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DETAILS: Abandoned Car Factory Best Two of Three Falls Match – Part of the chunk of downtown Detroit we bought was an abandoned car factory. Most of the machinery is still inside – at least the chunks of it that were too heavy to steal. We took some of the leftover flat iron and cut it into two inch wide strips, then used heavy rivets to fashion those strips into a huge cage. That cage is set up inside one of the assembly rooms in the auto plant – and we didn’t remove any of those big, heavy hunks of machinery. Oh, and we didn’t bring a ring to Detroit. This match is just two men, a referee, a flat-iron cage, a concrete floor and several big hunks of industrial steel machinery. Score two pin-falls or submissions to win the match.

RP RULES: All King of the Cage tournament matches are seventy-two hours with a three posts per day hard cap. In addition, there is a two hour continuation rule, meaning that one wrestler may not post back-to-back flashes until at least two hours has passed from the posting time of the first flash.

RP JUDGES: Living Deadgirl/Mr. Francis I. Cartier - Tiebreaker Krusher


The shot starts up with a close-up of a human tooth... only this one isn't inside of a mouth... it's hanging off a gold chain like a small, enamel pendant. The camera continues to pull back, revealing the necklace's owner, Genocide. Geno touches the tooth around his neck and gives a wry, half smile to the camera.]

Geno: Kieran Crowe... this business has cost you a lot. More blood, sweat, and tears than you can even remember... it's cost you an eye... it's cost you a mouth full of teeth... there's a team of psychiatrists in Tokyo that insist it's even cost you your mind.

It's even made you forget about your own principals. You want the escalation of violence that goes on in this business to end...

Then you shove a bunch of coke of Eve Riley's nose. You almost KILLED her. Dead... and her only crime? She's associated with me. That's pretty sick, Kieran. I should've never busted you out of that nut house in Japan. It also really speaks to how sad you really are... your obsession with wiping out the Geno Junkies, it all comes down to one thing.

Jealousy. You're jealous that I have people in my life that care about me... and you have, what? Do you have a single, true friend? We both know you and Storm are only using each other... what else ya got? A lying cokewhore? I guess you do have Accolade though.

You can't stand it that despite years of being lying scumbag prick, I'm almost universally respected... hell, I'm almost downright BELOVED at this point. And you, after years of hard work, the only real friend you have, the only lasting positive impression you've made... is Accolade.

No wonder you're so pissy all the time. I have everything... a Hall of Fame career, a beautiful wife, a great, though currently misguided son... and you have NOTHING.

You're a one-eyed, toothless, who's best days are way behind you, way before your thirtieth birthday. It's really too late for you. You'll never get your eyeball back. Those teeth I knocked out of your skull... reasonably sure those bad boys aren't growing back. Your relevance in this business, slipping. You know you just don't have the heart and desire to be on top of fed anymore, even if your body was still able.

But tonight, Kieran... you have the opportunity turn it all around. No, you won't get your eye... your teeth... your sanity. Your heart. But you will get your shot to do what's REALLY important to you now. You get the chance to take it all away from me. Well, not all of it, but you get the chance to end my career... I'm sure you're foaming at the mouth... or nose, as it were.

By the way, nice job pushing that pothead sterotype into the ground that I've been fighting against for years. You'd already shown that marijuana was a gateway to obscurity and general hackery...

But now you've shown it really is a gateway to other drugs.

I am confused by one thing, though... your sudden association with Karmic Legacy. You don't really seem like the "Karma" type. You don't get along with Emissary, you've NEVER gotten along with Storm. Maybe it's just a last ditch effort to regain some legitimacy... then again, maybe you've turned over a new leaf. You might even see your chance to end my career as Karma itself assigning you to do it's dirty work.

You get the chance to put me out of this business... FOREVER.

But... I know it's not going to happen... I know I'm better than you. But, more importantly... I think you're starting to come to the same realization. For months, you dedicated almost your entire existance to hurting me. Two different feds, two different continents, you've come at me with all you have left... and you NEVER got the job done. Finally, you have to join up with Brokeback Karma to try and deflect the glare away from your own personal failure...

With one win though... one, single, solitary win... you turn it all around. Nobody will remember your months of failure... me giving you the Extractor and knocking your teeth all over the mat... all they'll remember is that Kieran Crowe retired Genocide.

You've given up a lot for this business... my question is, what else are you going to be willing to sacrifice to get the job done tonight. I won't guarantee a win... but I do guarantee this...

To end my career tonight will cost you more than a few years off of your own.

[Genocide away from the camera crew and heads down the hallway, nailing his promo on the first take. Once again, his career was on the line. Win or go home... for good. Not everyone was happy with Genocide deciding to put his career on the line... stating that if he did not win the King of the Cage tournament, he would retire immediately. Genocide put the pressure on himself... this could be his very last match.]

Storm: Nice work as always, old friend. Brokeback Karma... that was pretty good.

[As Genocide steps away from the backstage promo area, he stops, hearing the voice of one of his oldest friends in the business... but a man he wasn't quite ready to call a former friend. Despite the viciousness Storm showed towards Haley in their first round match... and even despite the fact that Storm had lured Genocide's own son, James, into the IKI.]

Geno: Where is my son?

[Geno asks the question, turns, and heads down the hallway, assuming Storm would follow... which he did.]

Storm: James is safe.

[Genocide continues to walk and talk, restating his question without looking over.]

Geno: I asked where he was, not how he was doing.

Storm: He's in the Karmic Legacy locker room. He still has a lot of training to complete. As you know, James is very smart and talented... but he's also still very young.

Geno: So by training, you mean brainwashing, right?

Storm: No brainwashing his required. We're simply opening his eyes.

Geno: And the opening of his eyes... this means he has to cut off all contact with his family?

[Since his son was revealed as a member of IKI during Storm and Haley's King of the Cage match, Genocide had been unable to reach James. Storm shakes his head in genuine understanding. He knew what it was like to be forsaken by a son.]

Storm: That is James' decision, not an order from me... but when one makes the decision to embrace Karma, sometimes sacrifices must be made. An unsupportive family is something that a new recruit may have to distance themselves fun.

[Genocide puts on the breaks, taking a threatening look to his right at Storm.]

Geno: Unsupportive family? You expect me to support James joining your little cult?

[Geno's classification of IKI as a "cult" causes Storm to shake his head in disappointment.]

Storm: This has been my biggest disappointment during this entire venture... not the negative reactions from the masses. Not even the untimely injury of Emissary... it's you, old friend. The fact that you haven't embraced this movement... I'd be lying if I said it didn't hurt.

[Geno shakes his head and starts to head back down the hallway, and once again, Storm moves to follow.]

Storm: You know, Geno... it's not too late. It's not too late to decide you want to make a difference.

Geno: I can't do that... not after what you've done to my son. After what you did to my wife inside that cage...

Storm: James made this decision on his own, as did Haley when she decided to stand in the way of...

Geno: Ya know, I can't help but notice that in your growing ranks of members... your OWN wife and your OWN son aren't included... maybe if you worried a little more about stuff that mattered instead of Karma, you'd still have your own family, and you could worry a little less about mine.

[Storm winces and slows down to a slow walk. That was a low blow... it was true, Storm's wife and son weren't exactly on board with the IKI... but he couldn't ask others to make sacrifices if he wasn't willing to himself... besides, Faith and Shaun, though they may not agree with his methods, but they would be the beneficiaries of his work, getting to live in a much better world than they currently inhabit.]

Storm: I know your words are coming from a place of pain, and you don't really mean to lash out at me... I can see it in your eyes. Maybe it was the display that I helped Karma put on against your wife... maybe your eyes were opened when we got to Detroit. Maybe seeing how bad this world is really getting put it in perspective. While the fortunate are content to live their perfect suburban life and live in denial, there are large portions of this country that seem like they belong in a third world country. I've seen you struggling with your conscience the past few months. Wanting to be a better person and live in a better world... that's all I want too. A better world for us, and our children... even the ones who've yet to breathe a single breath.

[That gets Genocide's attention and causes him to stop and glare over at Storm... it was something that Geno had been trying to put out of his mind. Isabel claimed to be pregnant with his child, conceived the night before his wedding. Haley's cokewhore sister had proven herself to be pretty unreliable... but the truth is, once the party got in to full swing, he had no memory. He couldn't rule out the possibility of the baby being his.]

Geno: Don't start that bullshit with me... I didn't touch her.

Storm: I was there, remember. I saw it with my own eyes.

Geno: Like you expect anyone to believe a word that comes out of your mouth?

Storm: What are you afraid of?

Geno: You want to know what I'm afraid of? I'm afraid that baby really is mine... I'm afraid my wife will never be the same... I'm afraid I've lost my son. I'm afraid that you might be right...

And that's the scariest thought... if guys like you are in charge of deciding what is and isn't a sin... the man that's become synonymous with swerving his friends... the man that stole his brother's federation AND wife... the man who brags about being the Most Manipulative Bastard...

If you're the judge... we're in way worse shape than I thought.

Storm: Please... Geno. It's not too late to fix this.

Geno: Ya know what? If you guys get your way tonight, it won't really matter, will it? Crowe will win and I'll be gone... another win for Karma.

[Geno turns and walks away again... this time, Storm doesn't follow. Genocide thought his friend had lost his way and needed help... but Storm felt the same way about Genocide. Geno's words had stung, but he'd seen doubt in his old friend's eyes. He knew there was still a chance for Genocide to come around to his point of view... but not if Kieran Crowe defeated him and forced him into retirement. His old friend, or his new stablemate... Jason Storm had quite the dilema.]

* * * * * * * *

[Meanwhile, down the street from the arena at a shady looking hotel, Kieran Crowe gives a paranoid look around before putting his key into the lock and stepping into his room.]

Isabel: Did you get it?

[Kieran smiles and tosses a small knapsack from under his arm onto the bed.]

Kieran: You didn't doubt me, did you?

[Isabel dives for the sack and checks out the stash of cocaine.]

Isabel: No, but you were gone forever.

Kieran: Took me a little longer than I thought to find it... in powder form, anyway.

[Detroit loves their crack. But Isabel much prefers the powder, and she pours a little on to a mirror.]

Kieran: So... are you sure you should really be doing that? You know, with the baby...

Isabel: Get bent... and why do you care? It's not like it's even your's, anyway.

Kieran: How would you even know that? And besides, I don't care. Snort to your heart's content.

[Kieran wasn't really the "fatherly" type. If she decided to coke the baby to death, it would save him the cost of a plane ticket to Tokyo... where fetuses go to die. That, or a housecall from Dr. Abortion... Crowe wasn't quite sure how he was gonna play it... and now, it looks like he might not even have to. Buttering the top step did sound kinda fun though.]

Kieran: Just make sure you save some for me...

[Crowe knew that cocaine was probably the last thing he needed before a match with his arch nemesis... but he was beginning to see that quitting cocaine was a little bit different than quitting weed. He shrugs off the shame and guilt quickly though, as Isabel scrapes a line out for him. Kieran leans in and hammers it down like a pro... just as there is a knock at the door.]

Crowe: Fuck... I bet it's Storm... or that goof Nathan.

[Crowe and Isabel had had to sneak around to get their fix after joining IKI, as the group frowned on it. Isabel stashes the coke and mirror the side tables drawer as Kieran heads for the door and peeks out the peephole.]

Crowe: SHIT! It's the fucking cops.

Isabel: Don't answer it!

Crowe: I don't think that's gonna work.

[Another, louder bang at the door proves Kieran's point. He takes a big gulp, fixes his hair, and wipes his nose clean before opening the door.]


Isabel: Smooth...

[The cop gives Kieran a strange look before looking down to his notepad.]

Cop: I need to see Isabel Summers...

Crowe: *whew* There she is.

Isabel: Niiiice, thanks a lot.

[Isabel heads to the door as Crowe steps back, glad to not be the person of interest in this case.]

Isabel: Can I help you.

Cop: Miss Summers?

Isabel: Yes, that's me.

Cop: Miss Summers, I've been ordered to take you into protective custody.

Isabel: Protective custody? What the fuck does that mean?

Cop: You're with child, correct?

Isabel: Yes...

Cop: Well, your child's father has filed a restraining order... we have reason to believe that you may be putting your fetus's health at risk... we're to put you under protective custody until the activities are stopped, or until your child is born.

Isabel: You're taking me... to jail?

Cop: Yes ma'am...


Fresh of his impromptu meeting with the new temporary Network leader, Genocide can't help but notice that the topic of The Network never even came up. Of course, Storm was shoving the Karma spiel down his throat... be he didn't seem to want Genocide to push the agenda for him. At least not yet. As Geno approaches the MegaSuite, he tries to get Storm out of his mind. He had to be 100% focused on Kieran Crowe... a task that might prove difficult as he walks in on a conversation between his wife, Haley, and his SBFF, Alan Scott.]

Geno: Oh... hey. I'm headed to get ready.

[Genocide quickly heads for his private dressing room. He wasn't in the mood to deal with them at the moment. Constantly asking him why he decided to put his career on the line in this tournament. Why he decided to do it without consulting him. Asking him to change his mind. Haley and Alan had their share of disagreements, but they were on the same page when it came to Geno's "win or retire" stance.]

Haley: Hey? That's it? Hey?

Geno: Sorry babe... love you.

[Haley sighs as Geno continues down the hallway without looking back. He feels like he's being selfish in distancing himself from his wife and SBFF, but he also feels that with his very career hanging in the balance, he has no choice but to be selfish. As selfish as it took to make it another week... where he'd be doing it all again next week. Possibly putting his career on the line against Alan Scott himself... it's a possibility Alan hadn't even considered. Sure, he thought about the match, going one on one with his hero in the semi-finals... but not the consequences of winning. Not the possibility of sending his dear old grampa out to pasture.]

Alan: I hope he knows what he's doing...

Haley: Me too...

[Meanwhile, in his dressing room, Genocide looks down at his phone, about to make a phone call he didn't think he could make. He didn't want to... but he couldn't run the risk of something going wrong.]

* * * * * * * *

[With two of Detroit's finest in the doorway of his hotel room about to escort Isabel away, Kieran Crowe takes a nervous look over at the end table where Isabel had stashed the coke. The last thing he needed was another drug arrest on his record.]

Kieran: Calm down, hun... don't think about fighting back... might hurt the baby. You know, if you think you're able to control the rage...

Cop: Please, ma'am... if you just come peacefully, there will be no need to handcuff you, you won't be arrested... you'll probably be released back to your home and ordered to undergo drug tests... this isn't a big deal if you don't make it one.

[Isabel glares over at Kieran, and regrets letting him take the last line.]

Isabel: Follow them down and get me out.

[Kieran starts to argue that he didn't have time for all that, when the second cop saves him from making an excuse and starting an argument.]

Cop: That's not possible ma'am, there is no bail. I'm sorry for the inconvenience... but if everything goes smoothly, you should be out by tomorrow afternoon.

Isabel: My lawyer's number is on my phone... call him and let him know what's happening.

Cop: Ma'am?

[Kieran nods as the cops lead Isabel out the door and down the hallway.]

Kieran: The father of the child? I can't believe Geno actually sent the cops... why the hell would he even want a baby at his age?

[Kieran plops down on the now empty bed and sighs.]

Kieran: Damn... she was gonna give me a coke job, too.

[Crowe starts to reach for the cocaine in the night stand when his door knocks for a second time.]

Kieran: The bitch better not have ratted me out...

[Kieran heads over to the door and opens it.]

Kieran: Can I help... Johnny XS? What the fuck are you doing here?

[Johnny squeezes in around Kieran uninvited and takes a seat on the bed.]

XS: I think you KNOW what I want.

Kieran: No dude, I really don't... I'm kinda high at the mome...

[And then it hits Crowe. The stoner turned cokehead's eyes go wide in horror.]

Kieran: You... you're here for my coke!

XS: No... I'm here to get to the bottom of this stuff with Isabel and this supposed baby of her's.

Kieran: OHHH! That's right! You fucked her too... you nailed your cousin, you nasty bastard.

XS: She's not my first cousin.

[Crowe gives a slight nod, accepting that at least they weren't first cousins... but what XS actually meant was that she wasn't the first cousin he'd had sex with.]

Kieran: Look, I don't know why you're coming to me with this. What do you expect me to do about it?

XS: What do you think? You don't wanna be her little monster's father... and if it was my baby, it might actually come out as a monster. What we need to do is to end this preg... wait... you have coke?

Kieran: Well damnit, if you want to end the pregnancy, why did you get the cops to haul her off in protective custody?

XS: Cops? I didn't send any cops...

Kieran: It must've been Geno then...

XS: No... cops aren't really Geno's style. And I repeat... you have coke?

[Down in the lobby of the hotel, IKI member Nathan hides his face as Isabel and the police officers walk by. As soon as they're out of ear shot, Nathan lifts a phone to his mouth.]

Nathan: The cops just took her out of here... what now?

Storm: Head back here... we still have a few things to discuss...

[The scene shifts to Karmic Legacy's locker room, Storm and Emissary sitting in the office.]

Emissary: You sure sending the police was the right thing to do?

Storm: I don't want to run the risk of alienating her... or Crowe, for that matter. But I had to. Nathan saw him bringing drugs into the room... we can't have her hurting the baby...

Emissary: Are we even sure there IS a baby?

Storm: ... reasonably. The important thing is that Genocide believes it... and Haley. With James on our side, the only thing keeping him from joining us is his marriage to Haley. Genocide having a baby with her sister is just the type of thing we need to put a wedge between them.

Emissary: You really think it's worth it? He seems pretty committed...

Storm: There's doubt in his eyes... I saw it.

[The conversation is stopped with a buzzing of Storm's phone. He smirks as he takes a look at the caller ID.]

Storm: Speak of the devil... Geno... didn't expect to hear from you so soon. Hope it's not a complaint about those IKI tights... I think they look sharp, really.

Geno: Look man... I'm not really sure how I feel... but I do know you're starting to make a little bit of sense... and I also know that if I don't win tonight, it won't matter how much sense you're making to me, because I'll be at home.

Storm: What are you asking me here? To ask Crowe to lay down? Even if I were to ask that, there's no way in hell he would... not to you, especially.

Geno: Look, I'm going to be making a challenge before the match... a little change in the stipulations. You get him to accept the new rules, and trust me, I'll take care of the rest.

Storm: OK... but a clue about what these stipulations involve might help.

Geno: It'll give Crowe a chance to get away from the cage match aspect a little bit, where he is known to struggle, and gives him an environment he's much more comfortable in...

Storm: And how are you going to do that?

Geno: With a ladder.

Storm I'll see what I can do... later.

[Storm shuts his phone off and gives Emo a sly smile.]

Storm: I told you... it's all starting to come together now. The only way this night could go wrong is if I get inexplicably stabbed at the end of my match by my opponent.

Emissary: Pardon?


Crowe wasn't nearly as focused on his upcoming match-up as he'd have liked to be. He'd only just scraped in the win against Demonica in the first round, and the match had taken it's toll. The dozen or so stitches in his leg is just one of many visible signs from the brawl. The last time he'd 'faced' Genocide one-on-one, it had cost him his teeth. Tonight he had a chance to cost Genocide his career. It would be awesome, but it wouldn't be enough. Before Crowe sent Genocide packing from the industry, he intended to collect the pound of flesh he was owed.

Of course, little in Crowe's life ever goes smoothly, and his pre-match warm up was no different. It was a huge relief that the cops weren't after him, but it was a great way to kill the buzz he'd just gotten going. First it was the police, and now it was XS himself.

Kieran: This habit you've developed annoying me in my hotel room is getting old. Can't you bother me at work?

Johnny: You're hardly ever at work.

Kieran: Touché.

Johnny: You said something about coke?

Kieran: Yeah, I'd offer you some, but I heard you went all goody-goody.

Johnny: I kind of fell off the wagon a little. If you could spare......

Kieran: Sorry to interrupt, but you must have me confused with someone who gives a damn. And no, I can't spare any. Not for you anyway.

Johnny: You just said you'd offer me some. Be nice and share. I shared my cousin, didn't I?

Kieran: Yeah, but I didn't mean it. I just said it to sound nicer than I really am.

Johnny: Fine. That's not the reason I'm here anyway. How does the thought of impending fatherhood grab you?

Kieran: *gags* Look, you're right about my lack of interest in fatherhood. Believe me, the thought it could be mine is very unpleasant. There's plenty of ways to deal with unwanted pregnancies.

Johnny: You see, we're on the same page.

Kieran: But I wouldn't want to be involved with you. That's the kind of thing that could backfire on me hardcore. Now do me a favour and take off.

Johnny: Just hear me out.

Crowe really wasn't all that patient right now. Probably has something to do with how far behind he feels despite the match not even having started at this point.

Kieran: Sorry, I don't have time for you. Leave.

Johnny: Don't be stubborn about this, Crowe.

Kieran: Fine. Stay then. Be my guest, but I'm leaving.

He grabbed the all important stash of coke and took off. Something was going to have to be done about Isabel, but that would have to wait until tomorrow. Tonight is all about Genocide. The cokewhore could wait.

He didn't even see Nathan on his way out. He was too busy praising his luck. Not only did he have Isabel taken off his hands for the night, but he got to keep the drugs. When he got the IKI locker room, he had a huge smile planted on his face. Unfortunately, Storm didn't seem to share his good mood. His conversation with Genocide had troubled him. Things were still going well, but there was still the very real risk that the door to recruiting Genocide would be closed on him forever after tonight.

Kieran: Dude, what's up? You should be on top of the world. Don't tell me you're actually worried about Cian in your match? That should be a pushover, and it'll see that UCE crap taken off our screens.

Storm: No, it's not that. I wanted to talk to you about your match with Genocide. You know, he's been one of my best friends for as long as I can remember.

Kieran: I don't envy your position. Why don't you just get to the point, man?

Storm: Well, You've seen fit to work with Emissary, and myself. I was kind of hoping that Genocide would see the light and join the IKI. I still do. Convincing you might have taken some doing, but I'm sure you'd have seen the light. Just like I'm sure Geno will if he's given the chance.

Crowe's eyes narrowed. He didn't like where this talk was going. He knew of Storms manlove for Genocide, but with Storm's treatment of Eve standing between them, Crowe had assumed that a working group that included the Sadistic Stoner was off the table.

Kieran: I'm not so sure if I'd have seen the light in that, but go on.

Storm: He's put his whole career on the line. If he gets knocked out of the tournament, he'll retire. I was hoping you'd, uh..... let him win the match.

Kieran: WHAT?!

Storm: You know, make it look good. Beat the holy hell out of him, but trip up near the end somehow.

Kieran: I can't believe you're asking me that! If it comes down to you and Geno, are you going to give up your chance at King of the Cage for Geno's career?

Storm honestly hadn't thought that far ahead, but if there was somebody he'd make a sacrifice like that for, it just might be Genocide. Well, maybe not. Storm could see that Kieran wasn't going to go along with this. Not that he expected him to. Which is why he's taking matters into his own hands. The trick would be keeping Crowe ignorant of who was pulling the strings.

Storm: Look, I know you wanted to use this tourney to try and make yourself as relevant as Weed Man once was.

Kieran: Watch it.....

Storm: But I really believe that we can bring Genocide across. He's just what we need to make sure our vision for a better world is realised.

Kieran slowly shook his head. He could see that Storm felt he was in a bind, but as far as Crowe was concerned, Storm's goodwill toward Genocide was a weakness in his character. He could only see one clear path ahead.

Kieran: Look, man. I can see this clearly means a lot to you. So, I'm going to do you a favour.

Storm: You're going to let Genocide win?

Kieran: Ha! Of course not. But I am going to send him packing. You're blinded, dude. Tonight, I will wipe his presence from FedX screens, and you'll be a better person for it.

Storm: Do you know who you're talking to?

Kieran: A man that needs serious help to get over this gay crush you have with Genocide. I know you won't like it, but you'll thank me for it in the end.

Storm: Are you high again? Seriously. Can you hear yourself talking?

Kieran: Look, I don't expect you to help me against Genocide. But I would appreciate it if you kept your mitts out of it, Mister "Most Manipulative Bastard in Wrestling."

Storm: Kieran, dude. I thought we trusted each other now.

Kieran: Trust is a really strong word.

Storm: And after all the time I spent negotiating on your behalf. I'm hurt. I really am.

Kieran: What the hell are you talking about?

Storm: I know cage matches aren't your forte. Hell, didn't you lose your eye during a glass cage match?

Kieran: Thanks for bringing that up.

Storm: So knowing how much you hate cages, Genocide and I have come to some terms. It's going to be a ladder match in that factory. You wouldn't believe how fas I had to talk to get him to agree to it.

You almost have to admire the way Storm makes it sound like Genocide hadn't approached him to start with.

Kieran: Oh really. It's going to involve a ladder now, is it?

Storm: I thought you'd be rapt. Ladder matches are right up your ally.

Kieran: I don't need to start changing stipulations. I'll be a professional and fight the match I'm booked in.

Storm: But with the ladder......

Kieran: Can you see the chunk Vile took out of my leg during round 1?! Why the hell would I want to climb a ladder with this injury?!

Storm: I just thought.......

Kieran: I don't care what you were thinking. Stop doing it for me! That's fucking moronic. I just had a scythe slice my leg, a whole bunch of crap fall on it, so what do I want to do? Climb a ladder! How fucking brilliant!

Crowe stormed off from the IKI suite, somehow sickened despite the buzz from the coke. His leg had taken some brutal punishment. Agreeing to a ladder match when he was on one leg was stupid. He left, determined to save Storm from the blindness Genocide created in him. It was going to be tough, but Crowe was one of the few people who had the will to give it a decent attempt. As he made his departure, Emissary stepped in from one of the side rooms.

Emissary: That's really funny. The half-blind idiot really thinks he has a chance.

Storm: Barring a wrench or two in the works. Poor bastard won't even see it coming.

Emissary: He seems pretty pissy about it.

Storm: It's Weedy. When isn't he whining, bitching and carrying on?


Crowe was making his way out of the arena. He had a heat building promo still on his schedule, not that a match between Genocide and himself needed additional heat. This one had built up for quite some time. He started to make his way to the scene for tonights encounter where he could mouth off to his hearts content. Of course, Crowe wouldn't be himself if he didn't have some kind of side scheme up his sleeve. Tonight was no different. At the moment, he was in his car, discussing things with Accolade.

Kieran: Are we all set?

Accolade: You know it, cuz. Tonight we be makin' dat Geno pay fo dat toothless grin he gave ya, dawg.

Kieran: Beautiful. Here's the signal transmitter, and here's the remote. Now just in case this doesn't take him out, I need you to keep an eye out for the IKI at the factory.

Now I know that sounds like Crowe planning some explosive entertainment. Please, there's been more than enough of that already.

Accolade: Wicked, cuz. I'll make sure dat Geno makes an entrance he'll never forget with diss shiznit, dawg. Wait up. I thought we were in da IKI?

Kieran: So did I, but our new friends are genojunkies. Storms up to something. I'd bet my stash on it. Just keep an eye out for me.

Accolade: You still have a stash, KC? Diss-a-poin-tin'. We're gunna have a big talk bout dat.

Kieran: Save it for tomorrow, thanks all the same. You know what you're doing. I'll catch you later.

Accolade left the car, and Crowe took off, burning some rubber as he left the parking lot. Accolade made his way over to Genocide's transportation, as discreetly as he could manage. It didn't take too long for the modifications to be made. Crowe had a kit ready for times like this. When he was done, Accolade went to his wheels with a big grin on his face. It's not everyday you got to muck around with a life sized remote control car.


Having finished up with the business he had at the arena, Genocide is heading out to his ride. Unfortunately, FedX seems to constantly go from place to place, so a chauffeur driven ride wasn't always available. This trip he had to get a rental like most of the commoners. A shame for someone who likes to smoke up during the more tedious moments in his life. He was cautiously optimistic about the match up ahead. Why wouldn't he be? Crowe had made a mission of making a misery of his life, and Genocide continued to own him.

He got the car started and started to take off. It didn't take too long for him to realise something was wrong. The radio kept switching back to an truly awful rendition of "You Shook Me All Night Long" by Anastasia and Celine Dion, no matter how many times he tried to change it.

Genocide: Fucking stupid rentals. I'm definitely making sure this goes back with a few dents. Fucking shut up you stupid bitches! Does this song ever end?

Accolade: Sorry bout the tunes, Geno. I need it on this station so ya can hear me, dawg.

Genocide might not have known what was going on with the voice of Accolade coming through his stereo, but he knew it wasn't good.

Genocide: Didn't Haley have an ape rip you to shreds?

Accolade couldn't hear him. It's not like they'd gone to that much trouble.

Accolade: No need to backchat. Can't hear shit, yo. But I do have a cool trick to show ya. Diss is really cool shit.

Genocide: What the hell are you talking abo...Whoa!

Genocide's heart skips a beat as the car he's driving does a fishtail on the road without warning. At this point, his hands on the steering wheel had no effect on the direction the car was going.

Accolade: Now ya probably be thinkin' dat Ima gonna kidnap you so you noshow. Not a bad idea, but my fam really wants to hurt you. A lot.

Genocide didn't know what they had planned, but he had the thought that leaping out of a car traveling at high speed was a lot better than waiting to find out. He struggled with the door locks. Too bad for him miracle of central locking also meant the locks were stuck as well.

Genocide: Shit! Shit! Shit! If you think knocking out Crowe's teeth was bad, wait until that ape really gets his hands on you.

Accolade: Ooooh. A Red Light. Let's see what happens when we run it dat thang, yo.

Genocide let out a string of curses as the car accelerated toward the intersection, before coming to a screeching halt. Being little more than a big kid at times, he couldn't help but do a few doughnuts while he was waiting.

Genocide: I think I'm going to ralph.

Accolade: Woohoo. Diss is killer fun. I'm sooooo gittin' me one of deez babies for Christmas, yo. Having fun, Geno?

Geno wasn't. As the car took off up the street, he couldn't tell if the near misses were a result of Accolade trying to scare him, or if it was just poor driving. It's probably a little of both.

Genocide: Jesus, Allah, Buddha, one of you bastards get off your ass and get me out of this!

Accolade: Wooooooo! I love diss thing. Ooooh! Look out, man. How did you get your license, Geno. Hold on a sec. KC about to hit the airwaves. I'll just switch ya over.


Crowe was all set up. Everything was just a matter of timing from here on out. The cameras were set up and so was the special transmission he had set up. Grimacing, he stepped in front of the camera.

Kieran: You know, when I first saw the venue, it was soooo tempting to bring in a sub. This environment would have suited him so well. And he's done something Geno hasn't. Made it to the finals of The One. Which is totally beside the point.

By the way, Geno. How are you traveling. I hope you make it here in one piece. I really do.

Genocide: That's bullshit if ever I heard it.

Kieran: You're right about a lot. This business has cost me tons. And like a sucker, I keep coming back for more. Those docs back in Japan might be right about me. But I'm not wrong about you. I'm not jealous of the high esteem you're held in, despite your lack of balls. I pity all those fools out there that are so blinded they can't see you for what you really are.

Which eventually led to what I did to Eve. I have to admit, that was too far. I'm sorry about that. I was just so blinded by rage. How can people worship you?! Of all people, you?! It doesn't make sense!

How can I be so alone when you're so loved?! It's not right, it's fair! It's fucking bullshit!

I know I'm no saint, but I don't pretend to be. As for your claims about me not being the Karmic kind of person, that's totally false. More than once I stood up when things went to far. I've stopped terrorist attacks and run child killers out of Japan more times than I can count. I don't get along with Emissary and Storm, but I can see they're right. It wasn't an easy realisation for me to come to. Believe you me.

You're right about a lot. I haven't got the job done. But I will. I swear it. I may not be able to cure the plague of genojunkies, but I can spare them from your influence in the future. I WILL go down in history as the man who ends Genocide's career.

I want this sooooooo bad, I can taste it. I will go to any lengths I have to. This King of the Cage tourney means nothing next to the chance to get one over on the man who gave me this toothless smile.

My better days may be behind me, but I'll happily sacrifice whatever my body has left in it to see you out of this business and out of my life forever.

Looking up the street Kieran smiles for the cameras. This was what he'd been waiting for. There might not be an arena, but the man he was hoping to see out of the industry deserved some kind of introduction.

Kieran: Speak of the devil. Here he comes. Enjoying the ride, Geno? Hold on a second while I go old school for the fans..... My former loyal customers watching around the globe. Allow me to introduce one of the biggest frauds to plague the wrestling industry. A twenty-four time world champion who would happily betray his own flesh and blood for a shiny piece of metal. A man who needs to shore up his win-loss record with over 200 count out wins. A man that uses doctors notes to dodge title defenses. Presenting the man about to have his last match. Ever.....



With a sickening crash, the car containing Genocide crunched into the wall behind Kieran Crowe. Crowe went to the twisted wreck, and pulled out a barely semi-conscious Genocide. The car looked a twisted wreck, but Genocide was surprisingly okay. Damn prick had put on his seatbelt.

Kieran: You see, kiddies. This dude was wearing his seatbelt. Remember, seatbelts save lives. *Thumbs up*

Genocide: This.... won't.....

Kieran: Dude. I know this won't finish you. We're just getting started. By the time I'm finished with you, you'll be begging me to finish off your career. Now let me just check something.

Crowe put a tight grip on the back of Genocide's neck, causing him to cry out.

Kieran: Man, that sounds like a nasty case of whiplash. We'll have to do something about that.

Grabbing Genocide by the hair, he pulled his arch-nemesis into the factory.


The scene starts with the standard backstage interview segment with Genocide standing to Shelly Simmons' right, and the viewers' left. He tries to cover up the IKI t-shirt he wears by crossing his arms in front of the logo.]

Shelly: Shelly Simmons here, alongside the X-Ecutioner Champ, and one half of the Tag Team X-Cellence Champions... of course, I'm here with Genocide.

[Geno aknowledges the intro with a polite nod.]

Shelly: Well, Geno, you asked for this time...

Geno: That's right, Shelly, I did... tonight, it's Genocide vs Kieran Crowe... second round of the King of the Cage, and my career is in danger of ending tonight... This is a match that doesn't need anymore hype. Kieran and I have been at each other's throats for months, and tonight it ends...

Shelly: So...?

Geno: So, I've taken it upon myself to spice this match up a bit. I have a little challenge for Kieran, a challenge he should definitely consider accepting... you see, tonight, this is not only a cage match... the very match that cost Weed Man his eye... but it's also a best two out of three falls match... and last time Kieran and I were signed for a match like that, he got his teeth knocked out...

If he was smart, he'd want to avoid another situation like that.

Shelly: So what is the challenge, then?

Geno: You see my neck here? Anything missing?

Shelly: I don't...

Geno: The tooth, Shelly. The tooth I've been wearing around my neck on a chain since I knocked it out of Crowe's mouth.

Shelly: OK... but what does that have to do with this challenge?

Geno: Easy Shelly... that tooth is now hanging from the ceiling over at the abandoned car factory where our match will be taking place... I saw we bring a few ladders, and the first man to climb it and retrieve the tooth... they win. If Kieran accepts, he'll have the opportunity to not only advance in the tourney, to not only end my career... but he'll get one of his teeth back.

Shelly: I think it's a little too late to get it put back in, don't you?

Geno: Maybe so, but it's more the emotional value... and besides, it's gotta drive him crazy to watch me wearing this thing... I mean, it's bad enough he puts his teeth in a glass of water at night beside his bed... but to watch me carrying his tooth around like a trophy... it's gotta kill him.

* * * * * * * *

[Isabel had spent most of the car ride in the back of the police cruiser pouting. If she wanted to use cocaine while she was pregnant, that was her business, right? She sat in the back with her arms crossed and a pout on her lips, right up until she noticed one of the cops staring at her inn the rearview mirror. A slight smile crosses her lips, and she winks, embarrasing the officer. The other officer pulls in to a McDonald's parking lot and slips the crusier into an open space.]

Cop: I have to use the can...

[The first cop leaves the car, and the second nods, nervous to be left alone with such a beautiful woman.]

Isabel: So, what's your name?

Ron: Ron...

Isabel: Ron... I used to have a boyfriend named Ron... he wasn't as cute as you, though.

[Isabel tries not to roll her eyes as Ron's face blushes.]

Ron: Thanks...

Isabel: So Ronnie... you think it'd be possible for me to get out of the car and stretch out for a while? I've come peacefully, you said I wasn't under arrest.

[Isabel hopes that Ron the cop is dumb enough to let her out... she couldn't just sit around in jail... not with lives to ruin and coke to snort. Ron winces, knowing that it was against procedure to let her out of the car... but, she was just a small woman.]

Isabel: Please? Ever since the pregnancy, if I sit for too long, my ankles get really swollen.

Ron: Oh... OK, I guess.

[Ron knows he shouldn't let her out, if he got caught, he'd be in deep shit... but, he was pretty sure he could handle her, and was reasonably sure that she wouldn't be trying anything anyway. She was pregnant, after all. Ron steps out of his door and carefully opens the back. Isabel offers her hand.]

Isabel: You think you could help me out?

[Ron nods and carefully grasps Isabel's hand. As he pulls her up, her knee suddenly raises, landing square into Officer Ron's scrotum. Isabel expertly removes the sidearm from his belt and shoves the cop into the back of his own car, shutting the door and locking him inside. Isabel gives one last look at the car, and then a quick look around before sprinting away from the scene, still in possession of the cop's gun.]

Ron: Ahhhhh fuck.

* * * * * * * *

[Meanwhile, back at the parking garage of The Palace, Nathan has been watching as Accolade tampered with Genocide's rental car, and quickly made a call to his boss.]

Nathan: I'm not sure what he did sir, but he was working on it for a while... seemed like more steps than just cutting the brakes or planting a bomb... more technical.

Storm: And Accolade did this? He doesn't seem like the most mechanically inclined fellow.

Nathan: I didn't think so either, but whatever he did, he seemed pretty proud of himself.

Storm: OK, thank you, Nathan.

[As Nathan hangs up, he spots Genocide heading towards the car with a bag over his shoulder. He steps into the car and turns the keys, cursing Storm for sending The Network's limo driver out to recruit emo kids for the IKI... they were the easiest targets. As Geno puts the car into drive, his cellphone buzzes, and he checks the number... Jason Storm.]

Geno: I don't have time for your bullshit, Storm.

[Geno ignores the call from Storm... the one that was warning him to not drive the car. Storm leaves a frantic voice mail, but Geno won't read it before he crashes.]

* * * * * * * *

Paragon: And welcome back to Ground Zero, where the much anticipated King of the Cage showdown has started with a bang... literally!

Proctner: Yeah, I don't know if he was too high... took driving lessons from Lucy Liu...

Paragon: Huh?

Proctner: You know... because Asian women can't drive... I know, not my best work.

[Kieran continues dragging Genocide towards the makeshift cage, but the progress is slow going as Geno limps along behind him, eventually falling to the ground.]

Geno: Ahh... my... leg.

Kieran: Oh please... you really expect ME to fall for that "fibia" bullsh...

[Crowe's mouth turns to a smile as Genocide pulls his hand away from his right (the non-fibia) leg, and it's covered in blood.]

Kieran: Well what do we have here?

[Kieran bends down to examine Geno's leg, his smile widening as he sees the large gash under his tights.]

Kieran: That's probably gonna need some stitches... let me take a look at that...


[Genocide screams in pain as Crowe sadistically jams his thumb into Genocide's wound.]

Proctner: Oh man! What a sicko! Ya know, I'm really starting to get behind this guy, even if he isn't Weed Man anymore.

[Kieran pulls his now bloody thumb out and turns back towards the cage spotting the previously mentioned ladders set up.]

Kieran: Ya know... maybe that ladder match thing isn't such a bad idea...

[Crowe punctuates his statement with a stomp to the leg before hauling Genocide back up to his feet.]

Paragon: Genocide looks to have been seriously injured in that... mysterious car accident.

Proctner: Who drives like that before a big match like this? Maybe with his career on the line, he got a little worried and tried to drink his nerves away...

[Kieran chucks Genocide through the open cage door, sending the 24 Time World Champ sprawling onto the floor.]

Paragon: I'm not sure what happened with the car, but Genocide's career IS on the line... and as of right now, he's locked inside a cage with Kieran Crowe... a psychotic man that

Proctner: I wonder if Weedy is going to accept Genocide's challenge for a ladder match?

Paragon: I don't know, but the ladders are inside, and I'd be stunned if they didn't come in to play.

[Genocide backs away on the ground, trying to put the pain in his leg behind him. He manages to get back up to his feet, and take a look around the room. Row after row of huge yellow robotic arms... the remains of a conveyer track that moved the cars along the assembly line. Even a few halfway constructed cars... probably courtesy of the Powerbase, as anything of value that could be moved was removed from the facility by scrap metal collecters years ago. With the way the blood was flowing from his leg, he knew the longer the match went on, the worse he'd get. But he needed to catch his breath first... and maybe check his pants after the car "accident".]

Paragon: Genocide looking for cover behind one of huge pieces of auto machinery... usually the motto in a steel cage match is, "you can't run, you can't hide"... you can do both inside of this immense structure.

Proctner: I'm still confused... are we going to see a ladder match, or what?

[Kieran Crowe looks up at his own tooth dangling over head and considers the question himself.]


Not too far away, one of Storm's trump cards were gathered together. Nathan had spent quite some time pulling this off. This was the perfect way to make it look like the IKI isn't involved. It would just look like Crowe was getting the punishment he'd deserved.

Nathan: This is your big chance. Crowe made mince meat of the lot of you. Except Mac. Didn't he just buy you out?

Mac looked sheepishly to the ground.

Nathan: You all failed the prime directive. Tonight you get to pay back the man that systematically destroyed you.

Some of the former GPS crew were really keen on the idea. Crowe had spent a month during NGPW's world tour terrorizing them. A couple had even been left in a park hanging upside down with his name carved into their chests. Each and every one of them was determined to see Crowe pay for humiliating them. The night he took out all seven of them was a huge embarrassment.

Gay GPS guy: Don't worry. We won't fail this time.

The group headed out. There was only Accolade standing between themselves and the vengeance waiting for them inside the cage factory.


Kieran Crowe looked up to where his tooth was hanging from the roof. It certainly made it a lot harder to rip it from Genocide's neck when he won if it was hanging up there. There was something to be said for the Ladder Match, but he still wanted to make Genocide scream that he'd quit. Genocide had taken some cover for himself. Picking up a chunk of scrap metal, he walked through the factory, tapping the piece of scrap as he went along.

Kieran: Come out, come out, wherever you are. You can't run forever. Not on that leg.

Genocide didn't answer, but used the time to catch his breath. The "accident" was a less than ideal way to start this match-up, and he still had a few cobwebs in his head to try and clear.

Kieran: By the way, was that an IKI shirt I saw you wearing? Are you pulling Storm's leg? Does he really think you'll still be working after I've finished with you tonight? I pity his blindness. I really do.

Genocide wasn't giving into the bait just yet. He was too busy looking around for some way to stop the bleeding.

Kieran: By the way, you're little challenge. How about we tweak it just a little? Be a shame to waste all these ladders. How about this. Winner is the guy that gets my tooth, but you can't grab it until you get a pin or sub. Deal? DEAL?!

Genocide thought about it. It seemed as good a deal as he was likely to get. Feeling a bit more stable, he shouted out his reply.

Genocide: You got a deal, Weedy! I'm sure Naka here will call it fairly.

Kieran: Don't call me, Weedy!

Crowe wasn't happy to hear that Naka was the ref. Far from it. Seeing the man himself in a distant part of the factory didn't help his confidence either. But he was happy to hear Genocide's voice giving him an idea of where the stoner was hiding. He rounded a corner made up of a steel rack, and ducked just in the nick of time. Genocide had gotten hold of a chain, and it's arc had only just missed the head of Crowe.

Kieran: Ooooh. So close. Why don't you try again?

Genocide didn't really need the invitation. The chain swung out, wrapping itself around the scrap metal Crowe was carrying. Kieran pulled on the steel, pulling Genocide toward himself and throwing out one of his educated feet.

John: That was a nasty kick to the jaw. Geno has a long struggle ahead of him.

Hank: Not as nasty as the accident. That wet patch on Geno's pants isn't blood or the result of a good time with Haley.

John: With Genocide's career on the line you know he's going to fight his damnedest to win.

Hank: Weedy has to get one over him one of these days. I hate to admit it, but today could be that day. It looks like he's set to deliver that brutal punt of his.

John: If that boot connects with Genocide's skull, it'll be all over.

Crowe took a run up, and fired out his boot, but Genocide saw it coming. He managed to pull out a drop toe hold which brought Crowe's jaw onto one of the workbenches with brutal impact. Crowe rolled around on the ground holding his jaw. Genocide would have love to follow up, but the blood gushing from his leg with the dizziness that came with it had to be dealt with.

Hank: If Crowe had any teeth left, that fall may have dislodged them.

John: It was an excellent defensive maneuver from Genocide. I don't know why he isn't following up with the attack though.

Genocide was looking around desperately, and finally found what he was looking for. A bunch of rags. They weren't as clean as he would have liked, but wrapped around his leg, they stemmed the flow of blood. He could worry about the wound turning septic later.

Hank: Looks like Geno's trying to stop the flow of blood. Good strategy in a match-up like this. It's going to take a lot to keep Weed Man down long enough to grab that tooth.

John: It's given Crowe the chance to recover though, and he looks angry. We've seen how brutal he can be when he gets angry.

Hank: Just as well they're fighting on concrete, or a match with these two with these rules might never end.

The two men lock up, each trying desperately to get the upper hand. A knee from Crowe into the gash on Genocide's leg say the X-Ecutioner champ fall to a knee. Crowe followed up, putting in in a standing side headlock, and ramming Genocide's skull into the steel rack.

John: That shot staggered Genocide. He better come up with something quickly, or we've seen the last of him on our screens.

Hank: I'm sure this match has plenty of legs left in it. Geno isn't a two time Hall of Famer for no reason bu if he doesn't think of something soon, Crowe's going to steamroll right over the top of him.

Things certainly weren't looking good for Genocide. Crowe had him set up for a DDT, which could have caused a concussion on the concrete. Desperately, the Sadistic Stoner went low, bringing Crowe down with a shot to the nuts.

John: Genocide was in trouble, but he took the cheap way out.

Hank: Being locked in a cage with a psycho like Crowe, there isn't a cheap way out. It's all about survival.

John: You're may be right about that. That's definitely a punishing environment.

While Crowe was rolling around, gripping his nuts in pain, Genocide got his hands on a busted drill. He tried to drive the drill bit in Crowe's face, but it was partially deflected. The casing smashed to pieces as it collided with Crowe's skull. Genocide moved the cokehead, placing his head onto some steel in the rack. Grabbing a pipe, he got ready to deal a punishing move that would have sandwiched Crowe's head.

Hank: This much hyped match could be over really quickly. Genocide has a conchairto type move set up.

John: And he didn't even need in chairs. This is going to hurt.

Genocide was just about to deal the punishing blow when a gunshot rang out, almost causing both competitors to crap their pants.

Isabel: Oh no, you don't! You can't knock him out until he tells me where my coke is!

Genocide: Hey, you want coke. I'll get you coke. Just point that thing away from me. Having this prick here do it was bad enough.

Isabel: Unlike him, I really will shoot you if I don't get what I want. Where's the coke, Kieran?! Hurry up. I'm almost sober.

Crowe was still a bit too stunned to make a response that didn't consist of a few confused moans. Genocide, looking for a quick way to get Isabel's gun pointed elsewhere started going through Crowe's pockets.

Genocide: Let's see. Knucks, taser, piano wire..... Glad I didn't cop that. Where's the coke?!

Isabel: He'd have crotched it, you idiot!

Genocide: I am not putting my hands down there.


Isabel: Guess again.

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Geno: Seriously?

[Genocide looks down at Kieran Crowe's crotch... and then right at the barrel of the gun aimed squarely at his face through the cage.]

Isabel: Yes, seriously. And hurry... there might be some cops looking for me.

[Genocide wrinkles his face in disgust and looks back Crowe, still slowly recovering on the ground.]

Isabel: Quit being such a pussy and do it.

Paragon: And now what the heck is this? Is that... is that Haley's sister?

Proctner: I think so... and she's got a gun!

Paragon: Um...

Proctner: What is Geno...

Paragon: I'm not quite sure how to call this one, partner...

[Genocide looks away from Crowe and pulls the front of his singlet away from Crowe's body, and slowly slides his other hand in.]

Proctner: Is Genocide... trying to cop a feel?

[Geno's face contorts into a look of distress the further his hand slides down Kieran's chest.]

Paragon: This isn't quite what I envisioned this match like.

Proctner: I knew it was going to get hardcore with these two involved... but not this kinda hardcore.

[Kieran slowly regains just enough consciousness to realize that someone's hand was dangerously close to his genitals, which jolts him awake. Crowe quickly sits up as Genocide's head turns back in surprise. In unison, both men slowly take their wide eyes off eachother and move down towards the site of Geno's hand... and then back at each other. After another second of extreme awkwardness, Geno yanks his hand out of Crowe's tights.]

Kieran: What the FUCK, dude?

[Genocide steps away and points over to the gun weilding Isabel, anxious to get the gun pointed at someone else, and away from him. He was funny like that.]

Kieran: What? I thought the cops took you away... and where the hell did you get a gun?

Isabel: Don't worry about it... just give me the coke.

Kieran: Are you kidding me? I don't have it on me.

[Not enough to share, anyway.]

Kieran: It's back at the hotel.

Isabel: Well damnit, I can't go back there. That's the first place they'll look for me.

Kieran: Yeah, that's too bad... but I'm kinda in the middle of something here... you know... the match and all.

Isabel: Well fuck, what am I supposed to do?


???: How about you give me my fucking money?

[A second gun has entered the picture, this one held by a large, bald, angry looking black man. Isabel cringes, recognizing the voice and slowly turning.]

Isabel: Rodney... hey... man. I was just going to call you... what are you doing in town?

Proctner: Now who the hell is this guy?

[Kieran Crowe looks on wondering the same thing, although he had a good idea. Kieran could spot a drug dealer from a mile away... he just can't tell when he's a mile away though, because he has not depth perception... he only has the one eye.]

Rodney: What am I doing in town? How about to get my 30 G's from you, bitch. Put the fucking gun down.

[Rodney raises his own gun, convincing Isabel to drop hers.]

Kieran: You snorted 15 grand worth of coke!?

Isabel: You were helping me!

Rodney: Oh, is that a fact?

[Rodney changes his target to Kieran, much to Coke Man's dismay.]

Rodney: Then maybe you got my money?

Kieran: Um... not on me. I can totally get it for you though. Just relax...

Rodney: Hold up... say... ain't you Kieran Crowe?

Kieran: Um... yeah?

Rodney: OH YEAH! Was that tonight! You fighting Genocide here tonight?

Kieran: Yeah... like, right now, tonight. Why, what about it?

Rodney: What about it? I'll tell you what about it, motha fucker... right here, what you lookin' at is the world's biggest Geno Junkie.

Kieran: Oh bullshit! You've gotta be fucking shitting me!

[Kieran couldn't believe it... they really WERE everywhere.]

Rodney: Damn right son... and let me tell you what's going to happen here tonight. You gonna lose this fucking match, because ain't no way yo' little bitch ass is gonna retire Geno tonight... and if you don't, yo' bitch girl friend, and you gonna catch a few.

Kieran: Catch a few... oh, like bullets... that's not good.

Proctner: You think this drug dealer guy knows he's on TV?

Paragon: I'm guessing not, the way he's threatening murder like that...

Rodney: HI MOM! And a shout out to B-Ray... my baby's momma. The slutty one, not the crazy one.

Paragon: Then again.

[Genocide, meanwhile, had managed to slip away during the excitement, once again taking refuge behind a large metal robotic arm, but still close enough to hear the exchange. Naka had done a little battlefield first aid, tying off Genocide's leg with a strip of his own stripped referee shirt.]

Naka: That'll slow down the bleeding, but you'll need to get that looked at as soon as possible.

[Genocide ignores Naka's sound medical advice and listens to Rodney the coke dealer's threat. Geno smiles. At this point, after the remote control car crash before the match even started, Geno would take any win he could get at this point, even if it was at gunpoint. Genocide steps out from behind the machine with a cocky grin, ready to meet his biggest fan... well, other than Alan Scott. Genocide was going to win this match, and save his career for one more week. But that's when a familiar *CLONG* ruined everything.]

Geno: FUCK!

[Genocide rounds the corner to find Ron "Lead" Piperson standing over Rodney the drug dealer, laid out on the concrete floor.]

Ron: Don't worry, sir, the threat has been neutralized.

[GPS captain, and devoted Star Trek fan steps up.]

Jon: Admiral... I know these go against your orders... but we took an oath to uphold the prime directive... and that was to protect you. You three, take him away.

[In a darkened corner of the factory, IKI henchman Nathan watches on, shaking his head.]

Nathan: Sir... are you sure about these GPS guys? They seem kind of... moronic, I guess would be the best way to describe them.

Storm: Look, I know Genocide. He wouldn't have relied on these guys for his protection for so long if they weren't the BEST. What do you think he did, hired them just because their names rhymed with eachother?

Nathan: No sir, I just mean... all the one does is talk about Star Trek... the one creepy guy seems like he's in love with his lead pipe... two of them are making out constantly, and this other guy like, watches them.

Storm: You'll learn not to judge a book by it's cover. Trust me. These GPS guys are top notch. And plus, they have an axe to grind with Crowe. It can't go wrong.

[Five minutes later.]

Isabel: Alright! You idiots put your hands up.

[Haley's possibly pregnant, definitely coke whore sister screams orders at the green and dark green polo shirt clad Genocide Personal Security members, waving a gun in each hand.]

Jon: Damnit, Number One... that's first year Academy stuff. You always get the guns.

Ron: Well I didn't see you getting the guns.

Jon: I'm the CAPTAIN, I don't need to disarm hostiles.

Isabel: You idiots shut up and get over there. Handcuff yourselves to the cage.

[The GPS members grumble as they do as they're ordered... except for Jack and Brad, who're just happy to be around eachother... because they're totally gay. So gay they could probably join IKI. And speaking of IKI, Nathan watches on with a look of disgust on his face, still on the phone with Storm.]

Storm: How's it going?

Nathan: ... not well.

Kieran: So, are you about done here, Issy?

Isabel: Don't fucking call me that. And no, I'm not done till I get some coke.

Kieran: Why don't you check the unconscious coke dealer on the ground.

[Isabel nods and leans down, expertly reaching into Rodney's pocket. She pulls out a small bag and shrugs. It was enough to hold her over.]

Isabel: Good idea.

Kieran: And could you do me a favor and not leave his gun with him? I'd rather he not have that when he wakes up.

Isabel: I don't know if I want to risk a second firearm charge on my record tonight.

Kieran: He threatened to kill me!

Isabel: *sigh* OK, fine. Crybaby.

[Crowe matches her sigh as Isabel turns and heads away... he needed to stay away from her... but more importantly at the moment, he needed to find Genocide. Unfortunately for Kieran, Genocide had already found him... and a ladder.]

Paragon: OH! Genocide out of nowhere with the ladder! Ramming it full speed into the face of Kieran Crowe.

Proctner: Oh, hey, the whole hostage situation stuff over with?

Paragon: Yeah, they're fighting again.

Proctner: Oh... I'll have to call you back, alright... I told you, I'm at work. OK, OK. Yeah. Bye.

Paragon: Your professionalism never ceases to amaze me.

Proctner: Why thank you.


Crowe couldn't believe the circus this was turning into. For a one-on-one cage match, there was almost an army in attendance. At least Isabel was proving to be useful. The GPS crew had reason to make things hard for him. And who the hell was Rodney? Had they really gone through that much coke? And why did they HAVE to be a Genojunkie? Of course, all those distracting thoughts were broken up when his skull met ladder.

John: Crowe just got nailed with a ladder. Give the assist to Isabel.

Hank: If Crowe can't keep his mind on his opponent, Genocide will take advantage every time. There are ladders involved though. That makes this a hard match to bet on.

John: We're not meant to bet on matches.

Hank: With the inside information we have. We'd be nuts not to. Now, the smart money is always on Weedy in a ladder match, but the smart moneys on Geno during any match. And he's been owning Crowe.

John: Must you dwell on this now?

Hank: If I don't call the bookie back in the next few minutes, bets will be closed.

John: Crowe's in real trouble here. Genocide just sent the ladder crashing down onto Crowe's stomach. I think he's winded.

Hank: If he doesn't have broken ribs. That tears it. I'm betting on Geno.

Genocide pulled Kieran to his feet, and whipped him into the conveyor belt, Seeing the half wrecked cars on the line, Genocide couldn't help but use them. He pushed Crowe down the line, the rollers helping him accelerate his opponent.

John: Crowe's got no way of slowing down now.

Hank: Genocides watched a few Westerns to pull this move out. Ooooh.

John: Crowe's head was just sent into that car engine. There's no give in that.

Hank: Look at that cut. Crowe's going to be wearing a crimson mask before too long.

Genocide ripped Crowe off the rollers, looking to make use of the concrete. He set Crowe up for a piledriver, sure that spiking his head would get him the pin. Especially with Naka's quick counts. Sensing the danger he was in, Crowe dug deep and threw his body up, sending Genocide over the top off him.

John: Backbody drop right on the concrete! Great defensive maneuver from Kieran there. This match could be anyones.

Hank: Right, so I want my money on Geno.... Hold on a second, what did you say? Crap, did Crowe just do that to him?! I'll call you back.

John: Must you do this on air?

Hank: I wasn't sure if one of them would noshow. Is Geno alright? Did the fall hurt his fibia.

John: I think his fibia is fine. His back might not be so lucky.

Crowe cleared his head, as much as a cokehead could anyway, and thought out his next move. Genocide's leg was the key. Not only would it make climbing the ladder all but impossible, but it might help him avoid the Genokick.

Hank: Naka's work is being undone. Crowe's tearing at the makeshift bandage.

John: Cheap. Smart, but cheap.

Hank: Why must all the smart tactics be cheap? It's a cage match. There's no rules.

Crowe didn't get too far before a fist into his jaw drove him back. Both men got to their feet, eying each other warily. Smiling, Crowe reached into his pocket, but the smile soon left his face.

Kieran: What happened to my knucks?

Genocide: I kinda removed them while I was going through your pockets.

Kieran: Right before you started feeling me up? And I'm the one that's meant to be sick in the head!

Genocide: Don't blame me, blame that cokewhore of yours.

Hearing enough, Crowe threw out a boot, but Genocide darted back. Genocide tried to sweep the legs out from under Crowe, since he was much easier to deal with grounded, but Crowe leaped up. He grabbed a cranehook, and swung both legs out, slamming into Genocide's chest.

John: Crowe telegraphed Genocide really well there, and Genocide ends up flat on his back.

Hank: These two know each other well. Expect to see a lot of counters between these two. Ahhhh. Now things are starting to pick up.

Crowe had seen the control not too far away. It seemed like a simple indoor overhead crane. Pushing the the control button, Crowe let out a childish laugh as he lowered the hook. Looks like the Powerbase had gone to the trouble of powering some of this stuff up. They could be fun. Lots of fun.

John: I don't think I like where this is going. Oooooh. Brutal knee to the chest. Kieran's make sure he stays on top of Genocide here.

Hank: This hurts just watching it. Please don't tell me he's doing what it looks like.

John: He is. The back of Geno's tights are hooked, and up it goes. I can't watch.

Using the crane, Crowe gave Genocide a wedgie he wasn't going to forget. At the same time, millions of nerds across the country involuntarily clenched their asses in sympathetic pain. It must suck to get bullied in school.

Hank: That's an atomic wedgie if ever I saw one. Hahahaha!

John: It's not really funny.

Hank: Sure it is. It's an absolute riot if it's not happening to you.

Geno howled in pain and Crowe howled with laughter, since howlings the cool thing to do. Both were abruptly cut short when the tights snapped. Genocide barely felt the pain over the relief at having the pressure taken off some of his more sensitive areas.

Kieran: That's just the start, man. You'll be begging me to climb that ladder when I'm finished.

Crowe advanced eager to keep up the pain, but Genocide was quick when he wanted to be. Before Crowe knew it, he was rolled up as Genocide try to take the quick way out. Naka was quick on the count, but the stoner pushed Genocide off him with milliseconds to spare.

John: Genocide going for the quick win that would have allowed him to climb the ladder, but Kieran kicks out.

Hank: Getting the fall is only the first challenge. Climbing up there with an angry Crowe on your tail wouldn't have been easy.

Genocide rolled aside to give himself some space. He saw a handy weapon nearby, but just as his hands wrapped around the rod, pun intended, Crowe grabbed him by the hair, planting him one one of the ladders.

John: Bulldog headfirst on the ladder. That landing didn't do either man any favours.

Hank: Crowe's been known to treat his body with little respect, but his opponents share the pain.

Crowe had to ignore the pain in his lower back and press the advantage. He rolled Genocide inside the ladder, and brought one side crashing down, sandwiching it. He got a few stomps going before climbing in the crane. Holding the remote in one hand, he hoisted himself high above his opponent.

Rodney: Don't you dare fucking do it! I swear I'll pop caps in you and your bitches asses if you crush him.

Kieran: Get fucked! Do you know your on tv?

Rodney: I don't give a shit, motherfucker!

Kieran: Would you do something about him Isabel?!

Isabel: What do you want me to do? Shoot him?

Kieran: That's one idea!

Isabel: I'm in enough trouble already. Shit! Is that sirens?

Rodney: Nah, bitch, you just paranoid. Now give me my piece.

Isabel: Come near me and I will shoot you.

Rodney: But you just said.....

Isabel: Don't fucking test me!

Meanwhile, Crowe looked down on his opponent, trying to put Rodney out of his mind. He really thought he was done with guns when he quit the drug business, but here they were again. Satisfied that the landing would cripple his opponent, Crowe gestured for the cameras.

John: Crowe's a long way up! He's being stupid!

Hank: See? That's such a Weed Man type risk. I don't know why he fights against it. Come on, Geno. Move.

John: He can't really be serious about leaping from.... OhmyGOD! Crowe's falling through the air!

Hank: And he crashes and burns! Geno rolled out of the way. Weedy hit nothing but ladder. I bet he was playing possum!

John: That's why it's called high risk folks. If that had it, it was over. Now it's hard to see how Crowe can come back.

Genocide had been playing possum, but not as much as Hank might have given him credit for. That was a really close call and Genocide thanked his lucky stars he avoided it. Genocide thought through his next move as the army of interlopers watched on, Rodney trying to inch his way closer to Isabel in an attempt to disarm her.


Rodney: GEEE-EEEE!

[Coke dealer/Geno Junkie Rodney leads the cheer for his hero. The GPS squad members continue it, keeping good team spirit despite being handcuffed to the outside of the cage.]


[Brad and Jack miss the cheer, as they were too busy making out... Tad also misses it, having taken a quick drink from his flask.]

Rodney: GEEE-EE...

Isabel: Would you idiots shut up? I'm trying to concentrate.

[It was no easy task to snort coke and hold people at gunpoint. Isabel always had been a multi-tasker though... meanwhile, back inside the cage, Kieran Crowe had just crashed and burned, missing a high risk move from the end of a crane. Genocide rolls Kieran off the ladder and onto the concrete floor, draping his arm over for a cover.]

Paragon: Here's the cover!

Proctner: And now all Genocide has to do is climb the lad... NO!

Paragon: Kieran Crowe just kicked out! I can't believe it, and neither can Genocide!

[Meanwhile, head IKI goon continues to watch from a darkened corner, keeping Storm appraised on the events.]

Nathan: The match is going fine... Geno looks to be in control, now... but there's still a problem.

Storm: What is it?

Nathan: Isabel... she's found some cocaine. It looks like she's about to take some...

Storm: Alright... we can't allow her to harm the fetus... send them in.

Nathan: Yes sir... I'll also take the opportunity to deliver the package to Genocide.

Storm: Good. Keep me updated.

[Nathan flips his phone shut and barks out an order.]

Nathan: Alright, men... MOVE! Get the coke and the guns away from her.

[Several of the unnamed IKI goons start to step out from the darkness around Nathan and charge the cage. They catch Isabel by surprise, grabbing her weapons and causing her to drop her blow.]

Isabel: What the hell!? I'm one of you now! Get the hell away from me!

[As Geno catches his breath, he notices the IKI's arrival... and one member, in particular, who seems to be trying to make eye contact with the 24-Time World Champ. Geno raises an eyebrow as the man nods to him, and discreetly slides something into the cage before heading back over to his IKI teammates to help restrain Isabel and Rodney.]

Paragon: The IKI! What the hell are they doing here?

Proctner: They're obviously here to help their man, Crowe.

[Or not... Genocide slowly heads over, looking at the object the IKI member had left there, apparently for him. He squats down, examining the small tube in his hands... he manages to slide it into his boot as he feels Kieran Crowe advancing on him.]

Paragon: OH! Kieran Crowe with a nasty dropkick, crashing Geno's face into the steel scrap metal cage!

[Genocide stumbles away from Crowe, gasping for breath and checking his forehead for blood. To his amazement, his hands come back clean. Genocide collapses onto the hood of a halfway completed car, continuing to struggle for oxygen. Maybe it was all the dust.]

Paragon: Genocide is looking for some room here to recover, but Kieran Crowe is having none of it, quickly after the man that gave him a mouthful of unwanted dental work.

Proctner: Crowe's got a big piece of sheet metal, here he comes!

[Still leaning on the hood of the car, in an act of desperation, Genocide fires off a back kick, finding it's mark in Kieran Crowe's ribs, disarming the former stoner of his weapon.]

Paragon: Genocide with a boot to the midsection... now bouncing Crowe's face off the frame of that vehicle.

[Crowe stumbles back and clutches his face, but Genocide follows up, grabbing the back of his head and throwing his body onto the hood of the car. Geno takes a look at Crowe's bandaged up leg, and then down at his own bloody gash. It was time to get some payback.]

Paragon: Uh oh, this isn't good! Genocide returning the favor and tearing the bandage off Crowe's injured leg.

Proctner: Oh man, that's sick!

[Crowe screams out in pain as Genocide grinds his forearm into the now exposed stitches on Crowe. The blood starts to flow from Crowe's wound, quickly covering his leg, as well as Genocide's arm.]

Paragon: They don't call him the Sadistic Stoner for nothing.

[Crowe counters out of the predicament by powering up and pushing Genocide off with his legs. Geno stumbles back towards another car, clutching his back as he rams into the driver's side door.]

Proctner: Weedy escapes... and now charging Genocide...

Paragon: WOW! What a reversal by Genocide!

[Bending over at the last moment, Genocide back body drops Kieran up onto the roof of the almost finished car, complete with blue paint and a windshield. Kieran arches his back, reaching behind him in pain. Genocide climbs up onto the hood, and then joins Crowe on the roof of the car.]

Paragon: Now that the circus is over, these two are finally able to concentrate on each other... and the action has not disappointed. Both men trying to get the advantage, but the momentum keeps swinging back and forth.

[On top of the car roof, Geno yanks Crowe's head off the metal and tucks it between his legs.]

Proctner: Looks like Geno's going for a piledriver here... that's the same way he beat Hank Hooligan last week!

Paragon: Indeed, the piledriver from the ring apron out to the floor was devistating... but now it looks like Genocide is looking to piledrive Crowe's head off the roof, and right through that windshield!

Proctner: If he hits this, it's gotta be over!

[Genocide lifts Crowe's lower body up, but Crowe kicks his feet in a panic, throwing the balance off, and pulling his head out from Geno's legs... being that the spot was now open, Kieran decided to replace it with his fist.]

Paragon: OHHHH!

Proctner: He's no Geno Junkie... but that doesn't stop him from giving a shot to Geno, right IN the junk!

[Geno groans and bends his knees in before falling back onto the hood of the car. Geno clutches at his midsection and gasps for breath, but Kieran Crowe gives him no time to recover, yanking him up by his hair.]

Paragon: What's he doing here? OH MY GOD!

[Crowe tucks Geno's head under his arm, and falls straight back, sending Geno's crown into the thick, safety glass of the windshield.]

Paragon: Good lord what a DDT!

Proctner: He just shattered that windshield with Genocide's skull!

Paragon: ONE... TWO... ... ... THREE!

[Naka hesitates between two and three, giving Genocide every opportunity to kick out... but he doesn't. Kieran gives the crooked referee a glare as he pushes off of Genocide, but decides against it.]

Proctner: There's the first pinfall of the match, and Kieran Crowe is now eligible to climb the ladder and retreive his tooth...

Paragon: And it appears that's what he's doing!

[Kieran gives a last look at Genocide and resists the urge to inflict more punishment... and besides, no amount of blood or broken bones would give Crowe a better feeling than retiring Genocide. He'd be done, and for the rest of his life, he'd know that Crowe was the man that did it.]

Proctner: Crowe is going for the ladder! This could be it!


Isabel and Rodney could protest all they want. It wasn't going to get them out of the restraining hands of the IKI, although Isabel put up a huge struggle, scratching and biting more than one of the goons.

Isabel: You made me drop my fucking blow! I'll make you pay for that!

Nathan: Sorry, but we're under strict orders to......

Isabel: I don't care about your fucking orders. I'll do whatever the hell I want!

Rodney: Get your hands off me! I'm just trying to watch. Hey! Hey!!!

In the cage, Crowe was focused on something else. This was it. His huge opportunity. He may have wanted to make Genocide scream and tap, but after almost taking a brutal piledriver twice, he was more than happy to take whatever opportunity presented itself. The IKI was a huge annoyance, but one he'd have to discuss with Storm later. Right now, he had eyes only for the tooth hanging above his head. The key to ending Genocide's career.

John: Crowe's making his way up the ladder, but it seems to be slow going. He's taken a nasty fall and that cut on his head has to be slowing him up.

Hank: Not to mention his leg. Demonica really tore it to shreds last week, and Geno did a good job reopening the stitches.

John: Crowe's halfway there. If Genocide doesn't get up soon, this ones over.

Hank: Naka's trying to rouse Genocide, but that Impaler DDT seems to have done the damage. Geno's out.

Kieran felt exhilaration at being so close. His hands scraped the prize, but then Naka took a hand in things, 'accidentally' bumping into the ladder. There's no good place to fall in here, and Crowe ends up falling on a pile of random car parts.

John: That dirty despicable Naka! This was over! Crowe had it won!

Hank: That was clearly an accident. He wasn't even looking where he was going.

John: I'm not buying that and I bet Crowe isn't either. I can guarantee that he's going to make sure Naka pays for that.

Hank: If he gets up again. There's only so many falls a guy can take, and that landing was nasty. Just plain nasty.

Crowe tried to recover, or at least move. There was a ton of stuff poking into him. He was going to have to get a tetanus booster after this. Meanwhile, Genocide was starting to stir. He looked around for his opponent, not even sure if the match was still going on. Naka was right there to give him a hand and rush him over.

John: Genocide is looking a little confused, but Naka's there to help him, of course.

Hank: He's just making sure Genocide isn't injured. Like any good professional ref.

John: Then why isn't he checking on Crowe?

Hank: Genocide falls on top for the cover. There's the three! Genocide can make his way up the ladder!

It was tempting. He needed to take whatever he could to save his career, but he didn't want to make Crowe's mistake. He didn't want to take that kind of a fall. Trusting that Nathan knew what he was doing, he pulled the tube from his boot while Naka 'looked the other way.'

John: What the hell does Genocide have there?

Hank: No idea, but I'm betting it isn't good news for Crowe.

John: Any chance we can get one match that doesn't have kidnappings, druggings or explosives?

Hank: I wouldn't hold my breath.

Crowe felt his head tipped back in a familiar way. Having been drugged and poisoned by his own sister, he knew that tilt well. He threw his hand out, grasping the tube that contained the tube.

Kieran: No...... way.

Genocide: You aren't exactly in a position to argue.

Crowe fought with all his might, but the fall and blood loss were taking their toll. As the seconds ticked by, Genocide got that little bit closer to pouring whatever was in the tube down his throat.


Paragon: We're tied up at one fall apiece, but these two seem more interested in fighting over... that... what is that, Hank?

Proctner: No clue John. I have no idea what they're fighting over...

[And the truth is, neither did Geno or Crowe. Geno assumed he was supposed to use the contents on Crowe... make him drink it, pour it into his eyes, whatever. Crowe, of course, defended himself against the unknown threat. Who wouldn't? If Genocide had the time to examine the bottle a little closer, he would've seen that it was actually an experimental supplement designed to help victims of extreme blood loss. Genocide and Crowe would qualify at the moment, both with large cuts to the leg... the proverbial crimson shins.]

Kieran: I don't... think so...

[Genocide, realizing he wasn't going to push through Crowe's locked elbows to get to his mouth, decides to switch up tactics and attempts to tilt the bottle and pour the contents onto Crowe's face. Geno ingestion wouldn't be neccessary for the effects of the obviously destructive compound to take hold. Feeling Geno's wrists turn inward, Crowe thinks fast and kicks straight up, smashing the vial with one of his educated feet, shattering it.]

Paragon: Crowe brings his foot up to smash whatever was in that container, using his superior flexibility.

Proctner: My hammie hurts just watching that.

[Genocide and Crowe both flinch and duck as the liquid sprays over both of their faces.]

Crowe: What the fuck was in there? Not acid, it doesn't burn... some sort of nerve toxin?

Geno: I don't know!

Crowe: What do you mean you don't know?! That could've been the fucking ebola virus! What the fuck did you get all over us?

[Genocide sniffs and smacks his lips.]

Geno: I think... I think it's fruit punch, maybe...

[Crowe's forehead wrinkles in skepticism even as he begins to smell and taste the fruit punchyness of the mystery liquid. With the threat of poisoning appearing to be over, Genocide and Crowe simultaneously start firing right hands, restarting the action in a hurry. As the fists fly faster and faster, each man slips their free hand behind their opponent's neck for a single collar hold, increasing the leverage and force of the blows. Their heads snap back with each impact, but the punches recieved have little effect on the blow being delivered.]

Paragon: My god, will you look at the slugfest this has broken down into!

[Nathan watches the action from his spot outside the cage. Storm's voice on his phone startles him. He forgot he was even on the phone for a moment.]

Storm: Did he drink it?

Nathan: Sir... the vial was just shattered. What's the next move?

Storm: There is no next move, Nathan. We let Karma run it's course. It's up to Geno now.

[Storm hated to do it, but he had to. He'd given Genocide all the clandestine interference he could... and he wasn't going to openly sabotage his newest loyal member. Genocide was going to win this match, or lose his career... on his own.]

Paragon: We've had to wait to see Genocide vs Kieran Crowe for a long time, but it has lived up to the hype... this is exactly the sort of brawl I expected... these two hate each other, and it shows. Not to mention a spot in the King of the Cage semi's...

Proctner: This isn't the culmination of some feud, this isn't for the King of the Cage... Genocide is fighting for his CAREER in there. The end of a Hall of Famer's career could come to an end inside of that abandoned car factory.

Paragon: Indeed... this could be the last time we see Genocide.

[The punches slow, and Genocide breaks the double clinch with a knee to the gut, and both men fall in exhaustion, which only worsens as their bodies continue to lose the oxygen rich red blood cells. And after the rapid fire flurry of punches, their cut legs aren't the only things bleeding, each man with a busted open forehead.]

Proctner: These guys are both about done here... this match started out with a car wreck, and it only went downhill from there.

[Genocide is the first able to act, yanking Crowe to his feet and running him towards a large, yellow, robotic arm.]

Paragon: Crowe going face first into the machinery... but no, gets the foot up and blocks.

[Kieran follows up and quickly escapes with a back elbow to the jaw. Crowe turns to face his enemy, but is quickly taken down with a head butt across the bridge of his nose. Geno takes a quick look around before turning and running a few steps away from Crowe and latches onto the large metal chain that used to drop engines into car frames.]

Paragon: What's he doing!?

[Genocide swings out, and the momentum bring him back just as Crowe regains his footing. Geno spreads his legs, catching Crowe's head with his thighs.]

Paragon: Head scissors, maybe trying for a hurricanrana attempt here...

[Crowe sensed it coming just like John did. When Geno releases the cage and flings his body backwards, Crowe is ready, and drops straight down, sending Genocide awkwardly spine first across the assembly line conveyer railing.]


[Genocide's screams of pain echo throughout the large auto factory. The GPS members still chained the to the outside of the cage, cringe and shake their heads in disappointment. Their once, and hopefully future meal ticket was in bad shape.]

Proctner: His back has GOTTA be broken in half! Forget about Genocide wrestling again, he might not WALK again after that shot!

Paragon: This match is Crowe's! All he has to do is climb that ladder, Genocide isn't getting up... he's still not even moving.

[Crowe takes a last look down at Genocide, still holding his back in agony. Crowe gives Geno a smack across the face, snapping his eyes open in response.]

Kieran: Take a nice long look at this face... this is the man that beat you... and the man that RETIRED your ass. Remember it.

[Crowe staggers towards the sight of the goal, his own tooth hanging from the ceiling. He starts to set a ladder up when he notices Naka sheepishly watching him. Crowe remembers the last stunt Naka pulled, knocking the ladder over with him on top... he wanted to knock him out then... and still does. But he knows that without a ref, there's nobody there to call for the end of the match.]

Crowe: I swear... if you touch this ladder, you'll be taking your dick back to Japan in a box.

Proctner: Hopefully you can carry that on... can you imagine if your dick got lost in baggage? Or your nuts got put onto seperate flights or something like that.

Paragon: No, Hank. I can honestly say I've never thought about it.

[Naka gulps and takes a big step back. He takes a nervous look over at Genocide, who was still lying across the metal railing he'd been slammed onto. Crowe gives a last look back at his before starting the long, slow climb towards victory, made only longer and slower from the bloody gash on his leg. Crowe curses Geno opening the stitches back up as he takes another step up.]

Paragon: I think this might be it... and if Genocide is calling it a career tonight, what a career it's been.

[Genocide watches as Crowe climbs. He knew it was now or never... now or never again, to be specific. As he sits up, a jolt of pain goes up and down his spine, sending him back down. Geno pushes away from the conveyer railing and flips onto his stomach... in any other match, any other situation, he'd stay down... but not tonight, not with his career on the line. He wasn't going out lying on the floor of a dirty, abandoned car factory. He didn't have anything left, but he'd have to find it, and find it fast.]

Paragon: Genocide starting to stir here... but it might be too little too late!

[Crowe takes a frantic peek back as Genocide pushes up to his feet and staggers towards the ladder.]

Proctner: Oh man, he's so close! One more rung and this one is over!

[Crowe brushes the tooth turned pendant with his fingertips and takes the last step up... the last few seconds of Genocide's career, quite possibly. Geno lunges towards the ladder... just a second too late.]


Proctner: I can't believe it... Genocide is... done...

Paragon: HEY! Wait a dang second!

[Geno makes one last push, sending the ladder teetering again. Crowe looks down from the top, and decides he didn't want to ride the ladder down into a car or a scrap heap, instead choosing to leap straight down. He didn't care. He had his tooth back... the months of botched schemes and failed plots. None of them mattered. He'd won, and Genocide was gone.]

Proctner: Oh man! Crowe's ribs sent crashing down into the ladder!

[Kieran's chest hits the ladder he'd just leaped from only moments earlier, and the air instantly leaves his lungs... but it was still OK... he'd won. It didn't really even hurt that bad. The feeling was incredible, actually... right until Naka stepped in waving his hands in the universal "that shit doesn't count" motions.]

Naka: The match change was never approved by the Powerbase, therefore this match will continue, under the original rules... the next pinfall or submission will win...

Paragon: Come on! This is ridiculous! You can't change the stipulations in the middle of the match!

Proctner: I know, isn't that what the ref just said? Originial rules... ORIGINAL.

[Crowe glares up at Naka... he should've knocked him out when he had the chance.]

Proctner: Hahahaha! Geno duped him! What a sucker!

Paragon: So now it's NOT over... but now it might just be as Genocide moving in for a cover!

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Hank: This ones over. There's no way Crowe's kicking from this! He's taken too many falls.

John: Genocide hooks the leg. Here's the quick count. Amazing! Kieran Crowe got the shoulder up!

Hank: I don't know how he does it. Genocide is pulling out all the stops to save his career, but Weedy seems just as determined to end it.

John: Genocide can't believe it, and he's looking at Naka as though it's his fault.

Falling off ladders sucks, a lot. But that was nothing next to the screw job Naka had put him through. He was so sure it was done, but Naka had gone back to the original rules. He cursed himself for falling for the bait. He tried to stagger to his feet, straining against the pain that told him to lie down. Genocide stopped arguing with Naka, and put himself in position, ready to nail Crowe with his patented superkick.

Hank: Weed Man's somehow getting to his feet, but the Hall of Famers waiting for him. We know whats coming next.

John: It looks like we're about to see a Genokick. That could end it.

Hank: Come on, Geno. Don't let him get back in this.

Genocide waited for what seemed like the perfect moment to strike, but Crowe sensed the danger and dropped to the floor. The foot that missed his head by inches flew through a car window. While Geno struggled to free his trapped foot, Crowe came from behind, and dropped back to the ground, pulling Genocide down with him.

John: Crowe with the neckbreaker right onto the concrete! Geno's eyes are glazed over.

Hank: But Weed Man can't follow up. Idiot took himself down when he did it.

John: Crowe might not be moving either, but look what that glass has done to Geno's leg. It's pretty badly shredded.

Hank: I hope there's some Genojunkies in Detroit that have his blood type, because he's going to need a lot of plasma when this ones over.

Crowe rolled over for the cover, hoping against hope that this was it. He was almost spent. The count seemed to drag out for an eternity, and in the end, the Sadistic Stoner was able to save his career with yet another assist from Naka.

John: That has got to be the slowest count I've ever seen!

Hank: Looked perfectly fine to me. What a champion Geno is to kick from that after all the punishment he's taken. That's the kind of man we don't want to lose as X-Ecutioner champ.

Struggling to get to his feet, Crowe was hit with the realisation that he couldn't win. Not with Naka calling the shots. Anger giving him a temporary adrenaline surge, he stormed at Naka, holding him to the metal cage wall with a rape choke.

Kieran: You think you can save him! You think you can stop destiny!..... I'm going to end his career tonight.... Make no mistake about that, and I don't need to win a fucking match to do just that!

That's when the assault started. Holding him against the wall, Crowe hammered into Naka with his free fist and knees with amazing ferocity for one clearly not doing so well in the health department. Flinging Naka to the ground, he starts with a bunch of mounted punches that makes Lesnar's destruction of Mir's face look tame.

John: This isn't the way for Crowe to win the match.

Hank: But it is a good way to rearrange the face of Naka. He's being beaten into a pulp.

John: Come on, Crowe! I know Naka screwed him, but enough is enough. Anyone that thinks Kieran isn't psycho just needs to look at this assault.

Hank: If somebody doesn't stop this soon, the assault is going to turn into murder.

Adrenaline and rage can only fuel the body so long. Worn out, Crowe rolled off Naka. He didn't know how this match was going to end, and he didn't care. Naka if nobody else should have learned not to screw with him.

John: The injuries have finally caught up with Kieran Crowe. I don't think he has anything left in him.

Hank: But Genocide does. While Crowe was busy with Naka, the Sadistic Stoner has had all the time in the world to shake off the effects off that neckbreaker.

Genocide took his time, approaching the weakened Crowe as he might a wounded animal. How he was going to get this match finished was something he could worry about after making sure Crowe was out for good. On the way, he got hold of a shard of glass. As stated earlier, he isn't called the Sadistic Stoner for nothing.

Genocide: Did Naka really deserve that? He was just doing his job. Now I'm going to have to make you quit so the entire world can hear it. There won't be any denying it.

Kieran: I'll never.... quit to you. You'll never wrestle again..... Not after tonight...... I WILL end you.

Genocide: You've already given up years of your career trying. Give it up. How much more are you willing to pay? You've lost so much already.

Kieran: You wouldn't!

Genocide: Wouldn't I? After what you've done to Eve. To Haley. My loyal GPS crew. Why wouldn't I?

Realisation dawned on Crowe and he tried backing away from his grounded position to buy himself some time, but he wasn't getting far. He knew for a fact that Genocide would try and take out his remaining eye, since Genocide had already tried that with a stungun. This time, there was no Rasputin around to heal him. Genocide grabbed the spent stoner by the hair, reefing it back hard.

Kieran: No! Don't! You can't!

Genocide: Sat it then! Let the whole world know I'm better then you.

Kieran: No!

Genocide: I'm sorry it' come to this. I really am.

Kieran: *Spits* Fuck You!

Back in the arena, the fans watching on the big screen were in an uproar watching the match unfold, as were the commentators.

John: It's not worth it. Somebody has to put a stop to this.

Hank: Naka would have, but something happened to him. Weedy. He's got no-one to blame but himself.

John: You can't just blind him! His career will be over!

Hank: Isn't that what he's trying to do to Genocide?

Genocide pulled back the glass shard, ready to drive it straight into the One Eyed Wonder's remaining eye. Kieran could barely put his hands up to defend himself. Genocide waited for Crowe to give in, but he continued to struggle. Just as Genocide is about to send the glass into Crowe's skull, an ear-piercing shriek cuts through the air. Watching the events unfold, Isabel had screamed as loud as she could manage. The distraction was just enough to get Genocide to loosen his grip on Crowe's hair for the split second he needed.

John: Kieran saves his eyesight, biting down as hard as he can on Genocide's nose. Genocide tries to free himself, But Crowe's latched on tight!

Hank: I bet Geno's really glad he doesn't have any teeth at this point.

Crowe might not have teeth, but he did have dentures he'd painstakingly spent hours sharpening for just this match-up to use on the man who created the need for him to have them. The sharpened dentures bit down into the membrane of Genocide's nose, tearing off the tip off it and creating a new wound for blood to gush from. The glass fell from his hand as he stumbled back from the sudden pain.

Hank: Damn that shriek from Izzy hurt my ears.

John: Stuff your ears! Crowe just bit the tip off Genocide's nose! Look at the blood gushing out! I think I need a bucket.

Hank: Sometimes I can't believe you were a Superhero. I wonder If Genocide can get his hands on MJ's old nose.

John: That's in really bad taste, Hank.

Hank: What? Too soon?

Crowe managed to rise to his feet while Genocide tried to blink the tears from his eyes that nose injuries instantly cause. Crowe was enraged as he came near Genocide. People trying to take out his last eye is the kind of thing that pisses him off. A thrust kick came Genocide's way, but the X-Ecutioner champ managed to avoid the impact.

Genocide: My nobe! You bit off my fubbing nobe!

Kieran: You tried to poke my eye out, asshole!


Nathan watching the match unfold was starting to get worried. Storm might be willing to leave things in the hands of Karma, but these two looked to be on the verge of killing each other.

Isabel: Come on, Kieran! Kick his ass and I'll give you the best coke job ever!

Nathan: Shut up, you wench. I don't know why you're in the IKI anyway.

Isabel: With you guys stopping me taking coke and restraining me like this, I don't know why I'm in there.

Nathan: We're the IKI. We know what's best for you.

Isabel took the goons restraining her by surprise and wriggled free. A knee flew up, and Nathan doubled over as Isabel took off into another room of the factory.

Nathan: Get her! We have to keep her safe from herself.

Some of the goons gave chase, but she'd locked the door behind her. The started to batter it down, but she had some time. Meanwhile, she'd found a good vantage point to look into the cage and some nice controls to fool around with.

Isabel: I wonder if this works.


In the cage, the two spent men eyed each other off carefully. Both wanted to end this so badly, and at this point, neither man wanted to make what could be a possibly fatal mistake. Blows went back and forth, but they didn't have much power, and both men were careful to not leave themselves open for a counter.

John: This match has been so brutal. There's blood all over the place. Neither man has anything left in the tank.

Hank: And with Naka turned into little more than a shuddering piece of flesh, I have no idea how this is going to end.

John: Crowe trying the lariat.... Genocide ducks, and GENOKICK! Crowe's out!

Hank: Come on, Naka!

With Crowe lying helpless at his feet, Genocide looked for a way to conclusively finish him off, when the sudden sound of machinery jerking to life hit his ears. He turned toward the sound a fraction too late as one of the robotic arms flew into Genocide's chest with tremendous force, sending him flying several feet across the room.

John: I don't know who's controlling those things but Genocide probably just got a broken rib from one. At least. This match is a complete stalemate at the moment.

Hank: I don't think those things are being controlled. They seem to be flailing about wildly and Crowe was just lucky enough to be on the floor when they came to life. Can Genocide still breathe?

John: I hope so. Both of those men desperately need medical attention.

Hank: It's hard to see how the winner is going to move on to the third round.

Isabel: Woohoo! This is killer fun. I might get into this wrestling thing more often.

Nathan: Hurry up and get in that room!


Isabel: It'd be a little MORE fun if I had some coke in my system though... *sigh*

[From the abandoned factory's control room, Isabel continues to tap buttons and pull levers, having no idea what any of them meant. The machines squeal and crack in protest. They hadn't been ran in years, and were only now working because of the Powerbase. A few of the large, hydraulic arms bust and stop moving. Their death throws feature a loud hissing sound and the spraying of fluid and smoke.]

Paragon: I'm not sure how to even call this one anymore... Crowe and Genocide are both down... the referee has been incapacitated...

Proctner: And now with the machinery working, I can hardly hear myself think!

Paragon: Oh well, partner... I'm sure whatever you were thinking about was extremely innapropriate.

Proctner: Say what?

Paragon: Nevermind...

[After being hit with the robotic arm, Genocide is careful to stay close to the ground. He takes a peek over at Crowe. Still not moving after the Geno Kick, so he allows himself a moment to rest and recover. His now tip-less nose was still gushing blood, but his leg wound seems to have slowed down... maybe he was all out of blood. The more pressing concern at the moment though, was the sharp pain in his ribs every time he took a breath. Geno then takes a look over at Naka... still not moving. Without a referee, this match was in limbo. Geno had to do something he didn't want to, and heads towards the far corner of the cage, keeping his head low as if exiting a helicopter.]

Paragon: Genocide up... but he's moving AWAY from Crowe...

Proctner: What's he doing?

[Genocide heads behind some machinery as the camera gets a shot of the IKI crew heading up the stairs towards the control booth. Nathan screams orders through groans of pains and gritted teeth.]




[Isabel glances over as the IKI issued boots start to pound on the outside of the door. She looks down at the control board. Maybe there was something she could use to stop them. She taps a few more buttons, and the uncompleted cars start to move along the conveyer rails. Genocide, meanwhile, finds his destination behind a robotic arm in the far corner of the cage.]

Geno: Alright... you're up.

[The camera points down to show a man lying restrained at Geno's feet, bound and gagged with rope. Geno grabs a spare piece of sheet metal to slice the ropes, freeing the man, who quickly stands, revealing himself as head referee Earl Cronkner. Earl wipes his mouth and dusts himself off.]

Cronkner: What the hell is going on here?

Geno: Um... Crowe tried to kidnap you, and I rescued you.

[Cronkner's only reply is a skeptical look at Genocide. Geno pulls him out from around the corner and back towards the lifeless form of Crowe.]

Geno: Come on, the match is going on... and keep your head down.

Paragon: What is this?

Proctner: Is that... Earl Cronkner?

[Indeed, Earl was the referee assigned to this match originally. Last week, when Genocide had Naka named the referee vs Hank Hooligan, he'd went through the proper channels to get Naka named the official... this week, it was a little less legal... like, Naka with a baseball bat, less legal. Yeah, who knew Naka had it in him?]

Geno: Come on, come on...

[Geno continues to drag Cronkner through the maze of moving machinery back towards Kieran Crowe. He knew this was his chance, he had to stay on him.]

Paragon: It is! I don't know where he came from, or how he got into this cage, but we now have a referee again.

[In one motion, Geno chucks Cronkner onto the ground, and drops onto Crowe's chest for a pin.]

Paragon: Genocide with the cover! ONE... TWO...

Proctner: And another HUGE kickout!

[Geno rolls off of Crowe, unable to show his frustration. He didn't have the energy to waste. He did think he might've gotten a little quicker of a count, considering he just "rescued" Earl.]

Paragon: It was close, but Geno couldn't follow up on that Geno Kick in time...

[Being out of range of the moving equipment, Geno's able to stand... although barely, with all of the blood loss.]

Paragon: Genocide with a couple stomps to the chest of Crowe, but not much behind them.

[Geno squats down and slowly pulls Crowe to his feet and bashes his head off of the inside of the cage before locking in a front face lock. Geno's planning on ending things with his spinning vertical brainbuster dubbed Up in Smoke.]

Paragon: Geno going for a suplex or something here... but unable to get Crowe up. Another attempt... blocked again.

[Crowe brings his right arm up, landing a shot into Genocide's injured ribs. As Crowe was unconscious at the time of the injury, it was accidental... once he hears Geno squeal though, he lands two more quick shots that are most definitely intentional. That breaks the hold, and Geno stumbles away, clutching at his ribs.]

Paragon: A few shots right to those possibly broken ribs... and Crowe sending Genocide face first into the cage... and now a vicious right roundhouse kick to side of the head.

[Geno goes down clutching at his head as Crowe takes a few deliberate steps back. He starts to move back towards Geno, but his attention is grabbed by a thich piece of sheet metal lying at his face. He grins as he bends down to grab it before going into motion.]

Proctner: Here comes Crowe... whatever he's planning, it can't be good...

Paragon: Look out!

[Crowe dives feet first at Genocide for a drop kick, only he expertly slides the piece of metal between his feet and Geno's face, increasing the impact of the already devistating move.]


Proctner: Geno just got his skull crushed between the metal of the cage and that piece of scrap metal! That's GOTTA be it!

Paragon: Crowe down for the cover! ONE... TWO...



Proctner: THERE IT IS!

Paragon: Kieran Crowe has won, and the career of Genocide has come to an end!

Proctner: I can't believe it!

[Crowe drops to the ground in exhaustion. It was over, and he'd finally done it. Done it, AGAIN, actually. But nobody could take this one away from him. Two pinfalls, and everyone saw them... well, almost everyone. Crowe shoots Cronkner a look of shock as Earl holds up a single finger.]

Cronkner: Winner of fall number one... KIERAN CROWE!

[Crowe leaps to his feet and pushes Crowe into the cage.]

Kieran: That was TWO you son of a bitch!

Paragon: Woahwoahwoahwoahwoah... what's going on here?

Proctner: Ohhhh, I got it! Naka wasn't the official of record in this match! Neither of the first two pinfalls counted! They started from scratch as soon as Cronkner took over referee duties.

[As Earl never even saw the first pin, or the ladder match screw job, he's a little surprised at Crowe's reaction.]

Kieran: I've been screwed too many times Earl, you're not going to do it again!

Paragon: Don't do it, Kieran!

Proctner: Crowe's gonna hit him!

[Kieran brings his fist back, turning his body to get some extra torque on the haymaker... all he gets instead is a Mouth Full of Geno...]



Paragon: Genocide down for the cover! One... two... and three!

Proctner: We're all tied up... again!

[Cronkner pushes his way up and holds a finger up on each hand.]

Cronker: Winner of fall number two... GENOCIDE!

[Still lying on Crowe's chest, Geno franitcally waves Cronkner back down.]

Paragon: Uh oh! Genocide going for a quick cover to end it!

Proctner: Crowe's still down and out after the Geno Kick! It's over!

Paragon: ONE!!! TWO!!! THR...

[And then... the lights go out, plunging the factory into total darkness, the machines squealing to a stop, leaving the factory as quiet as it was dark.]

Proctner: AAHHHH! What happened!

Paragon: The lights are gone! Some sort of power malfunction, perhaps...

[Up in the darkened control booth, Isabel pulls her hand away from a large button in the middle of the control panel.]

Isabel: Whoopsie...


Hank: How are we meant to call a match we can't see?

John: I'm being assured that technicians are working on the problem as we speak.

Hank: They better get it fixed soon or the fans watching in this arena are going to riot.

As the factory was plunged in darkness, everyone stopped what they doing. From the IKI goons trying to bust in on Isabel to Earl Cronker who was moments away from lowering his hand for the three that would have given the match-up to Genocide. When the banging on the door picked up again, Isabel randomly pushed buttons blindly, hoping one of them would fix what is she'd just done. Genocide screamed in frustration at Earl, sure he had the match won and feeling screwed over.

Genocide: Count!

Earl: I can't see. His shoulder might be up.

Genocide: It's not. Count the three, dammit!

Earl: I'm just meant to trust you on that, am I?

Genocide: I just saved your kidnapped ass from Crowe! Show some gratitude.

Genocide cursed as Crowe pushed him off. Not caring where he went, Crowe rolled away, needing to clear his head. Genocide tried to get hold of Kieran, but the darkness made it difficult. Having got free of Genocide, and not realising the power was out, Kieran started to freak out.

Kieran: I'm blind! You did it! You really fucking did it! You took out my fucking eye!

Genocide: It's not like.......

Kieran: I'm gunna kill you! You'll get a Cuban necktie if it's the last fucking thing I do!

Genocide: The pow......

Kieran: Shut the fuck up! The only thing I want to hear from you is screams of agony.

If he wasn't so freaked out, he may have noticed that there wasn't really any pain or blood seeping from his eye. He tried reaching out to get hold of Genocide, but the stoner had already moved off to the side.

Earl: Argh! I'm not Genocide!

Kieran: Bah! Come on, Geno! What are you going to do? Isn't blinding me isn't enough?!

Earl: You're not.......

Kieran: I don't want to hear from you, moron!

Crowe got to his feet, randomly swinging his fists. Genocide was a few feet away. He reached out and blindly grabbed a hold of the first thing he could. Crowe trying to find him was being pretty noisy about it. He quietly approached his enemy, ready to strike out with a muffler. Crowe heard the sound of Genocide making a misstep, tripping over some scrap in the dark. He jumped in the direction, hitting Geno with a spear takedown.

Kieran: You're dead! Fucking dead! Ouch! What the fuck.

Trying to punch Geno, he hit only metal. Luckily, the takedown had taken some of the air out of Genocide, or it would have smashed into his face. He got control of the muffler, and brought it crashing down on Geno's skull.

Kieran: Count him! And don't fucking screw me over. IF I'm walking out of here blind, I'm taking his fucking career with me!

Earl: I can't see, either.

Kieran: He blinded you too? What a twisted prick!

Earl: No! I was trying to tell you before. You're not blind. The powers gone out.

Kieran: Bullshit! This is just another screwjob! You're on his payroll as well, aren't you? Fucking count!

Earl: I can't count what I can't see! The power really has gone out.

Kieran: For real?

Earl: Yes! Why do I have to deal with this crap?

Kieran: Thank goodness or karma or something.

Kieran was incredibly relieved that he hadn't gone blind, but he couldn't celebrate right now, since the darkness presented another problem. How was he going to finish this with the lights out? Before he could dwell on it too long, an alternator smashed into the side of his face sending him off Genocide. There really was all sorts of crap lying around, and Genocide made good use of it. Genocide reached out and got hold of Crowe's leg, driving some random car part into it.

Kieran: Argrrrrgh! That freakin hurts!

Genocide: How did it feel to feel to think you were blind, Weedy?

Kieran: Get fucked!

Genocide: I don't have to blind you, you know. I could just make you as handicapped as Stryfe.

Genocide drove his knee down into Crowe's leg, the metal underneath doing more damage to an already screwed up leg. Crowe screamed out in pain, but this just let Genocide know he was on the right track. The punishment on the leg continued.

Genocide: Come on. You know you want to quit. Say it loud enough so everyone can hear you.

Kieran: Alright.

Genocide: Really?

Kieran: Of course not!

Crowe swung out his free boot, slamming into Genocide's jaw. He struggled onto his back keeping a tight grip on his painful leg. Feeling very dizzy, Kieran saw how much trouble he was in. He ripped off his shirt, wrapping it around his leg. Using the cage wall for leverage, Crowe pushed himself to his feet. Suddenly, light flooded through the factory again, but it was no thanks to Isabel. Some techie had reset the power causing millions of fans to cheer.

John: And it looks like the feeds been fixed. I don't know what happened, but Kieran's leg isn't doing so well. I wonder what happened while we were out.

Hank: Genocide isn't looking so well either. This has been brutal from the get go.

Once his eyes had adjusted to the light, Genocide was quick to move at Crowe before he got the chance to recover. Using the wall, Crowe took Genocide by surprise, throwing out his most hated move, and one Genocide didn't see coming.

John: Genokick from Kieran Crowe! He just stole Genocide's move! That superkick got him right in the jaw.

Hank: I don't believe it! Crowe's got some of the best feet in the business, and he always stays clear of the superkick.

John: Will it be enough to put Genocide out of the business for good?!

Crowe fell on top of Genocide, and waited for the three, but Genocide got the shoulder up at the last possible moment. He tried again, not having the energy to try launching more offense, but the X-Ecutioner champ kicked out again.

John: Geno kicks out! And that may have been Crowe's last gasp in this match-up.

Hank: That right there shows you the difference between a normal superkick, and the Genokick delivered by a true legend.

Crowe rolled off, looking for some way, any way to end it that didn't involve him standing up. Meanwhile, the IKI goons had finally gotten a hold of Isabel, ensuring that her fingers on the buttons didn't do any more damage.


Genocide kicked out of the superkick from Crowe, but he's not sure how. He didn't even know if it was a conscious decision. All he knew was, his jaw hurt like hell, and his career was a split second from being over.]

Paragon: The momentum has swung squarely back into the camp of one Kieran Crowe... after the history these two have had, he'd like nothing more than to be the man responsible for retiring Genocide.

[Crowe stares down as Genocide tries to crawl away. Kieran stalks the X-Ecutioner Champ with a smirk on his face. Paragon was right, he did want this... not only for all the bullshit Genocide had put him through... but retiring Genocide is something that would go down in history as Kieran Crowe's accomplishment... not Weed Man's. Genocide, meanwhile, crawls along the ground in desperation, trying to prolong his career, if only for a few more moments.]

Proctner: It's not looking good for the Geno Junkies out there... it looks like the great Genocide is going to go out crawling around on the floor of some filthy factory.

[Genocide's hand grasps onto the inside of the irregular scrap metal cage and tries to lift himself up. He needed to be on his feet, or he was defenseless. Truth be told, he was pretty defenseless on his feet at this point. If his grandma was still around, she'd tell him that she didn't like his color. His skin was developing a sickly pallor with continued blood loss.]

Paragon: It's not over yet, partner... but it does look like it's getting close. Genocide needs something to turn this match around...


[Genocide shakes his head... was halucination a symptom of blood loss?]

Ron: Psst! Up here!

[Genocide looks up in confusion at GPS First Officer, and lead pipe enthusiast, Ron. He was still handcuffed to the outside of the cage... but his other hand was poking something through an opening in the cage.]

Ron: Go get him boss... just take good care of her.

[A small smirk crosses Genocide's lips as he tucks the lead pipe into his body, hoping to keep it out of sight of Crowe, who was still advancing on the Sadistic Stoner, a look of determination on his face.]

Paragon: Kieran Crowe moving in and looking to end this one...

[Genocide waits until he feels Crowe behind him before striking, spinning on his heels and swinging the pipe in a wide arc. Unfortunately for him, Crowe saw the exchange and ducks. Geno swings past, the pipe banging against the inside of the cage. Geno drops the vibrating weapon in pain before turning right into a high front kick to the upper chest.]

Proctner: Woah! I don't know where he got it, but Geno barely misses taking Crowe's head off with that lead pipe... but it's just left him open to more attacks now!

[The impact of the kick sends Geno back into the cage, which bounces him back out towards Crowe. Genocide ducks a big roundhouse right kick and once again, starts to crawl away for safety.]

Paragon: And now Genocide barely misses a big head shot.

[Geno starts to push himself off the concrete, when his hand feels something hard, smooth, and sharp, all at the same time. He wraps his hand around it and tucks it in close to his body, playing possum.]

Paragon: I'm not sure how either of these men are still moving, let alone fighting. The emotions have run high between these two as we knew they would, and it hasn't disappointed. The blood has flowed freely... if this is Genocide's last match, he shouldn't walk away unhappy... he left it all out there tonight and has nothing to be ashamed of.

Proctner: Crowe moving in for the kill here... woah!

[A quick right hand from Genocide fires up and does a lot more damage than it should have from that position. Crowe staggers back and checks his lip, recognizing the source of the extra pain... that bastard had his glass tipped brass knucks.]

Paragon: Genocide fires back with a right hand that staggers Crowe... and another BIG right!

Proctner: I think... yeah, Geno has a pair of brass knuckles on!

Paragon: Crowe goes down and Genocide moving in for a cover!

Proctner: But it's not gonna be enough, another kickout from Kieran Crowe... as much as Genocide is determined to extend his career, Crowe is just as determined to end it.

[Genocide wondered where Crowe was getting his energy reserves as he once again pushes his body off the ground. At least a little bit was a result of the cocaine still surging through his body.]

Paragon: Now Genocide is the one looking to end it... lining up Kieran Crowe with what appears to be his trademark glass tipped brass knuckles...

Proctner: It's been back and forth action all night long... unbelievable...

[Crowe finally regains his footing and Genocide releases a haymaker.]

Paragon: If he hits this, it's gotta be ov... no! Crowe ducks and catches Geno's arm, spinning him into a full nelson... OHHHH! Dragon suplex on the concrete folds Genocide up!

[After the impact of the back of his head on the hard floor, Geno's lowerbody falls up and over his upper body, all of his weight stacked up over his shoulders.]

Proctner: Oh man! That was sick!

Paragon: It's over! Kieran Crowe just has to make a cover.

[And in Genocide's current condition, a simple hand resting on his back would've been enough. But it wasn't enough as far as Kieran Crowe was concerned. He wasn't done punishing him... he wasn't going to be done until Geno was pleading for his life... and then? It depended on how well Genocide begged.]

Proctner: But he doesn't seem interested in making a cover... check out the look in his eyes... this has been building for a long time, and I think now, it's gonna REALLY get ugly.

Paragon: A nasty kick to those injured ribs flips Genocide onto his stomach... and another one right back over onto his back... and now Crowe is going for that lead pipe... this is not looking good.

[With no menacing threat or witty remark, Crowe simply swings the pipe down into the mouth of Genocide, which instantly brings a yell of pain from Genocide, and even more blood gushing out of his mouth. Geno covers up and rolls onto his stomach, clutching his mouth and kicking his feet in agony.]

Paragon: He's looking to get revenge for that Extractor we saw a few months ago... and it looks like he may have gotten the job done.

[The camera zooms in on Geno's bloody face... blood from his forhead... blood from the end of his nose being bitten off... and now a bloody mouth, complete with three missing front teeth.]

Proctner: He did, look at that! He knocked his teeth out... and he's still not done...

Paragon: Oh no... not that!

[A strange calmess overtakes Crowe as he gives his right foot a small double tap, extending the hidden blade he kept for juuuust this type of situation.]

Proctner: No, not like this... Crowe isn't only looking to end his career... he wants to end his LIFE!

[Meanwhile, Nathan watches the action from the now empty control room... he knew that Storm said to let Karma takes it's course... but he also knew that Storm taught that they were all agents of Karma. Finding this control room... it couldn't be an accident. Karma didn't work like that. Nathan gives himself a nod and heads up to the control panel.]

Paragon: Cronkner might want to think about stepping in here...

Proctner: You saw what he did to Naka earlier, right?

Paragon: Good point... but still, someone needs to do something... Crowe is about to burry that knife into Geno's ribs!

Proctner: Don't look at me! You're the super-hero!

[As Kieran Crowe lines Genocide up and starts to kick, it became apparent that a super-hero wouldn't be neccessary... a large yellow robotic arm suddenly swings wildly without warning, catching Kieran Crowe in the face.]

Proctner: What the hell was that?!

Paragon: I don't know, this machinery has been silent for minutes... but whatever it is, it was the opening Genocide needed!


Both men have pulled out all the stops in this King of the Cage match-up, but the King of the Cage tournament had little importance to the two men fighting each other in the factory. Both had pushed their bodies to tremendous lengths to become the victor, and the blood loss was taking it's toll. Not to mention the internal injuries being carried by both men. right now, Genocide clearly had the upper hand, thanks to the interference of Nathan. Crowe's busted face was broken even more after the robotic arm slammed into his face.

Hank: I don't know how many times we've been sure this match was finished with, but that has to be it.

John: It's lived up to the hype, there's no question about that. Crowe has every right to feel screwed though.

Hank: Come on, Geno! Just a few more feet and you can save your career!

John: He's taking a long time to get there, but I don't think it matters. Crowe isn't moving.

Genocide crawled as quick as he could to Kieran, his ribs making every breath an agonizing experience. It seemed to take forever, but he finally got the arm over Crowe's chest. Earl was quick to drop down, hoping to finally end the bloodshed.

Hank: It's academic at this point. One.... Two......You can't be serious!

John: Crowe's kicked out yet again! Unbelievable. Listen to these fans! They know these two are giving us the best they have.

Hank: I know I've said to never count Weedy out until the bell sounds, but this is madness. How much can he do in his current condition?

John: Genocide isn't doing much better. He can't seem to believe it.

Using some nearby machinery, Genocide pulled himself to his feet, fighting the pain and the fire in his chest that seemed to flare up with each intake of air. He seemed to be at a loss as to what to do next. He just knew that he wanted Crowe to stay down, and that those flailing robotic arms had to be avoided at all costs. He leaned over, putting his head in the hood of a car.

Hank: Genocide's just ripping at something in the car. What's he getting?

John: It looks like a bunch of wires, and Crowe's defenseless.

Hank: How many times have we heard that before? I don't think it means what you think it means?

Genocide put the wires around Crowe's throat, pulling him up to his knees as he choked the life out of him. Crowe wildly flayed his arms for a few seconds, but Genocide used the last of his fading strength to keep the group wires around his throat.

John: The end is in sight. That face will be turning blue before too long.

Hank: Crowe's put in a good fight, but in the end, Genocide's just proven himself to be too good for the Weed Man.

John: Earl's grabbed a hold of Crowe's arm. He raises it up..... and down it goes.

Hank: Just hurry up about it before he's dead, you idiot.

John: Down the arm goes again. One more time and Geno gets the technical submission. Up it goes......No! Jawbreaker! Crowe with the counter out of nowhere!

Crowe had no idea where he pulled the move from. He was sure he was done for, but his last gasp effort had paid off, and now both men were laid out on the floor. He couldn't even go for the cover. The need to put air down his newly re-opened windpipe took precedence. Genocide pulled himself to a crawling position, looking for one more miracle that could save his career.

Hank: I'm still not sure if I made the right bet for this match, but I know I wouldn't want to bet on the winner in the next round.

John: Neither man is ever going to be the same after this match. That's pretty clear. And both men are rising to their feet. The stamina being shown by these two is beyond belief.

Almost hit his head on one of the robotic arms, but managed to move aside, only stumbling a little. He started to approach Genocide, who was backing himself toward the cage wall. Crowe got ready to throw whatever he had left, aiming to use the blade on his boot to finish it off.

Kieran: You're done. Just give it up. Or I swear I'm gunna shiv ya.

Genocide: You'll shiv me anyway.

Kieran: You're right about that.

Crowe threw out a kick, but it was off target by a mile. He was starting to see double, and he'd aimed at the wrong one. His boot met the cage, sending shockwaves of pain racing up his leg. Genocide fired back a counter, but Crowe used the cage to push himself clear.

John: Both men are out on their feet. One wrong move from this point, and it's all over.

Hank: And there's no way either man will be thinking clearly at this point.

The exchange continued, with Genocide getting the upper hand. A chop to Crowe's throat dropped him to his knees. Genocide moved in for the killer strike, but was surprised by a rising knee to the gut. He doubled over, and Crowe grabbed his head, falling back on the concrete.

John: I don't know what he calls that now but all the Weed Man fans out there would know be screaming......

Hank: Smoking his Ass! That trademark X-Factor has taken down some of the best people in the business.

John: Crowe just needs to turn Genocide over and get the cover.

Kieran used what he had left to turn Genocide over this was it. It was finally done. Even Inferno couldn't kick out after taking this much punishment. Surely, Genocide had to be finished.

Hank: I think I'm gonna cry. We're about to see the last of Genocide.

John: Earl in with the count. There's the one, the two...... I don't believe it!

Hank: It's a miracle!

No, Genocide hadn't kicked out. Something far worse had happened. Nathan had figured out the controls of the robotic arms. As Crowe was down for the cover, two of the robotic arms had gotten hold off him and lifted him off his arch-nemesis.

John: Crowe has been screwed yet again. This was done. Who's at the controls of those things anyway?!

Hank: We don't seem to have any cameras up there, but when I find out who it is I just might be gay for them.

John: I wouldn't want to be the person whos done that when Crowe catches up with them.

Crowe struggles uselessly against the arms holding him tight. Realising just how screwed he is, he lets out an howl of frustration that made any who heard it cringe.


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