hardcore K simply cannot find any time for peace and quit. My glorious Medal of Honour is so dull...due to the fact I have no time to myself! Thankfully, J-Money...a.k.a...Jesus...sent me down to talk to you. Kinda like what Nev...and Cyndi were doing before.

Cian Maccormack: Their messages have been quite ambiguous, and cryptic. How have you and Cyndi been getting along up there?

Hardcore K: She does not hate me...nor...blames me for her death...so...I guess...that's a good thing...eh?

Cian Maccormack: I guess. So, are you going to be giving me some kind of cryptic message as well? Or are you actually going to give me some juicy details pertaining to this impending dome?

Hardcore K: Well...J-Money...told me I couldn't give any details. So, basically more of the same. I guess I could give you some caution about your match in the next few days against Storm.

Cian Maccormack: Caution? What do I need to worry about?

Hardcore K: Something big is going down.

Cian Maccormack: Care to provide any constructive details?

Hardcore K: You know what sucks...about heaven?

[This was a rhetorical question, which does not require a verbal response. Cian pondered about what could possible suck about heaven. Hardcore K took a moment to stop polishing his most prized possession and looked up at his cousin.]

Hardcore K: Rules! There are too many rules. You cannot do this...you cannot do that. We cannot even take over and possess a persons body! Yet, downstairs, Lucifer lets his boys loose. So, unfair. Anyways, part of the "rules" is I can't provide the details. Something about how spoilers can ruin the foreshadowed future. Which the powers be...are trying to preserve. Since you know...Jesus is planning on doing a comeback tour. All I can say what is about to go down has something do with all the whole "karma" thing.

I'm suppose to advise to keep you mind sharp...stay true to your beliefs...do not forget who you are...yada yada. Typical melodramatic stuff. You know how that goes...you do the melodramatic stuff oh so well. Also, they wanted me to give you something to help you out during your "match".

[Hardcore K gets up from the couch, and walks over to his cousin. Hardcore K reaches into his back pocket, produces an item, and secretly places it in the palm of Cian's left hand. The Shirtless Wonder glances down, looks at the item inquisitively. He is not sure what to make of this item. What is the purpose? The meaning?]

Cian Maccormack: Wait...what I am suppose to do with this?

[Hardcore K sighs in aggravation. As Cian's question ultimately leads into a cliche answer in these kind of situations.]

Hardcore K: You will know when the time comes.

[See, told ya.]

Hardcore K: Now, this is the part where I...the great...omnipotent...Hardcore K...am suppose to say something motivating before making a grand exit. Which will lead you to waking up and wonder, "WTF mate?". Instead, lets pretend...I do...and...I am just going to sit here and continue to shine my Medal of Honour.

[Hardcore K made his way back to the couch, he started to polish his medal once again. However, he pauses, looks up at Cian once again.]

Hardcore K: Also...my Steve...or I guess he goes by Hamilton C. Kay now...he needs your help. The kid is a mess...and is of course...blaming me. I know you have been trying...but...you seriously need to step it up. The last thing I need...or my legacy needs...is Hamilton screwing my name up. Maybe you can find him a personal assistant...or...a puppy. Something to help him coupe. With that being said...feel free to wake up...

[Pregnant pause.]

Hardcore K: Now!

[Suddenly, Cian's eyes open wide, but burn as the sunlight is blinding. He is back in the real world. Back in the world of loneliness and despair. There is something in his hand. Cian sits pulls his hand from out from underneath the blanket. Nevertheless, he is clutching onto the item Hardcore K gave to him in the dream. He sits there completely half nekkie, trying to decipher the purpose of this majestic item. Regardless, he'll be taking it with him. Better be safe than sorry. Still, these vivid dreams, or whatever they can be called, they are occurring more frequently. At least they have to feature a midget walking around talking backwards.]


Hank Proctner: Alright lets go with the hypothetical situation of Cian taking up Storm's lucrative offer. I believe or at the very least...Cian should give up his shirtless ways!

John Paragon: What? Cian giving up his shirtless ways? Are you mad? Cian could not possibly give up his shirtless ways. Being shirtless is what he is about...it is who is!

Hank Proctner: During "Eye of the Storm"...Jason told him...very clearly...if he wants something...he has to put up something worthwhile. Giving up the shirtless ways...well...you better believe that is something worthwhile. Imagine, a world with no shirtless Cian...parading about...showing off his chiseled chest...strutting about completely half nekkie. No more would we have subject ourselves to his...his Greek God like body. No more would he over stimulate the women of the world by being shirtless. If Cian had to remained fully clothed...we would have...without a doubt have a Utopian society.

John Paragon: I highly doubt Cian would ever give up his shirtless ways. Wait a second though...I think...I think...yes...The Callisto Mobile 5.0 has pulled up along the street.

[The Callisto Mobile 5.0 does not pull up along the side of the street, nay, the Callisto mobile 5.0 power slides into a parallel parking spot. After all, the vehicle is a Mini Cooper, and there is no other way one could park such an awesome car. Three figures emerge out of the vehicle (a gift from Callisto herself). They are Cian, Matt, and Dave. There is a crowd of people sitting on the bleachers around the basketball court. Since Cian is a representative of the organization they absolutely despise, they all feel inclined to boo him. Except the women, they still want him, and to have his seed. So, does Dave, but we will not get into that right now.]

[The thunderous chorus of boo's is something new Cian is trying to get use to with his stint here in Federation X. After all, Cian is often hailed a hero. The Boston Native has shed his tweener side, and has become more of a face in the last few years. The fans of Fed X are unforgiving. The trio of men who define heterosexuality make their way to the court. Cian gives both men a jolly good manly hug before entering the basketball courtyard. As the manly threesome hug comes to an end, Matt signs to Cian that he hearts him. As Cian turns away, Dave gives Cian a good game.]

[Of course Dave's good game is much different from what we would perceive to be a good game. As we would think a good game was just a friendly pat on the behind. Not for Dave. His good game is basically dry humping Cian's backside. Naturally, and lovingly, Cian shoves Dave to the ground. The Duke of Delusion does not feel rejected by any means. As he just perceives Cian was in defense mode, and the whole shoving thing was just a reaction to the being dry humped by surprise. Dave got to his feet sluggishly, the man masked his pain. Nobody knows to the full extent of what those IKI bastids did to him. Still, Dave showed no signs of fear either. Weird. Anywho, Cian walks into the courtyard, and ushers the fans in silence. Giving him a chance to speak.]

Cian Maccormack: I am just going to get down to business. Storm offered to put his Superstar Title on the line. As long as I give up something. Sounds like a relatively good deal, right? But what would I give up? I could give up my...shirtless ways...

Hank Proctner: Oh please...please give up the shirtless ways.

[Women at the basketball courtside, and throughout the world were on the edge of their seats, biting their nails. Waiting with anticipation as to what Cian was about to say next. They simply could not bear the thought of a non-shirtless Cian Maccormack. Such a though is unfathomable.]

Cian Maccormack: However...I am just not ready to say goodbye to my shirtless ways.

[Women let out a sigh of relief. Then at the very moment Cian made his statement, the shirt inconspicuously disappears as it has done so every time since Cian became a wrestler. The women are overstimulated by the half nekkie body. They all faint, one by one. Dave does as well. Cian flashes his patented panty dropping grin.]

Cian Maccormack: So, what else would I have to offer to you Storm? How about nothing! I do not care about your title...I do not want your title. It has no value to me. So, Stormy boy...you can keep your title. Now then, let us all play the "lets be silent while we wait game"...until Stormy boy arrives.

Hank Proctner: What? MacIdiot is such a douche! How can he refuse Storm's lucrative offer? I hate MacIdiot! I hate him so much!

John Paragon: Speaking of douches, our featured sponsor for this match, Summers Eve, would like to remind the women, their douching products are not meant to be used in the following circumstances: To prevent pregnancy, if you have symptoms of pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) or a sexually transmitted disease (STD), to self-treat or prevent an STD or PID, after exposure to an STD, and more than twice weekly or during pregnancy. Summers Eve, helping keep you ladies out there fresh daily.

[Cian picks up the basketball, and waits for Storm to arrive. The fans look at one another, and wonder who should they cheer for in this match. After all, they hate Storm, but they do not like Cian for he is an outsider. Yup, they are certainly stuck in quite a conundrum. Who will they cheer for? Can two white guys play Basketball? Or will they reinforce the negative stereotype of white guys sucking at Basketball? Does Cian still have the item Hardcore K gave to him? Will Cian use the item? Will Dave swerve Cian in this match? Will Storm and Cian become best of friends? What kind of question should be asked next? What are your thoughts on Shetland Ponies? All this and more next time!]

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3 Minutes Till Match Time.

Inside the Karmic Legacy Limo.

Storm watches as Cian rejects the offer of a shot at the Superstar Championship. Some might think that would disappoint Storm but he simply shrugs. The belt means little to him other then to give him advantages for his cause. He glances over at Nathan as they continue to watch the shot of Cian dribbling the ball.

"I take it you saw Dave was with Cian and Matt yes?" Storm asked.

"I did sir. Nothing to worry about. It'll be taken care of."

"Good. You know what has to be done Nathan. You know what your resposiblity is."

"I do sir. I won't fail you."

"I know you won't my friend."

The Limo pulls up beside the chain link face that surrounds the court. Nathan steps out of the limo and holds the door open for Storm. The Co-leader of Karmic Legacy stretches his legs and then pushed the sunglasses up on his nose. He glances over and looks down about 50 feet to the other end of the fence. Matt and Dave stand side by side, One with an annoyed look on his face. The other waving like an idiot. Three guesses who's waving and the first two don't count.

Taking his time, Storm pulls the sunglasses off and hands them over to Nathan. He smirks at Cian as he makes his way to the door leading to the court. As he walks through the door, all eyes turn to look back over by the limo just in time to see a pimped out Escalade roll up and come to a stop. The windows vibrate from the base as the spinners cast reflections off the walls of the old 10 story apartment buildings on either side. All eyes watch to see just who this might be.

"Ah, This must be our guest scorekeeper for the evening."

"I'm sorry John. Guest scorekeeper? How come no one told me about it?"

"Because you have a big mouth and it wouldn't have been a suprise if I told you."

"You know......well....yeah...You got me. So who is it?"

Two thugs climb out of the car obviously packing some kind of firearm under thier coats. They stand aside as the Guest Scorekeeper steps out of the Escalade.

"Latrell Sprewell?" Hank Exclaims. "I love this guy!"

"Of course you do, How could you not love the pro basketball player who got famous for choking out his own coach?"

"Hell yeah, Maybe he'll get his hands on Cian and choke that bastard out!"

"I can tell this is going to be fun."

Latrell walks over to the nearby table set up for him with the controls to the scoreboard on it. He looks down at it and then picks up the whistle laying nearby along with the mic.

"Ayight bitches. Get to da center of the court and when I blow dis whistle, Game on."

Storm turns around and looks at Nathan with a grin as his right hand man shuts the cage and locks it. He tosses the key to one of Sprewell's thugs. Leaning on the fence he shouts to Storm.

"Another night of History for us. Karma will watch over you."

Storm gives him a thumbs up and then walks to the center of the court where the Shirtless Wonder stands waiting for him. Rather then stop a foot or so from him Storm walks right up to Cian, snatches the ball away and gets nose to nose with his opponent. The Shirtless Wonder grins in Storm's face.

"Well hello sweetums, Did you come for kiss like Dave?"

"I'm glad you think this is a joke Cian because when this night draws to a close you'll be drikning your meals with a straw."

"Such hostility. Have you ever thought of Anger management?"

"That's right, Keep making jokes. You're about to find out that this isn't a game."

Storm shoves the ball into Cian's chest backing him up a foot. The Bearded Superstar only chuckles at how tightly wound over a simple game Storm appears to be. He looks over at Sprewell who's about to blow the whistle.

"So I take it since I'm the outsider or for the sake of arguement, the visiting team, I get the ball first?"

"You have it don't you?" Storm replied sarcastically.


Sprewell watched and when the banter between the two foes ended, he blew the whistle. Cian smiled at Storm who's face remained blank as slate.

"So, You want a check?"

Storm held his hands out and Cian bounced him the ball. Storm pushed on the sides of the ball, bounced it once on the ground, and then looked at Cian with a smirk as The Shirtless Wonder held his hands out waiting for Storm to toss it back. Tossing the ball is exactly what Storm did too.

He tossed the ball with all his might into the air and watched as the ball broke the glass in one of the 4th story apartment windows. He then looked back at Cain.

"Well that wasn't very smart. How are we....OOFFF!!"

"You knew it, You just KNEW IT! Storm tossed the ball into that empty apartment building and then clotheslined Cian out of his sneakers!"

"Now this is what I'm talking about! Two men fighting. If I wanted to watch a bunch of thugs and hoods play basketball I'd tune into the NBA Channel!"

As Cian laid on the hard asphalt of the court trying to figure out which way was up, Storm looked down upon him.

"You honestly think I came here to play some stupid game? After I beat you till you can't move I'll worry about making baskets."

Storm reached down and yanked Cian up by his hair. When he had him vertical, Jason whipped him hard towards the side of the fence surrounding the court. Because the Court was so old and worn down like the buildings around it the side of the rusty fence gave way spilling Cian out into the street. Storm followed him out quickly not wanting to let up on his advantage.

"Well folks, if you tuned in to see a pickup game you can forget it, as expected, Storm has turned this into a slum fight for lack of a better word while catching Cian totally offguard."

"And do tell John...WHY is this now a fight and not a basketball game?"

"Because someone in the Powerbase....in thier infinate wisdom, only provided one ball."

"EXACLTY! Let the bloodbath begin! I hope Storm does to Cian's chest what he did to Haley's face!"

Storm stalks towards Cian as the Shirtless Wonder tries to get his bearings. He reaches for Cian to yank him off the ground but Cian catches him with a stiff elbow to the stomach. Storm staggers back a step bent over but quickly steps forward again to try and keep the advantage. When he gets close to Cian he catches a second elbow to the gut. This one staggers him back a few steps giving Cian room to finally get to his feet.

Shaking his head to clear things up a bit he looks over to Matt and Dave. Dave blows him a kiss while Matt is motioning for Cian to bash Storm in the face. The Shirtless Wonder shrugs and then lays a stiff right jab right into Storm's jaw rocking him back and dropping him to a knee. Maccormick had come to play basketball, but if it was a fight Storm wanted, He'd be more then happy to play that game too.

"Cian grabs Storm by the arm and irish whips him HARD into that battered old dumpster!"

"Damn it! Come on Storm! This guy sucks!"

"I don't think he sucks as much as you claim Hank. Cian goes right back after Storm again. He pulls him up with a handful of hair and then sets him up for what looks like an atomic....Scratch that! He just dropped Storm groin first on the end of that dumpster!!"

Storm tried to suck in air but couldn't as he tettered on the edge of the dumpster. If he could see anything or even care about anything other then the pain coursing through his testicles, He would want to fall outside the dumpster.....but instead he falls inside, right into a nice 1 foot deep pool of dumpster water, bum piss, rat shit, and what might be a few used hypodermic needles. Cian peers over the edge and then looks to Matt with a smile. Brushing his hands together as if cleaning them off, He turns and looks for the main door leading into the apartment building. After all, Cian has to go find the ball before anyone can score a basket. Alas Sir Super Chest finally spies the door but it's been boarded shut.

"It looks as if Cian is trying to find an alternate way into that old condemned apartment building and he has no choice if he wants to win. He's going to have to go into that danger zone to retrieve the ball."


Meanwhile...On the 4th floor of the apartments....

Kieran peers out the window watching as Cian looks for a way in. He watches as Storm finally sits up in the dumpster covered with God knows what. Meanwhile, James is searching for the basketball that Storm threw into the building. He was suppose to hit the 5th floor windows with the ball but came up a bit short causing the two IKI members to come down one floor.

"Cain's trying to find a way in and Storm is trying to get out of that Dumpster. I think he has shit on his back....Ewww. Did you find the ball yet!?"

"Not yet....but I found another dead cat, a few dead rats, crack viles out the ass, a few piles of shit, and a couple used condoms. This place is a real shithole."

"Yeah yeah...Come on man Just find the ball!"


"JAMES!!" Kieran screamed

The man formally known as Weed Man ran in the direction of the scream. Three doors down he watched as James backed into the hallway. When he got next to James he shoved him a little annoyed.

"Dude...you scared the piss out of me! I thought the floor caved in or something!"


"To To To To Today Junior! Spit it out!"


Kieran blinked and then moved past James to look inside the room. Sure enough, There was the body of what might have been a dead woman. On her chest lay the ball. Kieran turned to James and shook him.

"It's dead man. it's not going to hurt you. Go get the ball!"

"Shit on that man...I watched enough horror movies to know you don't fuck with a dead body!"

"Oh for christsakes, I'll go get it!"

Kieran marched into the room, bent down, and picked up the ball. The second he touched the ball, he heard a cracking noise.


The woman's left arm fell off and hit the floor.

"Ok Fuck this!" Kieran said running past James like the Devil was chasing him.

"Wait for me fucker!!' James shouted giving chase.


Back down by the court.

Cian was still looking to find a way in when Storm finally crawled out of the dumpster. He peeled off his shirt and tossed it aside. Looking around, he spotted Cian and started stalking his way across the road.

"Storm has to smell horrible after taking a dunk in that dumpster water but the Superstar Champion isn't showing any signs of being phased by it. He's going right after Cian!"

"Damn straight. I hope to hell he gives Cian a dunking too. I'd love to see Das WunderChest take a dip in that nasty fluid!"

"Storm walking right up behind Cian now ready to deliver a blow!"

Storm did have every intention of nailing Cian in the back of the head but when you're covered in dumpster water, It's hard to sneak up on anyone. As he went to throw a left at his foe, Cian whipped around, grabbed Storm by the arm, and whipped him right into the side of Sprewell's Escalade. You can only guess this won't be pretty.

"Storm tried to Pearl Harbor Cian but the Shirtless Wonder caught him and sent him hard into the side of that SUV!"

"Great Move by Cian!"

"I'm sorry Hank but I thought you hated Cian."

"I do...and I'm going to love this because you never EVER hit a Black Man's prized Escalade. Sprewell is about to go off. Watch!"

Sure enough, Sprewell left his seat and started marching towards the Escalade with his thugs in tow...right towards Cian.

"Yo! I'm about to choke a bitch out man! Das my ride muthafucker!"

"Uhmmm...My bad?" Cian said trying to sound as if he cared.

"Damn right yo bad fool! I'm gonna...."

Before Sprewell could get close enough to "Choke a bitch out", Storm had gotten back to his feet and nailed Cian in the back of the head with a forearm shot. Cian went down to one knee and Storm quickly picked Him back up by the Hair.

"Don't worry, Spree, I got this for you." Storm shouted.

"Ya dawg, Teach him proper yo!"

Storm gave Sprewell a nod and then with a handful of Cian's hair, Got a running start. When he was close enough to the building, Storm tossed Cian head first through one of the apartment windows and then followed him inside.

"Oh My! Storm just tossed Cian head first through the window and into the apartments!"

"I hope it carved up Cian's chest real good and took out his nipple again!"

"Hank! Folks, We didn't expect this to go inside so while our camera crews rush to get camera's inside the building, we'll take this quick break for our sponsors!"



[The morning seems to come to fast. The restless, and sleepless night. There is no question, Cian did not obtain the amount of sleep he needed or deserved. He was up and ready for the day. Yet, he was not going anywhere, he had no place to go. Nobody to see. There is a soft knock on the door. At first. Suddenly, the knocking becomes more impatient, and to the beat of Beck's awesome song "Girl", which sounds upbeat but wow are the lyrics morbid. Cian answers to the caller, and much to his surprise, he wasn't expecting this guest.]

Cian Maccormack: Chance? What do you want?

[She pushed Cian aside, and walked right into the hotel room. She seems disgusted by the room, either not luxerious enough, or not evil enough. Perhaps both, only Chance knows. The Shirtless Wonder simply rolled his eyes as he shut the door. Chance stood over by the glass door which leads out to the balcony. She was gazing towards the rising Sun. A smile took shape across her lips, she spun around. and looked Cian. They were not exactly friends. Especially after what Chance did to Matt, and outcome of her actions.]

Chance: What? You seriously cannot be upset me. I mean what happened with MacFatty...and what not happened like...eons ago. You sooo...need to get over it.

[In Cian's mind he was reflecting back on the day when he first met Chance, when she first entered the world of wrestling. She was different then. He actually did not mind her back then. He would still make hot and passionate love to her. However, with her nonstop stupidity, he still would.]

Cian Maccormack: I have every right to be upset with you. Now, what do you want?

Chance: First close your eyes...and no peeksees....

Cian Maccormack: How about I don't.

Chance: Puhlease! Pretty pretty puhlease!

[She bats her eyes and tries too look all innocent. However, Chance is pure evil, and Cian has not been keeping up with what she has been doing lately. Which is a good thing for Chance, as this will make their interaction that much easier. Cian relunctantly closes his eyes. What? The man is a sucker for the dames. Chance reaches into her back pocket, and produces a small canister. She sprays the contents in Cian's face.]

Cian Maccormack: What the f....

[Cian falls like a ton of bricks. Chance side steps before he could inadvertantly land on her. Suddenly, his hotel room door bursts open. Emma enters the room with the hotel baggage cart.]

Chance: Cian...your are like...stupid people dumb...mwhaha...cough, cough...mwhahaha! Emma! Load him up...for we shall take him to our secret lair!

[About an hour later. Cian's eyes flutter open, he tries to get a grasp of his surrounding, but he's blinded by the light blarring down upon him. He is confide to the chair he is in. Finally things come into view. Chance is spinning about in her awesome swivel chair. Until of course she hears the sound of Cian's groggy, but still sexy voice.]

Cian Maccormack: Wh...wha...where am I?

[Chance brings her spinning business to a hault. She is a bit dizzy, but she manages to maintain her evil mannerism. She places her elbows on the arm rest. A sadistic and twisted smile only a villain can pull off forms on her face. She glares at her prisoner, well he's not really a prisoner, but whatever. She is basically staring at Cian.]

Chance: Cian...welcome to my totally awesome...but...super secret hidden...lair!

[She does the whole evil cackle sound]

Cian Maccormack: Looks like a...locker room.

Chance: Silence!

[She reaches into her bowl of cashew nuts and chucks them at Cian.]

Chance: Now...down to...umm...

[She winds up drifting into space.]

Cian Maccormack: Business?

Chance: I said be quiet! Emma! Slap him for his...his...like...dis...disres...disrespre...gah! I can't think of the word. Slap him for talking!

[Emma gives a vicious slap across the face, no doubt she must have brusied the sexiest beard ever known to mankind.]

Chance: Now, Cian you shall...complie with my bidding. You shall do as I as...exactly what I say...or else...

Cian Maccormack: Ugh...or else what?

Chance: I shall drop you into the pit filled with man eating...Capybaras!

[Never heard of a Capybara? Sucks for you.]

Emma: Doctor Chance...we could not obtain any man eating capybaras.

Chance: Excuse you? And when were you are planning on telling me this?

Emma: Uh...soon?

Chance: Hrm...I am disappointed. What about my redikulous large water tank filled with man-eating goldfish?

Emma: The tank was repossed yesterday.

[Chance does not say anything verbally. Instead, she picks up her bowl of cashews and flings it across the table at Emma, but Emma ducked out of harms way.]

Chance: Alroighty! Cian...if you don't do as I say...then...your punishment will just...be something I'll come up with at a later time. You see...I want to kill Storm...and you are going to help me!

[Cian simply sat in the chair, a bit confused. Chance seemed serious about killing Storm.]

Chance: Yes...you heard me. I have came up with like...this plan that can't fail.

[Evil pause]

Chance: This time.

[Chance flashed her sinister smile as she glared across the table at our beloved shirtless hero. Cian sat in the chair, restrained, he could not do anything but accept. He would have to hear her plan. He had no choice. Yet, we can plan as much as we want to, but the truth is, no plan can be successful. No matter how well it is planned out. Life tends to throw too many curve balls at us.]


John Paragon: I can't believe what I am seeing! Not again! This is just unreal! Twice now Cian has had his left nipple removed from his body.

Hank Proctner: Oh...how rather unfortunate for the Shirtless Twit!

Cian Maccormack: You bastid! You sheep raping bastid! How could you?

Storm: Your vanity...is sickening! You only care about your looks...you are self asborbed. You are beneath the dirt which we walk upon.

[Storm held up the nipple, as Cian was barely able to stand on his own two feet. The throbbing pain was unbearable, unacceptable, and uncalled for. Storm reaches into his back pocket, pulls out a lighter, striking till the flame comes alive. The sound of Cian's flesh sizzingly is like nails to a chalkboard. The foul stench of burning flesh causes stomachs to turn. There is not a single person who does not lose their lunch over this distrubing act. Storm simply smiles.]

Token Black Lady: Oh snap! White boi has gone way cuh-razzie! Burning other white boi nipple.

[There is nothing worse than a religious fanatic. Except for a religious fantatic who are ignorant of current world events. Yes, ignorance is a terrible thing. However, an ignorant religious fanatic is just worse. Except for Seth Rogen. Seriously, the guy needs to be blacklisted from ever making another film. He sucks, flat out sucks harder than neighbors wife who blows anyone who comes a knockin' on her door. Anywho, Cian lunged after Storm with great furious anger. Blood gushed from Cian's open wound, he did not care. Storm burned his left nipple!]

[Cian's arms wrapped around Storms body, he drilled into the floor of the apartment. Storm grimmanced in pain, but smiled. Cian sent his fists deep into Storm's ribcage. However, Storm looked as if though he was welcoming this from our beloved shirtless, and nippleless hero. Storm reached upward, his boy cradling hands locked tightly around Cian's throat. He wasn't letting not. Storm had his G.I. Joe kung-fu grip locked tightly.He wasn't going to give up, not until Cian let up with those brutal punches. What zany thing will happen next? Will there be jokes about Storm's buldge? You better believe it.]


"We should go in after him!" Dave shouted as if frightened for Cian's well being.

"Right, And I should go in there after him with you why exactly?" Matt McDervish asked.

Matt had every right to ask. Here he was stuck outside this slum with Dave "Jack Bauer" Diamond who only a few weeks ago took the place of Storm in a Superstar Championship match at Storm's request. He had also admitted to "Helping" Storm by giving up information on Cian. Add to the mix that Dave told Cian that the IKI had Fantastico and Donny Osmond hostage. Now Why would Matt have any reason to trust Dave?

"But the sexy Shirtless Wonder could be in real trouble!"

"Oh I'm quite sure he will be if he isn't already but that doesn't change the fact that I don't trust you."

Welll that and he was still feeling jealous over the way Dave had cupped Cian's butt cheeks.

"I'm Jack Bauer Damn It! Do you have any idea how many terrorists I've killed defending this counrty!?......DAMN IT!"

"I don't give a shit if you're Captain Kangaroo! I don't trust you."

"Fine, stay here. I'll go save the sexist man alive then!"

That said, Dave leans forward and marches with purpose towards the apartment building leaving Matt with two choices. He could stay outside and do nothing. Of course if Dave was a spy he'd be leaving his partner open to back stabbing attacks. His second choice was to follow Dave inside the condemned building to keep an eye on him. Matt shrugged and went with the latter option.


Inside the Condemned Apartment Building.

A Camera crew had finally made it into the building sending a live feed of Storm choking Cian out while Cian continued to try and pummel Storm with fists. Also quite clear is that Cian's nipple has come off again.

"YES!" Hank shouted with glee. "Cian's Nipple goes DOWN AGAIN! WOO!"

"Your obessession with Cian's nipple is starting to scare me Hank."

"I'm a fan of anything that ruins that chest of his."

"Obviously. Now that we got a camera in there and we can see what's going on, Storm has a deathgrip on Cian's neck but that grip could be short lived as Cian continues to work over Storm with fists to the chest."

Storm's grip on Cian's neck was fading as were the shots Cian was throwing. In a last ditch attempt to gain some sort of advantage, Storm let's go of Cian's neck and punches him in the bloody hole where his nipple used to be. The Shirtless wonder gasps as he falls off Storm and rolls around on the dirty floor. With Cian off of him, Storm sits up and scoots back leaning on an old refridgerator. Across the floor, Cian sits up as anger overtakes pain. Having his nipple ripped off was bad enough but Storm burning it was a little to much. Taking a deep breath, Cian got to his feet, wobbled sideways a bit, and then made a beeline towards Storm who himself used the support of the fridge to push back up to his feet.

"Cian Has Storm by the arm! He pulls him off the fridge and then whips him right back into it face first!"

"Damn it Cian you cheater!!"

"Cheater? There are no rules Hank! We don't even have a referee!"

"He's still a dirty cheater!"

The force of the impact with the fridge causes the freezer door to jar loose. With Storm staggering and about to go down, Cian grabs a handful of Storm's hair and then shoves his head into the freezer. He then reaches out and tries to close the freezer door.


"Talk about adapting to your enviroment! Cian is working over the Superstar Champion's head with that icebox door!"

5...6...7 shots follow. When Cian slams the door one final time on Jason's head, He backs up a step and watches as Storm wobbles backward and then plants face first onto the dirty floor. Kicking him once in the back for good measure, Cian leaves the room shoving the broken apartment door off it's remaining hinge. With his opponent down, Cian was going to go find that basketball.

"Cian did a number on the Real Deal and now it appears he's off to find that basketball Storm tossed in there somewhere on the 4th floor!"

"It'll take more then having his head bashed in with a freezer door to keep Storm down!"

"And as right as you may be, I got two more reasons why Storm could be in real trouble."

"Oh really? Do Tell John. Let's see what nugget of insight you have to why Storm won't just whip the hell out of Cian and his stupid chest."

John puts his hand to the side of his head as if using some psychic power and says "How about Matt McDervish and Dave Diamond?"

True enough, As Cian was making his way up a rickety stairwell, And as Storm was sitting up. Dave Diamond crawled through the broken window followed closely by Matt.

"Aw damn it all to hell! Who told this idiot and this loser they could get involved?" Hank protested.

Dave sees Storm down on the floor and no sign of Cian anywhere. He walks up to Storm and helps him up off the floor.

"You ok Storm?" Dave asked with a hint of real concern.

"Yeah........I'll be fine."

"See! I knew it! I knew it! Traitor!" Matt Exclaimed.

Dave looked from Matt, to Storm, to Matt, and then back to Storm. Then for no reason whatsoever, Dave poked Storm in his left eye.



His anger at a peak, Storm squinted, rubbed his eye, and then lurched forward ready to run over Dave like a runaway locomotive. Dave was nothing but a prime target till something on the floor caught his attention.

"Oh! Shiney!" Dave said as he reached down to pick something up off the floor.

"Storm is about to behead Dave but Dave ducks and Matt McDervish get's blasted with a shoulder block that sends him sprawling to the floor!" John shouted.

Dave looks at the shiney object in his hand and turns around. "Look Matt! I found a gold tooth!"

"Good work" Storm says as he passes Dave and pats him on the shoulder.

With Matt down and Dave being confused. Storm heads out into the hallway and wastes little time going into the rickety stairwell. Back in the room, Dave walks over to Matt and nudges him with his foot.

"Yo Matty! wake up and check out this killer tooth!"


Up on the Second floor.

Cian had made it to the second floor landing and was about to head up the steps to the third but a large gaping hole in the steps blocked his route. He could attempt to jump across of course but he didn't want to take the chance that he would either miss or the stairway across the gap wouldn't hold. This left him with two options, Find another stairwell or get really creative to get to the third floor. Positive that Storm would be coming any second, Cian quickly moved down the hallway and ducked into the open doorway of apartment 211.

As Cian ducked into the doorway, Storm had reached the second floor. One look at the stairs told him Cian's trip upward had come to a screeching halt here. He turned and looked down the long second floor hallway as the Camera man who had been following him caught up.

"Well we all know Cian came up here but there's no sign of him. Judging by the look of those stairs, Do you think he found another way up Hank?"

"Personally, and I mean this with all the kindness of my heart, I hope that gapping hole in the stairs was Cian falling to his death, Impaled on some bum's shopping cart full of old soda cans."

"Why do I even ask? The Superstar Champion is making his way down the hall pretty quick now. He can't afford to let Cian get to the ball first. The last thing Storm needs is for.....CIAN TO CLOTHESLINE THE HELL OUT OF HIM!!"

"Son of a BITCH!"

"In his haste to find a way up to the third floor, Storm walked right into that Clothesline from a hiding Cian Maccormick!"

Caught by suprise and carried over with his own momentum, Storm spun 360 degrees before landing on his face. Cian stood over his foe and gave his own little smirk with his sneak attack successful. Now was going to be his time. He would beat Storm from pillar to post, Keep him down, find that stupid basketball, get his points, and that would be that.

"Cian seems ready to do some Damage here as he reaches down and pulls Storm up by the neck. With a handful of hair, Cian makes a running start and DESTROY'S The door to Apartment 213!"

The door literally shattered into splinters as Cian chucked Storm through the door. Sprawled out on the dirty floor, Cian followed the Superstar Champion into the apartment. He found a nearby shoddy looking table and picked it up. Raising it over his head, He slammed the table down across Storm's back breaking into several pieces.

"Damn it Storm!! get up!" Hank shouted.

"What's wrong Hank? Your new found best buddy not fairing to well so far?"

"Yeah well that match with Haley took alot out of him but don't you worry, he'll find away back!"

Cian wasn't finished yet. Reaching down, he plucked one of the broken table legs off the floor and then brought it down across the lower back of the champ. Tossing it away, The Shirtless wonder bent down and yanked Storm off the floor by his hair. Quickly looking for a spot to do more damage, He dragged Storm into the kitchen and went directly towards the stove. He tried to slam Jason face first into the old High Point stove.

"Storm ready to taste some really nasty stove coils with his face and....NO! He gets his arms out in front of him and blocks the attempt! Elbow by Storm catches Cian in the ribs! Another elbow shot! and another!"

"I told you! I Told you! Storm isn't anywhere near out of this fight yet!"

As Cian staggered back a few steps from the elbow shots, Storm reached out and turned the knobs on the stove. The place still had power as evident from the lights that glowed bright here and there. His hope was that the stove still worked. Shaking the cobwebs clear, Storm turned in time to see Cian taking a step towards him. When Cian was in range, Storm grabbed him and lifted him up from behind his knees. In a ring, This might be the lead in to a nice guillotine drop across the top rope. In this case however, Storm dropped Cian chest first on the stove.

Juding by the scream that peeled Cian's lips back, The stove did indeed still work.

"Smoked Chest! Party of one! Hank said with a smile.

"Good God, Look at Cian's chest! he has a half moon burn mark right under where his left nipple use to be! That coil was glowing red when Storm dropped him on it!"

Cian Fell to his knees and sure enough, There was a half moon burn on his chest from the hot coil. He looked up at Storm with pain etched on his face. The Real Deal smirked as he closed the gap. Pulling Cian to his feet, He spun his foe around, wrapped his arms around Cian's waist, Took two steps back, and With one burst of strength, Storm sent Cian flying over his head with a German release suplex.

Cian collided with the battered wall and then went right through it.

"Yes! Yes! Take that Johnny boy! Storm just put Cian through a frickin wall!"

"I wouldn't get so excited Hank. Those walls are probably so old a stiff fart could break through the drywall."

Knowing that Cian had to be down at least for a minute, Storm lay on the floor taking a much needed breather.


Up On The 5th Floor.

James peered out the window of Apartment 501 and looked down at the alley below. While Kieran sat in a nearby chair spinning the basketball on his finger.

"Kieran, You should take a look at this. I think that's the alley down there that Scott and the fat guy fought in."

"What makes you say that?" Kieran asked as he got up.

"The fact that it looks like World War III took place down there."

Kieran peered over James's shoulder and looked down. "Jesus....that's alot of blood in that spot right there."

"Well it was a first blood match so that's not a big suprise. I wonder who's blood it is."

James nor Kieran had any idea who's blood that might be way down on the pavement below. They had been here getting ready and didn't have time to find out how the other matches played out.

"Well you know who we want that blood to belong to." Kieran said matter of factly.

"Yeah, Hopefully it's Aaron's"

A loud scream breaks thier attention away from the window. A loud crash from the floors below drifts up to thier ears, Then another, then another. James looks at Kieran.

"Jesus, They sound like they're trying to demolish the building down there."

"They probably are. I just hope Jason remembers what we showed him."

"Yeah" James agrees. "222"


Back down on the second floor, Storm sits up ready to go after Cian again. He looks at the large hole in the wall and is quite suprised to see Cian is gone. Quickly getting to his feet, He walks out the busted door and looks down the hallway. Still no Cian.

"Well where the hell did that Shirtless Idiot go?" Hank asked.

"I have no idea and neither does Storm."

Slowly, Storm steps into the hallway. The champ has no intentions of getting caught offgaurd again. Stalking the hallway, Storm listened, watched, and waited for Cian to make a mistake. He walked past apartment 222 and then stopped. The light goes off in his head and he remembers this being one of the rooms, James pointed out ot him on the blueprint. He opens the door with caution and then steps inside.

A little farther down the hall, Cian peeks around the corner. With no Storm in sight he makes a dash for the other stairwell. The camera man opts to stay with Cian and gives chase. Inside room 222, Jason found exactly what he was looking for.....exactly where James told him it would be. With a sadistic grin, Storm turns to head back out. That's when he hears the footfalls echoing through the hallway. As he steps outside the door he catches a flash of the camera man rounding the steps.

"Cian is up on the third floor now and he quickly ducks inside apartment 304."

"I told you McDorkmick was a pansy! Now he's hiding from Storm."

"And with good reason! Look! Where the hell did Storm get that thing!?"

The camera man swings back to the stairs and off the door to Apatment 304 just in time to see Storm walking up the steps with a sadistic grin on his face...and a bat with large nails jutting out of it in his hands.

"JESUS CHRIST! Now THIS is what the hell I'm talking about!! He's in 304 Storm!! Go get him!!"

"He can't hear you Hank!"

That's very true, Storm can't hear Hank but he can point the bat at the camera man who quickly gives up Cian's location by pointing at the door to 304. Storm waves his hand for the camera guy to back up. Reaching out, Hs tries the door handle only to find it locked. Taking a step back, Storm brings the bat up and hits the door once, twice, and then a third time. The third shot knocks a big chunk out of the door. Storm puts his face into the crack.


Storm looks around the room as best he can but never see's the cast iron frying pan until it blasts him in the face sending him flying across the hallway.

"Now now, No peeking" Cian said as he opened the door and looked down on his foe.



Every single aspect of this match was falling apart for every minute it continued on. This was suppose to be a simple, friendly, good ole game of Basketball. First one to 21 points wins. Yet, Storm has warped this into some cheap knock off of Stephen King's classic novel, "The Shining". Only they are not in some secluded, haunted resort hotel in Colorado. They are in fact dwelling in a dilapidated apartment. Which was purchased by Federation X. Also, the whole "room 222" is eerily similar to "room 217" in the novel, and "room 237" for the movie version. "Room 222" is conveniently in between both. Well, maybe there is not much similarities, but enough to raise eyebrows. The whole breaking open the door to scream out the infamous catch phrase thing would have been better had Storm had an axe.]

[Storm laid sprawled out in the dust hallway of the third floor. The man has been rendered unconscious temporarily. Many people doubt Cian pull off a victory against Storm, but this is not unusual. Of course people would doubt Cian. However, those naysayers are probably all shocked to see Storm sprawled out, spread eagle on the ground like a desperate fat woman begging to lose her virginity. The only word which can adequately describe the shot Storm took to the face was nasty. Plain and simple. Cian cautiously opened up the door to the door.]

[The frying pan is held tightly in Cian's hand like a cross. There was no sign of life in Jason, but looks are often deceiving, The bastard was probably playing possum. Nobody falls on the floor in such unambiguous manner of welcoming all kinds of guest. Cian turned to look, the stairwell to the fourth floor was not far off. Take the risk, Cian needs the basketball, just like Storm needs this victory to keep relevant in this industry. Reverend Kinacid was so much better at doing this whole cult following stuff. Cults and wrestling never mix well. Nobody wins without taking some kind of risk. Cian headed for the stairs.]

Token Black Lady: Oouuu...dayum nippless white boi you be cuh-razzie to turn ya'alls back on other cuh-razzie white boi. Don't go up the stairs...dayum...has nippless white boi never seen a scurry movie 'fores?

[There is an eerie feeling about this building, something was not right. Perhaps, this had something to do with the whole Karmic Legacy. Dave did warn Cian of something going down. Just what exactly was going down, he did not know. Not knowing what lies before us in life is the scary part.]

John Paragon: Cian is going up to the fourth floor now...he still has the basketball on his mind...

Hank Proctner: Figures MacMoron would have balls on the mind. Ha!

[Silence is horrible company. The only sounds came from the squeaking boards. Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. Except for Jason, he stirred about for a moment. Storm shook off the effects of the classic frying to face gag. We may not have seen those little blue birds flying about, but Storm sure did. The bat was still within his grasps. The sick, and sadistic grin formed on Storm's stoic face. He sluggishly rose to his feet, dusted himself off, dusted his shoulders, and popped his collar. Storm is a hip cat, he intends to bring back the popping of the collar which was a huge fad back in the year of the lord 2003. A shame nobody uses the term kronk or jiggy anymore. Thankfully, bling is a term people buried.]

Hank Proctner: Run Storm! Run Storm! Destroy the son of a goat farmer!

John Paragon: Son of a goat farmer?

Hank Proctner: What? Goat farmers are despicable subhuman life forms in the farming world. True story. What? Don't believe me...look it up on Wikipedia!


Cian Maccormack: Alright...fine...what's your ingenious evil plan Chance?

[Chance taps her fingers together in such an evil manner. Her lips formed a mischievous smile, one which rivals The Grinch's infamous grin.]

Chance: The plan is simple...yet...complicated. Like an episode of "The Hills" complicated. All you need to do is follow my plan...and you are not to deviate from it. If you do...the plan ruined! So, allow me...to...divul..bulge...errmm...um...reveal my totally awesome-kwel-evil-master plan to kill Storm!

[Cian had no choice to listen to the plan, he is confide to the chair, trapped in her "secret lair". Nearly an hour passes by. Chance collapses her hands together and places them on the lavish conference table used only for evil purposes. Chance seems pleased with herself.]

Chance: And that is my the plan. So, Mr. Maccormack, what do you have to say?

[The facial expression upon Cian's face said it all. The man was simply confused.]

Cian Maccormack: You didn't say anything the entire time. You just sat there spinning around in your swivel chair, taking breaks in between to stare off into space. I was waiting for you to say something for nearly an hour...but...nothing.

Chance: Hmm...a good point Mr. Maccormack...a good point indeed. Very well then, here is my totally sinister plot. Seriously, you should set your mind to be blown.

[Cian stares blankly at Chance.]

Chance: Well?

Cian Maccormack: Well...what?

Chance: Did you or did you not set your mind to be blown?

[The Boston Native felt like amusing the Evil Chance, so he just rolled his eyes, and uttered what she wanted to hear.]

Cian Maccormack: Uh...yeah...I totally set my mind to be blown.

Chance: Goodie! Now, listen very closely...o'tay. First, you will need...

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[The attack was coming, but there was nothing that could be done to prevent it. Cian barely turned around when the bat was slammed into the side of his right arm. Cian's hand dropped the frying pan. Storm did not say anything, nor did he even attempt to belt out a sinister laugh. Silence. Jason took another swing, Cian saw it coming, but was not able to duck out of harms way. Cian was turning, the bat came crashing down, the maneuver caused the bat to slide down his back. Incredibly painful. The Shirtless Wonder in all his shirtless glory collapsed to his knees, the fourth floor was only a few steps away.]

[Unfortunately, those few steps would do nothing for him. Even if he got to the fourth floor, than what? The bat came down yet again. This time to the back of Cian's knee. The cry of agony slips from Cian's mouth. The sound of the stairs was not too great either. Fortunately, Cian's agonizing painful cry flushed out the sounds of the stairs giving. The stairs could not withstand to hold the weight of these two. Especially with their wild movements. Jason seemed rather emotionless. However, the man was plenty mad about what has happened to him so far. Especially the whole dumpster incident. Storm smelt just awful.]

Hank Proctner: Hooray Storm! Beat the Mick to a bloody pulp!

John Paragon: Wow...pretty racist comment Hank.

Hank Proctner: It's not racists if it towards a white man. Right Reverend Al Sharpton?

Reverend Al Sharpton: You are absolutely correct Hank. You see if Hank here had said a derogatory term towards Cian...and...if Cian was black. Only than would the comment be racist. However, Cian is white...so...fair game.

John Paragon: Yeah, but isn't that just a double standard?

Reverend Al Sharpton: Deal with it beyotch. I'm outtie!

[Storm was kind enough to give Cian a minute break before sending the bat into Cian's ribcage. The force of the swing would not cause any rib to break. Yet, this did not mean it wasn't painful. Nor would it mean Cian was going to get by easily. Bruised ribcage still blows hard. Storm was just having fun.]

Hank Proctner: I'm loving this whole thing Storm is doing to Cian. The man is just toying with him. Like a little vicious kitty cat...playing with a mouse...before tearing the rodent in half. Gutting the little vermin...drinking it's blood.

[Sadistically, Storm pressed his boot down upon the injured knee. The wincing sound which escapes Cian's mouth is nothing but music to the ears.]

Storm: Your sin is sickening...but alas...you are paying for you wickedness...your unrighteousness. I shall extract the sin which you carry. In a slow manner. This shall give you great tormenting pain. However, it is for your own good.

[Storm lifts the bat up once again, and thrashing sound of the bat colliding with Cian's knee was a beautiful sound. Storm wanted to break every inch of Cian's body. The face will be the last thing, for the ruggishly handsome good looks are part of his vanity. Not yet though, just the knee for now. Hank was jumping up and down in his seat with sheer joy over this act. First the nipple, now the knee. Cian clenches his fist (knuckles white) he pounds the step just above his head, he began to laugh out loud, a rather unusual laugh, but laughter nonetheless.]

Cian Maccormack: Storm...Storm...Cian gasps for air...your such a douche.


[The scene opens with two lady friends sitting outside, they are laughing and enjoying each others company. They just enjoying life, and lunch. Another female friend joins them. She seems to be distraught. The new woman to the scene slumps into the chair. Her elbow is propped onto the table, and her hand rests upon her hand. The other two seemed alarmed.]

Sally: What is wrong Cathy?

Jessica: Yeah Cathy...you seemed distraught about something.

Cathy: I am...I seem to have this problem. My vagina has this unforgiving foul stench. Like someone stuffed the remnants of an aborted fetus up inside of me. I don't know what to do...it's smells just god awful!

[Her friends just gasp in shock and horror.]

Sally: Oh...now that you mention it...I do smell something worse then the scent of my Alaskan Salmon.

Cathy: Its like my vagina got caught up in this nasty storm. And this storm was just relentless. Like the storm wants my vagina to smell bad. So, the storm did whatever it took to do this to me, it just pounded me over and over. The storm has won the battle I am afraid. I am at my wits end. Last night I hooked up with this guy Ray...and as soon as he was going to go downtown. He caught a whiff...and puked all over my vagina.

[She sheds a tear, her friend empathize.]

Jessica: Well have you tried Summers Eve Douche?

Sally: No, why?

Jessica: Well Summers Eve Douche helps cleanse, and wash your vagina. Clears vaginal secretion, and anything left behind from a menstrual cycle. I use Summers Eve when I feel like I am hit with a storm of my own. Here, I always carry a box of Summers Eve Douche with me at all times. Just in case my storm tries to take the best of me. My storm may win a battle...but trust me girl. I don't let my storm win the war.

[Jessica reaches into her handbag, pulls out the box of Summers Eve Douche and slides it across the table to her distraught friend. Cathy picks up the box, and she is suddenly all smiles.

Caty: Thanks Jessica. I am so going to try this out...and prove to this storm...that...he can't have the best of me! I am going to defeat my storm.

[They all laugh.]

Commercial Announcer: Summers Eve Douche...when you just don't feel clean enough ladies...use Summer Eves Douche. You will free not just feel fresh...but renewed and reinvigorated.


[Storm's right eye twitched, apparently he did not like being called a douche. Who knew? You sure as heck did not. Storm raised the bat high into the air. Cian was ready, he wanted the shot to the face from Storm. Please refrain from pointing out the homo-erotic undertone of the statement. Just before the bat can come down onto Cian, the stairwell gives. The two men fall to their impending doom.]

Token Black Lady: Ohhhhhh...snap!

Hank Proctner: What? What just happened?

John Paragon: Storm...Cian...THEY ARE FALLING FOUR STORIES!

[Neither opponent had any thoughts, they couldn't. Everything was slowed down, but at the same time they could do nothing. They could not even properly organize their thoughts. What difference does it matter? The two bodies smash through the stairs. Splinters of wood drive into their bodies. The stairs beat and batter the men. The stairs are unforgiving. Somewhere through the haze of the confusion, Storm losses the bat. They finally reach the first floor. There is nothing but silence.]

Hank Proctner: I...I am speechless. Are they alive?

John Paragon: Neither man is moving!

[The best laid schemes of mice and men. Go often askew.]

John Paragon: This is just...unbelievable...I thought Cian's nipple being ripped off...and burned...was bad. However, this...this...is worse. Well, maybe not worse, but still...wow!

Hank Proctner: I dunno...I would have to say Cian's wrestling performance as a whole is worse. I mean the guy has no chance at beating Storm.

[A figure emerges from the shadows. The Duke of Delusion. He looks out in the foyer. He sees the two bodies on the ground. Lifeless and all. Dave makes his way over, in a cautious manner. He approaches the bodies. His heart almost drops as he sees Cian, looking all dead. He tries to wake Cian up, using various groping methods. Many of which cannot be aired. To no avail. Where was Matt?]

Dave Diamond: Oh...my beloved Shirtless heterosexual friend.

[Dave heads hangs low, like his genitalia. Dave glances over at Storm, he turns Storm over onto his back. Dave props the eyelids up, but the fall back into place once Dave releases. A few light taps on the cheeks.]

Dave Diamond: Storm? Storm? Can you hear me? I am going to grab your testicles...in a heterosexual manner and not in a homosexual manner. If you can feel me touching you...I want you to respond by having your penis get erected. Okay?

[Dave's hand reached to the pants, he began to unzip. Until, he was stopped.]

Matt McDervish: You backstabbing bastard!

[Dave snaps his head around to see Matt is awaken from his beauty sleep. Which wasn't long, since Matt is not the best looking guy and all. However, at least he has a beard. Which is totally sexy. Dave retracts his hand, which was hovering over Storm's testicles. Dave didn't get to touch anything, yet.]

Dave Diamond: This...oh...this is not what it looks like. I would never cheat on Cian. Honestly, there is no mans junk in this world I love more than Cian's. Of course I am talking about if I were to love and fondle another dudes junk besides my own. Which I don't...because I am not gay. I am 100% all heterosexual.

[Matt said nothing, instead Cian's B.B.F. in all his chubby glory charged after Dave.]

Davie Diamond: Eeep!

[Dave tried to move out of harms way, but he could not. Matt picked the fragile Duke of Delusion and smashed him through a nearby wall. Matt wasn't going to allow Dave swerve Cian. He was not going to wait around for the inevitable to happen. The Main Event Madman deeply cared for his friend. Matt took action, this is the only way to keep Cian alive in the match. Dave begged and pleaded. Matt paid no heed to Dave's wishes. Are the opponents dead? Was Dave going to swerve Cian? What is Chance's plans? What are Storm's plans? Would you take candy from a stranger? All this and more next time.]


Well this is some real pretty shit we're in now." James exclaimed.

Kieran and James Miller had been up on the 5th floor when the loudest crash of the past 30 minutes Caught thier attention. It sounded like somone pushed a car down the steps. Running to see what all the commotion was, They arrive at the last two broken steps of what used to be the staircase. Peering over the edge, James can see Cian and Storm both laying perfectly still. James shakes his head.

"That was our only way down from here. The other stairwell is busted! What are we gonna do? Jason needs us!"

"Not so fast my young freind" Kieran said as he patted young James on the shoudler. "Lest we forget the fire escapes."

"Of course!" James shouts.

James holds his hand up to give Kieran a high five. When he does, He loses his grip on the basketball and over the edge it goes.

"Son of a...." James sighed.

"No use worrying about it now. We gotta get down there and quick. Follow me!"

Kieran makes his way back out into the hallway and into the first apartment with James hot on his heels.


4 stories below in the wreckage of the stairwell....

The basketball falls 4 stories and bounces next to Cian's head. It goes back up sideways and hits the wall before rolling to a stop. Had Matt been a little more less aggressive he might have seen the ball. He never did see it though as he had already thrown Dave out the window of the stairwell and was chasing him around the building.[/i]

'This is insane I tell you. Don't we have EMT's on scene? They need medical attention now!"

"Hold on John! I think Storm is moving!'

First his leg twitched. Then his left arm moved slightly. Somehow, He managed to roll over on his back. His eyes opened and his vision was blurred. As it began to clear, The Real Deal could see how far he had fallen. Under his breath he thanked Karma for not letting him die. With great effort he sat up and looked around at what was left of the stairs. The bat was nowhere to be seen. A pity really, He had wanted to do so much more to Cian with that nail covered bat. Speaking of Cian, He was laid out on his back and the basketball was a few feet away from his head. Storm reached for what was left of a handrail but couldn't find it inside to get up. Since Cian looked as if he was going nowhere fast, Storm laid back down letting his entire body get a break.

"This is AMAZING! I thought I saw it all last week with Haley and Storm but a 4 story fall from collapsing steps? How can you not Love this John?"

"I see two men who are lucky to be alive. Cian is a bloody mess and so is Storm. Both man have splinters the size of pencils sticking out of them and you think this is "Neat"? Sometimes I really hate working with you!"

"Oh get over it. This is what they're paid to do! They now it and accept it so preach to someone who gives a crap. I like my violence heavy on the blood!"

"I'm not even going to bother to respond. It looks as if Cian is moving and that's a very good sign."

Cian was moving. Like Storm, he rolled over on his chest and tried to push up. It was no use. It would be a few more minutes before his body could even think of doing what it was told.


On the second floor fire escape.

Kieran and James only had one more set of metal steps to go down before they'd be at ground level. As Kieran was about to turn the corner and take those last few steps he stopped dead in his tracks. James almost ran into him.

"Why did you...."



Kieran pointed down below as Dave Diamond went running by screaming like a school girl. A few seconds later, Matt McDervish ran around the corner after him.


"LEAVE ME ALONE YA BIG BULLY!!" Dave screamed back.

They continued to run getting farther and farther away. Kieran turned back to James.

"They haven't caused problems yet but we need to take care of them right now."

"Time for Plan B?" James asked

"Time for Plan B." Kieran nodded.

As fast as they could the two IKI Members made thier way down the last steps and then slid down the ladder to the ground." They moved down the side of the building quickly trying to find away in. It didn't take them long to find the window Storm had tossed Cian through earlier. Both men got set to enter when James started sniffing the air.

"Is something burning?"

"I don't.....wait a second...yeah...I smell it too...I think something is burning."

*Ring Ring*

Kieran pulls out his cellphone, looks at the caller ID, and flips it open. "Accolade! What's up man?"

"Yo man what the fuck ya'll be doin ober dere man? The whole 3rd floor be blazin dawg!"

"What?" Kieran asked not sure if he heard Accolade right.

"Fire man! You understands that partnah?!?"

Kieran takes a step back and looks up. Sure enough, Thick black smoke was billowing out of the windows above. Had he known that Storm turned on a stove up there to burn Cian's chest with he'd have known right away why the 3rd floor was an inferno.

"Holy shit! Look!" Kieran said pointing up.

"DAMN! Come on man. We have to get Storm out of there!!" James shouted as he ran towards the window.

"Get down here as fast as you can! We're going to plan B!"

"Down in a flash dawg!" Accolade said and then hung up.

Just before James could make it to the window, Storm leaned out of said window and crawled to the outside. He almost fell but James was there to catch him. Kieran gave a helping hand and the two men Pulled Storm out into the middle of the street.

"We lost out feed there for a second folks but we have it back now. It appears Storm has made it back outside and now Cian is coming to the window....With the basketball no less."

"Damn...so much for hoping he was dead."

"Cian is out now dragging himself across the pavement. Our Camera man makes his way out of the building which is obvious by the way the shot keeps moving all.....Hold on...What was that? Can we have him pan back up!"

The Camera guy backs up a few feet and then pans upward. When he does the sky is as black as sack cloth from all the smoke pouring out of not only the 3rd floor, But the 4th, 5th, and 6th floor windows as well. The building was going up quickly as dried out termite infested places like this tend to do.

"Son of a.....The Whole building is on fire Hank!!"

"I wonder how that could have happened?"

"You know damn well how it happened! Storm turned that stove on and I bet that's what started this fire!"

Obviously this wasn't going to end pretty. Storm got back to his feet. He, Keiran, and James all moved back towards the other building as Accolade made it out to join them. Cian looked up, saw what was happening, and finally found it inside himself to get up. He shambled across the road as quickly as he could.

All eyes were on the building now as the tremendous creaking let the world know this building had seen it's days come to an end.

"OH MY GOD!! OH MY GOD!! THE BUILDING IS COLLAPSING!! John yelled into the headset.

Then entire 10 story building leaned hard to one end and then the whole building came crashing down on itself looking like giant dominos. Clouds of smoke and plaster filled the air as the building came to rest in a heap. The cloud of debris came at the group of men quickly and obscured them from sight for several seconds.

"Ok, I know I joked about this in the past but JESUS....Storm and Cian just laid a 10 story apartment building to waste!! I soiled my underpants John!"

As John rolled his eyes and restrained the urge to hit Hank right in the mouth, The cloud started to clear. All the men on the street were covered with ash, dirt, and dust. Luckly a nearby water main had busted showering all of them with water and rinsing away all the debris.

It also helped to give Storm and Cian a bit of a charge.

As Cian coughed and tried to stand up, Storm quickly turned to Kieran, James, and Accolade. He made a small motion with his hand like a circle. Kieran and James both nodded and ducked into the other building. Accolade nodded and stood behind Storm. As Cian finaly got to his feet he looked over at the remains of the building, then to Storm and Accolade.

"So......You do this kinda thing often? Destroying buildings and such?"

"I could ask you the same thing."

"You know...*cough*....I figured you had lackeys here somewhere" Cian said pointing at Accolade.

Storm smirked and then replied. "My friend here only has one job. Don't worry about him."

"Well if that's true, Now that I got the ball, How about we play this stupid game?"

"Oh, I think not." Storm said snatching the ball from Cian. "If you want to play ball....you'll have to find the ball. Accolade."

Storm tossed the ball over his shoulder to Accolade. The IKI member flashed Cian his pearly whites and then took off at a dead run. Cian staggered over to Storm and half smiled.

"You really are a douche." Cian said as he sucker punched Storm in the face.

"What a shot by Cian and down goes Storm on his ass!"

"What a puss move, Sucker punching someone. How low John. How Low."

"But if Storm did it you'd give him praise?"

"Well Duh!"

Cian turned leaving Storm on his ass. He knew the rules, If he wanted to win that match he'd have to get the ball first to make the baskets. Assuming of course the court wasn't covered in 10 stories worth of debris. Half running half shambling, Cian made it to the end of the block and looked around the corner just in time to see Accolade enter a large building down the street. As he got closer, He saw the big sign hanging above the entrance.

"Wayne County Prison"

Cian shrugged. First a condemned Apartment building and now the prison. He had to have the ball so inside the prison he went.

At the end of the block, Storm watched Cian go through the front door. Through the pain he managed to smile. The fun was only just beginning.

"So, Accolade is there and we saw Kieran and James Miller as well so we know Storm is stacked. Now it looks as if the battle moves to the Prison but I got one question for you Hank."

"Yes John?"

"Cian had Dave Diamond and Matt McDervish......so what happened to them after the building came down?"

"Hmmmm...Good question...I don't care......But good question.



On the other side of the collapsed Apartment Building.

"Oh My God oh my god oh my god oh my god"


"Get ahold of yourself man!" Matt shouted into Dave's ear.

"But Cian.....he has to be dead!"

"Have faith little traitor. Cian has ab's of steel. I'm sure he'll be ok."

"Well don't you think we should go find him!?!"

"Well.....Yeah....But no funny stuff....I'm watching you."

With great caution, Matt and Dave "Jack Bauer" Diamond make thier way over to the remains of the building. Matt is hopeful that the Shirtless wonder is still alive. Dave is convinced it's time to call for body bags. As they approach the debris, Thier hearts almost stop. They see the ragged remains of what appears to be two bodies smashed in the rubble. A set of feet stick out of one pile of debris and about 10 feet away, what looks to be an arm.

"Oh God No! It can't be....it can't be!" Matt said as he fell to his knees.

"Not my Cian! Not my Cian" Dave screeched as he fell to his knees beside Matt.


"YOU MANIACS!! YOU BLEW IT UP!! DAMN YOU!! GOD DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!!" Dave screamed while ripping off Charlton Heston.

Matt looked over at Dave while tears streamed down his face and then slapped the shit out of Dave.

"This isn't a time for jokes you asshole!"

"I wasn't joking.....It was the only thing I could think to say. I mean....Cian....*sniff*....Cian is.....*Chokes back tears*..Dead."

Of course Cian and Storm weren't dead. Yes, Matt and Dave had seen bodies. What they didn't realize is they saw the same BODY. It was the same corpse Kieran had plucked the basketball from earlier. During the rough ride to the ground the body broke up into chunks. Add in all the dirt, debris, the palster....and bam. You got two corpses!

So with them thinking Cian was now dead, They put aside petty differences and walked away from the scene.

"We should call the press...maybe plan a candlelight vigil for tonight in honor of my bearded friend." Matt said wiping his nose on Dave's shoulder.

"I agree. Maybe get the National Guard out here for a 25 gun salute."

"It's only 21 guns you idiot."



Inside the Wayne County Prison.

Cian walked through the door and looked around. This place hadn't seen any action in years. Thick layers of dust lay all over desks, Chairs, the metal detectors, the floor, everything. It was a pitiful sight to be sure but one thing about the place caught the Shirtless Wonder's attention.

Footprints in the dust on the floor......and fresh ones no less.

"Ok then, I feel like I got dragged for miles by a herd of Clydesdales., My knee is junk, My nipple is gone and burned, but finally I get a break. All I have to do is track him, find him, get the damn ball back, and then maybe get this nightmare over with."

Cian limped forward on his busted knee follwing the tracks. They led hin deeper into the building about 50 yards. Then something rather odd happened.

"Son of a bitch....I knew this couldn't just be simple."

Cian looked down at the tracks he'd been following except now instead of leading one direction, they split off into three seperate directions. One led to Cell Block A, another set to Cell Block B, A third set to Cell Block D, and the only Cell Block to not have footsteps going in that direction?

Cell Block C. The same Cell Block Rude and Carnage had done battle in earlier in the night.

"Well now which way do I go? Christ...this is just....."

A noise behind Cian made him stop talking. He turned and glanced over his shoulder. He could see the outline of someone closing on the front door and just knew it was Storm. With that thought in mind he quickly dove into side room near the entrance to all four Cell blocks.

Now would have been a great time to put Chance's evil master plan into effect. A few problems though. Her plan was based on the fact that these two men would be playing basketball on the court provided for them. Since they were not on the court and obviously NOT playing basketball. Chance's master plan for the moment, was null and void. As a matter of fact it would likely not be seen by the light of day unless Cian could get the ball back and get Storm to the court. As Storm entered the building, Cian peeked around the corner.

"Once again fans, I must apologize. Right after we got close to the prison we lost our feed but the connection has been reestablished and we have a live shot now as Storm enters Wayne County Prison."

"I'd also like to Add John that this building like the rest of the 5 blocks Fed X purchased has been condemned so we have a great chance to watch another building go down!"

"Oh yes, Then perhaps you could soil your pants again."

"Soil free over here John. I used the break to change."

"Yeah, That's right on top of my worry list. Back to the match, Storm is making his way inside the building. No sign of Cian anywhere."

The last time Storm took off blindly in a building, Cian almost took Storm's teeth out of his mouth. This time he moved with caution, Ready and waiting for the Shirtless wonder to spring an attack on him. He was halfway to the entrance to the cell blocks when he noticed the footprints in the dust on the floor. With his eyes keenly trained down on them, he moved forward.

"Storm seems to be tracking those footprints in the dust on the floor. They could lead him right to Cian."

"And then we can watch Storm beat some ugly into MacDouceick!"

"Guess Again Hank!! Cian comes out of nowhere and swings that old chair with all his might!"

Storm saw the footprints in the dust leading to the different blocks, But he also saw the set going to the side room. At the last second he looked up just in time to see a chair flying right for his face. He ducked under it and Cian shattered the chair on the wall. Off balance from ducking, Storm tried to throw a wild punch but missed. Cian came back with a stiff boot to the side of Storm's face.

"So much for beating the ugly into Cian as The Shirtless Wonder nails Storm with a boot to the side of the head! Cian wastes little time here. He limps over to Storm and yanks him back up off the ground."

As soon as Cian had Storm up he gave him a shot to the gut with his good knee. With Storm doubled over, Cian hooked an arm around Storm's head and then popped his hips as he pulled back.

"Snap Suplex!! Cian nails Storm with a snap suplex that lands him back first on that broken chair!"

"Luck...pure luck. That's all Cian has right now."

In a real mood to do a little damage now, Cian peels Storm off the floor by the head and walks to the entrance way. He decides to visit Cell Block D first. Yanking Storm behind him. Cian Pulls his opponent through the doors, then through an open set of bars, and finally through the last set of bars that lead into Cell Block D. The place is a mess. Old musty matresses lay all over the place, Toilet paper hangs off every railing of all 4 levels of the cell block. Broken TV's and ripped up papers litter the floor. Cain smiles and then whips Storm hard towards the steel stairs to his left.

"Cian sends Strorm crashing into those old steel steps hard. Now he's looking around the cell block perhaps searching for a way to do more damage."

"He's shouting something...can you hear that?"

Cian was indeed shouting. "Come Out Come out Where ever you are! I want that Damn Basketball!"

Cian Recieved no answer. Instead he turned around to go back after Storm. Maybe if he did enough damage, When he did find the ball he could just do a bunch of layups and call it a night. With that in mind he reached for Storm to pull him off the steps. Storm had other plans. As Cian reached for him, Storm grabbed the waistline of the front of his pants and pulled forward hard.

"OUCH! Storm pulls Cian forward and drives his forehead hard into the steel. I believe Cian is busted wide open now."

There was enough spots bleeding on both men already but the blow to the head on the steps cut Cian open with a good 4 inch laceration. With Cian down on the steps, Storm stood up and wobbled forward. Shaking his head once again to clear things up he turned to go back after his foe but stopped dead in his tracks.

“Thus saith the Lord God; Woe unto the foolish prophets, that follow their own spirit, and have seen nothing!”

"What the fuck?" Storm said looking around the room trying to find where that voice was coming from.

“From the book of Ezekial, Jason Emerson, the Lord sends you warning; HE and HIS soldiers are against you.”

"Ok....Whoever this is playing games can just stop. I know the shepherd is dead McDervish! He wouldn't disapprove of what I do anyway! What I do I do for the good of humanity....and the world!"

"Who the heck is Storm talking to?"

"I haven't got a clue. He seems to be hearing something though."

"Maybe so Hank but we don't hear anything."

"I don't know...maybe that fall did more damage to him then we thought."

Storm shrugged it off and turned his attention back to Cian. With a handful of Cian's beard, he dragged him up to the second teir of cells and then shoved him hard into the bars. Cian staggered and stumbled. He took two steps forward and then fell on his face inside the cell. Storm was ready to go right back at him until that voice came calling again.

“HE is greatly displeased with the state of this place that was left in your care Jason Emerson."

"I told you to fuck off whoever you are. I'm not falling for this shit Chance!!"

"Chance? Why the hell is he yelling about Chance?"

"First it was McDervish who we haven't seen since the building fell. Now he thinks Chance is talking to him?"

"He mentioned the Shepherd Hank, Perhaps he thinks someone is acting like the Shepherd?"

"I'll do you one better John...No one is talking!! So this has to be inside his head!"

Storm tried to turn his attention back to Cian but that voice called to him yet again.

“Be warned….I will set upon you a weapon……a hammer……to batter and to shape…….to break down and to build up……….to remake all that has failed here.

"Right Alan....or is it Eve....Nice try...But it's not going to work."

Regradless of what he heard, He wasn't going to play this game. As he turned back to Cian the voice boomed again but this time Storm continued to turn.

“Before this month is over Jason Emerson……it will all begin with………..YOU!

Storm turned to go after Cain but when he looked up. The Shepherd was standing before him reaching for him.

Storm Began to backpedel. He lost his balance as he hit the railing and flipped over it.

"What the hell just happened?? Storm just fell from the second tier of those cells to the hard floor below but why?!"

"I have no idea. I didn't see anything but Storm sure reacted like he saw something!"

In the cell, Cian got to his feet. He used the old bedframe to get up and when he was vertical he looked for Storm. Of course he was nowhere to be seen. Slowly moving out of the cell, He looked both ways and saw nothing. Another step and he glanced over the railing to see Storm laying on his face.

Cian wasn't sure how or why Storm wound up there. He had pretty much been oblivious to what had happened just moments ago. Nor did he care. He had the chance to get the upper hand again and he wasn't going to waste it. Down on the floor, Storm pulled his head up......and his face was covered with blood from a large larceration over his right eye. He looked around trying to gain his bearings.



Pushing up to his knees, Storm shook his head vowing that whoever was trying to play this little mind game was going to pay dearly for mocking The Shepherd. He swore to himself he would ignore any further attempts to distract him and should he find the person playing this game, He'd beat them worse then Cian. Reaching out to one of the nearby tables, Storm used it to pull himself upright not knowing that Cian was closing in behind him and that the Shirtless wonder had found himself a little "prison leftover" to make use of.

"I'm still not sure what happened or what caused Storm to fall over that railing Hank but now he's in real trouble. Cian is sneaking up behind him and he's found an old baton!"

"It's an abandon prison John, I'm sure there are lots of discarded weapons laying around. Although I have to say I'm not suprised to see Macdickmick using a weapon like the coward he is."

"Here we go again. I don't recall you complaining when Storm went after Cian with that spiked bat!"

"What spiked bat?"

"You're impossible to deal with!"

"I love you too....now call the action...it's what you get paid for."

Cian moved in closer and closer to Storm. As The Real Deal staggered a step backwards, Cian brought the baton across the lower back of Storm dropping the Champ to his knees.

"You know it didn't have to be this way." Cian remarked as he walked around in front of Storm.

Storm said nothing. He reached out and used the table again for support. As he got back up, Cian jammed the baton into his ribs dropping him to his knees once more.

"We could have just played ball."

Again Storm pulled himself back up by using the table. Cian pulled back to jab him in the ribs again with the baton but this time Storm grabbed the end of it and yanked forward tossing Cian off balance to the floor. Stalking forward, Storm was set to turn the baton on his foe.

"Storm has the weapon now and he's about to let Cian have it. The shirtless wonder is getting back up and nails Storm with a thrust kick to the gut!"

"Damn this man...why won't he just stay down!"

"Storm drops the baton doubled over and staggers away from Cian. Wrassle's only rep isn't going to let him go quietly and....What a move!! That was like some mutated bulldog dropping Storm face first on that table!"

These tables in the common area of the cellblock were metal. Cian had hooked his arm around Storm's neck from behind and leapt forward driving The Real Deal's face into the steel. Because of the slick metal surface, Cian slid across the table and landed upright on his feet. He turned and watched as Storm slowly slid to the floor where he lay motionless.

"Ok then....enough of this." Cian said turning to head for the cellblock exit. "Time to find this stupid ball and end this."

'It looks as if Cian is leaving Storm on the ground to go find Accolade and that elusive basketball."


In Cell Block B

Accolade was inside the old guards office with the ball under his foot. He was leaning back in the old office chair flipping through a People Magazine from 2001. He wasn't to concerned about Cian finding him. In the condition he was currently in thanks to Storm, Accolade was pretty sure he could jog and get away from Maccormick. So unconcerned was Accolade that when a huge hand dropped down on his shoulder he fell bakwards out of the chair and nearly wet his pants.

Leaping to his feet, He expected a fight but then quickly relaxed as he saw the large frame of Nathan standing by the doorway. Accolade half smiled wondering how such a large man had snuck up on him without making a sound.

"Dayum Nathan....Ya almost scared de black off a brutha!"

"You should pay more attention, I could have been the sinner."

"Yeah dawg, you right, my bad. So what ya be doin here?"

"It's time for me to get involved. I'll take the ball from here. You need to go meet up with Kieran and James."

"You sure you don't want me to be hangin round ta help?"

"I'll be fine. Go find James and Kieran. Make sure they're ready. We cannot afford to let this one slip by to Cian. We must insure that Cian's friends don't assist."

"Oh dayum...it be on. Bout time to....dis was getting borin as all hell dawg."

"Then go, You'll find Matt and Dave behind the destroyed apartment building. They think Cian and Storm to be dead but soon enough they're realize that's untrue. Be ready. When they try to come save Cian, Take them out."

"Oh hell yeah! We got this Nathan."

Accolade took off quickly out of the cell block giving Nathan a nod as he left. Once he was gone, Nathan picked up the basketball and then looked around the cell block.

"This will not do" He said to no one but himself.

With the ball in hand, Nathan walked towards the cell block exit. As he got to the doors he stopped and picked up the package he had place on a nearby table. He then left Cell Block B and walked the 50 yards to the entrance of Cell Block C. He opened the doors to what could have passed for a slaughter house. This is where Rude and Carnage fought earlier in the evening. Alot of blood had been spilled in here.

And alot more would spill before this night was over.


Exit from Cell Block D

"Since we only have one mobile camera we've instructed him to stay with Cian."

"No, You asked him to stay with Cian. I'd rather make sure Storm is ok but since you don't seem to concerned about HIS health...so be it!"

"It's not that Hank. I just figured...."

"Pfftt....Just talk about your new shirtless hero. I'll do the worrying over Storm."

Cian made it to the doors. He looked back over his shoulder and saw that Storm still hadn't moved. Turning his attention back to the door. He pushed his way through. As he passed through the outer cell door leading back to the lobby two things caught his attention.

The main entrance door clicking shut and a shadow moving towards Cell Block C. Seconds later, He heard another clank of a door closing. Cian waited several seconds and then moved forward. Now he had another choice to make. Go check the main entrance or go to Cell Block C.

"It appears as if more then one person is moving about this prison Hank. It looks to me as if someone left the building and someone went into that other cell block."

"Or....maybe the front door moved on it's own?"

"That could very well be. We saw nothing but the door shut over there but by the Cell Block C entrance we saw a shadow. Someone in definatly in that cell block.

Cian looked at the entrance door then turned away. It was more then likely this was some ruse to draw him away from the shadow he saw go into Cell Block C. Peeking over his shoulder again to make sure Storm wasn't coming, The Shirtless Wonder turned around the corner and made his way towards the cell block entrance.


[i]In Cell Block D

Storm was finally coming around. He managed to push up to a knee and wiped the blood from his face with his hand. Standing up, he rubbed his bloody hand on his jeans leaving a long crimson streak. He glanced around the cell block to see Cian had left him alone.

Reaching into his back pocket, He pulled out a folded up piece of paper and then took a seat at the table. Now would be a good time to let his head stop spinning so as he sat there, he unfolded the paper and laid it on the table.

It was a blueprint of the prison. Using his finger, he traced his way to Cell Block D and then followed an area that had been highlighted by yellow marker. He looked up to the top of the block, then back to the blueprint, then to the top of the block.

"If this thing is worth the $10 bucks James paid for it that access walkway should be right up there."

Jason folded up the paper and then shoved it in his back pocket. Getting up, he spied an old towel laying nearby and picked it up. Pressing it against his forehead, he made the climb up the steps heading for the access walkway that SHOULD be up there.


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The Entrance To Cell Block C

Cian had made it to the door. He pushed the door open slowly and then walked in. As he looked around the block he just knew this is where Carnage and Rude had fought. Judging by the damage and all the blood, this had to be where they had fought. Now his mind began to tick. The shadow he may have saw was likely from some Fed X worker sent back here to retrieve something or quite possibly to wind up some of the camera cords he could still see on the floor. In short, Cian just knew he'd pick the wrong direction to go. He was about to leave when a voice boomed from above stopping him in his tracks.

"I am the red straight razor...The one that bathes in blood" the voice said as the sound of a basketball bouncing once echoed throught the block.

Cian looked up and whispered "Nathan...I was wondering when you'd show...and with the basketball no less."

Cian turned and keep his eyes peeled above him as he took the first step on the stairs to the left. The voice boomed again from the shadows.

"I am the Boogey man."

"Is it just me or does that sound like the voice of Storm and Emissary's right hand man Nathan?"

"Could be John, Could be."

Cian made his way up a few more steps and then reached the second floor.

"Where are you Nathan? Stop hiding. If you want a fight I'm right here. What are you waiting for" Cian spoke loud enough for his voice to echo.

A booming voice replied out of the darkness. "You cannot yet imagine.....how you will dance for me...and you will dance forever to the tune that I decree"

"If you want to dance then come on out so we can take care of it because I've heard this little speech of yours before. Quite frankly it bores me." Cian said now making his way up to the third floor.

"The kingdom of the worm, Is all things to us all" The voice boomed again but this time closer, much closer.

Cain stopped glancing down the long block of Cells. Nathan was close by now somwhere on this third tier. He made his way down slowly unaware now that two sets of eyes were upon him. Nathan's and Storm's. High up in the shadows just about the 4th tier was a walkway guards used to keep an eye on multiple cell blocks at once. From up here, Storm was content to watch this game of cat and mouse unfold.

"Nathan has to be close by somewhere and Cian has got to be on his toes." John said softly as if fearing for Cian.

Cian takes a few more steps but it's almost impossible to see through all the shadows. He takes another cautious step, then another. He takes one final step and Nathan explodes out of the darkness of one of the cells.

"It's Nathan!! He just clotheslined Cian over that rail!!" Hank shouted with great joy.

"This is bad! Cian is holding on with just one hand while that kool aid drinking maniac stands over him!!"

Cian looked up into the eyes of a zealot. Nathan showed no emotion. He just stared at Cian as the Shirtless wonder held on with one hand....a hand that was slipping.

"I will teach you many things" Nathan said as Cian's hand lost it's grip. "Before I let you fall."

Nathan reached out quickly and snagged Cian by the wrist. The shirtless wonder looked up knowing that at any second, Nathan could just let him drop to the unforgiving floor.

"This is a bad spot to be in. Dangling that high in the air and the only think stopping your fall is that creepy guy Nathan."

"Hmmm...Note to self, next time you run into Nathan, tell him John thinks he's creepy"

"I don't care what you do Hank, I'm a little more concerned about what's going to happen to Cian!"

Cian was all set to close his eyes and just wait for the drop until Nathan yanked him up and back over the railing. He plopped him down on the ground but did not release his wrist. Cain stared up at Nathan wondering if he should hit him or thank him. At that moment, Nathan hauled him up to his feet, and then laid him back down hard with a short arm clothesline.

"Down goes Cian and what a dirty thing to do!" John Exclaimed

"You would have prefered that Nathan drop him?"

"*Sigh*.....Point taken."

Nathan reached down pulling Cian to his feet only to whip him hard into the shadowy cell. The large man didn't follow Cian in though and instead looked above him to see Storm making his way towards the steps. The champ made his way from the 4th tier to the third. He tossed the bloody towel over the railing and stopped in front of Karmic Legacy's right hand man.

"Having a little of a rough go sir?"

"Things haven't exactly gone to spec if that's what you mean. Did you bring it?"

"Yes sir, It's in there.....with him. Do you wish me to place it on him sir?"

"Please do Nathan....Please do."


By the destroyed apartment building.

While Cian was getting a hand from Nathan, Matt and Dave could only stand by and watch as the Wayne County Fire Department went about hosing the flames and searching the rubble. Someone in the production truck had finally gotten wise and sent a camera crew to cover what was going down.

Of course the camera man knew Cian and Storm weren't dead.....But he had orders not to tell Matt and Dave. As the camera guy walked up to Matt and Dave they both stood up wiping away tears.

"You go live! You go live now" Matt yelled in anger.

"Ok bro...easy...no problem." The camera guy replied.

Back in the arena, the feed from Cell Block C got cut off and now Matt's fat bearded face filled the screen.

"Ok what happened to our feed and why am I staring at a puffy faced Matt McDervish?"

Before anyone could answer into John's headset, Matt answerd the question for him.

"It is my sad duty to report to you the......death.....Of Cian Maccormick." Matt said choking back tears.

"And Storm too...he died too" Dave chirped in.

"Who gives a shit about Storm! Shut up!" Matt said pulling back as if to slap Dave.

"Cian and Storm dead? Are they on crack Hank?"

"I always knew Dave was an idiot but never pegged Matt for one." replied Hank

Matt came forward and grabbed the lens of the camera pulling it way to close to his face.

"Now I know ladies around the world will want to commit suicide but that is not what Cian would have wanted you to do. He would want you to remember his washboard abs and that sexy beard. He would want you to buy lots of his stuff.....as much as you can....in case some random kid comes around claiming to be his and needs money."

Matt yanked the camera lens around and then pointed to the building in the background.


"I don't see anything but rubble. You see anything Hank?"

"I thought I saw an arm."

"Well shouldn't someone tell these two Cian isn't dead?"

"And ruin this entertaining break? *Bleep* No!"

Matt yanked the camera back around and then let it go.

"Until we can have a proper memorial....one that will make Michael Jackson's look like a AA meeting....I will now remember my friend....In song."

Matt opened his mouth but before he could sing, Dave shoved him out of the way and began to sing at the top of his lungs

Cian, you're so awesome,
You're so tall and buff and handsome.
My friend, she says you're 6 foot 2.
How'd she know that? She must really like you.
Your life story won't win Oscars but
We'll still watch it if you take your shirt off.
Oh Cian, Cian, Cian!
And your extremely large PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.....UGH!"

Matt quickly shoved Dave off camera pissed that this man he felt was a traitor was professing his love for Matt's bestest buddy.

"Yes yes thank you traitor. Now if you will...please listen as "I" pay tribute to my fallen friend."

*Clears throat*

"You are so beautiful To me
You are so beautiful To me
Can't you see

You're Ab's were everything I hope for
You're beard was everything I need
You are so beautiful to me
You are so beautiful to me

You are so beautiful
To meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.*squeaky Joe Cocker voice*.eeeeeeee"

"Ok...seriously...someone needs to tell these two Cian isn't dead."

"Are you kidding me? *Snort* *chortle* *laugh*....this is *Bleep*ing great!"

Turns out Hank wasn't the only one laughing at Matt and Dave. As Matt finished his song laughter drew his attention and he looked to his left. The camera swung around to see Kieran, Accolade, and James Miller all laughing hysterically. Matt took offense.

"How dare you laugh at my tribute to my dead lifemate Cian!"

"He's not dead ya fucking idiot!" Kieran said trying not to cry from the laughter.

"He and Storm are in the prison!" Accolade said holding his gut.

"He's alive?" Matt said with soft wonder. "He's Alive!! HE'S ALIVE!!! QUICK DAVE! WE HAVE TO RECUSE MY FRIEND AND THE OBJECT OF YOUR SWERVE!!

"Not so fast there Matty" James Miller said as the laughter died down. "First you gotta get through us"

Matt looked at Dave, Dave looked at Matt.....and then with a war like cry...they charged the three IKI members.

"Well look at this, We got ouselves a slum fight with Cian and Storm. Then this added bonus. A pier six brawl!" Hank shouted.


Inside Cell Block C

While Matt and Dave were in a brawl with the IKI Members, Storm watched as Nathan shoved Cian out of the cell wearing his new attire.

"It looks good on him Nathan. I commend you."

"Thank you sir."

The feed from the camera covering Matt, Dave, and Company had finally cut back to the cell block.

"What on God's Green Earth is that THING Cian's wearing?"

"Wow...is that....it is...That looks to me like a Barbed wire vest!"

Hank would be correct. Nathan had taken several hours yesterday to mold this barbed wire into a vest. He even made loops in which to use a padlock to secure it once it was on.

"Just when you think you'd seen it all. Storm comes up with this....and there's a lock on the front of it so Cian can't get the damn thing off!"

Cian was coming around. He used the railing to pull himself up. Nathan moved in but Storm waved him off.

"We'll be fine Nathan....Please take the ball and go."

"Yes Sir"

Nathan took the ball and then flashed Cian a smirk. Cian looked down at this thing he was wearing and then looked up at Storm.

"Cute, But it doesn't really bring out my eyes."

"I told you....when this is done....wearing a shirt will no longer be optional for you."

Cian nodded and then charged at Storm hitting him chest to chest as he took him down. Storm felt the pricks of the wire digging into his own chest but he accepted this as a small price to pay for what he would do to purge Cian of his vanity.

Cian got up off Storm and then pulled him to his feet. When he did, Storm brought a forearm up striking Cian below the jaw. With Cian staggered, Storm whipped him into the side of one of the cell walls. Cian wobbled back before falling down. Storm wasted little time stomping his boot over and over again into Cian's barbed wire covered chest. Each shot digging the wire deeper into his flesh.

"You've lived on borrowed time long enough Cian. Karma wants what she's owed....with interest."



We often find ourselves in situations in life which are completely unavoidable. More often then not, the situations we are pitted against, are not exactly the ones we want to be associated with. The only questions is, how does one deal with the situation they have been given? Typically, we choose the road which is often traveled on. Robert Frost, the scalawag rascal, he is one of the few who take the road less traveled by. What does this mean? People run away from the situations, they avoid them, ignore them. But, wait how can one avoid an unavoidable situation? They don't! What they are faced with, the reality, they cannot run away from it. What ever they are running from, always comes back. Always.]

[Our miseries in life are the product of avoidance to those situations. We are miserable because the lingering side effect. We fail to stand up, take a stance, and do something. We run. We run until the bottom of our feet is blistered, bloody, and unable to take us another step further. Our mind pushes our bodies, telling our muscles to keep going. When our heart tells us to stop, and stop avoiding what we are given. Does this not make sense? Of course not. This is just useless rambling. This is just lead in to the point of this useless rambling.]

[Storm stood above the bloodied chested Cian Maccormack, the barbwire vest clenched tightly onto Cian's body. Some might considered to be like the torture Christ received. Instead of a crown of thorns, the cult fanatics put a barbwire vest on to Cian. If Christ was tortured today, there is no doubt he would be wearing a barbwire vest. What? Christ had an amazing chest, he is after all the son of God. Or for those who don't believe he was the son, Christ was an amazing prophet. One thing we all can agree on is at the very least all prophets have an amazing chest. Moses? You better believe the man did! Just a side note, Cian was crucified once already in the ring by the lame Blood Brothers. Which resulted in his death. Only to be resurrected. It's a very long story, which features cameos from God, Jesus, Nev, and God's ubber hot secretary of the time.]

[The vile, twisted soul, Jason, pressed and held his foot down onto Cian's chest. The Shirtless Wonder was powerless, Jason has discovered Cian's kryptonite, a barbwire vest. Who would have thunk? Seriously, who would have known? The minds of the 6 billion people on Earth have been successfully blown away! Anywho, the blood seeps through the wounds, oozing out with ease due to the low viscosity rate blood tends to have. Viscosity is the rate which fluids resist flowing. It is remarkable what one can learn in one semester of Geology at a community college. Storm flashed a smile only a true sadist could manage to pull off.]

Storm: Tell me Cian...how long has it been? Six? Seven year?

[The pain is unbearable, the torture is grueling, but the remembrance of a dearly departed is much more devastating.]

Storm: We all have the choices to make in life. There is the right, and there is the wrong. Not matter what is handed to us, no matter what situation we are pitted against. We ultimately have to make a choice. You made your choice. When we lose a loved one...even the most narrowed minded fool...will make the right choice. Karma rewards us for doing the deeds which She asks for! You...choose the life of vanity...pride...lust...greed...and lewdness!

[Storm drives his boot on top of Cian's chest, causing our Shirtless Wonder to cry out in agony. He is beaten, and weak. Barbwire is the fast way to make an opponent loose blood.]

Storm: Instead of taking the long, hard road of righteousness...you took the easy road. You went down the path of sin...and deviltry. The time has come Cian Maccormack! For you to finally face what you have been avoiding for last several years!

[Storm once more smashes his boot down onto Cian. The Real Deal did not let up, he continued to rant and rave. He continued to drive his foot into Cian's body. The fury inside The Shirtless Wonder was beginning to reach a new level of this match up.]

Storm: The pain you believe that rests in your heart will ill comparison to what Karma has for you!


[She laid on the bed, a nightmarish sight. No words can adequately describe, or provide the mind with details to see the horror. Cian simply clutched onto her, his beloved wife. There is no worse thought in life, than knowing there is nothing you can do. The blood streaming from the gunshot wounds were endless. Her head rested upon his chest, yes even back in the glory days his chest was legendary.]

Nev Maccormack: Do...you still remember...the day we first met?

[Tears could not stop. The ambulance were not going to make it.]

Cian Maccormack: Yes.

[They were kids, maybe five years of age, she moved into the townhouse across the street in their neighbor. Their relationship would be the typical on/off types. Especially during their high school days. They might have married young, but everyone knew they were meant to be together. They were meant to have the perfect life, the perfect marriage. Sadly, it's all shattered now.]

[She tried to smile, she was remembering the day. However, she was too weak to smile. The light in her eyes were beginning to fade. He held her tightly, clutching onto every single last moment he was going to have with her.]

Nev Maccormack: I will always love you Cian...

Cian Maccormack: I will always love you too...Nev.


John Paragon: Storm is just being stomping away over and over again. Driving those razor sharp blades deeper and deeper into Cian's chest. There is no word which can describe the unforgiving act of violence Storm is displaying here tonight! This is just absolutely a disturbing sight to behold.

Hank Proctner: Well...MacLameck deserves this...every single moment of this beating.

John Paragon: Are you kidding me? There is nobody in this world who deserves such brutality!

Hank Proctner: Pfft...this is the King of the Cage Tournament. If MacMoron can't deal with what Storm is dishing out. Than he does not deserve to move into the next round!

John Paragon: Storm has Cian by the blood soaked hair and is dragging his opponent onto his feet now. Storm sends his boot deep into those abs...takes a hold of Cian by the arm and throws him careless out of the cell and onto the floor.

[The body of our beloved hero skids across the dusty, dirty floor. Leaving a trail of blood. The blades rip and shred apart the once immaculate chest. Cian tries push himself upward. His arms are weak, the blood loss is starting to take its toll. Storm peers out of the cell, and bellows out a maniacal laugh. Which hauntingly echoes throughout the seemingly empty prison.]

Storm: Everyone must answer to Karma, Cian! There is not a single soul who does not have to answer to her! We must all pay for the sins we carry on our backs! For if we do not unknown up, and renounce, Karma comes calling. She strikes harder and harder for every day you avoid her. Which is why your beloved Nev...had to die a slow...and painful death!

Token Black Lady: Ahhh...hellz nah! White boi didn' juz goez dere!

[Suddenly, all those memories come rushing back to his memory. The sight, the sound of her voice fading, and the warmth from her body fading. Cian has already paid the price, he's already paid for the sins he committed, and the ones he will commit. Cian's see death, Cian has died, and resurrected. Jason came rushing over as he saw The Shirtless Wonder attempting to get back up, only to drive his boot deep into Cian's gut.]

[Cian fought through the pain. He would not fail. Storm was not going to be the one to judge Cian. There is no man in this world who can judge. Storm drove his foot down onto the back, but Cian pressed upward. He cried out for the top of his lung, he pushed himself up. Storm quickly grabbed a fist full of hair, he tried smash Cian's head into the nearest railing which was before them. The Shirtless Wonder clasped onto the rails, and prevented another laceration. Cian drove his elbow into Storm's, freeing him from the clutches of his opponent. Storm could do nothing to stop The Boston Native as he spun around.]

[The man was unable to to avoid the Bear Hug. Both men cry out in pain. Both men cringe as the blades dig deep into their chest. Storm's arms tried to pry open Cian's grip. Unfortunately, the skin on Jason's arms were entangled into the barbwire. The strength in Jason was diminishing. There was only one cheap, quick, but effective thing to do. Jason had no choice, if he wanted to escape the bear hug, he had to sacrifice himself in the process. The Real Deal collided his forehead with Cian's forehead in a nasty headbutt, but once was not good enough. Jason had to do this multiple times.]

[Over and over again, Storm smashed his forehead into Cian's, each time he felt the grasp around his body loosening. Each time though, Storm became woozy. However, Storm was determined, he was not going to give up. Blood splatters, both men grind their teeth, both men are stubborn, both men won't give up. Will Storm be able to escape the Bear Hug? Can Dave and Matt successfully defeat the IKI members in their battle? Will Chance's plan ever occur? What is Chance's plan? Is someone going to die? Isn't camping the greatest thing to do, ever? All this and more...next time?]

When we look back, we often feel as if though the yesterdays were easier, or simple times. When truth be told, yesteryear is no different from today. We construe, warp, and manipulate ourselves in believing today is not as glorious as yesterday. Why? Why do we does this to ourselves? Yesterday was not glorious, yesterday was just a crappy as today. We lie, we put this facade on to help ourselves battle our daily dose of reality. In hopes to make it through to see the sunrise one more time.]

[Their battle cries would send shivers down the spine of a lesser evil, and weaker enemy. However, Matt is nefarious for reinforcing negative stereotypes of Irishmen. In this case their uncontrollable rage. The trio from IKI welcomed this attacked, they called for the attack, they needed the attack. Mainly to keep their face on screen so people will not forget them. Since we are all forgettable beings in this unloving world.]

[Their collusion was a thing of wonder. Beautiful, violent, and totally unnecessary. The impact was thunderous, and was heard throughout this rundown portion of the city. Dave is not much of a fighter, or a lover. However, in this moment, he does not change. Accolade just side stepped to his left, stuck his foot out, and Dave went on a magnificent trip. Yes, Dave received a free trip with flight, and lodging to the ground. Dave slid across. His body comes to a complete halt, and his butt is sticking high into the air. As if though he asking to be savagely ravaged by a black anaconda.]

[Matt had a different experience than his backstabbing counterpart. Matt soared through the night sky with such grace and beauty. At least as much as a pudgy bearded Irishman could. The Main Event Madman has his arms spread wide apart, as if Moses himself parted Matt's arms. With a Double Clothesline, Matt takes down both Kieran (formerly known as Weed Man) and James Miller. The three fall to the cold concrete floor of this concrete jungle. For Matt, the duo of Crowe and Miller, delayed his force of impact to the ground. Thus, saving him from unneeded misery. Accolade pay no heed, for his attention was locked onto the Duke of Delusion. Yes, Dave still had his butt high into the air.]

Accolade: I'ms totally gunna (f-bomb dropped) you up until d'ey are gunna 'aves to use dental records to find out whose you is...

[Dave belts out a groan making his aches be known. The man has been through quite a bit. The IKI made him squeal like a little piggy, by using methods we would be best not to ask. In a groggy, and tired voice, he makes a bold statement. One of which only Dave could make.]

Dave Diamond: Might can rape me...violate me...(censored) me in my sweet tender white ass. You might use all of your brute force to pound my ass until it bleeds uncontrollably. However, you will never have my heart! So go ahead...make me your beyotch!

[Accolade stops in his pursuit. Slowly he backs away from Dave. As Accolade turns around from Dave, he lets his thoughts be heard.]

Accolade: (censored for unknown reasons) dis man!

[Dave rolls over, and starts to get up. His movements are slow, his body hurts. Dave locks his gaze into Accolades.]

Dave Diamond: Ha! What? Your not man enough to fight me? Eh? Figures, you punks are all the same...you have no balls to face Jack Bauer man to man!

[Triumphantly, Dave gets up, and rushes after Accolade. Dave leaps gaily into the air. The Duke of Delusion holds onto Accolade, as if though Accolade was giving the wussy a piggyback right.]

Accolade: Yo', w'at da (insert the f-word here) man! Get you cracker ass off my back!

[Accolade tries to make pivot movements, he snaps his body in different directions. Basically, Accolade does whatever he can to get the monkey off his back. His attempts are worthless. Dave is a champion piggyback rider, he is not going anywhere. Things were turning on Matt though. After his heroic display, both Kieran and James fought back, and hard. They may have the upper hand for the moment, however, Matt puts up a good fight, no matter how much the odds are stacked up against him.]


John Paragon: Despite having the Bear Hug locked on...Storm is still wailing Cian with those just nasty head shots. The Shirtless Wonder is still holding on strong. Neither man is giving in. They are tired...beaten...and damned...but they are still doing what they can!

[The grip was coming loose, Storm was holding out. This was a must for Storm, he had to win this round. Losing to Cian would be devasting, looking weak to weak would tarnish his image. Storm is and will always be relentless. The man does not hold back for no man. Cian is equally as stubborn. One more hit Jason thought, just one more. He couldn't though, his head was pounding. The world around him, the whole prison was just spinning. Storm was dizzy. Just one more, he only needs one more.]

Hank Proctner: Come on Storm! You have to beat Cian...this is about Federation X! Plus, McDumbmack is a pathetic piece of garbage. He is the most unoriginal, rehashed gimmick ridden wrestler we have all seen before. I don't care if he has the most significant, marvelous, awe-inspiring chest this industry has ever seen...he has to lose!

John Paragon: Oh my...OH MY GOODNESS! Some how...by the grace of a higher being...Storm has finally broke out the Bear Hug! He simply managed to plant one more Headbutt! Unbelievable! The sheer determination Jason has...is...is just unfathomable.

Hank Proctner: Yes! Yes! Show 'em Storm baby! It's the determination...the motivation...the drive in Jason which has given this magnificent career. There is no other person in the business today who has accomplished what Storm has accomplished. The man lives for this game. Storm is wrestling!

[Neither man fell, they stood their ground, they both refused to fall, they stumbled, but they did not fall. For this would lead to their demises. This entire time, Cian was playing into Storm's hands. Not this time. This time he refused to play his little game. This is not a movie, this is not Saw, and Jason is not Jigsaw! Jason though, he wanted to put an end to Cian's career, and the shirtless ways, the blatant and disrespectful display of lewdness. They both still stood. However, their bodies were torn to pieces. Jason's flesh dangled from the razor sharp blades, his body drenched in his own blood. Their faces painted with blood from those Headbutts. They were woozy.]

[The only choice, get out of this prison. Get away from this place. Head back to the courtyard. No more chasing after the ball. This has lead nothing but torment. Still, the rage lived inside of Cian. The words from Jason's lips just drove him bonkers. What would Jason know? Every single day Cian has had to live with the image of his wife dying in his arms. Only within the last year Cian has managed to kick the pain killers, the alcohol, and being such a man-whore. If there is ever a wrestler who could be considered a man-whore, Cian was that man. Yes, Cian slept with many women, even Ginger. She denies it, but they totally did the deed. More than once.]

[The body though was keeping Cian from moving. He tried, he simply couldn't. His legs were locked. Cian's heart and mind wanted to advance, but they could not. Storm was finally shaking off the effects of all those Headbutts. The headache, or the migraine, just unbearable. Yet, he looked towards the barbwire vest wearing ruggishly handsome man, suddenly he was filled with disgust, and ire. Storm was reborn, he was running after Cian.]


Hardcore K: What are you doing?

[Everything slowed down, Cian turned to see his deceased cousin, his friend, tag partner, and stablemate. Time meant nothing at this moment. Seriously, what the heck is with all this melodrama? Gah, too much of one thing is not good!]

Cian Maccormack: I can't...I want to...but...this vest.

Hardcore K: I suppose...I...the great...the glorious...the most searched Canadian Icon...could give you words of inspiration. However, you and I...both know...you can. So, I'll skip the sappy speech. Now, do you still have the item I gave you the other night? The one I said you would use at the right moment..and how you would know the time was right?

Cian Maccormack: Uh...yeah...

Hardcore K: This would be the opportune moment to use the item.

[Cian reached into his back pocket, and produced the item in question. Hardcore K smiled, he was going to give Cian a hearty pat on the back, but Cian is wearing the barbwire vest. However, Hardcore K said good luck and vanished.]


Chance: The basketball courtyard will have an "X" marked on the center of the court. You are to render Storm unconscious. After which you will drag his worthless body exactly 5.256565123 inches to the right the "X" mark on the ground. You must not be off by that amount.

Cian Maccormack: Why not on the "X" mark?

Chance: Why is the sky blue? It just is...okay...there is no real reason...other than...it just is. Okay? Geez...I thought were suppose to be all smart and stuff. Now, can I continue?

Cian Maccormack: I guess...

Chance: Say please first!

Cian Maccormack: Uh...why?

Chance: Emma! Slap him for not doing as I say!

[Emma delivers a solid open hand slap across the jawline. After she is done with the slap, the stinging pain still lingers.]

Cian Maccormack: Fine...please...will you continue to divulging your plane.

[Chance snaps her fingers in excitement. She spins in her evil swivel chair, a few times before stopping.]

Chance: Divulge! That was the word I was totally thinking of earlier! Now, I shall continue. Once you have Storm's body placed exactly 5.256565123 inches to the right of the "X" mark. You will then clap your hands five times. This will be the signal to one of my henchman to call a number. The number he will call will to be to another henchman who will be waiting in a car in a parking lot. Once the henchie reaches the phone call, he will then drive the car out of the parking lot, and down the road exactly five blocks away. The henchman will arrive to a seemingly empty warehouse.

[2 hours later]

Chance: The plane will fly over the basketball court, and drop a package. Inside the package will be a bomb. You will then attach the bomb to Storm's body. Once it has been attached, you will set it to detonate in exactly 15.5985456 minutes.

[Cian felt inclined to ask why such a specific time. However, he remained silent.]

Chance: After you have set the timer on the bomb. Then just make sure the bomb explodes...and Jason dies! That is my plan!


[Jason came charging, like a rabid squirrel. Cian clutched onto his item with determination, he had to make this one count. Everything is counting on this one critical point. They both snarled and growled, they cried out in fury. Everything was on the line. The moment arrived, the world came to a crashing halt. Jason was baffled, confused, and did not know what to think. Words could barely escape his partially parted lips.]

Storm: Son...of...a bitch!

John Paragon: Holy hole in a doughnut Batman! I can't believe what we just witnessed! I am in complete...shock! Cian just stabbed Storm with a shank...but not just any shank...but a shank widdled from a toothbrush.

Hank Proctner: What?

John Paragon: Yes...a shank made from a toothbrush!

Hank Proctner: Where did he get a shank crafted from a toothbrush?

John Paragon: I have no clue...but they are in a prison...maybe he found one. However, I don't ever remember him picking up one.

Hank Proctner: What a cheating bastid! He is going to pay dearly for his crime! I will not rest until justice is served!

John Paragon: I'll tell you what is a crime...a woman not using Summer Eve's Cleansing Cloths! Yes, you ladies should all go out and buy Summer Eves Cleansing Cloths after this match!

[Cian sent the tip of the deadly toothbrush once more into the side of Storm's stomach, twisting and turning the shank. Yes, Hardcore K gave him a a deadly toothbrush to use during the match. Pretty neat stuff eh? What? You were totally surprised, you did not see it coming. Remarkable how everything comes together at the end, right? Exactly! A shank in a prison, as if God himself knew how this was all going to go down.

[Clearly, Jason did not. Then again Jason only believes he knows stuff about religion. He is just a sad man clenching onto what he views as right. He is a member of a cult. He is a lost soul. Cian drives the shank into the stomach once more. Storm is too shocked by this, he cannot move. Once more the shank drives into Jason's stomach. This time, Cian holds it in place, twisting it slowly. Seething hate is heard in Cian's voice.]

Cian Maccormack: You know nothing about me Jason! Not one thing! I suffered more than any one man should have to suffer. I've lost...and I've lost so much. I've died...I've been resurrected back into this cruel world. I have paid for my sins...more than your pathetic mind will ever imagine.

[Another twist of the shank, digging deeper into Jason's stomach. Cian reels Jason in closely. So, only he can hear the words being uttered.]

Cian Maccormack: Never speak of my wife's name. I will slit your throat without hesitation.

[Cian lets go, and starts to limp away. Jason falls to his knees. As if he was kneeling, as if he was a desperate man seeking God in church. He is a desperate man, but he does not seek God, nor is he in a church. Cian limps away. The vest hurts, but the pain in the heart is more devastating. The images of his beloved Nev are more horrific. Cian was done with the game. He was not falling into Jason's games. Not anymore. Will they escape the prison? Will Jason snap out of this whole cult thing? Will Chance's hopes of killing Jason come true? Why does DreamWorks make such crappy computer animated movies? Till next time.]

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