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DETAILS: Our old friend Barbed Wire Cage makes an appearance for this match, with a different twist. This time, it's a Tapei Death Match inside the barbed wire. Each contestant will have his hands and forearms wrapped in tape, then dipped in glue, and then dipped in crushed glass. To win the match you have to climb the cage and escape - remember, the barbed wire cage has no door, so the only way out is up and over.

RP RULES: ]: All King of the Cage tournament matches are seventy-two hours with a three posts per day hard cap. In addition, there is a two hour continuation rule, meaning that one wrestler may not post back-to-back flashes until at least two hours has passed from the posting time of the first flash.

RP JUDGES: Living Deadgirl/Cedrick Caesar - Tiebreaker Krusher


Marcus and Ryan sat in the Destructive End locker room. There were still sour grapes between the two over how things had gone for them lately. Omega seemed consumed by the notion that Johnny Rude knew about his past, one way or another. A past that Omega knew very little about. Carnage was convinced that this was just mind tricks from the Anti Christ All Star. He knew The Prodigal Son was vulnerable when it came to his personal life and Rude was merely playing on that, much like Grigori Rasputin had done. However, there was legit history between Rude and Omega and an ugly one at that. Then again, Johnny didn't seem to leave any positive lasting impressions on anyone. Not that Carnage and Omega had positive history themselves. The former One, at one point, implemented the same kind of tactics Rude was using now to gain a mental edge over Omega. It was something he was pretty certain of and familiar with.

Johnny Rude was full of shit and Carnage couldn't afford to have Omega off his game.

Not when they were facing against another tag team, though individually.

Matt McDervish, the most recent One World Champion, selected the first One World Champion. Carnage only wanted the victory. He had been coming up short in that department lately and needed a sign that his return from retirement was the right thing to do and that he wouldn't tarnish his sure fire, first ballot Hall of Fame career. It was about damn pride too. Omega's case was a bit different. Though The Prodigal Son had heard of both Matt McDervish and Cian Maccormack, he never had met either prior to the King of the Cage selection show and certainly hadn't seen them in action. Omega was usually the avid study. He watched tape on his opponent hours on end but he hadn't gotten a chance to this time. He had been too busy dealing with Jason Storm, Johnny Rude and now Holland. It was something that plagued Omega.


Carnage: What do you see when you look in the mirror, Marcus?

Omega's green eyes suddenly drifted over to his partner. There had been a slight, unspoken rift since they were defeated by Name To Follow in their first match as a tag team. A silent schism between them as they stood divided and on opposite ends of the locker room, each preparing for their own King of the Cage match. It wasn't because they suffered the loss and not even because they were flat and looked out of sync throughout.

It was because they were on different paths, had different goals, were different men.

Carnage wanted one last moment of greatness. They always said he could never succeed and it was always a different reason. He proved them wrong every time, quelled any argument against him...all except one. His age. Once he proved he didn't need a cane or wheelchair to ascend to the top of the sport was when he would feel good. They'd run out of excuses. They'd run out of doubt.

Omega wanted to prove himself. Everyone knew the ability he possessed. Found and bred by Lars and the Blood Brothers, it was evident early on that Omega was a physical and emotional wrestler. He left blood, sweat and tears in the ring every single time and his uncanny gift to adjust to his opponent in seemingly any type of match was incredible. So why the need to still prove himself? It always seemed that mentally, The Prodigal Son had to many demons to overcome. Past, present and future all seemed to haunt him. Sooner or later he'd receive the acclaim he deserved or...everyone would watch his plummet as he crawled towards the summit.

Marcus took a few moments to realize that Ryan had asked him a question before finally registering and digesting it enough to reply.

Omega: I see Saint and Sinner. I see Angel and Demon. I see Success and Failure. I see Victory and Defeat...

His voice trailed off. This event would truly prove a lot to everyone and to Omega himself about what he was destined for. Some feel he was given a free pass to the tournament by winning a Max Entropy Invitational only because Max Entropy never showed up and defeating an Angelica Grim who seemed clearly distracted. Considering Omega's only other major tournament was a first round loss in the Bar Room Brawl to Aurora and all the doubt was well warranted.

The Prodigal Son had a chance to change that...

Carnage: I think it's time for you to decipher which man you are, Marcus. Good luck against Cian Maccormack.

He had walked over to Omega and held out his hand. Marcus' emerald orbs studied Ryan's extended hand before lifting his already bandaged hand out and shook it firmly. He nodded...

Omega: And you against Matt McDervish, friend.

The First One then left to battle the Last One.

And Omega stared back at the mirror, back at his reflection. Tonight he defeated uncertainty. Tonight he was battling himself as much as he was battling Cian Maccormack.


Omega would leave Marcus behind in the locker room and go out to that ring CERTAIN.

John Paragon: Once again we like to thank all you Fed-X fans for joining us tonight, as we broadcast the first round of the King of the Cage Tournament. There are no words to describe the feelings, emotions, and mood in this arena tonight. All these men, and women are competing in hopes of winning to prove they are in fact the best of the best.

Hank Proctner: I would not necessarily say this tournament is housing the best of the best. I mean you have Cian MacMoron, Phil Monotone, and Matt McFatty all competing in this event. In my opinion the presences of those three clearly show this is not the best of the best.

John Paragon: I sorely disagree, Phil Stone has had quite an impressive career over the years. The man has been King of Karma Champion five times. A great accomplishment. Matt McDervish is one of the hardest workers around, the man gives every single match his all. Matt's dedication to this sport is the reason why he is the current One World Champion. Cian Maccormack has been in this business for nearly six years now, and when the man is active, he always quietly rises to the top of the fed. Cian is by far one of the most well unknown wrestlers in this industry.

Hank Proctner: Stating facts pertaining to the other organization is basically a moot point. Their accomplishments there mean nothing here. Fed X has had a long and proud tradition to be the home of the most talented and greatest wrestlers to ever enter the world of wrestling. Now, there is no pressure on Omega tonight, but the man is representing Fed X tonight. There is no shadow of doubt Omega can pull off the victory. However, if The Prodigal Son were to lose, and it's a big if; he would ultimately bring shame to Fed X.

John Paragon: I think saying he would bring shame is a bit overboard, Cian is a solid performer, and a very tough opponent. Many people in the past have made the mistake of undermining his abilities which have resulted in a lost for that individual. I'm not saying I want Cian to win, because I want to see Omega win tonight. I want to see Fed X as a whole succeed, and claim victory in the King of the Cage Tournament. I just simply refuse to hear any negative thoughts or claims on The Boston Native. As I do not believe he one that should be taken lightly.

Hank Proctner: If the selection show is any indication on how this whole thing is going to go down, Omega has the win, easy. Did you not see how Aaron manhandled Cian the other day? Then Joe Power! I am not even going to go into how Johnny has defeated and humiliated Cian many times in the other organization.

John Paragon: You mean like the time Cian defeated Johnny for the Universal Carnage title?

Hank Proctner: Cian's victory is open for debate.

John Paragon: How so?

Hank Proctner: It...it...it just is! Cian should never have gotten the title shot in the first place! There are too many suspicious things going on, and there is no doubt in my mind Cian is making backdoor deals with someone. Let just drop this okay. Lets just agree Omega is going to come down here, humiliate Cian, climb over the barbwire cage, and move onto the second round, okay?

John Paragon: Like I mentioned, I would love to see Omega win this one, but I will not rule out a Shirtless Wonder victory.

[The two commentators continue to make pointless banter back and fourth. Primarily, their bantering is nothing more than just circular arguments. Neither one of them is right or wrong. However, these are just merely their opinions. Everyone has the right to an opinion, whether they are right or wrong. As we all know though when someone has an opposing view, they typically are wrong. The truth of the matter is both Omega and Cian are solid performers. Both men give a match all they got, and nothing less. Fans will love them both regardless of who wins, or who loses. They fans want a match to remember, a match they can recall at a later time with their buddies at a local pub. They want blood, they want entertainment. Both men are capable of providing both. The question is just who will win, and who will lose?]

[The fans have been relatively quiet as they wait for the match to begin, or at least until one of the two men enter the arena. Their expectations are set relatively high for this match. Both men confined into a barbwire cage; their hands and forearms wrapped, glued, and covered in broken glass. EMT's are at the ringside, just to administer aid at the end of the match, or if one of them die. Secretly, we all wish for the kind of action which results in a death; our society is a collection of secretly sick, twisted, sadistic, and morbid individuals. The fans wait though, and continue to wait. Until finally the moment they have been waiting for, "Not Dark Yet" by Bob Dylan begins to slowly play over the P.A. system. This can only be one man, nobody has ever used Bob Dylan for entrance music, and they should. Bob Dylan is awesome, get over it!]

[Typically, all fans erupt in uproarious joy at this sound, as this indicates Cian is about to make an amazing entrance. However, we are in Fed X, and Cian is representing the other nefarious wrestling organization. So, the men jeer, but the women cheer (they always do). The Shirtless Wonder steps fourth from behind the curtain and onto the ramp. He is showered by the mixture of both love and hate, loathing and admiration, respect and repulsion. Cian makes his way down the ramp, the cheering from the women override the jeers from the men. The women toss: roses, panties, gift baskets, room keys, first born sons, their cellular phone numbers, and gift cards to Chuck-A-Rama. Nothing says fine dining like Chuck-A-Rama. True story. The Boston Native simply flashes his notorious panty dropping grin, and panties drop through out the world. Chance typically forgoes wearing any underwear, so she is spared, for now.]

[Just when things in the arena could not get any sexier, Cian's patented tight white t-shirt inconspicuously disappears at the blink of an eye. The legendary chest is exposed, the scars from Mortality are still embedded into it. Also, Adam Draven's little stunt of carving up the chest was only temporary. Plastic surgery took care of his hard work. Anywho, the ladies become overwhelmed by his sexiness, and they begin to faint one by one. The men continue to display their outrage by tossing beer bottles. Thankfully, the beer bottles are only plastic. They despise Cian as he represents everything they loathe and hate, primarily the other organization. If Cian were to stay in Fed X they would totally love him, and have a huge man crush on him.]

[Cian reaches down at the bottom of the ramp. A stands by and slathers the glue on the taped hands and forearms. While the techie is doing this, Cian glaces above at the barbwire cage. The cage will be set in place once both men are in the ring. Seeing the cage almost reminds Cian of the time he fought Carnage, as their match in OWC was a barbwire ropes match. A few years later, Cian is facing Carnage's tag partner in a barbwire cage match. The techie is done slathering the glue, Cian walks over to the barrel with the broke glass and shoves both arms in. As he pulls his arms out, they glisten as the lights from above reflect onto them. The Boston Native finally slides into the ring, gets to his feet, and watches the top of the ramp. He waits for his opponent.]

[And yes, the song finally stopped playing


Shelly Simmons: Thank you Mr. Maccormack for agreeing to do this interview with me. I know you are busy, and you need your rest for you big match tomorrow night against Omega.

Cian Maccormack: Not a problem Shelly, I'm more than happy to do this interview.

Shelly Simmons: I'll promise to try to keep this short.

[She flashed a simple smile as she looked at Cian as he sat across from her. They were inside The Emerald Saint's temporary locker room. Behind Shelly stood her cameramen. In her hand were some notes, she shifted the hair in front of her face and relocated it behind her right ear. Shelly cleared her throat, and signaled she was ready to begin.]

Shelly Simmons: Hello Fed X fans...this is Shelly Simmons speaking...and with me today is a special guest to Fed X...Cian Maccormack. Now, as many of you are aware, Mr. Maccormack here is the sixth seed in the King of the Cage Tournament. He will be facing off against Fed X's very own "Prodigal Son" Omega in a barbwire cage match. Now, Cian you had to choose between facing off against Aaron Action...and Omega. You ended up choosing Omega...he is currently Carnage's tag partner. Your current tag partner...Matt McDervish...ended up picking Carnage. Don't you find this all to be coincidental?

[A sly, foxish smile took shape upon Cian's face as he reflected upon her question.]

Cian Maccormack: If you are implying this was all a setup...I am afraid it simply was not. I had no idea who Matt was going to pick until the moment he said Carnage's name. As for me...I simply flipped a coin. Things could have played out differently had Aaron called the flip...I might have wound up facing him. However, Aaron refused...he just kept begging me to choose him. So, the way things played out during the selection show was just a coincidence.

Shelly Simmons: Speaking of Aaron...as you stated...or as you put it...he begged you to choose him. I wouldn't say he was, but he definitely called you out. Why did you just not choose him? Why did you insist on flipping the coin? Aaron would have been a formidable opponent, and I believe the two of you would have put on a great show. So, why did you not say his name?


John Paragon: Cian has arrived, and he's ready to go. Any moment now, Omega will be down here...and what will be an epic match will begin.

Hank Proctner: The sooner Omega gets out here...the sooner he can defeat MacIdiot. I just absolutely despise and loathe the man. I hate his shirtless ways...as it is unnatural. Nobody should be forced to see his well chiseled chest, those washboard abs, or his well define arms. Seriously, how do the women find his dashing, charming, and rugged good looks to be sexy? I don't get it! I just don't get it!

[The fans begin chanting out Omega's name (except the women for they have been smitten by Cian). The fans want to see their Fed X hero arrive, they want to see their beloved wrestler claim victory and move onto the next round. Will Omega win? Will Cian win? Will one of them die? Be hospitalized? Will there be a wardrobe malfunction? Will there be cake? Stay tuned to find out.]


The Prodigal Son turned away from the mirror in his locker room, leaving Marcus and his personal problems with Johnny B Rude behind. It was a necessary exorcism of sorts. For Omega, the wrestler, to be successful he needed to learn how to subdue his emotions. It was hard for Marcus. He used emotion in the ring, fed off it. He felt as if wrestling without that emotion would hinder him somehow, relegate him to a man with no charisma or energy.

Downgrade his abilities to a Phil Stone level.

However, acting all on heart didn't always lead to victories. Omega had fought valiantly and hard against Jason Storm for the Superstar Title at Federation X's last PPV, Gold Rush. A match that was originally a "Fall From Grace" Scaffold Match but after Johnny Rude appeared, it had become falls count anywhere and anything goes match. Marcus had allowed those emotions to rule him and conquer his will and his hatred for both Rude and Storm probably cost him the match and the Championship. Had Omega wrestled smarter...

It was too late to harp on what might have been. All that mattered was the here and now and that was the first round of The King of the Cage tournament and his opponent, Cian Maccormack.

As Omega left the locker room (and Marcus behind) he was met by backstage interviewer Shelly Simmons. She smiled at Omega but it wasn't in the same demeanor she had smiled with Cian. The two nodded, agreeing on the interview and Omega's green eyes watched as the cameraman got in position and signaled for Shelly to begin..

Shelly Simmons: I'm now here with Federation X representative, Omega! Omega, tonight you face sixth seeded Cian Maccormack. Now I posed this same question to your opponent. Do you think it was planned or just a coincidence that Matt McDervish chose Carnage and Cian Maccormack then chose you despite Aaron Action's demands for Cian to choose him?

Omega: I assume you mean that Cian and Matt being partners picked Carnage and I, also partners?

Shelly: Of course.

Omega: Could Cian have had a double sided coin? Did he know Aaron would come out and call him out? Is their strategy to take out two of the stronger Federation X representatives who weren't seeded? All that is irrelevant to me, Shelly. I respect Cian's body..of work. The man is a consummate professional. He isn't Johnny Rude or Jason Storm. That being said, I have prepared myself in the proper manner to face Cian. The better wrestler will win tonight.

Shelly: How about the whispers that you don't have what it takes to make it far in this tournament against some more accomplished wrestlers? Your three years combined tenure in both Wrassle and Federation X makes you one of the least experienced competitors in this pool of sixteen. You're only other such tournament was a first round Bar Room Brawl loss to Aurora and your admission to this tournament, though you've had exceptional success the last two months since awakening from your five month coma, was through winning a Max Entropy Invitational that featured a seemingly distracted Angelica Grim and a Max Entropy who went missing in action. Do you feel that doubt it merited?

Omega couldn't tell if Shelly was still swooning over previous interview with Cian or if it was just hot in here but he could see the beads of sweat begin to form on her forehead. He decided to make his next answer a bit more concise..

Omega: All men have obstacles, barriers and naysayers to overcome. Carnage has age to deal with. McDervish maybe if he is legit and can come off winning back to back major events. I'll say this much, Shelly. I always leave everything inside that ring and even in defeat...I'll feel confident knowing that I gave Cian everything Omega had to offer..

And with that The Prodigal Son nodded to Shelly and turned away, making his way down towards the ring..


"Savior Sorrow" by Mushroomhead begins to play and Omega makes his way down the ramp. He received a warmer reception that Cian did, the Federation X faithful obviously rooting their "team" in this tournament, hell even Rude would get some applause. As he made his way down the ramp, his already bandaged hands and forearms led the commentators to speak about which match the men would be participating in.

John Paragon: The crowd firmly behind Omega here, give or take a single lady or soccer mom or two here.

Hank Proctner: I am by no means an Omega supporter but for tonight, in the interest of Federation X, I'll be bias.

Paragon: And you aren't bias any other time before?

Proctner: Bias? No. Do I have guys I rather root for? Damn straight. Omega is just lucky that it's him tonight.

Paragon: Well both men will fight inside a Barbed Wired Cage and have to climb up and over to win. However, a twist is added here folks. Both men will have their hands and forearms wrapped in bandages, dipped in glue and have glass, sharp metal and any other fragments or pieces you can think of stuck to it. One has to think Omega chose this match thinking he had an advantage. He is used to wrestling with those bandages. They've been customary for him throughout his career.

Proctner: And for a guy like Cian who likes to wear nothing but his birthday suit, you have to think he'll be a bit uncomfortable.

Paragon: Well The Shirtless Wonder will have some added attire tonight, I'll agree on that. It may or may not be a deterrent for him. We'll have to wait and see...

Proctner: We won't have to wait much longer, John. They're lowering the barbed wired cage!


[The phone rings, The Shirtless Wonder answers the call without hesitation. He may not be close to many people, for Cian does have quite a bit of trust issues he has yet to deal with. At first there is only silence, there is a soft, faint whimpering sound. The river of tears can be heard as it rushes down the checks, and falls from the jawline. The silence is only be filled with heartache, remorse, and loneliness.]

Cian Maccormack: Talk to me Emma.

[Emma Dilemma, the hottest secretary in the history of secretaries. The mother of Dashiell Dilemma, the genetically engineered baby who has the D.N.A. composite of all the coolest wrestlers of all time. Except for Killall, his D.N.A. was added into the mix out of spite. Anywho, Emma is the M.I.L.F. Extraordinaire. Long time friend, companion, and employee to the now deceased Hardcore K. Even though there has been times she has been without Hardcore K, mainly when he's being kidnapped, or when he was a fugitive. She always knew he would be back. Now, there is no coming back. He's been gone now for over a week. Emma is distraught, and heartbroken. She doesn't reply, she simply continues to sob.]

Cian Maccormack: I miss him too Emma. We all miss...Hardcore K.

[She clears her throat, wipes the tears from eyes. She takes a deep breath, the words do not come easy.]

Emma Dilemma: Dash...he...he keeps asking when Hardcore K is coming back.

[The world through a child's eyes are the most pleasant. They are innocent. They know nothing of pain, agony, and loss. They do know what hate means, or what it feels like to be hated. If only we never had to grow up in this dark, and hard world. We all might enjoy life a bit more. We would not feel like this at all.]

Cian Maccormack: How is the little guy holding up?

Emma Dilemma: Good...good...he just...misses...Hardcore K as much as I do. I'm just lost you know? I sit here...and I try...I try so hard to get over his death. I look to you...and I wonder how you were able to get through all your losses. First Nev, than your child with Beth, and Cyndi...and Hardcore K.

[Alcohol, the resolution to all life's problems from which it creates.]

Cian Maccormack: Time...it takes time Emma. Getting over a loss...is never easy...nor does it ever. We just have to...reflect on the great memories. We have to fight to keep those memories alive in our heart. I'll always be here for you Emma. Any time of day...morning...afternoon...in the middle of the night.

[The tears are pouring hard, but she tries to fight through. Cian tries to soak up his pain, he has to be strong for Emma at the very least.]

Emma Dilemma: Thanks Cian...and...maybe I'll take you up on your offer to go to New York. There were a lot of great...and bad memories there with Hardcore K. However, I think getting back to work with my secretarial duties will really help me out. Get me out of this...this emotional roller coaster.

Cian Maccormack: Take all the time you need.

Emma Dilemma: Well...I better let you go. You have a big...big day tomorrow. Good luck with your match. Be careful though. Bye Cian.

Cian Maccormack: Take care Emma.

[The call ends.]

[Losing a loved one is hard. When you keep losing loved ones, it never gets easier, just harder. Cian sits at the edge of his hotel bed. His face is masked by his hands. The names of the people he's ever cared about, and he can see the faces as he thinks about their names.]

[He is and always will be alone.]


[Both men stand in the ring. Their eyes are locked onto the barbwire cage as it is lowered, and finally set into place. The bell rings, and the match has begun. Respect is a quality both men have, which is rare these days. Well, even back in the day respect was hard to come by. No matter what we are not debating about the history of respect among peers. We are focusing on these two fine wrestlers. They shake hands, at least as best as they can. Regardless, the gesture is all that matter. The fans ate it up, in unison they all did this...]

Fans in Unison: Awww....

[Yes, cheesy and very corny. They did it, get over it. Now, time get done to business. At first they circle one another. Like a vultures do around a dead carcass. No? Not that analogy? How about one about three puppies, and a one legged frog? No? Fine. Anyways, they are getting a sense of one another. They are feeling each others vibes, and their aura. Their arms are slightly elevated. This means they are looking for the opportunity to grapple. Exciting stuff, seriously.]

Hank Proctner: Wow...this is already a snooze fest.

John Paragon: The match just barely started. Matches such as this take time...and grace.

Hank Proctner: Grace? What are you talking about grace? It's not like the stipulations said to dance the foxtrot or the waltz with one another. Blood should have already been split like thirty seconds ago. Their arms and hands are covered in shards of glass, and they are in a barbwire cage...A BARBWIRE CAGE!

John Paragon: I think everyone is fully aware they are in a barbwire cage.

Hank Proctner: Obviously the only ones who don't are the ones who should! Neither one of them have attempted to toss the other into the cage. The fans paid to see blood...we...we are all watching this to see blood to be shed! Dangnabit, I want to see these two tear each other apart! I want to see Cian's beautiful, and manly face be ripped to shreds already! None of this whole...dancing...and trying to court one another baloney!

John Paragon: As I said...matches like these take grace. If they start tearing into one another now...they will be done with in a matter of minutes. They'll burn out, and we'll be bored.

Hank Proctner: Pfft...whatever.

[The two opponents finally lock down on one another. They size up in strength fairly well, neither one gets the upper hand. Until, Omega uses the glass covered hand in his favor. How? Omega grips down, and rips his left hand away. This causes the first drop of blood to be shed. The back of Cian's neck is sliced open, hurt likes a beyotch, but manageable at the very least. However, Cian's reaction costs him. Omega slams the bottom of his foot into Cian's abdomen. The Shirtless Wonder hunches forward, Omega wraps his arms around the neck and drills Cian into the mat. The fans (mainly the fellas, children and some ladies) are on their feet. They let Omega know they are behind him 98.789564%]

Hank Proctner: That's my boy Omega!

John Paragon: Your boy? Since when did Omega become your boy?

Hank Proctner: The moment MacMoron selected him. The moment we saw Omega in all his glory enter the arena...representing...Federation X! All I ask is Omega not to screw up. I mean it's not like he is facing BasketCase...Geno...or Holland. He is facing Cian...a poor man's Stuntman Colt Calhoun! If Omega manages to find...yes...find a way to lose this one...he should be banished from Fed X...

[Insert a dramatic pause here, please. Thanks]

Hank Proctner:...FOREVER!

John Paragon: Just out of curiosity...did you bet on Omega to win?

Hank Proctner: No...I still have my dignity. I would never bet on Omega...never!

[Awkward silence decides to hangout for just a moment, you know just to kick back relax and enjoy the show. Also to provide a bit of filler.]

Hank Proctner: Okay...I might have put a small fortune on Omega...not a lot though.

[Omega had the early advantage, he put Cian into the mat with simple but effective DDT. He followed the DDT with an Elbow Drop, and a Leg Drop. Taking things a bit slow, trying to wear down the opponent. The match also has to be paced, otherwise as John pointed out, both will wind up tired, and burned out. Omega with a fistful of Cian's stylishly messy hair dragged the Fed X guest to his feet. Cian was still in a bit of a daze. Omega clenched down onto Cian's right arm. The Prodigal Son was about to send Boston's Favorite Son into the barbwire cage. They was were on the edge of their seat, they were silent and attentive. Unfortunately, as the saying goes about the best laid plans of mice and men; Cian ended up putting Omega into the cage. The fans were not happy. The women for the most part were.]

Hank Proctner: Okay...maybe I put a whole lot of money down. Omega is a shoo-in to win though. This is nothing...nothing to worry about. Besides, if impossible does happen. Omega is going to be paying my bookie...Jorge Hernandez...not me.

[Omega was pinned up against the barbwire cage. His flesh was intertwined with the steel. There was only two ways out of this. One, Cian rips him away. Two, Omega bites down, bares the pain, and frees himself. The Shirtless Wonder at this time was checking the cut on his neck. Not easy to do when your hand is covered in broken glass, it's bleeding steadily, not bad, just annoying. The Prodigal Son tears the flesh off as he rips away from the barbwire.]

[As Cian glances upward, Omega is rushing right for him. There is nothing Cian can do, no time to react. Omega tears Cian down with a huge clothesline. Bits of glass wind up digging into Cian's chest as he goes down. Once Cian hits the mat, Omega takes a breather, but is ready to dish out more. How much longer will the match last for? How many pints of blood will be shed? Are there any real vampires in attendance? If so, that would totally suck, big time. Stay tuned to find out.]


Paragon: Down goes Cian Maccormack!

Proctner: That's what I'm talking about Omega! Win daddy some money!

The Boston Native must have now been wishing he picked the Son of the South instead of The Prodigal Son. Omega's green eyes glared down at The Shirtless Wonder. Blood had been spilled and the fans were now beginning to get on their feet. The process of two men feeling out their opponent was now over and the Federation X faithful were anxious to see if their representative would prevail and continue to take it to Cian. Omega didn't disappoint. He was bleeding from a few minor cuts on his chest but he began stomping into the downed Maccormack relentlessly. Cian tried to crawl towards some sort of safety but Omega would allow him to find none. He promptly knelt down and placed Cian in a Camel Clutch, grinding bits of sharp glass and even jagged rock under his chin as he bent the Shirtless Wonder's back in the a direction it was not meant to go. Omega grunted with determination. Cian Maccormack winced in pain.

And woman around the world fainted.

Paragon: Omega now in control. He has Cian in a Camel Clutch. Maccormack can't get any leverage and whatever is stuck to those taped forearms and hands of Omega seemed to be digging into and under Cian's mandible.

Proctner: That's smart, John. Even though you can't win by submission, The Prodigal Son is using the bandages as a weapon. I don't think MacMoron has figured out that this is Taipei Death Match yet. I haven't seen him utilize his bandages yet!

This much was true but Cian definitely wasn't thinking about that right now. He tried to outmuscle or overpower The Prodigal Son but Omega was stubborn and didn't let up an inch. He had that Camel Clutch locked in tight and The Shirtless Wonder knew he was in trouble. He could feel warm blood trickling down from under his chin and trailing down his neck and resting on his exposed chest. That seemed to awaken something in him and he realized that even though Omega had him in a prickly predicament, he could still escape by using the same method his opponent was using.

He lifted his bandaged forearms up and scraped them right above where Omega's skin began and the protection of the bandages stopped. The sound of ripping flesh never sounded better to Cian. Omega yelled out but to Maccormack's surprise, Omega still tried to maintain the submission. It was an amazing display of tolerance but Cian knew he needed to get free of Omega's grip. He felt the The Prodigal Son's hold begin to weaken just a bit and that was all the opening Maccormack would need. The Shirtless Wonder managed to throw his head back and catch Omega square in the nose. Cian groaned and held the back of his head as Omega toppled off of him.

It hurt but..he was now free.

Omega fell to the mat clutching his nose, certain it was broken but when he pulled his hand away, not even a trace of blood was found. His emerald orbs narrowed as he got to his feet but Maccormack had risen first and laid into him with a right hand that ripped Omega's cheek open. Marcus staggered back and now a left from Cian shredded his other cheek open. He stumbled back again and could nearly feel the barbed wired tips scratch against his back. Maccormack, now riding a bit of momentum, decided to charge at Omega. Marcus had it scouted and he ducked a wild clothesline from The Shirtless Wonder. Cian's eyes widened but he stopped just inches from the barbed wired wall and he and thousands of women everywhere took a collective breath, glad to see Cian's chest avoid harm.


Until Omega noticed that Cian had managed to come to an abrupt stop before he reached the unforgiving barbed wire and Omega jumped up before delivering a dropkick perfectly placed in the middle of Maccormack's back. Gasps rained down as Cian fell forward and his chest was ripped open by the sharp tips. He let out a scream before ripping himself from the wall and turning back to The Prodigal Son. A swift suplex took Cian back down to the mat hard and the crowd was cheering the bloodshed..

Paragon: This capacity crowd is on it's feet enjoying the carnage they are witnessing in the ring, Hank.

Proctner: That's not Carnage, John. That's Omega. Wrong Destructive End member. Geez and I thought you were supposed to be the smart one.

Paragon: I'd love to add to that but somehow I'm going to refrain. Instead I'm going to comment on that impressive suplex Omega just landed on Cian Maccormack. The Prodigal Son is on his feet and..Yes! I think he's going to climb the cage! Is this premature, Hank?

Proctner: No. We're already fast foreplay. Anytime after that is acceptable.

Omega proceeds with caution. The barbed wired wall isn't as sturdy as a steel cage. He reaches up and is careful not to get a finger snagged in the sharp tips and begins his ascent. Cian is on the canvas and is just beginning to stir. Omega starts to feel a bit more confident and picks up the pace and it doesn't seem as if Maccormack is going to get up and figure out what is going on in time to stop Omega's exit.

Cian Maccormack: I can't fail. I'll let the few I have left down. This is for the ones who aren't here. This...is for you Hardcore K..

And in one desperate motion, Cian sacrifices his body and dives into the barbed wired wall, shaking it just enough for Omega to lose his footing just as he was about to make a move. The Prodigal Son slips, his shoulder rips down and into a protruding tip and he winces before the pain resonates throughout his body and then...

He falls.

Falls from more than halfway up the wall and lands dead center in the ring.

Proctner: No!!!!

Paragon: Cian with a dive into that wall and it knocks Omega off and back down to earth! Maccormack now has a free path up the wall. I don't see how Omega can recover fast enough following that unexpected descent!

Proctner: Damn that moderately handsome Shirtless Wonder!

Paragon: Moderately handsome?

Proctner: Fine! Slightly above average...

Paragon: Again, I think I'll be leaving that comment alone. Now, in the ring, Cian Maccormack seems all poised to..Wait a minute! Wait a minute! Cian's bandaged forearm is stuck to the barbed wire! He can't move!

Proctner: Yes! Haha! Guess that glue doesn't dry fast enough, John!

Paragon: I'm not sure if it's the glue or if the bandage itself is caught but whatever it is it's hindering Maccormack from moving and it's a lucky break for Omega! It's anyone's match now!


[There is no worse feeling in the world than the feeling of being trapped. Think of a brave, noble, and valiant soldier fighting for his country during WWI. In the vast empty fields between the trenches there was barbwire laid out. The soldier, along with his friends and allies try to rush through the no mans land. Only the soldier gets caught, entangled into the enemies barbwire. The soldier does not withstand a chance, there is nothing that can be done. Death was the only way out. The enemy's machine would put the soldier out of his misery. All because of being caught by barbwire.]

[There Cian stood, bound to the cage, unable to break free. The Shirtless Wonder desperately tries to pull away, break free of this moderately inconvenient predicament he has found himself in. His right forearm was now one with the barbwire cage. Entangled into the barbwire like the soldier who tried to breakthrough no mans land into his enemies trench. Hopeless and helpless. There is nothing he can do. Except for trying to pry away. Majority of the fans are going wild over this, they know as long as Cian is stuck, he's at Omega's mercy. Heck, Omega could even try to ascend the cage again. Only one problem, Omega laid out in the ring, lifeless.]

Hank Proctner: Look at MacIdiot out there...he is such a imbecile! If only Omega were to get up!

[Cian desperately continues to free himself, but to no avail. The Prodigal Son begins to show signs of life, the fall knocked the wind out of him, but slowly and surely he is recovering. The fact nearly all the Fed X fans were chanting his name was providing adequate amounts of motivation. There is nothing like the sounds of screaming fans calling out your name at the top of their lungs. Nor there is nothing like having a woman call out your name during some hot sex right before the big finale. Nor is there is anything more disappointing for that woman when you just can't hold out for the last twenty minutes she needs to reach the feeling of eternal bliss and fulfillment. Zing? No? Pfft...whatever it totally deserved a zing.]

Hank Proctner: Come on Omega! You can do it! You can do it! Get up! Get up! You need to get up. Not just for me...but the fans...but mainly me!

John Paragon: The sounds of these fans calling out Omega's name is just deafening! They are rallying behind their Fed X star.


Cian Maccormack: Well Shelly...I could have called out Aaron's name...and I'm sure we would have put on an excellent show for the fans. However, I wanted to let fate decide which of the two Fed X stars I should face. I believe what happened...happened for a reason.

Shelly Simmons: Fair enough. Now what about the drama that unfolded in the ring during the selection show. Do you have any thoughts to express to individuals who attacked you after you made your announcement?

Cian Maccormack: The only thing I have to say is...karma can be a real beyotch. Joe will learn there are consequences for certain actions. As for the IKI business...they will be dealt with accordingly. I have to temporarily look past what occurred, and what happened to me. For now I have to focus on the match I have with Omega tomorrow.

[Shelly simply smiles, and nods at the statement. Obviously, this does seem to be a rational approach. There is no need to worry about petty stuff. Doing so will throw a person off their game, make them lose focus. Cian needed to be focused. He needs to win this tournament.]

Shelly Simmons: I would agree you do need to focus on the match you have tomorrow. After all the two of you are going to be essentially trapped in a barbwire cage, while your forearms and hands are covered in broken glass. Do you feel you are ready though? Both mentally and physically? The last month has not been good for you in both aspects.

[Cian sat silently, he stared over at Shelly with a blank expression. The question on Cian's mind was quite simply, is anyone really ready? Sure, people can prepare, train, and appear to be ready. However, there are too many variables that can be factored into how a match can play out. There are just too many variables to adequately prepare anyone. Nobody is ever ready. It is a natural ignorance, and one not to be ashamed of. Being involved in a tournament such as the King of the Cage is just overwhelming. Shelly sat there waiting for a verbal response. Her hungry eyes locked onto Cian.]

Cian Maccormack: The last month has not been easy on me...with losing loved ones...being part of most epic story ever told...while suffering from various injuries. I am unfortunately able to provide an honest answer as to whether or not I am ready. In some aspects I guess I am ready...in others...I can't say confidently that I am. The only way we will find out is by watching the match tomorrow. Plain and simple.


[The thunderous sounds of the fans clapping, their deafening cries for Omega to get up fuels his soul. Sluggishly, Omega begins to turn on his stomach, he gets onto his hands and knees. The fans continue to call out his name. Hank is probably the loudest supporter at the current moment. The fans want a Fed X victory, they need it just as much as Omega needs it. A representative from the other organization simply cannot walk into Fed X and win a match such as this. For doing so is unacceptable.]

[Baby steps, just baby steps. There is no need to rush, for Cian is stuck to the barbwire cage. How pathetic, but exciting. Omega pushes himself up. Fans are on the edge of their seats. Finally, Omega stands tall and proud, showered by the love and adoration of his Fed X fans. Their is not one person sitting down, except for John, he sits. Hank on the other hand is jumping up and down for joy, grabbing his partners shoulders and shaking them wildly. Omega pumps his right fist into the air, he has the crowd in the palm of his hand.]

[The Prodigal Son gazes at Cian, watching the pathetic and sad display. The Fed X star cracks a smile, but at that moment, our beloved hero broke free. The Shirtless Wonder in all his shirtless glory makes a mad dash towards Omega. Calculating the movement, Omega once again is able to duck, tuck, and roll out of harms way. Omega springs back up to his feet like a ravaged bunny rabbit. Cian turns around, only to receive a huge boot to the jaw. The spine tingling Superkick stuns the infamous shirtless hero in his position.]

Hank Proctner: Atta boy Omega! Atta boy! Kill him! Kill the beast! Slit his throat! Spill his blood!

Ralph: Sucks to your ass-mar!

[Omega lunges after the stunned Cian, like a kitten that lunges after a toy mouse. Those loving, tender arms of The Prodigal Son wrap tightly around The Boston Native's body. Just like a gentle lover would do on a Summer's eve. Omega slams Cian right into the mat with a good ole fashion spear. Upon impact, shards of glass dig deep into the back of Omega's opponent. The fans as you guess it continue to cheer. The women are heart broken.]

John Paragon: Omega is simply taking control yet again!

Hank Proctner: The reason is due to Omega's superiority over the incredibly weak and pathetic Cian MacIdiot.

[Omega sets himself upon Cian and lays in the brutal and agonizingly painful punches. The Boston Native tries to shield the punches to the face. Not to prevent his rugged good looks from being tarnished, chicks dig scars, but mainly fighting with blood blinding you, is not easy, nor fun. Omega broke the impenetrable force field by sending those punches into the rib cage. The glass digs, and tears as Omega reels his fist back. Cian tried his hardest to bear though the blows to the ribcage. A broken rib would be devastating. Cian had to fight back.

John Paragon: Cian needs to do something though. Omega is shredding him apart.

Hank Proctner: I know...I know and it's wonderful. I just cant get enough of this man on man action.

[Awkward statement receives an awkward moment of silence. John looks at his partner with a judgmental glare.]

Hank Proctner: What?

John Paragon: You do realize how your comment had a wee bit of homo-eroticism undertone...right?

Hank Proctner:...

[Something had to be done to stop Omega from his careless rampage. Usually desperate times call for desperate measures. Cian reaches upward at Omega's equally ruggish face, and does the whole eye gouge thing, slightly modified to fit the current situation. Instead of using fingers as one should do when preforming this technical maneuver, Cian used the palm of his hands. Yes, slashing out Omega's brow, and underneath the eyes.]

[The pain is unbearable as Omega's vessels throb, while pushing the out the blood from the open wounds. Blood pours out profusely. This causes temporary blindness. Cian flows up with a quick right hook. Omega's arms slow down the force of impact, but there is is enough to knock him to the side. The fans are displeased, and their expressions display this as they shake their hands in anger.]

Hank Proctner: I really...I really hate MacPathetic!

John Paragon: Geez...I had no idea you felt that way about Cian.

Hank Proctner: Don't mock me. I'm very emotional right now.

[John was going to make another quick and snappy comment. However, he withheld. Inside the ring, Cian checks his side, blood is rushing, and the clotting is not fast enough. Cian sluggishly gets to his feet, he walks over to the fallen Omega. With a handful of Omega's hair, Cian drags his opponent to his feet. Omega is still hiding his eyes, they are in pain, and the blood is blinding him at the moment. Cian forces Omega to remove an arm. Once he succeeds, Cian does his best to throw Omega into the cage. Not this time, Omega counters and forces Cian to be thrown into the cage. The fans are no longer silent.]

[The Prodigal Son manages to clear some blood away from his hypnotic eyes, and he can see Cian is pinned against the cage like a fish in a net. Omega rushes over to Cian, and decides to help free the opponent. The unthinkable happens. As Omega grabs the back of Cian's head, and pries the man away from the cage, Cian's left nipple is ripped off. The fans are horrified, disgusted, and stricken with awe. Cian's left nipple (plus a good chunk of skin) dangles off of the barbwire, and Cian is frantic. The blood rushes out the wound like an avalanche coming down a mountain. Omega spins Cian around. Before The Prodigal Son can form a thought, Cian is quick with fury and anger. The Boston Native wraps his arms around Omega, lifts into the air (slightly), and slams him into mat with a Belly to Belly Suplex. The fans are still silent, as they cannot believe Cian's left nipple had been ripped off.]

Hank Proctner: I think...I might actually be sick...I mean just look at the nipple hanging off the barbwire...

[John doesn't reply, he simply shudders in disgust.]

Soap Opera Man: Oh how unfortunate...I don't know what I would do if I were to lose you...

[S.O.M. rubs his left nipple in a seductive but tender manner.]

[In the ring, Cian crawls over towards the cage, he begins to call out the E.M.T.s who are standing by. The Boston Native tells them to put his nipple on ice. His chest depends on having the nipple reattached. This was so unfair. This was worse then Draven carving up his chest. Than again it's still better than having skin graft from you butt to replace a lost eyelid. Poor ole "Brown Eye" Matt McDervish. Will Cian start climbing up the cage? Will Omega lose a nipple? Is Soap Opera Man going to flash his nipple? Will the fans begin to hurl? Can Cian's nipple be reattached? Can the word nipple be said once more? Yes, nipple! Stay tuned for more exciting, and shocking action.]


Cian Maccormack could now take solace in knowing that he could see a purple nurple coming a mile away now with only one accessible nipple to grab. The Shirtless Wonder pointed as his dangling nipple and EMTs quickly went to retrieve it. Did Cian really need a nipple though? What purpose do those even serve on the male gender? Sure it probably made his pectorals look dignified but couldn't The Boston Native just make up for the loss of the nipple with that beard of his?

Just saying..

Paragon: The Prodigal Son is beginning to stir and Cian Maccormack is getting over the fact that he's lost a body part..and not a vital one at that.

Proctner: Not vital? I have a large sum of money on Omega but I bet if I snag Maccorsuck's nipple I can get a pretty penny if I auction it off on Ebay.

Paragon: I'm sure you could, Hank.

Proctner: Seriously. How much you think my left nut is worth?

Paragon: Umm...not much?

As the two announcers bicker over the worth of Hank Proctner's genitals, Cian takes notice that Omega is getting to his feet. He wisely chooses against making an attempt to climb the barbed wired cage and goes for Omega. Marcus is just on his feet when Cian arrives and attempts a jab but Omega blocks it and counters with a stiff punch of his own. Cian takes a step back and goes for another swing but again, Omega answers with a quick fist. Maccormack is forced to take another step back and now Omega has him on his heels. Each successfully landed strike hurts more because of the various types of debris on each bandaged fist and forearm. Cian takes a moment compose himself and as The Prodigal Son nears him, he juts a knee into Omega's stomach and winds his arm up a bit before delivering a European Uppercut that cuts Omega's neck a bit. One half of Destructive End staggers back, nearly falling but remains balanced and as Maccormack goes to follow up again, Omega rams an elbow into his temple..

Paragon: Both competitors getting more physical with one another here but neither can gain a definitive upper hand. Strike for strike and blow for blow but neither man is yielding an inch. This could prove to be a pivotal point in this matchup. It's taken a bit longer than we've expected to pick up but the pace seems to be intensifying.

Proctner: And all we had to witness was a severed nipple. Amazing.

Neither Omega or Cian Maccormack seem willing to give in to the other's physicality. Cian didn't expect Omega to be so resilient and adapt so easily to everything he's tried so far. Not that The Shirtless Wonder took The Prodigal Son for a pushover but maybe he underestimated Omega's desire to be victorious. Internally, Maccormack was dedicating this match to Hardcore K and all the other people he's lost in his life. It was time he showed Omega and himself how proud he intended to make anyone who was looking down on him from Heaven...

Omega took a deep breath. Cian hadn't tested him as much as he had anticipated. The Boston Native was being particularly cautious throughout and now Marcus was certain the sight of his lost nipple may have set Cian off. His green orbs studied his opponent. This match would ultimately be decided by whoever was willing enough to tolerate the most pain. Omega had been through not being wanted, cast aside and forgotten. A five month coma and few except Eve Riley came to see him. It was nothing new for Marcus. The feeling of being forgotten. Tonight was different. Tonight he wanted to be remembered...

The two converged in the ring and engaged in a grapple. Both men could sense the mood in the match change. Things were about to pick up in a big way. Omega managed to win the grapple at first glance. He grabbed Cian's wrist and twisted it behind his back. The Shirtless Wonder winced, slapped his shoulder and battled against Omega's grip until he was finally able to get free by ducking and twirling around, snatching The Prodigal Son's forearm in the process. Both men's hands were all over each other's cluttered bandages but they ignored the pain. Blood dripped to the canvas as the two continued to exchange locks for another moment before Maccormack finally turned Omega around to face him and lift him up before promptly slamming him down with a spinebuster that had a bit of an exclamation point at the end of it. Marcus winced as he hit the mat hard and Cian immediately got on top of him and straddled him. He began drilling Omega's face with little remorse as the glass and metal that littered Cian's bandages came in contact with his skin and ripped it with ease. At the sight of flesh splitting open, Cian did not waver. Nothing was on his mind now but assaulting The Prodigal Son. If Cian Maccormack wasn't going to win this match for himself, he would win it for Hardcore K.

A promise he fully intended on keeping.

Omega did his best to block Cian's punches but most were penetrating and getting through. Each time Maccormack made contact with his face, Marcus could fell a burning, stinging sensation fill consume his skin. He realized that being in this predicament much longer would spell certain doom. So he would do the only thing he could do...

What? Isn't it obvious?

Paragon:Cian Maccormack raining down fists on Omega's face and..Wait! What's this, Hank? Am I...am I seeing what I think I'm seeing?

Proctner: Purple Nurple! Haha!

Paragon: This is a pretty unorthodox move but it seems to be effective. Cian is screaming like the women who swoon over his exposed chest and now Omega has the upper hand!

Proctner: Now he needs to follow that up with a Wet Willie!

Uncharacteristic for Omega? Yes. Necessary? Absolutely. The crowd didn't seem to mind too much and they cheered their Federation X representative despite his schoolyard bully technique. Marcus managed to kick Cian off of him and Maccormack squirmed around the canvas in pain holding his chest.

Now it was The Prodigal Son's turn.

He picked the Wrassler up and on his feet and irish whipped the Boston Native hard into the turnbuckle. Cian's back hit hard and he rebounded fiercely back towards Omega and that's when Marcus delivered a thunderous Powerslam that shook the ring. The fans were on their feet and cheering at the top of their lungs. Omega got to his feet and signaled up and everyone in the arena pointed up as well, signifying that they approved of Omega's decision to climb.

Paragon: After that emphatic Powerslam, The Prodigal Son is going to attempt to climb out of this barbed wired cage. Smart move, Hank?

Proctner: If he makes it, it is!

Paragon: Again, stunning, in depth analysis from my partner. Omega is climbing and he seems to be moving a bit faster than his previous try. Perhaps more confident in the sturdiness of the cage.

Proctner: I may not need to steal Cian's nipple or sell my left nut afterall, John! I smell a big payday coming up!

Paragon: Yes and the world is thankful for that. Wait a second! Omega is halfway up and Cian is getting to his feet. He's trying to figure out where he is. I don't see him catching Omega though!

Proctner: Haul ass, Omega!

The Prodigal Son must have heard a few more estrogen laced yells because he decided to glance back down to check on Maccormack's status, a notorious jinx for ladder and cage matches. His green eyes widened as he saw Cian struggle to remain on his feet, his world still spinning after that Powerslam. He looked up and then back down as if he was measuring the distance and making a decision.

You know.

The decision that looks smart at the moment but is really dumb. The one you SHOULDN'T do.

Yea..that one.

Paragon: Omega has abruptly stopped his ascent up the cage, Hank.

Proctner: Now's not the time to take a moment to enjoy the view! You're halfway there!

Paragon: Don't tell me..

Omega is now staring down at Cian. The Shirtless Wonder has finally gotten his wits about him just in time. He pauses before looking up and he and Omega's eyes meet. They both know what is about to happen..

Paragon: And Omega takes flight!

Proctner: Damnit! There goes my left nut!

The Prodigal Son is airborne and Cian Maccormack doesn't have a chance to move, caught off guard. Omega's outstretched arm finds his neck and both men hit the canvas with an impact that echoes the entire arena. Omega's Flying Clothesline draws chants of "Holy Shit!" "Holy Shit!". The fans approve but was it the wise choice?

Well that is yet to be determined..

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[There are many things prone to occur in a match such as this barbwire cage match. However, a person can guarantee two things happening all the time. First, an opponent is to bound to lose something, in this scenario we have Cian losing his left nipple. Secondly, an opponent is bound to take a chance, pull off a high flying maneuver in hopes of guarantying a victory. Omega was the one do provide the high flying maneuver. The flying clothesline did Cian in, at least for now. The lingering question on everyone's mind is whether or not this was a a wise decision. Time will tell. Regardless, Fed X fans approve Omega's actions. They understand, small sacrifices for the big payout.]

[The two opponents lie motionless inside the ring. Their bodies are beaten, broken, and worn. The match still had a long way to go. Blood loss for both men were beginning to sink in. Fatigue was taking over. The fans are still in the match, they are still behind their Fed X representative. They call out his name loud and proud. They want Fed X to claim victory, Fed X cannot lose. Seriously, how humiliating would that be? Omega stirs, Cian does not. The fans do not give up on their hero. Nor does Hank, but for other reasons. The commentator bangs his clenched fists upon the table.]

Hank Proctner: Come you poor son of a beyotch! Get up! I know you can! I know you can do it! I believe in you!

John Paragon: Omega is getting up! And the crowd is going absolutely wild!

Hank Proctner: Yes! Yes!

[Not a single fan was sitting in their seat. Omega was taking a knee, his right arm laid across his right knee. The left fist, and left knee were supporting Omega to be in this position. The Prodigal Son's head was slightly bent downward looking down at the mat. Blood still flowed from the wounds. However, the dried blood cracks as he raises his head, squints his eyes, and gazes up at the cage once more. There is a whole lot of weight upon this man's shoulders. Reputation, glory, and victory was just on the other side of the cage. Omega needs this one, he has much to lose if he does not.]

[The fan's love, and admiration helps Omega immensely. Omega is on his feet, and the building rocks with uproarious cheering. Hank is on his feet, barking orders, demanding Omega start climbing up. The Prodigal sways a wee bit like a homeless wino out on Martin Luther King Blvd. Despite being a bit woozy, his course is set, and he sets off sailing into the metaphorical sunset. Set after step he closer, he reaches out, and carefully grabs ahold of the cage. For the third time, Omega begins to ascend towards the heavens.]


Matt McDervish: Alright my bearded brother...your time to shine.

[Cian was sitting on the folding chair, finishing wrapping his hands. The forearms have already been bandaged up. The Boston Native did not raise his head, but a hopeless smile was on his face.]

Cian Maccormack: After a year...of traveling...and being on the verge of retirement. I almost thought...for a moment...that...that I would never return to this industry. Yet, here I am...here we are...doing what we were born to do...what we love to do. For what though? I have nothing anymore to fight for...nothing to prove. I lose the only ones who ever matter to me. There is nothing for me. Still, I'm moments away from fighting Omega to try and move onto round two of the King of the Cage tournament.

[Rising from the chair, Cian is finished with bandaging up forearms and hands. Matt knows the pain off loss. His father sacrificed his own life during the final One World Championship match. He saved Cian, Chance, Eve, and his daughter Bella. The Main Event Madman walks up to his melancholy melodramatic B.B.F. (Best Bearded Friend). In a touching, loving, and nonsexual manner, Matt places his hands on Cian's shoulders.]

Matt McDervish: Do this for Hardcore K! That is what you are fighting for...to keep his memory alive! Do this for all the lost loved ones! Make them proud my friend...make them damn (censored) proud of you!

[Cian glances into Matt's intense eyes. Matt was right, fighting in the honor of his fallen cousin is what this is for and all about.]

Cian Maccormack: You are right my friend. Win or lose...I should use this match to honor Hardcore K.

Matt McDervish: Uh...yeah...but...if you won the honor would be meaningful. So, you should aim to win. Good luck Cian.

[The two bearded heroes embrace in a manly hug, slightly homoerotic, but a meaningful hug. A hug only two men with such sexy beards can handle or pull off. Beardless folk just do understand the bounds of friendship two bearded men can have. Somewhere Rude is totally jealous. Two reasons, one he does not have a wicked sweet beard; secondly, he does not have a friend with a wicked sweet beard. Anywho, after the manliest bearded hug to ever be made is finally over. A minute longer it would have been considered to be non heterosexual hug. Cian takes his leave off their temporary locker room. He must fight to win, to honor his cousin.]


[The climb is not easy for Omega, he struggles through. He's like the little engine that could. Omega was cautious every time he pulled himself upward. Trying his best not to rip up his body anymore than it already has. Each time he pulled himself up, the closer he is to victory. Cian was on the back his mind, he did not want to have any lingering thoughts of his opponent, as he fears it would slow him down.]

Hank Proctner: He is doing it! Omega is actually going to win! I can just see my bookie, Jorge Hernandez, just fuming over this! Every last one of you did not believe in Omega. Every last one of you doubted his abilities. The only one to believe in him this entire time was me...and me alone!

John Paragon: We've been through this a dozen times already...I've never once doubted Omega's abilities. I have always believed in the guy. The fans...just listen to them...they believe in Omega.

Hank Proctner: Pfft...because they are all jumping on the bandwagon. I was the first!

John Paragon: Only because you bet a large sum of money on Omega winning.

Hank Proctner: Yes, that might have influenced me...but...my point is...bah forget it.

[At this moment, The Shirtless Wonder in all his shirtless and nipple missing glory attempts to get onto his feet.]

John Paragon: Look Cian is stirring about. Can he stop Omega? If he has any chance of winning this match...he'll need to try to shake Omega off the cage!

Hank Proctner: He won't though...he can't...he must not. Climb Omega...get over the top you dumb bastid!

[The slight words of encouragement from Hank's lips are washed out by the fans cheering. The continue to clap, and chant out Omega's name. They are trying to give The Prodigal Son the push he needs to get over the fence. However, Cian somehow manages to stand up on his own to feet. The man weebles, and woobles but he does not fall over. As Cian gingerly wipes away the blood, and sweat, he looks upwards. Omega is nearing the top. Cian had to sacrifice his body a little bit more, to keep himself in the match. Cian limps as fast as he can in The Prodigal Son's direction.]

[Cian thrusts his right shoulder into the cage, the force of impact causes the cage to shake. Omega loses his footing, but his hands are caught onto the cage. Cian rips himself from the cage, tearing the flesh off of his upper arm. The Shirtless Wonder grimaces in agonizing pain. The adrenaline starts to kick in though. The fans continue to stay behind Omega though. The Prodigal Son tries to regain his foot, but Cian slams into the cage once more. Omega holds on for dear life.]

Hank Proctner: Hang in there Omega! Don't give up my boy! Don't let go of the cage!

John Paragon: Cian is not letting up! The man is trying desperately hard to knock off his opponent. Doing what he must do in order to keep this match going and his chances of staying alive in this tournament.

Hank Proctner: I absolutely despise MacIdiot! The man is the bane of my existence.

[The Boston Native simply did not let up. Once more Cian flung himself into the cage for the third time. Omega still held on. However, The Prodigal Son's bandages on his hands were beginning to tear open. The razor edge points were beginning to find their way to the hands. Omega bit down his lip, and tried to bear the pain. Overwhelming, but he tries. As for our beloved shirtless hero, ramming into the cage was getting harder and harder. He did not let up though, he could not.]

[The fans were beginning to count each time Cian hurled himself into the cage, he was on his seventh try. Still Omega held on against his will. The sharp spikes began to tear through the flesh. Omega cries out in agony. The eight time, seems promising, but Omega is part monkey. The ninth time, Omega is now holding on by his right hand. Finally, the tenth time Omega falls. Cian was not able to dodge the fall, he was too weak. You try slamming yourself into a barbwire cage and pulling yourself away ten times. The Prodigal Son smashes onto The Boston Native. Once again, they are motionless on the mat. Will they ever get over the top? Will they ever pass out from the blood loss? Will there be a cameo appearance from the super sexy Edward Cullen? Stay tuned to find out.]


Proctner: I don't believe this crap!

Paragon: What is there not to believe, Hank? Cian Maccormack is a fierce competitor. Don't let the manliness and sexual innuendos fool you.

Proctner: Who? Man, I'm not talking about the match. I just checked Ebay on my phone and that EMT is already selling the darn thing!

Paragon: You..you can't be serious.

Proctner: That orgasmic nipple is already going for $5,000 bucks! That's half of what I put on Omega!

Paragon: Hank!

Proctner: I know, John. I know. I'm thinking the same thing...My nuts gotta be worth double that if I put both up.

Paragon: Hank!!!

Both The Shirtless Wonder and The Prodigal Son lay face up on the mat. Heavy breathing accompany both men (and no Rude it isn't the type of heavy breathing you desire to have with Alan Scott or Matt McDervish). Chests rise and fall, both Omega's cut one and Cian's minus the now infamous nipple one. Both men begin to stir, simultaneously of course. Maccormack exhausted a lot of energy and lost a lot of blood after his latest sacrifice. The Boston Native felt the warm trickle slither down his arm as evidence that he rammed his shoulder into that barbed wire wall ten times. Omega, in his own right, had attempted to ascend the cage three times in this match and had clearly been the most active competitor between the two thus far. Had Cian been conserving his energy? Or was he running on empty?

Chants began to echo out in support of both wrestlers now and Cian and all the other Wrassle participants had to give it to the Federation X fans. They loved themselves a good match. Though Maccormack was down a nipple, The Prodigal Son was down a bandaged hand after his latest plummet. That could become an advantage for Cian.

In fact it would become one right now, at this juncture.

Cian Maccormack swings at Omega's face and Omega instinctively reaches up to block it..but with his unbandaged left hand. Cian's fist connects with Omega's exposed arm and blood spills out like a busted pipe. The crowd lets out a raucous cheer at the sight in the ring. Two of their three favorite things were occurring. Violence and blood. The only thing missing was the sex but some women were still passed out at the sight of Cian losing a nipple. The Shirtless Wonder's punch must have managed to rip into an artery with that sharp debris because the blood was spouting out Omega's arm like a geyser. Maccormack took a few steps away from The Prodigal Son but to his astonishment, Omega wasn't conceding in the least. He came charging at Cian and kicked him in the midsection before backing up and darting towards him again. He leaped up and nailed Maccormack with a Shining Wizard. The Boston Native went down like a sack of bricks after The Prodigal Son's knee found Cian's temple. The canvas was about halfway painted red by now and Omega pointed up again but before he could get to the barbed wired wall, he collapsed in a heap once more. The fans haven't stopped cheering and it was a miracle any of them even had voices left at this point..

Paragon: Omega has lost an enormous amount of blood, Hank. He needs to climb out of this cage soon if he wants to have any chance of winning. Hank?

Proctner: Damnit. Whoever is Hero009 is outbidding me on Cian's nipple. Screw it! I'm going to assume Omega wins and and I'll add that to the money I get for my testicles and-

Paragon: Someone actually bid on your testicles?!?

Proctner: Yea. SalsaPicante did. She's probably one of those freaky Latin girls. You know how that goes, John..or maybe not.

Paragon: How much did she bid?!?

Proctner: $5,000. I need more though. I think I can get that on one nut.

Paragon: I'm..I'm just going to leave this alone. Look, Hank! Omega must have heard you because he's willing himself to his feet and grabbing hold of the barbed wired wall! Amazing! How is he doing this?

Proctner: Show me the monaaaaayyyy!!!!

Indeed, The Prodigal Son had managed to crawl over to the barbed wired wall and for the unprecedented FOURTH time, begins his long trek upward and hopefully over the dangerous wall. He is slower now, caution isn't a factor now, blood loss is. Drops of Marcus' blood drip down to the mat but Omega keeps going. The fans are on mute now, either because he is just that focused or the loss of blood is beginning to effect his hearing. Cian Maccormack's ears, on the other hand, are ringing as he sits up. His bearded jaw drops as he watches Omega climbing up the cage yet again. Cian wasn't sure what motivation was driving Omega but The Shirtless Wonder had Hardcore K on his side...

And he would not be denied.

A seemingly rejuvenated Maccormack runs to the cage wall and rather than inflict severe on himself again, he chooses to give chase and after a few moments, he's not too far behind Omega..

Paragon: Omega halfway up the cage but Cian Maccormack in hot pursuit! This could be the climax right here, Hank!

Proctner: Come on, baby! SalsaPicante is really bidding high now. Wonder if it's in pesos or dollars? What's the difference? There's a difference right?

Meanwhile, somewhere South of the Border...

Jorge Hernandez: I love dees Ebay, meng. I tell joo..

Esteban: Juu are using my name, cabron. I get a piece of that.

Jorge: Relax, amigo. He has dos juevos. We share..

Esteban: Exceeeeelente


Paragon: And that's converting the currency of the Yen to the English pound and-

Proctner: Enough already! I'm sorry I asked!

Paragon: Right. Back to the match then. Cian and Omega are side by side and near the top of the cage and..Oh my God! Cian Maccormack just yanked Omega's ankle as The Prodigal Son went to move ahead of him and Omega's chest is sliced open! I don't even know how he's still hanging on!

Proctner: Because he knows my nuts are on the line, that's why! Come on, Omega!

Listening to Hank Proctner, or maybe not, Marcus reaches up and manages to grab hold of Cian's naturally matted yet stylish hair and scrapes his face across the barbed wired wall. The tips leave a lasting impression on The Shirtless Wonder's face and more poor women faint.

At least his chest wasn't harmed this time.

Both men jockey for position near the top of the cage but neither man is willing to give up. It's anyone's match to win or to lose..

Proctner: What the hell?!? Who is this Hero009 guy!?! How does he bid $50,000 dollars on Cian's damn nipple! No way am I losing to some fat, nerdy computer geek!

John Paragon sits quietly and sneaks a glance at his phone. He couldn't help but bid on Cian Maccormack's nipple. It was like it had been calling him ever since he saw it dangle from that barbed wire. They were meant to be together and Hank can't ever know.

Cian Maccormack is just that sexy of a man.


Shelly Simmons: Regardless of the outcome tomorrow. Do you see yourself staying in Fed X? Or do you think you will just return back to the other organization? There are quite a few wrestlers who do moonlight here. Have you thought about possibly doing the same?

[The question was a bit unfair. Cian did not just outwardly say he would not stay. Part of him actually does want to stick around Fed X. This place is known to house great talent. Many wrestlers manage to work between both organizations, although they do tend to burnt out. Depending on their status in each organization, they tend to stick around the one they are having the most success. The Shirtless Wonder cracked a smile, as his left hand stroked his wicked sweet beard in a seductive manner. Oh yes, ladies love a man with a beard.]

Cian Maccormack: I think it all depends on how ambitious I am feeling. Fed X is a great place, with a rich and wonderful tradition. I have seen the negative effects, and the mental toll it takes on wrestlers to bounce between each organization. Somewhere down the road, their performance gets diluted, and they are simply unable to the things they should be capable of doing. I have no objections to staying in Fed X, as this is the place where I formulated the man you see before you today. Despite the fact my first time here was not long. Nevertheless, I am really unable to provide an adequate answer to the question.

[Shelly nods at the honest answer, and glances down at her notes.]

Shelly Simmons: I would agree with you...when stars jump back and fourth...the mental toll it takes can be pretty devastating. So, what made you decided to partake in this event? You have been relatively busy lately. How were you able to shore up enough time to participate in this tournament.

Cian Maccormack: The decision was not easy. I debated for a long period of time on whether or not I should take part. Kinda staying up late...thinking about the pros and cons. However, I felt this was an opportunity I had to take. I haven't had time to take part in the other One World Championship tournaments since the first. I just barely missed this last one. However, what really made me decide was the talent involved in this tournament. Sixteen of the finest wrestlers around. We know their names...Storm...Carnage....Haley...Hairy...Rude...Dem...and Matt. The names of these people is what made me decide.

[The Boston Native paused for a minute or two. As he was thinking about the second question she posed, about having time.]

Cian Maccormack: As far as time...there is not much time I have. Currently, there is just enough time to devote to this tournament. The Network in the infamous federation, is just idling. They are doing the same thing...day in and day out. So, I can miss a few days there...because I'll go back and I guarantee you they are saying and doing the same thing as they did before I left. The only who matters in the other federation is Johnny Rude. The only man whose opinions matter.

Adam just copies Rude, like a little brother does when he wants to be like his big brother. Brute is...well...the man does not do anything. Magnificent is the same as Brute. Their uninspired, pathetic, boring, and uncreative shenanigans is fantastic. For when I get back, I know I will not have missed one thing. So, that's how I found the time.


[They were neck to neck, throwing slobberknocking punches at one another, taking to the cage inch by inch. The sweet taste of victory was on both of their tongues. Oddly, the sweet taste of victory, actually tastes like blood. Weird. Anywho, their eyes are on the prize. A punch would be throw, and while another step is took. Vicious punches to the ribs would almost cause an opponent to fall. Sadly, there are no donkey punches being thrown. Hairy was looking forward to seeing some of that.]

[Regardless of their noble efforts, they held on, they fought on. They continued to battle. Even if this meant they would kill one another, all in the name for entertainment. Fans love this sheer brutal carnage. Aforementioned, this is due to society being so desensitize to violence. Sesame Street can be blamed for that. What? They say it's an educational program for kids, but that is all lies!]

John Paragon: This is just intense. I mean these two men have been battling this match out. They both deserve a victory.

Hank Proctner: Intense, I'll tell you what is intense. This bidding war I am having with this pathetic waste of humanity...Hero009! Cian's left nipple is mine! Mine I say!

John Paragon: Do you even have enough funds to out bid Hero009 $50,000 bid?

Hank Proctner: Umm...errr...uh...yeah...shifty eyes...


Soap Opera Man: This whole emphasis on Cian's nipple is a blatant and a complete disregard to my copyrighted gimmick. At first I sympathized with him having his nipple being torn from his body. As, I would be completely devastated. However, this (censored) has gone too far!

[Pregnant pause]

Soap Opera Man:...flashes his glorious, awe inspiring nipple, and women swoon all over the world...

Stephen King: At least it's not Adam Draven whose ripping you off. The guy totally ripped off the climatic ending to my novel...Carrie...and totally ruined it. Adam is nothing more than a feminine hygienic product one might use on a cool Summer's Eve. Plus, Adam is totally lame.


[There is not a single fan who is sitting down. Except for the old lady in section C, row 11, seat 24. She is unable to stand because of a recent hip replacement. However, she could not even miss this match. Maybe because she is the grandmother to Marcus' or secret lover? The two opponents are nearing the top. They continue to wince in pain as the razor sharp edges tear through their body. They cry out in agony as the shards of glass is jab into their bodies.]

Omega: You do not have...groans in pain...what it takes to continue on!

Cian Maccormack: I may have lost to your partner once before...takes a deep breath...I refuse to lose to you.

[Not the most eloquent smack talk, but usually when two people are fighting in a tournament such as the King of the Cage, what they say doesn't necessarily mean anything. What can you expect from two guys who have been fighting in such a barbaric match? Their minds are not clear enough to formulate a decent conversation. Get over it already! Seesh. This has been more emotional then Paris Jackson's words about her deceased father, the King of Pop, Michael Jackson at his memorial service. Poor little girl, her words were rather quite touching. So, yeah this match is totally topping the emotional atmosphere of Michael Jackson's memorial. Definitely more emotional than the day when the show Friends ended, forcing friendless people to go out and make some friends.]

John Paragon: Oh my goodness...they have reached the top! Unbelievable!

Hank Proctner: Oh no! NO!

John Paragon: Yes, Hank...this match might end in just a matter of seconds.

Hank Proctner: I'm not talking about the match...I am talking about this bid war I am having with Hero009! The bid is closing any minute now...and he just put up $200,000! Who the heck is this guy?

[The arena is shaking to the foundation as fans are cheer loudly. The opponents have reached the top. This was the end, this is the moment they have all been waiting for, a winner to be decided. Omega was about to swing his left leg over, he was being cautious, Cian was still pulling himself up. Instead, he had a changed of heart.]

John Paragon: What? What is happening now...CIAN IS CLUTCHING ONTO OMEGA!

Hank Proctner: The bid is going to close...and Hero009 is going to win! No!

[Everything comes to a complete halt at this very moment. The fans dare not look away, but they cannot watch. The two bodies of these opponents soar through the air. They fall gracefully in an eerily beautiful fashion. Their thighs burn as the the blood pulsates from out their newly opened wounds. The only problem is they are falling back into the ring. Silence is the only thing, not a single soul dares to blink or move.]


[Hank is silent, he has lost his war, the nipple will not belong to him after all. He fought valiantly, and bravely. In the end it was all for nothing. The nipple now belongs to Hero009. What kills Hank is not knowing who the computer geek is who out bid him.]

[The move by Cian was sheer act of desperation. He did not want to lose this match, and doing what he did, provided him time. There is not much time left though. For time goes by slowly, and yet too fast to stop it. Omega was worn down he could not fight out of Cian's bear hug. The Shirtless Wonder and The Prodigal Son laid lifeless on the mat once again. Their legs are drenched in blood, mainly the inner thighs. Think back on they were perched at the top. There was chance to swing the leg safely over the barbwire.]

[The fans remained stunned. Their hopes and dreams crashed the second Omega fell to the mat. Obviously, this entire time, Cian was conserving his energy. Climbing up the cage four times is an exhausting task. Cian has only climb it once. Omega has fallen from it four times. Cian only once. Once the fans realized this, they could not cheer. There are a few women cheering in their hearts, but not out loud. The drunken male fans would end up punching them in the face, Cian is not from Fed X, and he cannot win.]

[The fans begin to take their seats, they sit down, they hide their faces in their hands, ashamed. Hank is crying his heart out, the man really wanted Cian's nipple. Nobody is winning, everyone is losing. Except for Nick Blair, he just won the lottery. However, his losses will come when everyone goes to him asking for a handout. The Shirtless Wonder sluggishly rises to his feet. The man is woozy, and fatigue. The Red Cross is crying, all this blood could have used to be donated. So, go out and donate ya lazy bums!]

[Cian is barely to stand tall and proud. The blood swollen eyes make it hard for him to see The Prodigal Son laying down, practically dead. The worse part is, tomorrow is going to suck. The pain is unbearable at this current moment, yet adrenaline is keeping them going, and suppressing the torment. Tomorrow is going to hurt. Cian walks over to the fallen Fed X hero. Reaching down, Cian grabs the long, blood soaked hair. The hair almost slips out of Cian's hands. The Shirtless Wonder drags the dead weight. Omega is barely alive after the fourth fall.]

John Paragon: This is does not look good folks...this just does not look good at all.

[The Shirtless Wonder drives the foot into the well defined abs of Omega, the Fed X star hunches over.]

John Paragon: Cian has Omega in his grasps...THE BOONDOCKS DRIVER! Goodnight Omega!

[Hank does not add anything, he is heartbroken. The nipple was in his grasp, and yet it fell through his fingers. Cian might have a spurt of energy, but he is unable to get back up. Cian can only get onto his hands and knees. His sore, and cut up legs are unable to support his weight. The fans are still silent, and this does not help Omega. The Prodigal Son has been counting on them, he needed their support. The Shirtless Wonder can only crawl towards the barbwire cage. He is going to try his second climb. There is just not enough time. Will Omega be able to stop Cian? Will the fans ever find confidence in Omega again? Can Omega climb the cage for a fifth time? Do androids dream of electric sheep? Stay tuned to find out! Or Don't.]

Cian Maccormack had been seemingly biding his time for this moment. None of Omega's four attempts to climb the barbed wired cage were successful and now The Shirtless Wonder, though suffering through agonizing pain, surreal fatigue and drained of a good portion of blood, could now begin his victorious rise to the top and hopefully propel himself into the second round of the King of the Cage tournament. Silence now screamed supreme as Cian readied himself. He took a deep breath and up he climbed, higher and higher, The Prodigal Son getting smaller and smaller and further and further away. This was a good sign for The Boston Native and a not so good one for Marcus. Cian was now at the ever precarious halfway mark. Blood and skin still decorated, for lack of a more accurate word, covered the cage wall and also filled the ring. Maccormack, perhaps not squeamish but definitely the more self conscious of the two, gritted through it. His face was shredded, his body torn and of course his left nipple gone. He had to remind himself this was all for Hardcore K. Losing people close to him plagued Maccormack and he had dedicated this match to all of them. And anyone whoever believed in him, including his partner (non domestic), Matt McDervish.

Omega seemed to be just the opposite of Cian Maccormack this night. He was fighting for himself, a selfish but necessary act. He had been forgotten, dismissed and discarded and tonight he wanted to be remembered win, lose or draw. He had also made a promise to himself. He was going to fight devoid of the emotions he allowed to conquer him so much. The hatred, the anguish and the desire at redemption. Marcus was easily consumed by his personal feelings and it usually lead to his downfall. It had been working thus far. Omega was in charge of the match until this point. He had the crowd behind him and though he didn't have an entity like Hardcore K on his side, The Prodigal Son did have one pivotal thing on his side.

He was certain he wanted this more than Cian Maccormack.

Paragon: Cian Maccormack is halfway up the cage wall, Hank! This is where it gets tricky. Each step is crucial here.

Proctner: I may have lost the battle, John but I have not yet begun to fight the war!

Paragon: I'm sure those words are in Omega's head right now after Cian connected with his Boondocks Driver.

Proctner: SalsaPicante has won my nuts but I can use that money to bribe that geek, Hero 009, to sell me the Maccorsuck's nipple!

Paragon: Give it a rest already, Hank. Who cares about- Wait a second! Wait just a second! Omega is on his feet and he's not in la la land! He is standing firmly in the middle of the ring. He's pointing up again! The crowd is going crazy! They're pointing up in approval! Omega is going to climb the the barbed wired cage for a fifth time! I don't believe it!


Esteban: That Omega is muy loco, Jorge.

Jorge: Si, yo se. I know. Dees is a good ting. Muy bueno, Esteban.

Esteban: Por que? Why is dat a good ting?

Jorge: Because I bid on him tambien. I have money on him. If dat hombre weens..I can buy Hank's juevos.

Esteban: Muy excellente!


Back to dramatic events...

Paragon: And there he goes, Hank! Omega is climbing up the cage like a bat out of hell! He isn't even being careful. The sharp tips are ripping his flesh and The Prodigal Son must be numb to the pain! He keeps going and isn't stopping!

Proctner: Hope remain for Cian's nipple becoming mine. Oh happy day!

What Hank Proctner does not know is that John Paragon, Hero009, would never ever relinquish Maccormack's legendary nipple. They were meant to be together. Proctner would be none the wiser.

That sexy guy with the impeccable beard, Cian Maccormack, thought the crowd had turned finally turned his way and came to their senses. Really? Who wouldn't want to cheer on The Shirtless Wonder? However, an ominous glance down and Cian could see Omega ascending like a professional rock climber of just one crazy mofo. Either way, he was gaining fast and at this point Maccormack realized that he wouldn't be able to win a race. So he would have to resort to knocking The Prodigal Son off the cage wall if he hopes to win. He kicked down once, his boot finding Omega's shoulder but it had no effect. Adrenaline does amazing things to people and Omega was full of it. Another stomp downward and this time Cian came up empty and Omega grabbed hold of Maccormack's ankle. The Boston Native fought valiantly and wouldn't allow Marcus to yank him off the cage. Omega saw Cian's determination and decided to mimic what Maccormack had done not too long ago but with a different..twist if you will.

Paragon: Omega and Cian Maccormack at the top. The Shirtless and one nipple short Cian can now actually see over the barbed wire. He sees light, hope and victory. It's all just over that unforgiving wall.

Proctner: And my nuts are hanging in the balance, John.

Paragon: They have to drop first.

Proctner: Omega or Cian?

Paragon: No. Your nuts.

Cian is hellbent on climbing up and over, even if it means dragging The Prodigal Son with him at this point. He goes to lift a leg but a sharp fist slams into the side of his head, drawing more blood and subsequently more cheers from the Federation X faithful. Maccormack is dazed but he still has better balance at this point than Omega and Marcus isn't impeding his progress by standing before him

He could get over now.

Key word: COULD.

Paragon: Cian going for the win. All his has to do is throw himself and topple out at this point but no! No! No! Omega has Cian's head in his grasp. He's twisting to side. Do you know what this means, Hank!

Proctner: Salvation! Salvation! My nuts are saved!

The Prodigal Son sets up a vulnerable Maccormack and there is absolutely nothing Cian can do. Omega's leaps off the cage and performs his inverted neckbreaker. His finisher and a move dubbed Salvation. Both men lay, yet once more in a heap of bloody and seemingly lifeless mess. A bloodsoaked canvas is beneath them and victory still high above them. Omega had succeeded one way or another tonight. He mattered. He was important.

He would be remembered.

Legacies are important to a man. They want to be remembered, they want their name to live on. They want their story to be told long after they are gone. This is what Omega wanted, this is what was driving him. No more uncertainty. The Prodigal Son was not allowing this war with himself to get best of him. Oh no, he fought now to survive. He is fighting to end this cruel match. Caged like animals, fighting like ravaged dogs. The silence which plagued the fans is long gone. They were going wild. Neighbors grabbing one another, they doing the whole friendly pushing and shoving. Guys are grabbing their hairs, and pointing out towards the ring, mouthing "oh my gawd!"]

[Omega was certain about this as the fans cries resonate, and resurface his passion. Climbing the cage, the daunting task was getting harder to accomplish each and every time. However, he's managed to attempt the unthinkable, numerous times. Truly this is commendable. He can see the unknown, for once he knows the truth. His eyes snap open, swollen, but manageable. Omega pounds his fists wildly on the mat. The blood is pumping, his heart is racing, he can feel it, the love and acceptance. He was fighting for something he never had the chance of knowing. Never knowing the truth is the hardest thing to live with.]

John Paragon: Just wait a second...Omega is starting to move...I don't know how this guy can keep going, but he is not quitting. He is choosing his own destiny tonight.

[Baby steps, take the baby steps. Omega rolls onto his stomach, he groans, but masks the pain on his face with a positive one, with a dash of a sadistic side. Getting a taste of an opponents blood tends to do this to a wrestler. Yes, some even turn into cannibals. Except for Cannibal, his name was totally misleading, but man T.A.C. Daddy was so awesome. Now, Omega is on his hands and knees. Omega lifts up his right hand, he motions the crowd, he calls upon them to help him out, to give him the strength.]

Hank Proctner: This man is simply amazing. Why have I not seen the dedication...the determination in him until now?

John Paragon: You have money and your testicles on this match. So, for you he can't fail.

Hank Proctner: Ahh....yea. Either way though...anyone can beat Cian...

John Paragon: Rude could not...

Hank Proctner: Well...uh...that was in the other organization. Therefore, beating Rude there has no merit here in Fed X.

John Paragon: Why not?

Hank Proctner: It...it just doesn't okay! Gah! Get over it already! Focus on the match John and stop side tracking me with idle conversations! Oh hey...Omega is starting to get to his feet...woo-whoo!

[Omega finally was able to bring himself to stand on his own two feet. Fans are totally loving it.]


Shelly Simmons: I know here at the Fed X, we are certainly glad you decided to accept the invation, and you managed to find time to travel out here for this even. I wonder though, you are notrious for avoiding any type of fame, or recognition. What are you hoping to achieve from this experience? Why even take part of the King of the Cage?

[Just like any other individual in this lonely world, Cian is riddled with complexities, contradications, and inconsistencies. However, he has managed to stay away from the spotlight, he always had. After the very first O.W.C. he took a six month vacation. Yet, anyone in this business is only in for it for the fame and glory. The Shirtless Wonder took sometime to reflect on the question, ponder a possible answer. Stroking of a beard helps enhance the thinking process, and it just feels good to stroke such a fine beard.]

Cian Maccormack: I definitely have avoided the spotlight, especially when the light gets to bright. However, I never ask for anything, I never demand title shots, nor have I ever. I walk into work, and I do what I get paid to do. I let my actions speak for themselves. So, you ask why I do these types of events. I do these events for the matches.

When something is on the line, when a wrestler wants to make their name echo through history, they give matches like these their all. Matches such as these are to be remembered by not just fans, but wrestlers and commissioners alike. No wrestler is going to step into the ring and slack off. Even if the wrestler on a daily basis is a sub par performer, they adapt to the situation. They rise to the occasion. Plus, I simply do not back down for a match. Title reigns, and accomplishments are forgotten easily. Normal matches are never remembered. However, matches like the one I am scheduled for tomorrow where I will face off against Omega in a barbwire cage; someone will remember it.

[The Boston Native never cares about winning or losing. He never prides himself on anything. Cian is genuinely unique in the sense he is still humble. The only glory he cares about is that of an amazing match. His only hope is if Omega can rise to the occasion. With Omega being the tag partner to Carnage, Cian figures Omega is bound to be a formidable opponent.]

[Shelly smiles politely after Cian's response. She shifts in her seat, and glances at her notes. After a scanning through them rather quickly, she put her attention back onto Cian.]

Shelly Simmons: I would have to say, based on your track record, and your response. I can see you are man in search of another amazing match. Based on your history, there have been quite a few of those actually, and you definitely want to add another one to the list. I would like to end this interview...with any thoughts other thoughts you wish to express. Perhaps, a few words to your opponent.

Cian Maccormack: I guess the only thing I would like to say is...I hope Omega will give this match his all...because I will.

Shelly Simmons: Well Mr. Maccormack I do appreciate you taking time to do this interview with me. I know you are a busy man. Thank for your time.

[Both Shelly, and Cian stood up at the same time. Cian flashed his patented ultra smooth and suave smile. Shelly is totally melting on the inside, she obviously is yearning his touch. Although, she will mask her expression, a good poker face. They shake one another hands. Cian shows her to the door. She exits (along with the camera crew) the temporary locker room Cian has been assigned to for his tenure here in Fed X.]


[Cian was lying in bed, his eyes are open wide. He sits right up, his cold sweat covers his body. His eyes adjust to the darkness, and he cannot believe where he is at. She lies next to him, but she stirs. She senses he is awake. She turns her head, brushes her hair aside, and smiles. Oh her smile, how he has missed her smile. This is not real though, never is, and oh how he wishes this was real. Cian would give anything to be back. He'll take the dream though, these are pleasant dreams. A week ago she was warning him of impending danger. He reaches out and lightly slides his hand down her naked back.]

Cian Maccormack: Nev...

Nev Maccormack: Your awake...

Cian Maccormack: But I am not.

Nev Maccormack: No, your not. Just close your eyes...and when you awake...

Cian Maccormack: No...I don't want to...I can't...

Nev Maccormack: You must though...you can't give up now. You are so close...too close to fail...you can do this...

[She leans upward, her hand presses down on his eyelids, she gently kisses him on the lips.]

[He hates this part, she'll be gone again. He'll be alone once more.]


[Cian's eyes burst wide open, his arms feel heavy but he presses his hands upon his lips. Nev, his deceased wife. Then Cian realizes he is back in the match. Omega was already taking to the cage yet again. He could not let this man win. Cian felt renewed. Mentally, not physically. His body felt like crap, and looked like crap. The man is missing a friggin nipple. Not having a nipple is just weird. The Boston Native struggled to get to his feet, but he was able to stand up. Sluggishly, he staggers in Omega's direction.]

[The Prodigal Son's spidey senses were tingling like crazy. Omega turns his head to see Cian approaching. Omega grins with delight. He holds his ground, he waits for the prey. The Boston Native gets within distance. Before Cian could blink, Omega snapped his body around and connected a Body Splash. Both men fall to the mat like Humpty Dumpty when he had his big fall. Only, the pieces of Omega and Cian were able to put themselves back together again. Yays, for Nursery Rhymes.]

Hank Proctner: Kill him already Omega! My testicles depend on the annihilation of the dashing and charming Cian MacMoron!

[Both men got to their feet, fire burning in their eyes. Blood trickles from their brows slowly. They both know the pains of lost. The battles will rage on with Omega as he'll continue to fight himself, not right now though. Not now. The two men rushes each other. They collide like two lovers, and yet not like lovers. However, there is passion, but not like man love passion.]

[Omega drills his right knee into Cian's abs, allowing him to get the leverage. Omega slaps his hand on the back of Cian's neck, and directs him towards the barbwire. Before Omega can slam his opponents head into the barbwire, Cian drives his elbow deep into Omega's impressive abs. Cian breaks free from Omega's G.I. Joe kung-fu grip. Cian grabs Omega by the left side of his head, and slams Omega's head into the cage. As Cian tears Omega away, part of the Fed X star's right ear gets snagged, and the top portion rips off. The blood curdling cry of pain is haunting.]

[There is a change in The Prodigal Son, pure rage. The fans are sicken at the sight of Omega missing a portion of his ear. It is rather disgusting, Not nearly as bad as losing an eyelid or a nipple. Well, maybe just as bad. Hank sees opportunity.]

Hank Proctner: Oh snap! I am all over that like a priest onto an alter boy!

[Hank gracefully leaps from out of his chair and rushes over to the cage. Meanwhile, a barrage of right and left hooks come raining down upon Cian. There is just too many to stop. The Prodigal Son is fuming. The Shirtless Wonder stumbles into the corner. Omega attacks viciously, he grabs Cian's head, reels it forward, and than back into the cage. Tearing off piece of hair and flesh. Omega does this over and over again. Cian reaches out and grabs ahold of Omega, trying to choke the life out of him.]

[However, Omega adapts and starts sending those thunderous punches into Cian's sweet and tender ribs. Cian's grip becomes weaker with each punch, but he still has it locked on. They both were fighting for something they believed in. They both needed this victory. Will Hank sell the piece of ear on Ebay? Will Cian choke Omega to death? Will Omega get out of the choke hold? Will there be a wardrobe malfunction? Will there ever be a winner in this match? Well...there will...but we will have to wait and see who will be victorious.]
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