1/10 SUPERSTAR - AARON ACTION v Emissary v Royal Ryan Scott

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1/10 SUPERSTAR - AARON ACTION v Emissary v Royal Ryan Scott Empty 1/10 SUPERSTAR - AARON ACTION v Emissary v Royal Ryan Scott

Post  Stan Daniels on Wed Jan 26, 2011 3:50 pm

DETAILS: Aaron Action prepares to break the blatted legend Storm’s Superstar Championship Title Defense record and we are not going to allow this moment to pass with just any match and just any opponent. Aaron is going to have to work for it and work for it he shall. He and his “Mystery Opponent” will be unleashed on Melbourne Australia’s own iconic Location! Luna Park! This place has it all! It an OLD TIME blast from the past. An Old Fashioned Amusement Park/Carnival/Circus and the place is massive!
“Melbourne’s Luna Park is a galaxy of amusements and sensations. From the jaw dropping, eye ball popping super thrill rides like the Pharaoh’s Curse, Metropolis and the Enterprise, to the exhilarating rides like the Spider, Twin Dragon, G force and Shock Drop, you’re bound to have an awesome time! “

RP RULES: Standard match rules. For each day that a participant gets up 2 posts that are either a)not back to back or b)at least three hours apart they will receive 1 additional point to the day's rp score. 6 posts will be scored.

RP JUDGE: Grayson

This match needs to be added to the Legenday Rewrites section. If you didn't read it, you need to. This match is the highest scoring match I can remember judging in the last year, and stands out as one of the greatest matches I have ever read; and I've read some damn fine work. What makes this match so strong is that there is a real progression of story, with a constantly fresh introduction of subplot and interesting creative to keep your attention sharp and your interest focused. If I had any large criticism of the match, it would be that the overall action took a back seat in almost every post. There was almost always some important piece of action, but it was brief in comparison to everything else that was going on in the posts. With that pushed aside, the frantic feel you should have when you picture a struggle raging through an amusement park definitely exists, and it is a compliment to each writer that all of them manage to really cement that feeling in the reader. This was a terrific read, and could be used (in most cases) as an instruction guide on how to sell and progress (seriously....progression scoring was off the charts!) a story.

As some of you know, I make it my mission (at least with the biggest belts) to go out of my way to try and bring back the record holder if somebody is on the verge of breaking their record. I initially reached out to Maverick because his brother held the record, but events in his life wouldn't allow him to come in and face Aaron. Aaron's reign has been one of the most impressive reigns I've ever seen, and when we looked at who was the right person for him to have to measure himself against if he wanted the record, it really looked like it was going to come down to Aaron Action v Alan Scott (the #1 contender and one of the few Superstars that Aaron hadn't faced.) After the flat match that neither of us really got up for recently, I didn't think that that was a good idea, so I came upon the idea of him being booked against Team SBFF, and Geno and Alan blowing it off and turning it into a bet to see which of them could find a better substitute for their spot in the match. I didn't know when we introduced that angle that what we would end up with was an all-star main event.

Geno dropped the bomb first when he introduced the returning Legacy To Be, who came in off of months off, guns blazing. One look at his work reminded me of what we lost when he disappeared earlier this year. The man can make federations move. Emissary seemed sharp and focused and wasted no time in introducing us to Mungo, who became a staple of this story. He chowed creativity early, and sold well throughout the match, but I would have liked to have seen him add a few more creative elements for everyone to work with as the match continued to progress (which is different than creatively using the elements that were already there - he did that well.) Where Emissary made up some ground on his opponents was in his ability to get into a string of action and play it out in detail. His attention to action was superior to either of his opponents, even if it wasn't the focus of all of his posts. That strength kept him right in the fight to the bitter end.

Alan pulled a shocker as well when he announced that his replacement would be his cousin, and the roleplaying phenom known as Royal Ryan Scott. Like Emo, RRS had been away from the game for some time, and had really only agreed to put in the time as a favor to me. Still, just having him back was a real revelation and reminder of what the game misses when he's not playing. I think some people might find Ryan's division of posts into 4, 5 or more sections to be distracting or disjointed, but I didn't feel that. What I felt was that he was taking the time to make sure multiple aspects of the story were progressing at the same time, without mashing them together into the same space/time point in the story for the sake of convenience. And while I don't score on it, he made me laugh out loud on more than one occasion. Ultimately it was Ryan's selling which impressed me the most. He has an attention to detail that I admire, and he's always happy to reach back into the earliest parts of a match and pull out a little nugget of roleplay that was forgotten or pushed aside, and reintroduce it so that he can expand on it or enhance it. The only thing I would say about his selling that I wanted to see improved was his early selling of Emissary. Aaron had the same issue, so I'll comment on it as I talk about his effort.

And speaking of effort.......we've had an incredible champion amongst us and with the record looming in front of him, we didn't have a big match lined up. I made it my mission to give him a challenge I felt he could handle and after some contacts, suddenly the match with no obvious challenger had become a triple threat match that seemed stacked against the champion. Aaron didn't complain though, he just rolled up his sleeves and went to work. How good is Aaron Action? Look at the wake of defeated names he has left behind him during his reign. Like Ryan I felt that his early use of Emissary (mostly in terms of his speech) were a breakdown in his traditionally solid selling. As I read Emo's early posts, my inclination was that he shouldn't have spoken in any way that didn't reflect somebody with something very, very wrong with his mind. His thoughts should have been unfocused, and almost unrelated to the way in which normal people communicate. Aaron had a couple of other smaller breakdowns in selling that I found to be slightly unusual for the man who has made a career out of selling everything thrown his way. He did sell though, and in his selling he moved some very impressive plot devices forward. The end of his 5th post, in which Maverick appears in the funhouse was the BEST post ending of the entire match, and really brought a reader's smile to my face.

So who won?

That's really the question. With scores that were less that one tenth of a point separate by the end, we had the highest scoring match I have ever judged. Aaron Action.......I salute what might be the most impressive Superstar Title reign I have ever witnessed........even if it is not the longest one. In what I CANNOT call an upset, but I will call a surprise.......the championship will find its way around the waist of.......Royal Ryan Scott.


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1/10 SUPERSTAR - AARON ACTION v Emissary v Royal Ryan Scott Empty Re: 1/10 SUPERSTAR - AARON ACTION v Emissary v Royal Ryan Scott

Post  Stan Daniels on Wed Jan 26, 2011 3:52 pm

As Storm Warning came on the air, before the canned opening, or pyro in the arena, viewers were treated to a shot of Shelley Simmons, the trademark gates of Luna Park leering in the background.

"Tonight, all eyes will be on Aaron Action as he vies to break Storm's amazing record for longest Superstar Title reign. With so much uncertainty surrounding all things Federation X these days, the gutsy streak by Aaron Action has been the one constant the fans of this company can rely on, a stabilizing force in an otherwise nightmarish stretch for this company.

"Standing in his way, the man that ended Johnny Rude's bid to break the old record, a man we haven't seen in several months, Emissary. There's no word on what's inspired the sudden re-emergence of the Legacy to Be, but with everything going on, one has to wonder if the mystery surrounding this company has anything to do with Emissary's return."

With that, the screen faded to black, and the standard opening ran.


He walked under the watchful glare of massive, overbearing eyes, into the mouth of a would-be hell.

Why was he here? Why when things seemed to be going so well, so easy?

"He has to go," the man in the suit had said. "There's work to be done."

But what was the work? What path to blaze when dreams and hope are gone, when the world has pushed you aside for dreaming too high?

There was laughter all around him, but not from him. There were smiles and there was joy, and none of it was his. His lot was confusion without a will to be. Mouths spoke from happy faces, plans for a day that had been so long in coming for some of them.

But from Emissary there were no plans, no diabolical plotting to execute just so. There was only a shell that had once been the god of a very small world. A loss he might have mourned if he could but remember its feel.

Something roared in the distance, a great beast of steel and speed, and it refocused Emissary's attention.

Work to be done. That was all that mattered. And maybe when he was finished, he would return to that place where the broken world seemed so far away, where music played and soft voices whispered kind words.

And there, he could rest again.

Emissary bent, shifted the knee-brace under his pants, and started on his way again. If the work was to be done, it would be in there, near the thing that had called to him from across the great distance of the park.

Only a few steps in, he shouldered a large bear out of his way, eyes fixed on nothing.


James "Mungo" Smith was not a complicated man. He liked his food quick, his sex frank, and the drama kept to a minimum.

But some days the world just couldn't let a man be.

Words like "foreclosure" and "repossession" seemed to be following him around a lot these days. If asked what he did for work since the layoffs, he'd say he listened to people tell him no. And he'd become a damned expert at it.

And when he'd finally found work, what had been the reaction? Congratulations? Atta boy, Mungo? Way to get back at it?

No. No, there'd only been a laugh from mother and a scoff from Susan.

"A sodding puppet?" the latter had said, with so much disdain it hurt to even remember it. "That the best you could do? After all that time?"

And had he stood up for himself then? Declared her a heinous bitch and explained the value of a hard-earned dollar, no matter the shame in it? No. No, he'd only hung his head and made unintelligible grunting noises, some kind of affirmative, as if she really was right all along.

Because she could never -really- be wrong.

And there, under the wilting sun at Luna Park, doffed from head to toe in his ridiculous bear suit, Mungo poured sweat tinged with regret. Already he'd had a drink spilled down his leg thanks to some punk fucking kid and had fallen over from what might have been an accidental bump.

So it was that he found himself lamenting every choice he'd ever made in life, regretting every little disrespect he'd let the world get away with. He vowed then, in his own private, fur-coated hideaway, to never let a thing go unpunished again.

And, in that very moment, Emissary shoved him aside on his manic quest for some unknown prize.

Mungo stared at the back of Emissary's head, and it didn't occur to him the absurdity in hating a man whose face he'd never seen. Too, it never crossed his mind that the first step he took after this man could be the worst decision he'd ever made.


"This is a song for a son," Emissary muttered, and it had to mean something.

He could recognize the happiness around him, even if he didn't know how it must have felt. He might have hated those people that felt it, but something told him there were so many other reasons to hate them.

But they didn't matter. All that mattered was the work, the end he was meant to bring.

The end for a certain son, but who?

As Emissary tried to remember his task, pried through his mind for the words, "Son of the South", or an image of the man he'd been sent to end, a bear followed.


It was time for the main event, and the world was already reeling by the sensational news that Genocide had found a replacement for himself in what would be perhaps the most prestigious main event that the company had seen in a long time. Aaron Action was on the cusp of setting what might be the most hallowed of all records in the company, given the chain of people who had set the record prior to him and in a show of daring and pomp, the Powerbase had scheduled him to face Team SBFF (together the greatest tag team in the world………………ever.) Team SBFF had other thoughts though, and pulled a fast one on the booking committee by making a very simple bet with each other; who could find the most awesome opponent possible?

Geno had pulled a rabbit out of his ass, dragging from the recesses of ancient memory the former Superstar Champion, and man who vanished almost as soon as his Karmic Legacy angle got legs. The wrestling world had been reeling since the announcement that Emissary would be making his official return to Federation X with designs on stopping Aaron from setting the record and beginning a new tour of duty with a victory that would put wrestling’s hardest working belt around his waist for the second time. Just minutes before the match was scheduled to start the X-Tron that had been hastily assembled at Rod Laver Arena crackled to life, the static interrupting some douchebag in short short’s serve and the crowd immediately began to boo.

It might have been genuine contempt though because the men on the screen were actually interrupting a match in the Australian Open, not that they cared. Alan Scott sat casually in the leather chair with a smirk on his face as Geno paced back in forth behind him.

Geno: Carnage?

Alan: Nope.

Geno: Chance?

Alan: Please.

Geno: Siiiiiiiiiiiiiidekick?

Alan literally laughed out loud.

Alan: I said a bonafide champion.

Geno scratched his head.

Geno: Gene Tic?

Alan: NO!

Alan recoiled in horror at the very idea.

Alan: We’re not booking amateur night Geno, we’re booking TALENT. Try again.

Geno shook his head and threw his arms up into the air.

Geno: I give up! I’ve been guessing names for the last twenty minutes and……and……it doesn’t matter anyways! There’s no way you can top my news. Emissary?! Come on! We’re talking about a former Superstar Champion and a guy who has set this place on fire before. Just tell me who you’ve got, because honestly?

Geno smirked at Alan knowing that he was getting to use his best friend’s own trademark statement against him.

Geno: ……there is NO WAY you can top me.

Alan Scott loved a good challenge, and those were fighting words. He sat forward in the leather chair and got a strange expression on his face, which unnerved Geno a little bit, although admittedly not a lot. After all; Emissary. That one word said it all. That alone would provide Aaron Action with one of the biggest tests that he had faced in his entire reign. Then again, the man had defended against Eve Riley, Genocide, Kieran Crowe, Homicide, Nate Daniels, Angelica, Malice and had won the belt from Kitty Hawke. His reign wasn’t a footnote, it was an exclamation point. That didn’t stop Alan from taking up Geno’s challenge then.

Alan:Challenge accepted! What’s the bet?

Geno: Bet?

Alan: You challenged me and I accepted. The bet……..if I win…….you have to go on national television and proclaim Gene Tic a better man than you.

Geno looked mortified.

Geno: And if I win?

Alan shrugged.

Alan: What do you want?

Geno: I want you to go on national television and say that you are Brute Bernard’s bitch.

Alan smirked.

Alan: Deal.

Geno looked shocked. Really? What kind of ace did Alan have in his hole?

Geno: Really?

Alan smiled.

Alan: Of course.

He checked his watch and nodded. It was time.

Alan: That sounds perfectly reasonable to me. SO you think you got an ace because you brought in a former Superstar Champion huh?

Geno: I do.

Alan: Would you say a former Superstar Champion is a bigger deal than say…..a FOUR TIME King of Karma champion?

Geno’s face went pale.

Geno: You didn’t!

Alan: A bigger deal than…..a former BAR ROOM BRAWL champion?

Geno’s eyes bugged out.

Geno: YOU DID!

Alan smiled.


Alan: What?

Geno: I call cheating! You can’t recruit family! That’s not even fair! Your personal genepool was off limits for the bet!

Alan: Says who?

Geno: It was implied!

Alan: You're a sore loser!

Alan smiled. The cat was out of the bag. He turned and looked into the camera to make the big announcement.

Alan: That’s right Aaron……are you watching? My official replacement in the main event is none other than…..



“Royal” Ryan Scott.

Those three words sent the mood in Ron Laver Arena careening in the opposite direction. An announcement that had almost been drowned in boos was instantly met with cheers of approval. “Royal” Ryan Scott was returning to Australia. This had been where Ryan had won his first King of Karma shot. Which lead to his first King of Karma title. Which lead to his first Bar Room Brawl appearance. Which lead to his Bar Room Brawl Championship. And now Ryan was back, with a shot at ending the second longest Superstar Title run of all time.

In The SBFF locker room emotions were also swinging in the opposite direction. Genocide had been so confident moments before, and now his eyes were bugging and his mouth was struggling to find the right words.

Genocide: Cheater!

Alan: You said that already.

Lowering his head, Alan wiped away an imaginary tear.

Alan: (with mock concern) This is when I’ll tell the doctors that the Alzheimer’s started.

Genocide: Ryan? Ryan is coming here? Alan you little- you little- you

Alan: Cheater?

Genocide: Yes!

Alan smiled brightly. It was amusing to him to pull one over on his SBFF. Lacing his fingers behind his head, Alan leaned back in his chair, as this had been a coup a long time in the making.
One Year Ago

Alan: Ry, you’ve got to come out to Federation X! Everyone’s asking for you!

Ryan: Alan, I’m not going to try and split my time between Japan and Chicago.

Alan: Grandpa can do it.

Ryan: Sorry Alan.
Several Months Ago

Alan: King of the Cage.

Ryan: Sorry Alan.

Alan: You can handpick your opponent! You could take on Phil Stone! Or Battlestone!

Ryan: That’s supposed to be an incentive?
Two Months Ago

Alan: You come back, dressed as a security guard, you save me and Geno, you join the Network, you wrestle on a limited basis until you’re back up to speed again.

Ryan: Could I wear aviators?

Alan: Yes.

Ryan: And dress all in black?

Alan: Um, if you want?

Ryan: And spin a nightstick?

Alan: You can spin any… crap, is that The Big Bossman?

Ryan: Yeah. Ha. You were just trying to sell me Bossman. Nice try Alan.

Alan: At least it’s not The Scarecrow.

Ryan: Oh screw you.

Alan: Screw you.

Ryan: Home for Thanksgiving?

Alan: Probably.

Alan: Just hear me out. Australia. Theme Park. Superstar Title. You would be the man to stop Aaron Action from breaking The Superstar Title record.

Ryan: You can’t get me to come to Chicago, and you want me to fly to Australia?

Alan: You have the chance to stop his run! It’d be like what you did with Chance and Grim, but, you know, people would actually care this time.

Ryan: … all I have to do is fight this guy?

Alan: And one other guy.

Ryan: What other guy?

Alan: I don’t know, Geno gets to pick.

Ryan: Okay.

Alan: Just hear me out- wait, “okay”?

Ryan: What the heck, right? Australia. Theme Park. Free flight to and from. Nice hotel. Maybe a steak dinner…

Alan: Sure, fine, great, whatever you want Ry.

Ryan: Good. I’ll see you soon. And Alan?

Alan: Yeah?

Ryan: It’s going to be Legen- wait for it- *click*
While Alan beamed thinking about his replacement, Genocide’s fill-in continued to wander through the amusement park. What was a mecca of fun and enjoyment for scores of Australian children was a rotting pit of despair for Emissary. His mind was a jumble of words and images, a kaleidoscope of memories. All he knew was that he had been sent to cause someone pain. Slowly he made his way through the park, working his way towards the epicenter of the grounds where, unknown to Emissary, a ring had been erected in the futile hopes that tonight’s main event would be contained within.

Silently, his anger rising with every step, “Mungo” stalked his prey.

Standing near the ring, “Royal” Ryan Scott wiped a stray piece of popcorn off of his “Your Girlfriend Calls Me Cupcake” t-shirt. It felt good to be back in his costume. His crown shined to a golden shine, his blue and red tights gleaming. Shaking out his leg, Ryan nodded his head. He’d left Next Gen in Japan after being shot in the leg, but that was several months ago and he’d made sure the rehab was intense enough to keep him in fighting shape. Now he just needed his opponents to show up. Climbing up on the ring apron, Ryan listened to the gathered park goers hoot and cheer as he climbed up onto the turnbuckle. Giving the fans a little wave, Ryan scanned the throng of humanity bustling around the park. From what he’d heard, Aaron Action was a tough man to miss.

Aaron: I do tho love a theme pahrk. When thith ith dun and everyone geth here we thould hit up thome rideth. Maybe thome thkee bawl.

Swinging his arm in an exaggerated bowling motion, Aaron sniffed the air hungrily. A young family walked by, both children messily devouring trays of nacho chips. Shaking his head, Aaron continued moving forward. He could eat after his match. Heck, if he was still Superstar Champion, he’d spend the rest of the night at the park, celebrating to his heart’s content.

That was a big “If” though. He’d be facing Emissary and who ever Alan Scott had chosen to be his replacement. He’d been in the car driving to the park when Alan had made his announcement. Besides those two men there was still Omega AND Maverick to concern himself with. Threats were going to be coming from all directions tonight, all Aaron could do was keep his head on a swivel and hope for the best.

Aaron: Jutht do yo betht Aaron. Dat’th what Momma alwayth thaid.

Omega: I don’t understand.

Guard: Not much to understand mate, you don’t have a ticket, you don’t get in the park.

Omega: I’m with the wrestling company. Just let me in.

Guard: Are you Aaron Action?

Omega: No.

Guard: Emissary?

Omega: No.

Guard: “Royal” Ryan Scott?

Omega: Who?

Guard: Sorry mate, those are the only wrestlers I have on my list. You’re gonna need a ticket.

Looking at the long lines still stretching out from the ticket booth even at this evening hour Omega sighed. Stomping towards the ticket booth, Omega skirted up to the ticket counter.

Ticket Seller: No cuts mate. Back of the line.

Omega: Look, I just need to get in for this wrestling match.

Ticket Seller: That’s a great story. Tell it from the back of the line.

Still scanning the crowd, Ryan noticed a large man moving through the mass of people. Focused on finding Aaron, Ryan didn’t recognize him the first time. But as the man picked up speed towards the ring, Ryan’s attention was drawn back to him. Now in a dead run, Ryan barely had time to think “What is Emissary doing here?” before he had to dodge out of the way. Emissary slid past him, skidding into the ring. Leaping to his feet, Emissary charged back at Ryan, the young Iowan narrowly dodging again. Deciding the best defense was offense, Ryan bounced off the ropes, slamming a forearm into the back of Emissary’s skull and sending them both spilling out of the ring. Rising to his feet, Ryan didn’t know what was odder. That Emissary kept muttering “son” under his breath, or that there was a man in a bear suit watching all of this intently.


AARON ACTION: Ith it Emiththary or Ryan Thcott? Dith ith ridiculouth.

Aaron was standing next to Earl Cronkner. The head referee gave a shrug as he gazed at the monitor that was showing the feed from the Rod Laver Arena. Aaron threw his hands in the air and stalked over to the phone. He tried Marlowe’s number, but the nurse answered and said he was resting. Aaron cursed and hung up the phone.

AARON ACTION: What da hell wath da Powerbathe thinking?


William Von Braun looked across the table at Krusher and Grayson.

VON BRAUN: I have two questions. First, where the Hell is everybody? I haven’t seen Liv, Alexis, Psycho or Matt for days.

Krusher moved uncomfortably in his chair. His eyes shifted around the room. It had been more than a week since he had determined that someone was systematically eliminating the Powerbase, but he had decided to find the culprit himself and not to alarm his fellow Powerbase members. He did pause in his thoughts for a moment when he realized that Matt was missing as well and he had not seen any clue to his kidnapping.


VON BRAUN: And the second question is when did we decide to let Alan Scott on the Powerbase? I know we let Constanza in – I’m still not quite sure why – but his partner is NOT part of this group and therefore he has no right to interrupt a highly competitive tennis match –

GRAYSON: It was Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova vs. Svetlana Kuznetsova. I highly doubt it was competitive. … Or interesting.

VON BRAUN: Be that as it may, Alan Scott just broke into our show, and a worldwide tennis feed, to announce that one of our top draws would be facing a man who is not even signed to a Federation X contract.

KRUSHER: I have to agree with that.

VON BRAUN: But at least Genocide went to the trouble of getting Emissary to sign a short term contract. The last thing we need is for Ryan Scott to walk in here, win the belt and then take it to WDN.

Richard Grayson rubbed his chin. He had been a bit distracted recently. It seemed that many of the Powerbase duties had been left undone and the persons who were supposed to be doing them weren’t returning calls. In addition, Lars Magnussen seemed to be trying to exert some influence on the company. Now, team SBFF was trying to set their own agenda. He sat up a bit straighter in his chair and looked around the table.

GRAYSON: Well, we need to make a decision here. And either way, you can bet that Team SBFF and Aaron Action aren’t going to like it. … And I can anticipate the headache that I’m going to get dealing with all the paperwork Marlowe will bury me under.

VON BRAUN: I have an idea.


In Luna Park, Emissary stalked slowly toward the giant palace that was in the distance. That was where Genocide had told him to show up for the match. He stopped for a moment at a concession stand and bought himself. It was gray and rainy in the park, but that didn’t seem be holding down the temperature. The former Federation X superstar downed the bottle and looked around. There was a trashcan in the far corner of the intersection, but he was turning the other way. He saw the guy in the bear suit behind him and toss the bottle at him.

EMISSARY: Deal with this for me. I have places to be.

The bottle spun end over end and then caromed off the bear’s head. It rattled to the ground and rolled to the foot of a man in a suit. The man leaned over and picked the bottle up. He looked at and then made his way to the bear. The man took the bear by the arm and led him behind the concession stand away from the crowd.

GERALD JONES: What do you think you’re doing littering in the park? Is this how a Luna Park employee acts?

Mungo Smith gritted his teeth. Jones was the figurative thorn in his paw. The man had been his supervisor in the Vegemite factory for three years. When the plant closed, Mungo got the job at Luna Park hoping to keep the house that he had bought because Susan and Mother said that was what a married man did.

He then discovered that Jones had procured the park manager position. On Jones’ first day, Mungo was demoted from chief custodian to suited performer. Jones had made quite the show of making Jones a “dancing bear.” Now he stood in front of Smith knowing full well that there was no way he could have held the bottle much less dropped it.

GERALD JONES: Answer me, now!

MUNGO SMITH: It wasn’t my bottle. A customer threw it at me –

Jones smiled his sly, lizard-like smile. He held up a hand.

GERALD JONES: Speaking while in costume. That is a firing offense, Smith. I’m afraid I’m going to have to let you go.

Mungo saw red. He was not prone to violence but, truth be told, he liked the job as a bear. The smiling kids made him happy for a short time. And now this fetid pig was taking that away. It was too much.

A bulky paw slid into the handle of an empty soda canister that was stacked behind the concession stand. He swung the three foot metal can in a wide arc. It made a satisfying clang when it struck Gerld Jones in the side of the head. Jones went down like a sack of potatoes.

Spinning around Mungo stomped out from behind the stand. He looked around and saw the idiot who had shoved him and had thrown the bottle. The guy was slipping into the wrestling ring in the center of the park. Another guy with a crown on his head was attacking him. Mungo cracked his knuckles through his suit.

MUNGO SMITH: Right. He’s next.


Aaron looked up into the ring. Emissary was now in the ring fighting Royal Ryan Scott. The Son of the South scrambled past the fans trying to get an autograph. He got to the ring and slid in. Popping up, he drove a knee into Ryan Scott’s back.

PARAGON: And it looks like we have a three-way match for the Superstar title. Aaron Action versus Royal Ryan Scott versus Emissary. This could be one of the greatest main events in Storm Warning history.

PROCTNER: Emo’s back! I love that guy!

Emissary was back on his feet. He pulled Ryan Scott up. Scooping him up, he slammed him to the mat. Aaron spun him around and began throwing fists with the man called Footnote. But then a voice boomed through the crowd. The fans all looked to the secondary X-Tron that was set up in Luna Park.

VON BRAUN: Okay, listen up. You’re all here, so I guess this match is on. But we’re adding a little twist. It will be a best of five falls match. And before each match you all have to ride one of the Luna Park thrill rides … twice. So get your asses to Enterprise!

The fans all cheered as security led the wrestlers to the ride. In the back of the crowd, Mungo Smith glared at Emissary and planned his revenge.




Emissary Post subject: Re: SUPERSTAR CHAMPIONSHIP - AARON ACTION v ??????Posted: Tue Jan 19, 2010 3:13 pm

Joined: Fri Feb 20, 2009 5:01 pm
Posts: 370 The joint Federation X / Luna Park security team managed to separate the three combatants, at least for the moment, as park staff led them through the line for the Enterprise.

Despite all the bravado he could muster for this match, for what this title run would mean to him and the Federation X fans, Aaron's eyes were roving across the crowd, up on top of buildings, in every dark corner they passed, as if the shadows themselves could hold yet another threat to him. Whatever threat it was, he wouldn't say.

Ryan Scott seemed most at ease among the three of them. This was a free trip for him, spur of the moment decision whose only weight was the chance to debut at the top with a new company. When the crowds reached out for just a chance to touch him, Ryan was only too pleased to return the gesture.

But near the back, Emissary's eyes flashed between Aaron and Ryan. Just one sight of the large, greasy man had been enough for him to know his task had arrived. But there was something about the other one. A memory of jealousy and abandonment, replacement, but it wouldn't come. Only the feelings, and the feelings led to pure hate.

He was tasked with putting an end to Aaron, but something told him he would gladly do the same for Ryan.

A steady tap finally stole Emissary's attention from the two men he was being led away with. One of the Luna Park security detail stood to his left, eyes forward as if he didn't want to look at the man with the flitting eyes and gaping mouth that stood next to him. And at his waist, a club of sorts hung. Emissary's eyes fixated on it, sounds of pain and broken bones ringing through his head.

Yes, that would do nicely.

His right hand shot out first, grasping the bludgeon around the haft, his left shortly behind it to shove the guard away.

But the club didn't give way as easily as he'd hoped. Something held it fast to the man's belt, a release he'd forgotten to apply. But there was no going back now. As the guard gave a shout, other startled sounds sprung up around them as the rest of the crew took notice.

Emissary's left hand snaked around the man's waist and undid his belt, rather than search for the release on the club itself. With a triumphant, elated smile, Emissary held aloft his prize, the belt still dangling from it, and shouted, "A broken son for the world!"

Despite all the security with their sights set squarely on Emissary, it was Aaron Action that was the first to arrive, planting a running back elbow into Emissary's jaw. The younger man reeled, stumbling into the doughy bodies of the supposed security team. They inadvertently held him up, but as Ryan Scott charged in to join the fray, they parted like the Red Sea, abandoning Emissary to whatever fate awaited him.

But he spun just in time to see the Royal one coming. With a quick sidestep, he gave Ryan a shove in the back that sent him tumbling over an oddly familiar bear.

While the broken Emissary admired his handiwork, Aaron wrapped an arm around Emissary's neck from behind. Even in this streetfight scenario, though, it was a legal choke the Awesome One applied.

Emissary frantically waved the club around behind his head, hoping to catch Aaron across the skull, but only succeeded in slapping himself in the face with a belt. Aaron hadn't forgotten the weapon Emissary had acquired, and kept his head tucked between the Once and Future Prince's shoulderblades.

All his attention focused on trying to strike Aaron, Emissary didn't notice Ryan Scott back on his feet. He covered the distance quickly, and had both hands on Emissary's, trying to pry the club away from him.

"Jutht take if from heem!" Aaron shouted.

"No!" Emissary shouted desperately. "Give us this day, and fell our prey!"

And while the three men struggled with each other, an inhuman shriek rose up from seemingly everywhere at once. Aside from the combatants, all heads turned to the bear that rose up, shoulders hunched, as he stared cute, cuddly death at the three. Letting loose a primal scream from his adorable, oversized head, Mungo charged.

He connected with a shoulder into Ryan's back, driving all three men with the blow. The back of Aaron's thighs impacted something, and he tumbled backward, taking Emissary and Ryan with him.

Mungo stood again, leering down at the three of them, holding the club Emissary had dropped. He raised it over his head, ready to mete out the punishment they all deserved, when a barrier rose up and cut him off from his prey.

"That thertainly wuth fortunate," Aaron muttered.

And with that, three men in a heap in the small compartment, Enterprise started it's first loop.

Paragon: There's supposed to be a limit of two passengers per car on Enterprise, folks! This could be a much more interesting ride than I think anyone had in mind!

"What are the odds of you making this easy on all of us until this thing is over?" Ryan asked Emissary, knowing full well he wouldn't get a spoken answer, just by the mad look in his eyes.

In response, Emissary threw his head back into Aaron's nose, and the fight was on again.

Below, Mungo raged.


Where were YOU when the Karma struck?


Aaron Action Post subject: Re: SUPERSTAR CHAMPIONSHIP - AARON ACTION v ??????Posted: Tue Jan 19, 2010 7:59 pm

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Posts: 668 A huge whirring sound began and a voice on a speaker said, “Make sure that all loose objects are secure and seatbelts are fastened.” Aaron only peripherally heard it as he was busy holding the bridge of his nose. He touched it gently and felt the shooting pain. On the upside, he didn’t hear the clicking that usually came with a broken nose.

ROYAL RYAN SCOTT: Sit back, you idiot!

Scott shoved Emissary into a seat. He fell back into one himself. The Royal One looked at Aaron.

ROYAL RYAN SCOTT: I’d buckle up, if I were you.

Aaron was surprised that Scott would care enough to help an opponent at all. He let go of his nose and grabbed the belt and snapped it across his ample waist. The belt was stretched to its absolute limits, but it snapped. Aaron leaned back and nodded toward Scott.


Scott gave a shrug.

ROYAL RYAN SCOTT: Don’t think I like you, fat man, but I don’t like to see anyone in the business hurt.

AARON ACTION: A kin deal with dat. … By da way, you might want to lean to the right.

Scott looked up from his seat to see Emissary’s foot snapping out and connecting with Scott’s groin.


EMISSARY: If you are far from the enemy, make him believe you are near.

PARAGON: And the match participants have been placed in the Enterprise, a ride built in 1979 in Melbourne’s Luna Park. The ride will spin at high speed while rising to near vertical. Riders need a strong stomach for this one.

PROCTNER: Well, we all know that when it comes to stomaches, Aaron has an advantage there.

The speed was picking up on the Enterprise. It spun around and around as it slowly lifted itself to vertical. Emissary was being buffeted around the car as he had failed to heed the warnings and not strapped in. The man who believed he was the next big thing smashed into the mesh window and then slid back across seat to the other side. He clawed at the mesh trying to get his fingers into it.

AARON ACTION: Dat idiot ith gonna get uth killed.

Ryan Scott was already queasy from the kick to he groin. It hadn’t been solid, but it made his stomach flip over enough. He was trying to keep his eye on one fixed point. He had decided it would be the top of the carousel, which he could seem for most of the time he spun around. He knew that the ride was designed to make the rider dizzy. He also knew getting off the ride even slightly less dizzy would get him and advantage in the match. However, the problem with staring off into space was that you didn’t see the object flying at you close up. As the wheel reached its apex of 87 degrees, Emissary was tossed from his seat. He landed face first in Ryan’s lap.

ROYAL RYAN SCOTT: What the Hell!

Scott shoved Emo off. He used his feet to kick him away and Emissary flipped over and landed on the ceiling of the car. His head smacked against the steel and he gritted his teeth. Now he knew how a sock in the dryer felt. Emissary’s hands clawed at anything it could find. The problem ended up being that he grabbed the door to the car and because the safety check had not been performed in all the chaos, the door had not been locked. It flipped open with Emissary hanging from it.

PARAGON: Oh, dear, God, the door has just opened on the Enterprise! It looks like Emissary is hanging out in space.

PROCTNER: The ride is starting to fall back down, but that just means that Emo will be dragged on the tarmack as they try and bring the ride to a stop. Somebody better get a sponge.

In the car Aaron and Ryan looked on with gapes on their faces. They looked to the opne door and then back at each other.

ROYAL RYAN SCOTT: Part of me wants to say **** him for being a moron. At the very least he’ll get a Darwin Award.

AARON ACTION: But we can’t let him die, it would look bad.

ROYAL RYAN SCOTT: I know. I know. Grab my tights.

Ryan Scott unsnapped his safety belt. He felt himself start to slide. The wheel was dropping back horizontal which was throwing off his center of gravity. He felt Aaron’s hand clamp onto the back of his tights as he leaned toward Emissary.

ROYAL RYAN SCOTT: Give me your hand!

EMISSARY: I can save myself!

ROYAL RYAN SCOTT: You’re going to get slammed on the ground over and over again. You’re going to die! Grab my hand.

Emissary felt his feet scrape off the ground. He suddenly realized that he was in mortal danger. He pulled on the mesh with the hand that was stuck there as he swung himself at Ryan. Scott’s hand clamped onto Emissary’s.


Aaron Action yanked with all his might. He leaned back with his more than 300 pounds. The two men fell into the gondola, just as the ride hit horizontal again. The ride began to slow to a stop as Emissary tried to extricate himself from Scott.

EMISSARY: Don’t think this means I owe you anything.

Emissary peered menacingly down at Scott who was lying on his back trying to catch his breath. Ryan had had about enough of this guy.

ROYAL RYAN SCOTT: Oh, I won’t. Especially after I do this.

Ryan pulled back both legs and kicked as hard as he could. Emissary shot backward. He flew straight out the door and tumbled to the asphalt that surrounded the ride. The ride was nearly at a stop, but it was still moving some. Only years of muscle memory and instinctive training allowed Emo to land correctly. He rolled to a stop against the barrier outside the ride feeling every bit of gravel that was lodged in his back. Emissary pulled himself back to his feet and staggered toward the slowly moving ride. He saw a the guy in the cartoon bear outfit had been joined by a guy in an orangutan suit. Both of them seemed to be glaring at him.

The moment of looking at the characters was a mistake. As the car spun around once more, Ryan Scott launched himself out of the gondola. He hit Emissary with a shoulder to the chest that knocked Emo back down. Scott stayed with his opponent making sure he used Emissary’s body to protect himself from the asphalt. When they came to a stop, Ryan grabbed Emo’s leg and pulled back.

PARAGON: Did you see that? Ryan Scott just jumped off the ride and hit Emissary with a pinning predicament! That was amazing.

PROCTNER: He’s related to Alan Scott. Of course it’s amazing! Looks like Earl is ready to count the pin.

PARAGON: One … two … three! Royal Ryan Scott take the first fall of this Superstar match!




Royal Ryan Scott Post subject: Re: SUPERSTAR CHAMPIONSHIP - AARON ACTION v ??????Posted: Tue Jan 19, 2010 10:53 pm

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Posts: 7 Dusting off his hands, Ryan popped back to his feet, then quickly dropped back down, slamming a hard elbow into Emissary’s chest. The Man Who Would Be King coughed and clenched before security stepped between them. Shrugging his shoulders, Ryan looked back at the ride, where Aaron was just climbing off.

Aaron: Wait a thecond. I thought we had to go on that thing twithe befo’ any fallth counted?

Trying to look nonchalant, Ryan shrugged again and looked at Cronker, his stomach tense, hoping the pin would be counted. Earl was holding a hand to his ear getting messages back from The Powerbase. Finally waving his hands, Earl called off the pinfall.

Paragon: Well how about that for a reversal of fortunes? “Royal” Ryan Scott was about to walk away with the first pin in the match, only to have it overturned at the last second!

Hank: As it should be! I know this Ryan kid is only out to screw over a true champion like Emissary… can you imagine how great it’s going to be around here when Emissary is The Superstar Champion? I mean, is there a more fitting champion that you can think of?

Paragon: I think Aaron Action has shown himself to be one of the greatest champions this company has ever seen.

Hank: Well who asked you?

A curse word slipped out of Ryan’s mouth as he grabbed Aaron by the scruff of his neck. The three hundred plus-er swatted Ryan’s hand away, only to have Ryan shove him headfirst towards the Enterprise again.

Aaron: What’th the big idear?

Ryan: It was your genius idea to ride this thing again, let’s get it over with Honky Tonk.

Aaron: What about Emiththary?

Ryan: Yeah, like I want to pull him back into the cage a second time?

Slamming the door shut, Ryan felt the cart lurch forward. Emissary groggily rose to his feet as the ride started moving. Waving at The Light In The Darkness, Ryan quickly buckled himself in.

Aaron: Thith ain’t thmart. Now he’ll be waiting for uth!

Ryan: Let him wait. You heard Von Braun, two times on a ride before the pin fall counts. If he’s not on, he’s not in the fight.

Aaron: Pretty thneaky Thcott.

The cart began to tip again, suddenly lurching in it’s momentum.

Ryan: The heck was that?

Looking out the mesh window, Aaron let out a long whistle.

Aaron: That boy got more gumption than brainth, I tell you what?

Ryan rolled his eyes, immediately regretting it as a wave of nausea washed over him. Fixing his eyes on the top of the carosel, Ryan spoke to Aaron without looking at him.

Ryan: He’s hanging from the cart, isn’t he?

Aaron nodded his head, his eyes fixed out the window.

Paragon: Emissary is hanging from the side of the Enterprise! He fought his way through the crowd of guards and he is hanging on to one of the carts for dear life! Didn’t he learn his lesson the first time around?

Hank: He sure did John! He’s not going to let Ryan Scott almost throw him out into space this time!

Paragon: He could die out there!

Hank: Then use your super speed to go save him! Emissary knows what he’s doing!

This was, of course, a complete lie. Emissary’s brain was more twisted than a pretzel’s reflection in a fun house mirror. Clinging to the side of the ride, Emissary yelled out into the rushing air around him.

Emissary: You can’t run from me Son of the South! Each turn only brings you closer to me again!

A crowd had gathered watching the fight and the spectacle of the ride. Standing in the crowd were two game operators. Stitch worked one of the basketball hoops and Lem operated the ring toss. The two men ran crooked games, even by carnie standards, and liked to spend their down time getting drunk, hassling women and throwing cigarette butts at passing coworkers. One of those frequently abused coworkers was Mungo. He still had the mark where one of Lem’s smokes had slipped through the neck line of his costume and burned him. With a hidden smile, Mungo crept up behind the two men, as silently as a man in a bear costume could be.

Mungo: ‘ello mates.

Turning, Stitch smiled a cruel smile at Mungo. Lem turned halfway, a cigarette hanging between his thin lips.

Stitch: Hello Fungus.

Lem: Care for a smoke?

The two men elbowed each other and laughed. With a flash of fur, Mungo smashed Stitch in the nose, blood spurting as it broke. Grabbing Lem by the crotch, Mungo pulled the cigarette out of his mouth, and then quickly extinguished it against Lem’s balding head. The two men yelled in pain as Mungo shoved them aside. The Enterprise was coming back to earth and the participants were ready to disembark.

Hopping off of his cart, Emissary shook the feeling back into his hands. He had survived, just as he knew he would. That was what he was, a survivor. A champion. A king. He would teach both of his opponents that lesson tonight. The door opened to their cart. Their tomb, thought Emissary, as he raced towards the opening, ready to destroy whomever stepped out first.

Until he was tackled out of his shoes by Mungo.

Paragon: WHO IS THAT???

Hank: I don’t know! But whoever he is he has NO business in this match!!

Climbing out of the cart, Ryan shook his head, trying to keep from throwing up. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Emissary trying to shake off a giant bear.

Ryan: What is the deal with that bear? Look at that thing, Aaron!

Ryan turned to face his opponent, only to take kick to the gut for his troubles. A DDT buried him into the concrete of the park grounds and by the time Ryan’s ears stopped ringing he was staring up at Earl holding Aaron’s hand.

Paragon: What a swing! Aaron has gone from down one to up one on both men!

Hank: That damn bear!

Rising groggily to his feet, Ryan glares at Aaron’s smiling face.

Aaron: C’mon thun. All’th fair. Let’s hurry up and get on that big rolly coathter one next.

Omega: Okay. Finally to the front of the line. Hi, I’d like one tick-

Ticket Counter: Sorry mate, park closes in 30 minutes. We don’t sell tickets any more. What would be the sense?

Omega: Now hold up, I waited in line to buy a ticket!

Ticket Counter: And Luna Park appreciates your business. Come back tomorrow, will you?


Emissary Post subject: Re: SUPERSTAR CHAMPIONSHIP - AARON ACTION v ??????Posted: Wed Jan 20, 2010 4:56 am

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Posts: 370 "EXCUSE ME!!!" Mungo shouted in Emissary's face as he mauled, in a manner of speaking, the Legacy to Be. "EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME! Is it really that hard to say?!?"

"What's the deal with that bear?" Ryan muttered in the distance. It seemed harmless enough, but it was enough to stop Mungo's incessant screaming, as he sat up straight on top of Emissary.

"I have a -name-," he seethed. He craned his bear head around to glare bear hate at Ryan. He watched with a strange sort of glee as Aaron planted the smaller man's head into the concrete and picked up a three count.

Still, as Aaron set off and Ryan gave chase, neither offered him an apology for the slight. He wasn't a fucking -bear-. He was a Mungo! And they were going to have to learn that.

Paragon: The champion is leading the charge toward Metropolis, Royal Ryan Scott hot on his heels, and...

Hank: Huh...

Paragon: That certainly does sum it up, Hank. It seems a mascot bear is also following after them. And bringing up the rear, we have a very unsteady Emissary.

Hank: Playing possum. I'm telling you, he's -always- playing possum. Kid's brilliant.

Paragon: Something tells me not this time, Hank.

Aaron, probably through little more than inertia, was the first one to start shouldering his way through the line for Metropolis. "Ethcuthe me, folkth. Pardon me. Don't mean ta be a nuithanthe. I hate a cutter ath much ath anybody elthe, but thith ith important." He quickly discovered that a sort of swim move would allow him to cut through the crowd much faster, parting them with each excessively polite sweep of his arms.

Ryan, on the other hand, danced through the crowd with only the occasional bump with an unsuspecting, and usually -highly- impatient patron. Nonetheless, his tactic got him through the crowd much quicker than Aaron's attempts at placating those he put out.

So, as they snaked around the long queue, Ryan covered the distance between them, and gave Aaron a forearm across the back. As the larger man stumbled forward, Ryan kept his momentum going forward, and managed to slide himself between Aaron and the people that had shuffled as far to the left as the line would allow. With an arm around Aaron's head, Ryan took to the air, bulldogging the Son of the South on the concrete.

"Aww, come on, buddy!" one of the customers said. "I've got kids that try enough of that shit at the house without you doing it right in front of them!"

Ryan gave the family a sheepish grin. "Um... don't try this at home?" he offered half-heartedly, before starting off for the front of the line again.

Further back, Mungo was not so kind as either man before him had been. He entered the line with oversized bear paws swinging, clubbing anything and everything out of his way, no matter its size. "I have a name!" he shouted after the men he chased.

And behind him, Emissary stepped over the human wreckage left in the bear's wake. Like the ruins of their already ruined society, Emissary thought they were probably right where they belonged. Sure, the bear had attacked him, but now he was cutting a path to the Son of the South and the damnedable spotlight thief.

To the gold that they demanded he strip away from the disgusting one.

If only for now, the bear was just fine with him. If a man in a fine suit could make the law, a man in a bear suit could be used to enforce it.

But when the bear hurdled over the portly man, still after Ryan Scott, Emissary skidded to a halt.

"Break the prodigal, break the will," he muttered to himself. They were words half-remembered, half-programmed. But that didn't matter. All that mattered was that they were remembered. "Break the son." Emissary could only glare down with a sick sort of fascination as the Superstar Champion stirred.

Aaron was slowly up to all fours, blood running down his lips, pouring out his nose. "Thometimeth thith buthineth thmartth thomethin' fierthe," he managed to say.

Then Emissary fell upon him from behind. The Once and Future Prince's left arm wrapped firmly around Aaron's neck, his right hand grabbed the bleeding nose and yanked at it. Grunting at the effort, Emissary pulled again, intent on ripping Aaron's nose right off his face.

The Son of the South let out an instinctive grunt of pain. His only reaction was to thrash his girth to one side, setting Emissary off balance. The Legacy to Be careened off Aaron's rather large back, and just managed to get one hand up to protect himself from going head first into the metal guardrail that guided the queue.

Still, he wound up in an awkward position, his head and one forearm on the crossbar, the rest of his body bent mostly under it.

And as Aaron stood, his nose throbbing violently from the pain, he had to briefly consider just how good it would feel to smash the Footnote's melon right against that bar.

But it was only a short consideration. Ryan had himself a headstart to the ride, and for some reason that just didn't sit well with the Son of the South. It just didn't seem right at all for someone to get to enjoy the rides without him.


"You're kidding, right?" Ryan said.

"No, sir. You can't get on unless you have a buddy," the man at the front said.

Ryan turned to either side, met the dissatisfied glares of the people he'd cut in front of to get where he was. With a helpless look, he gave the operator a shrug.

"No buddy, no ride. I'm going to have to ask you to..."

But before he could finish, Mungo tore through the last of the line. Ryan spun at the sound and stared in wide-eyed amazement at the bear that shivered with rage, his costume torn, flecked with blood and Coke.

"I don't suppose you're here to be my buddy," he said.

"I have a name!" Mungo shouted.

Before Ryan could assure the bear that he really was interested in finding out that name, Mungo charged, tackling the Royal One. And, as fate would have it, they landed right smack in the nearest car for Metropolis.

"There you go. Got yourself a buddy. Now you're good to go."

As the first train started up, Aaron skidded up to the front of the line. Despite the blood running down his face, staining his shirt, the operator regarded him with cold indifference.

"Gotta have a buddy to get on the ride."

Aaron looked over his shoulder, and there was only Emissary, staggering over the fallen patrons.

"Now thith ith jutht gettin' ridiculouth!"


Where were YOU when the Karma struck?


Royal Ryan Scott Post subject: Re: SUPERSTAR CHAMPIONSHIP - AARON ACTION v ??????Posted: Wed Jan 20, 2010 10:40 am

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Posts: 7 Slamming into the Metropolis car, Ryan struggled to get Mungo off of him as the car started lurching forward. Hitting the incline track, Ryan could barely hear the clink-clink of the chain pulling the car into the sky over the muffled roars of his attacker.

Mungo: I have a Name!

Another big bear paw smashed Ryan across the face as the cousin of Alan Scott struggled to gain the upper hand. An attempted bell ringer did no good as the foam bear head blocked the impact of the blow. In a move of desperation, Ryan twisted the bear head to the side blinding Mungo.

Mungo: I HAVE A NAME!!

Mungo reared up with both hands to pummel Ryan, but the 6’5” Iowan was ready for it and in the opening space, grabbed Mungo by the back of the head and slammed him face first into the front of the cart. Mungo howled in pain as Ryan pulled him back to hit him again.

And then Ryan noticed the track had disappeared.

Ryan: Uh-oh.

Mungo: I have a- ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Holding on to Mungo with one hand and the unlatched safety bar with the other, Ryan closed his eyes and screamed his lungs out as the two men zoomed along the tracks.


Back on the ground, Aaron was having his own problems with his seat mate.

Aaron: Pleath, lil’ girl thop your cryin’, it’th gonna be okay.

That’s right, Aaron had partnered up with a little girl to ride the Metropolis. What? Did you think he was going to ride with Emissary? No way, that dude’s crazy. Aaron would have probably lost an ear and been choked out before they reached the big side turns you see in the pictures on the website.

Father: You all set there Billy?

Billy: I sure am Dad!

Father: Thanks again for riding with Telllulah, mister. Two kids and the wife hates these things.

Aaron: Y’all thure thith lil’ one wantth to ride?

Father: Oh sure, sure. She’s just excited.

The little girl’s excitement went up another ragged decibel as the second car started forward. Jiggling with his safety belt, Aaron lifted one fat knee up against the cart, trying to get more comfortable. He wasn’t built for rides like these.



Operator: Watch your step pal.

Emissary glared into the Operator’s eyes, looking into his very soul. There was little find there, as the ride operator, like most theme park employees, had had his soul good and crushed three weeks into the season.

Emissary: All of your deeds are useless.

Operator: I get it enough from my dad. Just climb in and buckle up.

Taking his seat, Emissary stared ahead stone faced. Sitting next to him was a disillusioned youth with a Danny Musso haircut and a “Malice” t-shirt. Turning back to his friends, “Malice Musso” gave them the “Look at this freak” eyeball.

Emissary: I want to tell you children. Tell you why the world is without meaning. But that would be useless. You do not spill pearls before swine.




Father: SEE??? SHE’S LOVING IT!!!

Billy: I’M GONNA PUKE!!!

Aaron: Wheeeeeeeeee!!!!



Recorded Voice: Thank you for riding Metropolis. Please exit the cart to your left.

Both Ryan and Mungo’s heads popped up, their knuckles white (and bear hair brown) from holding on. Willing some color back into his face, Ryan’s dry mouth coughed out a request to the Operator.

Ryan: We have to ride again.

Ryan barely got the words out before Mungo began hammering at him again. The two men threw punches, elbows, knees and skulls at each other as the Operator started up the ride again. The crowd that was waiting booed loudly but the Operator, like most theme park employees, was pretty drunk on NyQuil by this time of evening.

Paragon: How are any of these men going to survive three more rides like this? We’ve only had one official fall in this match and these men all look like they’ve been through a war so far!

Hank: I hope that bear walks away with pieces of Ryan Scott in his teeth!


Recorded Voice: Thank you for riding Metropolis. Please exit the cart to your left.

Aaron: But- but, I gotta go again.

Screaming and sobbing and tearing at her seatbelt, the little girl threw herself out of the cart and ran towards the outstretched arms of her waiting mother. Looking at his wife, the father muttered a curse word then ordered his son not to repeat it as he two climbed out of the car.

Aaron: Thir, I can’t ride thith ride by mythelf.

Father: Billy, you want to ride again?

Billy: YAYS!

Father: There you go. Have fun!

Patron in Line: This is ridiculous!! I’ve been waiting for an hour!

Doing his best to avoid the crowd’s stares, Aaron spread his legs out as the car started moving again.

Aaron: You okay back there, Billy?

Billy: I think I’m gonna be sick!

Emissary: And that’s why the Communism is doomed to fail.

Malice Musso: Wow! I never looked at it that way! Thanks mister.

Teen Friend: I’m going to become a banker when I grow up!

Malice: Me too!

Emissary shook his head, the foolish youth didn’t understand his meaning. Everything was doomed to fail. From Rome to New York City, all of man’s testaments to himself would fall in time. The three boys exited the cart excitedly talking about finances and hedge funds as Emissary motioned for the ride to start again. The livid crowd screamed obscenities at him, urging him to exit so that some of them could enjoy the park as well. Emissary, who was taking no enjoyment from the rides, turned to them and gave them all a twin symbol of his disrespect.

The security footage would later show 6 patrons made it over the barrier and into Emissary’s cart before security could intervene.

Paragon: A sea of angry humanity has Emissary pinned in that cart and they look intent to eject him one way or the other!

Hank: That darn bear and his Australian friends! Where is that hairy goon?

On cue, Ryan and Mungo’s cart came racing back into the terminal. Falling out of the cart, both men were worse for the wear. Ryan’s eye was beginning to swell and Mungo could feel a tooth rattling around inside of his bear head. Catching their breath for another round, Mungo spied Emissary being dragged from his cart. Shoving Ryan up and over the Metropolis car, Mungo leapt into the crowd with a roar.

Laying on the ground, Ryan stared up at the sky, catching his breath. Another cart pulled into the station and Ryan felt the ground move as Aaron Action stepped out.

Aaron: Okay now Billy. You run along to your momma and daddy and tell them thankth for-


Aaron: …. Me.

Staring at the vomit that now covered his pants and shoes, Aaron tried to kick off some of the fluid as Billy ran off to his waiting mother. Lifting one foot off the ground, Aaron spotted a shadow over his shoulder. Turning as quickly as he could, one foot still in the air, Aaron was completely off balance as Ryan flew off of the cart, smashing The Superstar Champion to the ground with a body block. Earl Cronker popped out of hiding as Ryan hooked both of Aaron’s legs, picking up the second pin fall of the evening. Extending his hand to Aaron, Ryan smiled the cocky grin that drove Chase wild with fury.

Ryan: Al’th fair.

Slapping Aaron in a headlock, Ryan began dragging him through the exit, cracking him with hard fists as he looked for a less dangerous ride.

Ryan: Red Baron, huh? That couldn’t be too bad, right Aaron?

Aaron: Mrmfp!

Ryan: *punch* Exactly! *shove into vending machine*


Aaron’s head smacked off the vending machine. He jumped back up and tackled Ryan Scott. Scott rolled through the tackle and was back up. He spun a kick at Aaron’s head, but The Son of the South slid back and caught the leg. Twisting and dropping, Aaron used Ryan’s leg and his own weight to toss the Royal One into a nearby pond. Aaron thought about continuing to the ride, but he was covered in puke and blood.

He dove into the pond.

Ryan was ready. He jumped up into the air and hit the diving Aaron with a standing dropkick. Both men slashed down into the squishy bottom of the pond. Aaron tried to get up, but his arm was tangled in some water lillies, He yanked his arm loose and looked around. Ryan had gotten out of the pond. He looked across the pathway and saw Ryan heading for the Red Baron ride.

Slogging his way out of the pond, Aaron saw that he was back next to the vending machine, lying in the shoot was a bottle of LA Maxi. The Awesome One reached in and pulled the bottle out. He put the cool bottle next to his head. The throbbing lessened just a little. Pulling the bottle away he looked at and gave a shrug. With a twist of the cap, Aaron opened the bottle and chugged the cola. He spat the cola on the ground.

AARON ACTION: Dat’th diet! And not good diet!

Triple A looked around. Ryan Scott was patiently waiting in line for a turn on the Red Baron. The small airplanes were rising and falling with their lights flashing. The small children in each plane pulled forward and back on the stick making their planes rise and fall as they made the circle around the hub.

Aaron took his time. His shoes squished as he reach the line. Thinking how much he hated wet shoes, he walked up and tapped Ryan on the shoulder.

AARON ACTION: Thcuthe me.

ROYAL RYAN SCOTT: No cutzies! Get in the back of the line. We can’t fight until after we ride anyway.

Aaron shrugged and walked away. Ryan smiled. He guessed the good ol’ boy had some learnin’. His mama probably told him not to cut in line. The ride came to a stop and Ryan followed the stream of children heading into the corral that held the ride. As the stepped through the gate, the attendant whose nametag read “Jeremy” held up a hand.

JEREMY: And where are you going?

ROYAL RYAN SCOTT: I have to ride this ride twice for the wrestling match.

Jeremy rolled his eyes and shook his head. There was one of these idiots about every third ride. He pointed to the sign of the baby bear holding his hand in the air.

JEREMY: They teach you to read in wrestling school?

ROYAL RYAN SCOTT: I went to Iowa on a wrestling scholarship.

JEREMY: Doesn’t answer the question. … He pointed to the sign again.

ROYAL RYAN SCOTT: If you’re taller than me, you can’t ride the Red Baron! … Son of a –

JEREMY: Watch your language! There are kids all over.

Ryan saved the curse for under his breath. He spun around and scanned the crowd. He saw a wide purple shirt. Aaron was stepping onto the Pharoah’s Curse. His eyes locked onto Ryan’s. Aaron smiled and waved.


Ryan took off at a dead run. He looked at the ride knowing that he would be upside down on this one.

ROYAL RYAN SCOTT: Come to Australia. Beat Aaron. It will be fun. I need to remember to kick Alan in the balls.


The employee entrance had been guarded when Omega checked it before. But for some reason, the radios had gone off all at once. The guards took off at a full run.

Omega smiled. This was his opening. He slipped up the doorway and slid into the park. He looked around and saw the costume sitting there. He smiled again.

None of those idiots in the match would suspect a friendly cartoon bear would attack them. He went to the locker and slipped into the costume.


Security had cleared the crowd. Emissary pulled his arms free as the site director told the security team who he was. The officers didn’t like it. They weren’t letting Emissary go without permission from Mr. Jones, who they couldn’t seem to raise on his radio.

EMISSARY: I have to go! I’m in a match here! Let me go!

The members of the Future Goth Bankers of Australia shoot around holding icepacks on their wounds. The officers kept and eye out for the rogue purple bear. The guy in the suit had beaten his way through the crowd, but had vanished when they showed up.

There was a commotion and the crowd parted. Mr. Jones, the park manager, staggered through the break in the crowd. His face was a bluish-purple mess of swelling and bruises. His glasses sat askew on his face. His toupee was flopped to one side.

GERALD JONES: Where is he?

OFFICER: Here’s the culprit, right here. He incited a riot, Mr. Jones.

Jone stared at Emissary. He threw his hands in the air and spun on the officer.

GERALD JONES: I don’t care about this bloody wanker. Where is Mungo Smith? He assaulted me.

OFFICER: But this man assaulted park patrons. Shouldn’t we—

GERALD JONES: Did you hear me? I don’t care about him! Let him go! Mungo Smit assaulted ME! **** the patrons! As long as they pay for tickets what do I care about them!

Everything stopped. All of the park visitors who had been assaulted glared at Jones. The on-lookers who stood around him, also glared at him.

GERALD JONES: * GULP * I … that is …

ON-LOOKER: Get the bastard!

The crowd closed in on Jones. The security detail moved in to help him out. As they did, Emissary slipped away. He glanced to the bushes and saw the bear laughing like a mad man. Emo thought about kicking his ass, but he heard a familiar voice.

AARON ACTION: Wheeeee! Dith is fun!


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Emissary Post subject: Re: SUPERSTAR CHAMPIONSHIP - AARON ACTION v ??????Posted: Wed Jan 20, 2010 3:20 pm

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Posts: 370 Emissary faltered and tumbled across the unforgiving concrete of the ride's entrance area. This was what the world reveled in: rejection, violence for its own sake, turning a deaf ear in favor of a balled fist.

The Legacy to Be tried to regain his bearings, made a feeble attempt at pulling himself to his feet. But it was for naught. The work would go unfinished and the world would rejoice. No peace, no rest, only failure.

Emissary lifted his head to take one last, lingering look after the men who would continue the fight without him, but they were not to be seen. Instead, a massive purple paw hung down before his face. After a moment's hesitation, Emissary took it, and was pulled to his feet.


Two good runs in the Pharoah's curse later, Ryan Scott and Aaron were back at it. Ryan looked a little worse for wear after the ride than did Aaron, who only seemed to be reveling in the theme park experience.

So it was that Aaron landed the first blow on the normally quicker Ryan Scott. As Scott reeled, Aaron charged, took to the air, and spun around in the air. One massive butt-bump later, Scott was rolling across the concrete.

"Dat'th what dey call uthin' yer athets," Aaron thaid... said. Gah!


Emissary leaned heavily on Mungo as the Aussie mostly carried him through the line for the Pharaoh's curse. He hadn't spoken a single word to his stuffed savior, but had done plenty of listening.

"I saw just how wrong I was about ya when those people did what they did. You and me, we're the same, y'know? Just gonna be kicked around by the world all our lives unless we do something about it." Then, after a long pause, "You got a bitch of a wife too?"

Emissary said nothing, turned away from the bear to look past the few people still ahead of him, to the Pharaoh's Curse. He'd never be able to get on the thing himself. Not this way.

"This is a good one," Mungo assured the Legacy to Be as they reached the front of the line. "Sometimes when I ride it, I imagine what it would be like if I had kids to ride it with. And then it makes me smile."

With all the tender, fatherly care he must have envisioned for his hypothetical children, Mungo placed Emissary into a free seat, and buckled him in. As though it were the most natural thing in the world, the big purple bear took the seat next to the Legacy to Be and gave him a pat on the arm. "You're gonna do fine."


With Ryan Scott propped up against the wall of a nearby bathroom, Aaron charged, intent on using his girth to his advantage. But Scott fell out of the way just in time, letting Aaron connect with a sickening slap, not unlike a dead fish on concrete.

And, oh god, the jiggling...

As Aaron stumbled away, Ryan was up and ran in for a swinging neckbreaker on the pavement. Upon impact, he realized just how bad an idea that might have been.

As both men lingered on the ground after the fall, a purple bear sidled near.

Leaning against each other, Aaron and Ryan managed to inadvertently hold each other up as they worked to get themselves to their feet. Once there, both men pulled back to deliver a right hand, but froze at the sight of the bear. Their bodies still turned toward each other, toward the fight that was still bound to take precedence, they gaped at the bear that just stood there as if it was the most natural thing in the world.


How does a cartoon bear act natural? Omega thought to himself.

As cheerfully as he could manage, Omega waved at the two men.

And received a stereo punch to his oversized bear head for his trouble. He stumbled back, his head twisting and turning at all sorts of awkward angles, blinding him as he fell.

Maybe they weren't fans of cartoons.


Ryan was the quicker of the two to forget their temporary union, and whipped Aaron to the ground with one arm. As his porcine opponent rolled (rather well, actually) across the ground, Ryan gave chase. When Aaron stopped, Ryan slid to the ground, delivering a baseball slide to the back of Aaron's head.

The Royal One retrieved a nearby trash can and stood over Aaron. As the Son of the South started to work his way back up to his knees, Ryan came to deliver another blow.

But Aaron had it scouted, and rolled at Ryan's legs with all his weight. Already unbalanced by swinging the trashcan for his attack, Ryan tumbled facefirst into his very own weapon. The trashcan crumbled under him.

Gasping for breath, Aaron was back on his feet, a handful of Ryan's hair pulling him up as well. The Son of the South took his opponent by the hand, and whipped him toward the barricade that separated the Pharoah's Curse from the rest of the park.

But Ryan managed to reverse it at the last moment, sending Aaron into the barricade. The Son of the South flipped over the barricade and tumbled across the tarmac just as the Pharoah's Curse was winding down a second time.

Ryan capitalized. Getting a full run, Ryan leapt nimbly up onto the barricade and soared across open air, landing a majestic leg drop across Aaron's neck.

And effectively impacting his tailbone into the rest of his spine. As Ryan arched his back and half-skidded, half-hopped across the ground at the sudden smarting pain in his lower back, Aaron lay motionless.


"Now wasn't that fun?" Mungo said as he lifted Emissary out of his seat. The two made their way to the narrow exit.

"Wanna try it on your own?" Mungo asked, motioning to Emissary's feet.

The Legacy to Be nodded feebly. If the work was to be done, he'd have to be able to walk on his own.

So, Mungo released him and took a step back to admire how well Emissary could do.

Which wasn't so well, as it turned out. The Legacy to Be swayed where he was for just a moment, before falling forward out of the ride.

And on top of Aaron.

Three harsh slaps of flesh on concrete later, and the match was knotted up at one a piece.


Where were YOU when the Karma struck?


Aaron Action Post subject: Re: SUPERSTAR CHAMPIONSHIP - AARON ACTION v ??????Posted: Wed Jan 20, 2010 10:41 pm

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Posts: 668 EARL CRONKNER: One … two … three!

The head referee stood up. He leaned down and pulled up the limp arm of Emissary (and from the ladies say, it’s not the only limp thing.)

EARL CRONKNER: One fall each!

The crowd booed as Emissary rolled off of Aaron Action. The Son of the South pulled himself up and glared at Earl.

AARON ACTION: He’th not even fully conthiouth!

Earl gave a shrug and mimed shoulders down and one, two, three. Aaron threw his hands in the air. He reached down and pulled Emissary to his feet. Emo stood on his legs, but he swayed back and forth as if a stiff breeze would knock him over. Aaron drove a forearm into the side of the head. Triple A scooped up the woozy Emissary and body slammed him on the asphalt.

Standing in the crowd, Mungo’s fist went involuntarily into a ball. When he had first encountered Emissary, he had judged him harshly, but now that he’d fought along side him, Mungo felt a … kinship with the man. He started to push his way through the crowd when Aaron lifted Emissary up and tossed him over his shoulder.

AARON ACTION: Lookth like we’re off ta da Thenic Railway. … Da Thenic Railway is a thrill ride? Thoundth like da choo choo through Dead Eye Gulch.

Royal Ryan Scott fell into step with Aaron.

AARON ACTION: Shouldn’t you be running ahead, or attacking me or thomethin’?

Ryan was covered in dirt, blood and sweat. His body was covered in bruises, scratches, scrapes and cuts. He sucked in a deep breath.

ROYAL RYAN SCOTT: Honestly? I could use the breather. Mind if we walk to the next ride.

Aaron gave a shrug. The site producer spoke into his headset telling the producer to take a commercial break.

PARAGON: And we’re all tied up with one each in this momentous match. As the contestants head to the … Scenic Railway? …

PROCTNER: Oh, come on. Who names these rides?

PARAGON: We’ll pause for a word from Ov Terror’s Ice Cream Treats.


Omega stood up. He shook his head. The punch hadn’t connected with his face, but his bear nose was dented. He reached up trying to press it out. It was not really possible.

Walking into the crowd, Omega looked for the cameras. He saw a boom mic and began to follow the crowd. Aaron Action and Royal Ryan Scott were going to pay for attacking him. Omega looked for a weapon of some kind to use. He saw a broken board by the fence surrounding Metropolis. He bent to pick it up and was suddenly knocked to the ground. He landed flat down on his face. The nose of his costume buckled in even more.

GERALD JONES: Oh, I’be god joo dow, Mungo Smidt.

Omega felt a knee in his back and then three security guards swooped down on him. He struggled to get up, but the men held him down. He tried to yell than they had the wrong man, but the nose of the suit had turned inside out. It was shoved into his mouth.

OMEGA: Mgghh-mahhdn

GERALD JONES: Oh, doh! You’re dot talking your way out of dis, Mungo! You are nod ondy sacked, but you’re heading to jail as well!

Gerald tried to laugh maniacally, but he choked on the blood that was running out of his nose and down the back of his throat. He began to cough and choke. He bent over and held his knees. As he did, Billy and his family walked by. Billy stopped to kick Gerald in the ass.

BILLY: Jerk!


PARAGON: And welcome back, fans. As you know this is the Superstar championship match. Aaron Action is looking to break Storm’s record for the longest reigning Superstar champion. And he’s taking on the returning legends, Emissary and Royal Ryan Scott.

PROCTNER: Legends? Oh, come on. It’s an affront to Storm’s memory that ANY of these guys even look at his belt, much less try and hold it.

PARAGON: Well, no matter what, Aaron will be tied with Storm. We’ll see if he breaks the record. … And right now, he’s getting on the Scenic Railway Roller Coaster with Ryan Scott and Emissary.

The three men had gotten to the roller coaster, which according to the sign was one of the oldest continuously open wooden roller coasters in the world. Aaron and tossed Emisary into a car. Emissary slumped over. Aaron got into the car behind Emissary.

AARON ACTION: No way, ah’m thittin’ in front of dat dirty dog.

Once again the operator insisted that everyone had a partner, even though the crowd had shied away from any ride these men were on. He made Ryan Scott get out of the car behind Aaron. Motioning, the operator offered Ryan the option of sitting with the Emissary or Aaron. Ryan sighed and wedged himself in with Aaron.

AARON ACTION: You like rolly coathterth, Ryno?

Ryan looked up the hill and then glanced around to the hundred foot drop. He swallowed hard and gritted his teeth.


Ryan and Aaron watched as the operator tried to find a single that would ride with Emissary. Oddly, no one stepped forward. That was until a man in a ripped up purple bear suit stepped forward. He marched straight out to the car, never taking his eyes off off Ryan and Aaron.

AARON ACTION: Does that bear make you nervous?

ROYAL RYAN SCOTT: He rode Metropolis with me. He’s okay.

The train pulled out of the station. The car started up the first hill. It was relatively short. Ryan pulled down on the lap bar with all his might.

AARON ACTION: Careful of da belly, thon.

Ryan noticed that Aaron’s ample stomach was blocking the bar from reaching his own lap. His grip doubled on the metal rod.

In the seat in front, Mungo bided his time. He reached a paw back. His hand wrapped around a small metal foot pad that was on the seat behind him. Mungo knew that pushing down on this pad would release the bar in the car where Aaron and Ryan were sitting. Inside his fur covered head, Mungo smiled. He patted Emissary’s leg just as the car hit the top of the hill and started down.

ROYAL RYAN SCOTT: Oh, my gooooooooooodddd!

AARON ACTION: Ith dat you thcreamin’ like a little girl?




Royal Ryan Scott Post subject: Re: SUPERSTAR CHAMPIONSHIP - AARON ACTION v ??????Posted: Thu Jan 21, 2010 12:06 am

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Aaron: C’mon now thun. Just a rolly coathter! Everybody’th having fun!

Ryan would have come up with some sort of retort, but he was too busy hanging on for dear life. Aaron’s paunch made securing the lap bar impossible and Ryan, call him crazy, didn’t feel like being thrown to his death from a roller coaster. His Mom hated him being a wrestler as it was, if he died in Australia on a roller coaster? He’d never hear the end of it.

Still stumbling along the midway, Omega held his head in pain. He had no idea how Aaron saw through his clever disguise, or who the other man was, but the beating they’d handed him was no joke. Leaning against a bench to get his head back on straight (both literally and figuratively), Omega didn’t hear the roar of the crowd until they were almost upon him.

Rioter 1: Get ‘em!

Rioter 2: Let’s smash him!

Rioter 3: Let’s squash him!

Rioter 1: Let’s feed him his own feet! … God, that was overly violent, wasn’t it?

Rioter: True!

Looking up through mesh covered eyes Omega saw Gerald Jones, back up and on his feet, with his toupee half way off his skull back peddling quickly, his hands in the air.

Gerald Jones: Now mates, mates. You don’t want to hurt me! You don’t want to hurt ol’ Gerald! No, no, no….

Stumbling into a garbage can, Gerald continued to sputter and shake as the crowd drew closer. Suddenly one of the rioters pointed towards the bench where Omega was watching the scene unfold.

Rioter 2: Oi! There’s that bear that smashed me in the apples and dapples!

Rioter 3: And smushed me right in me old mush!

Omega looked around, trying to find the attacker they were all so angry about. As far as he could tell though he was the only one near by. Then he saw Gerald Jones’ eyes land on him and an evil smile crossed the man’s face. Omega knew that smile. It’s a smile he’d smiled before.

Someone was about to be screwed over.

Gerald Jones: There’s your answer mates! That damn bear!

Omega: Me?

Omega’s protests were quickly swallowed up by the roar of the crowd as they gave chase after the fleeing wrestler.

Ryan: Ug. *burp* fwwwwww… okay, let’s do it again.

Aaron: You thure there Ryan? You’re looking pretty green around the gills.

Shaking his head and sucking in air, Ryan nodded his head. He’s leapt off of buildings, been inside an exploding dome, he’d even been set on fire once, but these rides were wearing him down more than any thing else.

Ryan: Times like this… I wish I still had clones running around.

The Operator shrugged, figuring it was some sort of American slang and not a reference to Ryan Scott’s second Bar Room Brawl competition. As Ryan pondered how on earth he lost to Demonica Vile and considered for the 80th time if Superman II references were what screwed him, the Scenic Railway shot along the track again. Screaming with hoarse lungs, Ryan held on for dear life. As the ride banked into it’s first turn, he felt the bar suddenly shift in his hands. Pulling harder, Ryan heard Aaron groan as the metal dug into his stomach. Shoving on the bar Aaron tried to make himself comfortable, but Ryan only pulled back on the bar tighter. In front of them, Mungo stomped on the release peddle again. Again Ryan pulled on the bar as Aaron shoved forward. One hand left the bar to crack Aaron across the face. Yes, slapping is unmanly, but so is being thrown to your death through the machinations of a man in a bear suit. Aaron roared out, shoving his girth into Ryan. Ryan’s one handed panic grip wasn’t enough to save him and he suddenly found himself flying out into space. Fortunately for the man that invented ImpenetrableCore, the ride was in a zenith, and he flew into some nearby shrubbery. As his vision went black, he hoped that he’d be sent home in one box, instead of several.

A slap to the face finally roused Ryan and he looked up into the eyes of Earl Cronker.

Ryan: Am I winning?

Earl: No. Aaron ran out to look for you as soon as the ride came to a stop, so Emissary hit him with a trash can from behind and pinned him.

Ryan: Emissary is winning?

Earl: Yup.

Ryan: *sigh* Help me up then.

Pulling, the kindly referee helped pry Ryan from the bushes. Brushing himself off, Ryan looked around. There was no one else in sight.

Ryan: Where is everyone?

Earl: Emissary and that bear went THAT way… and Aaron went that way. Something about Not Riding With A Cheater again.

Ryan: So you don’t know where either one is?

Earl: Hey, I’m just the referee, not their mother. But I do know one place you can see the whole park from here.

Ryan: … theeeeee sky tram?

Earl: Don’t be a girl. No-

Earl pointed towards the sky and Ryan’s heart dropped into his stomach which dropped into his tights.

Earl: The Shock Drop.

90 seconds and one panic attack Later.

Screaming at the top of his lungs, Ryan was glad most of the park had emptied by now. The place closed at 6, and only a scattering of people were wandering around still as Ryan rode the Shock Drop a second time. Reaching the apex of his flight, Ryan looked around in a panic. Zipping around on this death trap only had one purpose, find Emissary and Aaron and get back in the fight. Ryan suddenly could see a knot of people surrounding a fuzzy purple object not far from the ride. As he plummeted back to the earth, Ryan made a note of the location and hit the ground running. Unsnapping his restraints, Ryan ran as fast as his noodle legs could carry him towards the crowd of rioters. A big purple bear meant that Emissary had to be near by. Charging into the crowd, Ryan shoved two men off of the purple mascot and looked around for his opponent.

Instead, all he found were angry Australian faces staring at him.

Ryan: come to Australia… go to a theme park… win a title. Hell.

With a roar the crowd split into two, half of them chasing after the fleeing “Royal” Ryan Scott, the other half falling back onto the shell shocked Omega.

Aaron: Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Operator: Okay sir, that’s two. You want to get off now?

Wiping his brow, The Superstar Son of the South looked around the Spider ride. Looking left and then looking right, Aaron’s brow furrowed as he rubbed his chin. And then his other chin. It was nice to have an actual moment of enjoyment. And it was nice to get off a ride without immediately being assaulted too.

Aaron: You know thun. I don’t thee any of my opponentth around… what thay we crank up thith here ride one more time?

The Operator nodded his head, hitting the button to start the Spider up for a third time. Looking at his watch, Kenny (that was his name) noted that he was going to be late for his date tonight. Screw it, thought Kenny, it would teach Bernice a lesson for making out with Trevor at last week’s party.

You’d be surprised how fast you can run when fueled by pure panic. Ryan was certainly moving faster than he ever had as a Big 10 wrestler and faster than he thought his 6’5” frame could ever move. And yet the crowd still gained on him as he fled through the park. Dashing past a sign, Ryan craned his head backwards to read it as he past.

Ryan: Amazing Mirror Maze? Perfect place to lose these-


Ryan went flying off his feet as he steamrolled an unsuspecting Emissary and Mungo. The three men went down in a heap as Earl materialized out of thin air.

Earl: ONE! TWO!

Realizing he was the one being pinned, Ryan kicked out at the last second. He started to rise to his feet, only to have Emissary slam him across the back with an axe handle. Falling back to the ground, Ryan threw an elbow into Emissary’s gut as the young phenom to be pulled him back up. Hooking Emissary’s head, Ryan started to leave his feet for the Royal Treatment, only to have Emissary grab him by the tights, killing his momentum. Now it was Emissary’s turn to lift, when the crowd collapsed upon them.

Rioter: Hey! How’d that bear get over here??

Rioter 2: We don’t even have names! We’re not supposed to think!

Rioter 3: My name is Steve!

Falling into a pile of bodies, Ryan shifted his weight, taking Emissary and two other men off balance and to the ground. Emissary hit the ground hard, his head ringing from the impact. Popping back to his feet, he felt Ryan grab him by the head and by the leg at the same time. The next thing Emissary knew he was headfirst in the ground, and Earl was counting three. A Fisherman DDT suddenly had Ryan back in the hunt for the title. One more pin could seal the whole thing.

Of course, either Ryan and Emissary were going to have to escape the crowd, or Aaron was going to have to come save them. Because no one else was coming to their aid.

25 minutes after the second to last match on the card

Eve: Um, shouldn’t we have been there by now? By my watch it’s been… It’s been five hours!

Chance: That’s the minute hand babe. It’s been 25 minutes. We were supposed to be there in TWENTY.

Joe: Yes Chance, that’s what we assumed. But it’s okay, we’ll be there soon. Malice pulled up perfectly good directions on his phone.

Malice: Stupid Australians, where did these people learn to drive?

Eve: Um, everything’s backwards in Australia, right?

Malice: The driving is, that’s for sure.

Eve: Goody. Cause babe, looking at that sign on the other side of the street it says Luna park is 10 miles THAT way.

Everyone but Malice turned around to look out the back of the rental car.

Chance: SERIOUSLY???

Malice: This is a short cut. *muttering* ****in’ iphone ap.


Emissary Post subject: Re: SUPERSTAR CHAMPIONSHIP - AARON ACTION v ??????Posted: Thu Jan 21, 2010 4:23 am

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Posts: 370 Omega was backed into a corner, purple paws raised up before him, hoping to ward off the rioting crowd through sympathy alone. It was clearly not working.

"This is..."


"... not good," Ryan Scott said as the crowd tightened in around Mungo, Emissary, and himself.

Emissary, on one knee, glanced between the rioters, his eyes wild and clearly not understanding anything around him but the danger. This wasn't what he'd been told. This wasn't the work, wasn't the promise of rest and happiness he'd been given.

Mungo rested a protective arm around Emissary's shoulders, his back pressed against Ryan's.

"Is now a bad time to point out that we still need to ride another ride?" Ryan asked the crowd. "Kind of important to us." Then, "No? No? That's fine... Not that big a deal, really."

With dangerous intent, circle of rioters slowly drew in around them.


"Boy, dith plathe sure ith fun!" Aaron exclaimed, unaware that he was now sucking hind tit in the running for the Superstar Title, a towering vanilla ice cream cone in his right hand as he cheerfully sought out his opponents, now that he'd ridden the Spider a half dozen times and was more than eligible to win a fall.

"O-M-G, babes! There he is!" a voice called from behind Aaron.

Just as the Son of the South turned at the sound, Eve wrapped herself around him in a bearhug.

"Well, hello there, lovely lady," Aaron said with a thmile. "Have you been on the Thpider yet? It'th good thtuff."

"No, silly! We were looking for you! Besides, when you stand on a spider, they squish."

"You mean when you have someone -else- stand on a spider," Chance said, finally catching up with Eve. "Because spiders are gross."

Joe Power and Malice were the last to arrive, and Joe was right down to business. "How's everything going, Aaron? What's the situation?"

"Well," Aaron started. "Lemme tell ya. There'th bearth and there'th kidth and there'th deliciouth ithe cream."

"I meant for the match," Joe clarified.

"Me too."


"You know, if it meant you could come up with some kind of nefarious plan here, I'd give anything to have the old Emissary right this second," Ryan said over his shoulder.

"Songs of peace and slumber," Emissary muttered in response, "forgotten in the end."

"Yeah, that's helpful. Thanks."

One rioter took a swipe at Ryan with a novelty umbrella. Ryan managed to shift out of the way, and snatched it out of the rioter's hand in one deft motion.

As the crowd drew in on the other side, Mungo went on the offensive, swinging purple paws to keep them at bay.

Even with his newfound umbrella, Ryan could tell this situation was going to fall apart in a hurry.


On the other side of the park, Omega was at the bottom of a pile of humanity, purple chunks of costume flying up at random intervals as they attacked.

And Gerald Jones watched from a safe distance. And when the purple head came off, so too did Gerald's smug smile. His great satisfaction was suddenly replaced with a gnawing apprehension and visions of lawsuits.

"Dat's nod Mungo. Who is dat?"


"So you haven't even seen Maverick?" Joe asked, as the group walked.

"Schuckth, no. I thpothe he knowth better than..." Aaron trailed off at the sight of the crowd that seethed with violent intent.

"We've got to help those people!" Eve said.

"If we don't, this could get ugly," Joe agreed.

Malice shrugged.

And with that, Aaron and company approached the throng.

"Folks," Joe said, reasonable as could be. "Folks, if I could have your attention please. Excuse me? Folks. There's really no reason for this. I'm sure we can find some other way to work out our differences here. Violence is never the answer, and really only creates all kinds of new problems."

Annoyed glares were suddenly turned his way.

"Oi! This fancy prick thinks he's better'n us. What say we show him just how productive violence can be?"

And suddenly the already splintered group of rioters splintered again as some of them turned their attention to Joe.

"I... no, no. You don't understand," Joe reasoned again. "I'm just trying to bring an end to this situation here. And you're just furthering the problem with violence. Do you see what I'm saying?"

"Oh, we see." the leader of the group said.


Joe started to give ground.

But, as a good chunk of the original crowd was now missing, Aaron could see the hint of purple from the middle of the circle. And when he followed it down, there was Emissary, clutching to the bear's leg for protection in the face of the impending assault.

"Eve, thweetie. I got an idea. You think you can give me a hand with thith?"


"How did it go?" Emissary asked nobody.

"I don't know," Ryan said, "But I can tell you how it's -about- to go."

"Thcuthe me, folkth," a voice called over the crowd. "But, I wath jutht wondering if you could give me thome idea what that wath right over there?" Aaron said, idly licking his ice cream as he looked down the thoroughfare.

The mostly male crowd followed his gaze, and there was Eve, bent over at the waist, fumbling with the strap on her shoe. Swaying left, then right, then back to the left. And every eye followed those moves.

"Lookth like she might need thome help with dat shoe," Aaron said, coy.

There was a moment when nothing happened, but finally one man strayed out of the group, then another. Soon it was a half dozen, then the rest.

Aaron sauntered up to the trio of near-victims with a satisfied little grin. "You boyth like dat?"

"Very nice," Ryan said just before showing his gratitude by striking Aaron in the gut with his umbrella.

He raised the umbrella to deliver another blow, but Aaron closed the distance to keep Ryan from being able to get anything behind the blow. The Awesome One clutched Ryan around the waist, and spun into a belly-to-belly suplex. There was no debating which belly won.

Meanwhile, Emissary had been clawing his way up Mungo's leg, the bear suddenly fascinated into inaction by a sight down the way. On his feet, Emissary finally managed to stumble away from Mungo, one arm raised to... well, he probably didn't even know what the idea was. But it didn't matter either way, as Aaron saw him coming and snatched him up in a power slam on the concrete.

With a hook of the leg, Aaron got the three count, and once more the match was all tied up.


Where were YOU when the Karma struck?


Aaron Action Post subject: Re: SUPERSTAR CHAMPIONSHIP - AARON ACTION v ??????Posted: Thu Jan 21, 2010 10:53 am

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Posts: 668 ROYAL RYAN SCOTT: Ugg. I’m all sticky.

Aaron got back to his feet. He shrugged at Ryan.

AARON ACTION: Thorry, I thopped for ithe cream. You should try thome. It’th delithiouth.

Ryan was about to reply when Emissary hit Aaron in the back with a double axe handle. The Superstar champion lurched forward. He teetered and then fell like a tree onto Ryan.


Earl Cronkner ran over. He tapped Aaron on the shoulder.

EARL CRONKNER: Aaron, you have to ride a ride between each fall. Just because you rode the Spider six times doesn’t cover all the rides for the match.

Aaron rolled onto his back. He was about to get up when the bear dove on him. The bear was holding Aaron by the throat and screaming.

MUNGO SMITH: How do you meet a girl that looks like that? My wife is fat, annoying and overbearing! My job is ****! My life is Hell!

A hand on the bear’s shoulder stopped the assault.

JOE POWER: Perhaps you’d like to talk things out. I’ve found that rational conversation can solve most any issue.

Joe’s voice was so soothing, that Mungo could do nothing but agree. He got back to his feet. He looked at Joe.

MUNGO SMITH: Where did it all go wrong?

EMISSARY: I think when you put on a purple bear costume would be a good starting point.

Mungo spun around and knocked Emo to the ground with a backhand. He started to move in on the fallen footnote. But again, Joe’s hand calmed him.

JOE POWER: Come on, I’ll buy you a funnel cake. We’ll talk.

MUNGO SMITH: I do like funnel cakes.

Joe put an arm around the bear’s furry shoulders and led him toward the funnel cake stand where Eve and Chance were signing autographs. Malice was serving as bodyguard. He wondered who the guy in the bear suit being led out of the park in handcuffs by the security team and guy in half a toupee was.

Ryan, Aaron and Emissary were all lying on the ground. The exhaustion had finally taken its toll. Sheer guts and adrenaline could only get you so far. Now they felt the energy draining from their bodies. The wounds that had been inflicting on each other (and the ones inflicted by mobs, bears and rioters) were starting to throb in rhythm with their accelerated heartbeats. That was when Earl Cronkner approached again.

EARL CRONKNER: We still have a match to finish.

ROYAL RYAN SCOTT: I say all three of us kick his ass.

Earl shifted nervously as the other two slowly sat up and eyed him. A production assistant ran up and handed Earl a piece of paper.

EARL CRONKNER: It’s a fax from the Powerbase. You all have to ride one more ride and finish this in fifteen minutes or we lose our feed.

ROYAL RYAN SCOTT: One more ride? I’m serious. Let’s kick his ass and then go kick the Powerbase’s asses.

Earl held up a hand.

EARL CRONKNER: The note says due to the time restraints, you are to go to the nearest attraction, and battle your way through it to determine the winner. That would be the Amazing Mirror Maze right there. The first man to get a pin AND reach the exit wins the Superstar title.

Ryan Scott released the hold on his umbrella. He breathed out as he looked at his opponents. Emissary was bleeding from a wound in his leg. He had been limping earlier. Aaron was … not in the best cardio shape. If this was a race, Ryan liked his chances.

PARAGON: And welcome back to Storm Warning! We’re in the final stages of our main event.

PROCTNER: Johnny XS Penile Enhancer … 1-800-654… Did you get the last four numbers on that—

PARAGON: We’re all tied up and running out of time a change has been made by the Powerbase to finish this match in the Amazing Mystery Maze. One man must pin someone and then reach the end of the maze first.

PROCTNER: Come on, it’s a sponsor. Somebody must have gotten the number.


GRAYSON: Why did you change the rules? Shooting in a mirror maze will be a nightmare.

KRUSHER: I didn’t do it.

VON BRAUN: Me either.

GRAYSON: Then who did? Get the on site producer on the phone. We need to find out what’s going on.


PARAGON: And Ryan Scott is on his feet. He’s got Emissary in a headlock and is running him into the outer wall of the maze. Emissary shoves out of the headlock at the last minute. Ryan goes into the wall face first.

PROCTNER: I guess he got a good look at himself as he bounced off that mirror.

Ryan lay on the ground and watched Emissary move in for the pin. He bent down for the cover, but was suddenly slammed to the ground. To Ryan’s horror, when Aaron Action delivered the bulldog, his ample backside had landed right on the The Royal One’s face. He wanted to scream in horror, but didn’t dare open his mouth. One thing was for sure. No matter the outcome, Ryan was going to kick Alan Scott’s ass for an hour straight after this.

The Son of the South got back up. He pulled Emissary to his feet. Aaron hit his opponent with two stiff jabs. He then spun his arms and signaled for the Flip, Flop and Fly. As he brought his hand up, Emissary lashed out. His fingers raked across Aaron’s eyes. Triple A staggered back covering his face.

PARAGON: And Aaron Action is blinded. He just tripped into the entrance of the Mirror Maze.

PROCTNER: I really don’t want to see an infinite number of Aaron guts. Do we have to follow them in there?

Emissary spat out a wad of blood and flem. He didn’t make his return to Federation X to lose the match. He chased the fat man into the maze.

Ryan Scott slapped the ground. He had wanted the advantage of being the first into the maze, but he thought he could get a quick pin on Emissary first. That hadn’t worked out. Instead he was the last man into the maze. He pushed himself up and charged in after his opponents.

PARAGON: And all three men are in the maze. I’m told we don’t have cameras set up in the maze, so we’ll be using Luna Park’s security feed.

PROCTNER: That seems kind of dumb. What Powerbase idiot set that up?

PARAGON: I have no idea, but you might not want to disparage the people who sign your paycheck on the air.


Running into the darkened hallway, Ryan was met with hundreds of his own image. He stopped to look at the sad state he was in. He touched a cut on his cheek hoping it wouldn’t scar. It could be detrimental to his movie career, if his lazy ass agent ever booked him in a movie.

There was a crash and Ryan saw Emissary and Aaron rolling through a smashed mirror. He charged toward them.

That was when the doors all slammed shut with a giant bang. A face was projected onto every mirror. It was a pasty clown face with green hair. It didn’t look happy.

MAVERICK: I told you I’d be here …


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1/10 SUPERSTAR - AARON ACTION v Emissary v Royal Ryan Scott Empty Re: 1/10 SUPERSTAR - AARON ACTION v Emissary v Royal Ryan Scott

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Royal Ryan Scott Post subject: Re: SUPERSTAR CHAMPIONSHIP - AARON ACTION v ??????Posted: Thu Jan 21, 2010 11:38 am

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Posts: 7 Ryan stared at Maverick’s reflection. It took him a moment to realize who it was. Maverick had been the man to bring Ryan to Japan to wrestle for Next Gen. They’d lost contact when he’d left the federation and Cedrick had taken over, now it appeared the man had taken a serious left turn somewhere along the line.

Maverick: You thought I wasn’t going to find you, didn’t you? You thought a little computer trouble could keep me away?

Ryan mouthed the words “computer trouble” as Maverick disappeared from the mirror, only to reappear again, in half of the mirrors and closer.

Maverick: I’ll admit. I thought I wasn’t going to be able to be involved in this match when my computer crashed. … but guess what?

The last word echoed around in the mirror maze, seeming to come from everywhere. Ryan suddenly felt a very real sense of fear as he watched Aaron and Emissary rise to their feet. The two men looked around as well, trying to find the source of the reflection.

Maverick: You don’t need a computer… to buy tickets to a theme park.

Maverick laughed a contemptuous, snorting laugh, then ran a hand through his green hair. Somehow the gesture made his hair even more disheveled.

Maverick: Waaaaaaaatching Youuuuuuuuuuuu.

Suddenly Maverick was gone. Ryan gave it a moment before charging forward and slamming into Aaron, knocking all three men to the ground. Ryan just wanted to smash one of these men silly, get the hell out of his maze and then go home. He didn’t want to mess with bears and angry Australians and thrill rides any more. A psychotic ex-commish was just one twist too many.

Mungo: And I guess… it’s my own fear of intimacy that makes me afraid to be with someone that actually cares about Me.

Joe: I see.

Wiping some powdered sugar off of his chin, Joe reached forward and did the same for Mungo. Mungo had stripped off his bear costume, he didn’t need it any more. He didn’t need to hide who he was. His interaction with Emissary had been a catalyst today, and Joe was there to help, as he always was, just when people needed him the most.

Joe: If I might suggest?

Mungo: Go right ahead.

Joe: I think you surround yourself with people that burden you because deep down YOU don’t think that YOU are worth anything. Does that sound right?

Mungo didn’t say anything, simply lowering his head and nodding. Joe placed a reassuring hand on the big man’s shoulder.

Joe: Well let me tell you something. HE knows that you ARE worth something. Now we just need YOU to know it.


Eve: Babes, this is really great. We should have more matches like this.

Chance: Yeah, great. Nothing like signing autographs for a bunch of toothless hillbillies.

Eve: Do they have hillbillies in Australia babes?

Chance: They have hillbillies everywhere babes.

Eve: You must be excited to see Ryan Scott though, huh?

Chance: WHAT??? Nooooo! *fake retching*

Eve: Oh. Sorry babes. You just talk about him all the time is all. He’s not as cute as Alan, call me shallow but that big scar on his face is not sexy-time. Unless maybe he was a pirate. *gasp* Babes! Do you think he’s a pirate?

Chance: Trust me, he is not a pirate. He’s just a gravy training, lack of talent, albatross around my neck. If he doesn’t try to screw me over before he leaves for that hellhole called Iowa I’ll be surprised.

Malice: You’re back to screwing guys again, huh?

Chance: Shut UP Malice.

Slapping an angry autograph into a man’s hand, Chance shoved through the crowd and stormed off, fuming. “Royal” Ryan Scott had a unique way of getting under Chance’s skin and just him being in Australia already had her on edge.

Chance: Ryan, I swear I am going to rip-

Maverick: - your guts out and throw them around. Maybe I’ll use them like breadcrumbs to find my way out of this maze. How would you like that Aaron? How would you like THAT.

Suddenly Maverick appeared, clubbing Aaron in the skull with his forearm. Aaron spun around in a circle but Maverick was gone again. Only his reflection was present, taunting the three men. Aaron heard a crash behind him and whirled around. Ryan and Emissary had smashed through another mirror, broken glass covering the ground. Emissary smashed Ryan in the face with punches before Ryan clapped him in the ears. Throwing Emissary to the side, Ryan burst forward tackling the distracted Superstar Champion to the ground. The two men tumbled to the ground, slamming up against another mirror. Dragging Aaron to his feet, Ryan kicked him in the gut, hooked his head and left his feet. This would be where John Paragon started screaming…


The swinging neck breaker cranked Aaron’s neck hard enough to leave him stunned on impact. Hooking his leg, Ryan heard Earl slide into place. One! Two!

Hank: Great move by Emissary to knock Ryan Scott off of Aaron! A deserving Superstar Champion is about to win this match!

Throwing his weight on Aaron’s shoulders, Emissary heard Earl’s hand slap once before Ryan returned the favor, cracking Emissary in the skull with a boot. Pulling Geno’s substitute to his feet, Ryan whipped Emissary towards a mirrored reflection of Maverick. At the last second Emissary reversed the whip and Ryan went sailing towards the image. Bracing for impact, Ryan suddenly slowed, realizing he wasn’t about to hit a mirror. A smile crossed his face before it dawned on him that if he wasn’t racing towards a REFLECTION of Maverick, he must be racing towards-

Paragon: ACE IN THE HOLE!!! Sweet Cheese On Toast! That was the real Maverick and he just gave Ryan a set of Summer Teeth with the ACE IN THE HOLE!!!

Everything went black for Ryan as he crashed to the ground. Grinning, Maverick picked up a piece of broken mirror, holding it tightly enough that the edges cut into his skin. Holding Ryan’s head in his hand, Maverick turned his face from side to side. Looking at the long scar running along Ryan’s left side of his face, Maverick grinned.

Maverick: Let’s see about evening you out… shall we?

Placing the glass against Ryan's face, Maverick began to dig into his flesh.

Paragon: Dear lord! If you have children, please do NOT let them watch this!

The skin began to break and bleed as Maverick laughed like the madman he was. A loud banging echoed through the maze, breaking his concentration.


Maverick: Heh. Women. Am I right, Scott? Let's get you pretty for your girl.


Emissary Post subject: Re: SUPERSTAR CHAMPIONSHIP - AARON ACTION v ??????Posted: Thu Jan 21, 2010 1:26 pm

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Posts: 370 The Legacy to Be watched as Maverick dug the glass once more into Ryan Scott's face, just stood and stared for a long moment before a goofy grin spread across his face.

The sight of Maverick had been an unexpected boon for Emissary. Now Aaron Action, the task he'd been given from the beginning, was all his. Maybe if Maverick knew everything, Emissary would have reason to fear him too. But as it was, the Legacy to Be thought nothing of turning his back on the madman.

With an exaggerated limp, every step crunching under his feet, Emissary closed the distance between himself and the fallen champion.

Aaron was still down, only now stirring, groggy. A stiff kick to the back of the head sent him down onto his ample stomach on the broken glass that littered the floor. Slowly, carefully, Emissary lowered himself down to one knee. A strange sense of calm was falling over him with each moment since Maverick's appearance. The panic that the work might go unfinished, that he would be the one to pay the price for that, was easing.

This was what he'd been sent to do.

He gently placed his forearm against the back of Aaron's head and leaned all his weight on it. As Aaron tried to struggle against him, Emissary drug his face along the broken glass, eliciting grunts of pain.

Just a few feet away, Ryan had his teeth gritted to keep from screaming as he had finally come to enough to realize what was happening. Both hands on Maverick's wrist, he was trying to force the ex-commish's makeshift blade away from his face. But, dazed as he was, and Maverick's superior position, robbed Ryan of the advantage of his strength.

"Oh, come now!" Maverick pleaded cheerfully. "It won't be so bad! Think of the -story- you can tell!"

Emissary shifted his position, a knee between Aaron's shoulder blades to keep him right where he wanted him, and eased his weight off the forearm. Instead, with both hands on Aaron's head, he pulled it up off the ground, only to slam his face right back down into the broken bits of glass. A second and a third blast sent a shiver of outright ecstasy through the Legacy to Be. This was what it meant to accomplish his goal. This was rapture.

Finally, Aaron managed to roll to the side, sending Emissary tumbling across the broken glass. On all fours, Aaron glared at the Legacy to Be, the damnedable kid that had been handed everything so early in his career it made him think he could go to any length to take what he wanted. Bits of glass stuck out the Awesome One's face, blood trickling from dozens of invisible wounds.

Emissary rolled into a low crouch, his knees planted on the ground, but his feet held up. Palms down in the glass, Emissary cocked his head, lowered the rest of his body close to the ground, and grinned at Aaron. "Break the son," he whispered. "Break the will, break the day. When the broken dawn rises, a new end will come."

Aaron decided then Emissary was loopier than he'd ever remembered, and that was a bad thing. He had to take him out of the fight, maybe out of action, for the betterment of the entire federation.

But Ryan's cries of pain kept returning to his ears.

"Sh, sh, sh," Maverick cooed. "We're alllllmost done here. Then you'll be -just- as beautiful as you can imagine."

A loud bang rattled the mirrors around them.

"Open this door!" Malice called from outside.

It was just enough to get Maverick's attention. He looked up, eyes narrowed, head cocked to the side with a quizzical look. "Are you expecting company?" he asked the room. He affected a tone of mock heartache. "Because... I was hoping we could have some alone time tonight."

But, the distraction was just enough to make Maverick ease up on Ryan just enough for the big Iowan to set him off-balance. Blood streaming down the side of his face, Ryan grunted at the effort of pushing Maverick away from him.

And Aaron shuffled to his feet, quickly spinning away from Emissary to make a mad dash after Maverick. The Once and Future Prince's eyes went wide when he realized what was happening, and he tried to scramble to his feet. But, due to his snake-in-the-grass pose, and the broken glass under him, he skidded and slipped down onto his stomach.

So, Aaron was unopposed as he charged at Maverick and planted a big foot under his chin. That, along with Ryan already pushing against him, sent the smaller man tumbling down the hallway.

Without a word, Aaron pulled Ryan back to his feet, and the two set off in the other direction, toward the exit.

"What are you doing?" Ryan croaked.

"Thon... lookth ta me like we got to get the hell outta here if we jutht want to thurvive."

But as the two tried to run around the downed form of Emissary, the Legacy to Be snatched Aaron by the ankle, bringing the larger man down. Since Ryan was leaning against the Son of the South, he stumbled forward, and fell into another mirror, breaking out the upper half of it.

And before he could react, the Legacy to Be was on him. Pressing his body weight against Ryan's lower half to keep him immobile, Emissary had one hand on the back of Ryan's head, the other forearm pressed against the back of his neck, as he pushed his face down toward the glaring, broken edge of the mirror.

"His will be done," Emissary muttered. "His will be done. His will be done. Peace and love when His will be done."

But Aaron was there again. This time, he wrapped both his hands around Emissary's chest from behind and forcibly pulled him off Ryan. One big russian leg sweep later, the Legacy to Be was down. Aaron rolled on top of him, his knees pinning Emo's shoulders, and he hooked both legs up. Earl came out of nowhere to make the count, and Emissary was counted down.

Once the three had been counted, Aaron was back at Ryan's side, pulling him up again. "Come on, buddeh. We gotta go."

"What, NOW?!?" Ryan said. "Now that you're going to win?!?"

"Now, come on, thon. That'th jutht thmall potatoeth in the bigger thcheme of thingth."

But their argument was cut short as Ryan motioned over Aaron's shoulder. The Son of the South looked back to see absolutely nothing. And that was the problem.

Maverick was nowhere to be seen.


Where were YOU when the Karma struck?


Aaron Action Post subject: Re: SUPERSTAR CHAMPIONSHIP - AARON ACTION v ??????Posted: Thu Jan 21, 2010 5:22 pm

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Posts: 668 Glass was everywhere. The emergency lights had been lit. Malice was still pounding on the door. Aaron, Ryan and Emissary were covered in even more blood. All in all, things had gone from bad to worse.

AARON ACTION: That Maverick guy is completely off hith rocker. And dith guy –

Aaron kicked Emissary in the ribs

AARON ACTION: Ain’t far behind him. We gotta get outta heah.

Ryan shoved Aaron away. He had come a long way to do one thing. Prove that he was still the best in the world. And come Hell or high water (and this was about as close to Hell as it got) he was going to win.


PARAGON: And it looks like Royal Ryan Scott just hit a standing moonsault on Emissary. The Legacy to Be is covered again.

The voice of Earl Cronkner was heard over the loud speaker in the Mystery Maze.

EARL CRONKNER: One … two … three! … If you think I’m coming back in there, you’re out of your minds!

Ryan got back up. He saw a curtain on the wall and pulled it down. He used the fabric to brush off the shards of glass as he gave Aaron a self-satisfied smile.

ROYAL RYAN SCOTT: I guess it’s a race to the finish, huh?

The curtain was suddenly over Aaron’s head. The Son of the South swung wildly, but in his weakened and blind state, he didn’t even come close to hitting Ryan. The Royal One did feel bad. Aaron had saved him several times during the match. He was actually a good guy. But it was the principal of the thing. He spun around and delivered a spinkick to Aaron’s chest that sent the Awesome One stumbling backward and through the upper half of the mirror that had not broken.


Ryan worked his way through the broken mirrors until he was back into the maze itself. Now he needed to find his way out.

MAVERICK: I’m watchiiiinnngg yooooo.

Maverick’s sing-song voice sent a chill down Ryan’s spine. He touched his face where it bled and looked around. He saw himself over and over again, but he didn’t see Maverick.


Aaron pulled the curtain off. He got up off the floor wondering how much blood he could lose without passing out. Moving at a slow pace toward the only hallway that seemed to be in tact, he entered the hallway. Something moved in front of him. It took only a second for Aaron to realize that the movement was in a mirror and was really coming from behind. A second was too long.

PARAGON: And Emissary is back up and I think he may be taking over the padded cell next to Maverick.

PROCTNER: I thought Kitty had that one reserved.

PARAGON: Emissary with a tackle from behind. He takes Aaron down to he ground. The Son of the South had just enough time to avoid being sent face first into the mirror. Get some help in there. This has gone too far!

Aaron rolled through the attack. He hit Emissary with an elbow and then scrambled away like a crab. Emissary was back on his feet in a moment. His demented eyes were locked on Aaron. He stalked toward him with a twisted grin on his face.

EMISSARY: He loves you. His will be done.


Joe and Mungo were deep in conversation. Mungo was telling Joe about the pain he had suffered when his father left the family to join a traveling drag show.

MALICE: Joe, get over here. Things have gotten WAY out of hand.

Joe Power smiled calmly at Mungo. He put a hand on the man’s shoulder. Joe took a deep breath in through his nose and let it out slowly through his mouth.

JOE POWER: James, I must go, but you and I will speak again. Know that I love you and He loves you as well.

Mungo felt a sense of peace wash over him. He sighed and leaned forward so that his head flopped forward dropping until it hit the table. In a moment soft snoring came from the table. Joe stood and looked at Malice.

JOE POWER: What’s happening?

MALICE: Let’s see, Maverick locked everyone in the Mirror Maze. He’s in there trying to carve people up with shards of glass.

JOE POWER: That’s not good. We need to get inside.

MALICE: We’re working on that. On the flip side, we have Emissary acting like the Terminator. He just keeps coming and coming. All the while spouting things like you say.

JOE POWER: What do you mean?

MALICE: His will be done. He loves you. I don’t think he means the same He.

Joe’s face became dark. His eyes showed great concern.

JOE POWER: No. No, he doesn’t.


MAVERICK: You can ruuuuun, but you can’t hide! I seeee yooooo!

Ryan dragged his ever tiring body as quickly as he could through the maze. He looked around nervously for any sign of Maverick.

ROYAL RYAN SCOTT: Dammit, Maverick! You want me come get me! Fight like a man!

MAVERICK: I don’t need to fight like a man, when I am a GOD!

Suddenly Maverick appeared in every mirror. Ryan spun around and around trying to decide which one was real. The madman faked a charge. Hundreds of Mavericks faked the same move. Ryan stumbled back. He tripped, but caught himself. He backed into the mirror behind him. … But it wasn’t a mirror.


Maverick jammed a shard of glass into Ryan’s side. Ryan screamed in pain. He spun to grab the mad man, but Maverick had melted away again. Touching his side, Ryan felt a blood running down his hip.

ROYAL RYAN SCOTT: This isn’t good.


Aaron Action wasn’t happy that he had worked his way to a dead end.

Emissary rounded the corner still mumbling to himself. The footnote had slipped away, all that was left was a beast in his body. Emissary was dragging his left leg. Aaron noticed that the curtain was under the foot that was dragging.

AARON ACTION: I don’t know ‘bout Ryan, but if he wantth ta kick the **** outta Geno and Alan, ah’ll be da firtht ta hep him.

Step by step, Emissary got closer. Aaron got into a crouching position. He watched. As Emo was about to strike, Aaron dove forward. He grabbed the curtain and pulled as hard as he could. Emissary fell back cracking his head on the floor. Aaron was up in an instant. He ran through the maze without looking. Moments later, he stood in front of Ryan Scott who had a piece of glass in his side.

ROYAL RYAN SCOTT: I’ll take that help now.

Aaron ran over to Ryan. He reached the man and paused. Aaron’s eyes widened.

AARON ACTION: Do you thmell thmoke?

An eerie laughter filled the maze as Ryan and Aaron swallowed hard.




Royal Ryan Scott Post subject: Re: SUPERSTAR CHAMPIONSHIP - AARON ACTION v ??????Posted: Thu Jan 21, 2010 10:33 pm

Joined: Tue Jan 19, 2010 11:33 am
Posts: 7 Ryan and Aaron’s noses wrinkled as the smell of smoke grew stronger. Suddenly, Ryan started chuckling.

Aaron: Aw, don’t crack up on me now thun.

Holding up a finger, Ryan started laughing harder. Almost obnoxiously so.

Aaron: What ith tho funny?

Ryan’s laughter stopped on a dime. Looking around the maze, Ryan held a hand to his bleeding side.

Ryan: Nothing. I just wasn’t sure if it was laughing gas or not. Apparently it’s Not.

Aaron: Tho, all we have to worry about ith burnin’ to death then?

Stumbling into a mirror, Ryan tried to pull it loose, to no avail.

Ryan: With our luck Emissary will be the only one who gets out alive.

Maverick: Don’t forget about meeeeee!

Maverick suddenly appeared out of nowhere again. A quick slash of glass tore Aaron’s shirt in two. Ryan managed to slam the crazed man in the back of the head, but Maverick quickly spun, cutting Ryan across the arm. Aaron took a swing, but Maverick was already gone, sprinting away on much faster legs than either of the two men currently possessed.

Ryan: First the bear, now this NUT. And Alan wonders why I won’t work here.

The two men stumbled down a hall of mirrors together, wearily looking for the exit as the smoke grew thicker above them. Reaching another intersection Ryan looked to the left while Aaron looked to the right. Ryan felt Aaron’s body tense and followed his gaze.

Emissary: You won’t be working anywhere soon. Only in the ground. Feeding the worms. Like Babylon’s ragged bones.

Emissary was clearly dragging his leg now, his one arm holding the other in a crooked position. His eyes were those of a man at complete peace, but his body was poised like a wild animal about to spring.

Running up to the entrance of the maze, Joe found Chance still banging away.

Joe: Chance, have you had any luck getting inside?

Chance: No. That coward Ryan is too busy hiding from me. He doesn’t want me making him look bad now that’s finally got his ugly face back on television.

Joe: I don’t think that’s the reason this door is locked Chance. Let me try.

Testing the handle with all of his might, Joe shook his head.

Joe: No, this door is definitely broken. And if I’m not mistaken…

Touching the knob again, Joe’s eyes started to grow wide.

Joe: Someone has started a fire inside!

Maverick: Someone? Joey, Joey, Joey.

Joe and Chance turned around to find Maverick leaning against the wall of the maze. Inspecting his finger nails, Maverick played lazily with a Zippo lighter.

Maverick: How soon we forget the people that mean the most to us.

Joe: Maverick, this is not the way to settle your grievances. Listen, there’s no reason to hurt our co-workers. There’s certainly no reason to start a fire.

Dropping the lighter on the ground, Maverick kicked at it, sending it skidding harmlessly down the midway. Running both hands through his hair, Maverick rolled his eyes.

Maverick: Of COURSE there’s no reason. THAT. IS. THE REASON.

Breaking into a sprint, Maverick skirted between the two and took off running. Malice sprung out from out of view and grabbed the madman, but Maverick’s hands went into his pocket and quickly drew out another mirror shard. Before Joe could get to his aid Malice had an ugly gash running up his leg and Maverick was free again. Chance started to give chase, but Joe held her back.

Joe: No, he’s not our worry right now.

Malice: ****, Joe!

Joe: Language.

Malice: **** language!

Joe: He’s trying to lead us away from Aaron, Ryan and Emissary.

Chance: He had to get out somehow, right? We’ve got to find that door.
Like Prometheus and the buzzards, Sisyphus and the boulder, Charlie Brown and the Football, so were Aaron Action and Ryan Scott continuously being faced with the torment of Emissary. Ryan had decided that discretion was the better part of valor and had taken off as quickly as his beaten body could in the opposite direction. Aaron had not been far behind. Ryan could hear the big man wheezing for air not far behind him. Also filling his ears was the almost melodic chanting of Emissary. That only spurred Ryan faster down the hallway. The smoke was still growing thicker and Ryan was finding it hard to breath without choking. Lowering his head, Ryan slammed hard into another mirror. Backpedaling, he stomped on Aaron’s foot.

Aaron: YEOW! Watch it!

Ryan didn’t have a witty comeback, because through the smoke he suddenly saw a giant grey rectangle. The only rectangle in the entire maze that wasn’t a mirror. Charging as fast as he could, Ryan raced towards the door. He heard Aaron call out behind him but he didn’t stop. Lowering his shoulder, Ryan put all 265 pounds of his body into his charge.


Pain shot through Ryan’s entire body as he collapsed to the ground. The door had taken Ryan’s best shot and thrown it right back at him. Laughing hoarsely, Ryan kicked at the door. Of course it held. Why should anything start going right this late in the game.

Aaron: Don’t wathte your time on it Ryan, thith-

An idea popped in Ryan’s head and quick as a wink he grabbed Aaron, whipping him with all of his might into the steel door. Aaron’s face smashed against it, smashing blood and glass and ice cream and sweat against the unyielding door.

Ryan: Damn! Thought that would work.

Aaron: You thun of a *****! Why are you throwin’ me at doorth?

Ryan: I was hoping your gut would break it down. I don’t see why you’re pissed, you would have won. … You’re welcome.

Earl: Guys?

Ryan: One word. One word and I am adding you to the “gets his ass kicked” list.

Earl: That’s the entrance. You have to find the exit to the maze.

Aaron: I wath tryin’ to tell you that.

Ryan: SERIOUSLY??? On a technicality? This maze is on FIRE!

Emissary: And that is how the world ends. In cleansing fire.

Emissary rounded the corner, his broken image filling every available mirror. Letting out a roar, Ryan charged the young Upstart. He was tired of problems and locked doors and madmen attacking for no reason. The two men collided and slammed to the ground, both hammering each other as hard as they could. Punch after punch fell as Aaron rose to his feet. Placing a hand on the wall, he began following the outline of the building, knowing despite the double backs and dead ends, the walls of the building must lead to the exit eventually. The smoke was getting thicker as he doubled over, willing himself to move as quickly as possible.

Three hard punches crashed Emissary’s head as Ryan pulled him to his feet and whipped him into a mirror. Emissary burst through the glass sending fragments everywhere. Closing his eyes to clear the burning smoke, Ryan rose to his feet, seeing Emissary do the same, his back turned to the former King of Karma. Cocking his right hand back, Ryan whistled to Emissary and fired. The Divine Right, one knock out blow right between the eyes, smashed into Emissary’s face.

And Emissary’s face smashed into a dozen glass shards.

Ryan couldn’t even cry out in pain before Emissary rounded the spot where he’d fallen, and cracked Ryan across the jaw and then booted him in the gut. Doubling over, Ryan felt Emissary grab him for The Mandate, when suddenly he stopped. Releasing Ryan, Emissary took a step forward.

Emissary: Angel, you have come for me already? But my work is not yet done.

Eve: Uh, okay? I can come back later? Everyone was really worried about you guys, so I used the door to come see if you were okay. You guys know this place is on fire right? Cause it’s really Hot in here. Not, you know HOT Hot, but… on fire.

Ryan: What door? This door is locked?

Eve: Oh silly, I used the other door! I know it says Exit but, hey, shouldn’t we be down on all fours or something? A fireman tried to teach me this in High School one time, but his wife showed up at the station and he never finished the lesson.

Getting down on her hands and knees, Eve looked at all the broken glass.

Eve: O-m-g. This is totes not okay. You guys are going to have, like, a jillion years bad luck. For reals.

Emissary: Come, my angel. We have to leave this Rome before Nero burns it all.

Eve: Is Rome in Australia? I thought it was Europe. They're both continents I guess. Oh! We can Bing! it when we get out!

Ryan couldn’t even hear her. He was already scrambling on his hands and knees as quickly as he could in the direction Eve had appeared from. Glass cut into his palms and knees, but his focus was on nothing but finding his way out.

Hand still pressed against the wall, Aaron continued searching along. His breathing was growing raspy as the smoke continued to overwhelm him. It wasn’t even close to being about the record any more. Now Aaron just needed to get out to stay alive.

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