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[Von Braun] setting up (MA, any) Empty [Von Braun] setting up (MA, any)

Post  Stan Daniels on Wed Jan 26, 2011 4:13 pm


William Von Braun winced as he turned toward the sound of the voice. He looked through the arched doorway of the chapel in Sacred Heart Catholic High School. He saw most of the doorway was blocked by a large black object. The black object ttok step forward wagging her finger at Von Braun.

“Did you make sure all the valuables are put away like I asked?” MA said.

Von Braun took a deep breath. MA was typically overbearing, but here setting up for the Funeral service for Acid Ed, she seemed twice as obnoxious. He gave a nod.

“I have indeed. All of the monuments and icons have been replaced with breakaways and props. I’m well aware of the chance that this service will get out of hand. I still suggest we search people for weapons as they come in. Once the drinking starts at the wake, all bets are off,” Von Bruan said.

MA swung a backhand at Von Braun that caught him on the side of the head. He fell to the floor and looked up at MA. The heavyset black woman was dressed in a black dress that hung on her like a tent. She had on a black hat that featured a black mesh veil on it. Her ham sized hands were jammed into a pair of black lace gloves.

“Are you a fool? The press will be covering this. We can’t have the mourners searched!” she said.

Von Braun pulled himself back to his feet. He dusted off his trousers and calmly straightened his tie.

“Just a suggestion. Ed was assassinated by a sniper. It might not be a bad idea to put in some metal detectors at the very least. I know the students are off today, but we could see some serious backlash if even one wandered in and got shot,” Von Braun said.

MA pulled back her hand again. Von Braun got ready to duck. He realized the being assigned the job of overseeing Ed’s funeral was very low on MA’s list as she and Ed had hated each other since the dinosaurs ruled the Earth. But he was damned tired of getting backhanded. To Von Braun’s surprise, MA’s hand stopped.

“You know, that’s not a bad idea. Can you get them here before the crowd comes?” she said.

Von Braun looked dubious. He made a show of checking his watch. Then he rubbed his beard.

“I believe if I make a few phone calls, I can just pull it off,” he said.

MA nodded her approve. “Well, do it then, don’t stand around here like a puppy looking for a chew toy,” MA said.

Von Braun gave a gracious nod and turned. He figured he could go take a break. He had ordered the metal detectors days ago. The installers were in the back waiting for his high sign.

As Von Braun made his way to the teacher’s lounge, which was serving as the staging area for the event, his cell phone rang. Von Braun took the phone from his pocked and looked at the caller I.D. He smiled.

“Hello, Harold. Are you in town? I’m so glad the limo got you. … We’ll see you in a bit,” he said.

Von Braun closed the phone and entered the lounge. He took a seat and drew a deep breath. He reached into a nearby cooler and pulled out an icepack which he placed on the side of his head.

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