Waking up in a new place

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Waking up in a new place Empty Waking up in a new place

Post  Reverend Future on Thu Jan 20, 2011 10:16 pm

Rev opens one eye and the brightness stings him. Quickly, he shuts it and allows the light to slowly penetrate his eyelids. Apparently, the nurse leaning over him is paying close attention.

"Welcome back, Mister Terranova."

As the Man in Black struggles to keep his eyes open, he sees movement in the back of the room.

Rev: "Where am I?"

"The hospital. You've been here since last night."

Rev: "Was I attacked? I seem to remember something..."

"Yes. Twice, in fact. They still haven't found the guilty party. You need to rest now, however. You've been badly injured. Your friend has been praying for you all night."

R evlooks across the room and sees Eve Riley smiling back at him. Why is she still here? Doesn't she realize why the cops implicated her in the first attack? Rev whispers to the nurse...

"Get Alan Scott in here."

"You really shouldn't have visitors yet. The only reason we let Eve stay is that she's your fiance."

Rev: "Get him NOW!!"

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