Ground Zero Results 1-25-11

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Ground Zero Results 1-25-11 Empty Ground Zero Results 1-25-11

Post  Eve Riley on Sat Jan 29, 2011 9:18 pm

Live, on January 25th, from FoxNews Arena in Schaumberg, Illinois The Powerbase Presents…

Ground Zero Results 1-25-11 Ground_zero2



Ground Zero Results 1-25-11 SuperStar-Title-1

[size=150]PURE WRESTLING MATCH[/size]

Ground Zero Results 1-25-11 Valentine_225 v. Ground Zero Results 1-25-11 Stan_daniels_225

Ground Zero Results 1-25-11 Johnny_B_Rude_GOODE225

DETAILS: Valentine continues his impressive run as the Superstar champ. But now he’ll face the wrath of his former partner and current “Good Guy™” Stan Daniels. But just to keep things civil, Valentine’s manager has requested that the match be a Pure Wrestling match. The match will feature a man who trying to be a REAL good guy, Johnny B. Goode as a guest referee.

RP RULES: Standard rules. 7 post cap.
RP JUDGE: Genocide

WINNER: I was looking forward to judging this match, as I've had these two in a previous Championship match, and was entertained throughout. It will be interesting to see how Stan reacts in his biggest match to date as a GOOD Guy.

The thing I really love about Val is, he always brings great comedy, but he does it in a way that doesn't take away from the match and the current angles going on. He keeps it in the flow of the action, instead of taking it to the absurd and losing all semblance of reality, like many comedy-centric matches. I like it when I'm reading something I could easily see on a real wrestling show (if they had better writers) and that's something Valentine consistently does, and was spot on in this match with... save the cameo by Barry Manilow, which still worked.

The thing is, realistic comedy is one of Stan's biggest strengths too. Though he's definitely a more serious character than Val, it was crafted from his years of leading a comedic based stable. Stan starts off with a bang, expertly playing his new persona. Great interaction with Larry Taylor. A great post needs a great beginning and a great end, and that's what Stan had, ending with a mention of the match stipulations, which many ignore (or plain forget) and used it as a dig on Val. Great stuff.

Quality interloping from Eve, Outlaw, and Kitty flowed seamlessly into the match. Chance... maybe not so much. Good match action and development of Val's effort to fix his broken friendship with Stan. Val takes an early lead when the fighting starts, but Stan quickly takes it back by pushing the issue and forcing Val to make a decision on his friend vs his title. This match was very close, and these two work very well with eachother. I could watch Stan Daniels vs Valentine every week (if I didn't have to judge it). Going into the final posts, this one was still up for grabs. Props to Val for throwing up an extra quality post, but no extra points.

Awesome effort as both guys hit a high point with their last post. Hate to do this to ya Val, but Stan's high point was just a bit higher. Stan, Stan, he's our man, and the new Superstar Champion. I can't wait for the rematch... and I'm NOT judging it.




Ground Zero Results 1-25-11 Bloodsport-Title-1


Ground Zero Results 1-25-11 Aurora_Snowe_225 v. Ground Zero Results 1-25-11 Elijah_hasselbank_225 v. Ground Zero Results 1-25-11 Kieran_crowe_300-2-1

DETAILS: Aurora barely held on to the Bloodsport belt due to a technicality when Elijah attacked her. Now she’ll get to defend the belt in a real match. And just to add some spice to the match, Keiran Crowe will be in it as well. Falls count anywhere, sot this match could get out of hand quickly.

RP RULES: Standard rules. 7 post cap.
RP JUDGE: Von Braun

SIM RULES: 2x any style for each wrestler
INT RULES: INT in effect.

WINNER: A tie in sim. A tie in post count. A tie in bonus. It all came down to RP. (Okay accept for Kieran who didn't sim at all and only posted once.) Aurora and Elijah did a really good job with match action and story telling. In the end, Aurora barely ekes out a win thanks to jut a little better job advancing the story. Winner and still BS champ: Aurora Snowe


[size=250]TAPED FIST MATCH[/size]
Ground Zero Results 1-25-11 Outlaw_225v. Ground Zero Results 1-25-11 ReverendFuture-1

DETAILS: The Outlaw seems to have a problem with The Good Guys and he really took it out on Reverend Future last week. Now Rev can get his revenge on the masked man in a Taped Fist match. These two men will go at it until one can’t get up. NOTE: Any interference by The Good Guys or Triple S Express will result in immediate disqualification.

RP RULES: Standard rules. 6 post cap.
RP JUDGE: Tiffany

SIM RULES: 2x standard and 2 x any
INT RULES: No INT allowed

WINNER: In a match I would've like to seen a lot more of, Rev doesn't sim and Outlaw doubles his post count. The masked man retains his standing over the GOOD GuyTM.



Ground Zero Results 1-25-11 Death_dealer225 v. Ground Zero Results 1-25-11 Mandy-6a-300-1

Ground Zero Results 1-25-11 Kitty_225

DETAILS: We need a new contender for Eve’s TV title belt. So Mandy and Death Dealer will face off. But since Mandy weighs about a third of what Death Dealer weighs, we’ll let Kitty be the special referee.

RP RULES: Standard rules. 6 post cap.
RP JUDGE: Living Deadgirl

SIM RULES: 4x standard and the referee may wrestle any participant 1x.
INT RULES: Standard INT rules

WINNER: There was not much match to the match, but Mandy's strong sim takes her over Death Dealer.... Winner: Mandy



[size=250]FACE OFF[/size]
Ground Zero Results 1-25-11 JasonStorm-2v. Ground Zero Results 1-25-11 Genocide-4-1

Ground Zero Results 1-25-11 Chance_6_300-1

DETAILS: Chance will host “In the Spotlight” and her job will be to find out what the problem is between Genocide and Storm. Perhaps she’ll be able to even figure out how to get the two men to reconcile. This is a face off segment. There will be no physical confrontations or there will be consequences.


INT RULES: Sure, why not.


[size=250]CARD OPENER[/size]
Ground Zero Results 1-25-11 Alan_225_fibia v Ground Zero Results 1-25-11 Eve_riley_225

Ground Zero Results 1-25-11 No_pic-1

DETAILS: Alan used his X-Factor title to dictate stipulations for matches recently. Well, given that Johnny XS has the belt now and from what his doctor’s note says, a bruised sphincter thanks to Valentine’s CPR efforts (Don’t ask.), Alan will not be getting his demand this week. Instead, Alan will be facing off against a Good Girl, Eve. And at the champion’s special request, there will be a surprise guest referee.

RP RULES: Standard rules. 6 post cap.
RP JUDGE: Von Braun

SIM RULES: 4x standard for each wrestler and the referee may wrestle any participant 1x.
INT RULES: Standard INT rules

WINNER: Alan refuse to fight. Eve issues and open challenge. XS and newcomer Austin James contribute to a good story. In the end Alan never sims. Eve wins.
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