[Jason Storm]The Flock Begins To Gather (Joe, Omega, HF, Faith, Marl)

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[Jason Storm]The Flock Begins To Gather (Joe, Omega, HF, Faith, Marl) Empty [Jason Storm]The Flock Begins To Gather (Joe, Omega, HF, Faith, Marl)

Post  Stan Daniels on Wed Jan 26, 2011 4:14 pm

The Greatest single threat to the bloodline of the Shepherd was no longer on the horizon....He was here. Not only was he here but he had Jason's brother Maverick either at his side or under his control. Inferno had begin his reign of terror but on this day, Inferno was secondary in the heart and mind of one Joe Power. One this day, It was all about the life of a man simply known to the fans as Acid Ed.

Love him, Hate him, Cherish him, or mourn him. Today was Ed's day.

Although Those around him like Joe, Hourfather, Faith, and Marlowe were lost in the events of this day, Jason stood by his friend and mentor keeping one eye on him......and one eye peeled for the Damnation Of Men.

Inferno would see this wake as nothing more then a huge playground to enjoy himself in.

When Marcus arrived the partners would do thier best to keep a lookout, Until then, Jason was content to stand by the door as Joe and Marlowe sat talking on the couch.

Soon, his wife Faith would be here along with Hourfather and Marcus. Then they would go about the events of the day, Trying to be as supportive as they could for Joe and Faith.

Jason hoped for his friends sake that things went well with no hitches.....but with a possible who's who of Fed X coming in.....and with the threat of Inferno hovering over head.....Jason had a bad feeling.

A Very bad feeling.

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