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DETAILS: Best buddies and tag partners going at each other? Yup, and they'll be testing out our brand new Elimination Chamber - just like the one WWE uses, except that it fits perfectly over the hexagonal ring - and it has 6 pods instead of 4. Awesome, right? Well, it gets better. This match will be a Modified Iron Man Match. Just like a regular Iron Man Match, this is a timed sixty minute match, but UNLIKE a plain jane Iron Man Match, pinfalls and submissions DO NOT COUNT. See, we have these neat plexi-glass pods - made with smoked plexi-glass so that what's inside can't be seen. But that's okay, because I'm going to tell you what's inside. Weapons. Every ten minutes, a new pod opens, and whoever gets to it first will find a random weapon guaranteed to cause some damage. At least, that's what's in 5 of the pods. The sixth pod, which will open at precisely the sixty minute mark of the match - is the exit. Beat the hell out of each other for an hour, and then whichever one of you can walk, crawl or slide out of the final pod to the floor will be the winner.

RP RULES: ]: All King of the Cage tournament matches are seventy-two hours with a three posts per day hard cap. In addition, there is a two hour continuation rule, meaning that one wrestler may not post back-to-back flashes until at least two hours has passed from the posting time of the first flash.

RP JUDGES: Krusher/Living Deadgirl - Tiebreaker Von Braun




Hours before his legend... dairy encounter with Alan Scott, Genocide sits alone in a darkened corner of the lower level of the arena. For the third week in a row, he was in the biggest match of his career... and for the third week in a row, he was face to face with the prospect of this match being his last. It was a public ultimatum he made to himself before his round one victory over Hank Hooligan. If he does not come out of the King of the Cage Tournament as the winner, he will retire. It was a decision that he knew would cause waves... especially with his SBFF and Tag Team partner. He didn't expect Alan to understand... although, he did assume after the months and months of "Geno is so old that..." jokes, the prospect of his retirement wouldn't come as a shock to his young friend.]

[Then again, maybe it wasn't that Alan had never thought about the fact that the man he affectionately referred to as his grampa would someday retire... it was more the fact that he might very well be the man responsible for that retirement that was causing the issue. Truth be told... Alan Scott's moral dilemma was not a total accident. When Genocide made the decision to put his career on the line in this tournament, it was with an eye to his potential semi-final match up with his young protege. If anyone would have second thoughts about sending Genocide out to pasture, it was Alan Scott. And in a match like this, a moment's hesitation might be all it takes to change the outcome one way or another.]

[Not to say that this was all a mind game. Some ploy to get into Alan's head. Genocide fully intended to make good on his guarantee in the event of a loss. And it wasn't a decision he came to lightly... but even if it wasn't intentional, it was sure to have an effect on everything from the officiating... the backstage politics, to the in ring match itself. But it was a gamble... with his first two opponents, Hank Hooligan and Kieran Crowe, the promise to retire after a loss only fueled the fires... fires where loads of HEAT already existed. Genocide effectively put a bounty on his own head. Not the case in a match up where there weren't months of insult and ridicule, or a mouth full of dentures to cause ill-will. This was his best friend.]

[And speak of the devil, Alan Scott slides into the ring, less than a hundred feet away from Geno, though the Last Honest Man wasn't aware of his partner's presence. Geno smiles. Alan did always make it a point to be early. As Alan leans into the ropes, Geno nods in understanding. He wanted to check out the ropes on the new six sided ring. Geno had heard that they were supposed to be a lot tighter, springier... an advantage to a high flyer like Alan... and a disadvantage to an older guy like Genocide who had to bounce off them with over a decade of aches and pains... although if everything worked out, those aches and pains might not be a problem. After a few moments, Alan is launching himself three quarters of the way across the ring with spring boards from the apron. Geno shakes his head. He was pretty smart for his age. Even with all of his experience, Geno didn't think to check on the new ropes.

[Alan's relative inexperience kicked in after a few leaps though. Instead of stopping after he got a feel for the ropes, he decided to see how far he could jump. He already had the record for the highest high flying bulldog, but wondered if they kept records for distance as well. Geno shaked his head again... he wasn't even wearing his boots. It would be so easy for him to turn an ankle and kill his chances for a win... and even with his very career on the line, that's something Geno didn't want to happen. After a few more moments of reflection and observation, a few Fed X workers arrive with three wood and cloth director's chairs. Genocide had agreed to the sit down interview with Shelly AND Alan Scott... but he wasn't looking forward to facing Alan in a setting like that. Nobody expected Honest Alan to pull any punches. And Alan always did love his HEAT... Geno also had to wonder if part of Alan wasn't excited at the prospect of retiring Genocide. Alan was a wrestling historian, was that a feather in his cap that he would HONESTLY be able to deny himself? When Shelly Simmons heads up the ring steps, Geno knew it was time. He decided to head out and around to the ring entrance... climbing out of the stands might seem a little creepy.]

* * * * * * * * * *

Shelly: Welcome Federation X Fans... tonight I'm here in what is most definitely an unusual situation. It's not every day you interview both competitors in a one on one Main Event at the same time... but this is not an every day match. In a stark contrast to the heated feud carried on between Johnny Rude and Jason Storm, the second King of the Cage semi final will feature a pair of Tag Team Champions and good friends... SBFF's, in fact. With me, of course... the X-Ecutioner Champion... Genocide.

[The camera shot switches to a subdued nod from Genocide aknowledging the intro before switching back to the million dollar smile of Shelly Simmons.]

Shelly: And his partner in Team SBFF, the X-Factor World Champion, Alan Scott.

[Alan gives a nod, adopting the muted tone of Geno... he finds it more difficult to mute his mouth, of course. Alan usually does.]

Alan: Pleasure to be here, Shelly. And don't worry. You've interviewed Geno and I together plenty of times. Feel free to drink us in, but remember to drink responsibly?

Shelly: I know, but this is different... especially with so much on the line. Due to that, I'd like to try and follow a procedure here to make sure everything goes smoothly. One, I'll ask one question at a time to each of you. If you have a response, wait till the end of the statement. And also, please try to avoid directly addressing each other.

Alan: You're kidding?

Shelly: I'm not saying I want you to ignore each other and act like the other isn't here. Just try to limit direct interaction. Trust me, it will be better this way.

[Alan and Geno both nod, neither one wanting to make direct eye contact with each other.]

Shelly: First question is for Genocide... Geno... why is it you think that Alan and yourself have formed not only a great partnership, but a friendship, as well? From an outside perspective, it doesn't seem like you two have much in common.

[Geno nods in agreement.]

Geno: I can see that... the age difference jumps right out. We're different generations, me and Alan. He's only a few years older than my son.

Shelly: Then, of course, the issue with Alan's honesty... a trait you don't seem to usually share. Alan doesn't cheat, but you don't mind taking a short cut.

Geno: Yeah, that's true too... for some reason or another, Alan was always able to overlook most of my more dubious actions... actions that from other people probably wouldn't get the benefit of the doubt from him. Why are we friends though? I'm not sure I can answer that, Shelly. Honestly, at first... I found the kid kind of obnoxious.

[The camera switches to get a shot of Alan's mock pain. It might actually sting a little if he didn't know it was true. He wanted Genocide's attention... what better way to accomplish that than by trying to "out-prick" the man, himself.]

Shelly: So, what changed?

Geno: Not really sure... Alan referred to me as his second best friend one day, jokingly I assume. I declared us SBFF's, and the rest is history. At first... honestly, I saw him as easy heat. One thing I learned early on about Alan Scott is that he was a HYPE MACHINE... better to have that hype working for me than against me, ya know?

Shelly: I guess... but that still doesn't explain why you two became friends.

Geno: I guess he just started to grow on me. As for why Alan warmed up to me, you'll have to ask him. He says I'm his hero... but he hasn't exactly patterned his career off of mine.

Shelly: I'll get to that, but I have a different question for Alan first.]

[Instead of setting up the big picture like she did with Geno, Shelly decides to go straight in to the meat with her first question to Alan Scott.]

Shelly: Alan... how do you feel about Genocide putting his career on the line in this tournament, and the fact that you could be the man to end his career?

[Alan tries to hold back a grimmace... the thought of forfeiting a match almost made him ill. That wasn't Alan... but it was better than the alternative. Retiring Genocide... and maybe, just maybe, if Geno saw how serious this was to his SBFF, that he was willing to forfeit... give up a chance at becoming the King of the Cage... not to mention, getting his hands on Jason Storm in the finals. If Geno saw that, maybe he'd change his mind, and Team SBFF could have the epic match it should be.]

Alan: Well, Shelly... HONESTLY, I'm not thrilled about it. I don't really think it's fair the situation that Geno's put me in. Win, and seal the deal on your tag team partner and friend's career... therefore... I feel I must make this decision. I am conceding the match to Genocide.


Shell: Conceding? What do you mean?

Alan: Simple, Shelly. I forfeit.

[Genocide shuts his eyes and shakes his head. This isn't what he wanted at all. A hesitation... second thoughts... a distraction. That's what he wanted. Not a forfeit victory. Even if he did get the easy win vs Alan and won the whole thing... there'd be an asterisk next to his win. People would wonder if Genocide could've REALLY beaten his younger friend. And besides... conceding wasn't what Alan was about. He was a fighter.]

Geno: That's bullshit, Alan.

Alan: I don't think you've left me much of a choice...

[The picture fades out, replaced by a shot of John and Hank out at the broadcast table.]

Paragon: Fans, we'll bring you more of this truly powerful interview... and make sure to stay tuned for the stunning confrontation that follows.

* * * * * * * * * *

[The big interview definitely hadn't gone according to plan... anyone's plans. As Geno sat in the comforts of Toronto's makeshift MegaSuite, he hoped later than he and Alan would be able to chalk up the situation to prematch HEAT, and everything would be fine... after the match was over, and Genocide was hopefully victorious and still employed, they'd be able to move on. Even if he did lose, and was forced to retire, Alan was a friend that Geno wasn't anxious to lose. Genocide is brought out of his thoughts with the buzzing of his cellphone. He smiles as he checks the number. He'd been expecting this phone call.]

Geno: Well if it isn't my "N-Word" Amp. How the hell's it going, man?

[Amp proceeds to tell Geno about the legal issues that kept him from completing his Team Fox News oligations during Sponsor Wars. Something involving pot and underaged girls... Geno wasn't really paying attention though. The call was business, not personal.]

Geno: That's too bad, man... you were able to get a hold of her though, right?


Geno: Great... and you're sure that Alan fell for it before?


Geno: Ha... awesome. So she should be on her way to see him then? And you went over her lines with her?


Geno: Sweeeeet, man. Yeah, next time you're in town... you know, after they take the ankle bracelet off, stop by and we'll burn one... maybe mix in a little Bantion?


Geno: Alright, man. Later.

[Geno hangs up the phone with a smile on his face... as he thought about what he was doing though, the smile started to fade. He wasn't proud of it... but when he told Alan during the interview that he would use every advantage, every underhanded trick he knew to get the win. He didn't really have a choice. But that didn't stop the guilt... which only increases as Eve Riley innocently walks into the room.]

Eve: Hi Geno-Bear!

[Geno musters up his biggest smile. He didn't want to lie to her... but he knew he'd have to if he wanted the plan to work.]

Geno: Hey Eve... sit down here for a second.

[Eve shrugs and skips around the table, plopping down on the couch beside Geno.]

Eve: You nervous about your big match with Alan? I know I'd be nervous if I had to fight Chance again.

Geno: A little bit... I'm more worried about Alan though.

Eve: Yeah... he's pretty upset. He even told me he was thinking about condemning.

[Geno's forehead wrinkles in confusion.]

Geno: You mean "conceding?"

Eve: Yeah... what did I say?

Geno: Don't worry about that right now, though. I need to you to me a favor... a favor for Alan and I, actually.

Eve: I'd do anything for you and Alan... I was already going to accompany him to the ring for your match...

Geno: Yeah... about that...

Eve: You don't think it's a good idea?

Geno: Honestly, Eve... no, I don't. Alan will be distracted enough out there... especially with my career on the line...

[Eve looks down in disappointment. The thought of Geno-Bear retiring made her heart want to break. They'd grown pretty close over the past few months... it might not have been a father-daughter relationship, but Eve had definitely come to look at Geno as an older brother type. A WAYYY older brother.]

Eve: Yeah... maybe you're right.

Geno: In fact, Eve... after your match, I'd appreciate it if you'd just head back to the Velvet Star and hang out with Chance.

Eve: But... but why?

Geno: The fact is, you don't need to be anywhere around Alan to distract him... he's got it pretty bad.

[Eve blushes, although she does feel some guilt for not being able to fully return Alan's feelings.]

Geno: But more important than that... I'm worried about you. Tonight, Storm is facing Rude...

Eve: Rawr!

Geno: I know, I know... but the fact is, Storm is going to be pulling out every stop to get into Rude's head... and you just happen to be one of the very few people on Earth that Johnny actually cares about.

Eve: So... you think Storm might come after me to hurt Johnny-Bear?

Geno: I do, Eve... and I know Alan has been thinking about it too... if we both knew you were safe, it would be a lot easier for us to take care of what we need to.

Eve: OK... I can do that.

Geno: Now don't you have a match to get ready for?

Eve: Yup! Bye Geno-Bear!

[Eve leans over and gives Geno a peck on the cheek before skipping off towards the room she shared with Chance. As Eve turns a corner, Genocide feels a shiver moving up and down his spine. The atmosphere in the MegaSuite changes instantly. HE was there.]

Geno: Let's hope this works...

[Geno takes a nervous deep breath and heads towards his private room. He wasn't exactly sure what was up during Alan's first round match... but if it wasn't The Shepherd under the cowl, it was definitely A Shepherd at least... and The Shepherd owed him a favor. It was time to call it in. As Genocide steps into the room, The Shepherd is already standing there, waiting for him. It looked like NightHawk to Genocide... it certainly made him feel the same way Hawk did. Small... unimportant. But he was important enough, apparently, to warrant a house call from The Shepherd.]

Geno: Thanks for dropping by...

[The man under the cowl only nods in response. Genocide figured he wasn't really the small talk type, especially during business hours, so he'd better cut right to the chase.]

Geno: Well, you know why I asked you here... I'd like to call in that favor you said you owed me.

[Once again, The Shepherd nods.]

Geno: I want to win the King of the Cage Tournament.

[Geno felt guilty for using his favor for something so selfish, and insignifcant in the long run. He wished he was using it for something different... something more noble. World peace, feeding the hungry, curing the Fibially afflicted... something like that. But he wasn't. He needed this win more than anything he'd needed in his entire career.]

Geno: I know what you did to Ed last year... I want the same deal. Cure my injuries, take away my aches and pains... I want you to make my body young again.

[When NightHawk doesn't answer, Geno decides he should add a condition, just to improve his chances.]

Geno: You can even change me back after the tourney is over... but please. I need this.

[NightHawk stares into Genocide's eyes as he considers his request... Genocide almost felt as if he was on trial... and, in a way, he was.]

* * * * * * * * * *

[Meanwhile out in the parking lot, Eve Riley slowly approaches the building. And she's... smoking a cigarette?]

Eve: This better be worth it... I guess the experience can't hurt... but I assumed I'd be in real movies by now. But, what the fuck, I need the money.

[Wha??? She's cussing, too?]

Eve: OK... time to get ready...

[Eve drops her cigarette on the ground, stomping it out in midstep and walking away. Littering, too?]

Eve: Time to get into character...

[Eve takes one last look at herself in the window of a car. She plasters the best vacant smile she has on her face and starts back for the arena.]

Eve: Like... OMG, babes!

[Eve nods in satisfaction... good enough to fool some idiot wrestler, anyway.]

Eve: Alright, Misty... you can do this...

[Ohhhh, it was the FAKE Eve... you remember her, right? Anyway, she heads into the building, and straight for the room of one Honest Alan Scott. Should be interesting.]


The Shepherd: This then is the thing you would ask for?

Even the question made Geno feel smaller than Phil Stone, but it didn’t stop him from nodding his head in confirmation. He felt like he had been standing there, waiting to hear his sentence passed by a judge, and that was in many ways the closest that he would come to being accurate. The man standing mere feet away from him was one of those who people who had transcended the sport, though not in order to become an entertainer or movie star. He had used the sport to further his own purpose, and had grown beyond it in the way that a man would grow beyond needing to fight to prove himself.

Genocide: it…….yes……………I’m sorry.

He was sorry too. Somehow just asking for what he was asking for left a dirty taste in his mouth, but he couldn’t stop himself from doing it. So many of his hopes and dreams had come down to the moment that lay only a little while in front of him. It had been wrong of him to tie up his future and his emotions in one simple wrestling tournament, and yet…….there it was. He didn’t just want to win, he NEEDED to win. Whatever the cost.

The Shepherd: There is a price…………even for debts owed Jason Miller.

What did that mean? He knew he should take some time and think about those words. If NightHawk felt that they mattered enough to say, then they obviously mattered enough that Geno should pause for a moment and consider them. He didn’t though. Whether it was the man’s presence, or the fact that he truly understood the power that stood before him, or the anticipation of being…..whole…..again after all those years, he chose simply to nod his head and try to suppress the slight tremble in his body. His heart beat wildly.

The Shepherd of Men gestured towards the bed, but he did not offer direction. He didn’t need to. Genocide understood that he was to lie down. He had no doubt that something was about to happen, and the idea of not having to endure chronic hip flexor pain during the match left him almost joyous despite the somber atmosphere. He crossed the room and lowered himself onto the bed, stretching out and raising his feet off of the floor. He tensed, ever so slightly, as NightHawk came to kneel at the side of the bed, and listened as The Shepherd of Men began to speak.

The Shepherd: In second Corinthians, chapter twelve, verse nine it is written;

His grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.
Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weakness, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.
That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weakness, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties.
For when I am weak, then I am strong.

Just once Geno opened his eyes to see what was happening, and he saw that NightHawk’s hands were travelling over his body, with less than an inch of air to cushion the distance. They seemed almost unnaturally drawn to the areas of Geno’s body where pain was at its greatest. Geno blinked.


The last thing he remembered was his eyes closing to the words ‘for when I am weak, then I am strong.’


Alan Scott: Come in.

Alan rolled the tape around his hands, taking the time to make sure that he taped his knuckles up as well. There was nothing illegal about providing himself with support at the joints in order to try and avoid injury and accident. He had put on a pretty dazzling show during the interview that he and Geno had done with Shelly, but it had been about as tense and uncomfortable as he had ever wanted things to be when he was around his SBFF. Alan looked up as the door opened, and a smile crossed his face when he saw the smiling head of Eve Riley peek into the room. He motioned for her to come right in, and she swung the door in, and walked into the room. Alan tried to look away, but she was swinging her hips just a little bit more than normal and he was captivated by them. How had he not noticed that swing before?

Eve Riley: Hi sweetie.

Alan smiled. After a week and some distance, things with Eve were finally a little more normal. Their dinner last night had been comfortable and relaxed, even during the silence. That was one of the signs he had always looked for when he dated a girl; could they be comfortable when they weren’t talking. Eve Riley was that special kind of girl who understood that silence was often the loudest conversation you could have. She didn’t feel so uncertain around Alan that she had to rush and fill it with meaningless words, like so many other women in his past had. Shelly had been one of those women, and it was the reason he had known they weren’t meant to be together.

Alan: Hi Eve. Come on in. I’m just getting ready.

Eve crossed the room and sat down a little too close to Alan, causing him to raise an eyebrow and give her a look. She just smiled back at him and batted her big long lashes in his direction. Alan grinned and went on about getting his hands taped, trying very, very hard not to notice the way her skin grazed his every time he moved, or the rise and fall of her bosom out of the corner of his eye. If he didn’t know better he would have said that she was breathing just a little bit deeper, and that her back was arched just a little bit more than normal. But he did know better, and Eve wasn’t that kind of girl.

Alan: I spoke with production about twenty minutes ago and they said they would like me to go out last. I made them change that plan. If this ends up being Geno’s last match……..he should at least get to come out second. He should have his……..moment.

Eve blinked.

Eve: OMG! That’s so sweet of you!

Alan fought the urge to turn and stare at Eve. Since when did she put on the Hot Girl routine when the two of them were alone? He took a deep breath and shook it off. He was probably just being sensitive because of his nerves. After all, he had gone out to the interview to announce to the world that he was going to concede the match to Geno, but had left it fired up about one thing….


Alan: Listen, I realize that the day has to come eventually. I mean it’s not like he can keep wrestling once he’s into his sixties…..

Geno: I’m NOT that old.

Alan ignored the inserted comment by his adopted godfather and pressed on with his explanation. True, he was taking the opportunity to throw in a couple of little nudges at his SBFF’s age, but then again…..when didn’t he? It was one of the few luxuries he had allowed himself in the week leading up to their monumental showdown; one of the few things that made their relationship normal for that week.

Alan: …..and nobody knows how long his hip or his knee are going to hold out….

Geno: I’m NOT that old!

Alan flashed Geno a brief smirk. It was the first time that they had made real eye contact since they had sat down in the chairs, and for just the briefest of moments it relieved a lot of stress. Geno saw the glint in Alan’s eye that said he was getting some HEAT out of his closest friend, and he could hardly help but to fight back a rueful grin. Alan was fighting with himself, torn between wanting to respect Geno and give him everything that the younger, more athletic star had to offer, and honoring the man so deeply that he was prepared to bow out of the biggest tournament of his career to make sure that Geno didn’t retire.

Alan: ………not to mention that old fibia. That CAN’T last for much longer!


Alan didn’t let him finish that time.

Alan: Relax old man, the last thing we need on the set is somebody having a cardiac arrest. Do we even keep a defibrillator around here?

Alan actually got out of his seat and took a quick look around. He needed to lighten the somber mood. The stress was killing him. Geno obviously didn’t want him to concede the match, and he didn’t want to retire Geno. No. That wasn’t true. There was a part of Alan that loved the idea of being the man who retired Genocide. But the timing was all wrong. He wasn’t ready for a wrestling world without his SBFF in it. That was the real problem.

Shelly Simmons: Alan, have you considered the possibility that there is no need for you to concede because……………………………………….you can’t beat Geno anyways?

Alan sat back in his chair. He blinked a couple of times while he processed the question, and cursed his own innate honesty. There really only was one answer.

Alan: No.


[And there it was... it didn't surprise Geno to hear Alan reply that way. Losing to Genocide wasn't really a possibility in Alan's mind. Genocide wasn't really offended. To get anywhere in this business, that's the way you had to think. That you could beat anyone in the world. That you were the best... it didn't mean that Genocide had to believe it, however.]

Shelly: Genocide... any response?

[Genocide smirks and sits up in his seat. He knew there was no offense mean by Alan's assertion. He was just confident, and honest about that fact. Won't stop Geno from spinning it into a little HEAT, however.]

Geno: That's what it all boils down to, Shelly. Alan doesn't see me as a threat. He's THE BEST THERE IS, after all, and I'm just an old man.

Shelly: And how does that make you feel?

Geno: Kinda pissed off, to be HONEST. From the moment this tournament was announced... even after the brackets were all filled in, and many were looking forward to exactly this match-up in the semifinals... but Alan Scott saw this tournament as one thing... his chance to get his hands on Storm in the finals. The thought that he wouldn't get past me never even crossed his mind. It was a slap in the face, Shelly.

Alan: I'm sorry you fe...

Geno: I was a just a speed bump on his road to revenge and glory. It was Alan Scott's show, and I was just a bit player in it. Well ya know what, Shelly? I think I'm a pretty good wrestler myself, Shelly. A little long in the tooth, maybe... but I defy anyone that's really watched my career... I dare them to tell me I'm not right in the middle of my prime. The fact is, Shelly... not only am I one of the greatest of all time... I've NEVER been better than I am RIGHT NOW.

[Alan Scott looks down at the pattern of the denim covering his legs... it was true. He had overlooked Geno. He actually even had the gall to feel sorry for himself because Genocide wasn't openly supporting him in his quest for the King of the Cage. How could he be so stupid? Of course grampa Geno wasn't going to support his KotC efforts, and it had nothing to do with trying to protect Storm from The Animal. It was because his grampa wanted... needed to win this tournament just as badly as Alan did.]

Alan: That's a point I can't argue... this man is at the top of his game. Finally winning the USOB he'd struggled for years to capture is a testament to that.

Shelly: So why put your career on the line, Geno? You said you didn't want to let the King of the Cage define your career like the USOB had done for so long. Isn't putting your career on the line doing exactly that?

Geno: I can see that point of view, Shelly... maybe it's just cheap publicity... maybe it's the most effective form of self motivation. The fact is, I'll be fighting for my career out there, because I don't have a choice.

Alan: Maybe you don't... but fortunately, I do have a choice... which is why I've decided to forfeit this match tonight. I'm prepared to give up a lot to keep this partnership together... I'm going to give up a shot at the King of the Cage... give up a shot at getting Storm inside of a cage.... and yes, even give up the chance to retire a Hall of Famer.

Geno: I hope that's not all you're prepared to give up, Alan.

[The question tugs at Alan's eyebrow.]

Alan: What's that supposed to mean?

Geno: Well... if you really want to forfeit this match... the match isn't all you'll be losing.

Alan: Spit it out.

Geno: Well... I've taken an idea to the Powerbase... and they've agreed.

Alan: Agreed to what?

Geno: They agreed that we're long overdue for a World Title defense... so, officially, your X-Factor Championship will be on the line tonight.

Alan: Pardon?

Shelly: Wow, are you telling me that the World Title is on the line in your King of the Cage semifinal match?

Geno: Not actually IN the match, Shelly. During the match.

Alan: You lost me...

Geno: It's easy... the winner of the World Title will not neccessarily be the man that escapes the cage. We're going to be in there for 60 minutes anyway... pinfalls and submissions don't affect the outcome of the match... but since we have an hour to kill, why not have ourselves a little Ironman match right there in the cage?

[Alan squints as he looks at the smirk of Genocide... was he serious? Did the Powerbase actually sign off on this?]

Geno: You see, Alan... if you want to forfeit, that's fine. But if you do, you might as well hand me that title draped over your shoulder right now.

Shelly: Wow, response?

[Genocide jumps back in, hoping to add a little more HEAT to the fire.]

Geno: By the way, Alan... I don't think you can beat me either. Do you have what it takes to go that extra mile? Sure... but I don't think you're willing to take a short cut when it's in front of you. I will. SBFF or not... I will use those weapons... and I will use every dirty trick in my book to get my hand raised... AND to get your championship.

* * * * * * * * * *

[Back in Alan's locker room, Alan and "Eve" continue to sit in an awkward silence. Misty didn't like the way that Alan was looking at him... studying him, almost. Was he on to her? She curses to herself... she should've watched a few more episodes. If the plan got ruined, she wouldn't get the other half of her pay. She'd have to go off-script here to distract Alan. Misty leaps up and over to the back of the couch, moving in close to rub Alan's shoulders.]

"Eve": You're so tense, Alan... relax.

[Despite his misgivings, Alan sinks back into the leather. It did feel great. He must've been more stressed than he thought... the internal debate on whether to lay down or retire Geno. Then the interview was still fresh in his mind. The last week sure had left plenty of knots in his neck and shoulder muscles, and Eve was hitting all the right spots.]

Alan: Wow... I needed that...

["Eve's" hands start to move down onto Alan's upper arms. Alan gulps as "Eve's" hands slowly drift towards his chest. What was she doing?]

Alan: Eve... what are you going?

[Alan's hands move up to grasp Eve's, and he turns his head to look at her... he wasn't sure what was going on, but he was pretty sure it was wrong... VERY wrong.]

"Eve": This...

[Misty moves in, planting a kiss onto Alan's lips. This wasn't what Genocide had planned when he made it up. Had he known Misty's penchance for improv, he might've went a different route. Alan melts into the leather as the kiss starts to become more passionate. It may have been wrong, but it felt oh so right. Without breaking lip contact, Misty crawls over the back of the couch and straddles Honest Alan, wrapping her arms around him. Alan had thought about this day for so long, he thought it might never come. In fact, he was so caught up in the moment that he didn't even notice that the girl of his dreams tasted like Marlboro.]

* * * * * * * * * *

[With a jolt, Genocide sits up out of bed. His eyes scan the room looking for The Shepherd, but he was gone.]

Geno: For when I am weak... then I am strong.

[The words escaped from Genocide's mouth without a conscious thought. His eyes continue to scan the room.]

Geno: Nutrition facts... serving size, 1 can. Amount Per Serving... Calories, 150...

[Genocide reads from the back of an old pepsi can he'd left on the dresser. He didn't wear glasses, but there's no way that Genocide could've read print that small from that distance before. He cautiously flexes his leg... no searing pain. He raises it a few more times, checking out the range of motion. He turns his neck to the ring side, searching for pain and numbness, the remenants of a neck injury that took Genocide out of action for almost five years... an injury he was careful to keep a secret. But now, it was gone.]

Geno: Wow...

[Geno leaps up off the bed and hops a few times. Even the customary old man standing up grunt was gone. The familiar aching in his ankles and knees were absent, and he felt a spring in his step he hadn't felt in years. The injuries suffered in his first two brutal matches, as well as the cracked ribs from Aaron Action? Gone. Geno continues to stretch and flex, testing all of his muscles and joints. His forehead wrinkles as he still feels a twinge of pain in his fibia... the Shepherd was a miracle worker, but fibias were apparently out of his range of expertise.]

Geno: Man, I can't believe this... I feel... GREAT!

[Geno smiles as he checks his mouth. Even the tooth he lost in his last KotC match was back... Geno wondered if he might even be able to throw away those little blue pills. With a giggle that only the feeling of youth can inspire, Genocide gallops out of his room and into the hallway, almost running head long into his wife. Haley sees a look in her husband's eyes that she'd never seen before.]

Haley: What's gotten into you?

[Genocide effortlessly lifts Haley up into the air and pins her into the wall.]

Haley: What the fuck are you doing?

[Geno answers the question by planting a hard kiss on her, and pressing his body into her's. Haley sinks into the kiss, her arms wrapping around Geno neck and pulling him in tighter. Geno slowly eases Haley back onto the carpet and gives his stunned bride a slap to the ass and a wink.]

Geno: Well babe, I got a match to win... I'll see YOU later though.

[A light blush forms over Haley's bandage covered face as Geno heads down the hallway for a date with his SBFF.]


And there it was. Alan stood staring at Geno, listening to the details of how Geno had made sure that Alan wouldn’t just concede the round and let him advance to the finals of the King of The Cage to face either Johnny B Rude or Storm. He had gone behind Alan’s back and pulled a fast one, getting the company to agree to a double match. It was perhaps the most creative idea that had been laid out for the entire tournament; a match within a match. Alan let it all sink in while Geno continued to talk about how he would cut corners and take cheap shots if that was what was required of him. Alan just listened and contemplated what was being waved right in his face.

Genocide: ….and I will use every dirty trick in my book to get my hand raised….AND to get your championship.

Alan pursed his lip, and waited, and right when his adopted godfather opened his mouth to continue, Alan stepped in. It was dramatic, and it was also a message. Geno had cut Alan off and talked over top of him in an effort to drive the HEAT up in the match, something he knew that Alan would understand. Alan was sending his own message right back.

Alan Scott: Well you’ll have to, won’t you?

It was the nonchalant way that Alan made the comment that immediately crawled in under Geno’s skin. He was startled by the condescending tone in Alan’s voice, and at the same time just a little bit proud of the fact that Alan had learned which buttons to press. It was one of the lessons they never talked about, but that Geno had always hoped Alan was learning.

Geno: Excuse me?

Alan shrugged as the camera turned to capture him, almost physically dismissing the comment as unnecessary to repeat. Like it should be obvious to everyone, because they all should have been thinking the same thing. It was an act, of course, but it was a damn good one. Alan had sat through enough lecturing and positioning by Geno and he had finally had enough. If Geno was that damned determined to force Alan to face him straight up, then he was going to be in for the full monty.

Alan: You heard me. You’ll have to cheat. That’s the difference between us gramps…you’re not the talent that I am. You don’t have the same skills that I do. Hell, your body isn’t even in the same condition. So…..naturally you’ll take every short cut you see. You’ll have to. The problem is……it still won’t be enough.

Shelly tried to stop the interview from breaking down by inserting herself back into the mix. She had maintained control for so long; she didn’t want the tape to be wasted at the last minute. The truth was that the Powerbase were silently praying that the interview would turn into a warzone. That kind of heat cannot be bought, and the fans would eat it up.

Shelly Simmons: Alan are you saying that you’re prepared to fight Genocide now?

Alan didn’t answer Shelly, he just locked eyes with Geno. He knew how to build heat for a match as well as anyone, and with Geno maneuvering him into a title defense against his will, Alan was being forced to change his position. That meant that he was going to need some heat.

Shelly: Alan?

Alan: No Shelly, what I’m saying is that I’m prepared to RETIRE Genocide now.

Geno stood up.

Geno: Is that right?

Alan got to his feet as he nodded his head. He stuck a thumb into his chest.

Alan: I’m THE BEST THERE IS old man, a fact you would know if you paid more attention during our title defenses. I set the record for fastest pinfalls in a championship match, I set the record for highest flying bulldog ever landed and now? Now I’ll be known as the guy who RETIRED Genocide.

Alan reached out and tapped Geno in his chest.

Alan: Make your peace old man…………your career ends tonight.

Geno: Not in a million years.

Alan: You’d know……..you’ve been alive that long.

Alan stalked off the set, knowing that they had enough heat built up and it was getting dangerously close to exploding into prematch violence. He might not have a choice about facing Geno in the cage, but he had a lot of choice about picking a fight with him beforehand. He left Geno to close out the interview and get in his own parting shots at Alan, and headed straight for the back. As he got to the curtains, Eve was waiting for him.

Alan put an arm around her for a hug, and waited for her to start trying to calm him down and remind him that Genocide was his best friend in the whole wide world. That didn’t happen. Had it been any other night, in any other situation, and that would have meant something to Alan. He was too distracted to realize it though, so when Eve put an arm around his waist and started to walk with him, Alan just got lost in his thoughts.

Eve: Oh babes, I forgot. Your phone’s been ringing. Your ring tone rawks!

Alan raised an eyebrow at that though.

Reaching down he took the phone from Eve, and looked at the number that had been calling. ‘Unidentified’ was all that it said. Four calls from somebody he didn’t know in under thirty minutes? Something was going on and Alan knew it. He looked at the screen. One message. Somebody was trying to get a hold of him and had finally chosen to leave him a message. Alan lifted the phone as he walked and pressed the speed dial for his voice mail.

It was a woman’s voice…

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Chance: So Geno basically told you that you would be hurting Alan if you went to the ring with him?

Eve nodded her head and tried very hard to keep from openly pouting. She had taken Geno’s advice because she knew that at heart he was a good friend, but something about it just didn’t sit right with her. The one thing she had really tried hard to focus on and learn while she had been around Alan was that if you gave your word, you followed through. She had told Alan she was going to support him and walk him to the ring, and while he hadn’t openly agreed, she knew he was pleased by that. After all, she was a woman; she could tell.

Chance: And then he basically told you to come here, and get yourself far, far away from the match?

Eve looked like she was about to cry.

Eve: Do……do you……think Alan asked him to send me away?

She barely got the question out with her quivering lip as she sat on the couch and cradled her knees into her chest. Chance rushed across the room and threw an arm around her BFF. She had been having to console Eve a little too often recently, but admittedly she didn’t think it was Alan’s fault this time. In fact, if anything, she thought Geno had given Eve bad advice.

Chance: Oh, babes…..don’t think like that. Alan loves you. You know that.

Eve sniffed back a tear.

Eve: I…..do?

Chance swallowed. It wasn’t like she wanted to endorse the big moron’s affection for her friend, but it hardly seemed like the time to be trying to cut him down at the knees.

Chance: Of course you do. You know what would make you feel better?

Eve: *blinks* Cookies?

Chance: OMG! For sure! But first….

Chance reached to get something out of her pocket for Eve.


Alan had waited a long, long time for that moment. He had been patient, just like he had always promised Eve that he would be. He would have waited longer, if that’s what it took. The sudden change in her temperament was setting off blaring sirens in the back of his mind, but unfortunately they weren’t as loud as the sirens that her hands and lips were setting off in the front of his mind. Eve was straddling him, arms wrapped around the back of his neck, while her fingers gently played with the bottom of his hairline. It tickled, but in a satisfying sort of way.

Alan drew a long breath in through his nose, and tried to lose himself in the moment again. There was just one problem. Eve had kissed Alan more than once. True it had never been the kind of kiss that was threatening to steal away his soul before, but he knew the taste of her lips, and the texture of them as they dragged across his own. This time something was different, and as hard as Alan tried to simply allow himself to ignore it and be lost in the most perfect moment of his life, he couldn’t.


Alan’s phone rang, but he ignored it. Grayson, or Liv, or whichever member of the Powerbase were currently looking over the notice that he had left for them could call back in a couple of minutes, when he wasn’t quite……….so………….distracted. Eve’s tongue snaked into his mouth just enough to cause a slight whimper to emit from Alan’s throat at the exquisite nature of the intimate contact. After a second the phone stopped ringing.

“I could be fake…….I could be senseless………..you know I could be just like you…..”

Alan’s cell phone started ringing as soon as the phone in his locker room stopped ringing. At first he ignored it, but when the ring tone went into its second verse Alan finally found the willpower to bring up his hands and forcibly separate himself from Eve. It was one of the hardest things he had ever had to do. Slipping out from under her, he pulled the phone from his pocket and stepped off of the couch, trying hard to keep his back to her. She didn’t need to know that he was equipped for camping.

Alan: Hello?

???????: …………………………..

Alan froze, and slowly turned around.

Eve: Who is it?

Alan ignored the question and spoke into the phone.

Alan: Can you hold on for just one second? Thanks.

Alan covered up the phone.

Alan: You’re never going to believe this….

There was an odd tone in his voice.

Eve: What?

Alan: It’s………



[Genocide smirks as Alan Scott leaves the ring and nonchalantly heads up the ramp. Geno tries to stop a look of pride from crossing his face. The kid had learned well. He was a HEAT machine, after all. In thirty seconds, Alan Scott had turned a match that fans were concerned about the intensity level of, into a must see... Geno did wonder though... how much of Alan's bravado was for the cameras, and how much was genuine confidence.]

Shelly: Geno? Anything to say to that?

Geno: Shelly... if Alan really believes any of that garbage he just spewed... he's in for the longest sixty minutes of his life.

Shelly: Finally... any predictions for tonight? Next week, will you be in the King of the Cage finals... or will you be watching it from home.

Geno: Predictions... my prediction for tonight is... I will be walking out of that cage... NOT as a retiree... but as a King of the Cage finalist... AND The X-Factor World Champion... and Alan Scott will walk out with a sore jaw...

[Genocide turns to the camera and stares into the camera, showing intensity usually not shown from the former High Times Stoner of the Year.]

Geno: And Alan... when I give you a Mouth Full of Geno... remember to drink responsibly.

[The screen fades out to black.]

* * * * * * * * * *

[If Alan wasn't busy, Geno's twisting of the Team SBFF catchphrase would draw a smile... but he was otherwise disposed... the female voice that had been desperately trying to reach him was that of the secretary of one Richard Grayson... and that was a call he had to take. Alan Scott confidently strides into the office, and the secretary smiles at the polite young man and sends him in. Grayson, who's on the phone, holds up a finger at Alan.]

Grayson: Alright... OK. Yes. Thank you... I'll get back to you later.

[Grayson hangs the phone up and gestures towards the open seat across from him.]

Alan: You wanted to see me?

[Grayson gives a muted nod and replies.]

Grayson: Yes... I did.

Alan: Did you want a cash, or a check?

Grayson: Pardon?

Alan: The one dollar I owe you?

[Grayson nods... he had forgotten about the deal to sell Alan the property in Detroit.]

Grayson: A check is fine, but that's not why I called you hear... there is serious problem.

Alan: I know, I know... after the freak started killing people, we probably should've moved the match... but that wasn't really my call.

[Grayson shakes his head. He wasn't talking about the complaints Fed X management recieved from the families of the victims killed during his second round win over Aaron Action.]

Grayson: That's not what I mean, Alan. We have a problem with your NEXT match. As you know, Genocide has said he planned on retiring...

[Jumping ahead to what he assumes Grayson is asking him to do, Alan is a little taken aback. Genocide was a star, a legend, and he knew the Powerbase wasn't in a hurry to lose that kind of talent... but a Powerbase member asking Alan to throw a match? That was way too far.]

Alan: Oh, OK. I get it. The Powerbase wants to make sure Geno is still working here next week...

Grayson: Actually, Alan... it's the opposite problem.

[Alan's forehead wrinkles in confusion. Why would the Powerbase want Genocide gone?]

Alan: What do you mean?

Grayson: We intercepted a phone call... a message from a Powerbase member to Marlowe. You heard about Aaron Action's unprovoked attack on Genocide?

[Alan nodded. It was against Aaron's character, but Alan assumed the fat ass had lost it after his loss to him.]

Grayson: That was a hit ordered by a rogue Powerbase member, not speaking for the rest of the group.

Alan: A member of the Powerbase wants to take Genocide out? That doesn't make any sense.

Grayson: No, it doesn't make any business sense... but this issue is personal.

Alan: I don't get it...

Grayson: It's Lars...

Alan: Lars?

[Lars Magnasun, though he hadn't been involved with the day-to-day operations of Fed X in a few months, still had quite a bit of pull inside the company. If he decided to use that influence to settle his decade old score with him, Geno was in trouble.]

Alan: He's still holding a grudge?

Grayson: Well... Geno did steal CCW away from him... and had sex with his daughter. That's the type of thing that tends to make bad feelings linger.

Alan: OK... so what does this have to do with me?

Grayson: We believe that Lars is going to try something during the match. Not sure when, or what though. Just keep an eye out.

Alan: What does Geno think about all this?

Grayson: I haven't been able to get a hold of him.

* * * * * * * * * *

[Uh oh... Misty thought that the jig was up. Misty does the first thing that comes to mind in that situation... she plays dumb. Luckily, that helps sell the believability of her character.]

Misty: It's me? I don't know, Alan... it looks more like a phone to me.

Alan: No... you're ON the phone.

Misty: No... I'm on the couch.

[Alan sighed... Eve was ditzy, but she wasn't this stupid... at least around Alan. Misty senses she may be taking the dumb act a little far.]

Misty: Ohhh, on the phone. I get it. But I'm not on the phone...

Alan: Obviously...

Misty: Maybe it's a prank call?

Alan: Could be... let me see...

[Alan turns and starts speaking into the phone. It sure did SOUND like Eve, anyway. Misty watches nervously from the couch... she knew that the longer Alan talked on the phone to the REAL Eve, the worse the chances were that she'd be able to pull it off.]

Misty: Um... ya know, Alan... I did record some phone messages for my fan club. Maybe that's...

[Alan responds with a shake of his head and a dismissive wave of his hand... this was no recording. The voice was replying... whoever he was speaking to, their Eve Riley impression was dead on... unless...]

Misty: *ahem* Hey Alan...

[Alan squints his eyes... too many things weren't adding up right. Is it possible that the woman in his locker room wasn't the real Eve, but an imposter? Alan turns to question the young lady, but instead of speaking, his jaw drops halfway down to his chest. Why? Because Eve Riley was now standing in front of him... and she was naked. All suspicions of nefarious doppleganging fly out the window as Alan's eyes move up and down the toned body in front of him. In a word... she was perfect. Alan slowly lifts the phone up to his ear, never taking his eyes off the woman in front of him.]

Alan: Um... I gotta go...

[Alan presses the "end" button and lets his phone casually drop to the floor. He may not be sure the woman in front of him is Eve, but at least part of Alan doesn't care... which part is probably easy to guess.]

Alan: E... Eve... what are you doing?

[Misty crosses the distance between her and Alan and drapes her arms over his shoulders.]

Misty: Making your dreams come true...

[Misty moves in for another kiss... and though he knew he probably shouldn't, he gladly accepts it and returns in kind... meanwhile, back at the Velvet Star, Chance watches as Eve pouts her bottom lip out and shuts off her phone.]

Chance: What happened, babes?

Eve: I... I think I did something wrong. Alan is really mad at me.

Chance: Mad? About what?

Eve: I'm not sure.

Chance: Then how do you know he's mad.

Eve: Because... because he hung up on me!

[Chance moves in to comfort her distraught SBFF.]


Eve slid into his arms, and Alan was there to readily receive her. He wrapped his arms around her naked back, feeling the soft silken touch of her flesh as his hands slid effortlessly across it. It was the moment he had been waiting months for, and he would cherish it for a long, long time to come afterwards. He felt Eve lean a little too eagerly into him, and she lifted her chin and tilted her head so that she could embrace Alan in a passionate kiss. Her eyes were closed, and she could feel Alan’s hot breath just inches from her face. She strained up onto her tippy toes to make sure that she was as close to THE BEST THERE IS as she could get, but when the kiss didn’t connect again, she opened her eyes.

Alan was smiling at her, and it wasn’t a warm smile.

Eve started to step back, but Alan’s grip on her didn’t relent. She shifted her hands and tried to push away, but Alan held her firmly in place, as close to himself as she could be. She couldn’t get the requisite leverage between her chest and his in order to shove him off, and there was something scary dancing right behind his eyes that had her stomach in knots immediately.


Each word came out in a shortened breath as Alan never once released the pressure on his hug. In fact, with each word that challenged him he cinched his hug in a little bit tighter. Alan’s smile had almost become a sinister sneer and his loving glance had become a glare of malice.

Alan Scott: YOU. ARE. NOT. MY. EVE!

Alan shifted his weight backwards and pulled Misty off of her feet, as he turned and threw himself into the air. She was trapped as Alan brought her up and over his body in a perfect arch. They slammed into the concrete floor of the dressing room, her body taking the brunt of the impact from the floor, and then being crushed by the weight of Alan coming down on top of her. One simply move and Misty was unconscious, and sprawled out across the ground. Alan was quick to untangle himself and rise to his feet, never once wasting a second glance at the woman lying on the ground in front of him. Naked or not, Alan was in love with another woman.

He opened his phone and pressed ‘Speed Dial 1.’

As the phone rang, Alan marveled at the woman lying on the ground in front of him. For months he had tried to figure out how it had been possible that Eve had said and done all manner of things, and then had the absolute gall to stand and deny it right to his face. In the end he had trusted her, for a reason that at the time he didn’t even realize, but the answers had always eluded both Eve and Alan. In fact nobody had understood how it had happened; until now. It hadn’t been until she had stripped that he had been sure, but Eve would absolutely never have done that. She had made her feelings clear to Alan, and he was going to have to wait a long, long time for anything to change.

Whomever the imposter was, she might have understood how Eve could act, but she didn’t understand Eve. Alan had spent the last couple of months doing nothing but learning to understand Eve. The answers had been smacking him in the face all night long, and he could only be expected to ignore them for so long.

Eve: Hello?

Alan: Eve! Hi. Sorry about that abrupt hang-up a moment ago.

There was silence on the other end of the phone. Why wouldn’t there be? Eve’s feelings were hurt and she didn’t know what to say. She was concerned that Alan would be mad about her not being there to walk him down the aisle, and then when she called to apologize, Alan had hung up on her without warning. She was so confused.

Eve: …………………………..

Alan: Eve….I know how it must have seemed, but I had a very good reason for hanging up. I’m very sorry, but I think you’ll understand.

Eve: Alright Alan, I forgive you. Just tell me why you did it.

Alan sucked in his breath. Better to show her, not to tell her.

Alan: Eve, how quickly can you and Chance get over here?

Eve: Probably ten minutes, why?

Alan: I think you had better hurry.

Eve: ……………………………but Geno said…..

Alan frowned. Geno? What did he have to do with any of this?

Alan: Eve, I don’t know what Geno told you, but I need you to hear me now. I NEED you to come over right away. Bring Chance.

Eve: ……………………ok. We’re leaving right now.


Alan looked down and the barely conscious young actress that he had secured to the chair. He had covered her up by wrapping a blanket around her body, but there was still no mistaking who she looked exactly like. Whomever the girl was, and she was at least smart enough not to carry identification, she could pass herself off as Eve Riley to almost anyone. Almost. Alan made sure she was as secure as she could be, ignoring the two phone calls that came in on his cell phone as he was doing it. They both showed a private number again, and he assumed that it was just another call from somebody in the powerbase offices, trying to sort out some detail before his match.

The last thing he needed was another distraction.

With the girl secured in his room, Alan took a couple of quick digital photos with his phone. It never hurt to make sure you covered your bases. Wrestling was probably the closest thing that the real world had to a soap opera, and he wasn’t going to take any chances. Especially since he wasn’t in a position to wait for Eve and Chance to show up. He simply scrawled a note and left it on the door, inviting them into the suite. Once they got in there, he had no doubt they would be able to figure out why he had called.

Besides, Alan was going out first.


The knock on the door was the signal from production that they were ready for Alan. The Harbinger Championship was over and the all new Elimination Chamber was probably already set up. Alan didn’t waste any time. He pulled on his I’m Somebody’s SBFF t-shirt and grabbed the X-Factor Championship belt from his locker. Slinging it over his shoulder he crossed the room, and yanked the door open. He cast his eyes back into the room and gave the imposter one last look, noting that while she was moving her head, she wasn’t quite back with the real world just yet.

Alan stepped into the hallway and closed the door behind himself.


John Paragon: What we’re looking at here folks is a brand new elimination chamber, complete with six smoked plexiglass chambers. Five of them contain weapons that can be used by the participants, and the last one is the exit.

Hank Proctner: Those chambers look like the windows on Geno’s car when he’s been baking.

Paragon: Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to assure those families tuning in at home that Federation X does not support or endorse any sort of drug use by our athletes, and the comments of my broadcast partner do not reflect the opinions of ownership.

Proctner: What? What did I…….nevermind……here comes the former X-Factor Champion John!

Paragon and Proctner heard the opening sounds of JUST LIKE YOU at the same time as every other person in the arena. Since the footage from the earlier interview had only just been played, the crowd was easily whipped into a frenzy at the arrival of the longest reigning X-Factor Champion of all time. Alan Scott walked out onto the stage and lifted his hands to the applause of the crowd, as the building shook with the thunderous ovation.

Paragon: Former? When did you turn on him?

Proctner: When he decided to go one on one with my favorite of all time! You know I’m a GENO JUNKIE!

Proctner stood up and revealed the shirt he was wearing to everyone who cared to look. Nobody did of course. They all had their eyes firmly on the arriving champion.

Paragon: Folks we’re going to…….wait a minute…..what’s this on the X-Tron?!? We’re getting a feed from backstage. A limo’s just pulled up…….and…….is that…..Barristor?

Proctner: It is! It is! He must be here to help Geno! This is awesome! High Court reunion!

Paragon: He’s leaning back into the car. There’s somebody else in there. He’s talking to somebody else! What’s going on?!?!

Nobody knew.

Especially not Alan Scott.


[Genocide stands just backstage, watching his SBFF's entrance on the monitor. He'd passed his first two tests... averted disaster and a forced retirement at the hands of a heated rival in both rounds 1 and 2. In this match though, not only were the stakes higher... the test would be his toughest to date. Hank Hooligan and Kieran Crowe are two of the all-time greats. But they weren't the BEST THERE IS... Alan Scott was.]

[At least until the match was over.]

[Genocide smiles to himself as Alan Scott saunters down to the ring, believing he was about to step foot into the ring with a thirty-eight year old man, complete with thirty-eight year old bones, and thirty-eight year old joints. And this isn't doctor thirty-eight, or lawyer-thirty eight. This was professional wrestler thirty-eight... or it used to be, anyway. Little did Alan Scott realize that he was stepping into the ring with a man every bit his athletic equal... superior, if you ask Genocide. And not only would Genocide's body be more than willing, it was controlled by the mind of an experienced, expert technician. A veteran who knew every trick in the book, and was ready and willing to employ them all.]

[Genocide does a few deep knee bends, deeper than he'd had the cartilage to go in years... his mind drifts back to the warning from NightHawk... there would be a price for his newfound youth. As long as the price was less than his career though, it was a price he was willing to pay. He wasn't ready for his last match.]

* * * * * * * * * *

Proctner: Who is it, John?! Who's in the limo?!

[Nothing like a mystery guest arriving in a limo to really get the juices flowing. It could be ANYBODY.]

Paragon: I don't know, Hank.

Proctner: Don't you have super hearing or something?

[John ignores the comment and continues.]

Paragon: We know that Barrister was the co-founder of The NC along with Genocide along with being a long time tag team partner, and more recently acting in a legal capacity... I'd have to imagine whoever is with Barrister is here on Genocide's behalf...

Proctner: Or not...

[A cheer roars through the crowd as a familiar man steps from the limo. A man that had not been seen in months... and a man that was most definitely not there on behalf of Genocide.]

Paragon: It's LARS!

Proctner: I can tell you one thing... I don't care who Barrister's tag team partner used to be, Lars Magnasun is not here to help Genocide. He hates the guy.

Paragon: And the feeling is more than mutual. The bad feelings between these men stretch all the way back to CyberSlam... the question is though... why exactly IS he here?

[As if on cue, Shelly Simmons jogs up to the duo stepping away from the limo.]

Shelly: Excuse me... Lars... we weren't expecting you...

[Barrister steps in between Lars and Shelly.]

Barrister: I'll be speaking on behalf of my client, thank you.

Shelly: Your client?

Barrister: Yes... Mr. Magnasun here has retained my services in a very important matter.

Shelly: Mind telling us what that important issue might be?

Barrister: Sure... I'm just here to make sure that in the event Genocide loses, he does indeed retire, as he's already stated he would. I'm just here to make it legally binding.

[Barrister and Lars step away.]

Shelly: But... aren't you Genocide's lawyer?

Barrister: I sure am... and I'd be happy to represent Geno in a bid to get his job back... but I can't really think about that right now... it's kind of a conflict of interest...

[The screen fades as Barrister and Lars step away.]

Paragon: Barrister is a walking conflict of interest...

[As quickly as the screen blinks off, it blinks back on with a simple phrase that brings the house to it's feet.]

{ Genocide is coming }

[The lights drop as "Santeria" by Sublime starts to play. SBFFan Nation show their true loyalty to the team by taking on the role of Geno Junkie for the night, no matter how strong their Alanholism may be. They knew that a win by Genocide was the only way to keep the team alive... and that was priority number one for SBFFans. The lights kick back on with a burst of pyro as the screen changes.]

{ Genocide is HERE }

[And he was, standing at the top of the ramp with the X-Ecutioner title over his shoulder in red and black tights and a matching G-logo t-shirt, as opposed to Alan's Team SBFF one. Perhaps a message to his younger partner. Geno takes a long slow spin for the crowd and pulls a mic out of his trunks. Alan smiles from the ring. His grampa loved last minute HEAT.]

Geno: This is it, Alan. This is your chance to move on to the King of the Cage finals... your chance to finally get your hands on Storm... the chance to cement your name in history as the man who retired Genocide. I was listening to your entrance music as I came out here... really listening to the lyrics... and I can't help but wonder if some of it might not be a message to me.

"You thought you were there to guide me... you were only in my way..."

Am I in your way, Alan? Is that how you feel? If so, you have your chance to get me out of your way forever... between you, me, and Toronto though, I don't think you have what it takes to get the job done. Before, you talked about what I need to do to beat you. That I can't beat you straight up, one on one.

That's the point, Alan... maybe I do have to cheat... resort to dirty tricks to beat you. But this business, more than any other is about doing WHATEVER it takes to win. That's what I've always done, and that's what I'll be doing next week when I face Storm in the King of the Cage finals.

[Genocide steps through the door of the massive Elimination Chamber cage as he continues to talk.]

Geno: I didn't have the luxury of doing things the "right way" in my career. I had to fight and scratch for everything I got... I didn't have a contract handed to me on a reality show. I'm a REAL athlete.

[The last shot stings Alan a little, though he's careful to keep up the cocky smile.]

Geno: "I could be just like you..." that's the thing, Alan. I don't think you can... and that's exactly why I'll be stepping out of this cage... with your spot in the finals, and your belt around my waist. And after next week, when I beat Storm... you, and everyone else in the world will be calling ME the BEST THERE IS...

[Geno tosses his mic out and the cage door is locked with Benito Jobber inside... although he wasn't actually officiating the King of the Cage semifinal match-up, a referee wasn't needed. He was there to count the falls in the X-Factor Championship match simultaneously going on.]

Paragon: Two matches for the price of one... and two of the greatest in the world. Doesn't get any better than this, partner.

Proctner: I can't wait... and neither can anyone else in this place... I haven't seen Canadians this excited about anything since they started pouring gravy on french fries.

Paragon: The crowd is great... and from the sounds of them, Genocide is going to be getting most of the support tonight.

Proctner: When he put his career on the line, he became the sentimental favorite... and besides, he's GENOCIDE! He's fucking awesome!

Paragon: You've been spending a little too much time with Alan.

[Jobber calls for the bell and a 60 minute timer overlays the bottom left corner of the screen, already counting down. As Alan and Genocide head to the middle of the ring for the obligatory stare down. It was the opportunity that Alan needed to tell Geno about Lars' scheming. Not only was he there to make sure Genocide retired if he lost, he was there to make sure he lost in the first place.]

Alan: Listen, Geno, I need to tell you something...

Geno: Save it for after the match, kid... SO YOU THINK YOU'RE GONNA RETIRE ME? DO YA, PUNK?

Alan: Seriously, it's important...


[The crowd gasps as Genocide's hand collides with his SBFF's cheek. Alan Scott turns, rubbing the side of his face.]

Alan: OK, Geno, I get it... but liste...


Proctner: OH NO HE DIDN'T!

Paragon: Another big slap across the face of Alan Scott!


[Alan continues rubbing at his cheek, glaring over at his SBFF. HEAT was one thing, but he was just being a dick, now.]

* * * * * * * * * *

[Meanwhile, back in Alan Scott's locker room, Chance looks back and forth in confusion between Eve and a still semi conscious Misty. Eve stands facing her counterpart, examining the woman, he head cocked to the side, kind of resembling a dog hearing a high pitched sound.]

Eve: Um... Chance?

Chance: Yeah?

Eve: Is it just me... or does she look kind of familiar.

Chance: Yeah, babes... VERY familiar.

Eve: I never knew I had a twin... OMG! I wonder if she's an EVIL twin...

Chance: Oooooh, I might like her, then!


Lars Magnusson and Barrister walked out of the shot, and the speculation on the internet immediately began to run wild. Were they telling the truth? Did Lars return from his self-imposed exile for no simpler reason than to make certain that Genocide actually retired if he lost the match? It was a very simple, very neatly wrapped explanation. On the internet though, conspiracy theories were running wild.

Lars Magnusson: I want you in the gorilla position to make sure that they can’t get down to ringside. I’m going to the offices to check my files.

Barrister: What exactly do you expect to find in your files Lars? We know who’s behind all of this. Hell, if you’d let me I could have just called Genocide and warned him. You didn’t even need to show up.

Lars turned and stared at Barrister. It was a stupid comment. One of the very few poorly thought out comments that Barrister had ever uttered. Not only was he an exceptional wrestler, but he truly was a very smart man. He didn’t say the wrong thing very often, but telling Lars that the situation didn’t require or merit his personal involvement was a mistake. Lars had taken his leave of absence from Federation X for a reason, and now that reason was coming home to roost. Somehow, the ‘reason’ had managed to stay one step ahead of him for all of those months.

Lars: I’m not here to help Genocide. This isn’t about him.

Barrister: Unless we fail.

Lars nodded his head. That was the caveat. If Lars and Barrister failed, then it would become very much about Genocide. The twenty-two time World Champion would find his entire world turned upside down. Lars had built a pretty compelling case for Barrister to work with him; he’d had to. Anything less than that would have been unacceptable to a man who had established his loyalty to the Miller family a long, long time ago. But working with Lars was his only hope of protecting Geno, even when it meant leaving Geno in the dark.

Lars: If we fail, retirement will be the least of your friend’s problems. Just go make sure they don’t get to ringside. I’ll join you there in a little while.

Barrister nodded his head, and turned to head for the gorilla position. Once he was out of sight, Lars looked at the sign on the wall. It read ‘Executive Offices’ with an arrow pointing right. A smile slowly grew across Lars’ face as he looked wistfully at the sign, and almost seemed to be waxing nostalgic about the past. Then he turned and walked in the opposite direction.

He had a meeting to get to…


Genocide: ANSWER ME!

Geno was putting on the ‘GET HEAT’ voice as he shouted at Alan and slapped him in the face for a second time. All Alan was worried about was the information that he had been given by Richard Grayson. Still, he wasn’t going to just stand there and get slapped around like somebody’s bitch. His name wasn’t Phil Stone.

Alan Scott: Last chance Geno…..just list…

The hand came flying up for the third time, and the crowd all gasped as one. The hand never found its mark though because Alan threw up an arm to block it and then caught his mentor flush on the chin with an uppercut. Not a reciprocating smack, but an out and out fist to the chin that dropped Genocide on his ass. The hushed gasp exploded into a roar, and much of the noise wasn’t positive. The SBFFan Nation was clearly on a Geno Junkie kick.

Alan lunged forward and caught the stunned X-Ecutioner Champion on the chin with a knee that laid him out backwards on the mat. The blows hadn’t hurt him badly, but they certainly had caught him off guard. he had wanted to get Alan worked up and do a little heat building as they got into the flow of the match, but it would appear that he did his job just a little bit too well. Alan had gone from zero to sixty in three point two seconds. That was fast, even for a Porche. Geno started to sit back up but he got caught flush in the chest by a boot that stomped him back into the ground. A second and then a third boot followed it so quickly that he didn’t have time to register the first one before the wind had been knocked out of him twice more.


Geno heard the words and just barely started to smile, even as he pulled some oxygen into his lungs. The hits had come fast, and had put him on his heels, but Alan had done his job; he had picked up on the subtle hints and played into the role that would provide them with the best possible match from a fan perspective. One of Geno’s greatest assets as a performer was that he read the crowd better than almost anyone alive. He had sensed the crowd’s support for both men, but he had read the underlying tone that indicated they would support him first. He knew the reasons, and he used it all to make sure the match drew every ounce of HEAT it could.

As the smile edged across Geno’s face, Alan landed with a sharp elbow right across Geno’s sternum. The smile vanished. Alan rolled to his feet and then stalked around the ring, openly shaking his head in disgust. He hadn’t wanted to have to do that, but he really wasn’t being given much of a choice. The crowd read Alan’s body language and jeering began to creep into the noise that they were creating. Alan stopped in one corner, where the Geno Junkies were openly turning on him, and threw his arms wide as though to ask the fans what their problem was.

John Paragon: Alan Scott is frustrated here Hank. He’s trying to figure out why the fans are choosing Geno over him.

Hank Proctner: Because he’s freakin’ GENOCIDE! And we’re all just marks John.

John: The fans certainly are…..wait a minute!

The jeering vanished as an eruption of support exploded from the crowd. Alan turned, and his jaw hung open. Genocide had just kipped up to his feet, showing athleticism and agility that hadn’t been a part of his repertoire in over seven years.

Hank: He’s up! Geno’s up! This is awesome!

John: Alan can’t believe what he just saw. Look at him! He’s trying to get Geno to say something to him…

Hank: Geno just did! With his fist! Alan just went down harder than Haley on her wedding night!

Geno stood in one of the six corners and looked down at his SBFF. Alan’s lip was bleeding, but that wasn’t really going to stop the young star. Genocide knew that Alan was distracted by the surprise of Geno’s recovery, and it was giving him an opening. Geno stepped over Alan, and slipped the X-Factor Champion’s head between his legs, before rolling backwards and turning Alan over into a very effective pinning position. Alan immediately realized his predicament, but as he thrashed and kicked, Geno simply hung on and kept Alan from gaining any leverage for release.

Hank: One……two………………YES! One nothing for Genocide!

John: Folks, if you’re just joining us, the Powerbase have sanctioned a match within the match. Genocide and Alan Scott are fighting a traditional iron man match for the X-Factor Championship at the same time that they are battling to advance to the final round of the King of The Cage. This thing is really getting….

John Paragon’s voice died in his throat as the X-Tron came to life once again. At first nobody reacted, as Genocide gave Alan the obligatory thirty seconds to recover before their match continued. Then the camera panned back to reveal the inside of Lars Magnusson’s typically unused office, where Lars was standing at the door and shaking it maniacally. It appeared that he was trapped inside of it. Giving up in frustration Lars threw his hands in the air and turned to the cameraman.

Lars Magnusson: Is that thing on?

The man nodded his head, causing the camera to bob up and down.

Lars: Good. Get this out live. Barrister…..if you’re watching……she got the drop on me. I’m locked in my office. DO NOT leave your post. She’s more determined than we though……………..and she has help!

Lars took a moment and then drew in a deep breath. It looked like he was debating something for a moment, but he finally nodded his head ever so slightly and spoke once more.

Lars: Genocide………you festering piece of dogshit……….much as I would like to see you suffer………I need to warn you. My …..

The feed went dead.


[Inside of his office, Lars stares at the spot on the camera where the red light had just blinked off. The camera man pulls his camera down and starts to examine it as Lars looks on with impatience.]

Lars: What the hell happened?

Camera guy: I'm not sure... the camera is fine. The feed must've been cut somehow from the outside.


Camera guy: We're kinda locked inside here... I'm not sure what you expect me to do...

Lars: DAMNIT! We need to get this broadcast going again... the fate of CCW depends on it.

Camera guy: CCW?

Lars: Yes, Genocide is trying to take the place away from me, run it into the ground... and now he's running around with my daughter! I have to keep Susie away from that scumbag.

Camera guy: Your daughter? I thought your daughter died in Iraq or something?

[A look of confusion crosses Lars' face, followed quickly by a look of grief. As quickly as it came, however, Lars shakes his head, and the grief is replaced by a look of rage. The camera man steps back in fear, but Lars snatches him by the collar of his shirt. The camera guy whimpers his apologies, although he wasn't exactly sure what for. Lars doesn't hear them though. He spins and throws the much smaller man face first across the room and into the wall. He smashes into the wall, sending the very expensive television camera crashing onto the tile floor. Lars then calmly turns and looks at the door... he had to stop doing that. What was wrong with him? Why did he keep getting confused as to where... and when he was. He looks towards the door. Maybe his daughter didn't lock him inside... but someone sure as hell did...]

* * * * * * * * * *

[Barrister, meanwhile, quickly heads down a corridor. There wasn't a second to waste... Lars could lose it at any moment. He knew from the second that Lars got a hold of him, something was seriously off with the Hall of Famer. Barrister finds his destination and barges right in... this was an emergency. Richard Grayson looks up from a stack of papers, a look of annoyance on his face.]

Grayson: Around here, we like to knock... but I assume you're here to talk about Genocide...

Barrister: No... I need to talk to you about Lars.

Grayson: What about him.

Barrister: The man has lost it... he needs help.

Grayson: What do you mean?

Barrister: He's... confused. He called me up earlier this week... at the beginning of the conversation, he was fine... but by the time it was over... he was talking like he was still in charge of CCW, and his daughter was still alive. He keeps going back and forth between the present and 1998. That's why he "hired" ME to help out, because he didn't remember Genocide and I being partners. Then there are the fits of rage...

[Grayson's face shows a look of concern for his old business partner. Lars always had a bad temper, but usually a pretty good grasp on reality.]

Barrister: Don't get me wrong, I'm not a shrink or anything... I'm also not the most caring guy. I agreed to help Lars so I could keep an eye on him and keep Geno safe.

Grayson: I don't care about your motives, I just appreciate what you did. Where is he right now?

Barrister: I locked him in his office...

[Grayson stands and quickly heads from the room with Barrister in tow. Richard hoped he could talk some sense back into Lars... and hoped the big man stayed calm. Grayson wouldn't be able to physically restrain the bear of a man if it came to that.]

Barrister: He had a camera man in there, but I cut the feed... there's no need for this to get out to the public.

[Grayson turns the corner leading to Lars' office and puts on the breaks. Barrister steps around a second later.]

Barrister: Shit...

[The camera turns to see Lars' office door wide open, the glass window broken, and the source of the break, the television camera lying in a pile of broken glass in the hallway.]

Grayson: This is not good... I need to get security on this...

* * * * * * * * * *

[Lars' interruption ended, Genocide turns back into the ring with a look of confusion on his face. What was the crazy old bastard talking about? As Genocide looks into the opposite corner though, his thoughts shift right back to the match... and they'd better when you're inside a cage with Alan Scott. Geno smirks and holds up a single finger. He had one.]

Paragon: I'm not sure what's happened with Lars... if we get the problem squared away, we'll hopefully hear from him later... but the story is, Genocide now has a 1-0 lead over Alan Scott.

Proctner: In the X-Factor Title match, that is... that pinfall means nothing in the King of the Cage match-up...

Paragon: It might give Genocide a confidence boost, and let a little doubt creep into the mind of Alan Scott.

Proctner: Since when does Genocide need a confidence boost. HIS CAREER IS ON THE LINE! It doesn't get more confident than that.

[Alan Scott, for his part, stares back across the ring at Genocide. How the hell did Geno have the strength to hold him down like that? Although Team SBFF has great natural chemistry, they're also such a great team because they work at it. Genocide and Alan spar quite a bit, and mostly it turned into a contest of quick pins... and unless he was exhausted, or gramps caught him off guard, Alan was always able to use his natural strength to kick out. Something had definitely gotten into Genocide.]

Paragon: Alan Scott charging across the ring for a collar and elbow...

[Alan prepares to drive Geno back into a corner, just like he always did when they locked up... Alan would get low and use his superior strength and Genocide would backpeddle into the corner, because he had no choice... only this time, he did, and Genocide plants his feet into the mat... his new ligaments and tendons hold. Alan is surprised as Geno not only puts on the breaks, but gets lower and drives Alan back into HIS corner. He doesn't have time to think about it though, as Genocide lifts a knee up into his midsection, taking the breath out of him... unlike Genocide, Alan's injuries weren't healed before the match, and after the two large falls he took during his victory over Aaron Action, one off a truck, the other out a third floor window, Alan's ribs weren't coming in at 100%. But as Genocide yanks on his arm, Alan knows he has to act. The new angle of the ropes allow Genocide to easily whip Alan out of a corner and into the ropes.]

Proctner: Geno sending him for the ride... but Alan reverses...

[Genocide is flung to the ropes instead. As Alan mulls his offensive options, his mouth drops as Genocide leaps onto the middle rope and effortlessly back flips back towards him. Alan is able to hit the canvas in time to avoid Geno's offensive maneuver, but Geno was ready and lands on his feet. As Alan looks on in shock at the athletic feats of his senior (as in older, not in citizen) partner. Genocide smiles in response to Alan.]

Geno: What, I never showed you that one before?

[Alan sneers and takes a step towards Geno, but a loud buzzer stops him as spotlights shine down onto the ring, and the elimination chamber pods, in specific.]

Proctner: Uh oh... ten minutes down, and we're getting our first weapon of the night.

Paragon: You'd have to think this is good news for Genocide. Alan Scott's disdain of weapons is well documented, and Genocide has openly stated that he'll use anything he has to to win...

[The look on Alan Scott's face shows he wasn't worried, however. Alan steps over the ropes and heads over to the open chamber. The crowd pops as he starts to pull a ladder out.]

Proctner: Uh oh!

Paragon: And our first weapon of the night is a ladder... and how did they fit that inside there, anyway?

[They cut away the bottom of the pod, allowing it to stretch to the floor, if anyone was interested.]

Proctner: Alan Scott looks pretty happy though... he might not hit someone with a ladder... but I know he doesn't have a problem jumping off of one.


Richard Grayson: Just…..calm……….down!

Security were standing right outside the door in case he needed them, but Richard Grayson had been a friend and business partner of Lars Magnusson for over seven years. Their time together extended all the way back to Cyberslam Entertainment, and giving Lars the benefit of the doubt was the least that Grayson could do for him. The man’s physical appearance had spiraled for years, getting worse and worse after the death of his only son; Ian. Ian had died in a Federation X arena during a title defense, and despite all internet rumors to the contrary, Lars had laid the boy to rest in a grave in their hometown. Beside the tombstone that was erected years earlier in honor of Ian’s sister who was killed in action in Iraq.

It had almost ruined the man when his daughter had died, and it had certainly cut him deeply when the U.S. military deemed her body unrecoverable due to the precarious location of the ambush that cut down her squad. Lars had taken some time away from the industry then, coping with the grief in the only way that he knew how; poorly. He had done everything that was within his ability to keep his son, and his sole remaining pride and joy, from endangering himself. Ian had done what all suppressed children do. He had rebelled. Losing his sister had cut him deeply, and Ian had needed an outlet. Wrestling had become that outlet. He trained without his father’s permission, and by the time his father knew what was going on, Ian was already a rising star in the industry.

Which was when Grayson had crossed the boy’s path. He had been there to watch as Lasher carved his own path, which ultimately lead him to Federation X and an alliance to The Shepherd of Men. It was those memories which forced Grayson to give Lars the benefit of the doubt when the security detail had corralled him, wildly running through the halls calling out for Suzy. Begging her to stop hiding and just reveal herself to the world. Grayson knew that he was hoping beyond hope that his old friend wasn’t suffering from a psychotic break, but he had to know for sure. After all, he had seen the madness before, and he knew the one man who could cause it.

Lars Magnusson: I’m not mad. I’m NOT!

Lars’ voice rose but Grayson never reacted. He knew that engaging the Norwegian in a battle of escalating voices would only lead to bad things. Instead he remained calm and seated, and simply looked in his friend’s face, searching for some clue as to the truth. Suzy Magnusson was dead. Grayson knew that as well as he knew that Lasher was dead.

Grayson: You were running around the hallways calling out for your long dead daughter, old friend. I cannot begin to imagine the pain of losing your child not once, but twice. Still, you cannot…

Lars: Suzy’s alive! I saw her.

Grayson frowned. It was a ridiculous statement, but it was said without a single trace of fevered insanity sparking in his eyes. Lars believed what he was saying. Grayson tried not to let his disappointment show on his face. There had, until that moment, remained the possibility that Lars was playing a game of some sort to get at Genocide. Grayson might even have been willing to allow that to happen. Stars, after all, come and go, but business partners like Lars were few and far between.

Grayson shook his head.

Grayson: No Lars, you didn’t. She died in Iraq.

She and her squad were cut down without warning while doing advanced recon through a city in the north of the country. She had been as tough as her old man, making it as a United States Marine. She served her country with pride, and she deserved better than she got.

Lars looked up at Grayson and his eyes shimmered from the tears that hung unreleased in them. Gone was the fiery certainty and passion, replaced with the confused look of a man on the edge. Grayson smiled, and tried to comfort his friend. Barrister was right. Lars was a danger to himself in his current condition.

Lars: She………she did………….didn’t she?

Grayson nodded. At least Lars was lucid at the moment. That was something at least.

Lars: So……why does she keep calling me?

Grayson’s eyebrows arched as he accepted the cell phone that Lars held out to him. His friend’s hand was trembling and much to Grayson’s surprise he found that his was as well. He looked at the number on the screen. UNKNOWN. He pressed the button for voicemail, and then put the phone on speaker.

??????????: Daddy? Daddy it’s me…

Grayson stopped the message before he whipped up his friend’s emotional maelstrom again. Somebody was trying to break Lars Magnusson, and they were using his dead child to do it.



Alan Scott came off the ropes and launched himself into the air. He drove a shoulder into the ladder and it teetered. A groan echoed through the arena as the crowd watched in muted horror as the ladder tipped up on its edge. Geno was throwing his weight in the opposite direction, hoping that he could keep it balanced long enough to get off of it safely. He had miscalculated the determination and resolve of his young SBFF. Alan had shaken off the bodyslam and knee drop much faster than Geno could have expected.

Alan looked up and locked eyes with his mentor, before a smile danced across his face and he reached out and shoved the ladder with all of his might. It tipped past its center of balance and then Geno was in the air, a victim of the weapon he sought to use for a second and crucial pinfall over Alan in the battle for the X-Factor Championship. Turning his head as he fell, Geno realized that he was going to reach the cage before he could get to the ground. He brought up his hands to protect his head, knowing that any kind of serious injury to his head could cost him both matches at once.

John Paragon: Genocide slams into the cage wall folks, and it sends him crashing to the canvas hard! He got up his hands….I don’t think he’s busted open……but……dropkick by Alan Scott!

Hank Proctner: What a cheap shot. I never liked Alan.

John: What?!? Who are you……never mind. You ALWAYS liked Alan.

Hank: Not anymore. He should have just conceded the match. That’s what a REAL friend would have done.

John: Alan has Geno rolled up folks, and he’s clearly looking for a pinfall that can balance the match out. That’s a one………………….two………………..NO! Kick out by Genocide!

Hank: Yes!

Alan couldn’t believe it! He had caught Geno trying to stay on his feet after slamming into the cage in freefall and nailed him with a perfectly executed dropkick, and he still couldn’t keep the old man down. It was like he was twenty years old again, the way he was bouncing back from everything that Alan threw at him. Alan slapped the mat in frustration and then got back to his feet just in time to duck a roundhouse by Geno. Alan slipped in underneath his tag team partner and picked him up in a fall-away suplex…….throwing his weight over backwards and trapping Geno’s body between Alan’s momentum and the unyielding wall of the cage.

The cage wall rattled and the crowd roared at the move. Geno slid down between the ropes and the cage, while Alan bounced forward and stumbled to the center of the ring. He turned his attention back to Geno, when a buzzer sounded once more. Twenty minutes had passed, and slowly the second chamber’s door opened. Alan didn’t bother to turn and look to see what weapon was in the chamber. Why would he? Alan didn’t intend to cheat and use a weapon. Weapons were for the weak.

John: OH…

Hank: ….MY…..

The crowd, who had not let the decibel lever drop throughout the entire confrontation, elevated the noise when it happened. Krusher had promised a unique and unexpected collection of weapons would be unleashed during the special Elimination Chamber battle, but nobody had expected this one.

Amp leapt out of the clouded Plexiglas chamber and caught Alan from behind, driving him down into the canvas head first with a flying bulldog!

Hank: ……..siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidekiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick!

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Krusher almost choked on his drink as he watched Amp explode out of the chamber. He coughed and hacked as he tried to regain his breath, and Liv got up and patted him firmly on the back.

Living Deadgirl: I take it that’s not what you put in the chamber?

Krusher shook his head, as he coughed and tried to clear his contracting airway.

Krusher: Somebody’s……..messing…….with……………..the………………match…………….


Alan felt the arm catch him around the back of his neck and he didn’t even have time to register what it meant before the canvas came rushing up to greet his face. Darkness exploded on him for a second and it didn’t recede until the Amplitudinous One started stomping away at his arch rival. Amp dropped to his knees over top of Alan and grabbed the X-Factor Champion by his hair, pulling his head up off of the canvas and slamming closed fist after closed fist into it. He finally stood up and threw his arms open wide, as Alan crashed back to the canvas, his world spinning and his vision unfocused. The crowd’s elation at the shocking arrival of the man dubbed Siiiiiiiiiidekick by Alan Scott had been replaced by resounding jeers.

Amp drank it in.

Picking up Alan, Amp drove a knee into his stomach, and an elbow into the side of his head, before he grabbed Alan by the side of his head and rushed him across the ring. As they reached the ropes just feet away from Geno, Amp shoved Alan’s head forward and over the ropes causing it to smack with a sickening thud into the steel cage. Alan recoiled, his hands flying up to his face even as blood started to trickle from the gash that was created. That trickle would become a flow very quickly. Amp went low and grabbed Alan around the waist as he came off of the cage, lifting him into the air and spinning around. He planted Alan in a spinebuster, arching the young phenom’s back across the ladder that lay in the ring.

Alan Scott: arghhhhhhhhh!

Alan cried out in pain, but Amp just smiled, his teeth standing out like stars in the night sky (you know, because he’s black.) He started to stomp away at Alan when he heard the crowd’s roaring response. Amp, for all of his shortcomings, was smart enough to know that the cheering wasn’t for him. He felt Geno’s hand grab his shoulder and he spun around ready to defend himself from the other half of Team SBFF!

John Paragon: Geno’s got Amp lined up and……wait a minute…..he just shoved Amp out of the way and started stomping away on Alan as well!

Hank Proctner: Well that makes sense.

Hank’s calm reaction drove John out of his mind with frustration.

John: Sense!? How does that make sense!?

Hank: Geno doesn’t win anything by beating up Amp. Oh! Pinfall by Genocide! One…..two…..three!

John: This…………I can’t believe what I’m seeing here folks…..Genocide just ignored Amp and used the opportunity to steal another pinfall over Alan Scott in their X-Factor Championship match.

Hank: Not to mention that he’s that much closer to walking out of the Chamber as a finalist in the King of The Cage. He really is THE BEST THERE IS.

John went mute. He decided that arguing with Hank was only going to get under his skin, and losing his temper was never a good idea. He was still paying off the widow of the paparazzi he threw across four county blocks in south central L.A. Stupid bastard should have listened when John warned him to stop taking pictures.

The crowd were stunned when Genocide stood up, accepting the referee’s direction that Alan be given thirty seconds to recover from the pinfall. They kept waiting for him to attack Amp, but Geno just eyed the man from across the ring. It wasn’t his job to determine what the weapons in the chambers were going to be, but he had warned Alan that he would use any and all of them to find victory at any cost. That one of them just happened to be one of Alan’s mortal enemies, and pose no threat to Geno at all, was simply bad luck for his adopted godson.

Geno walked to one of the five vacant corners and settled back into the turnbuckle. When the referee finally stepped away from Alan and motioned that the match could continue to progress, Geno didn’t move. Amp frowned. He wasn’t completely certain what was going on, until Geno lifted and arm and pointed at Alan.

Genocide: What the hell are you waiting for? Get to work…

A smile slowly curled on Amp’s face and he lined up the battered and disoriented Last Honest Man…


Grayson stepped out of his office with Lars Magnusson’s private cell phone still in his hand. He motioned over his shoulder at the security detail to make sure they continued to monitor the room and make sure that Lars didn’t get out. Grayson wasn’t overly concerned about the big man hurting people, although he almost certainly could do that, but he was very concerned that Lars would get caught on tape and undermine everything that the company was trying to build.

Richard Grayson: I’ve called Toronto General and asked for them to send over an emergency response vehicle equipped to deal with a violent delusional. Just make sure you keep him in there until they get here.

Grayson walked across the large office area and swung the door open. Inside was a conference room where Living Deadgirl, Krusher, William Von Braun and Malcolm Reynolds were all sitting at a table with Barrister. Grayson walked into the room and closed the door behind himself. He dropped Lars’ phone onto the table, while the plasma television on the wall across the room continued to display the live feed from the match that was underway in the ring.

Grayson looked up for a moment and took note of the fact that Amp was in the ring. He decided to table the obvious question for the moment and looked at the other five people who were present.

Living Deadgirl: Well?

Grayson bit his lip as he nodded his head.

Grayson: Barrister’s right. He’s completely lost his mind. He told me he’s seen his dead daughter watching him from the street a few times lately, but she’s always gone before he can get to her.

Krusher shook his head in dismay and sighed heavily.

Krusher: So it’s that bad. He’s seeing things.

Grayson paused. He considered his reply.

Grayson: Maybe.

Barrister’s eyes flew open wide.

Barrister: Maybe? The woman’s been dead for years Grayson. He’s lost his mind.

Grayons held up a finger.

Grayson: I’m not saying he’s seeing his daughter Barrister…….and I agree he’s lost his mind. What I don’t know…………is who it is that’s helping him lose it.

Grayson reached down and pressed the button that started Lars’ phone replaying his messages again. The room went deathly quiet as everyone waited to hear what Grayson was referring to. When the voice came over the phone even Von Braun was visibly shaken. The obvious questions were disposed of without much debate. The voice was obviously close enough to the sound of Suzanne Magnusson’s or Lars wouldn’t have fallen for it. It was equally possible that the person who was calling him had gone to great lengths to have somebody who looked a lot like Suzy be spotted by Lars in crowds where he couldn’t get to her fast enough to find out the truth.

Somebody was driving Lars Magnusson insane.

William Von Braun: I think you better tell him.

He was looking at Krusher when he said it, and Grayson immediately looked from one man to the other and back again. What did they know that he didn’t?

Krusher: Five weapons in each of chambers. My job was to pick them. Make sure everything went off without a hitch.

Grayson nodded his head. He knew all of that, and he sure as hell didn’t know what it had to do with the situation that was currently sitting in his office.

Krusher: Amp just came out of the second one.

That got Grayson’s attention.

Grayson: I take it that's not part of your plan, but it'll get good ratings. Is there a reason we're wasting time talking about it and not dealing with the real issue?

Krusher shook his head.

Krusher: Something’s going on Gray.

Liv: Somebody’s got a plan, and we’re not seeing the bigger picture here.

Grayson frowned. He looked at everyone in the room. Is this what they had been discussing while they were waiting for him? It didn’t make any sense.

Did it?

Grayson: You guys…………….think this is all connected? Lars? Phone messages from his dead daughter? Somebody switching the chamber contents? But………..why? What would be the point?

Well that’s the fuckin’ question, now isn’t it?


[Jason Storm sat in relative peace from the Karmic Legacy locker room. The battle was done, and he had defeated Johnny Rude, just as Karma had laid out for him... he'd probably forever destroyed the relationship between himself and his brother. Ordering Maverick to be dropped from the ceiling in Rude's Tube of Terror was bad enough... but Brett Emerson had forgiven bigger transgressions from his brother. But involving Tristan... the boy Maverick had raised as his own. Maverick was willing to forgive a lot, but the destruction of a 3 year old boy's life too much. Storm sighed. Yet another sacrifice he would have to make. An IKI member sticks his head into Storm's private office after a small knock.]

IKI guy: She's here, sir.

Storm: Send her in.

[Storm sat back up. The old Storm would've been having a huge celebration after a win like that. Booze, women, whatever he felt like. The new Storm, however, felt like a quiet reflection was enough of a celebration. After all, Karma had done most of the work for him. He just followed the path that was marked. A young, attractive brunette woman steps into the room, and Storm stands to great him.]

Storm: Hello, Marie... thank you for meeting with me, again.

[The young, nervous woman takes a seat as Storm gestures towards a chair. She wasn't really sure what was going on... she did know is that she was being paid a lot of money make strange phone calls... and the worst part... the face to face meetings in public. She assumed from the lines she's given for the phone calls, the man believes her to be his daughter. And judging by the man's reaction to seeing her... a very unexpected meeting.]

Marie: Hello...

[She was ashamed... taunting this poor man with the image of what she assumed to be his dead daughter. And she was doing it out of greed... because she needed the money. But it was easy money. It took very little work... no talent. She just looked and sounded the way she did. Like Susie Magnasun. She'd never even heard the name, but she was a dead ringer. Close enough to fool her dad, at least... but Lars wasn't the only intended victim.]

[Storm had spent many a night hearing Genocide talk about Susie Magnasun... the one that got away. Susie was Geno's first true love. It was almost instant... for both of them. The moment their eyes met each other in a hallway inside CCW Arena. It would've been a storybook romance... if they wrote romance novels about a man convincing his girlfriend to fake a pregnancy and swerve her own father. After the relationship was made public, Genocide and the High Court had all of the leverage they needed to goad Lars into putting control of CCW on the line. He did, and the HC renamed CSlam's flagship federation HCCW. But despite all of the plotting and scheming, Geno's feelings for Lars' only daughter were intense and genuine.]

[A fact Storm knew only too well. Circumstances separated the lovers, and she went on to find love with another wrestler... but Genocide always expected them to somehow, someway, some day, to get back together. When he found out she was dead, he was crushed. He wasn't even able to pay his last respects, finding out about her death weeks after the funeral. The job with Lars was finished... he was already mad, and Storm had already gotten most of what he needed from Lars. Marie was here for Genocide. She was the key to spinning his life out of control. She would help to cost him this match, his career... and then his marriage. Soon, his old friend would be begging Storm to take him into IKI... to show him the ways of Karma.]

Storm: Thank you for being here and agreeing to this. I know you've had some misgivings about this... but I assure you... you are not only doing this for the money you are being paid. Your actions are helping to change this world for the better. You are a small part of a much greater plan.

Marie: Would you mind telling me what that plan was?

Storm: In time... in due time. You've already done more than you can imagine though. You've given me access to the management of this company... allowing me to change the stipulations of a very important match. It will allow me to defeat a rival... to punish a sinner in the King of the Cage finals... and allows me to gain a valuable ally. More than that, I've made sure that neither man will be capable of facing me next week.

[Storm knew that he would need all the help he could get with the condition he was in. Four stab wounds, three cage matches, two broken teeth, and a pretty bad concussion... and a partridge in a pear tree. Marie, for her part, is kinda bored with Storm's story. She doesn't know much about wrestling, and doesn't really care too. She did, however, care about the fact that she really needed to shoot some smack. What? Why did you think she needed all the money?]

Marie: So... do you have like, 30 bucks I can borrow?

Storm: Soon... but we need to work, first.

* * * * * * * * * *

Proctner: I can't believe the ultimate SIIIIIIIDEKIIIIICK is back!

Paragon: And it appears as if Amp will be acting as a sidekick to Genocide tonight, already costing Alan Scott one pinfall in the X-Factor Title match.

[Amp smiles and waves Alan to his feet... but something was bothering him. Amp takes his eyes off the ball and turns towards Geno.]

Amp: What do you mean by, "get to work?" You ordering me around because I'm black?

Geno: No, of course not. It's because you're the innactive wrestler making a cameo appearance guy, and I'm the one that's actually in the match.

Amp: So it has nothing to do with race?

Geno: Not at all, I would degrade you just as much if you were white.

Amp: Thanks... that means a lot to me.

Geno: Now get him, darkie!

Amp: Not fucking cool, man.

Geno: Kidding, kidding. Say, what happened with the house arrest?

Amp: Oh... that. Yeah, it's kind complicated. You wouldn't believe me if I told you. First, I get this phone call...

[Wavy flashback lines appear on the screen, but Genocide steps up and removes them with a record scratch sound effect. I don't know where he got it. Maybe he hired Carnage's out of work rim shot guy... rim SHOT, guy. Pervert.]

Geno: Woah man, I don't really have time for this right now. I need you to kick Alan in the face.

Amp: Oh yeah... cool. We'll chat later, then.

Paragon: Amp is lining Alan Scott up for his superkick, the 5150... if he hits this, Genocide will be up 3-0... but more importantly than that... and rarely do you say that about a possible World Title change... but as far as the King of the Cage, the surprising addition of Amp may just about end Alan Scott's chances of advancing.

Proctner: Which means Genocide will NOT be retiring!

Paragon: Well, this match still has about thirty-four minutes to go, I'm not prepared to count Alan Scott out yet... and besides, even if he does win, Genocide would have a date with the Superstar Champion Storm next week in the finals, where I assume his career would be on the line, once again... but that's looking too far ahead.

[Amp takes a step and fires his leg up, but Alan Scott saw it coming and catches the brass covered foot at chest level.]

Proctner: He reverses... but... OHHHH!

[Catching Amp's foot, however, leaves Alan Scott open to the follow up Geno Kick that connects under his chin.]

Paragon: GENO KICK! And there it is!

[The crowd support that Genocide had built up was instantly erased with the addition of Amp, and boos pour down as Genocide takes a 3-0 lead in the X-Factor title match, although only one of them was his own doing.]

Proctner: Three to nothing! That lead might be insurmountable as this match approaches the halfway point.

Paragon: That's true, partner... but remember... even if Genocide still has the big lead, to advance in the tournament and keep his career, Genocide will still need to escape the cage.

Proctner: Wow, so are you saying that Genocide could WIN the X-Factor World Championship... but lose the King of the Cage match? I never considered that...

Paragon: Indeed, Genocide could be retiring as the World Champion... his 25th, if my count is correct.

[Better than Alan's anyway. 22? For SHAAAAAME... annnyway, as Alan Scott recovers, Genocide notices the crowd change... if he'd known Amp was going to pop out of the pod, he'd have played the heel tonight... but, more than that... Genocide could hardly call himself... THE BEST THERE IS, if he needed Amp's help to win. Genocide steps over and places a hand on his chocolicious pal.]

Geno: Hey man... I got this.

Amp: What do you mean, "I got this?" You think you can just step in because you're the white man? Like I can't get the job done?

Geno: Nah, man... it has nothing to do with that.

Amp: If you think I'm going to just sit back and watch you two crackers fight it out, you're nuts. I didn't break my house arrest and fly across the country to watch you and Asshole Alan duke it ou...



Amp... or Siiiiiidekick as some would call him, clutches his chin as his eyes roll back in in head. Amp goes down stiffly, not unlike a tree falling over. In the blink of an eye, the crowd that had turned on him, switch back to the GenoJunkie camp. A slowly recovering Alan Scott pulls himself up by the ropes, pleasantly surprised to see Genocide standing over a downed Amp.]

Proctner: What the hell did he do that for?

Paragon: I don't know... it definitely wasn't the technically sound plan, to give up a 2 on 1 advantage... but maybe Genocide didn't want to get that kind of win... or maybe he just couldn't sit back and watch his partner take the abuse...

[Or, maybe he wanted to pay the little prick back for every old joke he'd heard for the past year. Every comment about the bad hip, brittle bones, or oatmeal... this was his chance to show Alan that he was every bit the athlete he was... that he was still in his prime. But, at the same time, after what he asked The Shepherd for, he couldn't help feeling like a hypocrite for complaining about the comments. Alan was right. He was old. He used to be, anyway. The feelings of guilt drift away as Geno flexes his shoulder, and the ball and socket glides freely past the point where it used to start grinding and popping.]

Proctner: It looks like we're back to one on one with Siiiiiiiiidekick on dreamstreet... we may be back to the SBFF vs SBFF battle we anticipated. Geno and Alan meeting in the middle of the ring.

Alan: You ready to do this, gramps?

Geno: More ready than you know, Alan.

[Alan couldn't help but be a little troubled at Geno's words as he circles to his left, avoiding Geno's signature quick left jab.]

Alan: You owe me two, ya know.

[Alan was referring to the two questionable pinfalls Geno scored in the simultaneous X-Factor Championship Match, assists offered by the now unconscious Siiiiidekick. Geno gives a smirk, a wink, and waves Alan on.]

Geno: Well why don't you come get 'em...

[Geno and Alan lean in for the collar and elbow. Remembering Geno's increased strength, Alan is quick to push back as Geno applies pressure, but is taken off guard, and off his feet as Geno uses Alan's momentum for an arm drag.]

Paragon: Beautiful deep arm drag there...

[Alan slapped at the mat in frustration. Geno always took a step in to keep the pressure off his bad hip when he went for an arm drag. ALWAYS. Alan knew it from his hours of training with Geno, but he would've been able to spot it during the scouting. It was a pretty big tell. Alan was surprised Geno was able to hit the move as often as he did. He credited it to the poor scouting and lack of professionalism shown by most of his peers.]

Alan: Are you on the fuckin' juice, or what, grampa?

[Geno ignores the question and sprints to the ropes. He rebounds and ducks a clothesline and continues to the far side ropes. He jumps up onto the middle rope and springboards back twisting and landing a very atheltic forearm to the face of Alan Scott.]

Geno: I'm NOT your fuckin' grampa.

[As Alan bounces up and staggers back into the ropes, Geno sprints at him and sends The Last Honest Man over the top rope to the metal flooring surrounding the ring with a clothesline. The crowd pops at the move, as they had for most of the moves during the match. Geno intensifies the pop by waving the crowd to his feet before sprinting to the ropes for momentum. He bounces off the ropes and crosses the ring with three huge steps before leaping up to the top rope and springboarding out towards Alan.]

Paragon: Look out here! Genocide going for it all!

Proctner: NO! Alan sidesteps out of the way and Geno crashes and burns into the steel and chains of the career shortening Elimination Chamber.

Paragon: If Genocide can't recover, that move could most DEFINITELY shorten Genocide's career... it could END it... Alan Scott moving in for a quick cover!

[Benito Jobber leaps between the ropes and slides onto the steel grating, his arm already down. After two more slaps to the metal, Alan Scott had his first pin of the night.]

Paragon: There it is! Alan Scott is on the board, lowering the margin to two... with thirty-one minutes and change left to go, that is definitely do-able... especially with the blistering pace Genocide has set in there, you know the longer this match goes, the advantage goes to the younger, more fit man.

[Sound analysis, but Paragon isn't exactly filled in on Geno's meeting with NightHawk.]

* * * * * * * * * *

[Meanwhile, the Powerbase continues their emergency meeting backstage. Someone was tampering with the Main Event... this would be one of the most highly watched shows in months. For the much anticipated SBFF vs SBFF match to be ruined by outside forces could be disasterous for FedX's bottom line. They'd been steadily gaining momentum, and for the match to end with no payoff was just the sort of thing that could kill it. The Powerbase needed to get a handle on the situation, and fast.]

Malcolm: You don't think... Wrassle could be behind this, do you?

LDG: Not their style... but you never know.

Grayson: No... The E.C employs the ignore it, and it will go away policy. That's the policy they use with their stars, anyway. This wasn't Wrassle... this has to be somebody in house. Someone with an agenda.

Krusher: I'm just worried about what's going to pop out of that pod in thirty seconds. I have a feeling it won't be the kendo stick it was supposed to be.

Grayson: We just need to make sure we have security ready. I'm willing to watch and see how it plays out. It's a cage match, after all... everything goes... but, I do want the option to stop the match and clean it up if that's what we decide.

[The PB members and Barrister check out the countdown on the corner of the screen as Grayson's phone rings. Grayson answers it without taking his eyes off the screen.]

Grayson: Yeah... ... ... OK. I'll be right down.

[Grayson pushes away from the table and heads for the door.]

Grayson: It's Lars... I'll be right back.

[Grayson steps out of the room and quickly heads towards Lars... he can hear the snarls and threats from the Norwegian Nightmare from down the hallway.]

Lars: I swear, if you idiots don't get the hell away from me... YOU WORK FOR ME. Remember that.

[Grayson turns the corner to find Lars surrounded by the overmatched FedX security team. He dismisses them with a subtle shake of his head and steps up to calm his troubled friend. Lars' forehead wrinkles in confusion.]

Lars: Richard Grayson? What the hell are you doing here? Who's running iMaw for you?

Grayson: *sigh* Lars... I'm sorry, old friend. CyberSlam is gone, remember? It has been for years. This is Federation X, remember?

[Lars gives a small nod, though the big man was still quite confused.]

Grayson: Don't worry... we're going to get you some help... OK?

[Lars gives another nod and sinks down into the seat behind him. Everytime he remembered where and when he really was, it was like losing his children all over again. Maybe that's why he kept slipping back ten years. For just a while, he was able to forget that Susie and Ian were gone. Grayson sighs in relief as the medical team rounds the corner. He waves them down and leans in, putting his arm around Lars' broad shoulders.]

Grayson: It's going to be alright... we're going to get to the bottom of this, I promise. These men are here to help you, Lars. I need you to do me a personal favor and go with them, OK?

[Lars stands with his head still down and shuffles in with the medical team, a defeated man. Grayson shakes his head. Whoever did this was going to pay.]

* * * * * * * * * *

[The remaining Powerbase members continue to watch the Main Event with baited breath as the countdown continues towards 30 minutes remaining, and the next pod to open. The ladder went off without a hitch... but the steel chair somehow turned into a Siiiiiiidekick. Once they saw that, they knew what was in the remaining pods was anyone's guess. Krusher runs a hand through his hair. He was the most nervous of all. He'd taken the lead in organizing this event, and felt responsible for how it turned out. If need be, he'd step into the cage himself and make sure everything went smoothly.]

Paragon: Here it is, folks... ten seconds away from the next weapon... and considering the last "weapon" was Amp, your guess is as good as mine.

[The crowd counts down as the spotlights jump among the remaining pods, finally stopping on one. It opens, and indeed, it did contain a kendo stick... only it was being weilded by Kieran Crowe.]

Krusher: Damnit...

Paragon: It's Kieran Crowe! What the hell is he doing here?

Proctner: I don't know... Amp's replacement?

[As Krusher watches the action, he realizes that whoever selected Amp and Kieran Crowe for this job, it wasn't an accident. Genocide and Alan each had someone inside that would go right after them. Knowing that there was one man that had the most to gain from Alan and Geno being destroyed in the semi finals was right down the hallway, he quickly stands.]

Krusher: That son of a bitch... I'll kill him.

LDG: Who?

Krusher: Storm

[Krusher heads towards the door, and LDG was quick to follow. She wasn't going to miss this.]

* * * * * * * * * *

[Storm continues to examine the nervous imposter standing before him. He knew she had drug problems, but he didn't think she wouldn't be able to make it through the evening without withdrawal symptoms. He wondered if they'd be able to trust her. His thoughts are shaken as an IKI member pokes his head into the door and gives a subtle nod.]

Storm: OK, Marie. Showtime. Just another half hour, and the money is yours.

[The Susie Magnasun look-alike nods and stands from her seat on the couch. She looks on nervously as a medical team escorts a man into the room. The same man she'd been calling on the phone and waiting to be spotted by in public.]

Storm: Lars... I want you to say hello to someone. Your daughter... Susie.

[Lars keeps his eyes fixed to the floor, afraid to look up. This wasn't the hosptial... and that's because that wasn't a medical team that escorted him away.]

Storm: She's been alive this entire time... she was kidnapped by GENOCIDE. He kept her from you.

[When Lars again fails to look up, Storm shoots Marie a look and gestures towards Lars.]

Marie: Hi daddy...

[Tears start to well up in Lars' eyes and a lump forms in his throat as he slowly looks up towards the source of the voice. It couldn't be... could it?]


Kieran Crowe didn’t care about the mandatory thirty second period during which Genocide was entitled to recover from the pinfall that made the X-Factor Championship match a three falls to one affair. What he cared about was the perfect opportunity to get his hands on the bastard, and the fact that Alan Scott was in the way was hardly a deterrent for him. Alan turned as he heard the buzzer, knowing that after the surprise of the last one, he could ill afford another high impact move he was unprepared for. It was no longer just a struggle to get past Geno and into the King of The Cage final against Storm…..it was a struggle to hang onto his most cherished possession.

Crowe came out of the chamber in much the same way that Siiiiiiiiiiiidekick did, leaping into the ring and going straight for the first available target; Alan Scott. Alan positioned himself between Crowe and Genocide. He didn’t even hesitate. Alan just wasn’t wired like his SBFF, and he wasn’t about to let Crowe run around with a kendo stick and beat his opponent bloody. Alan believed, deep down in his heart, that he was the BEST THERE IS, and being that good meant doing it without help. Even if the help wasn’t intentional. Crowe swung the kendo stick, and Alan ducked the first swing, coming up well inside Crowe’s guard. The two men had a difficult history with one another, and it had only gotten worse when Crowe began his vendetta against genocide. Alan protected his SBFF at all times, not just in the middle of the biggest match in his young career.

Crowe brought up the handle of the kendo stick and caught Alan in the chin, splitting him over and staggering him back a couple of steps, before he whipped the kendo stick up and over, slamming it down in the middle of Alan’s head. The cracking sound that it made brought a groan of agony from all of the Alanholics in the crowd, and Alan sunk slowly to his knees. Crowe stepped to the side and kicked Alan in the back of the head with a reverse thrust kick that put the X-Factor Champion on the ground face first. A smile washed over his face and it was only redoubled when he heard the venom that the crowd was throwing his way.

John Paragon: Crowe’s knocked out Scott! He’s knocked out Scott……to get to Genocide!

Hank Proctner: Can’t they both just get along? We’re all brothers of the ganja….

John: Geno is leaning in the ropes, trying to get his feet underneath him as Crowe slowly stalks him folks. These men don’t have anything in common Hank. Crowe is a reformed pothead, and Geno……well….I’m not sure his cutback was anyone fault but Haley’s.

Hank: This just hurts my heart……to see two……WHOA!

Hank didn’t get his last little quip out because as Crowe moved in on Geno, the X-Ecutioner Champion was cunning enough to use his foot to pull the ladder he was over top of up with all of his might, catching Crowe between the legs with the very first weapon introduced into the Chamber. A roar went up through the crowd as they watched Crowe sink to his knees and Geno rush off of the ropes and catch him in the side of the face with a running knee. Crowe doubled over onto his back, while Geno reached down and picked up the kendo stick, a sick smile crossing his face as he did it. He swung the stick with all of his might.


The crowd let out a big ‘OHHHHHHHHH!’ while Geno watched as Crowe convulsed under the strike to his ribs. He lifted the stick and struck again. Then a third time without so much as a moment’s pause.


Crowe had little choice but to curl his body into a ball and try and protect himself, which let Geno start throwing some stomps into the side of his head. The most decorated world champion in the history of the sport was unleashing a barrage of brutality on one of his most hated rivals, but he was too experienced and skilled to lose track of the bigger picture. He looked over and saw Alan slowly getting to a knee. Geno knew that he couldn’t miss the opportunity to seize definitive control over the flow of the match. Against somebody like his young protégé he would only get a chance to do that once, and letting it slip by would be a colossal tactical error.

Geno stepped over the incapacitated body of Kieran Crowe and started towards his tag team partner. At the last second Alan looked up to see Geno bearing down on him and picking up speed as he wielded the kendo stick high overhead. Alan brought up an arm to protect himself, but when he heard the staggering impact of the stick he did not feel the accompanying sting of its bite. He felt the ring shake and looked behind himself just in time to see Amp crumple to the ground, his head split open from Geno’s lethal blow. Geno’s hands were around Alan’s head before he could process what he had seen, and the elder statesman of wrestling brought Geno to his feet, looking to lock in a standing front facelock.

John: Geno’s put the kendo stick down folks…..but it looks like his plan is to suplex Alan Scott onto it now! The man is really going to pull out all of the stops here. He’s got Alan tied up and he’s just jockeying with Alan for the leverage to get the lift. If he hits this, I don’t see how Alan comes back.

Hank: Alan can’t win John. He just isn’t willing to do the little things it takes to be great like Geno.

John: You mean cheat?

Hank: Its not cheating if the boss tells you to do it John.

John: *sigh* That’s true. I just can’t believe that Geno’s prepared to throw their…..wait! Small package! Small package Alan Scott! One…..Two……three!

Geno got Alan almost a foot off the ground before his younger opponent managed to execute the perfect weight shift to force his SBFF off of balance. Genocide knew it was possible to do, but he had underestimated how much fight Alan should have left in him at that moment, and it had cost him dearly. Alan had gone smoothly into a small package roll-up, and after a few herculean efforts, Geno had realized that he wasn’t going to be able to break the pinning lock up in time. He road out the final few seconds and then waited for Alan to break it.

They rolled apart, and Alan came to a single knee. He knew he had to give Geno thirty seconds, so he lowered his head and took a big breath of air to refresh himself. He had snuck in a pinfall to close their X-Factor Championship challenge to only a one fall advantage for Geno. He…


The kendo stick caught him flush in the side of the head.

He had to give Geno thirty seconds, but his adopted godfather could do whatever he wanted. And what he wanted…..

…..was to win.


Lars slowly shook his head, refusing to look up and meet the eyes that were standing only a couple of feet away from him. Marie was playing her part perfectly, and tears rolled down the face of one of the most powerful men in the business. Lars Magnusson had the political and business power to ruin careers, and the physical stature to back it up in the ring when forced to, yet he was a blubbering mass of confusion and disorientation as he stood in the IKI Suite. His shoulders heaved, and his body trembled, but still he would not lift his head. His last remaining strands of sanity were trying desperately to protect him from a complete nervous breakdown.

Marie: Daddy……please…..

A loud commotion outside the room suddenly drew Storm’s attention. He motioned for two of his IKI acolytes, who had been standing at the back of the room, to move to the door. He gestured for the medical response team, secretly comprised of his own men, to do the same. Only one acolyte stood back on the far side of the room, and watched. The door burst open and Krusher shoved his way into the room followed by Living Deadgirl, Barrister and William Von Braun. All of them came to a dead stop when they saw Lars hunched over and openly sobbing, and Barrister let out a gasp of shock when he saw the woman standing only a few feet further away.

Barrister: Suzy?

Krusher frowned and looked over his shoulder.

Krusher: Suzy? What do you mean Suzy? You said she was dead!

They were so caught up in their momentary exchange that they didn’t have time to catch the subtle look of uncertainty that the young woman gave to Storm, nor did they see in his steely gaze the determination that she should press on. Living Deadgirl did though.

Barrister: She is! I mean was! I.....I don't...….

Barrister didn’t know what the hell he meant. He didn’t even know what was going on. Liv moved to get past the IKI goons, but they rebuffed her first effort, and after a second failed one, she pointed across the room at Storm.

Living Deadgirl: This has gone on long enough Jason! You’re done. You’re through. I don’t know why you did this to Lars, or who that girl really is........or even why you’re messing with the King of the Cage match……….but once Grayson gets here……..you’re fired.

??????????: Gets here?

The acolyte who was standing behind all of the events and watching them unfold stepped forward so that he was beside Jason Emerson, and slowly reached up to lower the traditional IKI hood he was wearing. Krusher, Liv and the rest of the Powerbase were all stunned.

Grayson: My dear Liv……who do you think planned all of this?

Grayson raised an arm in a mocking salute to the rest of the Powerbase.

Grayson: Hail karma.


Jaws hit the floor of the IKI suite as Richard Grayson and Jason Storm share a hearty handshake. Storm had been working with Grayson, of all people to sabotage this match. The Powerbase members give each other very nervous glances.]

LDG: Are you fucking kidding me?

Krusher: He better be.

LDG: What the hell did you do to him, Storm? Brainwashing?

Grayson: No, my dear. Jason simply opened my eyes.

[Richard Grayson had never been a big believer in Karma. All of his life, he'd seen proof that it didn't exist. Everytime bad things happened to good people... or good things to bad people, it was all the proof that Grayson needed. But lately... he couldn't help observing the careers of people like Johnny Rude and Jason Storm... even the seemingly innocent Eve Riley. There wasn't a single member of the roster, or anywhere else fo that matter, that was completely good, or completely bad. Why do bad things happen to good people, and bad people rewarded with things they don't deserve? Because sometimes... bad people do good deeds... and the good make mistakes. These things happen, because they deserve it. It happens because of Karma.]

LDG: This isn't right, Richard... ruining the Main Event of your own show? Not to mention what you've done to poor Lars. Look at him. Are you going to tell me that this is right?

Grayson: Sacrifices must be made, Liv. That includes old friends... and, if need be... this entire company.

Krusher: You'd sacrifice FedX for... THIS?

[A flabbergasted Krusher gestures to the room around them.]

Grayson: You don't understand... it's a sacrifice I've already made.

Storm: That's right... the fate of this entire company... is in the hands of FATE now.

[The glances between the Powerbase members become much more nervous at that frightening thought. Grayson moves over to the still obviously distraught Lars Magnasun. He drapes at arm over his shoulders to comfort his old friend... and then he continued to manipulate him.]

Grayson: Lars... old friend. Genocide is responsible for this. All of this. He took your fed from you... he FUCKED your little girl... and then he kept her from you. He's been hiding her for all these years, while you mourned her death. Genocide did this to you.

[As the words register with the big man, the blubbering, mess of a man is transformed into a seething volcano, barely able to contain his rage. Storm gives Marie the signal, and the woman that looks exactly like his deceased daughter speaks to Lars. If he wasn't motivated enough... this was sure to do the job.]

Marie: Daddy... he did things to me. Horrible things. He forced himself on me... he wouldn't let me leave.

[Lars takes out his range on an IKI members nose, a sacrifice the young man wasn't thrilled about making for his cause.]

Marie: Daddy... come to the ring with me. Genocide is out there. I want you to make sure he never hurts me again...

[Lars grabs another unsuspecting IKI member and hurls him into a wall with a primal scream before spinning on his heels and heading for the door. The IKI members wisely spread to give him a wide berth. Storm signals to the young woman, and she follows Lars out the door. She was afraid of the large, angry man... and terrified of what might happen if he found out she was an imposter. But she felt as though she didn't have a choice.]

Storm: Ladies... gentlemen... feel free to make yourselves comfortable. I have some business to attend to...

Barrister: As a matter of fact, so do I...

[Barrister starts to head for the door, but a gentle, yet insistent hand to the lawyer's chest stops Barrister.]

Storm: Barry... why don't you have a seat?

Barrister: What? Are you kidding me? You're fucking KIDNAPPING us?

Storm: We're not kidnapping anyone.

Barrister: Oh really? Because I'm the one that went to law school, here. If you're telling me I can't leave, that's exactly what you're doing.

[Storm glances over to Grayson to take over for him... he was supposed to be somewhere.]

Grayson: Relax, Barry. We just need you, and the rest of you too, to stick around here until the show is over. Thirty minutes, and you'll be free to go.

* * * * * * * * * *

Paragon: OHHH! Genocide with a vicious shot with that bamboo to the side of Alan Scott's skull! With the history of concussions that young man has had, that can't be good...

Proctner: Hey, you can't expect Geno to pull any punches here. His career is on the line!

[Alan Scott goes down, clutching at the side of his head. Geno drops down and rolls Alan onto his back, trying for a pin. When he doesn't hear the count start, Geno looks up to find Benito Jobber standing, pointing to his watch. There was still 15 seconds left in his 30 second rest period, so the pinfall wasn't legal. Genocide yanks Alan up to his feet and positions the ladder with his feet.]

Paragon: Sending Alan Scott for the ride, here... going for a spine buster here to that ladder... but no! Scott is able to shift his weight and flip over, taking Geno down with a sunset flip! One... TWO... and a kickout.

[Alan Scott rolls up to his feet, but has to stumble back into the ropes for balance, leaving him open to a charge from Genocide.]

Proctner: Here comes Geno... Woah! Back body drop out to the steel!

[Geno arches his back and clutches at his lumbar spine. Alan Scott can't believe how quickly his grampa is already getting back up to his feet. That should've kept him down for longer than that. Where was his SBFF finding the energy?]

Paragon: Look out... Alan Scott is lining him up for something... springboarding out towards Genocide... OHHHH!

Proctner: THERE it is!

[The crowd pops as Alan catches Geno's head on the way down, dropping him with a near record high flying bulldog, sending Geno's face into the steel grating.]

Paragon: HUGE bulldog and down into the cover! One... TWO...

[The crowd boos as Amp flies in from nowhere, knocking Alan Scott off of the cover, and moving right into mounted punches.]

Paragon: OH COME ON! Amp breaking up what would've been the tying pinfall! Now he's all over Alan Scott...

Proctner: But now there's a shot at Genocide now. Looks like he hasn't forgotten about that cheap shot Geno Kick earlier. A Siiiiiiiidekick never forgets.

Paragon: Indeed... but these are the Tag Team X-Cellence Champions, here. Amp won't be able to keep both men down for long, you'd imagine... like that, Geno with a thumb to the eye.

[Genocide gives Alan a tap on the arm and a quick look. Still the well oiled machine of tag team sexiness they are, despite being opponents, Alan instantly knows that Geno wants to get rid of Amp and finish this up between them. It was time for the SBFFinator. Amp senses the momentum switch and stumbles back through the ropes and into the relative safety of the ring.]

Paragon: Genocide helping Alan Scott up here?

[The SBFFans applaud the show of sportsmanship between their idols. When Geno and Alan's hands come together in a "Tag Team Finisher" high-five, the roof nearly blows off the joint. Alan Scott moves in and sends Siiiiidekick to the ropes, pressing his body up for a flapjack like maneuver on the rebound. Amp's face is targetted for the waiting knee of Genocide, but the trajectory is changed as Alan Scott's knee gives out... that tends to happen when you get chop blocked from behind.]

Proctner: KIERAN CROWE! Kieran Crowe from behind breaking up that SBFFinator!

[Geno and Alan regroup in one corner, as Weed Man pulls Amp into another.]

Proctner: Woah, you know what this is? This is now Team SBFF vs High Voltage! Two of my favorite tag teams of all time!

Paragon: Yeah... except for the fact that the World Championship and a King of the Cage Finals are still on the line... not to mention, Genocide's career.

[Team SBFF stares across the ring at Team Interloper. The one thing above and beyond the World Title, King of the Cage, even Geno's very career... the one thing both men wanted out of this match was being ruined. SBFF vs SBFF, one on one in one of the greatest match ups of all time. And now, because of Amp and Crowe, it was very close to turning into a clusterfuck... and getting closer by the second.]

Paragon: What the... is that... is that, LARS?

[The camera switches to get a shot of an incensed Lars Magnasun stalks down the stage, his eyes locked onto Genocide.]

Proctner: What's he doing here? And who's that girl?

Paragon: I don't know... but I swear I've seen her before.

[Genocide turns at the commotion and sneers as he spots Lars advancing towards the ring. If the old, fat piece of shit wanted some, he could have some... but then, Geno's eyes spot the woman accompanying Lars, and his heart skips a beat. How... how was this possible? Geno pays no attention as Lars heads right for the door of the giant Elimination Chamber, and doesn't hear Lars' orders to be let inside of the cage. All he sees is Marie...]

Geno: Susie?

[I guess what goes around really does come around... Geno had sent Misty in to torture Alan Scott in a prematch mindgame. Face to face with his first love, and a love that might never be... and now Genocide is face to face with his first love... returned from the grave. Maybe Storm and Emo were on to something with this Karma thing.]

Pargon: Uh oh... Lars wants inside of that cage... and it appears that he might tear the door right off the hinges to do it.

Proctner: This match is really breaking down, and we still have over 20 minutes left.

[Meanwhile, underneath the ring, a man waits in the darkness. A crazed Lars Magnasun and his presumed dead daughter was all the distraction he needed to slip down the ramp and under the ring, wearing a FedX techie uniform. In a little over 20 minutes, it would be time. The last pod will open... Genocide and Alan Scott will charge for it, hoping to find freedom from the cage and a ticket to the finals. But they won't find either... all they'll find is...]



Living Deadgirl: I………..can’t believe this. You’ve lost your….

Grayson immediately threw up a hand and waved away Liv’s words dismissively. She was trying to assign some kind of loss of reason or momentary mental issue, perhaps stress, to his actions when the truth was right in front of her. Richard Grayson had planned it all from the very beginning. How anyone could be surprised by that was a little beyond Grayson’s own ability to comprehend. He had been one of the main power players behind so many other political things in the last ten years, it really should never come as a shock to anyone when it happened again.

Richard Grayson: Don’t be foolish Sarah. This is who I’ve always been, and if you didn’t see it……then you’re not smart enough to continue to work for me.

Liv immediately lifted her chin and charged across the room, until she was standing nose to nose with the company’s Chief Executive Officer. Spittle flew from the edges of her mouth as she shouted at him.


Grayson answered her with little more than a sardonic smile as he turned away and paced casually across the floor. He could tell that there was still a lot of confusion amongst them, even if he thought they should have seen it right from the outset. Had it not occurred to any of them that the Instant Karma Initiative had gotten away with too much? That they had acted too boldly and dared to do things that no employee should ever achieve without the boss’ blessing? True, Emissary and Storm were believers, and they might well have done every one of those things without support. But with Grayson silently on side from the very beginning? Ever act had been carried out with impunity.

Grayson: Of course…….whatever you see fit to believe.

Grayson had his back turned to the rest of them, but he continued to muse out loud.

Grayson: Did none of you ever wonder why we continued to allow it to go on? Why sanctions were never what they should have been. Why I never made sure the card bookings were designed to punish them properly?

Krusher: But…

Grayson: Oh sure. I threw little pieces to the wolves every now and then, but only just enough to keep everyone satisfied. Surely you must have realized that?

Grayson turned and studied the room.

Grayson: No? Interesting. Not even you William? You were always one of the smartest…

The comment was directed at William Von Braun, and the man acknowledged it by lifting his head and glaring at Grayson with equal parts venom and animosity. It wasn’t because of the swerve. Von Braun had seen enough of them, even in the back hallways, to know that they were always going to be a part of the business. No, he was mad because of the betrayal.

Von Braun: Lars was your friend.

There it was. A simple, quiet statement that outlined everything that Von Braun was thinking. Grayson had betrayed his friend.

Grayson: Friend? My friend!?! Tell me something…..where was my friend when I was drowning in paperwork? Where was that friend while I was leasing buildings and getting things off the ground? Where was that friend when our bank notes came due and we hadn’t generated enough revenue to pay them back? Where was he then William?

Silence filled the room, because everyone knew the answer; he was on sabbatical. Despite launching the company for a second time together, Lars had been missing almost from the very beginning, leaving his longtime business partner to carry the burden alone. True they always had a cast of allies in the Powerbase to share the load, but that didn’t lighten Grayson’s frustration at being left alone. He caught himself before he continued to rant, and calmed his voice.

Grayson: None of that matters of course. It’s simply karma’s will that Lars be humbled. For all of his sins, he had this coming.

Krusher: THAT…..is not humbled. That man is broken.

Grayson smiled.

Grayson: Yes……he is. And Genocide is next.

Krusher frowned, but it was Barrister who asked the question.

Barrister: Why? Why Geno?

They were still looking for answers, when the truth had been in front of them the entire time. It was blatantly obvious, and yet they couldn’t figure it out. Just like they hadn’t realized that only one person had the ability to get men like Amp and Kieran into the chambers after the cage was prepared. Only one man had the ability to have the medical response team take Lars to the IKI Suite. Only one man could arrange to have Lars come back on the exact right night. Grayson had done it all, and they were still looking for some terrible plan, when it was all so simple.

Grayson smiled.

Grayson: Karma.

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Alan pointed over Geno’s shoulder at Lars Magnusson who had given up trying to tear the cage door off of its hinges and had gone to one of the opaque chambers and started smashing away at it, trying to find a way into it.

Alan Scott: THAT……..is going to be a problem.

Alan looked at his SBFF and tag team partner, and realized that Geno wasn’t hearing a single word he was saying. His eyes were locked on the lady at ringside who was meekly following Lars around. She was avoiding eye contact with Genocide, although to Alan it almost appeared to be intentionally. He cast a glance across the ring and saw that he wasn’t the only one who could tell that Geno was distracted. Kieran and Amp had recovered and were preparing to charge across the ring once again. Alan tapped Geno on the shoulder, but when he got no response he took off running into the middle of the ring, prepared to confront the two ‘weapons’ by himself.

Alan leapt into the air as Kieran and Amp charged in and caught them both with flying knees, just under the chin. Amp actually got caught in the jaw, the result of being just a little bit shorter than Kieran. Alan’s momentum carried him over both men, even as they collapsed to the canvas from the impact and clutched at their faces. The noise created by both men hitting the ground got Geno’s attention at last and while he had a hard time pulling his eyes off of Marie, he knew where he was and what he had to do. Geno took two quick steps and leapt into the air, bringing his elbow down across the sternums of the fallen tag team.

Alan: The chambers!

Geno heard the words and immediately got on the same page as his partner. They were never going to finish their championship match, or prove which of them was truly the BEST THERE IS, so long as High Voltage were in the ring. Geno reached down and pulled Crowe to his feet, even as Alan ran over. The two men grabbed Crowe and rushed him across the ring, at the last second launching him into the air and sending him up and over the ring ropes. Crowe crashed awkwardly into the elimination chamber from which Amp had originally sprung. Alan grab bed one door, while Geno grabbed the other one, and they forced the two doors together, even as their hydraulic releases groaned and argued in the language of cold, tired steel.

With a loud pop, the door locked once more.

Genocide: One down.

Alan turned towards Amp, only to be caught by a boot to the chest. He doubled over, and while he was like that, Amp threw a left hook that caught Geno right in the face.

Amp: It was because I was black right? That’s why you punked me!

Geno rolled his eyes. How many times in one match could you explain to the guy that you weren’t a racist? Amp swung for him a second time, but Geno blocked the punch and hit a rock bottom on the Chocolicious One. No sooner did he roll out of the way than Alan dropped a knee across Amp’s chest. They were working like a well oiled machine, and they both knew that they couldn’t afford to waste even a split second. The fourth chamber was going to open in only thirty seconds, and they could hear the crowd counting down as the moment approached.

Alan pulled Amp to his feet and whipped him across the ring into the turnbuckle where Kieran had entered the ring. Geno was already off and running when Amp slammed into the corner, and as he settled Geno crushed him with a clothesline/avalanche combo that took what little fight remained out of him. A moment later Geno stepped out of the way and as Amp staggered forwards, Alan scooped him up. He braced his legs and then military pressed Amp overhead. The crowd roared their approval as they tried to put Amp into the chamber, as they had done with Kieran.


Suddenly the buzzer went off, and it sounded an awful lot like an air defense warning alarm. Which might have been fitting. As Alan shoved Amp into the air, aiming him directly at the empty chamber, Geno spun to see if the chamber Lars was trying to break into would open. It didn’t. Six feet away a chamber opened and Geno rushed to it. After all, he who controlled the weapon first would….

Marie: Hello Jason…

That was all it took. Genocide heard her speak to him, and he froze. He didn’t even register what was in front of him in the newly opened chamber. He just stared out of the cage at the woman who was smiling awkwardly up at him.


The cage rocked with the explosion of the C4 that was on a timer inside of the chamber. Alan dropped to a knee from the concussive blast, but he wasn’t the one who was standing in front of it. The crowd came to their feet in unison as they watched Genocide arc up and through the air, as a stream of flame trailed along behind him. The explosion was contained and controlled by the specially reinforced chamber, but the release of the concussive force out the front of it sent Genocide crashing into the cage. He hit it about six feet up and dropped to the steel on the outside. Alan shook off the blast, and then leapt to his feet and rushed to check on his partner.

Within two steps he could see the trickle of blood from Geno's ear.

Alan: Genoooooooooo!


LDG: Karma? You think "Karma" cares if Lars leaves you with a little extra paperwork?

Grayson: It's a simple case of sloth, Sarah.

[Hearing the word "sloth" makes Krusher seethe. It reminds him of Storm's explination for why Eve was targetted. What happened to Chance, Eve, and the rest was bad enough... but to know that it was a carefully articulated plan by the CEO of the company. He couldn't believe it. Liv, however, had more experience with Grayson. She knew the ruthlessness he was capable. But planning these assaults on his own employees... trying to ruin one of the biggest Main Events the company has ever had. That surprised even her.]

LDG: And Geno... he's no angel. But he hasn't done anything to deserve this. What has he ever done to you?

[Grayson glares across the room at the Hall of Fame wrassler turned FedX executive. What did Genocide ever do to him? He spit in his face, that's what. Grayson hadn't forgotten Genocide's attitude upon the re-start of FedX... Geno was given a coveted spot in the first Main Event. And how did he respond? With gratitude? Graciousness? No. He waltzed his piece of trash NGPW World Title out to the ring and acted like he was doing them a favor. Called FedX an upstart independent company. Said they couldn't afford his services. Basically, he was an asshole.]

Grayson: Simple... pride. Genocide will pay for his pride tonight, and so will Alan. They're two of the most prideful men I've ever met. By the end of the night, Karma will have exacted it's price. Genocide's mind... and Alan Scott's body.

Emissary: And then... next week. Jason Storm will defeat his handpicked opponent. Alan Scott will be punished, and the King of the Cage will be claimed for the name of Karma.

[The assmbled Powerbase members and Barrister see Emissary limping into the room.]

Emissary: And there's nothing you can do about it. Rude didn't stop us with his idiotic Wizard of Oz... and the rest of you are powerless... useless. The only role you'll be playing tonight, is that of a witness. A witness to the power of Karma.

[Emissary flips on the television hanging on the wall to show the Main Event match. Genocide was still recovering from the blast of C-4. Emissary signals to Grayson and they head for the door.]

Emissary: We have a little more work to do.

Grayson: Yes... please... enjoy the show.

Emissary: We'll be in my office. You're in charge.

[Emissary gestures to the IKI member as he steps out, and the man nods back. The Powerbase members look to one another for answers, with none being able to find on. Barrister is the first to speak.]

Barrister: So... has be been nuts like that for a while? Or is all this new?

[Liv starts to answer, but stops herself... it was new to them, but none of them had any idea how long Grayson had been drinking the IKI kool-aid. With the level of planning it took to pull this off right under their noses, it had to have been months. Week after week of secret phonecalls and clandestine meetings. How could they not have seen it?]

Krusher: What the fuck are we going to do?

LDG: Do you mean tonight? Or in general?

Krusher: Either...

[Nobody had any longterm plans... what do you do when your boss goes crazy. As Liv scans the room though, he eyes do lock on the IKI member that was left in charge, as the young man nervously watches the Main Event match, as if he had a personal stake in it... because he did. LDG nudges Krusher with her elbow and signals to the ranking IKI member in the room. Krusher smiles as Liv jumps in.]

LDG: So you think this is right? You think that Karma wants you to betray your own FATHER?

[James Miller looks over at Liv, a look of regret on his face, the resolve slowly fading from his beliefs. He was starting to feel like he was in way over his head in this situation, and was starting to wonder if he would actually be able to sacrifice his relationship with his father, the way Storm said it had to be done.]

Krusher: What, was he a bad father or something? Did he beat you? Neglect you?

[Geno's long time tag team partner jumps in.]

Barrister: No... he was a great father. Anything you needed, he gave you. He took time away from his career to spend with you... he doesn't deserve this, James.

[James turns away and stares at the IKI logo on his armband, afraid to look up. If they saw his face, they'd know he knew they were right.]

Krusher: It's not too late, kid.

LDG: Yeah... you can get us out of here, and we can stop this. YOU can stop this.

Barrister: He loves you, Jimmy. Don't let this happen.

* * * * * * * * * *

["FUUUCK!" Geno thought to himself. He'd just gained his youth back that afternoon, and with one explosion, his hearing was worse than before. He barely hears his SBFF screaming at him from less than a foot away. Geno wipes some liquid under from under his ear, grimmacing as he sees that it's blood. Alan's voice becomes louder and louder, and Genocide hoped that was a sign that the hearing loss was only temporary.]

Paragon: OH MY GOD!

Proctner: What the hell just happened!?

[The explosion was enough to cause a hush to roll over the spectators, even the formerly enraged Lars Magnasun had calmed. Alan Scott continues to shake Genocide's shoulders in a panic.]

Alan: Geeeeno! Can you hear me? CAN YOU HEAR ME?

[Genocide shakes a few cobwebs loose from his head and slowly opens his eyes. He spots Alan release a sigh of relief as Genocide attempts to sit up.]

Alan: No no... just relax, grampa...

[Alan knew that nobody would be able to take an explosion like that and walk away... especially not someone of Geno's advanced age. When Geno's arm moves up to Alan's shoulder, he assumes it was because he wanted help up.]

Geno: I'm... not... ... your grampa...

[Alan's eyes go wide in shock as Geno flashes an evil grin and hooks his head.]

Paragon: Woah! Quick roll up from Genocide!

Procnter: One... TWO... thre...

Paragon: NO! Alan Scott just got the shoulder up.

Alan Scott rolls out of the pinning predicament and under the ropes, back into the ring. He's stunned to find Genocide already on his feet and charging. How the fuck was he still fighting? It had to be the oatmeal.]

Paragon: I can't believe it, but Genocide is back up... and a spear right through the ropes!

[Alan hits the mat, the remaining oxygen shooting from his lungs. But Genocide was unable to capitalize, rolling off of Alan in exhaustion. The SBFFans rouse their idols with a rhythmic stomp.]

Proctner: These two are almost done, and there's still more than ten minutes to go... no, I spoke too soon.

Paragon: Genocide up and going for that ladder!

[Alan spots Geno bent over the ladder facing away from him and quickly rolls to his feet. Genocide strains to lift the ladder, the explosion making him feel a lot more like himself before his meeting with The Shepherd. The Last Honest Man charges, leaping at Geno and snatching him with a headlock on the way down.]

Paragon: OHHH! Another big bulldog! This time Geno goes facefirst into that ladder!

Proctner: There's the cover! Alan Scott's going to tie this one up!

Paragon: ... two... and three. There it is. Three falls apiece, with just over ten minutes left.

Proctner: And I'll tell ya what, partner... that next pod is going to open up right in the middle of Geno's rest period... and with the way the last three pods have gone, there's liable to be anything inside of there.

Paragon: Right... for some reason, I'm guessing we won't be seeing a steel chair inside.

[Alan Scott looks up as the spotlights shine back and forth between the last two pods. The next weapon was going to be released... and with the liberal use of the word "weapon", Alan was prepared for anything... or anyone.]

Paragon: And there's the buzzer, and that door is slowly opening...

Proctner: What is it? What is it?

Paragon: I don't know... but Alan Scott likes what he sees!

Proctner: I bet it's Eve Riley in there!

[Alan slowly stands and cautiously approaches the last remaining pod before the escape hatch opens in the final one. After the explosion in the last one, he was fearful it might be a trap. But it was worth it. Not only might this weapon win him the match... but it might just allow him to break a record.]

Paragon: Is that a... yes, it is! It appears as though the final weapon is a mini-trampoline!

Proctner: Are you kidding me? We have under ten minutes to go in this King of the Cage semifinal, and the World Title match is tied at 3 apiece... and now, as the clock ticks down to zero... he's gonna play with a trampoline?

[Alan pushes the mini-tramp under the ropes and follows it inside. After a few quick hops on the trampoline, Alan steps off, unsatisfied. He could bounce pretty high on it... but not world record high... but that's when Alan stops and smirks. He knew where he could find the extra height.]

Proctner: Now what's he doing?

Paragon: It looks like he's going to get that trampoline up on top of one of those pods!

Proctner: That's insane... and speaking of insane... where did Lars go?


Barrister: He loves you Jimmy. Don’t let this happen.

Grayson reached out and turned off the monitor. He looked at Emissary and raised an eyebrow. The co-founder of the Instant Karma Initiative offered Grayson a rueful smile as he watched the image on the screen fade. They had known that the Powerbase members would make a play to try and put a stop to the plan, and they had been fairly certain that if they left them alone in the room with young James, they could be certain what play they would attempt.

Grayson: Well, they’re nothing if not predictable.

Emissary: It doesn’t matter now anyways. James will do what he was told to do and drag the conversation on until it’s too late. The match is down to less than ten minutes. Between Marie, Lars and Storm…..those two men are going to pay karma’s price no matter what.

Grayson: And my weak willed colleagues are helpless to stop it. Perfect.

Not all of them. There was, as always, a forgotten man. As Grayson and Emissary plotted the final moments of Alan Scott and Genocide's run in the King of The Cage, Malcolm Reynolds broke down the doors to the Megasuite. They had been locked from the outside with a chain. He looked up and smiled when he saw that the person he was looking for was alright. Now if only he could get her to ringside in time...


Alan wrapped his fingers around the cage and pulled himself up. He was having trouble getting his toes far enough into the steel mesh of the cage to make climbing easy, but he knew that if he could just get himself up and on top of the chamber, one move would seal the fate of the match. Alan inched himself a little bit higher with another heave and then threw his left hand up high enough to clasp the upper ledge of the chamber. A quick glance back over his shoulder let him know that he didn’t have a lot of time. Geno was starting to show signs of life once again.

Alan Scott: What the…..how is he doing it? Gramps should be calling for hip replacements, not bouncing back like this.

Alan moved even as he muttered to himself. He needed to get his center of gravity up over the top of the ledge to ease the strain on his muscles. There was still a lot of work to be done. As Alan pulled himself higher, he suddenly felt the cage rock and shake.


Alan slipped and had to reach out wildly with his right hand to hang on. The steel of the cage bit into his flesh and he fought for a moment to try and secure himself. As he gained a toehold in the steel and pushed himself up over the edge once more, it happened again.


The second time Alan braced himself. He peered over the ledge he was precariously hanging on and looked to the outside. His eyes flew wide in shock as he watched the mammoth of a man known as Lars Magnusson lift the ring steps over his head and slam them forward into the plexiglass chamber from the outside with all of his might. The chamber gave some, and its inside echoed with a deep, drum like quality.


Alan realized what was going on, but he was helpless to stop it. One more of those titanic blows and the plexiglass would implode, giving the wildly insane monster access to the ring. Alan’s head was on a swivel as he watched Lars struggle with his grip on the steps and Geno showing signs of pushing himself up and off of the canvas. Alan did the quick math in his head. He couldn’t get down in time to protect Geno, but there was another option. Alan refocused on getting to his feet, just barely reached a vertical base before the final swing of the steel ring steps shattered the chamber beneath him.


That was it. Lars ignored the shards of the plastic glass that were still affixed to the steel framework as he thrust himself through the opening like a modern day caveman set loose on prey. They bit into his flesh and opened large wounds in him, and yet he was completely oblivious to them as he burst through the cage and into the ring. Alan, for his part was clinging desperately to the cage wall and trying to keep from falling as a result of the former commissioner’s explosive entrance into the cage.

Geno had just reached a knee, and shook his head to clear his vision. He lifted it just in time to see what was going on.

Genocide: Oh shhhhh………………acccccccccck!

The powerful Norwegian’s hands went straight to Geno’s throat and closed tight. This was no play choke, in order to set the man up for some wrestling move. Lars Magnussons was trying to choke the very life out of the Alan Scott’s SBFF. He lifted Geno, and given the adrenaline that was rushing through his body at that moment, Geno hung helplessly in the air, his legs kicking like retard having a seizure. His eyes bugged out of his head, and his face turned deeper and deeper shades of crimson. He had only seconds left when he started to see black spots appearing at the corners of his vision.

That was bad.

Alan Scott moved unsteadily to the edge of the chamber and looked down. Things had gone from bad to terrible for his adopted godfather. Alan had a choice to make; victory or friendship. It was really no choice at all. Stepping off the edge of the chamber, Alan aimed himself for the trampoline that was positioned just below him in the ring. He hit it and flexed his legs at exactly the right moment. It coiled, tensing to its limits, and then launched Alan high into the air in an arc that aimed him exactly where he wanted to go. As he elevated, Alan made a calculated decision. He turned his body slowly, so that he would be coming at Lars on an angle that would pull him away from Geno when they landed.

Of course it also meant that he would land on Alan.


The chant went up amongst the crowd as Alan slammed into Lars’ back and caught him around the head in a flying bulldog. Was it the highest flying bulldog ever landed? That would be for the people from the record books to determine. But there would be little argument that it was the biggest move to ever piss off a sasquatch. Alan pulled Lars in one direction, and Geno went flying in the other, although his body was barely responsive when he hit the canvas. Alan rode Lars’ head right into the canvas, and he was almost certain he heard a grunt of recognition as pain shot through both men.

But Lars was the first to move afterwards.

Alan rolled over and the bear of a man was already starting to shake his head and try to push himself up off of the canvas.

Alan: You have got to be fuckin’ kidding me!

Alan grabbed the ropes and helped himself to his feet, beating the big man to a vertical base by only seconds. He cocked back a fist and stood over top of Lars, lining up a man he once had an enormous amount of respect for. Alan let the fist fly, but he and the SBFFan Nation who were cheering him on all froze in shock when Lars whipped his head back, flicking his hair out of his face, and caught the fist in the palm of his hand.

Alan was certain he was in trouble…until Geno slammed a kendo stick across Lars back. The madman released Alan’s fist as he slowly sank to his knees, but that didn’t stop Genocide from slamming the stick into his back again. On the third hit the fight appeared to go out of Lars, and his resistence melted away. Alan was just about to shout ‘you’ve got him’ to Geno when they both heard two simple words.

Marie: Please…..Daddy….

Geno froze. Suzy Magnusson was standing at the edge of the cage peering in with her big bambi eyes, begging her father not to give in, but rather to fight back. That pause was a mistake. With a guttural roar that came from somewhere deep down in the dungeons of his heart, Lars Magnusson rose to his feet and caught Alan Scott with a backhand that lifted him off of his feet and over the top rope. Alan slammed into the cage and then landed awkwardly on the steel reinforced flooring surrounding the ring. Geno didn’t get off quite so easily.

Lars bludgeoned him ruthlessly with fist after fist.


The imposter cheered for all she was worth, inspiring her faux father to beat the living crap out of Genocide. She opened her mouth to shout more words of encouragement, but a hand landed on her shoulder.

Haley: Sister……you’re in for a world of pain!

Marie was spun around and before she could register what was going on……

Haley hit the Orgasm.

It was Marie’s first.


It was almost time.

Storm looked at the apron that was a few feet in front of him and thought about how good it would feel to slide out from underneath it and make the statement that karma had asked of him. He could hear the chaos going on above him and he had no doubt that Lars, the simple minded fool, had been manipulated into doing karma’s work. That was how it was when the prideful and the slothful fell. They were put to work atoning for their failings.

In a matter of moments….

??????????????: ‘ello luv. I’ve come to ye with a warnin’, I ‘ave.

Storm’s blood ran cold. He looked up to see a face staring at him from the other side of the lifted apron. It was the last person he wanted to see at that moment. Especially given who sent her.

Storm: Faith.



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