Official Welcome to the Funeral of Acid Ed

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Official Welcome to the Funeral of Acid Ed Empty Official Welcome to the Funeral of Acid Ed

Post  Stan Daniels on Wed Jan 26, 2011 4:11 pm

*This takes place after Diggzy and Joe's interaction
The ante-chamber to the chapel is alive with the people who have been here for a while and are already enjoying each other's company and reminiscing about the man they have lost, or partaking in a drink and honoring one of the man's most famous qualities. For Richard Grayson the very next moment is the one that he has been dreading for the entire evening. It isn't what he's going to have to say; Richard is comfortable with words, and he knows that even hard moments must be met head-on. No, what makes the next thing he says such a difficult and soul-crushing task is that once he says it......the can be no turning back; it all becomes real.

Still, he coughs lightly into his hand and lets a slight smile tug at the corners of his mouth as he thinks about what Ed would say to such a situation. It isn't a thought that is fit for public consumption, much less in a chapel. Richard reaches around to his hip and turns on the switch to the mic he is wearing. He waits a moment for the sound system to come to life and then he coughs lightly into it and listens to the sound amplify and carry throughout the room. It does the trick and everyone in the room gives pause to what they are doing and turns their attention to him.

"Ladies and gentlemen," he says quietly and in a subdued voice, "if you would be so kind as to put down your drinks and enter the chapel proper to find seating......we're going to begin in five minutes. Thank you."

With no more words than that, Richard turns off his mic and opens the doors to the chapel, stepping back and making the path through clear for the guests who are already making their way towards him. As each of them enters Richard shakes their hands once again, and thanks them for coming. It is a sobering moment for many of those who have shared a drink. Only Hola Chico remains intoxicated, but the little spaniard is as endearing as ever. And at $19,000 he's a steal. Grayson watches as Von Braun and Ma work the room, quietly but forcefully making sure that people are setting aside thier chatter and drinking and heading towards the chapel to find a seat. Grayson watches it all, his eyes the only true windows into the pain he is enduring.

Liv nods to Grayson as she carries out a sign which indicates to late arrivals that the ceremony is already in progress and that they are invited to enter and find seating as quietly as they possibly can. After a few minutes Grayson scans the ante-chamber and sees only cleaning staff and an unconscious Hola Chico in the room. He nods to himself and turns to step into the chapel. He looks around for a moment, trying to be sure that he's not mistaken; NightHawk has not come. The scan doesn't reveal any surprises, and Grayson's shoulders hang just a little bit lower as it sinks in that perhaps the rift between his star pupils was never quite mended despite the reports of NightHawk being the one who came for Ed when he was shot.

With a deep breath and a vice-like grip on his speech, Grayson slowly walks up the main aisle towards the podium that is waiting for him. He looks at the front left pew and sees Joe Power sitting in it with his Grandmother Margaret and his Uncle Doherty. His sister continues to sit with Big Poppa and his family, and Grayson notes that Joe has made no effort to change that. Perhaps he knows something that Grayson doesn't about her estrangement from the family. Perhaps he simply decided that his father's funeral isn't the time or place to address the issue, and that making a scene would only hurt people, not heal them. Grayson smiles as he realizes how wise Joe in in such matters.

He catches himself as he realizes that he's standing on the podium already, lost in his thoughts, and smiling at everyone like its Christmas Day. He dutifully subdues his expression and then reaches down and turns on his mic once again. Once more he allows the necessary time for it to warm up, and then he begins.

"I would like to open in a simply word of thanks," Richard Grayson begins his welcome, "to those of you who have taken time out of your lives, and travelled from far and wide to join us here today to honor Edward O'Herlihy. As I look around the people collected here I realize that to sum Ed up in any single term would be to do a grave injustice to the depth of impact that he made upon the world. To each of you he might have been a son, a brother, a father, a friend, a partner, an ally, a mentor, a manager, an inspiration, a hated rival or a kindred spirit. He may have been the man who filled your life with joy, or......and we can be honest because Ed always was.....more than likely he was the man who filled your life with sorrow and suffering. For those were the languages he spoke better than any other performer to ever set foot in our sport.

Today we are going to spend some time reflecting on the man and his life, and we are going to come together as a community of his family and peers to accomplish this. When I am finished I will turn the podium over to Ed's close personal friend and running mate Mr. Diggzy Brown to read to all of you the obituary column which filled the Toronto Star on the day of Ed's death. It is a powerful definition of the man's life and yet we will all feel as though it missed some key moment, story or truth about him, because we each know a piece of his life that nobody else does. Which is why we will follow Mr. Brown's reading with some time in which we will invite those who wish to say a few words or remember Edward to come forth and share their thoughts with us. The last of the people to do that will be his son, Josiah Power. After Joe we will pray for the soul of the recently departed, lead by the Priest, and then I will ask the pallbearers to come forth and carry this man to his resting place."

Grayson pauses and draws a long, steady breath that he uses to calm himself. He can feel the sting of salt in his eyes already, and the service has not even truly begun yet.

"I must confess that I did not know who to expect, and which of you would choose to make this trip," Grayson admits as he looks out across the crowd once again. "As we come together to respect and honor him in his passing, I like to think that we will each have the opportunity to look past our own definitions of the man's strengths and weaknesses and to see him through the eyes of others. For better or for worse, he made his mark in all our lives and we will not easily forget him.

My name is Richard Grayson...........and Acid Ed was my friend.

It means the world to me to see all of you here.

Thank you so very much."

Grayson lowers his eyes and hopes that nobody sees the tears which betray his well-guarded emotions. He steps off of the podium and takes a seat in the second row, just behind Joe, who reaches out and touches his hand in a gesture of appreciation as Grayson walks by.

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